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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 5, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> hungary it counts the cost after talks this sludge pours out of the reservoir. the mosque said to be at the center of militant activity in germany. the man who plotted to explode a car bomb in times square is jailed for life. welcome to "bbc world news." coming up, after an arson attack on the west bank mosque, to rabbis from the jewish settlement. the graphic footage that sparked off a fierce debate in australia about the police use of stun guns.
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calgary says it will take more than a year and cost tens of millions of dollars to clean up the damage caused by toxic sludge. four people were killed by the debris. it engulfed nearby villages. nearly 500 police officers and soldiers have now been deployed. >> the toxic sludge past like a tidal wave of about a kilometre wide for these committees, sweeping away cars and damaging buildings and painting everything in its path dark red. there is little or no warning. the rescue and repair work has begun, but the sludge has a dangerous height metal content.
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most of the injuries are burns. many of the injured are from the rescue services. there are already demand from local people at the top levels of government for an explanation from the company responsible. >> the firm had a contingency plan, which allows for only 200-300,000 cubic meters of ways. we already know that we face 700,000 cubic meters. our question is how it could happen that a lower amount was calculated in an efficient plan. that would be the objective of the future investigation. a massive cover-up operation is now under way in the seven towns and villages affected. they want to limit any further damage. large quantities of clay haven't dumped into the river to try to
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bind the heavy metals before they reach the river further north. estimates of the cost of the damage it have already been put at tens of millions of dollars. >> officials and the pakistan tribal region have told the bbc that the four germans were among eight militants killed by suspected u.s. drowns. it is not expected if they park connected to an alleged al qaeda plots. >> the french arrest its happened in the nearby town of avignon. the police say they seized a rifle, a shotgun, and ammunition. and paris, the government linked the rest to the fight against terror. >> the interior minister says the threat is real. our vigilance is total and every
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french person must know that we are doing everything we can to ensure that security and their protection. meanwhile, in germany, at a mosque in hamburg is emerging at the center of a web of connections. a dozen militant mask and have since vanished to northern pakistan. it is also the mosque where some of the 9/11 attackers land. one of the man who vanished in 2009 was arrested in afghanistan and is being questioned by the americans there. when the united states warned of terror attacks, it's stored -- it's got the information might have come from him. >> we have a lot of rumors coming in, but nothing specific. the guy who is in custody is telling a lot of all structures, but nothing specific about concrete attacks. they >> over the weekend,
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american warnings of imminent danger prompted tighten security in european cities. particularly prominent landmarks and tourist spots. at one of the supposed targets. >> we saw a warning on tv this morning, but it did not bother us at all. we have not seen any evidence of any concern and we are not concerned. >> there are warnings all the time. last time i was in new york city, there were warnings about terrorists. what am i going to do? stop traveling? >> in northern pakistan, the united states has increased the frequency of drawn attacks. the pakistan authorities are not saying specifically who may have died in the latest drone attack. >> whatever the immediate threats in places like this where tourists to gather, clearly a long-term threat remains. the german authorities reckon
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that there are 130 people in this country capable of political crimes of considerable scale. the attack in northern pakistan has not diminished that number by much. >> the men who plotted to kill americans by driving a homemade car bomb into times square and leaving it to explode has been sentenced to life in prison. an american citizen born in pakistan has been -- pleaded guilty to weapons and terrorism charges. >> this is the pakistan born u.s. citizen who declared war on his adopted country. >> i have wanted to join my brothers and jihad sent 9/11 happens. >> he journey from connecticut to the border regions of pakistan, where he received a bomb training from the taliban.
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his travels and it here, inside this man had in court today to spend the rest of his life in jail. he said attacks on americans will continue until the u.s. leaves muslim clans. he was defiant in court. the defeat of the u.s. is imminent, he claimed. he is live led cameras of times square, like these, to plan is a tax. he measured the crowd that different parts of the day, wanting his explosion to cause maximum carnage. on a warm evening, he attempted to set up a bomb inside his car when times square's was packed with peter going to rest. he is petroleum tanks and fertilizer and this alarm clock as a timer.
