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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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pressing. >> there's something called post par thumb psychosis where you lose connection. >> carey's 1-year-old daughter, who was in the car, was not seriously injured. it is now day four of the government shut june. house speaker john boehner left the white house angry. meanwhile, president obama sent a message. >> i'm happy to have negotiations with the republicans and speaker bane are on a whole range of issues -- boehner, but we can't do it with a gun held to the head of the american people. >> this isn't some damn game. the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i. >> the white house said republican legislatures are trying to restore operations on a piecemeal basis.
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the who's has already vowed to veto those bit by bit measures. >> people who planned a weekend away are being turned away because of the government shutdown. >> it's ridiculous that people have jobs, our senators and representatives and can't reach an agreement and do their job. >> while most are fur loid, a few remain on the island just in case. >> the maryland baltimore zoo is seeing new field trips. schools planned on taking trips but with the shutdown the schools have had to make other plans. 10 schools or organizations called yesterday trying to set up the field trip. all right. weather wise this would be a good weekend. you're seeing more numbers like these. it still feels like 88 in baltimore city after topping out
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in the 90s for heat index values. we'll be there tomorrow and sunday before it starts to check on monday -- change on monday. things will change by the time we get into your monday and tuesday thanks to all the moisture and rain from tropical storm karen which has weakened sleetly today and will drift slowly toward mobile, alabama, to make lawful, we think in the florida -- landfall, we think in the florida panhandle. foggy first thing in the morning. much more on your weekend and karen coming up. >> all right. overtime costs on the police force. $30million was isn't just last career in the fiscal year. >> are all those shifts putting too much strain on the police department. >> reporter: we found police officers making $40,000, $60,000, even $100,000 in evertime. it looks great on paper but it
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means a tough job. it's a job that can't be done thinking about punching a team clock. crime doesn't care if it's 35bg or if a police officer has plans. evertime is part of the plans. >> i'm worried about not onlier that safety but the safety of the citizens and the folks they're interacting with. the human body can only work so much. >> reporter: some officers are working a lot enough to earn tens of thousands in evertime showing at least 200 officers who made at least $35,000 in overtime. the police agree it's a problem, but what's the cost? >> it's in the just about the overtime. what you guys are touching upon is one little piece of a bigger problem and bigger puzzle that
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the city for years has put on the bag burner. >> reporter: for police union bob cherry, it starts with updating the map. it hasn't been revamped since 1984. that moans the way office -- means the way officers are deployed depends on crime statistics from 33 years ago. there aren't cops in certain place. so the northeast district is understaffed and places bike mt. vernon need as refocus. >> from the union side, they've been pushing this for years. >> reporter: cherry said he's disappointed there hasn't been a shift since commissioner thns batts came on last year and why judy powell said she can't speak to why the map hasn't been
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updated, strategy changes are in the works. she says they hope to do a full staffing analysis with the union in the next three to four months. >> one of the things we need to look at is how we police smarter. are the police officers where they're supposed to be and do we have the right number of police officers when there's that crime. that causes some of our overtime. >> reporter: but that isn't the only thing the fop wants. union leadership also asked for more competitive pay saying it's necessary to recruit qualified officers. they post more than 100 vacancies each year. pay may ab factor considering the salaries are 18% less than the average there other jurisdictions. he believes the salary bum wouldn't just bring in new officers but keep the valuable ones that the city has and has
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struggled to keep. it's time to give an incentive. >> change that climate, redeploy and give them something to chase for so they don't have this chase overtime. >> reporter: judy powell said they are working cooperatively with the union, but it takes time and a huge effort, including changes to the computer assisted dispatch system, so they consider it a work in progress. if you want to know more, we put it on lien. you can explore the salary database and check out the highest paid employees in baltimore city. just go to joce sterman, abc2 news. >> excellence work. you know what one group is saying to sarcoma? stick it. >> how one woman's loss is helping to feet this rare form of cancer. >> people in one area of the county won't have to drive downtown to get a cancer
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treatment. we'll take you to the new center. >> five degrees off the all time record. we guaranteed 84, dre degrees off. no weather winner today. all right. our next weather maker looking impressive, what karen means for you on the other side of this break.
