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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 27, 2013 12:35am-1:05am EDT

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good evening. tonight the intersection of fashion and faith. our focus a young woman who made a stunning decision after beating out 10,000 other young women in a victoria's secret model search. but ultimately instead of walking the runway, she decided to walk away. baring her soul instead of her flesh. she is not the only one. there is a new group of girls in town, models intent on making modesty sexy. but are they using their faith as the a business plan? here is abc's cecilia vega for our series "faith matters." >> reporter: the victoria's secret runway, the fame, the fortune. she was the it girl at the top of her game beating out 10,000 women to win the victoria's secret model search competition. >> the winner of the 2009
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victoria's secret model search is kylie. in a stunning twist, kylie decided overnight to ditch the runway for jesus. i watched the tape of you winning and you are screaming. you are so excited. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: when did that change? >> you know being sent out after that on different photo shoots and having my pictures end up on pornographic sites. when i brought it to my modeling agency they basically said well all the victoria's secret models have pictures on pornographic web sites. what do you expect? >> reporter: was it your faith that made you finally say i'm walking away? >> yeah, god convicted my heart about it. >> reporter: victoria's secret fame brought her big time jobs like this racy spread for fhm magazine. >> during the shoot i got to play with a little camera. portraying a long distance girlfriend as a lot of girls probably do take sexy pictures of themselves in lingerie or
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something to make their guy just like go crazy and want to see them. >> thankfully i am not doing those things anymore. i can find forgiveness in christ for it and i speak out against it. >> reporter: today kylie its visiting mosaic christian chur. in sacramento as part of her enlightenment speaking tour. >> today my goal ties share my story and how god really changed my life. >> reporter: from parents to preteens the room is packed. >> would you please welcome, kylie bisutti and baby bisutti. >> she takes the stage, recounting an inappropriate moment with a photographer during a men's magazine shoot. >> i was already in lingerie. he wanted me to take more off. and i really didn't want to do it. >> reporter: kylie its part of a growing number of models ditching the spotlight for christ and cashing in. >> what's your name? >> reporter: a book. christian clothing line.
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>> i just love this piece. >> reporter: and nationwide speaking tours. >> in our society, the model its that sex sells. >> reporter: kylie's tell-all memoir i'm no angel dirk on the industry dark side from nearly nude photo shoots to eating disorders. >> i knew a girl that threw up so much it was an automatic thing for her even drinking lemonade she would go and throw it up. because of the calories and the sugar. >> reporter: when her book was released. victoria's secret pushed back saying kylie exaggerated her relationship with them. but it seems kylie has used her racy past as a launch pad for a burgeoning business. the fact that we are talking about what it is you were doing as a victoria's secret model is bringing attention to what you say you didn't want to bring attention to? is there a hypocrisy in that? >> you mean with like the images? >> reporter: yeah, we are going to show your images in a swimsuit on "nightline."
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>> i know. that's something that is hard for me and i have off to deal with now. >> reporter: you weren't a top, top model. so are you just bashing the industry because you didn't make it? >> i'm not really here to bash the industry. i'm any just here to tell what happened to me from the eating disorders, my agency calling me a fat cow when i was 118 pounds. >> reporter: they called you that. at 118, 5'10." i wonder what they would say about me. kylie's former agency told me at no time has a model been called a fat cow and had no nknowledge of her photos on porn sites. at the book signing, kylie's christian fans can't get enough. many are young girls struggling with insecurities. >> i just want to tell you you inspired me so much. you are clearly a beautiful young woman, your wearing makeup, you have high heels, skinnyw do you reconcile that w
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the message you are teaching? >> i still believe in taking care of yourself. and dressing nice. you don't have to wear a burlap sack or anything. >> reporter: you can be sexy and be an evangelical christian. >> i want to be sexy for my husband now when we are alone. i don't want to go out in public and bethat way for other men to see me. >> reporter: like kylie, nicole struggled to mix glamour with her faith. she left the industry to become a christian consultant. >> i just wanted to be famous the i thought that would make me happy. >> reporter: even at 5'10", nicole was told her curves pose aid problem. >> my agent said my hips were too wide. just the way i was built i could never do that. i was really embarrassed. i left the agency that day crying. >> reporter: nigh cocole's form agent said she does not make comments like that.
