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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  April 30, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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glen burnie. 53 degrees, we should be at 46, 47 degrees for the low temperatures, we are above that. the bigger story, the dew point, same as the temperature, we have the patchy fog. also we have the winds out of the east today. you can see it at 8 miles per hour. that's the cloudses that's going to keep us on the foggy side through the rest of the day. this is how you can plan by lunchtime the temperature 61 degrees, temperatures are not going to bump up that much because we have the clouds around, 62 by this afternoon. now a check of the traffic with loren. we are off to rainy start, the roads are slick, there is quite a bit of fog, if you are traveling 895s re-opened following a disabled car, southbound lanes, child street. thanks to the maryland state highway administration for tweeting the latest information, follow our handle, maryland traffic for alerts sent to you feed. 55 miles per hour, southbound lanes at the toll plaza, 54
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miles per hour, on the jfx. southbound at ruxton road. to the beltway, the west side inner loop 54 miles per hour, here interstate 70. the outer loop is slowing down, it's not impacting the drive time. 12 minutes from 795 down to 95. conditions nice and clear, despite the rain, the inner loop clear down to 95, 11 minutes to travel from 95 up to 83. that's you time saver traffic report. you've become accustomed about hearing shootings. this one is different. teenage girl shot dead by neighborhood boy, body buried underneath trash bags. the mother of the boys involved is covering it up. linda so is live to tell us the penalty the mom faces and one of things i found most disturbing, we heard this morning, one of the people we spoke to said she didn't care.
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>> reporter: yeah, veronica says her or monet's mother said that veronica looked like she didn't show remorse as she entered the plea. she pled guilty to being an accessory after the fact, carries five years in prison. sentenced june 13th. she helped her son and his friend cover up what happened. the girl was playing with boys when one shot monet with a rifle. police say el fred helped the boys hide the girls body. she was found buried under trash bags. she was alive and alfred could have called for help. she chose to help the boys cover up a crime. alfred entered the guilty plea yesterday. >> her role was to cover up everything so nobody could be charged with anything. what kind of mother would do
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something like that to a child. >> both boys have been prosecuteed the man who owned the rifle will stand trial wednesday on reckless endangerment charges. he is accused of getting four of the officers pregnant. he ran the operation from within the detention center. he used officers to snuggle drugs and cell phones and pressages in to the jail. felecia barns case, a detective is charged. detective daniel nickelson is charged with assault and burglary. a year ago nickelson's daughter ran away from home. he forced his way in to a home where he thought she was. he pushed two people down.
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he said he knock bud no one was home and he left. hearing about the firefighter injured in the reisterstown fire that killed a man last week, gene kershner suffered brain damage. he is expected to be transferred to a rehab center. doctors are trying to get him to the point to breathe on his own and seeing signs of improvement but it's a slow process. she in critical condition but said to be stable. you probably don't know the name jason collins. the 7-footer played basketball in the mba for 12 years. this morning, he says he is a gay man. [technical difficulties]
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espn analyst is releasing a
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statement about controversial comments he made about collins coming out. he calls being gay a open rebellion to god. he released this statement which in part reads i realize some people disagree with my opinion and i accept and respect that. as has been the case in the past, it will not report on the ability to repot on the mba. espn apologized, getting in the way of news. . baltimore raven is weighing in on the announcement on facebook. he wrote in part saying i'm enthused about the progress we made through equality in a matter of months. people have been paving the road to make this happen. jayson is carrying the torch for others to live a free life. where one is judged by character. he was an outspoken advocate
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for same-sex marriage. baseball, sports, late night on tap for the o's as they lock to snap the two game losing streak on the road. they are out west, instead of northwest in seattle. they dropped game one 6-2, all the oh finance we could muster, off the bat of mat, two run shot this the fourth inning. then seattle ran five unanswered runs going on, 6-2 the final. losing your life savings is a devastating experience. >> losing a life savings to a man with deadlocks is stupid. a manmade
