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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  September 13, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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died 17 years ago today. as the mystery surrounding his unsolved murder grows... friends from baltimore remember their classmate. plus - the baltimore grand prix may have taken its final pit-stop. please join us for fox 45 news at 10.
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many times, our viewers have asked, "how do these people get to be that bright, and what makes them want to be contestants on the show?" keith, let's talk to you first. well, actually, it's all the doing of my wife. she -- and people had told me for years and years that i was good at trivia and that i should try out for "jeopardy!" and she said, "you know..." she was watching me play and she was like, "you're really good. you need to try out." and i kept saying, "no, no, no." and she was like, "no, all i want for christmas is for you to try out for 'jeopardy!'" and as a result, are here in our finals. so, good for rachel. yes, indeed. now, what about you, kristin? well, i had my serendipitous "jeopardy!" moment trying to get on the final "jeopardy!" clue of my semifinal game. and that was the "take five" question from the dave brubeck orchestra, which, ordinarily, i would have no clue. but just before flying out here, we went out to dinner, and there was a little ensemble playing "take five." my stepfather said, "do you know the name of that song?" i said, "nope." he's like, "it's 'take five.' it's a classic."
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i owe him a bottle of scotch. oh, i would give him a case. [ laughs ] colby, i know in your background, that your mom, i heard, worked three jobs to get you into the school where you are now a teacher. am i right about that? she did. i mean, so, she took on -- well, 2 1/2. but let's say three, because that's how hard she worked. yeah. and put in a ton of effort, and a lot of people, even outside of my family, helped me out. the idea is that you can give back. i don't have a ton of money. they pay teachers adequately, but the way i give back is by being an exceptional teacher and exceptional coach. and working hard with the kids. exactly. good for you. all right, kristin has command of the board. and she makes our next selection as we continue. let's close out tv dramas for $1,000.
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kristin. what is "picket fences"? you got it. dark night rises for $200. keith. what's aquarius? yes. dark night for $400. keith. what's the i.s.s.? the international space station. that's right. dark night for $600. keith. what's a supernova? right. dark night for $800. november is the main month for this king of meteor showers. colby. what are the leonid? leonid. yes. you're on the plus side now. hey. all right, holiday fun, $400.
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kristin. what is april fool's day? you are right. select again. holiday fun for $600. [ beep ] that movie was "home for the holidays." sounds appropriate. kristin. holiday for $800. kristin. what is a plow? plow. correct. holiday for $1,000. colby. what is the may the 4th? yes. [ laughter ] holiday fun, $200. keith. what's candy cane? candy cane. right you are. dark night for $1,000.
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keith. what's a binary? yes. 1870s for $400. kristin. what is welsh? welsh. yes. 1870s for $600. colby. who are gilbert and sullivan? you got them. 1870s, $800. answer -- daily double. yes. well, both kristin and keith are off to a good start today. but you can move a lot closer with this daily double. you're right. i could. we'll go with $800. $800 it is. here is the clue. who's verne? jules verne. yes, indeed.
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and now the $1,000 clue, players. [ beep ] and that city is bayreuth. all right, colby gets to go first again in double jeopardy! when we come back.
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all right, colby gets to go first again in double jeopardy! i'she just shopped at giant. she's got a receipt. we're gonna shop for the same items and see the difference. let's shop! kids get the after- school munchies? absolutely. even with your bonus card, you saved over a buck here at walmart. yes! here at walmart you save over $2 on capri suns. wow! that's amazing. here at walmart you saved over $1.20 on cereal. that's good stuff! o.k. big moment. same items at walmart... $91.56. that's a savings of over $15 or 14%! yes! bring your last grocery receipt to walmart and compare prices. you'll see for yourself.
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we will reveal the categories in this double jeopardy! round, from which you will make your selection. we start off with... you have to name the athlete who spoke each line in a movie.
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for instance, if it was "what is a.l. and l.a.?" okay? colby, start. athletes' film quotes, $1,200. kristin. who is brett favre? yes. cathedrals for $400. keith. what is notre dame? yes. the health business for $400. [ beep ] 1-800-dentist. keith, back to you. okay. cathedrals for $800. kristin. what is st. paul's? no. colby. what's st. patrick's? st. patrick's cathedral. correct. mayors of nyc, $1,200.
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keith. what's the subway? yes. mayors for $1,600. colby. who's clinton? dewitt clinton. yes. film quotes, $1,600. colby. who's karras? alex karras is the man. film quotes, $400. colby. who's kareem abdul-jabbar? yes. $800, film quotes. kristin. who is mike tyson? yep. athletes' film quotes for $2,000. colby. who's brown? jim brown. yes. mayors, $800.
