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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 30, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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massive fight on mt. everest directly from those involved and the american woman who broke up the melee at 24,000 feet. good morning, america. a big morning here, george is in los angeles with his exclusive with jason collins. the man who has broken barriers. also this morning, brand-new developments on the boston bomber investigation. fragments of female dna found on parts of the bomb. right to george in los angeles. you spoke with a man so many are talking about this morning. good morning, george. >> boy, they are, robin. you know, that announcement from jason collins that surprise yesterday shattered stereotypes in the macho world of pro sports. when he went online monday
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morning you could feel the explosion everywhere. the 12-year nba veteran told me this was not the kind of spotlight he sought but now that he's made the announcement he says he's never been happier. the president called him immediately to offer support. i flew out here, met with him last night. it was an emotional, revealing interview. he's been a net, a hawk, a grizzly, a timber wolf and a wizard, a 7'tall, 255-pound bruiser who fought his way through 90 playoff game including back-to-back finals with the nets, tough, respected, a true team player, but never a household name like kobe, shaq, lebron until now. jason collins is making history with these simple words, "i'm a 34-year-old nba center. i'm black. and i'm gay." and all the emotions stirred up by his announcement were
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catching up with him when i sat down with him in los angeles. you always knew you were gay? >> yeah, it's -- i sort of describe it as you know that the sky is blue but you keep telling yourself that it's red. >> you fought it. >> yes, in the beginning. i think they call it like the 12 steps, you know, you go through anger, denial and it's just -- but when you finally get to that point of acceptance, there's nothing more beautiful than just allowing yourself to really be happy and be comfortable in your own skin. >> so you send this thunderbolt out into the world. >> yeah. >> 12 hours later, how does it feel? >> it's incredible. you just try to live a genuine life and next thing you know you have the president calling you. >> what did he say? >> he was incredibly supportive and he was proud of me and said that this not only affected my life but others going forward. >> martina navratilova said this
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is going to save some kids' lives? >> you know, i look at her as one of my heroes, the dignity and the class that she's lived her life and all that she's achieved. she is my role model. hopefully going forward i can be someone else's role model. >> what do you say to the 12-year-old boy out there practicing right now, wants to be a pro ball player and happens to be gay. >> it doesn't matter that you're gay but the key thing is that it's about basketball. it's about working hard. it's about sacrificing for your team. it's all about dedication and that's what you should focus on. >> one of the things you write is that actually loyalty to your teammates is one of the things that held you back. >> yes. >> from making this announcement. >> you don't want to be -- that distraction because for me it's always been think -- well, i
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know in my personal life i'm ready and i think the country is ready for supporting an openly gay basketball player. >> can you believe it hasn't happened before you? >> that's kind of mind boggling. i never set out to be the first, and it's -- you know, obviously you're sort of waiting around for somebody else to, you know, raise their hand and, you know, i'm ready to raise my hand but you know you still look around like, okay, come on guys. >> phil jackson says he's never met a gay player in the nba. have you? >> not that i know of. i don't know of any other gay players in the nba. >> kobe bryant tweeted that he was proud of you today too. >> that was incredible. all the support has been overwhelming. >> as collins kept his secret he sent a small signal of unity to the gay community choosing to wear number 98 to matthew shepard. the gay teenager from wyoming
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kidnapped and killed in a brutal hate crime in 1998. >> each time i put on jersey 98, this past season, i was already sort of having that moment with myself, with my family, with my friends who knew the significance of why i picked that number. >> jersey 98 for matthew shepard. >> jersey 98 for matthew shepard. that's why i wore jersey 98, so -- and also to mess with the rest. but, you know, the primary reason was every time i put on that jersey i was already making that statement to myself. >> you do foul a lot. you're a hard player. >> yes, i -- you know, i bring that physical toughness, physical attitude and, you know, it's part of the game. >> as you write, it goes against the gay stereotype. >> that stereo -- yeah, that gay stereotype, you know what, i think that people like me are trying to rewrite -- people like me are trying to rewrite that stereotype and trying to let
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people know that you can't just put people in a box. >> as jason said it is all about the basketball. he's going to work hard all summer long to get picked up by another nba team and, robin, you know, he confessed to me when he walks out on to that court he knows the pressure is going to be on but he has no idea how it's going to feel to be the first openly gay player to actually play in an nba game. >> but the way he has handled himself thus far just so incredibly impressive. i know you'll have more with jason in our next hour. thanks very much, george. i was really struck overnight, jason collins sent out a tweet and it said all the support i have received today is actual tooly inspirational. i knew i was choosing the road less traveled but i'm not walking it alone and think of a young gay athlete waking up this morning and realizing they are not alone. >> just like a generation ago sports so often a reflection of society, but it's been sports figures like jackie robinson who so often led society, jason
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collins taking on a first step for so many to come. >> he is. >> wonderful. >> again we'll have more with him in our next hour. we'll turn to the latest on the boston terror attack and that female dna we told you has been found on fragments of one of the bombs is raising big, new questions in the investigation. abc's brian ross of course is here. has all the details for us. good morning. >> good morning. with the discovery of the female dna on bomb fragments and developments overnight in russia fbi agents are widening their net looking for possible accomplices of the two brothers in the bombing and now there's a tight focus on one woman in particular. officials say fbi agents want to obtain dna samples from catherine russell, the widow of the elder tsarnaev. agents were seen leaving her home with a set of evidence bags. she was seen leaving with her attorneys who continue to insist she did not know about her husband's bomb plot. two weeks after the bombing, the investigation continues to expand as people briefed on the case say the fbi reportedly now
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has almost a dozen individuals considered to be persons of interest. >> some have -- may have been involved in helping build the bombs. others may have been involved in helping radicalize the brothers. >> reporter: dzhokhar tsarnaev is no longer cooperating with the fbi and is now confined by himself to a tiny cell at this federal prison medical center outside boston getting a taste of what his life will be if convicted without being sentenced to death. >> he has no interaction with other inmates. it's not plush, it's nothing. imagine if they put you in a room and locked you down and said, this is where you're going to live for the rest of your life. >> reporter: overnight there was also a new video obtained by "entertainment tonight" of the elder tsarnaev brother from his days as a boxer trying to make the u.s. olympic team. it's the first time he's been heard speaking. >> tamerlan tsarnaev. >> authorities say the discovery of the female dna could be
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explained by that of it's a victim or someone who handled it innocently or somebody involved in making the device that killed three people and injured so many more, robin. >> don't know at this point. all right, brian, thanks very much. for the other developing stories turn to josh. >> lots to get to. including some dramatic video coming in, breaking news, a massive explosion in the heart of syria's capital of damascus, more than a dozen people known to be dead and it comes just one day after the prime minister survived an assassination attempt. also proves the bloody civil war has now reached very close to dictator bashar al assad's power. seven americans killed after civilian cargo plane crashed. five from michigan. no indication that the plane was shot down. we'll have more information as it comes available. authorities in northern california believe they've recovered dna and fingerprints from the home of murdered 8-year-old leila fowler but have not identified any suspects as
