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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 2, 2013 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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playoff game for the first time in years. martin hit a solo shot in the seventh than was more than enough. the pirates win the national wild card game 6-2 and start in st. louis against the cardinals tomorrow. 21 years. >> i'm happy for them. i'm telling you what, keep an eye on these guys. i don't think this is enough for them. they want to win the whole thing. my sentimental favorite. i'm going with the pirates. coming up, looking for laughs as the government shuts down. comics in a mood. destinations that offer cut rate health care but is it safe. and biggest house in the country the couple's mansion that redefines the american dream.
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yesterday marked the first day that americans have been able to shop for coverage under the affordable health care act and demand was overwhelming. >> health care costs in this country are the highest in the world. so many americans have been taking their business abroad.
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>> reporter: americans in a sense paid by their employers to go on a kind of surgical vacation. small companies are giving employees the option to go abroad for cheaper medical care. for this 39-year-old, this is her first time on a plane. the destination, the sun-soaked vacation hot spot, costa rica. >> this is beautiful. >> reporter: he will have a four-star hotel, a local driver and personal concierge. this is no vacation despite the luxuries. joy is a medical tourists. she has come to costa rica for weight loss surgery. how much feels like vacation and how much fooem feels like i'm here for a surgery. >> yesterday was vacation and this morning when i woke up it hit me. so, like you are having surgery today. >> reporter: the best part of all, her company is paying the entire bill. they gave joy a choice for the
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surgery. a copay in the u.s. or outsource the procedure abroad for free. could you have afforded this back home? >> no. >> reporter: back home the gastric sleeve surgery is $30,000. here less than 18. a furniture manufacturer tells abc news it saved $10 million in health care costs the past five years by sending close to 250 employees abroad for medical procedures. >> you are coming for a total right knee replacement. >> reporter: at hsm employee on the costa rica trip is gary harwell. a retired plant manager he is going for a knee replacement. his doctor, who earned his medical degree in costa rica went to the u.s. for advanced training. in the u.s. the knee replacement would have cost $50,000. in costa rica it is half that. in the u.s., gary and joy would have each paid $3,000 out of pocket.
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in costa rica, nothing. their employee hsm says it all just makes economic sense. when the bandages come off, joy and gary will get a bonus check for $2500 from their company. a percentage of the corporate savings in insurance costs. medical, perts who are tracking the increased number of americans going abroad for health care are concerned. >> the biggest risks are an inability for medical malpractice if something goes wrong for patients like joy the opportunity of a better healthier life without breaking the bank outweighs the risk. . it has been a week since their surgeries so joy and gary are still in costa rica. they say so far they are doing well in their recovery. >> amazing story. did ooefter have hesitation to do this. >> neither had much hesitation. they had spoken to colleagues who had gone oemp and had successful surgeries and thought i will look in to this option. >> if you are a going to be a
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medical tourists what are the biggest precautionary steps to take? >> do your own investigating. look at the hospital, is the hospital accredited. do background on the doctor. how many surgeries has he done. how many has he done. has he had any deaths. the follow up care plan. you have to do your home work. >> that's a lot of home work to do especially if you are going overseas. >> thank you for joining us. >> we'll be right back. you are watching "world news now." why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks? it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ >> these days in washington certainly no one is getting what they want and the situation is frustrating but that hasn't stopped late-night comics from find the humor in the situation. >> if you don't laugh you'll cry, right? >> the government though united states officially closed for business. finally, a chance to use our famous nation-building skills right at home. >> congress is still getting paid. [ laughter ] i want the names of the idiots who elected these people. oh, wait. that was us? never mind. >> maybe if we explained obama care we could resolve the issue quicker. >> to help insure all americans. >> but what does that mean. >> no [ bleep ] clue.
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i got to go. looks like joe biden got some tickets. >> united states government the most powerful country in the world out of business. nothing happening here. we are like a carnival cruise on land. >> how many are worried about the government shutdown? how many are more worried about it starting back up? yeah. i'm glad the government is shutdown. think about it. for the first time in years it's safe to talk on the phone and send e-mails without anyone listening in. you can talk to whoever you want. >> the nsa out of business. >> what? >> no, gone. nsa. while they are closed and the government is shut down they are asking citizens to please spy on each other. >> anybody go to the harvard today to look at the statue of liberty. they have it tarped up. >> that's not actually true.
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>> the tarp on the statue of eah. >> i can just imagine somebody who's never been to new york thinking is that what they are really doing. >> no doubt. still to come an american palace. >> a couple building the largest home in the country starts construction again after a brief shut down. we will give you a tour. stay tuned. you are watching "world news now." [ male announcer ] for the original salon genius, hair color was as important as your cut. now a breakthrough from vidal sassoon helps stop water from fading away the vibrant color you wish would stay. waterproof it! the vidal sassoon hair color collection has an exclusive hydrablock system that helps lock in our color for as long as salon color... up to 48 washes! prove it to yourself.
