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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 19, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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merry christmas!!! leave me alone! please, leave me alone! why are you doing this? none of your cotten picken business. fair enough. i'm coming out. don't you touch me or i'm just going toalk. touch me and i'll jump. no don't go. not out on the ledge. you're not the first guy to think of this, you know. everyone's got problems especially during the silly season. you don't know squat. wrong. you're wrong. youdon't know nothing. don't touch me. i'm not doing anything wrong. i know that. not like you're murdering anyone. right.
5:31 pm
only one hurt is me. same way i look at it. now come on. don't come near me. come on give me a break. my boss is down there watching. come on. i'm gonna stand here and talk to you, okay? you're not gonna try nothing. nope no i'll square with you, i won't try anything. you swear? i don't want to fall off. i promise i'll just talk to ya. ok. ok. here you want a cigarette? just a smoke ok? yeah. go on take it. i think we've got time to both die of cancer. here. you're not gonna leave without me. hey ... see this key? bye-bye. you're crazy.
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you can jump if you want. but you take me with you. makes you a murderer. ok? you better. you'll be killing a cop. ya, i'll be killing a psycho nut cop. ya a psycho, but i'm still a cop. you coming inside? i'm jumping! you really wanna jump...? do you wanna? that's fine with me. let's do it air head. hey, wait, wait... i wanna do it. geronimoooooo... get him away from me!! cut me loose!! crazy tried to kill me! did you see that? ? he tried to kill me!!! don't you touch me.
5:33 pm
what the hell did you just do?? i controlled the jump. you wanted him down. he's down. c'mere. get in here! okay, clown, no b.s. do you want to kill yourself? aw... shut up. yes or no, do you want to die? yes or no? i got the job done. you're not answering the question! what do you wanna hear, man? you wanna hear sometims that i think about eating a bullet? well i do. i even got a special one for the occasion with a hollow point. look make sure it blows the back of my hot damn head off. every day i wake up, i look for a reason not to it. you know why i don't do it this is gonna make you laugh. the job...
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doing the job, that's... that's the reason. you want to die. i'm not afraid of it. here. take my gun. don't nibble on the barrel, pull the trigger. go ahead, pal. be my guest. go ahead. if you're serious. you shouldn't tempt me, man. put it in your mouth. bullet goes in your ear, might not kill you. under the chin's just as good. you're not trying to draw a psycho pension. you're really crazy... i'm hungry, i'm going to go get something to eat. oh, no.
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(on the phone) i don't know, he's hurting hes in pain. there's something eating away at this guy. i think riggs has a death wish, that's wtit. terrific. so you're saying i should worry. ya i think you should worry. when he goes... you don't want to be anywhere near. thank you, doctor. you've been very helpful. you're welcome. i'm too old for this stuff. you hungry? no, i'm not hungry. want me to drive? no i'll drive. you get in that side! you get a bad personal phone call? what happened, the stock market crashed? here have a french fry.
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get the door. nice and easy. nice and easy. isn't that sweet? i'm thinking probable cause. get the girl! ok bozo! police. hold it right there.
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get your hands on that tree and face each other. hands in front of you, face down. show me your hands, let me see them. put your hands out there. see how easy that was? boom. still alive. now we question him. know w we can question him? because i got him in the leg. i didn't shot him full of holes or jump off a building with him. no fair, the building guy lived. whatever. the point is, no killing. no killing. right. piece of cake. i'm very happy. read the man his rights, i'll be ove. he's got a gun!
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oops. have you... ever... met someone you didn't kill... ? haven't killed you yet. well don't do me no favors. dont worry. i guess we can get outta here. look, i' m sorry i said that stuff back there. you saved my life thank you. i bet that hurt to say. ypu'll never know.
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come on lets get going. oh! here's my little welcoming commitee. which one's my daughter. bye all of you. how ya doing? i am doing all right how are you? is that a crook? no, hoy, this is martin, my partner. i'm glad you're home at a sensible hour. well i try to be a sensible dad. come on in.
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door shut? yeah. hello nick! hi dad. get your legs off the arm of the couch. hello baby. hi, honey. i want you to meet daddy's my new partner. martin will be joining us for dinner. what's for dinner? how about brown, roast-like substance? roger, you're being an airhead. drink, martin? what do you got?
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do you ever go fishing? not since i was a kid. renee get the desert please honey. rean you're mother said get the desert. you'll catch a few things out there. that's where i cought my wife. mr. riggs would you like a tart? yes thank you call me martin. martin. ugh, mr. riggs. sit down. (beatbox) my name is karen, i'm no fearin, my sisters sharin, she's in love with this guy named martin.
5:47 pm
karen!!! hey sarge. thanks for taking out the garbage. honey i'm entertaining our guest. whaddaya think? you know anything about boats, roger? know how much they cost. i mean, can you sail this thing? what's wrong with you? this ain't a sail boat. that's what i thought. no trick to it. that's the front. that's the back. water all around. why you gotta make things so complicated? i don't. that's just how they are. oh, yeah. you mean amanda hunsacker's murder? now, did i mention that?