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of yet. her parents were at a news conference but were too emotional to speak. she was stabbed while home alone with her brother who encountered an intruder. a neighbor saw a man run away but police only have a vague description. turning to wall street things are looking up for your retirement savings account. the s&p 500 index hit an all-time high, the rally fueled by corporate profits and rising home prices, but one new concern, the cold weather in the midwest hurting this year's corn crop. that could lead to higher gas prices this summer because corn is used in ethanol. an alleged poison plot has been foiled at a starbucks in san jose, california. police say a woman added rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover to bottles of orange juice then put them back in the store's refrigerated case. starbucks is warning other
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locations to check the seals on their drinks but believed to be an isolate incident. the a 's and angels played into the 19th inning. brandon moss hit a two-run shot to win it. 10-8 an lasted six hours and 32 minutes and as a former espner who's done a couple late shifts, the worst is an extra inning game on the west coast. you get to see the sun rise. >> all right, josh, thanks so much. now to the dangerous brawl that broke out high on mt. everest. three professional climbers getting into a terrible fight with dozens of sherpas. to people who are hired to guide them to the summit and neal karlinsky has their story. >> reporter: it sounds almost too outrageous to be true. three of the world's most elite climbers fighting for their
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lives atop the world's tallest mountain. not against the elements but what's described as an angry mob of nearly 100 sherpas, the himalayan mountaineers who aid climbing teams. >> they promised us they're going to kill us. it's a bad movie. >> reporter: ueli steck described the scene as he, italian simone moro and jonathan griffith just barely escaped. >> they threw a really, really big rock into the tent. if i got hit by the rock i would be dead immediately. >> reporter: they credit melissa arnot with calming the sherpas and saving them. she spoke with us from the mountain overnight. >> i felt that it was much less likely that they would hit me actually or hit me with a rock or anything else just being a woman. >> reporter: the bizarre battle began at what's known as camp 3. the sherpas were attaching ropes and say the trio ignored a request to wait and instead
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climbed around them possibly knocking ice on to one of them. then as the three climbed down to camp 2 they say nearly 100 sherpas were waiting to attack them. >> it would certainly be terrifying but the one thing we haven't heard from any of the sherpas that were there and until we do we should probably withhold judgment. >> reporter: this morning the three have abandoned their climb and left the mountain but not before signing in makeshift agreement drawn up by climbers on both sides to never again resort to violence on a mountain that's proven all too deadly even when everyone is working together. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> neal, thanks for that. the young michigan woman who vanished while working a late shift at a gas station. police are zeroing in on a suspicious driver of a van seen in the area that night and alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this newly released video shows a silver minivan police are trying to track down.
7:14 am
cameras from a nearby business captured the images shortly after jessica heeringa disappeared. >> what is your emergency. >> reporter: for the first time we're hearing the moment someone realized something was very wrong. >> there's nobody here. there's a car here. there's another car out front. but it's very suspicious why there's nobody here. >> reporter: 25-year-old gas station attendant jessica heeringa vanished sometime in the 20 minutes before a customer made this newly released 911 call. at 11:15 friday night. >> it's still open, right? >> yeah, you know, the cashier is supposed to be there. you know, but i don't see anybody. >> reporter: heeringa has just rung up her last customer at 10:55 and was about to end her late night shift at this exxonmobil station in michigan. that silver minivan was seen near the back of the station around the same time. now police are zeroing in on
7:15 am
those 20 minutes when they say someone grabbed her. >> we tend to believe it is someone either that she knows like an acquaintance or someone that she knows through the store maybe a customer. >> reporter: investigators interviewed and cleared several persons of interest including heeringa's fiance all passed lie detector tests. michigan state police helicopters have joined the search for the young mother and her family says they won't stop looking. >> you just want to find her, you know, i don't like to think about what may have happened. >> reporter: and family members say jessica's little 3-year-old son has not been told his mommy is missing. friends and family members plan on having a special candlelight vigil here near the gas station later tonight, josh, robin. >> i hope they find that 3-year-old's mommy safe and sound and soon. all right. we'll turn to may. it begins tomorrow. the folks in the plains might have something to say about that. however, blasts of cold air, another snowstorm taking aim at
7:16 am
denver. it doesn't seem possible looking at the map over your shoulder. >> the whiplash weather. 80 yesterday. 70s today and talking about snow tonight. let's concentrate on what's going on with the warmth. the news that a lot will like except in texas. we're already hearing from you it's way too hot, 93 in midland, dallas, 84 degrees. new york coming up with a little sunshine today at 69. atlanta at 79 degrees but this is what josh is talking about, this is the snowmaker that steps in with may and it's a big snowmaker. this is from casper to sioux city all the way to minneapolis. there's some concerns that maybe even in the next 48 hours, chicagoland would come out with a little -- definitely a change in temperature. we'll look at that snow situation.
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fog and wet weather. in to the afternoon, high temperature 62 degrees. we are looking at more shall be poking throughs especially towards the end of the week, temperatures bumping up as well. in to the weekend, towson town festival looks good. >> we'll have another look at america's weather in the next half hour. lara. >> thank you, sam. here we go, explosives arguments launched at the michael jackson
7:18 am
wrongful death trial. both sides came out swinging and abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: michael jackson's wrongful death trial opened with videos. watching him performing in munich in 1999. later rehearsing for what was to have been his comeback tour. that was just two days before he died. the question before the jury, who is really to blame? >> conrad robert murray, guilty. >> reporter: jackson's doctor conrad murray is already behind bars for involuntary manslaughter but now jackson's mother and three children are suing the concert promoter that paid murray's salary. the cornerstone of their case, an e-mail from aeg's ceo 11 days before jackson's death. we want to remind murray that it is aeg, not mj who is paying his salary. we want to remind him what's expected of him. >> the worst thing that aeg's got going for them, the worst, is that e-mail.
7:19 am
>> reporter: so once they agreed to pay $150,000 a month you're saying they're liable. >> right. that's going to go a long way. >> reporter: but aeg's lawyer told them the promoters didn't hire but jackson did. the truth is michael jackson fooled everyone, aeg's lawyer said, he made sure no one, nobody knew his deepest, darkest secrets. the plaintiffs call their first witness. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> and the trial expected to last many, many months. coming up on "gma," a prominent pediatrician murder mystery. what really happened to his wife and why his son issing baaing the prosecution. amanda knox speaking for the first time on camera. we'll hear from her this morning about her most terrifying hours. diane sawyer here with that abc news exclusive. breaking new details on catherine zeta-jones checking into rehab overnight. model daughter, ireland baldwin defending her dad alec.
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charley crowson. a mother pleads guilty to helping her son and friend help of up a crime. turnage was shot while playing with friends. police say veronica alfred helped the boys hide the body and the rifle. alfred pled guilty to going app accessory after the fact.