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>> all right. we have new stats that will come as a huge relief to everyone, being sarcastic. construction resuming on the single largest house in the country. >> thank goodness. building on the 90,000 square foot home with 30 bathrooms, two movie theaters, why not had to shut down because the owner's company went belly up. but he's back. abc's matt gutman takes us inside. >> reporter: it's a house fit for a queen, or at least self-appointed american royalty. >> the siegels in versailles are back. >> we're back. we never left but we are definitely back. >> reporter: after a four-year hiatus, the king and queenle of this orlando area pass, jackie siegel an her timeshare billionaire husband, david siegel have resumed kruk on what will be the biggest house in america which could swallow the white house. it is fittingly called versailles. >> you bought a toilet in italy, shipped it to china and brought
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it back here. >> yes. >> it was cheaper than to have it done in china than italy. >> reporter: a million pieces of marble. they have a big family, eight kids, five dogs, six if you count the one that is stuffed. so it stands to reason they need a big house but at 90,000 square feet, this 15 bed, 30 bath home can also hold two 747s. the siegels home was first featured in the documentary "the queen of versailles" last year. the ultimate example of the super sized mansion. >> the is almost a rags to riches story. >> reporter: when we saw them last year versailles was at a stand still. but with the recession over the couple is building again, insisting no expense will be spared. >> whatever it takes to finish is what i ooed eel spend. >> you are fully committed to it now? >> fully committed. >> so committed he is building a
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4,000 square foot ride in closet. >> i have a gold elevator in my closet. >> sometimes she says you have to make compromises. abc news, the versailles mansion, florida. >> where do you start on that one? you don't, right? hard to believe. >> gold elevator. >> gold elevator. 15 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms. shouldn't it be the other way around, more bedrooms than bathrooms?
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this morning on "world news now," pointing fingers, capitol hill democrats and republicans over the government shutdown. >> a good day for the anarchists. why? because the government is closed. >> reporter: the war of words and the efrtd american stuck in
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the middle of political gridlock. road rage, details about the violent exchange between a group of motorcyclists and the driver of an suv. a frightening scene following a terrible accident. >> he's paralyzed from the waist down. his spine was broken in two different places and there's no hope for that, as well. >> reporter: police and prosecutors now say after the scary scene. and i quit. after a young woman's viral video telling the world she's had it with her job the mother shares in the dalery frustration. she has her video. it is wednesday, october 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." with john muller and diana perez. good wednesday morning, everyone. we have to do an i quit video one of these days here at "world news now." >> i agree. can you get down with kanye. >> i don't know if i can get down but i will channel the feeling of i quit suddenly i
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will have my groove on because everybody knows how to do that. >> that's for sure. i think you have given us a challenge and i'm up for it. i can get down with kanye. >> i'm sure you can get down better than me. no doubt about this. >> welcome to day two of the government shutdown. lawmakers on capitol hill still can't agree on a way out of this mess. >> they tried to stop gap measures to fund certain parts of the government and that failed. we have late developments. >> reporter: after day one of the government shutdown, congress is no closer to getting things back up and running. yesterday, lawmakers traded traumatic statements on the capitol floor. this shutdown is really having a significant impact on everyday americans. house republicans tried a piecemeal approach. they put forward measures that would provide funding for national parks district of columbia and veterans. >> in the military, we don't leave people behind on the battle field.
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we shouldn't do that at home either. >> reporter: house democrats said no way. they want a full spending bill to get the government back up and running. >> they took hostages by shutting down the government and now they are releasing one hostage at a time. >> reporter: all three measures failed. on day one of the shutdown, there was no progress, no end in sight. 800,000 federal workers across the nation were forced to stay home. no work means no pay. >> live paycheck to paycheck unfortunately. >> these are real people's lives that are being affected and ruined and thrown in to chaos. >> reporter: the house republican leadership tried to coerce senate democrats in to negotiations. >> this table is empty on the other side. >> reporter: but senate majority leader harry reid said it is too late for that. >> we have a good day of anarchists. why? because the government is closed. >> reporter: there's a growing chorus among northeast republicans that the house needs
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to cave. a dozen came out to say put up a bill that gets the government up and running and ignores obama care. peter king said there is enough support in the house to pass it. >> i think the shut down is a bad idea and i want a clean cr. >> reporter: it is unlikely that speaker boehner will allow the house to vote on that. conservatives are insisting on a hard line and john and diana, for right now they are getting their way. >> unbelievable. karen, why isn't speaker boehner bringing a measure to the floor? >> it is simple. he wants to keep his job at this point. if he were to put that on the floor it would pass. there wouldn't be enough votes to get that clean funding bill to get the government up and running but he fous would face a revolt from those couple dozen tea party members the ultraconservatives who are right now running the show behind the scenes on this. remember, house speaker john boehner faced a resolt over the fiscal cliff a couple of months ago and he almost lost his speakership.
