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tv   Frontline  PBS  December 22, 2011 8:00pm-10:00pm EST

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sarah jean and jacob dawes butchered, what, 12 girls? 13 counting the girl that was just found. hilary dickson. disappeared 15 years ago. buried her under sarah's mother's living room. you think thatas their last victim? that's what we're here to find out. there's nothing about the dynamics of sarah jean and jacob's relationship. the state isn't interested in dynamics or profiles. they just want this case to go away. they were caught, they confessed, they got the death penalty. you do know that visiting death row is not part of my job description. garcia, this will be the first serial killer couple ever recorded for vicap. they slaughtered 13 young girls with blonde hair.
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hello? sarah jean dawes. media called her the ice queen. that's how they interpreted her demeanor during the trial. you see different? no. i didn't say that. she killed her 2-year-old son and 12 teenage girls. she only confessed to the murder of her son, riley. well, she hasn't cooperated with any request to interview her. well, if she doesn't talk now, she's going to take that story with her to old sparky. for the next 36 hours, a guard will remain outside your cell. your personal effects will be along shortly. you will remain in the death watch cell until the hour of execution. your last meal cannot exceed $20. it'll be a full moon tomorrow. is there a chance i could see it? that's against regulations. open on 4.
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[buzzer] [protesters chanting] here it is. the death row circus. they call themselves the women of jacob. try to look like his victims. creepy. there's only 12 of them. should we tell them they're one short? at least. [buzzer]
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i think we'll find hilary dickson was by no means jacob's last victim. captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs
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"whoso sheddeth man's blood" "by man shall his blood be shed." genesis 9:6. in 1985, there was a string of missing girls reported in northern florida. police subsequently got an anonymous call from a woman claiming to have seen jacob with some of the girls. did they ever find out who the anonymous woman was? no. police interviewed jacob dawes. also present were sarah jean dawes and their 2-year-old son, riley. police were suspicious. they came back 3 hours later with a search warrant only to find that riley had vanished. they also eventually found the dismembered bodies of 12 missing girls buried in the ground underneath jacob's workshop. fearing the police were on to them, jacob figured riley would slow them down so he ordered sarah jean to kill him and dispose of the body. sarah confessed to killing riley, but never admitted her role in the deaths of the girls. she never denied it, either. well, according to jacob,
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sarah jean was fully complicit in the targeting, abduction and murder of all 12 and, well, now, 13 victims. prison records show that jacob is a sexual psychopath. they were inconclusive on sarah jean. they said her demeanor was more like that of a war victim's. and as with all sexual psychopaths, jacob is obsessed with the idea of the total possession of his victims. he's shown no remorse or guilt. jacob saw sarah jean as a possession. something to control. to dominate. just so we're clear, they've agreed to these interviews? yes, sir. i'm sorry.who are you exactly? i'm sam shapiro. i'm their appeals attorney. not only have they agreed to them, they were initially requested by them. yeah. i can't get them a stay of execution. garcia, remember 75 percent of all communication... is non verbal. hotch, interview jacob. morgan, elle. i'm not gonna get anything new, but... find a new way to ask. 696 hennesy street, jacob and sarah jean's home. it's due for demolition. take a look around.
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jacob's workshop was out the back. he claimed that sarah jean would lure the victims from mall parking lots. she'd invite them to smoke pot in her truck. they'd find jacob, but no pot. and they'd bring them here. i studied this case. i'll never forget it. this is where the workshop stood. there was an arch right here. he used his workspace as a torture room. marks on the bodies match many of his tools. he used a bench saw to dismember the bodies. and then he buried them under the floor. until he ran out of room. we know that jacob was abused as a child. what about sarah jean? her mother refused to give any testimony in her defense. she never talked to anybody. maybe she's willing to talk now.
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let's go pay sarah jean's mother a visit. the guards call this dead man's alley. has she had any contact with jacob? until today, she's declined contact with anyone. for her own safety, we keep her away from the other prisoners. the hate for this woman is as fresh today as it was 15 years ago. open on 4. [buzzer] accomplished work. i've had plenty of time. what is it you want to know? i think it's time the mothers of those girls learn why their children had to die. don't you?
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[knock on door] hello. anybody? hello. mrs. mason? yeah. are you sarah jean dawes' mother? who the hell are you? fbi. we're from the behavioral analysis unit. my daughter and her son of a bitch husband buried a 13-year-old girl under my floor. what more do you need to know? ma'am, sarah jean agreed to meet with our colleagues. to talk about why they killed those girls. we'd like some background information if you don't mind. extensive remodeling. jacob built the original extension? i see he liked arches. teenage girls is what he liked. how was sarah jean growing up? fine. until she met jacob.
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shwas shy. quiet. and oh, so smart. and her relationship with her father? was sarah jean ever abused? he was strict. he was a military man. they didn't always see eye to eye. that's all history. he's dead. and she's about to die. mrs. mason, if we better understand the dynamics of her relationships, we can get a better idea of why and what actually happened. dynamics? well, it might answer why jacob never killed sarah jean. they shared something. they shared pain. how strict was your husband? how did he discipline sarah jean? was he physical? he was a mean bastard.
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but he only hurt me. why didn't you leave? because we hadn. an anonymous caller tipped the police off about jacob. was it you? no. but i know who it was. this came this morning. what's it say? it says, "statement of innocence." a doctor and so young. your mother must be very proud. sarah jean! sarah jean! you look so fine, baby cakes. this was meant to be. our names will live forever. it's a beautiful thing. let's go.
