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tv   News  ABC  April 30, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we will find out what you like to give as a gift as a wedding gift. high or low or in nidsel? we got to check out the weather with lynette charles as the rain continues. we have the drizzle. but the bigger story is the fog. reduced visibility is going downhill. the last time i showed you this, we were at 2.5, we are below 2 miles of visibility. easton 3. if you want to know the threshold, willmington, everywhere else, is well below that. through the rest of the morning, the fog is going to be out there, we will have the clouds low at the ground, with that we are continue to be cloudy, moist, have the drizzle that charlie was talking about, we can see on the most powerful radar, it looks dry across the western shore. the drops, too small for the radar to detect. don't think we are dry. you can see the green on the
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map as we head towards the eastern shores they are dealing with lite rain showers. this is what you can expect in terms of temperatures, our high coming in 62 degrees. trouble now in arundel, a crash in pasadena, on mountain road, at route 100, if you are heading to route 295, we have a crash that's been moved to the southbound shoulder, route 175, not causing significant back ups. follow our handle, maryland traffic for the latest alerts sent to your feed. north of 195, 60 miles per hour, and it will be nice and collie clear as you make the push. the tunnels are in great shape. speeds dropped to the 2 miles per hour on the west side of the beltway, outer loop at 70, expect delays, taking 21 minutes to travel from 795, down to 95.
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over in parkville, much different story, knotsing to get in your -- nothing to get in your way, the outer loop, 11 minute ride from 95 up to 83. that's a look at your time saver traffic. another day, more developments in the boston marathon bombings, the big question today, was someone else possibly involved with the two suspects in those bombings and the attacks that happened at the marathon. sherrie johnson is live with the latest and what is leading our investigators to think there might be someone else involved. >> two weeks after the bombings they found dna -- female dna on the pressure cooker bomb. they are not sure if it's from a victim or someone who handled the component they searched the home of tammarlin. if dna is found, it doesn't
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prove the mother was in preparation of the bomb. she says she was not aware of her husband's plan. the man was identified as many kale. he said he knew tammarlin but had no role in the bombing, he has been interviewed by law enforcement. >> how far did that radicalization go? how much involved was the mea sha? did he do more than put the thoughts in tammarlin's head or get tammarlin to change his philosophy about his religion or do more? >> the defense team representing the bombing suspect got a boost with the addition of judy clark , the lawyer who managed to get life sentences instead of the death penalty for clients like the uni bomber and the gunman that injured gabrielle giffords. back to you. a rusted plane part could
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lead to bodies, more victims of the 9/11 attack back in 2001. the part you are seeing is believed to have belonged to one of the hijacked jets , the site is sifted for remains of the 3000 victims of the attack, remains 1000 people were never recovered. father is dead killed in front of his children in what police say may have been a case of road rage. he was on his way home from a family gathering sat when he got in to a wreck in northeast baltimore. he got out to exchange insurance information when the other driver said he didn't have any and walked to his car. police say, he was shot in the back and killed and the family says what makes the crime more devastating his daughters were in the car and saw everything. >> his baby girl, she kept crying. any time she heard somebody say daddy, she started crying. this is a baby.
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she felt that loss. >> police are looking for two people involved. amanda knox is speaking out, says the picture of her in the media is not who she is, she has become a worldwide sensation after going accused of murdering her roommate. knocks has been called names, some say she is simply not who she is. >> i was in the courtroom when they were calling me a devil. it's one thing to be called certain things in the media, another to be sitting in a courtroom, fighting for your life, while people are calling you a devil. >> she shared her story with diane sawyer. see the interview at 10:00 on abc 2. sylvester stallone played rocky, now bringing the
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production to life. >> when the version is expected to debut in the big apple. ñoçóñ?=?=oçoç6ñ
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a funeral for george jones open to the public thursday at the grand ole opry. his publicist says he would have wanted fans to pay respects. catherine pita jones checked in to a facility. she ten entered to manage her
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health. sylvester stallone is going to serve as produce fer for the stage version.
