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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 21, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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actually... i don't know. get this chucky doll out of my life. professor grant, quince seed, sage, spirit circles... this stuff's not going to help. well, your friend, then, tell her, whatever potions she has, just to bring them on. that's not how it works. this ghost wants to reach you somehow. well, whoever's calling me, my phone is off the hook and i am not answering! [telephone rings] hello?! i was being metaphorical! what do you want from me? it's the scratched disk. i never returned it. maybe that's what it wants you to do. the ghost is trying to get me to return an overdue dvd? that makes no sense. not yet.
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not until we go to the store and find out what else it wants. i'm on my way to the square right now. let me give you a lift, and maybe we can put an end to this thing once and for all. [indistinct chatter] there really should be some kind of express line for people with haunted disks. got that right. what does the ghost expect me to find in here? i already rented every good movie, which is not a lot. look out! whoa. are you ok? wait... uh-huh. wow. now, don't i know you? i think so.
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the concert in the square. you threw your phone at me. i didn't throw it at you, it just kind of fell out of my hands. i can't explain it. well, i can explain it, but never mind. you're kidding me. you're the one who's late with this? i've been waiting for this. you're here to rent "the big lebowski"? it's the best coen brothers movie ever. uh, best coen brothers comedy. aren't they all? you may have a point. well, what are the odds, huh? maybe not so bad. no, not bad at all. excuse me. all right. [door dings] surprise. hey, i was hoping you guys would come by. oh, aiden twisted my arm. i made this for you at school. it was really, really hard. oh, it's really beautiful.
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you know what, i better put this away, 'cause somebody's going to want to buy it. [chuckles] what's that doing here? ah, oh, it's another one of ned's. i made him leave it. i thought those were only for teenage girls to scare themselves with at slumber parties. uh, that, too, but there's more than one thing that can make the pointer move. oh, really? other than the unconscious muscle movements called ideomotor response? you believe whatever you want there, doctor man. i used to, but then i met this girl... aiden: mom? this board... you know what, baby, that's mommy's. we're just gonna-- we're gonna put that away, ok? it talks. it talks? what does it say? it says, it still won't give her peace? give who peace? her.
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what, a girl with a bloody head? how bloody? she's a ghost. but what does this have to do with professor grant? you know what, ned's out there, so let me see if he knows something. right. oh, that's beautiful. that's--that's funny. this your doing? no. it's the ghost, whoever he is. oh, we got a problem. you said you didn't really get a chance to see it, and, uh, i got... melinda: you mean she. professor grant's grandmother? she's here? not unless she had kids at a very young age. i don't know if you're going to be able to watch it either, 'cause i think it's scratched. oh, yeah? i mean, maybe i could come over and watch it, but... that sounded so smarmy. um, there's something wrong with my dvd player. i was not inviting myself. stop it, that was me. i was angling inviting you in my most smarmalicious kind of way.
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really? 'cause it was really awkward. why are you smiling about it? 'cause i think you're just as bad at this as i am. yeah. mm-hmm. i need to get out of the house more. yeah, tell me about it. ok, why do i keep feeling like i've seen you before? more than the concert or the video store? yeah, yeah, yeah. oh, i know what it is. the taj mahal. not the one in india. mini putt! mm-hmm. i love that place. the best mini golf in the tri-state area. oh, the world! [both chuckle] you know, i know people go there ironically and stuff,'s beautiful there at night, you know? it's like this tiny, perfect world where nothing bad can ever happen. yeah. it's not like here, huh? no. you want to go get a coffee or something?
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ooh! why is there a tweenager haunting avery? and why'd she work so hard to get those two together? nothing, nothing was right at all. and, you know, we parted ways. that's all. but we still talk, sometimes. not so much. oh, god, how many rules does that break, talking about my divorce on the first date? if that's even what this is. it is for me if it is for you. [chuckles] good. tell me a little bit about you, 'cause honestly, i... i can't believe you're single. well... the truth is, i don't really consider myself single. mm-hmm. why? my fiancé died in a car accident. oh, my god, i'm so sorry. a car accident? yeah, if it had been a couple of weeks later,
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we would have been married and i would officially be a widow, which maybe people would understand better. mm-mmm. no, no, they'd never understand. avery, the only people that understand are people that lived through it. did you? my daughter. oh... also car accident, 3 years ago. i was driving. i'm so sorry. you never get over something like that, never. uh, the other guy was wrong side of the road. and this was 3 years ago? and what road was this? covington ridge. covington ridge road? mm-hmm. that's the road curtis was killed on. it's those blind curves. i mean, the other guy, he was just-- he was killed instantly. and, what was his name? um...
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henry c. flood. you said your fiancé's name... his middle name was curtis. oh, god. and you said... january 12th, 8:28. you were driving the car that killed curtis. and madison. who is doing this?! what do you mean? who wants me to feel this pain? what do you mean? avery? do you think this is a coincidence? i don't know. i--avery! i'm sorry, i can't. avery, wait! eli: pizza's here. what do you want to drink? anything. i found it. thank god. i thought i was really going to have to make good on my offer to help you inventory.