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it's a beautiful thing! you designed that to happen. did you learn anything, agent? you want to see a trick? pick a card. you're a diagnosed psychopath. sexual psychopath. now pick a card. how many other girls did you kill? do you ever smile? i mean it's hard to tru a guy who never smiles. are there more bodies? if i told you that... what would i have left for myself? you can help these families get closure before you die. oh... pass.
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come on. just one tck. it's a good one. pick a card. come on. just one card. and what did you see in jacob? freedom. freedom from what? [telephone rings] [ring] garcia. hey, elle. yeah. i'll patch you through. gideon, it's elle. she says it's urgent. elle: we're at the mother's house. she gave me a letter i want to read you. read the letter, elle. what? "mom, i know how... "...difficult this must be. "things between us were never what they should be, "between a mother and a daughter. that is a private letter. "i want you to know that the best part of me. "the most important part of me... "is now in a better place "than you or i will ever be. stop it! "i am responsible for... "the willful deaths of those girls
8:16 pm
"by neglecting my duty as a woman. "and as a mother." just stop it! take it easy. take it easy. you neglected your duty? that doesn't make you responsible. you di't kill those girls. why didn't you say this in court? i knew he brought women back to his workshop. that's a long way from knowing he was killing them. they died as a result of my neglect. this letter suggests to me... that an innocent woman is about to be executed for a crime she did not commit.
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nature's majestic beast. [ both laugh ] ♪ ♪ shop kmart and get after christmas prices now... at the christmas blowout sale! take up to 60% off family sleepwear and robes... this faux fur comforter is just $49.99! plus all fine jewelry is up to 75% off! now that's kmart smart. they died as a result of my neglect. this letter suggests to me that an innocent woman is about to be executed for a crime she did not commit. i can tell you right now, it's not enough to get a stay. you want facts. reid? human sexuality is a complex dynamic of 3 components. biological, physiological, and emotion. jacob's needs were formed by the emotional and sexual abuse that he received at the hand of his mother. long term repetitive abuse
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formed the template of his love map. something we refer to as a signature. jacob was an only child... thus he was alone when the abuse occurred. so in order for him to fulfill his fantasy, he has got to be alone with his victims. if i told you that, what would i have left for myself? he said, myself. if sarah jean was present, it would've destroyed his fantasy. she confessed to killing her son. yes, true. but we're also convinced that she was the anonymous caller that made the phone call that nailed jacob. guilt ridden. filled with remorse, she called the police. that's not the profile of a woman who would then kill her child. what else do you need? evidence. if we prove jacob killed riley, will that get a stay? absolutely. she protects the painting, she protects the boy. what? the paintings are a statement. we need to figure out what they say. [protesters chanting] tension is mounting here as the fbi's bau team presence
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means that they are conducting a series of deathbed interviews in an attempt to find if there are any more victims. now it is rumored they are calling for a stay of execution. who the hell told them that? doesn't matter. i don't see hotch getting anything out of jacob. ...up until the very last minute. the last second. maybe i can help. what are you doing? uh, just get hotch in here. oh, i know. i know. one day these are gonna kill me. come on, hotch. that was funny. [keys rattling] and who are you? my friends call me jj. well, hel-- sit do. sit down. hello... jj.
8:23 pm
you're not my friend. you can call me jennifer. ow... um... sorry about before. breaking your ear thing. you have a lovely smile. thank you. but you don't smile much. neither do you. what's your excuse? i took the liberty of getting these from your cell. those are private. i took the liberty of getting these fromthank you.. riley running free. the river. flowing positive energy maybe.
8:24 pm
12 roses. one for each girl jacob killed. 12 not 13. we found number 13. you don't know about her. you don't really know about any of them. i never said i did. that was a nice touch bringing in the hottie. you really want to know if there was others, don't you? i'll tell you what. draw poker. you win, i'll give you another girl. so there are more. do we have a bet? what if you win? i get to smell jennifer's hair. no. oh, come on. all she has to do is lean over and i get to smell her hair. no. i thought you wanted answers. go to hell. it's ok, hotch.
8:25 pm
you see that? it's ok, hotch. come on. jj deals. think i'd let you al from your own deck. you confessed to killing riley. why would you lie about killing your own son? i dn't. well, where's the body? do you have any children? that's irrelevant. do you carry pictures of your children, agent gideon? we're getting off point. are we? you know how long it's been since i've actually played with someone? all i've had is solitaire.
8:26 pm
cards? 2. i think i'll play these. how old would your son be now? 17? imagine what he could've become. jacob put an end to any chance of that. does the strain of your work affect your marriage? i'm not married. you wear a ring. why would you still be protecting jacob? did you divorce because of putting people like me away? i think you're innocent. we're all guilty of something. but it's... it's our children that suffers for our sins, isn't it?
8:27 pm
you'd have to ask him. how old is he? [chuckles] he's 25. oh... do you have a picture of him? in my office. you don't carry them with you? no. to protect him. you want to leave him somewhere safe. somewhere clean. you killed riley to protect him from jacob. i protect my son as you protect yours. where's he buried? all that matters is that he's safe. where is he? he's in a better place. [keys ttling] the chaplain's here to see you. what have you got? i got aces and 8s. two pair.
8:28 pm
the dead man's hand. i should've had that, but then, of course, i would've lost. straight to the jack. and unless the rules of poker have changed since i've been in here, you lose. oh, sorry. full house. aces over 8s. man! it would've been so ne. but the answer to your question... there are no other bodies. jj huh... the governor's just granted a stay of execution to sarah jean. what? they can't do that. they don't believe she killed your son. she killed him. i can tell you exactly where he's buried.