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,000 nicole shunned her provocative past, her faith is front and center, spending days offering advice on clothes to relationships. we tag along as she gives a couple of tweens a modesty makeover. >> you could put a cute cardigan over it so it is a little more covered up. i personally love polka dots. anything with polka dots is cute. you look beautiful. modest is hottest. >> reporter: you said modest is hottest. then i thought back to your pictures that i saw before i came here. >> yeah, sort of led me to a crisis of who've i was. because here i was showing it all off, you know, posing all sexy and, it just, it made me feel ashamed. >> reporter: when she is not a personal shopper, nicole runs project inspired. where her christian fans can find her message. >> it is another way that you can give your outfit a fashionable look without showing a lot of skin. god is the ultimate judge. >> reporter: this is one of nicole's monthly god talks, reading scriptures to young
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girls over video chat. >> jesus tells us to examine our own motives. our own conduct instead of judging others. >> i am more fulfilled now that i have god in my life than i ever thought i could be by measuring up to what my agents wanted me to do or what the photographer thought i looked like. >> reporter: back in idaho, kylie is working on descenigns god inspired fashion. every meeting starts with a prayer. >> can we just pray we will change lives and soften hearts for god in jesus' name. amen. i think we were just going to open up and -- look at all the new designs and what everyone has been working on the last couple weeks. >> we try and stick with bible verses rather than sayings or slogans. so these bible verses pretty much say i love my husband and i love my wife. >> reporter: why would you want all these biblical verses all over your clothes? >> just a way for me to share my
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faith. or share what i believe with other people. >> reporter: her psalm 23 scarf sold outen one day. >> we have to keep producing more. everyone loves the scarf. >> reporter: at first glance some of kylie's clothes seem more appropriate for a night out. tell me about this. for a girl, woman? >> little girls. one of our nicer tops for -- torturech or school. >> reporter: i wonder if some one may not say this is the most modest shirt out there? >> sure they would. >> reporter: she may be on a crusade to cover-up. but realizes to sell clothes aimed at young teens you still need some edge. the ex-model factor edge which has given these women a second chance at success. >> i don't regret anything that i have done it is just a testament to how much i have changed since then. >> reporter: for "nightline," cecilia vega, manhattan beach,
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when a young band's song
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catches fire it catapults them into a glaring spotlight. swedish girl band icona pop had a mega hit with "i love it" and now the question can they spin it into long lasting success? or will they join the dusty ranks of one-hit wonders? abc's linzie janice goes behind the music and the battle plan. ♪ i got this feeling on this summer day when you were gone ♪ >> reporter: this infectious dance pop track is now way beyond saturation point. icona pop's i love it is a juggernaut. ♪ i don't care ♪ i love it >> reporter: from its breakout moment on hbo's hit "girls." >> give it up for icona pop. >> reporter: to a stint on "dancing with the stars." even a loving spoof from the cookie monster. ♪ ♪ i don't care ♪ ♪ ♪ i love it ♪ >> reporter: i love it is definitely the dance anthem of
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the year. but critics say it may be hurdling towards one hit wonderland. now this swedish pop duo must prove they're more than just one song. >> hi. i'm linzie from "nightline." to show us just how game they are, bffs, 25-year-old caroline and 27-year-old ino invited night loon "nightline" to hang . >> we have to go. love you so much. >> reporter: we are heading to their gig in brooklyn. ♪ ♪ this is the party bus ♪ >> reporter: and jamming to katy perry. the swedes happen to be the opening act for perry's performance at a london music festival monday. but for now the pressure to stand alone is on. icona pop dropped their american debut album just days ago. this is the first headline tour of the u.s. a make-or-break moment. tell me how you ladies are feeling about tonight? >> we are beyond excited, to be
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honest. we're not going to save anything. >> i think it is going to be amazing. >> reporter: tonight's venue might be small, 550 fans. it sold out. i would describe this as a cozy rave. >> reporter: a cozy rave. i love it! some of the fans will be hearing icona pop's other songs for the first time. are you worried about the reception? it is very early still? >> it's u.s. an honest album. it just, like reading our diary. >> reporter: what about the skeptics who say that there is a lot of pressure on you to come up with another i love it. >> we used to see it like it opened so many doors for us. ♪ i love it >> reporter: before i love it people didn't know who we were. now when we put it out, our album, a lot of people will listen. >> reporter: will the album take them from one hit wonder women
12:52 am