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he doesn't want that to happen again. so he is sticking to his guns and keeping a hard line with conservati conservatives. >> why are the democrats refusing to negotiate here? >> because they have their eyes on the next big fight, diana. that is coming in two weeks when the nation hits the credit limit. that is going to be a knock down dragout fight over whether congress will get the authority to borrow money. senate democrats say if we give an inch, a little bit on this one we will have to give a mile on the next one. this is also about strategically placing themselves for the next big fight and senate democrats led by reid say we are not negotiating. that's it. >> karen travers live on capitol hill. thank you. all right. brings us to our facebook question of the day. how is the government shutdown impacted you? log on to and let us know. meantime, what triggered the shut sgloun the first place, the rollout of obama care moved forward with the opening of the much-anticipated health
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insurance marketplace but not without serious bumps in the road. 3 million americans signed on to the website in one day. not surprisingly, that created a mammoth on-line traffic jam. >> got a message that said health care insurance marketplace is busy. please wait. >> i was not successful. there seems to be a small glitch. >> reporter: even once they successfully logged on, many americans are getting frustrated with the website. common complaints include lack of details and surprises like high deductibles and few opportunities to visit covered doctors. a top epa official that falsely claimed he worked for the cia has been hauled before -- he plead guilty to stealing 900,000 from the epa. lawmakers are outramged that beale is still due to collect a governmentension. they want to hear from the epa
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administrator. developing story out of florida where the jacksonville airport reopened after shut. that is due to a bomb threat. police say they found two suspicious packages one in the terminal and one in the parking garage. incoming flights were held until buses arrived to take passengers to hotels and hundreds missed outgoing flights. in kenya, two more bodies have been pulled from the mall. new pictures from ne inside the mall show widespread damage. the stench of rotting food is overwhelming and they are accusing security force of widespread plooth looting. 67 people died during the four-day siege and the red cross believes dozens more are unaccounteder for. two motorcyclists are in custody and more arrests are expected in a shocking case of road rage caught on camera in new york city. it shows a group of voo motorcycle riders surrounding an suv and attacking the driver. but the pictures don't tell the entire story. >> reporter: this helmet cam
3:03 am
captures a horrible chain of events. abc news learned this biker is facing serious charges. he is seen here cutting off the suv an causing an accident. the driver, a 33-year-old banker with his wife and young child in the car stopped. police say what's not caught on camera, some of the bikers slashing his tires. he makes a break, running over 32-year-old biker. >> he is paralyzed from the waist down. his spine was broken in two different places and there's no hope for that, as well. >> reporter: the bikers then chased the suv three miles up the highway. then this. so we know where and how it ended. what the video doesn't show is how it began. police say they are investigating the driver's conduct. should he have waited for the police? >> i think there is -- you have to use common sense to get out
3:04 am
of there without hurting anybody. that is what we advise you to do. >> bike gatherings like these happen all over the country. last year, the same group invaded -- posting yao videos on you tube. they said under no circumstances do we promote violence, hate. >> a professional stunt rider got his start on the street. >> 9% of the participants on these rides aren't going to break the law. you can't judge the action -- everybody on the actions of a handful of riders. >> reporter: but as this video shows a few bad actors can lead to serious consequences. linzie janis, abc news, work. some controversy to mention about the upcoming tom hanks movie, captain phillips. it tells the story of a cargo ship attacked by pirates off the coast of somalia. hanks plays captain phillips.
3:05 am
they claim the ship was sailed in to dangerous waters despite warnings to save money. the case will be heard in alabama in december. we guessed this was going to happen. a parity di of the /* /- -- this is from a work at home mom. her name is brenda jennings. take a look. ♪ she's she's z she's a blogger a detailing why she is quitting under appreciated as a mom, she walks out the front door. >> that's when the caption says, just kidding. we're out of milk. >> there you go. i think everybody, moms, teachers, no matter what you do, everybody has that feeling sooner or later, right? >> yeah. plus i love how she is go so good at the parody, the outfit
3:06 am
is the same outfit as the girl. >> yeah. >> she has good moves. really good parody. >> the original i quit video by a woman working in a job in taiwan has 7.2 million hits on you tube. >> i have a funny feeling this will get up there, too. >> i think it is. a breakthrough on involve involving a shy boy and insistent dog. and why breast cancer experts are looking for answers in china. why is this disease so widespread in the u.s. but less common there. you are watching "world news now." [ female announcer ] it figures...on your busiest day
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♪ i run for you and me my friend ♪ i run for life ♪ >> this month is breast cancer awareness month. abc news is helping to spread the word about awareness. >> thrn mooing a look at cancer prevention. dr. richard besser looks at women who have low risk and why. >> reporter: ask mao, on them chinese country side. a perfect example of what can happen if you eliminate breast cancer risk. >> translator: i have heard of breast cancer, but i don't know anyone who's ever had it.