8:29 pm
it has to be here. jacob built this gazebo. we've searched everywhere else. the workshop and the extension in deb mason's house had arches. i know he had to have built this one for riley. [beeping] got something here. [beeping continues] sears last minute gift sale is on now. use you 15% off savings pass for amazing deals like up to 65% off sweaters, coats and pajamas for the whole family. and 35% off fragrance gifts sets for him and her. shop sears now for great deals for everyone on your list. sears. let's do it, let's go to vegas. vegas baby! maybe we should head back to the dealership first? vegas! no, this is a test drive. vegas!
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guys, the body's i.d. is coming through. it's not riley das. it's ashley farley. she was 14 when she was killed. why would jacob give us another victim? it completely goes against his need for power, manipulation, and control. taking the secret of an old victim to his grave satisfies that need. why give it up if he wants the pay off? sarah jane's the pay off. sarah jane will be his last victim. that would be the ultimate in control. gideon, check this out. guess who used to be the farley's house cleaner? [buzzer] my last supper.
8:33 pm
like some? came with a toy. may i sit down? please. ashley farley. you cleaned her parents house. remember her? fondly. we found her buried beneath the children's gazebo. at another house jacob renovated. he put her there. i might as well have brought her home to that bastard. thanks, doc. you lied to me. it wasn't riley. it wasn't? she was 14 years old. oh, and really pretty. how many others are there? i only have a few hours left, and though i like you, and i do like you, i'd like to be alone now.
8:34 pm
good meeting you, hotch. i'm not done yet. oh, me, neither. the high reeds. the river. this here. what is this? a basket? the boy in that painting is what, 10? maybe more. is that how you see him or how he is? i only have a few hours left. i'm respectfully asking you to leave. where ise? wheris riley? please see agent gideon out. open 4.
8:35 pm
[buzzer] garcia, pull up the interview with sarah jane. what is it? exodus 2:3. moses. hebrew sons were supposed to be drowned. moses' mother sent him down the nile in a basket. where's he buried? all that matters is that he's safe? whe is he? he's in a better place. jacob didn't bury riley anywhere because sarah jean had already taken care of him. then she did kill him. no. she sent him somewhere where she believed he'd be safe. he's alive. we're running out of time. this is the proof we need to save sarah jean.
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8:39 pm
a maximum of 3 hours between police visits. it was 4pm, so traffic was pretty heavy. whatever she did with riley, it had to be local. 1990. three babies were abandoned in september. 2-year-old boys? nada. why doesn't she just tell us where riley is? to protect him for as long as jacob is alive. look, they're being executed within an hour of each other. what hope do we have of even finding him in time? you know, it's quite possible she doesn't even know where he is anyway. no. she'd know. we got to get into her cell. you've come to see the show. we need to get into sarah jane's cell. i believe the proof- i can't do that. all official lines of communication are now over. i just need 5 minutes. agent. i want the memory of these two individuals erased. [jacob hears screaming] 5 minutes. that's all i need. 5 minutes.
8:40 pm
thank you. come on. i thought it was against regulations. well, don't tell anybody. it's cold. you need a jacket. vincent, give me your jacket. oh, no. i'm fine, really. it makes me feel, you know... alive. [sighs] how are your sons, warden? they're good. good. darren just graduated. yeah? did you ever tell him about the man in the moon?
8:41 pm
sure. i used to tell riley that no matter where we were, the man in the moon would be looking down on both of us. we should get back. sarah? if there's something you know that can save you...
8:42 pm
thank you, warden. this has been wonderful. your kindness to me. i thank you. that's riley. that's her son. isn't it? someone tell me it's him, please? jj, circulate this photo to the press. see if anybody recognizes this boy. do i say who we think he is? no. just put him out as a missing persons. [clock beeps] what does that mean? means jacob is being moved to the execution chamber. sarah jean! i'll be waiting for you! do you wish to make your peace with god, jacob? i've made my peace 18 times. and each one was prettier than him. why take them with you, jacob? you now why.
8:43 pm
take him down. if you don't mind, gentlemen. this is one walk i can make myself. sarah jean! i told you we'd be together forever. he's just confessed to killing 4 more girls. there's nothing i can do. jacob: are you ready, sarah jean! gonna ride the litning, baby.
8:44 pm
she cut around the photo so no one could read the text. he was 2 when he disappeared. this boy is 16 or 17. if it's riley, it would mean it's a recent photo. once jacob's dead, do you think sarah jean will tell us if this is riley
8:45 pm
any last words? bring it on. riley. he's alive. you lose. no
8:46 pm
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jacob is gone. he's no longer any threat to riley. tell me where he is. we can stop this madness. there is no greater gift in life than that of being a parent. yet so many of us abuse and squander that gift. you can change that right now. i made my decision 15 years ago. this has never been about jacob. it's always been about riley. that's why i can't let you do this. this isn't about you or me. i ow it isn't. that's why i'm not going to let riley lose the greatest gift he never knew he had. but that is my gift to him. and i'll not let you destroy that. the only people jacob allowed sarah jane to know were the families she cleaned for. sarah jean worked for wealthy families. all of whom lived in hampton. let's go over all the famili in the state of florida who were looking to adopt in 1990.
8:50 pm
let's see how many lived in hampton. families looking to adopt? hundreds. how many from hampton? three families. the james', the kopples, and the sheffields. looks like the sheffields removed themselves om the list in october 1990 and then moved out of hampton. that's one month after riley vanished. where'd they go? keystone heights. we got a match on the photo. guys, it was in the local daily news. call morgan and elle. tell them to get to the sheffield house. byron sheffield. "local cello prodigy, 17-year-old byron sheffield "won a scholarship tolacello. how many miles to keystone heights? way too many. we're not going to make it in time. not if you keep running your mouth. well, you better buckle up. [tires screeching] we found him, warden deihl. we found her son. unless i receive an official stay of execution from the governor, i am duty bound to see this through. my son is dead, agent gideon. i have agents on their way to his house as we speak, and the governor is standing by. why can you not accept the truth? i can. this isn't it.