7:26 am
off doubtty police officer who died in a car crash took his open life. gop son died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. the drive was not badly hurt. it is a irritatingly dreary day. >> it's a nuisance with the showers coming down, drizzle, we can see what going on on the most powerful radar. what is not picking up is the drizzles wet roadways and fog. see ellicott city, see the wet roads, also the clouds hovering and see them low to the ground. we are dealing with the fog this morning. 53, easterly flow, keeping news the clouds throughout the day with a high temperature of 62 degrees. traffic is a mess. - delays 695, due to a crash, speeds clocking in at 12 miles
7:27 am
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i was in the courtroom when they were calling me a devil. i mean, it's one thing to be called certain things in the media, and then it's another thing to be sitting in a courtroom fighting for your life while people are calling you a devil. >> that is from diane sawyer's riveting interview with amanda knox. she is now speaking out for the first time in that interview and diane is good enough to join us live this morning and we'll be talking to diane in a moment. george, as you know, is in l.a. with our other big exclusive. more from his emotional and revealing interview with nba player jason collins and i just can't get over how thoughtful and impressive he was in sitting down with you, george. >> boy, he sure was, robin. it was a real privilege to sit down with jason collins. this was not an easy decision for him. he talks about years of misery
7:30 am
living with this lie and then he's going to take us through this entire process of coming out to his family. here's the most incredible fact to me. he's a twin. he's got a twin brother, jarron and his twin did not know that he was gay until last summer. >> told him for the first time last summer and his twin was -- had no idea. all right, george, we'll get back to you a little bit later. >> what a watershed moment was yesterday. much more from him with george. also a breaking story overnight. superstar catherine zeta-jones checking into rehab, of course, suffering bipolar disard. we wish her the best. >> olay. >> what's that? is something sizzling? must have been because it was latin night in "dancing with the stars." aly raisman and her partner mark scored at the top of the leaderboard. >> i adore him. sherri shepherd is with us weighing in on that and talking about her new book. >> so much ahead.
7:31 am
let's get started with the utah pediatrician charged with killing his ex-wife. he faces first degree murder charges in the 2011 slaying and will make his first court appearance later today. abc's gio benitez is here with that. >> reporter: she was a 49-year-old biologist at the university of utah. at the height of her career. right now the mystery, was she murdered or did she kill herself? it took 18 months for police to name the suspect. how did she end up dead in her bathtub? this morning investigators say she was murdered at the hands of her ex-husband, john brickman wall, a pediatrician. his attorney telling abc news the doctor is innocent, but always believed he'd be charged. >> i think deep down inside we both sort of expected this to come someday. >> reporter: the couple had been married for 15 years but divorced in 2005. a bitter custody battle over their four children followed. but in september of 2011, her
7:32 am
body was discovered in her bathtub, a knife nearby. blood everywhere. at first police thought she committed suicide. >> she was doing amazing things in her career at the time. this was just out of character for her to do this. >> reporter: the autopsy report says she drowned but also mentions injuries on her body that are, quote, not typical of self-inflicted wounds. it says they could be defensive injuries from a struggle with another person. >> immediately everyone pointed their finger at dr. wall. >> reporter: police interviewed wall that day finding fresh scratches on his arms and on his face. >> he told the police that the scratches on his arm were from gardening and the scratch on his face, he believed occurred when his dog woke him up. >> reporter: then this, toxicology testing found an elevated level of xanax in her body. an amount that police believe could have been fatal. >> i don't know how someone could be forced to take those
7:33 am
kind of drugs without there being some evidence of that. >> reporter: there's a twist. the couple's son accused his own father of killing his mom. >> i think this was a very bold and courageous move by a young man. >> reporter: police say wall has not been able to tell them exactly where he was that morning but a friend reportedly saw him driving near the crime scene around 7:00 a.m. >> i don't know what to make of that. i don't think it's -- it means a whole lot either way. >> reporter: but police are suspicious. following their interview, wall allegedly told someone, "only a monster would do what was done to uta. if it was me, i don't remember." and wall's attorney calls some of the information in that arrest warrant wrong. and he believes there's not enough evidence to convict wall. >> really? >> he'll be in court later today. >> he will be. >> thanks, gio, very much. we'll turn to the breaking story on catherine zeta-jones. she has checked herself into a treatment center to deal with an ongoing battle with bipolar
7:34 am
disorder. abc's diana perez has the story. >> reporter: catherine zeta-jones is known for being the picture of grace while tackling personal issues head on and overnight abc news has learned that the academy award-winning actress battling bipolar ii disorder for years has checked herself into a health care facility for treatment. her representatives telling abc news that the megastar and mother of two is, quote, being proactive. previously catherine has said she is committed to periodic care to manage her health in an optimum manner. last december she spoke to elizabeth vargas about her apprehensions on speaking out publicly. >> i never wanted to be the poster child for this and i never wanted this to come out publicly. it came out. and so i dealt with it in the best way i could. and that was just saying that, look, hey, i'm bipolar. >> reporter: this is not the first time zeta-jones sought help for the disorder and reportedly previously checked into a facility for 30 days.
7:35 am
stress can be a trigger for bipolar disorder, mental illness characterized by mood swings of depression and elation. bipolar ii which zeta-jones has is said to involve lower and longer low periods. >> stress can be a factor. it's been reported that catherine zeta-jones had always scheduled this time to return to treatment because she's between projects and it's convenient. >> reporter: actor bradley cooper brought attention to the disorder in last year's oscar winning film, "silver linings playbook" by playing a bipolar character. approximately 6 million people suffer from the disease. and zeta-jones has been busy promoting two films alone this year along with doing a song and dance at this year's oscars. for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> we're thinking of her and wish her all the best? indeed, we do. sam, gorgeous. whatever it is over your shoulder. >> those pictures. >> and video too. let's show you some pictures of
7:36 am
cassini's spacecraft shows you what looks like a hurricane on top of saturn. incredible and the video is wild, as well. now, this storm, the eye is about 1200 miles across. it's traveling about 400 times -- at least four times faster than a hurricane in the u.s. the winds right at the eye and incredible thing about this is there's no water anywhere near this at the top of saturn and what we're looking at here is i think we'll understand hurricanes better once we study it because how does this storm wind up and keep going with the use of just water vapor in that area. incredible pictures. here's where the storms lining up in the deep south, new orleans involved in powerful thunderstorms and looks like it'll go to d.c., much north of that breaks of sunshine but in that southern coast i think it'll stay fairly cloudy with the rain. here's where the p.o.w.ful thunderstorms are. 70-mile-per-hour winds from
7:37 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by petsmart. >> coming up, amanda knox speaks out for the first time on camera about the most difficult hours of her ordeal. our diane sawyer is here live with that abc news exclusive. and model daughter, why ireland baldwin is defending dear old dad alec right now and her upbringing. go nowhere. ♪ every breed, every need. every age, every stage. at petsmart, we understand your pet is unique, so we help you feed him right. we carry thousands of varieties of foods to meet his exact nutritional needs. like wellness®, formulated with natural ingredients, plus a boost of super nutrients including antioxidants, omega fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics. nourish a lifetime of health and happiness
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now to diane sawyer's exclusive interview with amanda knox. the young american woman at the center of an italian murder mystery that became a global sensation convicted in a 2007 murder of her roommate amanda spent four years in an italian prison before an appeals court set her free. today she releases her memoir "waiting to be heard." and our good friend diane always good to see you. >> great to see you in the morning. >> we have been waiting to hear from her. you spent a lot of time with amanda. what were your impressions? >> you know, you and i have been talking. there are some interviews you want to make sure every single person watching gets to look at her face, look in her eyes and make up their own mind about her. she was in prison, 1,400 nights