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he was dramatically captured on the runway at jfk airport to days later on board a plane heading for dubai. u.s. officials made a replica of his bomb. this was the result. what radicalized this middle- class son of a pakistan military officer? he seemed to have it all. but he had money troubles and was disillusioned with life in the west. >> i will fight the disbelievers. >> into a dozen 9, he went to a taliban training camp where he was given money to make his bomb. he was angry about the u.s. attacks in pakistan, opposed the american troops in iraq and
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afghanistan now the man is starting his life behind bars. >> a court in paris has sentenced jerome kerviel to three years in jail for unauthorized deals. >> baroque trader, a man who painted himself today, he was found guilty. he single-handedly it masterminded one of the biggest banking fraud in history. he was sentenced to three years behind bars. he has to pay back the enormous debt that he left, 4.9 billion euros. >> if his trading positions have made a profit, he would not be here today. within that system, he was -- he
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never made bets. by 2008, he faked nearly 50 billion euros. during his trial, a fellow trader gave evidence on jerome kerviel's behalf. every day, the supervisor went to the warehouse and said nothing. his promotion from the back office said the prosecution meant he had the expert knowledge of the computer system. the court ruled on the evidence available, his managers could not have known what he was up to. >> it does not mean that the banking system is not guilty of promoting. >> jerome kerviel walked free today, his appeal already under way.
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his enormous debt it is a lifetime sentence. >> a russian man accused of being one of the world's most of korea's arms dealers is to be extradited from thailand to the united states. >> there are two versions of his life. innocent russian businessmen or notorious arms dealer. which one is true? it will now be decided in america. >> the guided missiles, mortars, mines. >> the soviet era weapons field wars across africa. they set up a sting in bangkok, where he allegedly offered
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stolen arms. britain's intelligence service attract them. >> he is a merchant of death. he does trade in arms and he has dollars and diamonds. frankly, that sort of activity needs to be stopped and people like jimmy to be put away for the rest of their lives. >> but he denies the charges. backed by moscow, he has opposed american extradition for two years. legal loopholes have kept him here, but his wife admitted the fight should now move to the u.s. >> he is said to be the biggest arms dealer in the world. >> this is all country. the u.s. government has spent 10 years to create this an inch. >> with every legal at any rate -- legal avenue closed, he faces extradition to the u.s. in the next few days.
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his only hope lies with the thai government. at this stage, that seems unlikely. >> you are watching "bbc world news." china every rights of the world -- the rules of international development in africa. a metal pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle a rhino horn through manchester airport has been sentenced to 12 months in prison. he headed in a bronze sculpture as he tried to board a flight to china. >> there are eight top -- they are top attraction at many zoos. he died last year at the age of 41, a plot was hatched to cash in on his death. the man behind the scandal,
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smuggling rhino horn is big money. they can sell for up to 60,000 pounds a kilo. the antiques dealer had planned to smuggle the horns of the country through manchester airport. his eventual destination was china. he checked the bags in it. when there were tax rate, officials discovered to suspicious sculptures. >> their way about 10 kilos. from then on, it was a question of tracking down how does a rhino horns got into the u.k. and what was happening with them. >> there is been a big increase in the poaching of wild rhinos in southern africa. experts warn that any illegal sale of rhino horn will help encourage those caring of the killing. staff at the zoo's said they were sickened by this crime, but the new a baby rhino he followed his legacy.