8:51 pm
my agents are within minutes of finding her son. alive. i am truly sorry. hold here. what wouldn't you do for your son to give him a life you could never hope to dream of? i am at peace in the knowledge... that my n is free to be whatever he chooses to be. if he knew who you were... do you think he'd choose to allow you to walk in there? if he knew who his parents were... can you imagine the damage my legacy would leave him? can you imagine what he would feel... knowing his mother spent 15 years on death row... innocent of all charges... just so he could be free of her?
8:52 pm
not me. jacob. it isn't just my life you have in your hands, it's riley's life, too. you have the chance to save my son's life. i choose to save yours, too. my life ended the day i met jacob. garcia, we made it. hello! open up. fbi. hello! garcia, tell gideon we're here. yeah, but i'm afraid nobody else is. garcia, patch us through. gideon, i've got elle. she says they're at the sheffield house. it's time. take your hands off her. tell morgan to kick the door down if he has to. morgan, get in the house. whatever it takes. fbi!
8:53 pm
i said take your hands off her. agent gideon... a few moments. please. [pounding on door] fbi! morgan? just stay in the car. can i help you? frank sheffield? what is this about? this is about your son. my son? is that your son in the car? i don't understand. what is this about? tell me. we're federal agents. hey, hotch. we got him. he's here. what do we do? gideon, they've got him. what are we doing here, gideon? i am standing here because of choices i made. don't let my son be jacob's last victim.
8:54 pm
let me go. let us both go. elle: what are we doing? tell morgan... it's not her son. that we made a mistake. let them go. hey, derek. wait there, sir.
8:55 pm
mr. sheffield, i'm uh... i'm very sorry. we have the wrong house. i apologize for any inconvenience. agent? thank you. would it be too much to ask if yours is the last face i see?
8:56 pm
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albert pine said, what we do for ourselves dies with us. what we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal. captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. shop kmart and get after christmas prices now... at the christmas blowout sale! this 32-inch sylvania lcd tv is just $269.99... get $20 off all character bikes...
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so at the end of his 2-year killing spree, 7 women were dead. he made a name for himself... literally. he sent out written communication identifying himself as the keystone killer. these letters, all of which were accompanied by a word-search puzzle, were part of his game. like "son of sam," he taunted the police, and he fueled the media's fascination with him. as you'll see in the book, he left specific crime scene details in the word puzzles. and then, 18 years ago, he just stopped killing. one of the philadelphia pd's theories was that he was in jail on an unrelated charge. but this is a man who craves attention.
9:01 pm
he could not remain a faceless prisoner for so long. another theory was that he'd simply moved away, he continued killing in another city or another country. but the fbi's vicap program tracks murders and murderers all around the world. they turned up nothing. this intricate knot is part of his signature. it's a signature we've never seen repeated. another theory was that he had died. which is the only explanation for why a compulsive psychopath would stop killing. but i never believed he was a psychopath who had to do this. i believe he is a narcissistic sociopath who chooses to. this is his last victim: amy jennings. she was 23. he infant son was in the next room when she was killed. so, uh... so even if he thinks he's finished, he still has a debt to pay.
9:02 pm
thank you, mr. ryan. thank you, sir. thank you. [chuckles] you look comfortable up there. why don't you come back to the b.a.u. for a guest lecture? i'm retired, remember? hell of a way to relax. 323 pages on the one that got away. he hasn't gotten away... and you didn't count that 8 page prologue. what happened to florida, 36 holes a day? flori's too humid. anyway, i'd miss the seasons. so i'm in philadelphia now. you're iphiladelphia for the seasons? do you think i'm, what, dysfunctional? obsessed? you wanna eat where the killer eats, sleep where he sleeps. maybe i'm addicted to pat's steaks. maybe i'm holding out hope that the eagles will turn it around next season. remember weapons of mass destruction? what are you saying? you think i'm chasing a ghost? i'm saying sometimes we get it wrong.
9:03 pm
you ever consider that? i've considered everything. so... how are things at b.a.u.? anything change since i left? everything changes... everything stays the same. you know how it is. miss me? no. just here to buy a book, then, huh? what can i say? profilers, they fascinate me. i'm sorry to interrupt, but this is for you. thanks. fan mail. fan mail. how do you like that. wait a minute. hey. who gave this to you? i don't know. a guy in a blue jacket. hey! guard: that's not the guy. it's not e gu sorry, sir. a misunderstanding.
9:04 pm
"who in his mind has not probed the black water? "we're like two volumes of the same book, max. why don't we add a few more chapters?" this is from him, the keystone killer? son of a bitch was right here. you still think i'm after a ghost? lock this place down! no one leaves until i talk to them! captioning made possibly by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs
9:05 pm
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9:08 pm
so go to sears now! gideon: norman maclean wrote, "it morgan: so they'veith and been here all night? whelude us." hotch: apparently. elle: where else would any of us be on a saturday night? it's not like we have lives or anything. morgan: speak for yourself. guys, we are about to meet max ryan, the guy responsible for catching the boise child killer. have you ever talked to him before? he's pretty intense. brusque. not much of a bedside manner. unlike anyone else we know? i heard he was forced into early retirement. no, he chose to retire. he's written a new book on the keystone killer case. he moved to philadelphia to be closer to the crime scenes. that's retirement? b.a.u. style. "who in his mind has not probed the black water?" john steinbeck, east of eden. story of good and evil, love and hate. there's been some new activity on the keystone killer case. new?