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for those who put coffee first.
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we've got the surf up. and you can take your bicycles.
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and one more thing. tonight you can bring your blanket to 130th street. a campfire. wouldn't that be nice. >> if you're not going to the ocean and going to stick around here what are you going to do? check out dog fest. that campus is on nick codeem -- nicodemus road. i will be judging doggy costumes. >> all right. then after kissing dogs you might want to stop here at fells point live. we've got music galore and they have a beer garden where you have to be fenced in. you have to pay $5 and have to have a physical cup. abc2 will be there. stop pie and say hello.
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and what started out as a local fund-raiser for kids has grown into a yearly event. >> the group has raised enough to pay for a sarcoma grant. we have the story behind stick it to sarcoma and how you can help. >> reporter: when rachel found out that her father was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, she sums it up in a single word. >> the word i kept using in past years was helpless. i'm here and want to help. it was it give him a milestone. >> she didn't miss a beat. she reached out by hitting the field. >> i was running from the seals to the raffles to the admissions tables. >> reporter: three years later stick it to sar comarks an event created in support of her father
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is taking off. >> my goal for this year is really to emphasize the family as a whole, as a unit. this doesn't just affect the individual that has cancer, but the whole family. it's a trying process. >> reporter: she's been there. her father passed away christmas day 2011, just months after her kickoff sarcoma tournament. >> that's what drives me to help family and provide them with the same support. i don't know that i would have played it through or been able to come back without them. >> reporter: now she's hearing the stories from families just like hers. >> i think that seeing the success or seeing the struggles of these families is what gets the community involved and making it -- putting a real life picture in front of people that are donating money. >> reporter: october 6th, a day she describes as yet another
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miracle a day the group hopes to earn money and awareness to stop a disease she says has little success. in baltimore, reporting for abc2 news. >> you still have time to help out. the event kicks off at johns hopkins on sunday october 6th. admission is just $5. all proceeds go toward sarcoma research. you can find out more information on hour website at >> a beautifully sunny, warm october day. i want to warn you about storm shield. one download. it could become a player for us, something you may need into monday and tuesday with heavy rain possible. you're looking great for your friday evening plans. by sunday night a different
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system will be knocking on the door. that will be the frontal boundary coming out of the west. there's two different weather makers in play. in the meantime, though, it's about the sunshine and the unseasonable warmth. we continue to see warm conditions. 84 right now. relative humidity is in the that high. when you look at the dew point number for the of 60 you feel it. i think we're going to see a it increase into the day tomorrow a few weather cameras for you larks busy day on the bay bridge at kent island. our view from hemingway always a great one. looks like a lot of people eastbound, trying to get in beach time. even diseaps point -- sandy point. that is, for sure, beach weather. your beach forecast for the maryland beaches will be in the mid-80s tomorrow. ocean city will run cooler than this on air temps.
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the ocean water temps up to 71. the bay water temp around 73 and beginning to warm up again after cooling off last week. now it's back in the 70s. temperatures in the mid-80s, certainly unseasonable. it will be close to records, and the owed numbers are 67 in the harbor. that summer like humidity. by the way, we think those numbers crank up on the south, southeast breeze pushing 7 -- 0-- 70. we'll stay dry. looking ahead, i think tomorrow uneventful day for us, just hazy and hot again. the weather begins to brew to our west toward the middle of the weekend. this line, this frontal boundary will begin to march in our direction into sunday night or beginning to arrive on monday
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and also beginning to catch some heavy moisture out of the south which will come from karen. karen is looking like she will not make category one strength. just a few things working against the storm in terms of wind and altitude. winds to 530679 the big thing from karen will be flooding concerns in north florida. it will be a slope landfall -- slow landfall. you can see from saturday to sunday, where a lot of moisture is going to be in play. toward monday you see the moisture begin to get drawn further north. we can he is you the hurricane model tracks pulling the moisture into maryland. four or five models converging with the leftover rain from karen by monday night late. so looks like monday night into tuesday morning may bring the most rain, what's left of karen.
