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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  April 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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will be searched. they're going into the bags, pulling things out, so if you're coming out, bring your patience as well as -- as well. we're seeing heightened security. i can tell you what's been going on the mast several years. before this incident in boston, a lot of precautions were taken. a lot of trash cans in the neighborhood were removed. we'll still see trash cans but they will have already gone through security. ?ie think you have to show there is some security involved to make everybody warm and fuzzy. if you don't do it, then you're not protecting us the way you should be. >> it's easy watching the game.
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>> reporter: all of the orioles uniform personnel, players and coaches will be wearing number 42 tonight in honor of jackie robinson. also, the orioles will hold a month of silence fort victims in boston and for matthew hersl. you might have seen heavily armed s.w.a.t. officers today. we're talking about the metro, the inner harbor and train station all part of the action deployment plan. in addition to the 10k downtown this weekend and the horal home stand, baltimore is previewing its new law school building. the governor, mayor and vice-president of the u.s. are expected to attend. the high profile event is getting some high profile security. >> we've been planning this
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event for a number of months. with the unfortunate tragic horrific incidents in boston, that's ratcheting it up. >> the extra resources will be on hand but it stress there is's no credible threat. this is just a precaution. let's go out to bwi, the homecoming for some runners who ran the race in boston. our team coverage continues right now with abc2 news don harrison. >> it was a beautiful day for a race. >> reporter: that's how this started out for veteran boston marathoners. >> about a block and a half away. >> reporter: the first bomb and then the second. >> this got very quiet. then all of a sudden you started hearing all the screaming.
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pretty scary. >> reporter: nancy just finished a 100-mile race last week, so she was taking it easy for this race. she was still on the course when the bomb went off. >> run pers started coming back -- runners started coming back at us. >> reporter: nancy's husband neil. >> came to watch. >> reporter: the kids were watching from colorado. they were connecting their moth -- connecting their mother to finish the race by the time the bomb went off. >> they were calling frantically, couldn't get through. the phone lines, you couldn't call. >> reporter: they scrambled to meet to the after race location. >> it was bedlam. you couldn't walk. there were people going every other way. there were cops and s.w.a.t. teams. >> so happy to see him but knowing what had happened, i
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can't imagine. i just can't imagine. >> this was pretty emotional. then this morning it was a sad day. it's a joyous occasion, breakfast, everyone's wearing their shirts, medals, not today, not in boston. >> reporter: at bwi, don harrison, abc2 news. >> erica brannic is in the icu in boston. she was cheering on her mother. mom's okay but erica's sister and brother-in-law are also in the hospital. erica teaches at trinity in towson. the school said please pray for erica and her family. >> we go to harford county. detectives cost school
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children-- several trips were canceled that were to go to washington, d.c., aberdeen proving ground and new york city. two bomb scares today in carroll county turned out to be fakes. the first one was called in about 8:30. the buildings were closed for the day. a student was charged with calling in a fake bomb threat to west middle school. students were evacuated around 11 but returned to class when they found the call was a hoax. it's tough to watch the pictures of the above the bomb -- boston marathon. we have more on how to talk to our children about these tragic events. >> the experts said there are times you just have to turn off the tv. that's what they say when this
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comes to the -- when it comes to the images. you see it again and again. one hour of tv, video of the bomb blast seen dozens of times. if this is hard for adults to process, the horror leaves them full of questions and fear. dr. tim horn said parents have to take control of what their parents are seeing on tv, the internet and social media. he said when they ask questions be ready and have clear answers and let them know there's still some good in this world. >> it's important to remind them of the people who are coming to help and how wonder nal is and the amazing work that they're doing to help others. it's also important they might want to help in some way. the adults giving blood and
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asking for writing letters affected by these type of disasters. that can be helpful. >> dr. horn said patients -- parents also need to make sure they have their emotions together. parents can help their children feel safe in a time of chaos. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> the full lobe resource of -- global resource of abc2 news following this. if we're not on the air, you can get very latest breaking details at marathon. we're live on your phone, tablet and computer. thunderstorms are firing out west. here's mike masco. >> they put something in the prompter to make me laugh.
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the best part of the day is going on right now. get out and enjoy it. look at ellicott city. it's 76 right now. 76 in the city. 72 at elk ridge. we'll watch thatro pgression. we'll stay dry. around 11:00, we could deal with maybe a scattered shower. we'll be up to 72 tomorrow. could push 80 by thursday and friday. he'll have the seven- ill have the seven-day coming up. the new electric motor for the gm spark will be produced right there.
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it's the automaker's first lit yum battery -- lithium battery car. the plant received an upgrade to produce. >> we've got the capacity to go quite a bit further, but even with that, when we were building the building, we were talking 100, 150 workers at any one time. >> chevy will premiere the spark in 2014. being a man means respecting women has much as you respect -- as much as you respect today. a call to men is a national violence prevention practice. today they teamed up with verizon to teach coaches how to mold their players into outstanding young men. they're targeting coaches because of the immense influence they have on young boys.