9:09 pm
he was at max's lecture last night. what? he got away? would we have woken you up if we caught him? he handed this letter to the security guard. and he included 2 driver's licenses with it. gideon: one is from his last victim. last known victim. amy jennings. strangled in 1987. do you see something? what is the significance of "black bra" and "grey wool socks?" that's what amy jennings was wearing when we found her. that's a lot of detail to remember for 20 years. the green river killer couldn't remember where the bodies were buried much less what they were wearing. some unsubs take pictures, print them themselves, so they can manipulate the scene, bring it to life. that would explain the level of detail. does "no fight" and "rear window" have anything to do with the jennings case? no. he entered in through the front door. there's ample evidence that amy fought him very hard.
9:10 pm
no, he's referring to a new victim there. the second driver's license. gideon: carla bromwell. yeah, there's a "c bromwell" here in the puzzle. philly pd went to the address on the license a little while ago. found her suffocated with a plastic bag. suffocated? his previous victims were strangled. his m.o.'s different. he hasn't been killing all along, has he? it would have been difficult to tie these new murders to the keystone killer, what with the change of methodology and the time that's elapsed between kills. if he'd been active, i would have known. it's not entirely impossible for a unsub to switch his m.o. the zodiac killer went from stabbing people to shooting them. yes, but he wanted to take the credit. this bastard didn't do anything in secret. i'd say good morning, but it's still dark outside. who's this? carla bromwell. gideon, can you put on the news? the philadelphia police were notified late last night of a letter that was hand-delered to this news station. apparently it was written by the infamous keystone killer who's wanted in connection with the murders of 7 women back in the late 1980s.
9:11 pm
he also included a photograph of a woman. she appears to be dead in the photo, suffocated with a plastic bag. now subsequently, police discovered a body in the overbrook area, but they are not confirming that it's the woman in this picture. he works fast. that's an understatement. meet you on the plane in 30 minutes. i'm coming with you. i'm not asking, jason. philly pd confirmed that carla bromwell had been de less than 12 hours. she was 47. victims are getting older. that is unusual. victimology rarely changes. her hands and feet were bound with flex-cuffs. flex-cuffs? no ropes? that's what they said. they're waiting at the crime scene for you. thank you, sweetheart. here if you need me. so, older victims and a different mode
9:12 pm
of binding and killing. maybe the note just means we have a copycat on our hands. a copycat who just happens to have amy jennings' driver's license? no. no, it's the keystone killer. how are we supposed to work with him? gideon. he's not even an active agent. he's here because he knows this case better than any of us. we're leading the investigation. he's only consulting. anyone tell him that? fbi? detective charles santangelo, philly pd. agents gideon, greenaway.
9:13 pm
you actually think the keystone killer did this? yes, we do. agent ryan. detective. should have guessed you'd show up sooner or later. he's consulting with us. csi's done with processing the body? yeah. we'll get out of your way. this is his eighth victim. there's no bruising on the wrists, ankles, and neck. just a good-sized blunt force head wound. yeah. probably a surprise attack. the puzzle said "no fight." i know what the puzzle said. head wound is extensive. the level of violence is escalating. yeah. this bedroom is in the front of the house, and the puzzle mentioned a rear window. maybe he left a print. no way. i think i'm gonna check it out anyway. do what you wanna do, but believe me, you're wasting your time. elle's good at this, max. did i say she wasn't?
9:14 pm
i haven't had a feeling like this around a dead body in 18 years. i remember what you said to me on my first day: "don't lose you objectivity. this isn't personal." yeah. maybe not for you. we are aware of the media reports. however, we cannot confirm at this time-- is this the keystone killer? the fbi will be making a formal statement later on today. we received more information from the murderer than the police. what's going on? we have a right to the truth. the philadelphia police have to finish investigating this crime scene before we can make a statement. all of your questions will be answered at that time, so please be patient. that's all i can say. ma'am, when can we expect that statement today? ma'am do you know anything about motive? what do you think of ryan? he hasn't changed very much. i think we can lrn a lot from him. what could you possibly learn that you don't already know?much. hotch, repetitive thinking is a death knell for the brain. for complete brain usage,
9:15 pm
diverse stimulation is the key. look at this. let's show it to the others. hotch: found another note. "in order for the ght to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." he quoting sir francis bacon now. i used this specific quote-- in your book on page 184. i, uh, read it on the plane. and you remember the page number and the quote? don't ask. it says you'll expect another gift in 2 days. a gift? victim's gifts. gifts for whom? for me.
9:16 pm
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shop kmart and get after christmas prices now... at the christmas blowout sale! take up to 60% off family sleepwear and robes...
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this faux fur comforter is just $49.99! plus all fine jewelry is up to 75% off! now that's kmart smart. add their name and face to their favorite candy colors to create a personalized treat just for them. for free shipping with minimum purchase, go to and enter code "joy." a lot of things have changed in 20 years, including the age of the keystone killer's victims. he's older. the victim's are older. makes sense to me. most unsubs have specific fantasies. it's as if they're killing the same person over and over again. this man clearly had a preference for young brunettes, and now he's switched to older women. santangelo: what does that mean? ted bundy only killed women that looked like his fiancée. but then he devolved and he brutally attacked a house full of sorority sisters
9:21 pm
that looked nothing like his previous victims. a house full of he went off script. his final victim was a 12-year-old girl. when police found the van that he used to kill her, the amount of blood revealed that he had lost complete control. it was the de-evolution that eventually led to his capture. he could be de-evolving into a frenzy. so you mean he's about to mess up. morganthe keystone killer's de-evolution is only a theory. we need to be prepared for anything. and if he is in a frenzy, there's no telling how quickly he'll fall apart. or how many more victims he'll take with him. so we're gonna go over everything we know, old and new, and hopefully find him before we find another body. we'll start with agent ryan's original profile. max, you wanna present it? no. we're looking for a white male in his late-forties. the controlled crime scenes, the meticulousness and the collection of trophies suggt a possible military background.
