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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 30, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> there's right. there he is on the left with our own stephanopoulos. they sat down for an exclusive interview shortly after collins came out. >> now, reaction to collins' statements have been coming through the night and devin dwyer has more. >> reporter: seven foot, 255-pound nba center who made it to the playoffs nine times. now he shattered one of the final barriers telling "sports illustrated" "i'm a 34-year-old nba center, i'm black and i'm gay." in an exclusive interview with "good morning america's" george stephanopoulos, collins says it's mind boggling that he's the first active player in pro team sports to come out as gay. >> it was sort of waiting around for somebody else to raise their hand and, you know, i'm ready to raise my hand but, you know, you still look around like, okay, come on, guys. >> reporter: reaction from around the nba has been mostly supportive. kobe bryant tweeted "he's proud
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of collins. don't suffocate who you are because of the ignorance of others". >> always been a great guy. always been a great teammate. >> he's a good guy and i'm certainly praying for him. >> reporter: but not everyone in pro sports embraced collins' news. mike wallace of the miami dolphins tweeted that he doesn't understand. all these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys. the post was later removed. >> if he plays another year, that's going to be a defining moment in the nba or in professional sports because now you have an openly gay man in a male dominated locker room. >> reporter: now president obama personally called jason collins to express his support. a white house aide said he was impressed by his courage. first lady michelle obama tweeted "we've got your back." john and diana? >> devin, what's next for collins? does he intend to keep playing? >> reporter: he plays for the washington wizards, now a free agent. it's still unclear whether a team will pick him up for next
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season but collins says he's ready to play and all this attention will motivate him to work harder. >> devin dwyer, thank you. there is, of course, much more to the story. that exclusive interview with jason collins coming up on "good morning america." all right, now to the latest in the boston bombing. investigators have discovered female dna on one of the bombs used in the attack. >> sources say it's unclear whether it is from a victim of the attack, someone who handled components of the bomb before it was put together or someone who helped build that bomb. the fbi wants to take evidence from the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. >> as for his brother, dzhokhar, judy clarke has joined the defense team and kept a number of criminals death row including the unabomber and susan smith. after talking to investigators dzhokhar is no longer cooperating with fbi. brand-new video by "entertainment tonight" from
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tsarnaev's days as a boxer. tamerlan's body is still unclaimed at the medical examiner's office. >> boeing says a fragment believed to be have a hijacked 9/11 is from a plane. it's not far from the trade center site. the soil will be sifted later on today and will search for human remains. mechanical problems with air force two has left the vice president's plane sitting on the tarmac in arizona. according to some reports when the jet landed and activated the reverse thrusters it sucked in debris. the vice president was never in any danger. he is back in washington. retired supreme court justice sandra day o'connor is having second thoughts about the bush versus gore battle and says instead of handing george w. bush the presidency they should have said we're not going to
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take it. good-bye. at the end of the day they probably just added to that problem, she dade. today the first testimony in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. the witness list is expected to be star studded and more private details of jackson's life could be exposed. abc's brandi hitt has the latest. >> reporter: the jackson family rushed into civil court for the wrongful death trial against michael jackson's concert promoter aeg live. ♪ the king of pop was about to begin his this is it comeback tour four years ago when he died and jackson's mother katherine along with his three children say aeg is responsible. >> there's a lot at stake in this trial. i mean, money and lots of it. >> reporter: prosecutors claim aeg negligently hired, supervised and controlled dr. conrad murray who is now serving a four-year sentence for giving jackson a deadly dose of the power f powerful drug propofol. they deny they had anything to do with murray. >> this is phase two of the
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conrad murray case. the question is really was he working for aeg or was he michael jackson's personal physician? >> reporter: with billions of dollars and possible damages at stake analysts predict this trial will expose new details of jackson's financial and legal troubles. tom mesereau represented him when he was exonerated on child molestation charges. >> if that's true why did they enter into a business contract with him. >> reporter: others may include diana ross, quincy jones, prince, jackson's ex-wife lisa marie presley and debbie rowe along with prince and paris. >> you've got michael jackson's children testifying, that's going to be emotional. how do you cross-examine those children? >> reporter: now katherine, randy and reebie jackson were in court monday and this is expected to be a long and ugly trial that will last several months. john and diana? >> thank you, brandi. the president of south africa is coming under fire
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after an odd visit with nelson mandela. an unsmiling mandela can be seen propped up as jacob zuma joke around and pose for pictures, the first time he has been seen in months. social sites buzzed. a big day for royal watchers the world over. today queen beatrix of the netherlands will abdicate her throne handing off the throne to her son. royals from across asia are there for a big party last night. >> the weather across the nation. rain and mountain snow in the northwest. another warm day in the southwest. stormy with hail and high winds around green bay, des moines shall kansas city and omaha. a sprinkle in the northeast. scattered snowstorms -- showers, sorry and thunderstorms from d.c. to the gulf coast. >> 80s from dallas to miami. 60s in the northeast. 80 for chicago and kansas city,
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50s in the pacific northwest. coming up, the shirt you can wear 100 times without washing it. >> i'll take that. plus, blastoff. the billionaire another step closer. >> and martha stewart trying to find love in "the pulse."