7:42 am
fighting this for six years and she just learned right before this interview she just learned that another italian court says she has to start it all over again, so every word she was saying could affect her freedom. here's what she said of the blow of that decision. what was your reaction when you heard the supreme court decision? >> it was incredibly painful. i felt like after crawling through a field of barbed wire and finally reaching what i thought was the end, it just turned out that it was the horizon and i had another field of barbed wire that i had ahead of me to crawl through. >> wow. >> she came back october of 2011 and there was welcome home signs and people were very, very excited about her return, a lot of support but there's still a lot of people raising eyebrows and saying so many things. does she know all the things
7:43 am
that are being said about her. >> oh, yes, she knows the things that are being said and there was some behavior people had questioned and we're going to be exploring tonight answers, strange behavior, is that evidence of guilt of a murder? and what about the prosecutors who have been pursuing her so long and the whole time we are talking i just want to say this, we are thinking about meredith kercher's family and she is the young woman who died that night in that savage murder but amanda knox will tell you that she could not believe the portrait that was being painted of her and it's a cautionary tale, she says, for everybody about your website, about what you do and what can happen if someone wants to use it to destroy you. >> i was in the courtroom when they were calling me a devil. i mean, it's one thing to be called certain things in the media, and then it's another thing to be sitting in a courtroom fighting for your life
7:44 am
while people are calling you a devil. for all intents and purposes i was a murderer whether i was or not. and i had to live with the idea that that would be my life. >> you know, just weeks ago we said the supreme court -- you alluded to this earlier. she realizes that everything she says to you is going to be scrutinized >> that's right. as you'll see tonight at times she's guarded. careful. at times she's open and free and at times she's in tears and we also go back to seattle to see her with her family as they learn that it's not over. >> it's not over. all right, diane, it is not over because i'm going to stay up past my bedtime tonight, thanks, diane. you can see -- >> e-mail me. >> i will. you can see all of diane's interview tonight on "murder mystery: amanda knox speaks" airing at 10:00, 9:00 central
7:45 am
and amanda knox joins us live tomorrow in times square. josh? >> ahead here, sherri shepherd dishing on "dancing with the stars" last night and the great "play of the day." give plea your tired, your hungry and your just darned adorable. ♪ freeze frame freeze frame >> freeze. ♪ okay now freeze that? you got mommy a mother's day present? [ baby coos ] oh, i totally agree. she is the best mommy ever. [ baby coos ] it's beautiful. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. each charm is hand-crafted in italy and with hundreds of charms to choose from, the possibilities are endless. this friday through sunday get this free bracelet or a charm valued up to forty-five dollars with any charmed memories purchase of one hundred dollars or more. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. ♪ every kiss begins with kay at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train
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right then, here's the "play of the day." >> this just gets no better when your kid is eating as they're passing out and they're fighting the fight and they're losing the fight. great. take a look. this is terrific. comes from our friends at this poor little fellow is starving. that looks like a delicious chicken tender but the poor little fellow also needs help. >> come on. you can do it. >> you're so close.
7:50 am
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here are the top stories, the man prosecutors claim has been running his gang out of the baltimore detention center pled not guilty time for a check on your weather before you head out the door. over to lynette charles to see what you are looking at. what we have on the most powerful radar, see rain, rain showers, over in del aware. what we are dealing with, light sprinkles, light drizzle, that's going to continue throughout the day.
7:56 am
an easterly flow keeping news the fog, keeping the clouds around. see what going on, mount airy, as we continue with temperatures, 53 degrees now, we will continue to be on the coolside, as we go in to the afternoon. temperatures around 62 degrees for a high. we will be breezy with the winds out of the east. if you are traveling reisterstown, watchout for a crash maryland 140, 795,- delays, 20 miles per hour southbound 95, white marsh, 17 southbound jfx. 695, a live look at the west side, it's going to take you extra time to travel that outer loop, 41 minutes, parkville, no relief in store, inner loop jammed to 95, outer loop up to towson.
7:57 am
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♪ it's not about the money money money ♪ ah, what a lovely crowd gathered outside, and they are looking at a deal or a steal. >> oh, wow. >> some are under arrest for being almost too affordable. tory johnson with our ultimate deals. we have deals dancers now. wow. >> what's next? >> a deal just for "gma" viewers. stick around because you do not want to miss it. >> you don't want to miss all this week. a couple on friday. huge, big! george is out in los angeles as you know with his exclusive interview with 12-year nba veteran jason collins who announced to the world that he
8:00 am
is gay and you'll have the back story with him, george. >> we are, robin. such a personal conversation, years in the making and jason is pretty open about how difficult it was for him to live a lie for so long and he takes us through the process of coming out to his family. one of the most amazing facts to me he's got a twin brother jarron and until last summer his twin brother had no idea that he was gay. he's also going to talk to us about his hopes for the future. >> jokingly said so many for twinsies, that intuition about the other. we're looking forward to that because this article in "sports illustrated" so beautifully, beautifully written. >> i want to show the cover. proud alum of "sports illustrated" and days like this i feel very proud to have worked for this publication. also he went to a rival high school, did jason collins in los angeles. i know again the steps he's walked really from his very first and what a courageous thing he has done. >> all right. looking forward to that.
8:01 am
then also ahead alec bald in's daughter ireland making headlines speaking out in defense of her dad and her message to all the critics right now. >> wow. there is searing heat spreading across the country or was it just latin night in the ballroom on "dancing with the stars"? i'm not sure. anyway, i know who knows "dancing with the stars" alum sherri shepherd. >> look at that sherry 14i shep. that is just the right amount of sherri shepherd to love and she will share it all with us. >> not afraid to shake her groove thing. >> we really do have some dancers. >> she was on "dancing with the stars." >> and proved it. >> still a lot to get to. we begin with the latest developments. we'll take a look at new concerns about caffeine this morning showing up now in a growing number of products that we buy. the latest, a new so-called energy infused chewing gum. each piece containing as much
8:02 am
caffeine as a half a cup of coffee. the fda though is now getting involved saying it will investigate the safety of added caffeine, especially in products, again, consumed by children. caffeine has also been added to certain nuts, chips, candy and other snacks. female dna has now been found on bomb fragments from the boston marathon attack much the fbi is hoping to take samples from catherine russell, the allege bomber's widow. they say the dna may have come from a victim or a store clerk. meantime, abc news has confirmed tamerlan tsarnaev had been in contact with at least two known militants in russia, both of whom were later killed. abc's pierre thomas reports the department of homeland security and the justice department will now review how intelligence about tamerlan tsarnaev was handled prior to the attacks in boston. authorities now believe that rusty piece of a boeing 767 found in lower manhattan last week was a section of the wing
8:03 am
from one of the planes hijacked on september 11th, 2001. today the site will be sifted for human remains. the section of wing was lodged between two buildings. and a collision over the skies north of los angeles, the wreckage of one small plane was found smoldering on a rocky ridge. you see it there. the pilot of that plane was killed. the pilot of the other plane was able to manage a belly flop landing on a nearby golf course. investigators are trying to determine what exactly happened. we have a follow-up this morning about jack hoffman. remember this little 7-year-old. nebraska football fan turned player. became a star, rightfully so, after that run in the huskers' spring football game battling brain cancer and the team let him live out a dream as he went into the history book as one of the great tail backs in husband kearse' history. this morning he had another dream realized.