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ah, check it out, i've ided our ghost. brian and his daughter madison. but it says they only had minor injuries. ah, that's what they thought at first. but look at this piece from 2 weeks later. 2 weeks after the accident she got a headache during a volleyball game. by that night, she was in a coma. she died of an epidural hematoma. this is why we didn't come up with her name before. it's possible. not even avery knew. why would madison haunt dr. grant? she wasn't driving the car that killed her. hmm, first article, officials blame texting and driving for the accident. curtis was answering a text at the time of the crash. what if it was a text from dr. grant? hmm, that would explain why the ghost blames avery, but not why the hauntings just started recently. why good-bye? is somebody leaving? leaving how? what does that mean? someone's going to die? when? does it mean that somebody's going to die soon?
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[cell phone rings] [crying] hello? avery, it's melinda. where are you? i'm driving. what is it? where are you going? i need to talk to curtis. avery, please just listen to me... please just leave me alone! [dial tone] [honking horn] [screaming, gasping] [tires squealing] [crash]
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that's the guy who gets his salsa from new york city. new york city? [ alarm chirps ] [ male announcer ] 'round here, there's only one word for salsa: pace. made the right way for that big bold kick. grab the southwest by the bottle. where's my purse, and my keys? but we don't know if the spirit board meant it was dr. grant who was going to die, or if the ghost was threatening her. do you really want to take that chance? of course not, but how do we find her? i don't know. she said she was in her car, that she needed to talk to curtis, so where would she go to talk to him? ah... wait a minute. his obit said he was cremated. no service to bury his ashes or anything.
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ok, so what else would be a meaningful place for them? i don't know, her website listed dozens of places they liked to go together. maybe she went to the crash site at covington ridge road. [avery moaning] [tires squealing] [avery breathing heavily] [car door opens, closes] i called 9-1-1! help is on the way! ok. [breathing heavily] avery... brian! avery, it's you! what are you doing here? oh, god. i was driving, i saw dust and smoke. are you all right? are you hurt? no, i don't think so. you sure? yeah. ok. ok. ok. you sure nothing hurts? no. i think i'm more rattled than anything else. ok. ok. come on. ok. [both grunting]
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ok. [gasping] all right, now, i want you to move everything just to see if anything's broken. ah, i'm fine. thank you. you're all right. it's ok. why were you driving on that road? what do you mean? were you-- following you? no, avery. this can't be another coincidence. it's not. it's where the accident happened. [vehicle approaching] i come here all the time. why? avery! brian! is everything ok? yes. i think so. where did you get that? from your shrine for curtis up the road. why did you do this? i didn't mean for her to get hurt. i believe you. what? [siren] is madison here?
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it's gonna be all right. ok. madison? nobody is mad at you. you don't have to hide. sweet--sweetheart? it's daddy. we just want to talk with you. she's here. you did this to bring them together, didn't you? i didn't. fate did. fate? you mean your accident? no, i mean, like, practically every day since. i don't understand. ever since he started coming to talk to me on that road, i noticed she'd go there, too. she'd come the anniversary of the crash, and he'd come the anniversary of when i died. so they missed each other. but i followed her, and i started noticing
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that she likes all the same stuff you like, daddy. and not just weird groups and mini golf, but you both hate snow skiing and people who take up 2 parking spaces, and people who say "supposebly." she followed you. you both have a lot in common, and not just music and movies and mini golf. but you both don't like snow skiing and people who take up 2 parking spaces and people who use the word "supposebly." supposebly is not a word. no. and people who take 2 parking spaces... should be beaten. [chuckles] plus, even the accident, it only happened because dad and her fiancé happened to be buying tickets to the same bizarre concert. the accident was just a part of it. you and curtis, you were headed to buy tickets for the same concert. broken social scene. it's my second favorite group.
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honey... um, having a few things in common with someone doesn't necessarily mean the two of them should end up together. madison: i never said they should end up together. just talk. she just wants you to talk. [chuckles] you don't think i talk? till today, not hardly. not really. until today. because avery, she understands. that's the real thing you have in common-- me, her fiancé, the wreck, and how that feels. is that why you started haunting avery? because something reminded you of the accident? no. daddy was feeling so sad, like a new place would help. he was going to move. and you were thinking about moving? yeah. yeah, she's right. i mean, i was looking. you were? yeah.
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then they'd lose their chance. i couldn't say good-bye till i made it mean something. what mean something? me being gone. what? what? she wanted her death to mean something. that's what all this is for. [sighs] [murmuring] sweetheart? oh, god, madison. no. your life meant so much to me. it would mean even more if you try. promise, daddy. just try. she needs you to promise that you're gonna try. oh. i--honey, i don't know. i can.
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i can try. really? i mean, you sure? mm-hmm. [chuckles] ok. i'll try. can you tell him never to wear the cologne that mom gave him? he thinks it makes him irresistible. it doesn't. [laughs] yeah, i'll tell him that. sweetheart? i'm going to miss you... every single day of my life. and i love you so much. i love you, too.
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she's gone. i mean, does our son just imagine that little elves come out at night and clean up his toys for him? i don't--no. he probably imagines that we come out and do it. i really wish someone would clean up my toys. sorry. i keep taking these from ned. what's wrong? nobody died. that's a bad thing? well, no, it's just that the board said that somebody was going to die, and they didn't.
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good. the board was wrong. you're right. the board was wrong. no. does that mean that somebody is going to die? captioning made possible by abc studios and cbs studios, inc. captioned by the national captioning institute is it someone we know?


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