5:48 pm
you don't have to. i can read your mind. i don't get you, riggs. what's the problem? we got one dead girl and one dead guy. dead guy killed the dead girl and we killed the dead guy 'cause he wanted us to be dead guys. seems pretty easy to me. look, her sugar daddy was dealin' drugs. she said somethin'... or did somethin'... or saw somethin' she shouldn't have, and he pitched her off the balcony into the sweet by-an'-by. that's why he came at us today with a shotgun. i don't know. sounds a little too neat to me. of course it's neat. and what's wrong with neat? i like neat. hey! watch what you're doin'! lookin' for this? you airhead. daddy!
5:49 pm
i didn't meant to interupt this intillectual conversation. what is it, rianne? mark wants to take me out to a club tomorrow night. you're grounded- you knowhat. please, daddy... which one is mark, anyway? the blond one. the one with pits in his face. those are dimples. those are pits. when he smiles, i can see through his head. the answer is no. end of story. i'm gonna go home. i've lost track... did we resolve anythi here tonight? yeah. we resolved that your wife takes out the garbage. you don't know from boats, and you got one hell of a family, guy. thanks. enjoyed the meal. balogne, but thanks anyway. you don't trust me at all, do you?
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tell you what. make it through tomorro. especially me. or yourself. then i'll start trusting you. fair enough. i do it real good, you know. do what? kill people... when i was nineteen, i did a guy in laos from a thousand yards out. rifle shot in high wind. ten guys in the world coulda made that shot. huh. only thing i was ever good at. well, see you tomorrow. yeah. see you then. hey riggs? yo. you really like my wife's cooking?
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yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ every single small kitchen appliance is on sale right now at sears! plus get an extra 10% off with saving pass! all cuisinart is on sale! kitchenaid standmixer just $299.99! kenmore coffeemaker or blender, only $29.99. so go to sears now! morning, roger. here, have some coffee.
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hey, roger, i've been doing a little thinking-- i've been doing a lot of thinking actually-- about the night amanda hunsaker died. how'd you get in here? trish let me in. what time is it? uh, it's daytime. ok, i'm up. listen, the night amanda hunsaker died, she-- what was the name of that hooker who witnessed the jump? oh, come on, let me sleep. come on, we gotta get up and catch bad guys... ok, ok, i'll get a shower. be real policemen. i'll get a shower. what was the name of that hooker, the one that witnessed the jump? wilshire vice says century city's not her usual turf. dixie! her name is dixie! now give me that cup! and get out of here! [gunshots] someone was in bed with amanda hunsaker the night she died. right. up till now, we assumed it was a man. ok, suppose it was dixie. ok. disgusting, but ok. let's say dixie put the drain cleaner in her pills. say someone paid her to do it. sure, she thinks, fine. amanda swallows a couple of downers, and... she's dead. then dixie-- if it was her. if it was her. she's got plenty of time to spritz the place up and get out,
5:57 pm
whatever. except amanda jumps out the window. or dixie pushes her. you know, either way. either way, she has to make a quick exit because the body's public, sohe hauls ass downstai. people are coming out, saying, "what's happened?" somebody spots her. she says, "shoot!" that's right. she actually stops and says, "shoot." the point being that now she has to cover herself! right. so she grabs the nearest flatfoot she can find and says, "officer, officer, i saw the whole thing!" right! right. ah, that's really pretty thin! that's very thin. what the hell? thin's my middle name. your wife's cooking, i'm not surprised. what? nothin'. remarks like that will not get you invited to christmas dinner. my luck's changing for the better every day. all right, baby, come to roger. come on. ooh. center mass! center mass!
5:58 pm
read 'em and weep! what do you do, sleep with that thing under your pillow? i would if i slept. uh-oh. policemen are here. yeah, you're right. hello, policemen. hi. hi. how you doing? fine. fine. fine. all: are you gonna bust dixie? uh, no, we're just going over there for a cup of coffee. yeah. we're going over here to have breakfast. ♪ you're gonna bust dixie ♪ ♪ you're gonna bust dixie ♪ ♪ you're gonna bust dixie ♪ like i said, thin. probably nothing.
5:59 pm
wow, did you see that? wasn't that great? wow! your coat's on fire. yeah. probably nothing. yeah. thin, very thin. very thin. you guys ok? you got all your fingers and toes? 3-william-56, we got a fire and explosion at 111th and larch. request ambulance and fire department. do it again! do it again! give me a break, guys. enough! enough! enough! do you think dixie was home? what you got? part of the device. oh, this is artwork, this is real damn artwork. well, i'm glad you like it. you don't get it. this is real pro stuff. i haven't seen anything like this since the war.


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