8:04 am
he got to visit president obama in the oval office. the president gave him an autographed football and thanked little jack for raising cancer awareness. what a fine, fine young man. >> okay, goose bumps. thank you, jack. thank you, little jack. indeed. how about a little "pop news." >> i would love to. good morning to you and to you and calling all fans of "friday night lights" you may see your favorite football team, or your tv football team back on the big screen. the news coming straight from the coach's wife's mouth. connie britton who was in it before heading to nashville. she said a script was written. made no promises saying they had no get everybody on board but as coach taylor always says, clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. >> that was a great show. >> that was a great show and i think it would be a great movie. we are behind it. turns out robert de niro is
8:05 am
a martini man but not just any martini will be. in a memo at the tribeca film festival bartenders were told explicitly only the following, please gin, no vermouth mixed with bottled cucumbers and ice, shaken vigorously specifically says the note 40 seconds longer than they learned to in bartender school so the ice would be in little chips and must be poured into a chilled stemmed glass and filled only two-thirds of the way up so mr. d. doesn't spill. pretty specific but sounds really good. >> suddenly the tribeca film festival is very interesting. i think i'll love those movies. >> i think so. >> i think you will too. finally, it's time for love on this terrific tuesday. take a look. >> where's your girlfriend? there she is. where's your girlfriend? where's your girlfriend? good boy.
8:06 am
>> where's your girlfriend? good boy. >> keep your paws off this little lassie. she's his girlfriend and he's a little possessive. >> wagging his tail as he was doing it? sweetest thing. >> thank you, lara, very much. hi there, sam. >> we'll try to do the running move again. let's start with a live shot out of chicago. a little bit of, well, we're cleaning up the beaches because it's an 80-degree day, the first one this year. it is the latest in 13 years on lake shore drive. let's see, wait, oh, no, i didn't make it yet. how are you? there you are, good morning, everybody. how are you? >> nice to see you. thank you very much. where you from? >> we're from benton, arizona. >> just married? >> yes. >> i'm assuming it's the two of you? >> that's right. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> trying to convince me i left my bride back at the hotel but that's not the case. she actually came with me. >> oh, good. i don't know. we'll find out that story in the break. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. we'll start with the chill in
8:07 am
chicagoland coming your way, 81 degrees today. enjoy the beach. 80 on wednesday. 58 on thursday. 57 on friday. dallas, you're getting a chill down as well and minneapolis, this is all part of that pocket of cold air that's bringing snow in some places. in the desert southwest, so close to the first time you've ever been 100 degrees in vegas in april. you are 99 yesterday and you just missed it.
8:08 am
>> just look at this incredible audience. look at them. everybody we're going back to who, lara. >> sam's just showing off now. a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." alec baldwin's daughter, the model ireland speaking out defending her famous dad. sherri shepherd weighing in on "dancing with the stars." also talking about her new book. our "deals & steals" event revving up with new bargains. stay tuned for that. plus, kenny chesney performing live right here on "good morning america." gma's morning menu" brought to you by cal trait. calcium and vitamin d supplement brand. even the inside of your dishwasher sparkles. okay. so i'm the bad guy for being clean. you said it. ladies, let's not fight dirty.
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>> coming up "gma's spring concert series" brought to you by big lots. here's the deal. ♪ >> great crowd outside as we take a look at what's coming up on the "heat index." speaking of heat, spring, one day in advance of may. thank you for that. >> you're welcome. of course, coming up here, the trail blazer making so many headlines, social media, twitterverse was ablaze yesterday and rightfully so with the announcement from 12-year nba veteran jason collins that he is gay. that is a barrier broken in professional sports, the first active athlete in a major american team sport to proclaim. in "sports illustrated," it hit online yesterday morning, had an immediate impact.
8:14 am
he has now received a remarkable amount of support including from president obama, the first lady, president clinton, so many fellow players which may have been the most interesting of all yesterday. george flew to l.a. to speak with him last night and, george, second part now of just a remarkable conversation with a remarkable young man. >> boy, he sure is, josh. you know, you talk about all that support he received yesterday interest the world. what matters most to him is the support he got from his family and takes us through the process of coming out to them one by one. his aunt, his twin brother, jarron, his parents, his uncle, this was a difficult decision for him but he said that their love and support is what gave him the courage to come out to the world. he is now the pioneering figure in all sports. his announcement sending shock waves across courts, fields and stadiums. jason collins coming out proudly to the world the first openly gay athlete to play in a major team sport. an outpouring of support
8:15 am
including first lady michelle obama and former president bill clinton. the 34-year-old veteran nba player wrestled with sleepless nights, all over the agonizing decision to live his truth. you write that you endured years of misery. >> well, when you keep telling yourself a lie, at some points you buy your own cover story like i guess like a cia spy or something. >> did you think you might grow up, continue to play, grow old, get married, have a family and never come out? >> i knew that i tried everything in the book as far as trying to convince myself, you know, to lead the life that you should. >> you were engaged to a woman at one point. >> yes, and calling off the wedding was obviously a tough decision, but it was the right one because i knew i wasn't getting married for the right reasons. >> you first came out to your aunt. >> she was the first family member. i have a special relationship
8:16 am
with my aunt. i love my parents and my brother and everyone else in my family but there's just something about the way that i get along and just relate. >> you said she always knew you were gay. >> yeah, she -- >> known for years. >> yes, and she had her suspicions about me, but she was extremely supportive and, yeah, she's a judge in san francisco, so i guess she's good at reading people. >> your brother jarron, your twin brother. >> twin brother. i'm eight minutes older, yeah. >> he didn't know. >> no. >> how is that possible? >> i am really good at playing it straight. no, you know, maybe he needs to hang out with my aunt a little more. get a discerning eye like she has but he's been incredibly supportive to the point where he's almost like i always had that big brother role. i was the center -- >> eight minutes, after all. >> eight minutes is an eternity, but, yeah, i've always had that
8:17 am
role on the team of being sort of, you know, the quote/unquote enforcer, and i sort of, you know, was protective of my little brother who happens to be close to seven feet and, you know. now he has sort of taken on that role of being, you know, protecting me. >> it's interesting, you know, you write about how age of 12, first time you're allowed to listen to rap, hip-hop. >> yeah. >> and that's when you really felt the difference from your brother. you didn't get his attraction to women. >> well, i think -- yeah, all kids around that age, around puberty, you know, you start noticing things and, yeah, there's a difference obetween u >> what are you expecting from your teammates, you competitors when you step back on the court? >> for my teammates i'm expecting support because that's what i would do for my
8:18 am
teammates. a team is like a family. the nba is like a brotherhood and i'm looking at it, we're all -- support each other on and off the court. >> you're hoping other players follow your example now? >> i hope every player makes a decision that leads to their own happiness, whatever happiness that is in life, i know that i right now am the happiest that i've ever been in my life. >> you know, jason adds that he's single. now he says that's all people need to know but he did tell me that one day he would like to be married and have kids. he said why not? that's what life is about. >> indeed. >> you could tell, george, how at peace he is. >> yeah. >> and how -- i remember reading, he said he was sleeping well for the first time, keeping all that in was his so hard but now sleeping like a baby. >> and you can tell. he's a remarkable, open and clearly now as he said very happy man. >> thanks for traveling out
8:19 am
there. now get on home. get on home. >> we'll see you tomorrow, george. >> see you tomorrow. >> facing your worst fear. something you keep inside of you all your life and feel like the entire world is going to turn against you, even your family so congratulations to this young man who at a very young age decides to come out. [ applause ] >> what a role model. >> absolutely. and burning up the "heat index" alec baldwin, kim basinger's teenage daughter ireland defending her dad, taking on her critic. abc's amy robach is here. >> in the vain of speaking up and speaking out, very impressive what this young woman, 17 years old writes to her fans, you can feel her frustration with the scrutiny that comes with being a celebrity's daughter but see how thoughtful and intelligence ireland baldwin is and how savvy she is using social media so as she puts it her voice can be heard. >> my name is ireland basinger-baldwin.