to genuine pop stardom? >> it's tough. when you end up in their position. you have a song that becomes popular. you are unknown before it becomes popular. you are jettisoned into success. you kind of lose control of it. >> reporter: there are competing definitions of what makes a one-hit wonder. in general it means an artist or act mainly known for a single success. >> their song is bubbling. then it was on various play lists. people talking using it remixes mashups. and that is usually the first sign that, what you have made is getting away from you. then you start to see it balloon out. that really has nothing to do with the artist any more it's become a piece of culture. to the point you don't remember who made them. cotton eyed joe was made by redneck. ♪ call me maybe >> speaking to "nightline" last year, carly ray jepsem talked
12:53 am
about the pressure she was feeling. >> i felt the pressure. hoping i could stand up to it. >> reporter: other songs, goethe's "somebody that i used to know" and sir mixalot's baby got back and remember the cardigans? ♪ about anything but you >> reporter: in their dressing room, icona pop say they're here to stay. >> are you nervous there might not be another "i love it." >> there will not be another "i love it" but there will beep other songs. i mean instead of seeing it as a pressure, i see it more like a big huge open window where people are looking at you. and we are like, hey, you can look. because and you can listen because we just released our album, our baby. >> reporter: does the swedish pop act have another mega hit in them? if the screaming crowd has anything to go by, they just
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might. for "nightline," linzie janice in brooklyn, new york. >> we shall see. well, next we take a look at who is lucky. the winner of the $400 million lottery jackpot. the guy who walked away from this. or the one who fell right into the tracks. this week in luck when we return. steps 4 through 28 -- recall 100 years of know-how. start building, try things. yes. make it different. not that different. bring muscle -- technology muscle, efficiency muscle. get it racing. get it in a calendar. more calendars. aww. polish it. punish it. and you're done. wait. one more. now you're done. ♪ cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself.
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tonight a feed frenzy that will leave you counting your lucky stars. a lottery winner from south carolina has almost 400 million reasons to feel lucky the he chose to remain anonymous while claiming the money he won. it was only his second time buying a lotto ticket. ever. ca-ching. he wasn't the luckiest one this week. what about a guyen boston. briskly walking, woops right into the path of an oncoming train. he has three reasons to feel lucky. talk about lucky -- how about when your car gets torn in half. but you walk away. yep, that is lucky. lucky enough to be driving a
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lamborghini that left this guy intact after his ride snapped like a wishbone. and if all this leaves you feeling a little short on luck hour, about wishing on ape shooting star. we have got one for you count on the mounty's dash-cam lighting up the sky in alberta, canada. wishing on a shooting star. thank you for watching abc news. "good morning america" will be here in a few hours. as always, we're online at good night, america. >> announcer: every day more americans choose abc news, america's number one news source.
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"omg! insider," the top trending stories you need to know. >> it was the most talked about thing. >> was miley trying to leave her ex-fiance liam for months? new confessions as bette midler sounds off on the chart topper. >> you don't have any clothes on. i don't know where you go from that. why jon hamm is really getting throat surgery. >> the national enquirer had you or dead. let's set the record straight. no cancer? why khloe's husband could be in court for their anniversary. a "big bang" star's engagement. then robin williaf michael j. fox. the tv legends conquer the primetime battle tonight. >> my firstms,ion was to start drinking heavily. rob lowe on his new tv movie
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as jfk. >> you know the kennedys. >> entirely possible they don't watch. >> is j. lo playing gloria estefan on broadway? her love for react now where yahoo! and broadcast meet, for 24/7 access. it's "omg! insider." it's a lopez.ght on tv. in this corner, robin williams. >> in this corner, michael j. fox. >> they're going to come out fighting. hello, everyone. i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm thea andrews.big ni thood night shaping to be a thursday night cage match. the gloves are off. we've got a front row seat. miley cyrus continues to k.o. the competition. f high on her "wrecking ball" ride. stars take sides. miley continues to just cash in on the controversy. how much can the 20-year-old bank for being so doggone bad?lg miley soars and on the move. the star just tweeted her racy new cover, sk with "rolling stone" and shed a tear in the just-released "wrecking ball" director's cut.ydives
1:04 am
miley posed provocatively for canada's fashion magazine out october 3rd. she also talked about recording a song that may have been about her ex liam hemsworth. >> the song in her words is about moving on and the hardship she had with deciding on whether or not to leave or stay. >> the editor with us today from toronto. miley did tell me she felt that her vma performance was heavily edited and in some ways censored. >> it was the most talked about thing. >>ink it takes a lot of courage to go out and do what i did. >> miley cyrus is the number onh most talked about artist there is. she has a number one hit. she is silencing katy perry's "roar," beating out britney. she's been at this thing since she was little with a million-dollare now grown to $150 million. and her stock is just rising. >> financial journalist nicole lapin says miley is cashing in on controversy empir


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