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>> it's important what that coach pours into the young man. they will hang on to that. they will rally around it and it will carry throughout life. >> here's an example of the things they talked about today. telling a player for throwing like a girl is one way they show disrespect. joe flacco is honoring the life of a student killed in a crash. they're giving $25,000 to the mat chew chess wick -- matthew cheswick scholarship fund. the 22-year-old towson student was killed in a hit and run crash in ocean city last year. the fund in his name will provide scholarships for students at glen el high school. i want to show you the t shirt
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they have come up with. it is great. that's it. cheese on. joe flacco, thank you. matthew, we will always remember you. all right, coming up, you may have noticed i'm all alone mon-- alone on set. kelly, what's going on. >> it's elimination night. i'm going to tell you why jacoby jones is pretty shave coming up. >> you could be live in los angeles with kelly. all you have to do is tell us you would like to whine a trip to -- win a trip to see the "dancing with the stars" finale. we'll tell you new out to the west we go. some big hold storms starting to fire up. we'll have the full forecast coming up after this.
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with the tragedy in boston, the cast was ready to put a smile on your face. there you g jacoby jones set a high -- you go. jacoby jones set a high goal. they scored 26 out of 30. abc2's kelly swoope sales she feels jacoby is safe. >> he says he wants to get some 10's next time around. those viewer calls are very, very important. they take an average between all the contestants and somehow calculate. it's very confusing.
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the bottom line is he got good scores, plenty of votes. we know he has the personality. we hope he has what it takes. >> we were at the grove, an upscale shopping area when we stumbled upon the set of extra. who better to ask for advice than maria. too bad we couldn't get near her. we found fans have already picked their favorite. >> jacoby. he's perfect. >> i love miss attitude -- his attitude. >> the man's beautiful.
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>> she came all the way from british columbia. she even has the mirror ball trophy to prove it. she's always cheered for the celebrities on the boot tom -- bottom. >> i like to root for someone with no dance background. so i'm rooting for andy dick or d. l. >> an improvement shows d. l. and andy dick at the bottom. i interviewed emily london jones, jacoby's mom. what a class act. you see where he gets that personality and charisma from. she said she supported him when
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he was drafted but he had to go back to school and finish his degree and he did in 2009. we had a great interview with her. we continue to follow jacoby on "dancing with the stars." >> so mom's voting for him, i take it. >> right. >> abc2 is giving you the chance to see jacoby, karina dance and kelly swoope report. check out our facebook page, and the results show starts at 9. remember, abc2 at you can get all things dancing with all the stars. while you're watching tweet with us. we're cheering on jacoby with hash tag team baltimore.
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let's take a look at your forecast. not bad. a whole lot of sunshine despite the clouds. 72 at the airport. 55% humidity. dew point showing low level moisture, so it feels a little muggy. southeasterly wind at 8. temperatures across the state, gusts up to 72. so 65 the normal number. 90 degrees on this date in 2012. 71 in -- in cockeysville. ellicott city, 76 degrees. we're seeing a lot of sunshine. out to the west we have to watch this line of clouds. hour by hour forecast does reflect maybe the potential for an overnight shower or thunderstorm. 66 at 8. we're back at 11, right around
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62 degrees. then up to 62 around lunchtime. we'll manage to get to 70 for your day on wednesday. maryland's most powerful radar, it's clear. to the west we go. we see strong thunderstorms. the question is do they survive the trip going over the mountains. i do think a couple of spot showers could make their way. we're heading north and west. could see a shower or gusty thunderstorm. right now columbus getting socked. the reason north storms, the cold front out to the west. that's the battle zone between cool air to the north. mild air on top of us. that's why we see the storms firing up. go to roanoke. look at the heat down over jackson and montgomery, alabama, 87 degrees. all we need is a southerly wind to scoop up that air. we think that will happen thursday going into friday. it is mild. there's that front that comes
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through tomorrow morning. could trigger a shower, even a thunderstorm. then for tomorrow we'll bring in that marine air right off the bay, right off the ocean. that will keep the clouds in play. so the forecast for tonight, 60 degrees, unseasonably mild. tonight will be a struggle to get out of the 70s for the city. as we get into tomorrow afternoon we're going to struggle to get to 72. could be a spot shower right around anne arundel county, annapolis. thursday at 75, a blend of sunshine and clouds. then we'll go to 80. 77 on friday. here's the concern try day -- friday night into saturday. could be severe weather so. we'll have to chat again at 11. instead of going an hour with diane sawyer, only 30 minutes. we'll be back with more in just
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a minute.
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let's watch storms out to the west. >> all right. we could get to 80 by thursday. >> thursday but not tomorrow. >> okay. >> we're going to give you that planner. 66 at 8:00. we're back on at 11, 62 degrees. could we get to 80? we'll answer that at 11. >> let's go dancing.
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>> we'll see you.
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this is "world news." tonight, on the trail of a bomber. the new clues. metal fragments from a pressure cooker like this, at the heart of an investigation. video of multiple angles of the key moments revealing exactly what the bomb did. we show you where the bomb went off, and the force of the impact. and tonight the new casualties, including an 8-year-old boy, and a beloved daughter. and we bring you the stories behind those moments we all watched together on tape.


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