3:11 am
>> reporter: not in her village or any village she knows. she eats mostly rice and vegetables, little meat, little fat which lowers her risk. healthy weight and exercise lower it more and heavens knows her days are filled with exercise. >> translator: we are working all the time and sweat every day. that's why we are healthy. we sweat so much. >> reporter: add this, mao had a child before she was 30 and breast-fed. both protect her from breast cancer. here's what it looks like to have the lowest risk in the world. if chinese women like mao move to the united states, studies show within a generation her daughters would have the same risk as an american woman, the highest risk in the world. another population has an intriguing more mysterious protection. debbie has it. it is because she's blind from birth. why would that protect against breast cancer? because no light has ever reached her retina, her sleep hormone melatonin is incredibly
3:12 am
regular in her cycle. not so in women who do overnight work or crazy sle schedule. some link it to a lower level. prevention is possible. that every woman can lower her risk. there's another source of hope, a vaccine. scientists are at work on vaccines against breast cancer. they are being tested here. given experimental breast cancer vac seens to women who are already survivors. >> what have you seen so far. >> from our studies they cut the risk ihalf. >> in half it. >> works like any vaccine works delivering a small protein found in cancers so the immune system can respond it to and kill off cancer cells. if this works the hope is to come up with a vaccine to prevent breast cancer in the first place. >> some may say a vaccine is a
3:13 am
pipe dream. do you agree. >> in. >> no i think it is within reach. >> if it happens american women like mao could one day say i have heard of breast cancer but i don't know anyone who had it. >> they will enroll 1,000 women by the end of the year and three years before we know if it prevents recurrent and then additional trials to see if it prevents breast cancer in the first place. richards beer, abc news, new york sglmplts we have a special website. abc news.goes and has resources and information. >> pay tribute to loved ones battling the disease and start a conversation about breast cancer. >> i think you heard that magic tidbit and i bet every woman heard it too that is up at this hour we are doing the show right now. when you don't get your regular sleep and melatonin you envp increase your risk. >> now we can figure out how to
3:14 am
reverse it and this vaccine seems like it might be the key. fingers crossed. >> no doubt. coming up the topic that has everyone outraged the government shutdown. we want to know what you think. what would you tell your representatives hundreds share your thoughts. we'll share some of your responses. ahead in our next half hour, a 6-year-old girl is doing something few girls her age would attempt. she is running a half marathon.
3:15 am
this morning the u.s. government is still shut down and neither side is surrendering. >> not surprisingly it has a lot of people fired up, including our facebook fans.
3:16 am
we asked youette yesterday now the government has shut down what would you tell your member of congress and boy did you respond. over 900 responses. >> janet said most americans that don't do their job lose their jobs you should be fired for failure to do your job. >> i believe all congressman, senators should be looked in the capitol until a deal is reached. if they are hungry or thirsty give them bread and water and nothing else. these overindulged prima donnas need to -- >> let them work for nothing or less than they should worrying about bills, health care retirement, et cetera. >> this one from kathy, stop being a politician and turn in to a person. look at how this is affecting your friends, family, neighbors, constituents, hold yourself accountable with deadlines like the rest us have to do every day. finally one from nikki. she says plea fix this so i can go to the social security office to change my name when i get
3:17 am
married on wednesday. then you hear from somebody like nikki who has an everyday problem that is affected by the shutdown. >> it affected me. as of yesterday, i thought i'm not going to -- but i filed for a tax extension and i'm waiting for the check in the mail and i will be waiting. >> there are a lot of people waiting for that. >> get the job done already. >> we'll be right back, everybody.
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welcome to "the mix." we are starting with an incredible video we want to show you. you will see a little boy named herman. he is now 5 years ago but when this was taped he was 3. he had down's syndrome and his
3:21 am
mom says he shies away from contact, human or otherwise. this dog is a golden retriever and he undeterred by that and determined to make this little guy like him. herman seeing himself cornered in to this wall shuffles around the wall and him lay ya comes back and back and there you see herman just kind of entertained by what is happening. but not so entertained where he's willing to give in. and then this happened. >> that is awesome. >> so amazing. the mom says she was moved by the whole experience. that herman would essentially start to open up to a creature and he's never opened up to anyone or anything. now, it's not a slam dunk home run here. he is still having issues with the closest but look at that. >> that dog is so gentle. he gets it. >> she just gets it. exactly. tryingnd trying. herman finally says, okay, buddy we can be friends.
