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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  December 19, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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come again. co on. the cia, they used to hire mercs that used the exact same setup. mercury switches... kaflooey! that's heavy stuff. sarge, sarge. i think we got something over here. the detective wants to see you. ok, here it is. a bunch of kids playing this morning. one of 'em saw a guy checking theeter. where? here at dixie's. he was playing some kind of game, hiding under the porch. says he saw the guy pretty good, too. it could be a break. what? those kids are 6 years old. if that. you call the gas company? sure did. no one's supposed to check that meter for at least another month. let me handle this. be my guest. here's the little fellow that saw the guy. hi! my name is detective murtaugh. what's yours? don't tell him your name, alfred. oop. alfred!
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oh, this is-- it's alfred. hey, meet alfred. this is alfred. alfred, hi. you like ice cream? yeah. yeah. ice cream. ice ice cream. no, no, no. not you, alfred. now, alfred, uh... the man you saw, the meter man, you get a good look at him? i saw him. great. picture him in your head. close your eyes and think what he looks like. got it? mm-hmm. can you draw him? mm-hmm. get some drawing paper and crayons. hurry up. this is good. i like this. can it, man. oh, we're gonna put out an apb on big bird. that's very funny. yeah, attention, all units, large yellow bird, silly voice. you're hilarious, martin. it's enough. ok, tell me what he looks like. was he black? mm-mmm. was he white? mm-hmm. he was white. ok. was he tall? tall like me?
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what color was his hair? was it brown? black? blond? mm-hmm. blond. his hair was blond. what, uh, what did he have on? jeans? did he have jeans on? it was pain'ed. pained? pained? pained? i don't know. pained? p-painted! mm-hmm. painted. a tattoo? tattoo? uh, like popeye? like popeye? a tattoo like popeye? oh, not like popeye. it was that. like that? exactly like that? mm-hmm. i saw it good. this is it. i remember. are you sure? it had a knife, even. roger, that's a special forces tattoo.
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really? yeah. a special forces tattoo, mercury switches. what the hell have we gotten into here? yeah. here. i wonder if there's an opening in the l.a. fire department.
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it's difficult at a memorial service to find the happy moments, but amanda was special to all of us. you want to tell me about it? tell you about what? don't give me that. your daughter wasn't killed because of something she was into. she was killed because of something you 're into. stop me if i'm wrong. roger, i don't know what the hell you're talking about. hey, mike, keep your hands away from your pocket, ok? take it easy, man. i am easy. when you called me the other day, you were gonna blow the whistle, right?
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blow the whistle on what? you were going to spill your guts, so they killed your daughter. tell me if i'm wrong. hey, talk to me. they killed your daughter. ey paid off a hooker to poison your little girl. talk to me! roger, i've got another daughter. she'll be protected. you can't protect her. you don't know these people. acquaint me with them. it goes all the way back to the war. i ended up working with a group called air america, cia front. they secretly ran thentire war out of laos. i was with a special unit called shadow company-- mercs, trained killers. when charlie was bringing in heroin to finance the vc government, shadow company went in, we burned the whole thing down. we killed everybody. we also formed a plan. keep talking.
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a couple of years ago, shadow company got together again. the war was over, but we still had our list of sources in asia. and? and we've been bringing it in ever since. bringing in what? heroin. 2 major shipments a year. it's all run by ex-cia... soldiers, mercs. if you were getting cold feet, why did they kill amanda? why not just kill you? they can't kill me. they need me. why? my company, the bank-- it's a perfect front. it makes everything look great on the tax reports. tax reports. this is big business, roger. not anymore. i'm gonna burn it down.
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you can't. it's too big, rog. these people are trained expert killers. i want to know about your next shipment. i want to know where it's coming in, how many people you got working for you. i can't tell you that. roger, i can't. i've got another daughter. i want all the information. you can't protect her. i am in this too deep, roger. [gunshot] heroin. you got off easy. through? i haven't even started.
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joshua: general mcallister, 801, this is delta 1. we're coming in. over. so you've accomplished your mission? yes, sir. mr. hunsaker is dead, sir. i'm afraid, however, that another problem exists. what is it? explain. hunsaker spoke to the police, sir. are they dead? no, sir. i missed the opportunity. i'm very disappointed. so the police may know everything, the whole operation now. that is correct, sir. joshua, i think it's time we turned up the heat. come on home. [thunder rumbling] hi. hi. what's a nice irish girl like you doing out here tonight? listen, i'm looking for a guy, had this girl in his stable. do you know this girl? no, i've never seen her before. dixie. she's in your line of work. you sure? sure, why? what are you doing? oh, i'm a police officer. don't worry. i'm not gonna drag your tail into jail.