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welcome back. most major asian stock markets took a cue from wall street posting solid gains. when trading begins, the s&p 500 opens at a record high level. it climbed one of the strengths of the report showing american wages and spending both on the rise last month. the s&p is up 12% so far this
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year. another factor driving the market, a new high in pending home sales. the number of americans who signed contracts to buy homes rose in march to its highest level in three years. and that renewed confidence in the housing market, that's being driven by steady job gains and near record low mortgage rates. >> the fda looking into the safety of new products. wrigley introduced a new gum that promises the right energy right now. they're concerned about the effect it can have on children and teens. caffeine was first used in colas in the 1950s. richard branson says virgin galactic is on track to fly into space later on this year. it took a big step toward -- over the california's mojave desert when the spaceship 2 made its first flight. it clocked in at over 900 miles
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an hour. more test flights are to come before the real thing. oh, by the way, john, i know you've been asking, the round trip ticket, cool 200 grand. >> 200 grand. >> pocket change for this guy. >> we talked about this earlier. i don't want to go to space too much. give me a beach. a hammock and a pina colada. the guys who hate to deal with laundry, it is the dress shirt with a strong claim. its makers says you can wear it 100 times before washing. even then it just needs a gentle wash, wool and prince makes it. it'll set you back about $100. wouldn't it get a little stink? >> unless the dirt and the filth and stench is falling off that, i doubt it'll work. please don't buy one. >> i'm fine with the traditional laundry. >> i sit next to you every night. >> now i'll have to try one see if i stink. amanda knox is breaking her silence with diane sawyer. >> yeah, oscar winner is back in
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before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! wow, take a look at some of the coolest video ofhe cosmos. death ey, good conditions for viewing of stars. the filmmakers called star chase pictures and this is their video of a dream lapse. >> that's beautiful stuff. >> that's great. now, let's turn to your morning road conditions. you can expect a wet commute from the mid-atlantic all the way to miami and along much of the gulf coast. severe storms will make for a rough ride from green bay all the way to omaha and slick roads in the northern rockies and cascades. >> flying delays possible in new orleans, kansas city and miami. the american college student who spent four years behind bars
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in italy for the murder of her roommate before being freed on appeal. >> she spoke with diane sawyer about her new legal battle that threatens her freedom and opened up about what people should know about her. >> reporter: she devil with an angel face. >> i haven't heard those. i heard the gist of them a them & they're wrong. i was in the courtroom when they were calling me a devil. i mean, it's one thing to be called certain things in the media and then it's another thing to be sitting in a courtroom fighting for your life while people are calling you a devil. for all intents and purposes i was a murderer whether i was or not. >> reporter: she says everything she had ever posted online, every boyfriend in her life would come back to haunt her. what's the first thing you want people to know about you.
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>> i want the truth to come out. i'd like to be reconsidered as a person. what happened to me was surreal but it could have happened to anyone. >> reporter: so what is the truth? what happened the night meredith kercher died? amanda knox at times open, guarded, angry, in tears says she is ready to speak and waiting to be heard. >> and you can see all of diane's interview tonight on "murder mystery: amanda knox speaks" and she joins us tomorrow on "good morning america." a collision left one pilot dead. the pilot of the second plane managed to maneuver a belly flop landing on a nearby golf course. no one on board that plane was seriously injured. the wreckage of the first plane was found in a remote area not too far away but it's still unclear what's to blame for the initial crash. >> in western michigan police seem no closer to answering the
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question where is jessica. 25-year-old jessica is missing. police started searching the shoreline. friends handed out information at nearby parks and investigators want to question a man they say was driving a gray minivan last week. catherine zeta-jones back in rehab for treatment of her bipolar disorder. she spent some time in connecticut two years ago at a facility there. it can cause a cycle of high and low moods. tim tebow is a free agent after being cut by the jets. his departure dame inevitable when they drafted a quarterback last week. tebow is getting interest from canadian football teams but none so far on this side of the border. meantime, this year's chase for the stanley cup when playoff series are getting under way.