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. three climbers attempting mount everest, they got in to a fight with a couple of angry guides. a guide accused them of
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knocking ice on one of the guides. they came after the climbers, the men went back down to base catch and decided to cut that climb short. this is promoting gun rights and upsetting people in colorado. shows a photo of three native americans along with twordz, turn in your arms the government will take care of you. native americans say it's insensitive. >> take the picture down. i get it. believe me. i get it. >> the company that owns the billboard says the individual whose paid for it wish to remain anonymous. branson is closer to being able to launch closer in to space. his company made the first powered flight over the desert, spaceship two, broke the speed of sound on its own rocket power, reaching 56,000 ' feet,
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several flights planned for the summer. they plan to reach full space flight by the end of this year. people said, branson is not going to do that. >> he did. this man lost $2600 all he had to show for it was a stuffed banana with deadlocks. >> he says he wanted to win an x box at a game called tubs of fun. contestants tossed balls in to a tub, when he practiced, it was easy but something changed when he started playing the ball kept popping out. he kept trying to win back the money by going double or nothing. he dropped $300. he says he went home to get $2300 more, and soon he lost all that as well. >> it's not possible that it wasn't rigged. i happen to become the sucker. >> you think? >> he went back the next day
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and the man running the booth gave him back $600, he split the banana and the cash. he called police and he says he is considering -- >> of course you are. >> a lawsuit. >> of course you are. >> henry, you said it yourself, it's not possible that it is not rigged. i'm just another sucker. >> 2300 bucks? >> the world is not made for those. you nailed it henry. vis abilities, watching it all morning, it has gone down hill, especially along the eastern shore, we were at 10, that's number we like, now at 4 easton, reduced visibility, coming in at 5. 4 in york, 2.5 baltimore, five in dc. if you are traveling that way
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this morning, be prepared for the fog out and about. at the surface, this is why we have the patchy fog. we have high pressure again, towards the north and east, the area of low pressure to the south, we are getting clockwise flow around high pressure, funneling in between the two of them. we have an easterly flow, that's going to keep the fog around this morning, and keep the clouds around more towards the afternoon. also we have rain and drizzle misting in the forecast for today as well. temperatures this morning, coming in 52 degrees, hanover, 53 reisterstown, 53 hickory. a few showers, drizzle, in to the 8 time frame, this will be the trend for today. that cloud, the moist weather will continue each in to too many, we will see change in the forecast. here it is, by lunchtime, temperature at 61 degrees. not going to bump up, 62 degrees by 3:00, 7 day folk looks like this, we will see more sunshine in the forecast
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as we head towards thursday and friday, look at the 70s, towards the weekend, still plenty of sunshine, towson town festival looks good. enjoy it. now a check of the traffic with loren. that rape that rain leading to a slick commute. a crash southbound, 175, moved to the shoulder. if you are on twitter, follow the handle maryland traffic, for the latest alert sent to you feed. traveling downtown, jfx, in great shape. southbound lanes 53 miles per hour ruxton road. 55 miles per hour, southbound, through the fort mc henry tunnel. speeds dropped to 39 miles per hour, on the outer loop at the beltway, route 40. a live look in the area, expect delays traveling from 795, down to 95, that stretch will take you 134eu7bs. the inner loop clear as you make the push up to 795. as we head up to hunt valley, a live look at the harrisburg
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expressway, no delays from the maryland, pennsylvania state line, all the way to the beltway. that's a look at your time saver traffic. hot and sexy, two words to describe routines you saw last night of dancing with the stars. >> each dance had to be a latin scene dance. teen baltimore kicked things up a notch. lynette was watching earlier.
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why would you want to make yourself workout more? >> add a ballroom to the routine and it's probably going to go viral. the clip doesn't say where this girl is from. 6million people looked at the video. it was just posted saturday. >> pretty impressive, though. >> coming up, sex, drugs and murder charges. >> amanda knox, her book goes on sale.
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after more than a decade, part of the hijacked planes used has resurfaced. the discovery could lead to more we thank you for joining us i'm megan pringle. >>


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