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[honk honk] you wore your vest. that's smart, kid. yaah! i'm on your side! i'm on your side! all right, kid. aah! that hurts! you all right? i'm miffed, roger. now i'm miffed. oh, christ! hey, hey, hey, wait. 2 inches higher, they would've gotten your head. yeah, 2 inches lower, i'd have been a falsetto for life. come on. where's my gun? where's my gun? here. here. thanks. aw, wait, roger. what? the guy who shot me. the guy who shot me. yeah, what about him? the same albino jackrabbit
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son of a bee that did hunsaker. you sure? i'm sure, man. i never forget an airhead. got an idea. get a couple of first-class tickets to detroit and lay low for a couple of weeks. what do you say? come on. be serious. what do we do? what else? we bury the funsters. and you know something else? what? we do this right, we get famous, do shaving ads and bit. girls, money. sure. with our luck, we'll be doing forest lawn commercials. balogne. we got the edge. edge? roger, they think i'm dead. i'm a corpse. brilliant. dispatcher: 3-william-56, come in, please. 3-william-56, come in, over. 3-william-56, over. first off, we have a body for you--male, caucasian... at hunsaker's place, i saw him, he saw me. negative. get someone else to do it, ok? captain says give it to you. third and ocean, about 2 blocks from your house. uh, yeah, sure. he's probably blond
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with, uh, big dimples. how'd you know that, sarge? over. hey, get in here. what's the matter? what? trouble. what? what?! i got a feeling they just gave a description of the kid my daughter's dating. [siren] murtaugh: let's be dark and quiet.
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1, 2... it says they got my daughter. what is it? n-nothing. what is it? nothing. get back in your room! back in your room! [telephone rings]
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(greenery) fruit cake. how are ya? [fruit cake] dry. (greenery) who's the new guy? edible arrangements bouquets, beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious, visit, call, or go to p.a.: sergeant mccaskey, pickp line 3. robbery-homicide, mccaskey speaking. yes, this is kcop news. we understand that there was an officer-involved shoong earlier this evening. could you give us some more information? sergeant martin riggs was shot and killed. who is this? oh, thank you. we'll send somebody right over.
6:22 pm
bingo! riggs is out of the picte. i want murtaugh taken alive. he may not talk. we have his little girl. he'll talk. you know they're gonna kill her, don't you? yes. and if you want her back, you're gonna have to take her away from them. i know. we do this my way. you oot, you shoot to kill. get as many as you can. all you got to do is just not miss. i won't miss. we're gonna get bloody on this one, roger.
6:23 pm
are you really crazy... or are you as good as you say you are? you're gonna have to trust me. [telephone rings] here we go. [ring] murtaugh. we don't want your daughter. we just want to know what hunsaker told you. dry lake, victorville, sunrise tomorrow. be there.
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6:25 pm
murtaugh? yes. that's right. show me my daughter. let me see her. then i come quietly.
6:26 pm
daddy? o-ok, baby. i'm here. ok. it's all right. simple exchange. you come with us. the girl takes a walk. let her go now. as i say, take your hands out of your pockets. surehing, pal. it's alive. let her go now, or we all di take him. he has a grenade. he's bluffing. he wouldn't risk killing his own daughter. if she's gonna die, she's gonna die with me, my way, not yours. come on, god damn it, roger. t out of the way. move to your left. come on. put the pin back in. officer murtaugh, don't be foolish. look at the hardware.
6:27 pm
the left. move to your left. look at the firepower. you're grounded. riggs is gone. put the pin back in the grenade. yeah. you come closer, and we all die. no. i don't think so. daddy! come on, honey. come on, honey. it's a smoker. bingo. aah! aah! aah! where the hell is he? damn it, it's riggs. rianne! get in the car! aah! go, rianne, go! come on, cottontail, stick your head up. that's it. good night.
6:28 pm
[click] don't try it, son. you're not that fast. hello, jhua. hello, joshua. yes, sir. i got riggs. yes, sir. he's got riggs. go get the girl! the girl! throw your weapon down. put your hands behind your head. you're general peter mcallister,
6:29 pm
commander of shadow company. i see we've... we've heard of each other. yep. it'll almost be a shame when i nail you. yeah, i ran into some of those shadow company in saigon in about '69. you did, did you? leave me alone!
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endo, meet mr. martin riggs. endo here has forgotten more about dispensing pain than you and i will ever know. terrific. see, martin, we have a problem. nce we have murtaugh, we don't really need you. but i believe in being thorough. yeah, i've heard that about you. yeah. well, our problem, and yours, too, is we have... a shipment of merchandise to deliver. why don't you guys just call it heroin? it's rather large, this shipment. it would be unfortunate, however, if we showed up to deliver our heroin and were surrounded by 50 cops. that would be too bad. yes, it would be. so it's essential for us to find out all the cops know.
6:36 pm
hey, we don't know squat. you--you did hunsaker before he could say-- no! no! i wish i could believe you, but unfortunately i don't. now, if you would kindly tell me everything you know, i promise you i'll kill you quick. i've told you everything i know. endo. what the heck is that thing? i'll tell you what it is. it's called electric shock treatment. well, i guess we're in for a long night because i don't know scratch. we'll see. endo. hit him again! aah! come on, tell me about the shipment! aaghh! unnh! the shipment, mr. murtaugh. this is getting nowhere.
