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tv   News  ABC  October 7, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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animals are making their way from washington, d.c. to baltimore. this is following the closure of the aquarium in washington, d.c. the first animals, including an octopus will arrive this morning. octopus, october -- all right. animals will be moved every monday and thursday. so get out there and check it out. the 8 tentacles. that is a tough word to say on live television, tentacles. you are looking live this morning at the inner harbor. >> don't mess up there were. >> tentacles, people. we'll be right back.
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hey. a live look this morning at raby road. thinking of the beetles. a beatle's tune. raid. all right. today buckingham palace will host the first soccer game. prince william arranged the game, for the 150 anniversary
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of football. soccer. now, the queen is not expected to attend. both teams are allowed to bring guests, but the match will not be open to the general public. a lot of excitement for halle berry, she and her husband welcomed their son on saturday. this is the 47 years old actresses second child. she has a 5-year-old daughter. this is the first child for him. they married back in july. all right. temperature wise, we are definitely going to be on the warm side, especially this morning. that in a second. in terms of the wet weather, right now. most powerful radar but one lone shower this morning. stepping out the door heading in that direction grab the rain gear. if it is not raining this morning, grab the rain gear, more rain this afternoon. as the kids head to the bus stop it is warm and humid, the temperature around 70 degrees.
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through the afternoon, when they are coming home. yes. stray showers. possibility of a thunderstorm and some of those could be on the severe side as well. all of that moisture we're working with and the humidity will come together and make for a bumpy afternoon. temperature wise around 79 degrees. as we work our way towards this evening, things start to look better. breakup the clouds and start to feel better. it will be cooler with the temperature coming in around 50 degrees. by tomorrow, oh, a different day entirely. mostly sunny. nice and quiet. cooler. seasonably cool. 71 degree that's where we should be. around 70 degrees for this time of the year. as we head through the next few days. yeah. we look good towards tuesday. by wednesday, we go back down hill again. it depends on the way that you look at it, we need rain in the forecast. by the middle of the week the temperature around 69 degrees. now a check of the traffic with mike. >> all right. i'm your biggest fadge this
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weekend, by the way. >> really? >> this woman loves you. >> oh. >> so, i sold your head shot. [ laughter ] all right. good morning, everyone. 695 in the outer loop. construction-related delays. they will be wrapped up very soon. this is key highway southbound, you're dealing with construction-related delays this morning. this is 695 at green spring looking good. and 40 eastbound at u.s. 1. this is a long-term construction project. so if you're going to be in the vicinity of 40 try to use an alternative route. all right. this is 895 into the cautionings. looking good this morning. they are looking good evening. 45 miles per hour speeds. we like to see that. all right. to elkridge north on 95 looking good around 895 and towards 695 it is looking very good. another check on traffic and weather together coming up a
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little bit. now, a look outside, it is humid. we'll be right back.
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two children are recovering this morning after an atv crash
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in hartford county. they are 11 and 6 years old. they were riding the atv in the front yard and it crashed into a tree. beg were taken to the hospital. police are saying neither of the children were wearing helmets. both are expected to be okay. well, tonight you're going get an time to hear about the plans for harbor point. jim will be hosting a public meeting on a development plan set for the area. representatives from the ep and the maryland department of environment will be on hand to answer questions about the presentation, that should be epa. the gets underway at 7:00. well, if you have to travel on russell street during the next month expect delays. bge relocated the utilities under ground. this will accommodate construction for the new casino. that work is expected to begin today and continue through next july. the minimize the delays. crews will do to work for
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nonrush hour. staff animal rawlings-blake is working to reduce cost taxpayers. this comes on the heels of city council consideration resolution that cause for privatization of tax collections and the audit of the tax programs. 5:45. a powerful typhoon slammed into china. killing people, cutting power and forcing people to evacuate. winds close to 100 miles per hour. and whipping up waves to 85 feet in height. this is the 23rd in china this year. last week, another typhoon left 25 people dead. people in south dakota are digging out this morning. a powerful winter storm and left places in whiteout conditions causing one highway to be shutdown.
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drivers are saying that the snow piled up quickly making it impossible to move. some residents sol 30 inches of snow depending on where they lived. thousands also lost power. so lynette, a lot of people are saying enough with the summerlike weather, bring on the fall or snow. but we don't want to see that. we don't want to say that. but i have facebook viewers that would love to see snow. we are not getting the snow. too warm for that. but rain in here through the rest of the morning and this afternoon. some could be on the severe side. we have the potential. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot this morning. a few showers ahead of the frontal boundary. behind that, we will cooldown to seasonable levels. in the meantime, heavy rain coming into west virginia right now. that has an eye set on us as we continue through today. the cold front right now. we're waiting to come in here. he will cuppual the warm and
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humid area that we had in place for today. this is curmacy, too, of karen. so a little bit of moisture from caregen put it in with the cold front, and we have the potential for severe weather. we have in a slight risk for that today. you can see the areas in e red coloring. so the biggest concern, isolated tornado, gusty wind and the heavy rain. so we will watch the possibility of flood. we went rain and need rain in here, not all at once. we will continue the temperatures onwormer side. we will still be above-average, the southerly flow for today. maryland's most powerful radar goes into motion showing you the time line that we will get the rain in here. yes. it will come this morning and linger towards this afternoon.
