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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 30, 2013 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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>> the attorney brought it up and the new orleans police department is under fire because of the arrests they have made. he was reluctant to get physical with the girls because he didn't want to get in trouble. this is what you call a priceless reaction. >> mom. >> hear someone calling for mom? >> mom? >> here comes mom. >> ahhhh! ahhh! ahhh! >> probably wonder what is happening. that's her son, a marine, coming home. he hasn't been home in awhile. this is the marine and he's wrapping his arms around his screaming mother. >> they knew mom was going to lose it. they just knew her reaction.
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she can't stand-up. she nearly falls over with joy. >> he's holding her up. she falls against the counter. what's happening right now? >> just keep watching. >> ahhh! >> she's still screaming. >> ahhh! >> i would like to think somewhere right now she's still screaming and hugging him. >> you know she doesn't want this moment to end. >> so many things to be proud of. >> he may be a marine, but it's still her baby. >> she's on the phone. >> oh my god! ahhh! ahhh! >> that's love right there. >> okay, everybody, ipad give away time is coming up in a bit. >> you are going to need the buzz word to win. >> you have to be 18 years or
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older to enter and a u.s. resident. >> the give away is coming up in a little bit. let's head over to oakland,california for a side show. this is not the circus. this is a bunch of rowdy guys out with their car behaving badly. this isn't closed to them. they are just out there breaking the law. right there, see the white headlights coming over the hill? they are not there to join the party, they are there to break it up. >> whoa! [ sirens ] >> bright lights turn into po po lights. >> oh! that mustang reverses into the cop cars. [ bleep ]. >> squeezes through. >> get on the ground! >> the officers jump out,
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weapons drawn and pull the guy out of the car. he has a female passenger. in the background people scatter and you can hear glass breaking. the glass is coming from bystanders hurling bottles at the police. what a wild scene. imagine if you are just trying to get through the intersection. do you wait until they are done? the side shows are not uncommon in the oakland area. the drivers, obviously looking at felony charges. [ sirens ] >> oh! >> oh! oh! >> an expert skier tries to outrun an avalanche. he falls and the snow catches up with him. what it's like to have tons of snow right on your tail. >> it's like having guys running
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up to you -- >> and see what's got us asking -- >> why drop panties out of an airplane? >> bombs away, next.
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talk about lucky to be alive. this is julian lopez. he's a free skier. he's on a world tour on mount bluff on the swiss side in the alps. the snow gives way and he's
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about to try to outrun an avalanche. >> he seems like he's doing a good job at it. >> he falls and the snow catches up with him. >> oh, no. >> he had a beacon, a shovel and air bag. he's under the snow for five minutes when help comes to the rescue. >> this is crazy to see it from this perspective. >> he is rescued. >> he took all the precautions he could. >> he says 25% of the time, they don't have this kind of outcome. he was lucky to be alive and to tell us about the experience we have him "right this minute" via skype. welcome to the show. >> hello. >> when did you notice something went awry.
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>> what i want to say is that video is what we put online. even if you are a prorider and have all the precautions, something can go wrong. >> was this your first experience with an avalanche? >> no. the first one was not that big. >> you had an air bag. did it not open up? isn't that supposed to keep you above the snow? >> as soon as you see something, you pull it out. i was facing the snow and i tried to pull out the air bag. i couldn't handle it at first. the snow got me. i was tumbling and tumbling, then pulled out the air bag. i was already under the snow. >> what does it feel like? >> 20 guys running after you. >> you were shooting a movie at the time. >> it's coming out next friday in france. i'm producing a show. you can find it on my website to
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show what's going on behind the scenes. i want my cycle back. >> good luck with that. >> yeah. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i think first i would like to put a big warning, warning, on the screen because we are about to see some panties drop. panties are dropping in this video. dropping. >> panties on the ground. panties on the ground. >> those are panties dropping out of that airplane. >> why would anybody drop panties out of an airplane? >> because this is at the u taupe ya fest in texas. they do this kind of thing every year. you might run out of clean underwear or not wearing them to begin with. they are packed with cool things. we don't know what that dropped in years past.