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working this morning, check of the forecast, lynette charles. dreary looking outside. we have wet roadways and have
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showers coming down, especially along the eastern shore. where you are not seeing the green, dealing with mist and drizzle. along the eastern shore, centerville, graysonville, price, light rainfall this morning, it is going to be a little bit on the dicey side. we have patchy fog as well. see for yourself what going on in bel air. rain drops this morning, one of the live weather bug cameras, the traffic looks like it's going slow there. all in all, we are going to be dealing with a day that's not great. temperaturewise, we are above average, 54 degrees, towson, cockeysville 54. the high temperature coming in around 62 degrees. now a check of the traffic. we have trouble arundel, a crash in pasadena, mountain road, route 100. traveling in howard county, interstate uúkñ70. eastbound lanes picking up,
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columbia pike. 46 miles per hour. build valium. speaking of the beltway, a lot of fog here at route 40. use the low beams as it is limiting visibility out there. expect delays now on the outer loop, taking you 23 minute to travel down to 95. no problems on the beltway, on the east side, traveling the outer loop, taking 12 minutes to get from 95, up to 83. no concerns now on 95, white marsh. 8 minutes from the harbor through the fort mc henry toll plaza. professional athlete but you may have not heard his name before yesterday. jason collins is dominating the news for stating i'm 34 years old, mba center, black and gay. sherrie johnson joins us with how the world is reacting to the first professional athlete to come out of the closet. he is receiving a outpouring of
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support, received a call from the white house, shoutout from athletes and kudos from mba players. collins became the first active male player in the professional sports to come out as gay. he made announcement yesterday in the first person account that appeared in sports illustrated. collins finished the season with a washington. the players offered him lots of support. >> he is a positive and influential role. he says the events in the boston events prompt himed to come out. he realized things can change in an instant. back to you. gay rights group say a
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pastor who preached against gay marriage shouldn't be allowed to lead the prayer events. california pastor has said that the bible calls gay sex sinful. lori says he is aware of complaints. playing with neighborhood boys and her life came to an end. a mother of one of the boys responsible, will spend time in prison, linda so is live at the metro courthouse with details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: covering up a crime by being an accessory after the fact. veronica will spend up to five years in prison, sentenced june 13th. alfred helped her son and his friend cover up what happened to to turnage, one accidently shot her with a rifle. alfred helped the boys hide the girl's body. monet was found durried under
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trash bags. she was alive after the shooting and alfred could have called for help. she chose to help the boys cover up a crime. alfred entered the guilty plea yesterday, the mother says she showed no remorse. >> (inaudible.) >> both boys have been prosecuted in juvenile court. the man who owned the rifle will stand trial tomorrow on reckless endangerment charges. linda so, abc2 news. wait time at the airport is looking better this week. president obama expected to sign legislation that puts air traffic controllers back to work following the furloughs that caused flights to be delayed. the faa issued a statement saying employee furloughs have been suspended and normal operations returned airports across the u.s. effective sunday night. u.s. supreme court justice,
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is scheduled to speak at a reception at the university of baltimore school of law. elijah cummings will speak. 32,000 square feet of a library. the reception is going to happen tonight. it's at 6:00. bride and groom can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the big day, what about you? the loyal guests? expect to spend $539 for each wedding you attend this year. that's up $200 from last year. include the dress, hotel, and things like the bachelorette party. no mention of the guys. if you are in the bridal party expect to pay $600 to be part of the wedding. unemployment fraud is costing the government billions of dollars in paid benefits to people who are still working no longer alive or behind bars. of the $108 billion paid out in
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unemployment benefits, in 2011, more than $3 billion was paid out dishonestly. the largest share was the people who were still working. biggest donation ever of the 1891 graduates are giving almost $7 million, of estate to the carol county school for scholarships. its the largest for scholarships in the 146 year history. the endowment come from the estate of st. mary's county residents. back to caught for george zimmerman. the judge is expected to ask whether he wants to waive rights in the stand you ground hearing.
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pretty cool, i guess the gas versus the glass reference. i'm not going to ask you which one is better. that was better. all right, the weather for today, a little bit dreary like we saw yesterday. as we go in through the afternoon, we might see a few pages of sunshine, we have an on shore flow, with that we are going to stay in the clouds for a while. this is at the surface. high pressure is in to the atlantic. low pruto the south. chock wise pushing in the clouds and the moisture. that's what we are going to work with through the rest of the morning in to the afternoon. let's play, where waldo? we are dealing with plenty of fog out there this morning, that's going to stick around
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for a while. we will be socked in through the morning hours. temperature wise, we are going to be above average, we can see what going on in hanover. 55 cambridge. good morning denton, you are at 54 degrees. our low temperatures now should be around 46, 47. the most accurate future trend, keeps showers, misting, drizzle through the 8:00 hour, that's going to continue throughout the day. out the door, take the rain gear with you, keep it with you, keep it in the car, you could use it again. it won't be until thursday we clear things out, not the sunshine if the forecast will prevail towards your weekend. things will begin to look up as we go throughout the day in terms of temperatures, by lunchtime, coming in 61 degrees, 62 by this afternoon. the easterly flow, the culprit for today, keeping the clouds around. lots of sunshine by thursday
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and friday. the week looks awesome as well. 73 degrees by sunday. towson town looks good. let's see if the roads look good. that is not the case this morning. we have trouble in arundel, a crash in pasadena on mountain road at route 100. a lot of the main lines are starting to drop if you are headed to 95, white marsh, 25 miles per hour, southbound, beltway, 695, no improvement there. parkville, outer loop, we are looking at 29 miles per hour. the west side, really moving slowly right now, here interstate 70, notice packed in both directions. inner loop is slow to 795s outer loop 27 minutes from 795, you will the way to 9. there is fog in the area. take it slow this morning, roads are wet with the rain. nice and collie, traveling from
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the maryland, pennsylvania state line dune to the beltway. that's you time save traffic report. baby pressed against the glass at the zooing as which zoo and a which chimp comes up. >> i can't believe how calm. she is protecting the baby, she gives up. she stares at the human.
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good morning, america. this morning, one-on-one with a true pioneer. nba player jason collins tells the world he's gay. the first active pro player to come out sending shock waves through all of sports and i'm getting back an outpouring of emotion and support. our abc news exclusive. >> when you finally get to that point of acceptance, there's nothing more beautiful. breaking overnight. poisoning at starbucks. a woman under arrest for trying to contaminate drinks. how the authorities tracked her down and the warning right now to other stores. amanda knox on camera. revealing her emotional story for the first time to diane sawyer tonight. we'll hear directly from her this morning about those harrowing days in court. diane is here with the abc news exclusive. brawl on the mountain. branw


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