8:20 am
>> reporter: two months ago she made a huge splash landing a high-profile debut gig in "the new york post" after signing with img. >> i can't even walk in heels as it is. >> reporter: but the 6'2" blond beauty and daughter of actors kim basinger and alec baldwin is following in her famous mother's footsteps but baldwin's career move has not come without hurtful words from pundits on line. overnight posting a lengthy message on her tumblr page. i understand that i'm not a size po .008. what is good calling a 17-year-old girl fat, ugly, et cetera? is that helping you in some way? i'm confused. she said she receives messages that she is too fat to model and an unattractive girl, how i'm too tall. calling the comments hateful and unhealthy. the teenager is no stranger to
8:21 am
nasty messages. it was only five years ago that her father left that infamous voice mail calling her a thoughtless little pig something she now says she doesn't want to forever be known as. >> the moment you get down on yourself people will feed off that energy and, you know, they're going to run with it. >> reporter: she even goes on to defend her a-lister father saying that he has made some mistakes in the past but that he has move on asking so why can't you? he has spoken out of place. he has let his temper get the best of him. i get hateful reflies and threats regarding my dad's past. it isn't fair. >> she wants her own identity and i think this is someone who is really trying to find their own way. >> reporter: baldwin says if posing for the camera has been a confidence booster and admits that she had gotten some words of wisdom from her famous folks recently telling "access hollywood." >> the best advice i'd say my mom has ever given me is always
8:22 am
stand up for myself. >> and in her post the one thing she put in all caps i am not my parents. she closes by saying before sending hateful replies and e-mails consider all of this, talk to me. i am friendly. i do not think i am better than anyone. very, very wise words from a 17-year-old, guys. >> i really like her style. >> she is a smart young lady. >> she is. >> now turning up the dial on the sizzle on the "gma heat index." latin night on "dancing with the stars." the seven remaining stars squaring off in spicy performances. sherri shepherd, you're here to dish with us. first a look at the highlights. uh-oh. perhaps dance. zendaya and val. zendaya, i should say, doing the jive and jacoby. they were so hot too. >> the talent head-to-head. this is one of val's favorite dances, the jive. >> we have highlights.
8:23 am
let's see them, everybody. >> this is jacoby. >> oh, that was the highlight. >> so, sherri, what do you think? >> i thought -- but, you know, jacoby was great and karina but once i saw val and zendaya, nighty-night, everybody go to bed. this is one of his favorite dances, the jive. they were fabulous. she's 16. she has the energy of a colt so they were great. >> i think a colt is a great description. legs are endless. >> no matter which way zendaya throws her arms she looks great. she hasn't grown into her body. she looks so good. i tried to do that with val. he kept saying oh, jesus, every time i tried to do something with him. >> how about that leap from jacoby. >> jacoby did a leap. that was super bowl leap right there. >> jacoby, you just love watching him, don't you? so exciting this head-to-head challenge. val and zendaya took it. they won. >> you got to give it up for
8:24 am
kellie and derek. she has limited practice. >> who knew? >> who knew. >> kellie pickler. i thought she was the star of the sea. derek hough is by far one of the best choreographers. she he's going to be in the top. they didn't need immunity. >> once again derek's luggage was lost. in honesty -- i have no idea what he looks like in a shirt. i have no idea. >> don't you just want to rub oil all over derek? oh, my goodness. >> you mentioned immunity. what do you think of the wrinkle? >> i just think that kellie, kellie pickler, they didn't need immunity. they weren't going home. give it to my friend andy. give him immunity. >> this is a good friend and had a chance to watch him dance. i mean, is he in the situation where he needed it? >> yes, i think so. he tweeted that he was sad. i said, andy, you have nothing to be sad about. you may not have the technical
8:25 am
stuff but people watched you because they loved to see how you were doing and your growth. be proud but you still need the immunity. >> that wouldn't hurt. >> it wouldn't hurt. >> before you go, "the view," jenny mccarthy. >> jenny mccarthy, fearless. i think we're going to get bleeped and take us off the air but i love her. she is wild, fierce and funny. >> exactly. i love that you're saying that. >> jenny and i together, that's like the whoo, the duo. >> must tune in. thanks, sherri. we' we'll talk more about your new book coming up. the results of "dancing with the stars," results show tonight, don't miss it. coming up, everybody, our ultimate "dales & steals" and kenny chesney.