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maybe goodies, prizes and tickets to next year's festival. cool things to sprinkle amongst the crowd. >> she's like no, i said glittery. >> it's the weirdest conversation. when it rains panties you are in a weird place, or a fun place. look at the people who run for the panties. i have never said panties and not laughed. look at them on the ground. it's hard for a man to say panties and not smile. >> panties on the ground. panties on the ground. some guys are milling around a store when one of them pulls a hammer. what he wanted in a violent smash and grab. plus, your chance at an ipad mini. we have the buzz word that you need to win.
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two videos of two different robberies with two very different endings. this one at a game stop in philadelphia. right here you can see three guys enter the store. pay attention to this guy with the gray sweatshirt. this guy turns around and from his pocket pulls a hammer. goes straight for that case. >> that guy was in on it, too. >> the guy with the striped
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sweatshirt started taking stuff out of the case. all three of them run out the door. they ended uptaking an ipad, i touch and ipad nano worth $3,200. >> if you are a store owner thinking a locked case, how could anybody get their hands on it. wow. >> broad daylight. >> this is better. it comes from sicily. this is a video from inside a jewelry store. it looks like this is a customer. she's there with the clerk of the store. then, you see a man at the door. another guy walks in right behind him with a helmet and immediately starts barking out orders. they are there to rob this jewelry store. the guy behind the counter runs to the back ro while the guy in the helmet starts taking whatever jewelry was on the counter. almost immediately, the man in the blue, holding a gun comes back out being followed by the
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clerk also holding a gun. behind them, a child, very scared about what's going on. the clerk follows these guys, kicks one of them on the way out, follows them outside the store. believe it or not, the little kid is curious about what is going on, almost about to run out the door. the woman grabs him, pulls him back. believe it or not, the clerk got the merchandise back. no injuries and this all ended up being one big scare. >> wow. if you have ever dreamed of going whale watching, now may be the time to do it. off the coast of monterey, california, in monterey bay. look at that. >> oh. sweet. >> those are hump back whales feeding on enormous schools of
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anchovi anchovies. they may go down as far as 200 feet. the hump backs are out there feeding, as you can see in that lung formation. these folks are on the monterey bay whale watching tour. that's run by a woman named nancy black. she's been doing this 26 years and says she has never seen so many whales in monterey bay. she encountered 30 to 40 whales in a day. other researchers are saying this is unprecedents the amount of whales they are spotting in the bay. not just the whales, you can see lions, birds all joining in this feast. it's wild because the whales are there to eat the little fish. so are the birds. the sea lions are trying to catch the birds. when they come close to the surface, they are lunging for the birds. it's a feeding frenzy of all kind of animals.
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it's ipad mini give away time, everybody. >> you have to be 18 years old and have the buzz word. >> you enter on facebook. go to the first post on face book and tap on the mobile link. >> time to reveal today's buzz word. it is trending. >> now head over to >> then enter the buzz word, trending for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody. coming up, it just may be the strangest thing you will see all day. the hairy bowl of ramon noodles.
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police in australia are cracking down. >> people who are -- >> that's behave badly on the streets in their cars. >> here is a video to showcase what is hoon is. this is night vision camera from a police helicopter. this is in queens, australia. you have heat sen trshe camera. you can see how hot it is on the track. now police in queensland released this video because new legislation was passed against
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hooning. this dude got his car impounded for 48 hours. now, because of the new legislation, police are able to enforce new laws and take your car away for three months if you are caught. if you are caught again, a second time, they can get rid of your car for good. >> hooning, man. these hooners. they have to go. the beard that's weird and lots of people like it. this video has gone viral. you saw it a couple days ago on our show. he's showing us how to eat a bowl of ramon noodles from his beard. this went all over the place. he's going to show us how to eat something else with a beard. you done have to use your hand this time. it's nice. you can just do this. >> you are kidding me. >> a cup holder and a plate. >> fries, a sandwich and a soda. this is how you do it.