9:22 pm
i thought you were gonna present the profile. the team can handle it. oh. the team. we used to work solo when this all started. we were wrong. you don't worry about too many cooks? nope. he used a quote, jason. he used a quote from my book. so? maybe it's a coincidence. we've both been doing this too long to believe that. let's focus on the differences in the crimes. what's he doing that's new? elle: well, his latest victim was hit in the head. that's new. in the word puzzle, he said she didn't fight. so why hit her? to scare her?
9:23 pm
show her who's in charge? hotch: he never did that before. elle: and a blow that hard wouldn't scare her. morgan: probably just knock her unconscious. in order to control her? he switched from using rope to flex-cuffs. the intricate knot was part of his signature. flex-cuffs are easier. probably saved him time. no, no, no, it's more than that. the rope was meticulously tied. it was intimate. completely unnecessary. and he abandoned the rope and the use of his bare hands, which makes his kills less personal, less controlling. ok, seriously, guys, let's just abandon all this. let's just treat him like a new offender. he isn't. reid: guys, i have a name. "nibrahs?" that's a name? from what country? it's backwards. "s harbin." there's a scott harbin on ryan's original suspect list. it's not scott harbin. harbin went to jail in 1988 for stabbing a guy while he was trying to escape during a home invasion.
9:24 pm
the guy later died. harbin didn't even know there was anyone at home at the time he broke in. how long did he get? 30 years. gideon: so that makes him a little more than halfway done. hotch: unless he's been paroled. no. no, it's too easy. i interviewed harbin twice. he's a pervert. he's a small-time burglar with a fetish for lingerie. i mean, he's a creep, but he is not the keystone killer. believe me, our guy has not been in jail all these years. all right. i'm gonna call garcia, see what she can dig up on this guy. he's not thguy! hotch: jason, what are we doing here? what do you mean? is ryan interested in catching the keystone killer or just proving he's right? scott harbin was paroled 3 months ago. morgan: oh, yeah? to philly?
9:25 pm
yeah, it looks like it. and guess what? bad boy missed his last appointment with his parole officer. well, that right there makes him a wanted man, doesn't it? uh-huh, uh-huh. and i have an address on him. [chuckles] you are amazing. you have no idea. fbi! swat! stop! i said stop! ow! ok! ok! all right! all right! all right! are you scott harbin? what? scott harbin! yeah, that's scott harbin. hey! ryan! you got old. haven't we all? you missed an appointment, scott. oh! they send the fbi now for parole violations? yeah, we were in the neighborhood. excuse me, fellas. hotch: thanks.
9:26 pm
hotch. yeah? look at that. socks, 3 inches. underwear, 6 inches. they teach you that in basic training. ryan thought he might have a military background. hey, morgan. what's the chance he labels his secrets? what do you think? i don't know. he does seem to be a guy who needs to be in control. definitely obsessive. everything has its place. probably comes from years of solitude. and a strict upbringing. this is guy who likes to be alone. sharing a jail cell must have been a nightmare. are you finished? did i make you angry? did i upset you? you're gonna hurt me? i'm not stupid.
9:27 pm
no, you--you wouldn't hurt me here. you'd wait, sneak up behind me and hit me over the head just when i'm not looking. what's the matter, scotty? you can't deal with a woman who's not afraid of you? hey, morgan. think he makes his own movies? well, if he's the control freak ryan thinks he is, why wouldn't he? where are the tapes? you ok? what do you mean? you got a little hot. did i say anything that wasn't true? no.
9:28 pm
well, then i guess i'm fine. [pounds on bed frame] hear that? oh, man. give me a hand. oh, my god! [muffled yelling] hey! a little help! no! it's ok! no! no! i'm with the fbi. get an ambulance! right now! move! [crying] [crying] [police radio chatte gideon: scott harbin.
9:29 pm
single, obsessive, militaryackground. fits your profile. but he keeps his victim in his house? he's that far off script? ryan. it's got your name on it. "isn't scott harbin an inelegant creature? "a monster. "there is noight with him, no balance. "he is pure evil. "balance is what gives one mercy. you'll be reminded of my brand of mercy tomorrow, max." what does that mean? scott harbin's a predator, just not the one we're looking for. cordon off the area. at least a 6-block radius. someone must have seen this guy.
9:30 pm
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. morgan: that's gotta be a first. a killer actually leading us to another killer. gideon: oh, come on. we all know they make the best profilers. they admire each other's work. elle: yeah, but usually from afar. hoh: well, at least we got harbin off the street. all right. let's review. what do we know abou the keystone killer? we know that he's not dead or in jail. he enjoys the taunting, the game.