8:26 am
good morning i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. top stories a father gunned down in front of his daughters hands in northeast baltimore, in a case of road rage. he was shot in the back after getting in to an accident on saturday. authority are looking for two people in connection to his death but made no arrests. let's talk about on maryland's most powerful radar. manchester this morning, this will continue through the morning hours, we are going to see the unsettled weather pattern continue as well. 51 with the winds east, 10 miles an hour, easterly flow will be upon us in to the afternoon with the high temperature coming in around 62 degrees. seven-day forecast looks like this, better towards the
8:27 am
weekend. big problems out on the roads this morning. a crash in rosedale, route 40. across the board, very, very low speeds, 14 miles per hour, southbound on 83, ruxton road. 95, white marsh, 14 miles per hour southbound, near 695, 9 miles per hour on the outer loop, harford road. it's going to take you longer, 35 minutes to travel the outer loop, 95 up to 83. the west side, delayed. 43 minute ride on the outer loop, 795.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> right upstairs we are excited to have country megastar kenny chesney here telling us all about his brand-new album "life on a rock" and we can't wait for kenny to perform live here on "good morning america" right above our heads and right outside here in times square, great audience. george is on his way back from l.a. but let's get outside. josh and sam with a really big deal. >> that's right. talk to us. it's deafening out here and also the ultimate "deals & steals" week every day. gigantic savings on things you're absolutely going to love. i mean nothing says "deals &
8:30 am
steals" like sirens and dancers and pants on fire. >> yeah, by the way, i don't know, we've got these "deals & steals" cuties, as well, the lovely ladies of "deals & steals." i can't think of a name but it's time to find out what that very special deal is, all right. so, everybody, help me. what is that deal? tory. >> all right, so check it out. this is a kind of candy with no calories. arm candy. >> oh, that's the deal. >> the deal is right there. >> more than a dozen different designers of bracelets starting at $10 up to 80% savings but then, of course, we have one ultimate deal, girls, tell us the ultimate deal. >> oh, there's choreography. >> oh, yes, there is. >> all right. so the ultimate deal is a rustic -- two amazing trends, name put on it and this amazing cuff regally starting at $135 but exclusively for "gma" viewers, slashed more than 65%, 48 bucks.
8:31 am
all the details at on yahoo! wow. >> again, we want to thank the companies for sponsoring all of these deals today. logon to on yahoo! get them while they're hot because they are. back inside to lara and sherri. >> right now sherri shepherd is with us again revealing how her own diagnosis of diabetes forced her to really re-evaluate her food and exercise habits. she's got a new book out today called "plan d: how to lose weight and beat diabetes evening if you don't have it." your personal experience. sherri, we welcome you. i enjoyed this book. it's got great information. lots of great tips but also your personal story and you called your family the diabetes hall of fame and said you want to be the last entrant into this hall of fame. >> absolutely. because everybody in my family has diabetes. my sisters, cousins, aunt, my mother passed away from diabetic
8:32 am
complications at 41 and we never took it seriously because everything in my community called it the sugar so you don't take it seriously when it's a cutesy term like that and i want to stop it. >> that had to have been a real wake-up call, your mom passed away at 41. you're older than that now. >> well, thanks a lot, lara. >> just by a day maybe. >> only by a day. >> yes, no, i am because i started "the view" when i was 39 so that was a very scary year for me because i thought i was headed the same way as my mother because i had just gotten diagnosed with diabetes. >> a week after you wrote about a real revelation, imagining your son crying and alone and wondering why is my mommy not here with me. was that the turning point? >> that was the turning point. not even the fact that my mom passed away but it was jeffrey who i had a vision of him trying to figure out where heaven was because everybody said that's where mommy was and that was my aha moment of if i continue on the path that i am on i will not be here for my son. he's going to have a rose on the
8:33 am
chair when he walks down the aisle when he gets married. >> in the book you have great tips, you talk about how you did it. it's actually very simple. we've got a meal. a day in the life of your meal. >> a day in the life of me. >> it looks like a lot of food and really i was trying to get into that. >> minestrone soup. you like that. talk about this and how easy it is for folks. >> usually i would start off with breakfast pancakes dripping with maple syrup, bacon and sausage except i was a walking heart attack. now i do oatmeal with my favorite fruits with raspberries and blueberries and blackberries and almond slices, full of fiber and lowers cholesterol. a snack, apples and i'll do an egg. i like to do organic peanut butter. lunch, minestrone soup and confess i'll have some salmon with it. >> sodium. >> low sodium as well. read labels so i love this and then i'll have another snack. you got to snack in between your
8:34 am
meals otherwise you are ravenous like i could eat you if i don't eat a snack. >> please don't of the let's go shopping. >> yeah. >> i'm going to bring my book over. you talk about it. >> want me to push the cart? >> yes, please because we always shop in leopard skin dresses. talk to me about what you do and don't do. >> so this is what i used to get. the cheese curls, potato chips, ooh, i love potato chips but it's so high in sodium and triglycerides. now i do popcorn. i will just do some popcorn myself. remember when you used to do that. stick it in the skillet. it's good, full of fiber. >> i know you like ezekiel bread. >> whole wheat torety joes. stay away from the white stuff. okay. so croissants. >> what's over here? >> i want to tell everybody about two -- you love quinoa. >> it's so rich in fiber and has a lot of protein. better than the rice and pasta
8:35 am
and fruits and vegetables, kale, spinach, greens, i love it. >> it's working. we are out of time but so many great tips. everybody, do check out "plan d." i mean living proof. emphasis on living. >> go out and do it. don't be scared. this is for your family. >> that's right. out to sam for the weather. >> hello! wow, that sherri shepherd is gorgeous. hello, america. we're standing live in times square. let's show you what's going on on twitter and facebook pictures you send us every morning. we'll start with the 9 inches of snow that came out of washington. we have apicture out of roslyn and tulips, boston, lovely stuff. you were saying -- your name? >> jeannie. >> who is graduating. >> jacob. i am going there friday go stop by and see the tulips. it's nicer today. here's where it's not nice. we've got this rain all the way in the deep south from houston, new orleans, mobile you're getting soaked and d.c. is the bottom line for that.
8:36 am
once you get north of d.c. you get foo a little better skies.c breakthrough sunshine as well and all the snow moving through the west today into tomorrow, this is a solid hit of snow. several inches. >> all of that weather, america's weather, if you will, was brought to you by the discover card and how about sticking around on gma. there's plenty more. isla fisher is right inside. that is me name dropping, isla fisher. >> good morning.
8:37 am
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"good morning america" going gatsby. isla fisher plays myrtle wilson, a woman from the wrong side of
8:40 am
the tracks caught up with tom buchanan tremendously. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> no, thank you. >> no? >> mrs. wilson. >> okay. >> nick. >> nick. >> i'm in bonds actually. >> i want you to get on the next train. >> now? >> yes. >> can we get the tour of the apartment? >> whatever you want. >> ah, here to talk about "the great gatsby," the great isla fisher. that theme, it's really where the action starts. it's really where we see what these characters are going to become and also it's again a part of an iconic novel. >> yes. >> your approach, what did you think? >> i was terrified obviously because any time you take on, you know, such an iconic -- an american classic there's going to be a litany of fans that will be disappointed by what you do so it's always -- well, not always but it's terrifying but
8:41 am
at the same time this is baz luhrmann directing this movie so you know what you're in for and know it's going to be operatic and huge and magical and fantastic and musically perfect and at the same time contain real elements like a love triangle and a showdown of the movie occurs, you know, it's a war of words, not a car chase or cgi dinosaur which is great for a summer blockbuster. >> but imbues with his particular style. tobey was here talking about how he showed him a reel of what he kind of saw the movie being, how did you approach the research for this? >> you know what, baz gave us a stack of literature and read books on the flapper, you know the flapper girl on, you know, women's role in the '20s. on, you know, the great depression even on fitzgerald's relationship with his wife zelda and daughter and letters back to zelda and got a message and baz is such an incredible director. he's a kind of guy that will
8:42 am
give you the sound for the music and loves actors and so you feel so special to be chosen by him and his wife catherine martin is a phenomenal influence, very much the two of them and she did all the costumes and the sets and it's just wonderful. >> as an aussie, is it -- do you feel a special kindred and connection with baz? i mean when i read that he was going to do -- going back to "romeo and juliet" and "moulin rouge" as inspired a choice on the screen. >> completely. only he can handle these. he always deals with the themes of love and what's great about this book and movie is so many of these things and it's, you know, in this piece, you know, are relevant today, social stratification, greed, ambition, the reinvention of character and yourself to succeed, you know, the search for external -- for happiness through external means and baz is the exact person to take on something like this and make it modern and fresh and fun and cool and it's been bazified.
