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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 27, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> this is "bbc world news. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. at union bank our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions in capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news. spain boasts the highest
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jobless rate in the industrialized world. nearly a quarter of its workforce now unemployed. and economic lead rers told they have social and moral duty turn around the global economic prices. >> the bank near britain, a person gets a total package, he gets made in three days what a servian-afghanistan soldier gets made in a whole year. >> welcome to "bbc world news." i'm david eades. >> also a less than amickible divorce as a oil crisis strains relationship between the two sedans. and a sneak peek at where olympic cleats will be staying in exactly six month's time.
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hello. unemployed in spain is dire enough. the latest figures show it is just plummeted into greater depths. almost one in four people in spain are out of work. that's twice the european average and it's estimated that half of all young spaniards are without a job. joining me on bbc is tom. tom, the numbers have jumped and it's a nightmare for the new prime minister, isn't it? >> it's a huge headache for the new spanish prime minister and government and it's a real problem they have had since 2008. lots of jobs in construction and then the housing crisis spain had overspent. then the statistics of what this means the reality for the
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spanish economy, it means less impasse and less trying to reign in its budget definite. -- deficit. and it also means less people spending money here in spain. i spoke to economists yesterday about spain's problems and his take was exports are going to be key for spain and really get out of this mess but spain is so dependant on the domestic market that there are more and more people out of work and less people spending munlt it's a real headache for those spending none spain. >> that's definitely the way it's headed. we're not technically in a recession but we are heading into recession very soon here in spain, because economy is contracting and there is less money being spent by people
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here in spain. spain really hasn'ted that tourism industry, which is key, but it really doesn't have the key tour rich industry but people have bought more houses that were unrealistic at times and the authorities here are taking people out of their houses because those people can't afford those mortgages anymore and the whole thing is a vicious cycle. they have been drafting in new measures over the past week and we're expecting labor reform measures to come in for spain making it easier for customers to employ people and hopefully they hope to unemployment will start to fall next year, which some economists do think it might happen. >> thank you tom, in madrid.
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those latest job figures underscore the need deal with the economic crisis. behnke moon has been telling bank leaders they have moral sfobalt fix that. at the economic forum in davos, how the secretary generals were being interpreted by business leaders. >> businesses all over the world are very cognizant of the fact that they have been behaving in what has been described as a sustainable way. but it's not just in their moral interest. it's in their economic interest, too, because if you take for example oil, it's made it difficult for businesses to operate in that environment as they talk about sustainable energy. people, by the way from those
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industries represented here at davos, that it gives them a little more stability. this is what behnke moon had to say. >> all to save our planet. to revariety lies our economy and address all this social injustice and social inequality, these are the cause from many countries, developed and undeveloped countries, all over. these coming from even the developed world now. not only from underdeveloped worlds. that's why i am urging that we need to invest in sustainable development. that is why u.n. takes the sustainable development as priority in addressling these issues. there are many issues like climate change, water scarcety, energy scarcety and general 'em
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poumplet. vimet. environment. oceans, cities. therefore, investing sustainable energies, sustainable development, that will help revariety lies economy and help protect this -- and the benefit of this modern technologies and the development. >> that was behnke moon, there, and he was talking about the global suicide pact if they do not -- and it almost goes the sense of urgency talking about the finances and economic state of the planet. >> well, you're right. although it has played an increasing role on the agenda, the difficulty of the moment and the last few years has been the aspect of the sees one
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after another, now that it's entering its third year, and there doesn't seem to be a quick-fix solution. >> here in britain a government minister is the latest to attack the decision to award bonuses more than $1.5 million on top of their annual salary worth another $1.5 million. there's quite some outrage, because bank itself is majority owned by the british government after being bailed out by taxpayers back in 2008. >> the pay package has become the focus of intense debate. steven hester heads the bank which is more than 80% owned by the government after it was bailed out by the tax parpse and feelings are running high. so should he get any sort of bonus? and if so, how much? now 2007 answer. a salary of $1.2 million pounds and a bonus of $2 million worth