9:33 pm
he's in complete control. he strangled 7 women in the 1980s, stopped for 18 years, and then began again, suffocating them. 10% of all violent crimes are caused by strangulation. it only takes 11 pounds of pressure to fully incapacitate your victim, and if you hang on for at least 50 seconds, they'll never recover. when you suffocate someone, you actually have less control over their death. it's actually more passive because the killer doesn't feel the life leaving the body. he's changed almost everything that he does. why? why? why? why? what's he getting out of ts new m.o.? where's his payoff? you got carla bromwell. she sustains a significant head injury. blitz attack suggests disorganization, no self-confidence. this is guy who walks into 7 victims' homes prior to this. there's no forced entry at any of the scenes. where's the loss of confidence? he would never change the way he kills by choice. what? we've been operating under the assumption that he purposely changed his m.o. you say he changed because he had to change? he knocked her unconscious... and it wasn't to scare her.
9:34 pm
because he couldn't control her physically while she's awake. he could be incapacitated. at least partial. maybe an injury. or a stroke. either way, you're gonna have to have medical records, agreed? yes. and what are we talking about? this had to have happened after the middle of 1988 in philadelphia? somebody who fits the rest of the profile. that's a lot of hospital records. call our girl friday. ok. we're releasing a profile of the man we're looking for. we're hoping that someone out there seeing this will recognize some of the elements. he is most likely a white male in his late-forties with a military background and well-educated. he has a need for power and control. so he probably has a job with some type of authority. you've just described half of the men living in philadelphia. how does that help us? if you'll let me finish. the killer wrote in his last letter that he'd strike again within 2 days. how close are you to an arrest? i'm not at liberty to discuss the progress of this ongoing investigation.
9:35 pm
my name is philip bromwell. my sister carla was murdered yesterday by a man you people should have stopped 18 years ago. are you "at liberty" to explain how i'm supposed to tell our mother about this? am very sorry for your loss, mr. bromwell. please know that we do have the very best team assembled to handle this. isn't special agent ryan working with the fbi again? he was unable to solve the murder before. what makes you think he's capable now? agent ryan was one of a number of men working on this case. there is no blame to be put on any one man or division. [reporters yelling] jj: i can only take one question. i'd hate to be standing out there in front of those jackals. jj, she can hold her own. you're all better at the press than we ever were. well, we have a lot more of it to deal with now. hmm.
9:36 pm
they need someone to blame. i guess it's me. are you ok with that? well, the fact is i haven't been able to solve the case, so i'm an easy target. but if i... if we do close it, that'll all go away. and you think you'll be able to? you know, just walk away? i won't have any choice. but don't you want to? i mean, don't you get to a certain point where you'd want to relax, maybe spend some time with your family? family? i lost that a long time ago. i haven't even seen them in years. as far as relaxing, the b.a.u. doesn't employ too many agents with a "relaxing" kind of mentality, do they? well, we'veot some records to go through.
9:37 pm
9:38 pm
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9:41 pm
did you know that stroke victims that play virtual reality games show significant advances in recovery than those who don't? here's somebody. in 1987 he was 30, single, dishonorable discharge. that's a good start. what was the injury? a broken neck. intense physical therapy for 9 years. what's he been doing since? oh, never mind. guy moved to the florida keys. he's a scuba instructor. he's got the right idea. [chuckles] come on. there's gotta be something in here. taking a break? is there anything worse than cop shop coffee? day-old cop shop doughnuts. you know, at home i actually have to make the coffee bad now to enjoy it. yeah, i've had what you make. are you saying you did that to me on purpose? well, what are friends for? rember that boise child murderer? how could i forget it? the lead city detective... griffin was his name, right? yeah. i remember we got there,
9:42 pm
that man was nearly suicidal. well, he had kids dropping around him like flies. you told him that feeling guilty when a series of crimes is occurring that you can't stop... a natural response. the important thing? not to let yourself become another victim. he this is different. really? really. you see, jason, somewhere, i think in my subconscious, i hoped that writing this book would draw him out, that he missed the attention. and maybe... maybe i wanted to play his game. you had no idea he'd kill again? no, but he did! and now there's another woman out there in danger. max... you now this man better than he knows himself. you always have. now you got an advantage. you got a team of the most incredible agents in the world out there, and you're standing in here alone. if you let us, we'll help you find him.
9:43 pm
elle's running down injuries on college campuses. the guy's well read. he may have been a professor. there's just too many hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities. we'd be sifting through records for weeks. come on. there's go be some way to narrow down a search, right? we've ruled out a stroke, and half the hospitals don't even say how the accident occurred. accidents. in america, someone's involved in a car accident once every 10 seconds. car accident with injuries would all be reported by the police. we've profiled him driving a late-model american-made sedan. so how about i get garcia to check philly pd records for accidents involving american-made sedans and serious injury? it's a long shot. gideon: it's a shot. start with 1988. if it was an accident, it stopped him in his tracks. speak. morgan: i need a list, sweetie. aw, sugar. you're in luck lists are my specialty. go. all right. philadelphia, 1988. i need all car accidents resulting in injuries.
9:44 pm
wow. there's a lot of them. i guess friends let friends drive drunk back then. ok. i got injuries-- 36 in a 12-month period. how many were american-made cars? almost all of them. except only 5 were serious enough to send e drivers to the hospital. let's hear it for american-made safety. [chuckles] tell me who the drivers were. ok. one happened on i-95 by the airport. ambulance picked up the other driver outside of 3245 anders street. ow. broken back. that's not good. all right. anders street. 3200-block of anders. that's where carla bromwell lived. that driver's name is walter kern, currently 48 years old and still residing in the city of brother and sisterly love. if he's 48, that would have put him in his late-twenties at the time of the killings. just like ryan predicted. walter kern. he had a military background.