8:43 am
>> it certainly has. the party scenes, can't believe them but really again when we meet your character, boy, that movie takes off. isla fisher, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> congratulations and by the way, also going to be in the new season of "arrested development." >> yeah. >> i'm excited. you are incredibly busy. may 10th that is the day this film hits theaters nationwide. do not miss it. coming up country superstar kenny chesney upstairs performing live. ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are thrilled to have our dear friend country megastar kenny chesney with us. 24 number one hits. 30 million albums and his new album "life on a rock" is out. give a proper welcome so kenny chesney. >> guys. >> i was telling you thank you for sharing this because this is
8:46 am
very personal. when you wrote this, you didn't think that you were going to release it. >> well, no, i didn't. these songs were written over time, it was six years really and it feels good. good to have a record like this. a lot of fun on it, a lot of living on it. a lot of living, so and that entays a lot of things so i'm happy about it. >> we're thrilled with it. and a little bit of everything. i love willie nelson. he's 80 years old today. it's hard to believe. >> is he really? >> i know. >> happy birthday. >> what was it like working with him. >> he's great. i mean, he walks through the world a different way and in a way i crave a lot. you know, and but he seems great and it's awesome to have him on the record. >> it is incredible. i've seen you on tour so many times and i know you've got your tour going on right now. >> right in the middle of it. >> have a great people with you. >> oh, we do. it's a lot of fun this summer. you know, the fans are unbelievable out there. band sounds better than ever. we've got new music. new music is always fun.
8:47 am
excited to have some out. >> we're going to hear new music right now. i love this one because i can hear everybody at the stadiums singing this one. now from his brand-new cd "life on a rock" here's kenny performing his new single "pirate flag." ♪ ♪ well i come from a little bitty homegrown small town ♪ ♪ smoky mountains nice place to hang around moonshine that's where they make it ♪ snouts put it in a jug makes you wanna get naked but i jumped on a greyhound bus one night ♪ ♪ and took it all the way to the end of the line stepped out in the sun with my feet hit the sand what a long strange trip ♪ ♪ i spent my whole life running around still let the wind kinda
8:48 am
blow me around ♪ ♪ well i dropped a note in a bottle to a long-legged model ♪ ♪ and i traded it in for a whole other world a pirate flag and an island girl ♪ ♪ ♪ well my friends back home think i've gone and lost my mind take a sip of rum and you really would know why ♪ ♪ jolly roger flying on the picnic table blender in the kitchen willing and able ♪ ♪ don't know what makes you say what the hell but when the salt air catches a hold of that ail ♪ ♪ something about it makes her just wanna dance and she loves to dance ♪ ♪ i spent my whole life running around still let the wind kinda
8:49 am
blow me around ♪ ♪ well i dropped a note in a bottle to a long-legged model ♪ ♪ and i traded it in for a whole other world a pirate flag and an island girl ♪ >> come on! ♪ ♪ well i remember back home neath the big old moon tucked back in the woods yeah life was good ♪ ♪ but here we are in a local bar and drinking shooting stars ♪ ♪ i might spend my whole life running around still let the wind kinda blow me around ♪ ♪ well i dropped a note in a bottle to a long-legged model ♪
8:50 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> our thanks to kenny chesney. "life on a rock" out today. they're all going to be back this summer for our summer concert series, kenny, thank you. let's go downstairs now. >> our good friend cake boss buddy is here with a brand-new place in times square. you're our neighbor. >> yeah. >> it is so easy to find of the you just leave our times square
8:54 am
studio in the morning. you just travel down around -- look, there's buddy walking to the cake boss cafe. what's there. >> right on the corner. cake all the time. right in the corner of 42nd and 8th in the port authority building and so excited because it's all the products we make carlo's bakery. i have the whole family working. i'll actually be there this friday from 7:00 to 11:00 passing out cake and having a great time. >> free cake for everyone. >> yeah, cake for everyone. let them eat cake. >> get there on friday, by the way. one of the most popular shows on tlc. >> you have to try one of these. >> lobster tail. >> one of my favorite. >> what is a lobster tail. you got to eat one. >> that is good. >> is that good or what? >> we bake everything fresh at the cafe. cannoli, cake, strawberry cheesecake, fondant layered. how is the cake? >> who wants cake? >> we'd love everybody to comef
8:55 am
7:00 to 11:00. so excited to be in times square. forget about it. >> thank you, buddy. >> right next door. >> before we go, program note, tonight diane sawyer's exclusive interview with amanda knox speaking for the first time after spending four years in an italian prison. 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central, amanda joins us live tomorrow on "gma." thank you for watching. great tuesday morning to you. here are the stories we are following for you today. we learned the governor expected to speak this morning about the investigation at the detention center. alleges 25 people including
8:56 am
inmates and corrections officers sold drugs and had sex within the facility. fine the details on air and on line. we have clouds and fog, light showers coming down. we will be dealing with a mix throughout the day, drizzle and rain. we will be socked in for the most part. ijamsville, patchy fog across the yeah this morning. temperaturewise, coming in 54 degrees with the winds east at 5-10 miles per hour, persisting throughout the day as well. the temperature coming in 62 degrees, it will be cool this afternoon, 48 degrees, cool and damp by this evening. the seven-day forecast brings improving conditions as we head through the rest of the week. now a check of the traffic. this rain is leading to a
8:57 am
hectic commute. 13 miles per hour, southbound, 83 cold spring lane. 22 and 95 south, white marsh, several crashes, bel air road ridge road, the beltway. have very packed right now, 11 miles per hour on the outer loop. delays extending on the west side. a 40 minute ride on the youer loop 795 down to 95.
8:58 am
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♪ >> it's that time again! i am talking about tmi tuesday! >> announcer: tuesday we have got it all. >> doctors, i need to know what is worse? hemorrhoids or anal skin tags. >> and this is a pain in the butt. >> it's tmi tuesday. and i want everyone to know i have hemorrhoids. >> tmi tuesday's, nothing's offlimits. >> good vibrations. >> i was jealous when i heard your story. >> women come in and say i have a vibrating sensation in the vagina. >> and nipple know-how. >> things you want to know, that you need to know but were afraid to ask the doctors. >> it's an all new tmi tuesday, it starts right now! ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ >> hello


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