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of shares and for 2011 he'll get a lower bonus, $963,000 in shares. but already there's been strong criticism. >> this is a very, very bad decision. low-paid workers have been told they have to accept pay freezes. care workers, teachers, doctors, nurses to be told a banker supposed to be working for the public service is supposed to be made an exception? unacceptable. >> he was brought in to trun bank after its near collapse and the latest bonus represented substantial progress in securing its future. but some argued it was justified. >> we need to pay him that bonus, because we can't afford for him to leave, and a million pounds is not enough to retain him in a demanding job that
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everybody says he's doing well. >> the shares can't be sold for a while, but that hasn't stopped approval of the deal. >> well, the story to you now. the car bombing in baghdad has killed 22 people. dozens more have been wounded and some are quoting more than that figure. an interior minister said the bomb took place in the east of the city. and it's reported a suicide attacker drove a car packed with explosives close to a funeral procession outside a hospital. >> a senior diplomat said security council resolution on syria is unacceptable and said it supported the arab league call to step phish for assad to step down. >> and cocaine sent to the united nations headquarters by
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mistake. the cocaine worth $2 million had been stuffed into bundles of note books stuffed into fake united nations bags. >> and south sudan has begun shutting down its very profitable oil production amid claims supplies are being stolen by the north. the south sudan exported oil through pipelines. what's not known is the agreement over what it should pay to do that. the presidents of the two countries are meeting to try to bring the crisis to an end. >> the oil shut down is well underway. latest figures say they have stopped production in 329 wells and have slowed it down in more than 600 others. they have cut their production by more than half citizens announcement of a shutdown last week and oil is 9% of their
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budget. it's going to hurt sudan,, too, because it's relying on the oil transit fees. but a lot of those oil reserves in july. certainly one of the advisors are trying to resolve this problem wrote this week the summit between the presidents are really the last chance to avoid both countries slipping back to war. >> if we look at it on the surface, james, it looks like a fairly straightforward business arrangement should do this. do you think there is the will on either inside trying to achieve that? >> well, that's clearly been the problem. and you can't forget emotions are still running very high. there were two civil wars between what is now south sudan and the rest of the dun. south sudan only came into power in july.
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sudan wants $68 a barrel and south sudan are offering less than a dollar. so you can see they are very far apart on this. so unless something is found, there's already been a clash along the border between the military on both sides and both accuse the other side of supporting rebels on their side and there's a war of proxy already going on. so the potential for further chaos is certainly there. >> james is following that story and will be with us on "bbc world news." i'm david eades. still to come, we will introduce you to the female boxer who hopes to become india's second-ever gold medalist. >> the prime minister of new begin i didn't stays army has
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foiled a an army mutiny. the barracks were taken over and they seized the leader. duncan kennedy has this report. >> a coup, mutiny, whatever it is appears to be over. reports say some of the soldiers have been arrested but some are demanding a parden before they give back their weapons. there's no sign of the colonel who led these actions, but for the man who says he is the prime minister, this has damaged the country's reputation. >> i think it's a joke of the an international committee. our -- deserves better from -- he has to realize that this country has looked up to him for 45 years, now he has to respect the country that respects him. >> there's been no contact to
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the one who says he should be the prime minister not mr. o'neal. no one knows whether he was behind the military noigs replace the commander of the armed forces or whether he even knew about it. all he says is he was removed unlawful from his office by mr. o'neal and that he should be reinstated. >> chaos has been restored back to order. the country rich in oil, gold and other natural resources that the world wants to exploit, but only if it's safe to do so. >> but until the issue of the two prime ministers have been finally settled, its unstable politics will prolong its future. duncan kennedy. >> this is "bbc world news."
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i'm david eades. the headlines this hour -- nearly a quarter of spain's workforce is now unemployed. more than 57.3 million, the highest rate in the industrialized world. the u.n. secretary general tells world economic leaders that they have a social and moral responsibility to turn around the global economic crisis. >> firefighters had to work around the clock to deal with a blaze in south western china. chinese state media stays fire began in thursday in the tourist town and something like 2,500 firefighters and middle taxpayer doing what they could to put out the blaze which began in the foot of the mountains and strong gusts of wind hampered the work covering about 111 acres of forest. it's not known how the fire started. >> the contenders for the
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republican presidential nomination have held their last tv debate ahead of next tuesday's florida primary. 2 two frontrunners, mitt romney and newt gingrich had a bit of a clash on immigration and exchanged accusations on personal finances and mitt romney was keen to prove he could fight back. took exception to newt gingrich calling him an anti-immigration candidate. >> mr. speaker, i'm not an anti-immigration person the idea is repulsive. don't use a term like that. you can say we disagree but to say enforcing the u.s. law to protect our borders, to welcome people here legally and expand legal immigration that that's somehow anti-immigrant is the over the top rhetoric that's characterized american politics too long.