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i it's working. he's doing it efficiently. his name is isaiah west. he's joining us from san francisco. he and his beard are joining us. yeah. first of all, we were wondering with the ramon noodles, how did you make the bowl? >> it was a wraparound on both sides and under it. there was no weave. >> does your beard have a purpose? >> my wife pushed me to grow it out, then we started having fun with it. now it's more of a symbol of something i like to call the beard rights movement. >> after the ramon video came the fast food video. where was your inspiration for that? >> i had a list of ideas and someone threw out fries and a shake. i said perfect, i can have a whole meal. >> did it hurt? >> the holding of the food didn't hurt. it was the process of shaping it. oh my goodness, it sucked.
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it gets painful. formal event, tie your beard into a necktie or bow tie. >> can you do a trick for us now? >> not without products. the hair itself is just kind of, you know -- >> that was good enough. we like that. >> i like that trick. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time. ng to jump in the n/
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river. >> reporter: luckily all 28 passengers and crew members were saved. a i few suffered smoke inhalation and head injury but most cold, wet and in shock. thousands of tourists take the duck tour boats to see britain's famous sites like big ben and london bridge. even the queen was spotted on one last year. the company hasn't commented yet. investigators don't know what caused the boat to burst in to flames. it's now been pulled away from the scene on the river thames as an investigation gets underway. abc news, lo london. in the u.s., a deadly incident at a church in louisiana. 53-year-old woodrow karey is charged with murder after allegedly shooting the church's pastor while he was preaching to the congregation. . he fled the church after the incident but later surrendered
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to police. he has no criminal history but is held on $1 million bond. one of the navy's top officials is in the middle of a gambling scandal. tim giardina is the number two man in charge of all u.s. nuclear forces. he is suspended indefinitely from his job as naval investigators look in to the possibility that he was using counterfeit poker chips at a casino in iowa. he has not been arrested or charged. consumer alert about prepared salads that could be tainted with listeria. 19,000 pounds of chicken and ham salads made by garden fresh foods are being recalled. they were shipped to stores nationwide and sold under a number of brand names. they may contain listeria that can cause serious illnesses and miscarriages in pregnant women. people in central florida are warned about a deadly bacteria lurking in sea water. a man died last week after exposed to the bacteria while fishing for crabs.
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this is the ninth death linked to the bacteria in the state this year and there have been 29 total. health officials are warning people not to eat raw shell fish and say anyone with an open wound should stay out of the water. >> scary stuff. >> very scary stuff. >> it can affect anyone who has an open wound. if a wimmer and sometimes you don't realize you have an open wound. it is not like it needs to be a gash but open skin to sneak in there and now you are infected. >> we heard about the ameba. >> the brain-eating ameba. >> and this is different. it is from a family that causes cholera and lives in warm sea water. again, those open wounds. >> some of the signs to look for is gastro intestinal distress, abdominal pain. if you are vomiting or have diarrhea, that is reason to be alerted and go to the hospital. >> yep. millions of people across the northwest are getting slammed by back-to-back storms triggering record down pours and
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ferocious winds as high as 75 miles an hour. it is one of the wettest septembers in seattle ever. it buried cars and turned manholes in to geysers. when the rain finally stopped, snow may be on the way. poor people can't catch a break. >> you are not kidding. here's a look at the weather for the rest of the nation. pleasant across most of the country heavy showers from new orleans to new orleans and in to south texas. >> temperatures above normal for the eastern u.s. and the mild weather as far south as atlanta. summer-like along the front range of the rockies with temperatures in the 80s and season ail long the west coast. i talk about making an entry. these newlyweds before getting hitched to each other they clipped to a zip line and rode in to their ceremony. >> in tandem there. >> they had to pull themselves
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to the last couple of feet. >> fun for their guests, for themselves obviously. they did a great job of that. congratulations to them. >> look at her crying. i will say i have seen -- we did a story on this show. >> wasn't there some kind of zip line mishap it. >> was. >> i remember is something. >> i feel like this wasn't in tandem. everyone was on the same zip line is the story we did and they crashed in to each other and it you not cute. >> of course you had to do that at 'the end. >> always have to pull yourself in. zip lining one of the adventurous thingsly do. very fun. >> i would do that, too. >> plus i have a helmet and i'm tied in. what katy perry says about her broken heart. and cars of the past never driven bmpl you are watching "world news


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