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tonight down to 62, partly cloudy with patchy fog. 87 tomorrow. that's a warm one by early october standards. we have a carbon copy sunday, clouding up monday, bringing rain from the front out of the west, plus karen late monday into tuesday and looks like great weather on tap by the middle of the week. a little bit fallish. there you did. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> all right. harford county has a brand-new cancer center. it opens monday on the upper chesapeake medical center. the $60million facility will give treatment to those who generally have to drive further for cancer treatments. >> we'll be right back after a break.
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all right, that's it for us. >> we'll see you tonight at 11.
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tonight, on the move, the giant tropical storm bearing down on the gulf coast. evacuations underway, state of emergency declared tonight, plus the only winter out west. and a tornado outbreak tonight. we have it all. chaos at the capitol wampt we learned about the driver, the mother with her baby in the back
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seat. what led her to this? the abc news investigation, trailing the police officers who were speeding. there was no emergency. why do they get to speed? and out of this world, a movie everyone is talking about tonight, what happens when disaster strikes in space? tonight the real life hero, who helped inspire the movie, on what it's like a step away from disaster. good evening on this friday night, diane is on assignment. we do begin with that wild weather across the country tonight starting with what you see right here behind me. this giant swirling storm, tropical storm karen, on a collision course with the gulf coast this evening. a state of emergency in louisiana, alabama, mississippi and florida. evacuations now underway, president obama briefed on the
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gathering storm, it's not the only trouble spot tonight. look at this. several states out west with an early winter in south dakota, cars abandoned. in wyoming look, the summer patio right there. the furniture buried in snow. in utah tonight, hale. and in nebraska, listen to this. those are thecy renes tonight, the night sky lit up by lightning, as a tornado moves through town. meteorologist ginger zee is in the gulf tracking it all. she begins with the tropical storm moving in. >> reporter: surf pounding in alabama. storms streaming on shore in louisiana. all ahead of tropical storm karen. now less than a day from making landfall on the gulf coast. >> hide from the wind, and go visit a relative for the weekend. >> reporter: in mississippi, they are putting everything up. and slamming for sandbags outside new orleans. >> better to be safe than sorry.
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we weren't prepared before. >> reporter: several oil rigs shut down in the gulf. some of those furloughed fema workers back on to help prep for karen. up to ten inches of rain, and five feet of storm surge is only one of the weather headlines tonight. a record setting snowstorm is attacking parts of wyoming, nebraska and south dakota. the rapid city airport is closed. a whiteout, as stretches of i-90 in south dakota shut down. and snow, up to two feet deep, smothering backyards. like this october monstrosity. tearing at trees and power lines. threatening iowa, minnesota and others along this cold front, with more severe weather. >> ginger zee reporting in from the gulf tonight. clearly, going to be a troubling and challenging scene for the gulf. we'll check in with ginger and
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that forecast as we continue here. in the meantime, we move on next to washington tonight, word of yet another frightening incident playing out in the nation's capitol. a man set himself on fire on the national mall this afternoon, a witness says he dumped gasoline on his head. and then lit himself on fire. they took off their shirtsz to dowse the flamps. the man has burns on 80% of his body. of course it comes a day after that other harrowing scene in washington. the young mother with her baby in her car who triggered 38 minutes of chaos at the capitol. miriam carey shot dead after a high-speed chase with police. her baby girl is all right. tonight we learn more about her mental state. family and friends speaking out. and correspondent pierre thomas is reporting. >> reporter: we now know that miriam carey was the woman behind the wheel, toddler in tow who led police on a high speed chase. this man saw her


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