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>> passengers of eight budget philippine airlines were treated to an energetic performance of the safety guidelines. they demonstrated safety procedures while moving to a lady gaga song. you are watching "bbc world news." the government in humphrey is warning that a massive toxic sludge like will take more than a year to clean it up and could cost tens of millions of dollars. german is the at the center of concerns about al qaeda operations. jewish and muslim leaders have met at a mosque in the palestinian west bank, which allegedly set alight by jewish settlers. the arsonist's also burned in
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the koran. >> amid chaotic, a rare meeting of jewish and muslim leaders in the palestinian west bank village. trying to diffuse the tense situation after an act of extreme provocation. earlier, local muslims were praying, and burned copies of the koran. a day after their moscow had been ransacked and set ablaze, bought by extremist, jewish settlements nearby. >> of the burning affects everybody. it burns our hearts. i want people to express their kurds with words. >> and hebrew, the word price tag had been scrawled on the
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walls. in a phrase coined by a militant settlers opposed to the peace process. the situation here is usually calm. the religious leaders made a public display of its unity. >> they represent only themselves. for a national perspective, make it clear that your other opinions are heard. >> this is the fourth such price tag incident this year and comes amid difficult moment of peace talks between israelis and palestinian leaders. the attack on this mosque has been widely -- widely condemned across the board. it is a reminder that extremists on both sides determined to disrupt and sabotages any attempt to reach peace between
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the israelis and palestinians. >> there is outbreaks in australia after the release of a video which shows police officers using a stun gun at 13 times against an unarmed aboriginal man. in another incident in sydney, a man died after being stunned. you may find some of the image is disturbing. >> this is a disturbing closed- circuit video footage taken two years ago with a police detection video that sparked off a. across the country. it shows the treatment by a group of police officers to run on arms from original -- aboriginal man. at first, the police tried to subdue him using a single blast
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from a stun gun. then they used it again and again. 13 times in total, the last five off-camera. even though the man was clearly in agony. nine officers were on hand to physically restrain him. in an internal investigation, to senior constables were fined for using excessive force. but no charges were brought against them. the premier of western australia has strongly condemned their actions. >> it was excessive use of a taser. >> they were introduced to provide officers with an alternative to handguns. the report claims that there is a growing tendency to use them beyond normal compliance. >> we very clearly do not want to use them as compliant tools.
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they're there to prevent risk of injury. >> the release of the footage coincided with the death insigne of a man alleged to have threatened pleased with two knives. it is fuelled the national debate over the use of tasers. >> china has invested billions of dollars in africa and exchange for trade with raw materials that it needs to fill its own economy. that has sparked intense debate. >> tanzania is an african country where it no conflict and no famine. it is looking for trade and investment to speed up its development. but milligan still live in poverty. -- but to millions to live in poverty.
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nearly 40% have no easy access to water and it is only arrived here 2.5 years ago. >> it took such a long time, says the village chairman. people use to fight over water. britain is one of the biggest donors to tanzania. the government is now examining exactly how it is being spent. also, the whole new way of dealing with aid has come to africa. china is here with billions of pounds to spend at it is rewriting the rules of international development. chinese engineers are putting up a hospital cardiac weighing that will be built and equipped and stopped completely by china. these engineers do not get expensive perks.
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they live on site until the job is finished. this whole hospital units will be built in less than a year. far less red tape, too. one thing the chinese is that they provide aid with no strings attached. for example, human rights and democracy are never laid down as conditions. >> we treat them as equal partners. we will not be told anything, but we will introduce. >> this stadium together with mining roads and railways is part of the big chinese push to win trade with africa. the railway line, built by china in the 1970's, is now been upgraded to transport food, cold, iron ore, and a lot more.
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including a luxury apartment blocks in anticipation of a chinese style economic boon in tanzania. >> they are building roads, factories. they are directing their investment in things that can make tanzania grow. >> in this chinese -- would china doing so much, what does this leave for britain? no cuts in the budget that a new aid partnership with the chinese. >> we need every penny of britain's budget and all the other budgets, too. the answer is that in partnership with china, that is a high priority. we will be able to do much more
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to speed up development in africa. aid is a means to an end. >> care, they talk about the politics debate. will it be a partnership or a competition for influence among richer countries? >> prince william has taken part in his first rescue mission. >> after studying for two years, he put all of this trading -- training to the test. when they got -- the call. captured on his helicopter camera, this is the offshore gas raid where a man just suffered a suspected heart attack. he was brought ashore and taken
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to the hospital. >> we do hundreds of these a year. we will have plenty of opportunities to work. >> if all goes well, william will end up in command of a rescue helicopter. he will respond to emergencies on sea and on land. the prince will also continue his fledgling charity work. following in his mother's footsteps. for the next few years, rescuing those in peril will become routine. >> our top world story, the hungarian government says the baltic more than a year and cost tens of millions of dollars to clear up the damage caused by toxic sludge which burst from a reservoir. four people were killed and more
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than a hundred were injured from an industrial plant and built several villages. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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