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the heaviest stuff by the afternoon. we will have the potential for severe weather working in. behind that, we dry out on tuesday. more wet weather from the south on wednesday. with the potential for the severe weather today, make sure that you download or shield app to keep you ahead of the storm and safe. 76 degrees is the tempby lunchtime. and as we go through the rest of the seven, we cooldown nicely. it feels good. like we should be. now, a check of the traffic with mike. all right. nice. not bad. all right. here we go, good morning, everyone. it is monday, right? get excited. okay. 695 looking towards the key bridge, not a bad commute. the speed times are looking good. and the baltimore national pike. all right. i'm not seeing any kind of traffic delays this morning. that is good news. key highway, we have
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construction-related delays this morning. into the city right now, maybe developing construction-related delays around charles street. north at 28 and university, construction-related delays. here is the park and go off of 695, fly with me, we will look along 70 eastbound and westbound, the speeds around 64. charlie? >> all right. eight people are dead and dozens more injured after an out of control monster truck plunged into a crowd. the peck staters gathered to watch the truck. there were no visible barriers or wall. and the driver lost control after jumping a pile of crowd. most of the people were directly in the pack of the runway truck. an administration has been ordered. all right. if you board a plane -- you
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have to show id and went through a check point. a 9-year-old boy was able to sneak on his way to a delta flight headed for las vegas. the plane left with the boy, a run away from the twin cities onboard. he was questioned and stopped in nevada. surveillance video shows the 9- year-old likely passing through the security point without a boarding pass. >> i can't think that a child unattended would not be attend today. >> all of this since 9/11 is to keep us safer, it has, but still we ha gaping holes and this is a perfect exam of it. >> airport authorities are saying that stowaways like this are rare, especially a child. it is under investigation. it was the wrong place at the wrg time. a barbie jeep was parked in the wrong place in this neighborhood in utah. look at this, the real police
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got involved. returning the little car to her house with -- a ticket on it. look at that, there is the bright original ticket. the acceptable-year-old was busy with school and friends. and her dad discovered that police have flagged her barbie jeep. >> i came out of the garage. the jeep was parked in an about particular placer behind my vehicle. i got out and there was a vehicle tag on it. >> i think i left it on the sidewalk. >> you can't trust them. >> hopefully, this will not hurt their driving record. police say that they wrote the ticket as a joke. they were looking out for the neighborhood and the girl's property. a historic house at 203 in west baltimore reopened this weekend after a six month rebelivation. -- renovation. you can check it out on sarday and sunday. it will permanently reopen on screen. amity street.
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>> all right. a live look out at the baltimore inner harbor. beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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she must have kept the drinks coming. a bar tender in oregon gets the tip of a lifetime. >> thanks to a regular and good luck. one of the aurarra's customers tips unplayed queno tickets. one was $17,000. >> i handed him back the ticket and say i can't take it. >> you do things with a good heart in good spirits. but when something is that big, and mean, also you wonder if they are going, gosh i would have kept that one. it is not that way with this guy at all. >> this guy gave her the winning ticket. he wants to stay anonymous. she plans to use the money to buy new couches and saving the rest. all right.
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coming up on abc 2 news -- when our little girl was born,
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we are starting the second week of the government shutdown. and a new group of workers are being told down come to work. >> a live look outside this morning. the extended summer could be coming to an end. and could cool air with that. a chance of showers. we will look at all of it and how it will effect you. good morning. i'm charlie crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. now, right to the weather with meteorologist meteorologist lynette charles. you fee to be prepared. >> you are right. megan. we have the potential for severe weather this morning. the rest of the morning and the afternoon. it could pop up across the area. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. we have one isolated shower in
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hartford county. so traveling along that morning you will be seeing that. low the rest of the morning things will pick up a bit. more rain in the forecast and the potential for severe weather. gusty winds and cannot rule out an isolated tornado. this is what you can expect in terms of -- your temps. this morning we're quite warm. 72 degrees right now in glen burnie and humid as well. now, let's get a check of the traffic with mike. good morning. lynette. highering every one. you will take you down to baltimore street. this is a project until 2015. so know about that. the maryland house. 65 miles per hour speeds on the northbound and southbound lanes
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of 95. so looking good. 55 miles per hour speeds south of the city. as you get adjacent to the stadium. we're looking good there. here is the key bridge spot. and 40 eastbound at u.s. 1 construction-related delays this morning. another check on weather and traffic in less than 10 minutes. the house returns today at the partial government shutdown continues and the u.s. moves closer towards the debt ceiling crisis. so with new deal in site, jack lew is saying that the country is playing with fire. however, john boehner ruling out a vote untasis the president is ready to make concessions. flea thousand people is getting tough news. lockheed-martin is saying it is because of the government shutdown. we are live with the details this morning. >> reporter: well, there are
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more than 500 workers at the lockheed-martin plant here in middle river. the company is saying 3,000 workers nationwide will be furloughed for? because they work in a federal facility. and others because the work is tied to a frahm agency. the company's president is diss appointed this happened. they are encouraging employees to use paid vacation and sick time to get their pay and benefits. the number of employees can vary from day-to-day. lockheed-martin is one of the biggest suppliers of military hardware in this nations. this is days after united technologies, the maker of the blackhawk helicopter furloughed their employees. reporting live, abc 2 news. they knock over the barriers to get into the memorial in their honor.
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more world war ii veterans are not letting the government shutdown slow down their trips to the nation's capital. this trip was from new york. they filted the water filled barricades and then moved past them so, their buses could get to the memorial. the u.s. government is interrogating a suspected al- qaeda often rutival. this is after a raid on libya and somalia. al-libi is beginning to have ties to two bombs at embassies. his wife, is saying that he left al-qaeda in 1996, and has no question to the 1998 bombs. she is saying a group ambushed al-libi on saturday. >> they are saying there were ten people.


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