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nba highlights. good morning and welcome to your espn news update, i'm zubin mehenti. nba playoffs, great finish in houston between the thunder and the rockets. kevin durant and company looking for the sweep. parsons and company had other ideas. under 1:30 to go. durant, ooh. and the lead is down to 2. final frantic few seconds, thunder down two, reggie jackson for the two. no. ibaka for the tie, that close extending to overtime and rockets survive. there will be a game five. we head to the eastern conference. nate robinson coming off the super human performance keeping it going. he had 20. bulls down 5 but here come the nights, nice feed from williams to lopez. gerald wallace back the other way. chicago was in this most of the way. brooklyn rolls at the end. they're heading back to chicago for a game six.
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this wasn't much of a series. pacers out of the break but looking to hold home court. a lot of struggles for atlanta, only 12 points in the third but had they needed buckets they got them. kyle korver from downtown. hawks win 102-91. keep in mind later today on abc, jason collins talks to george stephanopoulos about coming out as the first major professional sports athlete currently playing that is gay. look forward to that a little later this morning. and that is your espn news update. i'm zubin mehenti. have a great day. >> up next on "the pulse," that joyride that's gone viral. a 9-year-old behind the wheel of a ferrari. the cops, as you can imagine, not too happy. >> newest internet craze, baby mugging. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin.
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time to check "the pulse," these are stories we're sure you're going to be talking about all day long. getting bored with just plain old coffee in your coffee mug try adding something with even more energy. >> introducing baby mugging of the latest instagram craze. she posted simple instructions on how to create the illusion and her website has been flooded with hundreds of babies mugging for the camera. >> i love it. it doesn't stop with babies. also apparently works on pets, bigger kids and even -- >> i love that one. little teacup baby. moving on, i don't want to, i want it look at those babies. martha stewart apparently needs help finding a date and will complete a dating profile on >> she followed sound advice, not to use a picture or her real name. some think they broke the case and found her profile.
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someone listed cooking as her first interest. >> kind of a dead giveaway. have to list your salary. a couple gazillion dollars. the father would allowed his 9-year-old to go on that famous joyride in his ferrari now facing charges. take a look at the video from india, by the way, went viral. a man's younger son was in the passenger seat. >> wow. neither appeared to have been buckled in. the mom is videotaping all this and says she's proud of her boy who learned to drive at 5 and has also taken the wheel of the family's lamborghini and bentley. now that ferrari has been impounded as the boy's dad is charged with endangering the life of a child. >> wow. i was old school. i was like going around in a dodge dart or something. no ferraris or bentleys. >> a lamborghini and ferrari, a bentley. you can give your 5-year-old one
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checking our top stories now, in ang exclusive interview, nba center jason collins tells our george stephanopoulos it's mind boggling that he's the first openly gay athlete in a major u.s. sport. the interview coming up on "gma." all right, female dna has been found on one of the bombs used in the boston marathon attacks. it's unclear whether it came from a victim or someone who may have handled the bomb components. a los angeles police detective takes the stand today in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. jackson's family is suing claiming concert promoter aeg ignored the singer's physical and emotional state. weather, showers and a thunderstorm from d.c. to the gulf coast. severe storms around green bay, des moines and kansas city, rain and mountain snow in the northwest. and finally, jason collins' future in the nba remains an open question. he's currently a free agent but he calls his support that he's received since coming out truly inspirational. >> now a unique perspective from a soccer player nailed robbie
4:27 am
rogers who talked about it with amy robach. >> he's making tackles and beating up on other guys. >> reporter: robby played on soccer fields around the world. college ball, major league, the olympics chts he was even good enough to go professional in england. you knew around the age of 10. >> i knew i was when i was that age. i think i was gay when i was 14. >> reporter: did you hear gay slurs in the locker room? >> yeah, all the time. i mean, i heard gay slurs hanging out with my friends in high school and everywhere. that's what scars you. >> reporter: what gave you the strength to say i can't do this anymore? >> i was raised to be a voice, to be myself, to be unique, not to follow a pack. >> reporter: so beginning last fall robbie started coming out first to his family back in
4:28 am
california. for most 25-year-olds the drama might end there but robbie had another family to tell. >> guys on your team are your best friends and brothers and you battle these games and work hard and train for each other. if you're not the same as them, then you're an outcast. >> reporter: what do you hope can change based on your announcement because right now if you do go back and play, you would be the only openly gay soccer player? >> gay athletes are leases. i want to go back to soccer as robbie, the soccer player. i don't want to go back as this gay athlete. i love the sport and i love being an athlete so i discuss want it to be that simple. >> aim amy robach in new york. >> thank you, amy. historic time for professional sports and you will hear more of jason collins' coming out story in an exclusive interview coming up on "good morning america." >> i'm sure it's going to be an interesting one. that's what's making news in america this morning. have a great tue
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shot and killed before his daughter's eyes, police believe road rage was a motive for a father's murde i'm mage >> it will end in to thur. the end of the week. that's something we will look up. more sunshine in the forecast. we will like the weekend once again. the most powerful radar is picking up on a couple of showers. most


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