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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 9, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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there are some other sea lions that bring their friends. >> you know nicknames, they get passed around for sure. >> a strange story of who done it happened all because of the events that unfolded in this surveillance video. according to reports, craig and eric sandhoff were kicked out of the bar and were trying to get back in. were wh they weren't allowed back in, an all-out brawl started between the brothers and several bouncers. according to one of the bouncers, that's 25-year-old mitton tores in the brawl opinion. one of the brothers pulled out a knife and stabbed him. >> the reason we're watching the footage now is because jury selectiois under way for this
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trial. according to reports, eric was initially charged in the stabbing of milton torres. but this is where the story gets strange. what you're seeing at this moment on the video are the two sandhoff brothers hugging. that is eric coming out of the jail as craig is going into the jail. eric was charged but craignded up coming clean and admitting to the stabbing. >> how did they not know that from looking at the video behind the bar? >> evidently they look enough alike. they're brothers. it's kind of grainy and hard to make out exactly what's going on. this trial has been delayed several times and now they finally are undergoing a process of selecting a jury so the trial can begin. >> jury selection can a bummer.
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>> you know what is a bigger problem that one lane shut down? you see this excavator that was working on the hillside above this lane of traffic. now, you see the driver fall out of this thing, 39-year-old ismail penn. he's motionless for a while. but you do see him begin to stir. you can see how high up he was. that's how high up he was working and you see how far down he fell. apparently he lost control up there and when you're that high above concrete lanes of traffic, pretty dangerous scenario. now from turkey to south africa, this one can you blame on the driver. dash cam footage of the vehicle ahead, a big boat carrying a
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bridge. keep watching. >> oh. >> the boat knocks down that yellow barrier into that white car. >> wow. >> i don't think anybody was injured in in one. did you see somebody -- it looks like somebody gets out of truck and checks on that person in the white car. no crazy damage in in one except the barrier and probably the boat. >> it's the latest wing suit stunt getting lots of attention. >> he's not going to use a parachute at all. he's going to land as he skips across the water. >> why this stunt isn't as extreme as it appears. plus ten tricks to ha your halloween. >> how cool is that?
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the crazy russian hacker is hacking our halloween with some crazy ideas. the ideas are pretty awesome. >> we're going to use this thing as the candle. >> he just takes the little tiny pumpkin. >> i love the little pumpkin. >> this is cool. it's a glow in the dark balloon. >> this is your glow stick.
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broke it and put it in. >> we're going to need a mini pumpkin. >> can you see that three times fast? >> he's saying vampire. >> then i'm going to stick these vampire teeth into it. looks awesome. >> all you need is glow in the dark face paint you can buy at a party store or halloween store. you put it on the pumpkin. once it's completely covered, you turn off the lights. if you take a plain, boring right candle and melt a red candle over it, making it look look it's a bloody candle. >> a little glass of water, drop it down in there. grab a piece of dry ice and drop it done in there. >> i like that! but then they take this idea a step further. >> all they need is a glass with water already put over there and
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so. then we're going to drop this piece of dry ice. >> how cool is that? they put soap in the water and now there's like foam bubbling out of the mouth. go to and click on rtm or see it on our mobile app. >> the evolution of wing suit flying continues to progress almost daily. >> rafael, the latest winged suit stuntman tries the latest thing. he's not going to use a parachute at all. these going to land as he skims across the water. you may think this is crazy but you may remember this video we saw about a year ago, a guy named gary connery. he did land without a parachute.
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you've basically got one shot. here it goes. and here's the landing. do you believe it? many people on the internet, in the comments don't believe this is real. in the description he credits jeb corliss for the inspiration. i asked jeb to reach out. >> they believe it's a fake. if you notice when he jumps there's a second camera on his helmet. >> when he lands, where where's that cam world of wingman is apparently a men's product company, deodorant, sos. people are saying if this actually happened, it would be sponsored by red bull. >> that's true.
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>> definitely fake. >> this man lives in englewood, i presume englewood, california. he is going to remove something from his shoulder. he claims he was shot six months ago. >> that's a bullet? >> that he claims is a bullet in his shoulder. >> shouldn't this be done by a doctor? >> presumably. when you geo to a doctor. >> how did he get get it out. >> how do you -- >> slowly, slowly he's pulling this out. >> is this the exit wound? >> he's got a scar on the other side. >> it might have been a through and through but it didn't come all the way out. >> oh, it popped right out. it popped right out. >> oh.
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>> or maybe he didn't want to go to the doctor and say, hey, i've been shot. maybe it's been in there and the doctor said it's going work its way out. the video is school. i don't know how it got there or anything. >> the person who posted it, one of the comments he made in the video is he was in a car when he was shot. >> oh! don't put that on camera! oh! >> when we first showed you this cheeseburger, we thought it was fake. turns out it is not fake, it is real. and we've got the artist herself to set the story straight. plus, will harrison gets caught singing in the tub. >> he's singing. ♪ what a fox says"?