3:22 am
>> what an awesome spirit that dog has. another dog thing i would call it an awesome spirit but a clown. this dog has a strange bark. i don't know what it sounds like, donald duck coughing. . >> that's the craziest thing ever. stounds like donald duck. it started to trend in recent days. so funny, isn't it. >> looks like sally is trying to have a conversation. >> in another life she was a person. >> trying to communicate something here. >> i don't like that dry stuff. give me something cooked. here's something interesting. i don't know what to make of it but a toothbrush that is tailor made and fits your mouth and
3:23 am
claimed to clean your teeth in six seconds. there's a look at it. the company prichbted out a 3-d version of what they say will look like. you put it in your mouth and chop away for a little by you pull it out and your teeth are clean according to the company. >> i'd like to give it a shot. >> i don't know how i feel about that one. you get in every nook and cranny. >> you enjoy the process of getting it out. >> i have to really get in there. >> how long do you do, they say a cominutes. >> i
3:24 am
3:25 am
330 this morning on world news now, federal frustration. the government shutdown, the political power play and its impact on people across the country. who will make the first move to breakthrough the capitol hill gridlock. the affordable care act goes
3:26 am
on-line. the uninsure go on-line trying to sign up and get hangups from coast to coast. not funny. an arizona man called 911 after a fire burns his car putting his girlfriend in danger and he hears giggles from the operator. now a demand for action. more exposure from miley cyrus. she has some explaining to do. she returns to a big national stage. that's in "the skinny" on this wednesday, october 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller an diana perez. >> good wednesday everyone. that is exactly what miley that is exactly what miley cyrus needs more of, exposure. >> pretty funny. someone eggs her on and defends herself. >> somebody eggs her on and says what were you doing and she has to defend herself. the ripple effects of the shutdown are being felt across the nation. >> sure are. despite growing public anger there are no negotiations scheduled on capitol hill. we begin our coverage with abc's jonathan karl.
3:27 am
>> reporter: nearly 100 world war ii veterans made the trek from mississippi to washington only to see this. the memorial dedicated to their service closed. world war ii infantry men james nation had no idea. >> we didn't know anything about it being shut down. we didn't watch the news this morning. >> reporter: but somebody, not clear who, got the barricade lifted just long enough so they could get in. a shutdown hit 800,000 federal workers around the country the hardest. no work, no pay. >> i live paycheck to paycheck unfortunately. >> these are real people's lives being affected and ruined and thrown in to chaos. >> i'm getting tired of feeling like a ping-pong ball. >> reporter: the mess started with a twistedess of political ping-pong. the house passed a government funding bill that defunded obama care. a week later, the senate rejected it sending a bill back to the house. the house tried a different rsion on sunday.
3:28 am
the senate rejected and back and forth twice more. republicans sat across from empty chairs saying democrats refused to negotiate. while president obama placed the blame entirely on republicans. >> this republican shutdown did not have to happen. >> that's why people are finding government parks and facilities shut down. >> bunch of jerks running the show up there and it's not fair. >> we have families we need to support and they are playing with our livelihood. >> is crazy. the holding the government hostage over obama care is ridiculous. >> reporter: perhaps sensing the anger, several tea party republicans told abc's jeff zeleny said they asked their paychecks be withheld during the shutdown. >> do you feel guilty that your paychecks are coming and other people, janitors, staff of the government are not. is it awkward? >> we are here working and we continued to work but i am going
3:29 am
to ask them to hold my salary as a gesture. >> even we the people section of the white house website is down. that's where people can submit and sign petitions. the last petition before the website went dark is one thing that members of congress shouldn't get their paychecks unless they finish the budget process on time. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. as the shutdown is felt coast to coast the big question is what is next for the lawmakers. >> for answers to that question and more we will go back to capitol hill. karen travers is there. what can we expect later today as the government remains at a halt. >> reporter: john, we have tricky legislative maneuverings we are expecting later today. the bills the house failed to pass yesterday that would have funded veterans and national parks that will be brought back to the floor again today. yesterday they needed a two-thirds majority to pass. that's why they failed. due to some tricky maneuvering
3:30 am
house speaker boehner will bring them back to the floor. all they need is a simple majority. that boxes in some democrats in to a corner. if they keep their vote from yesterday which is a yes, today they could be helping republicans with more of a process to get rid of the shutdown and they certainly do not want to do that because they are trying to keep a hard line. we will keep an eye on this and how this goes the next couple of hours. it certainly seems like john boehner is trying to put them in a corner. >> karen, we have heard about national parks and monuments closing and other things are closing down that are having true effects on americans. what else is there? >> we are seeing pictures of the monuments closed and veterans that couldn't get to the world war ii memorial yesterday but impact of money going out. take for example head start. 1600 head start programs across the country that help about a million children, low-income children with education, health issues and nutrition. they will close down as long as
3:31 am
this keeps going. at first it will be a couple dozen but the longer it goes on the money will dry up and those kids will be affected. this is having an impact on many everyday people. >> karen travers live on capitol hill, thank you very much. that brings us to our facebook question of the day. how has the government shutdown impacted you? log on to and let us know. the roll out of a crucial phase of obama care happened any way yesterday. nearly 3 million americans signed up on the on-line insurance marketplace on in its insurance marketplace on in its first days. but not without problems. with so many logging on at once it created a traffic jam with many turning away or giving up. >> i hit the almost hour an a half mark and just gave up at that point. >> reporter: are you looking forward to doing it again or not? >> yeah, i'm excited. probably going to get some snacks out and a drink and so forth.