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>> the bit of news coming out of davos as it is very jermaine to the economic problems europe in particular is facing, but the vice president of the one responsible for currency said in the last few minutes, we are on the verge of concluding a deal if not today then over the course of the weekend, and he's talking in relation to greece and its creditors trying to come up with a deal by which creditors will accept a lower rate of return on the debt and cut the debt expected back from greece. that will athrow next batch of money to the to the greek government and keep them roll along for the next months at least. but much speculation whether or not they would get a deal. olly reign is saying today or
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possibly tomorrow and the german minister saying he did not expect a default from greece. all right. let's get to some sports. it's just the best day, yes. >> bring us more tennis. >> the good news or the good news? >> novak djokovic fought andy murray. but he lost the first set 6-3 but since then 2-0 down. he's now broken serve and up to 4-2 in the second set. so quite a recovery and turnaround. lots of pictures of yvonne, his new coach sitting there. not giving away too much. but they have come back. it's really a very interesting game. a lot of people thought here we go again, andy murray is going to lose his way. drop 6-3 down, but he's really recovered and it's been quite
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an interesting game to see djokovic getting more frustrated. >> because how long has it been murray making the semifinals? >> four. it's the fourth or fifth grand slam tournament in a row that he's gotten to the semifinals. the question is can he then beat djokovic and then win trying to beat the likes of raphael who is waiting for him in the finals? >> not just tennis, as you know, but look ahead as well. >> it's a crucial break through for him because they made number of wick etc. having built up -- you can see there. 44-3. they have done really well. >> behind aren't they? >> indeed. but took four in the first innings. they are looking good. then you go to australia and
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india where it's a mess if you're an indian fan, because it's not gone well at all, having started so well in the first test. they may join now, if you look at that, they still need another 334 runs for an unlikely victory. i think they are in trouble. >> i think you might be right. i've got that one right. thank you very much for all that. we're going to stay on the sporting theme because we're getting closer and closer to a rather big eventual here in london and looking at 16,000 beds needed, 9,000 ward robes and 5,000 toilet brushes are some of the temperatures on the list for the athletes' accommodations, the games being handed over to the organizers leaving exactly six months get everything furnished and dusted. getting an exclusive look in,
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tim, there are those who woud would be happy to have six weeks, six months is luctsry beyond belief, isn't it? >> well, the olympic organizers have been preening themselves a as to how they have delivered. they would say on budget and ahead of time or at least on time as far as london but ahead of time as far as other times. because you're right. when you think of other games, to have been athletes are turning up and accompanied by builders and decorators doing the fran tic final finishing touches and here's the london organizers saying look, six months to go and we are handing over the apartments six months to handle the game. they are functional apartments. not luxurious but are going to be of a pretty high speck and as you were suspecting, there are remarkable figures.
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interesting you talked about the toilet brushes. but there are also coat hangers for the -- for everybody. >> your statistics are as interesting as mine. obviously we get all the infrastructure and even the garden work looks good but the opening ceremony with a lot of controversy over the price again for it, but when are we going to get to know exactly what's going to be in that ceremony? >> well, tantalizingly within the next few minutes we're told we are going to have a few morrisals dropped into our hungry mouths by the organizers, the man behind this , a very regarded film director and he is going to bing suggesting a -- what could be some of the themes involved.
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but all organizers of opening and closing ceremonies like to keep a few things held back. but you're right the bun et has gone back and they say there's no way they can challenge the extraordinary spectical beijing put on but now it's like they decided to row in behind the sports minister said, he said this is a once in a generation opportunity for that down showcase themselves to 4 billion people around the world. so a little bit of pressure there. >> thank you very much indeed. talk about shows. the late pop star, michael jackson has been honored in a ceremony in hollywood attended by his family and a host of friends. his children pressed his shoes and glove in cement.
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daniel reports. >> michael jackson. one of the world's greatest sbainers. -- entertainers. and on thursday a tribute to his rare talent. his family joined by a host of stars at this hollywood landmark where generations of celebrities have left their hand and foot prints. >> my dad won the lifetime achievement award. it was an award he striveed his hardest to get. for me, and i speak for him, this is his life-time achievement award. this is what he striveed to get and this is what we are giving him now today. >> his sons prince and blanket pressed his father's shoes in then daughter paris with those famous gloves. >> ♪ >> also there, some of today's biggest stars including justin bieber. >> people are going to remember
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him for his dancing and singing. people have to remember him for being the man that he was. >> michael jackson's mother, katherine said the star would have loved the ceremony. >> it's a very good celebration, and i know if michael was here, he would agree to see all the families and loved ones and especially his fans here to celebrate this with him. ♪ >> afterwards, the tribute continued. after all the controversy about michael jackson's death, this a chance to celebrate his achievements. daniel griffith, "bbc news." >> a move or two. more of that on the way at as we have more olympic coverage, too. do take a look on the website. you're watching "bbc world news."
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