9:45 pm
rotc in high school, 4 years in the air force. hospital records show that he lost mobility in his right side due to severed nerve damage to his spinal cord. he never got the strength back. kern's been a county worker, a claims adjustor-- and get this... he installed home alarms with scott harbin. takes one to know one. all thos jobs allowed him access to people's homes. morgan: explains why there was no sign of forced entry. he had a legitimate reason to knock on their door. women felt comfortable letting him inside. he got a degree in criminology from villanova in 1988. i wonder if he murdered anyone on campus. that certainly explains his knowledge of law enforcement. this looks like our guy. anybody got a current address? 575 wight street, southeast philadelphia. i got you, you soof a bitch. we got 'em. let's go bring him in. [doorbell rings]
9:46 pm
[rings doorbell] walter. every single small kitchen appliance is on sale right now at sears!
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sears last minute gift sale is on now! get our lowest price ever on this samsung 46-inch 3d tv, just $999.99. all craftsman mechanics tool sets are up to 50% off. plus, earn $100 back in rewards points with all fine jewelry. sears how can i help you gentlemen? i'm special agent jason gideon. this is special agent max ryan with the fbi. can we speak with walter kern? h's not here right now. you know where he is? is something wrong? can we come inside?
9:50 pm
[crying] what are you gonna do? put on these cuffs. do it. [sobbing] walter's at the pinewood community center working with the boy scouts. he volunteers as one of the leaders. ryan: would it be possible for us to search the house, ma'am? hotch, he's at the pinewood community center. what for? we've been called in to investigate the murders of several women here in philadelphia. that's why we need to talk to him. that is the craziest thing i've ever heard. and i'm gonna have to ask you to can you answer one question for us, ma'am? does your husband have an area here in the house that you're never supposed to go into, a place that you're not supposed to see?
9:51 pm
well, walter has a darkroom. if he knew you were in there would... would he become so angry that you'd fear he could hurt you? he... he just doesn't want me to ruin his pictures, that's all. mrs. kern, has your husband ever suffered from long periods of depression? yes. after his car accident. and did he just suddenly snap out of it for no apparent reason? what does all this mean? could you show us the room, mrs. kern? it's clear.
9:52 pm
looks like he collected every article written about him. he's got your book. dammit! i signed it. hotch was entirely correct about the photography. his cellar's where he developed his photographs. what's that, a scrapbook? a chapter on everwoman he's killed. these entries are detailed enough to let him relive the kills for years. he's has candid photographs of thvictims at the park, the grocery store, outside of church, driver's license, clothing, jewelry. there's chapters in the back that are not finished. these photographs are at least 20 years old. i mean, look at the hairstyles, the clothing.
9:53 pm
his recent themes of communication have been about "old friends." "unfinished business." his car accident was in the fairmont district of philadelphia. that's exactly where carla bromwell lived he was on the way to kill her when he had his accident. it's not about finding any type of victim. it's about a specific target. because he was such a perfectionist, and is a perfectionist, he had to finish what he started years ago. these aren't new victims, max. they were already targeted... right from day one. who's in the last chapter? what's wrong with you, walter? i've known you and anne for years? you're good people. lie down on your back. speak again, and i will kill you. we believe walter kern is in sylvia gooden's home now. hotch confirmed he left the community center hours ago,
9:54 pm
and kern's car is parked on the next block. i want walter kern alive. we'll stand by for the worst. good. let's move out. i'll call you when we've secured kern. please! don't! i need to do this. i can't stop it. no! no! no! [screaming from upstairs]
9:55 pm
no! no! it'll be over soon. [muffled screaming] don't move! don't move! down! don't move! ow! watch my arm! morgan: don't move! it's all right. fbi. fbi. you're gonna be all right. just breathe deep. take it easy. we got her. sylvia goodan's alive. we got him. gideon, i need your cuffs, man. ryan: you're gonna be fine. it's over. why don't you do this? i'll take care of her. get up! you're gonna be ok. you're all right. morgan: you got him?
9:56 pm
yeah, i got him. i know you've enjoyed this ride as much as i have, max. i sure am enjoying this part. we are inseparable, you and me. let's just test that theory, huh? get him outta here. gideon: abraham lincoln once said, "in the end, it's not the years in your life thacount. it's the life in your years." did jason ever tell you about the time that he found the director's itinerary in a bomber's car? what? what? max, come on. no, no, he never said anything. well, let me fill you in, then. we had this bomber case. it was one of jason's first, so we had him go over and search the bomber's car which was in the quantico garage. except for me and the guys had planted this piece of paper that had all these times and locations of where the fbi director was gonna be over the next 48 hours. anyway, jason takesone s piece of paper,
9:57 pm
and before we could stop him, he takes off, runs up 25 fights of stairs to the director's office, barges in. interrupting a meeting with the attorney general himself. morgan: yeah! gideon: the director didn't find it very funny. ryan: he was the only one who didn't. you know he has no one, no family. who's that? ryan. technically, he's retired, but he hasn't seen his kids in years. divorce is not uncommon in the b.a.u. you know, the other night when you called-- saturday night-- did you think it was weird that we all just were able to drop everything and go the office, we're all available to you anytime you call, day or night? no, not really. how do you do it? how do you do this job and still have... a wife and a baby? well, when i'm with them, i try to focus 100% of my attention there.
9:58 pm
and when i'm with you guys, i try to do the same thing. it's about priorities, elle. it's about setting them and keeping them. i'm just so scared i'm gonna turn into that guy over there. look up and see that my life has passed me by while i was chasing monsters. it's hard. this job will eat you up if you let it. so what do i do? try not to let it. captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs captioned by the national captioning institute bisquick makes amazing pancakes... and pizza... chicken tenders...
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