3:32 am
>> all right. common complaints include not enough detail about the plans, high deductibles, a lot of restrictions which doctors you can visit and how often. israel's leader made it clear he does not buy the so-called charm offensive put forward by iran. speaking at the u.n. benjamin netanyahu called iran's new president a wolf in sheep's clothing. and netanyahu declared that israel would do whatever it takes to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons, even if that means standing alone. new video from inside of the kenyan mall taken over by terrorists last month showed the kind of destruction usually seen in a war zone. now store owners are accusing security forces of adding to that damage, slashing display cases and stealing valuables. two more bodies have been pulled from the rubble pushing the death toll to nearly 70 people. a developing story in north florida where the jacksonville airport opened after an a bomb threat. police say they removed the
3:33 am
destructive device by would not call ate bomb. it left passengers stranded on the tarmac while transportation was delayed. a 911 dispatcher in tucson, arizona may have found herself in hot water after laughing at a man calling in an emergency. stuck in the middle of nowhere, a man called 911 when his car and his girlfriend caught on fire. he says the woman's initial reaction was laughter. >> is your girlfriend still on fire? >> no. >> no. >> okay. is your vehicle still on fire? >> hilarious, huh? >> sir, is your vehicle still on fire? >> i just heard you laugh. >> sir, it wasn't regarding that, okay. >> yeah, i just heard you laugh. >> sheriffs department admits they messed up but that response time was not compromise. the dispatcher is still on the job pending the outcome of an investigation. >> not cool.
3:34 am
>> not at all. >> i'd be mad, too. >> doesn't matter what you are laughing at. there is a man on the other line with an emergency. a look at the midweek weather, unseasonably warm conditions in the coast. more like summer than fall. stormy from the great lakes, south of the gulf. showers and snow in the northwest. hot and dry in the southwest. >> check out the 80-plus readings in the east. 90s in the south. by nightfall, plan to bundle up if you are boise to billings where temperatures will plunge in to the load 50s. time to go down under for a dramatic rescue effort, so dramatic in fact, my "favorite story of the day." >> it is. it involves a month old humpback whale getting caught up in netting. the problem is the mama whal was making things difficult by staying too close. can't blame her. took two hours for the people on the boat to free the baby whale. >> then mother and child continued their migratory spin south.
3:35 am
mom is trying to protect the baby. you wonder if on some level they know they are helping. >> they say they are incredibly smart animals. >> sure do. beautiful. coming up, the shocker for "simpson" fans. the hints about a character being killed off. >> no! and thieves who turn green after getting in trouble. the invisible crime fighting tool that is leaving a mark and it is getting more attention. you are watching "world news now." ♪ it's not that easy being green ♪ ♪ having to spend each day the color of the leaves ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by "world news now" weather brought to you by to visit. i'm still not gonna make it to mars, but, thanks to hotwire's incredibly low travel prices, i can afford to cross more things off my list. this year alone, we went to the top of the statue of liberty and still saved enough to go to texas, to a real dude ranch. hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can
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guarantee their low prices, so we got our four-star hotels for half price. next up, hollywood! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ >> man: save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day.