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on monday during our real or fake segment, we had this video. do you remember this adorable girl painted a cheeseburger and fries and all five of us said this is too good, this is fake. >> it's a printed photograph she's painting white and it's in reverse. >> absolutely fake. that is not how paintings come together. >> it is not fake, it is real. and, in fact, the artist is jamie joe, she has lots of fans, lots of followers all over the world and they like reaching out to us to let us know this was in fact a real painting. to profi a real painting, jamie joe uploaded this video of the actual process. if you look what she wrote below she's like "goodness me this is boring but apparently necessary." >> now that i'm seeing it like
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this, feels a little bit different. >> she's in fact a painter who puts tons of artwork out there, has tons of videos on her youtube channel, which is bananajanana. but to tell us once and for all this is real week have jamie from springfield, missouri. welcome to the show! i love that you've got the painting there right behind you. you have proven us wrong. we are eating crow. how do you paint something that looks like a photograph? >> i practiced like two paintings a day whenever iv was in high school. >> do you have a lot of people who think what you do is fake? >> i went to missouri state and i was going to the art department and the head of the art department questioned whether my art was photographs or not. >> does that frustrate sfu. >> it's very flattering.
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>> you said you lost a bet to your brother playing cards so why did he want you to paint him a hamburger? >> i'm vegan. >> oh! >> when we said there's no way, this is fake, were you mad at us? >> no, i was scared. >> why? >> i felt like a lot of people were going to call me fraud or something then. >> now we feel bad. we're sorry. you're lucky to paint a picture of us with egg on our face. >> absolutely. >> kids and animals. they mix so perfectly. and this precious little girl has encountered an ostrich in the back of her family's car and she gets to feed it. ouch!
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>> it got her. >> oh! >> oh, man, that stink. >> but she handles it kind of awesome. >> ouch. >> don't panic. come on, then, we'll put the window up. there you go. there you go. say bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >> she was scared because she was hurt but she still was mesmerized i think by the animals and she still managed to crack up once the window was up. >> this. ♪ ♪ >> he's singing "what the fox
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says ♪ >> what does the fox say. ♪ >> minding his own business in his bath and singing "the fox". >>. ♪ what the fox says >> it was a hit on the screen and now a hit for halloween.
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this is one of those videos that you just push play, sit back and watch because it is cool. this video was made by red bull. it features one of the world's top free runners. he partnered up with a buddy of his in bosnia, sarajevo. went to visit. they decided to have fun with the beautiful city and they started running. ♪ ♪ >> do you have to alert people that you're going to be stomping across their roofs? do you get permission or is this guerrilla style running amuck? >> they're probably so good at it -- i like to think of them as ninjas.
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>> yeah, they're very ninja-like, that's for sure. but you got to get your camera guy out there, too. you have to think about that. so maybe they do let them know. it's always fun to watch. >> halloween a big deal, whether you're big -- >> or small. >> especially if you're small. >> the two littlest girls, the littlest of witch is abigail. this is the moment where abigail finds out what she's going to be. >> who is this? >> belle! >> you knew it? >> even i knew this was belle. >> and she knew, too. she's only 3. >> and for the larger people out there, sometimes up need help making a costume so thread banger who the rest cute. >> sharknado, the movie ev was talking about.
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>> you go to the home and garden store and buy one of those taupe ya -- topiary things, you wrap it in sar and wrap and sar and wrap the lights and then you can put red thread in its mouth. >> it's all blood and guts. >> then you just wear some gray sleeves and pants and there you are, you're a sharknado. >> no one's going to not know what you are. >>
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>> taylor: hey, hot stuff! what's up? >> t.j.: what are you doing here? >> taylor: you know i like the way you put extra whipped cream on my milkshakes! besides, we're friends, right? >> t.j.: i guess. [ chuckles dryly ] >> taylor: i'm sorry. you guess? >> t.j.: well, uh, i hardly ever see you around anymore. you're always off with your new boyfriend, rafe. >> taylor: [ chuckles ] >> sam: hey! >> molly: hi! >> sam: oh, my goodness. what's all this? >> molly: we are so excited that danny's home, finally, and so we had to come over and celebrate.
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>> sam: well, that is very sweet. thank you. >> molly: we brought balloons, obviously, and some toys, stuffed animals. >> rafe: so, where is the little guy? >> sam: um -- g ---i'm really sorry, but now's -- now's not a good time. >> molly: uh -- why not? >> carly: [ huffs ] >> alexis: carly, you're just the person i'm looking for. do you have a minute? i need to ask you a question about lucas. >> carly: lucas? my brother? why do you want to talk about lucas? >> alexis: well, i-it's not really lucas i want to talk about. it's his father. >> carly: okay. and now you really have me thrown. what do you want to know about tony? >> alexis: no, not tony. his biological father -- julian jerome. >> franco: hey! going someplace? >> derek: actually, yes -- upstairs to have dinner with carly jacks. >> franco: no. >> derek: no? >> franco: yes.
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well, yes to your no. >> derek: mm. >> franco: i don't think it's a good idea for you to do that. >> lulu: we just think that it's time to clear the air. >> dante: yeah, get this all straightened out as soon as possible. >> lulu: for connie's sake, to avoid any future confusion and get her permanently settled where she belongs. >> spinelli: yeah, w-we couldn't agree more! >> maxie: absolutely. so, how do you guys want to do this? >> lulu: with these. everything is worked out. all you and spinelli have to do is, uh, sign. >> spinelli: uh -- i'm not sure i comprehend. >> maxie: what are these? >> dante: they're adoption papers. >> lulu: so dante and i can keep connie. >> maxie: so now you guys want to keep the baby. >> lulu: she's ours. of course we do. >> dante: why did you two think we called you here?
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