6:37 pm
mr. larch. he'd have told us. nobody can take that. fine. bad soldier, huh? daddy! hey, but-- [shrieking] daddy! no. no. sorry, pal. say goodight. mcallister: yes, that's a real good-looking young woman
6:38 pm
you got there, mr. murtaugh. i've told you everything. we'll soon know, won't we? i'm warning you. don't. spare me, son. it's over. there's no more heroes left in the world. aah! kill him damn it! [crack] rianne: aah! murtaugh: he's getting away! riggs, he's getting away! riggs: who's next?! mcallister! who's next?! pretty thin, huh? anorexic. daddy. let's do what one shepherd said to the other shepherd. let's get the flock out of here. come on. let's go. it's all right. you're all right, baby.
6:39 pm
aah! is it him? no, it's not joshua. [loud rock music playing] hey, what are you-- [3 rapid gunshots] riggs: joshua!
6:40 pm
come on! come on! let's go! come on! come on! come on! aah! move it! move it! move it! move it! [horn blares] [horn honks] stop! stop! stop! get out of the stupid car, lady. come on, get out! what are you doing? police officers! police! aah! freeze! i'm a police officer. i got a badge in my pocket. get me some backup and take care of the girl.
6:41 pm
hey! hey! get off my car! hey, riggs! yo! the freeway! he's going for the freeway! you ok? yeah. cut over the third street bridge! you'll be able to get ahead of him! general mcallister... time for you to die. [honk honk] [horns honking]
6:42 pm
whoa! hold it! you all right? get back in your car! mind if i test-drive your audi?
6:43 pm
[brakes screech] stop, you son of a! damn! he got my car! yaaagghh! get back! hey, man, i'm cool. i'm cool. [horn honks and honks] stupid! [siren] let's get out of here. openhe door! kill that cop. kill that cop. no way you live. no way.
6:44 pm
[horn honks]
6:45 pm
[chuckles] gangway! hold it, pal. police offer. police officer. ok, go ahead. all right, stay back now. open it up. come on, open it up. well. what now, kid? ow! well, first thing we gotta do is get you to the hospital, huh? yeah, yeah. come on, let's go. don't breathe this stuff. you'll be seeing pink elephants. and joshua? the greesy pig got away. what do you mean, he got away? hey, fire me. damn. hey, hold on a second. where you going, roger? hey, sarge, i'm commandeering your car here. hey, hey, what's the matter? my home, man. the albino knows where i live. i'll drive, cochise. i'll drive. get in on the other side. let riggs drive. don't worry about it. there you go. i'm all right. 3-w-30 en route to sergeant murtaugh's residence. requesting additional units.
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excuse me, sir. may we help you? no, thank you. [horn honks] [british accent] good morning, sir. tell me, what day is it? what day? damn christmas! i'll give you a home to come back to. scrooge: the spirits must have done everything in one night.
6:52 pm
looking for your general friend? he's barbecuing himself on hollywood boulevard.
6:53 pm
yeah. what do you say, jack? would you like a shot at the title? don't mind if i do. [siren] ok, men, ok. i'm sergeant murtaugh. my responsibility here. dispatcher: i repeat-- watch commander is en route. until then, sergeant murtaugh is in charge on site.
6:54 pm
want to quit now, huh? want to quit now? that's good. give me that stick. here. riggs! yaah! come on! comen! show me what you got! come on. come on. get him! here. eat this, you son of a... whoa!
6:55 pm
martin! kid, let us take him! come on, let me take him! no! please! no! back off! break his stinkin' neck! it's not worth it. you lose. get that trash off my lawn. how you doing, kid?
6:56 pm
yeah. i got you. i got you, partner.
6:57 pm
merry christmas, victoria lynn. i love you. [ring] hi. oh, hi. how are you? i'm gonna be all right. oh. you? yeah, i'm good. yeah. um... give this to your dad, ok? uh, it's a present for him. tell him i won't be needing it anymore. it's a bullet. yeah, it's a bullet. well, he'll understand. hey, you want to come in? we--we're building.
6:58 pm
no. i-- oh, i gotta go. you have a nice christmas, though, ok? ok. you, too. ok, bye. bye. riggs! yo! shh! after all we've been through, if you think i'm gonna eat the world's lousiest christmas turkey by myself, you're crazy. i'll tell you a little secret. what? i'm not crazy. i know. well, good. let's eat. hey, you know something? you know what? i think your daughter kind of likes me. if you touch her, i'll kill you. you'll try. hey, you mind if i bring a friend? nah, you bring a friend. hey. [whistles] [woof]
6:59 pm
i don't think burbank the cat is gonnaike this. i'll put 5 on the mutt. [glass shatters] burbank! [barking] [burbank screeching] burbank! watch out, burbank! murtaugh: i'm too old for this.


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