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♪ it's not that ♪ it's not that easy being green ♪ ♪ having to spend each day the color of the leaves ♪ >> it's definite live not easy being green, especially when that's the color that indicates you have done something very, very wrong. >> call this one a scarlet letter and gio benitez explains. >> reporter: look at this mug shot with the lights on and look again. u.k. police releasing these images. what made him glow in the dark? a new crime-fighting tool. police say the man broke in to a car in london and was sprayed by an invisible paint and under uv police lights turned green. they equip a decoy car with the
3:40 am
spray.police lights turned gree. they equip a decoy car with the spray. watch as this alleged burglar takes the bait. >> he opens the door. grabs something on the front seat. then he starts to rifle through a wallet. that's when the smart agent sprays him. >> reporter: it takes months of scrubbing to get it off the skin and the chemical can stay on clothing for years, shown here in video from smart water csi. from smart water csi. can you tell this leather jacket has been sprayed? it has. smart water csi says hundred law enforcement agencies across the country now use this product and it's not just for police. people are putting the spray systems in their homes and cars. get this, the invisible paint can be used to park watches or iphones. if stolen, a special dna code can be used to find the owner. this has led too a lot of convictions worldwide, hasn't it? >> yes. there are 1,200 in the u.k. and
3:41 am
europe alone in the last 17 years. >> police say the thief in london found out the hard way and was convicted. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> incredible. >> isn't that amazing? >> nonhazardous. invisible to the human eye and virtually impossible to remove. >> can last up to five years on an item once it is sprayed. has to be ultraviolet lights. not like you go to sleep and you are green in your bedroom, you have to be under ultraviolet. >> it's a huge step beyond, you know the old red pack >> the bank robbers. >> i did a story where a guy was dye bombed and he ran in a short -- store front and he changed. and he was good to go. he put his hands in his pockets,
3:42 am
and the cops had the hardest time finding him. >> it is not just being marked but they can connect -- they don't know what you stole but they can find out because it is a unique signature. >> now do all the cops have to run around with an ultraviolet light. you don't know who did it because you have a way. >> you have apt sen a shine the light on him in case. britney spears big debut and her latest career move. and we can expect more surprises from miley cyrus on the big national stage. that's coming up next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:43 am
3:44 am
sneets skinny so >> skinny so skinny >> britney spears has a new video which she premiered last night on the cw. it has a name with a naughty word in it. so we will call it work b. you can figure it out. work expletive. rhymes with witch. let's listen in. ♪ >> so my daughter will be singing work b very soon. i'm sure. >> oh, no. >> expected to serve as the lead single off of her eighth studio album. it shows her breaking down in a bikini in various locations. and will hit the stores on december 3rd. work b. >> she looks great. >> she does look good. i will say that. miley cyrus is in the spotlight once again where she likes to be.
3:45 am
this time she is working for it. she will be on "snl" doing a musical performance and hosting it. they have been releasing a couple of clips of video of what to expect from her performance. not on stage but actually in front of the audience as the host of the whole thing. take a listen. >> miley, that vma performance, how could you? >> i know how could i? >> it was too much. >> what was i wearing. >> and doing. >> don't forget about the children. >> the children! >> tongue and cheek about the vma performance that everybody had a hard time. i'm interested to see. she's a good performer. i'm sure she will do a good job as far as the music goes. i want to see her acting chops. we have seen her as hannah montana. we know she can act. and i want to see her be a comedian. >> i wonder if she will do anything outrageous. i bet she will. "simpsons" getting ready to kill off a character. >> must be killing you. >> love the show. it is my favorite show of all time.
3:46 am
executive producer, al jean admits they will pass somebody off in the 25th or 26th season. can you imagine how long it has been on the air? they have killed characters before, the most famous one is is ned flanders wiechlt but they won't say who the character is, but the character won an emmy. and they asked if they would have a who shot mr. burns type of story. they would only say they hope the stunt will lead to breaking bad numbers. doesn't everybody. check this out. this is a sad story. lamar odom has been in the news. he has a drug addiction. his marriage is falling apart. now he is claiming he wants to return to the nba. he's without a team. he played for the clippers last season. he is telling his friends according to tmz he will be back this coming season. but let's not forget he was holed up in a house. according to tmz, southern
3:47 am
california binging on crack with two young women in their early 20s. he's married to khloe kardashian, who has apparently given him an ultimatum, either clean up or get out. the divorce papers haven't been filed yet but apparently it is coming pretty soon. he has a problem and needs help. i think he is imagining he can give himself a little comeback here and somehow that will fix everything. >> agree. maybe down the road if he is serious. it is not a light switch. don't turn it off and on. not at the nba level where you have a real problem like that and we are not seeing any evidence of the turn around yet. >> if he has a problem, he needs help. >> yep. >> if he has a problem he needs help. in yep. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. lysol power & free.
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♪ 6-year-olds usually spend their free time on the swing sets or with their toys. one girl is training for a very gron up sglent she is planning to run a half marathon for a cause close to her family's heart. our station in abilene, texas has the story. >> they will all chuckle and you will hear them laughing about how cute she is as they go running by and at the end they are asking for her 6-year-olds usually spend their free time on the swing sets or with their toys. one girl is training for a very grown up event. she is planning to run a half marathon for a cause close to her family's heart. our station in abilene, texas has the story. >> they will all chuckle and you will hear them laughing about how cute she is as they go running by and at the end they are asking for her picture because they are amazed she ran the whole thing, number one. that she runs as fast as she does. >> reporter: she may seem shy but don't be fooled, this little one has big ideas. >> i'm going to run a half marathon. >> really? >> reporter: how old are you? >> 6. >> reporter: a 6-year-old running 13.1 miles, you bet and it started from a simple talk with mom.
3:52 am
>> i asked the girls what gifts do you feel god has given you and they thought about it for a while and kiernin said i can run fast and i said that's true. you can run fast. how do you think you can use those gifts to serve god's people and she thought about it a little bit more and she said, well, i can run for babies just like you do, mom. i thought, yeah, you really could. >> we run as a prayer. >> reporter: and she is. after that conversation, her mother tracey signed her up to run with their life runners group, part of a national pro-life association. she decided to raise money and present it at the group's national race. her goal -- >> 1 million. >> 1 million. >> wow, that's a lot. >> that's a really good goal. >> 20, 30, 40. >> reporter: yes, it is. she is off to a great start. almost $1600 with more coming in. a little girl with a very big heart. >> what a cutie pie she is. my goodness.
3:53 am
>> that is awesome. >> yes. >> mom is an ob-gyn and consulted with other physicians and they said it is perfectly safe for her to run if she is comfortable and feels up for it. there you have it. >> it is interesting to see if she pulls that off. takes that mental discipline. physically they can run forever but you wonder if they can hang in there. >> i think she can do it. >> me too. >> this is abc's world news now, informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:54 am
3:55 am
making news in america this morning blame game. anger among americans mounts as we enter day two of the government shutdown, with no end in sight. we're live in washington with the latest. airport scare. hundreds of people forced to evacuate, after something suspicion is found. this morning, witnesses
3:56 am
describing the tense moments inside. dash cam drama. a police officer racing to the scene of a fiery crash. he's being called a hero for what he did next. and man's best friend. the world's friendliest dog befriends a reluctant little boy in a video that's warming hearts everywhere. good wednesday morning. it is day two of the government shutdown. and the ripple effects are being felt across the nation. >> despite the growing sense of anger and frustration on the part of americans, no new talks are scheduled. >> the republicans are set to try a plan that would fund only certain parts of the government. abc's tahman bradley is live at the capitol for us this morning. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, diana and john. there's no sign of compromise here on capitol hill. and it doesn't look like anything is going to get done. in fact, both sides are bracing for this shutdown to go on for a
3:57 am
while. meanwhile, the public is fed up. the government shutdown enters its second day with no end in sight. across the country, anger is growing. >> i think it's crazy. i think the whole holding the government hostage over obama care is ridiculous. >> a bunch of jerks running the show up there. >> reporter: 800,000 federal workers will stay home again today without pay. about 6,700 of them civilian workers at this military base in central new jersey. >> they told us until further notice, you know, you're furloughed. when we call you, come on back in. >> reporter: local officials are worried about the economic impact. >> as these people start losing their paychecks, they're not going to spend the money in town. >> reporter: according to one estimate, the government shutdown will cost taxpayers $300 million a day. $12.5 million an hour. and $1.6 billion a week. but that price tag hasn't brought congress closer to a deal. last night, in a new strategy, house republicans tried to fund some parts of the government,
3:58 am
like national parks and veterans benefits. but the measures were defeated by democrats who want a full government spending bill without changes to president obama's health care law. >> they took hostages by shutting down the government. and now, they're releasing one hostage at a me. >> reporter: as washington braces for a long shutdown, some republicans now admit it's time to put a clean funding bill on the floor. >> i think the shutdown's a bad idea. >> reporter: and even bigger crisis is creeping closer. on october 17th, the country will run out of money to pay its bills unless congress raises the debt ceiling. >> tahman bradley, live in washington. thank you. and now, to one of the most touching images from the shutdown. veterans, most of whom had served in world war ii, arrived in washington, d.c. they didn't know the memorial erected in their honor was closed. >> with the help from a few lawmakers the 100 or so vets removed the barriers and were able to walk in. one of the vets from mississippi says this is probably the last
3:59 am
trip he'll make to washington. and seeing that memorial was awesome. just awesome. more consequences of the shutdown to note now. the military is closing all 246 of its commissaries on its installations around the world. the commissaries provide tax-free groceries to about 12 million people including military personnel, their families and retirees. >> the people would see their grocery bills claim significantly. and the nation's service academies have suspended all their sports teams. that means no football practice at army, navy and air force. the games coming this saturday, are in jeopardy. army is supposed to play boston college. and air force is supposed to play navy. the decision whether or not to go ahead with those games will be made tomorrow. that takes us to our facebook question of the day. how has the government shutdown impacted you? lots of people weighing in at this. join the discussion at triggering the shutdown was a rollout of the key of obama


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