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colby. what's roman catholicism? yes. $400, mayors. kristin. what is the netherlands? yes. cathedrals for $1,200. colby. what's st. paul's? that's right. mayors, $2,000. colby. what are draft riots? yes. unreal estate, $400. colby. what's lilliput? yes. $800, estate.
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colby. what's oz? oz. yes. $1,200, estate. kristin. what is treasure island? correct. cathedrals for $1,600. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] well, now, kristin. let's risk $6,000. $6,000 it is. here is the clue. take a look. the cathedral named for this saint has stood on red square since the mid-1500s. who is st. basil? that's right. you're now close to the lead. cathedrals for $2,000. colby. what is seville? seville. yes. unreal, $1,600. answer -- daily double.
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[ applause ] we'll go with $2,400. $2,400 it is. here is the clue. what is "absolom, absolom!"? no. what is "a streetcar named desire"? so, you are tied with kristin at $14,000. select again. unreal, $2,000. [ beep ] and that would be the "ox-bow incident." colby. abbrev., $400. kristin. what is v.w. and w.v.? correct. let's try abbrev. for $800.
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colby. what's an a.p. p.a.? right. $1,200, abbrev. keith. what's a jd dj? yes. $1,600, abbrev. [ beep ] what is i.m. m.i. -- for myocardial infarction. back to you, keith. $2,000, abbrev. kristin. what is e.g. g.e. good. health business, $800. colby. what is permanente? yes. $1,200, health. colby.
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oh, geez. what are needle guns? no. kristin. what is a plunger? no. [ beep ] common household item, a pen. a pen. colby, go again. $1,600, health. [ beep ] and that would be pfizer. and now the $2,000 clue. [ beep ] and that would be well point. all right, kristin is in the lead today. and now we come to final jeopardy! here is the category -- 19th century america. are they playing for a quarter million or are they playing for $100,000? we'll find out when we come back, won't we? what are you guys doing? having some fiber!
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in this tournament of champions final game -- 19th century america. players, here's the clue. 30 seconds. good luck.
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alex: obviously, the middle president had to die very early in his term. we start with you, keith whitener. you had $8,400 today. you were in third place. and you said, "what is 1881?" that was the year garfield died, and hayes and arthur were the other two presidents who served, also. you are correct. that'll take you up to $16,800 today. yesterday you had $4,800. that gives you a two-day total of... over to colby burnett now. he had $14,400 today. did he get 1881? he had 1841. that was van buren, harrison, who died after catching cold, and tyler was the other president. you are correct. and your wager? nothing. but yesterday, you picked up $22,200.
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that takes you to... now we come to kristin. i believe she struggled with this. but let's see if i'm right or if she's right. no, she missed it. 1841 and 1881 are correct. you lost $6,001. that drops you to $9,199. you had $400 yesterday. that takes you to... you're gonna finish in third place with $50,000. keith gets $100,000. and colby burnett... [ applause ] way to go, young man. thank you. all right. thank you so much. it was a great tournament. back to our regular shows tomorrow. we'll see you then. way to go. promotional consideration provided by...
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of... fortune! and here are the stars of the show, pat sajak and vanna white! [ cheers and applause ] why, thank you, minnie. aren't you sweet? we brought friends.
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thank you. appreciate that. we're making disney memories this week. thank you all very much. goofy, goofy, i love that sailor's outfit. you look great. aye-aye! everything's shipshape! [ laughs ] get out of here, you all. oh, hi! good to see you all. man: how are you doing? i'm doing fine. let's do a "toss up." what do you say? give away some money here. "title" is the category for our first "toss up." it's worth $1,000. here we go. [ bell chimes ] dwight and sarah. "beauty and the beast." didn't waste any time. yep. i think they're catching on here. so, you're the mayos, huh? let's hear about you. yes, sir -- dwight and sarah mayo from horsham, pennsylvania, right outside of philadelphia. we've been married for nine years. we have two beautiful daughters --
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alexis, 16, and alia, 9. now, you're a nurse, right, sarah? yes. and, dwight? i'm a bank manager. yeah? and let's see here now. you were married in las vegas? yes, sir. how long ago was this did we say? nine years. well, it's good to have you here. you already won $1,000. keep it up. thank you. to the cosentinis we go. i'm steven cosentini. this is my wife, bianca. we currently live in las vegas, nevada. and we have an active son. he's three years old. his name is roman, and he keeps us very busy. yeah, i'll bet. and now, obviously, steven, you're in the air force. yes. and what are your duties? i'm an air traffic controller at nellis air force base. and, bianca, you work? i am actually a graphic design student at the art institute of las vegas. oh, good. well, i hope things go well there, and i hope you win a lot of money tonight. good to have you both here. to the langdons we go. tanner: hello, sir. hi. tell us about yourself. tanner langdon. my beautiful wife, stacy. been together 10 years -- married 5. we have a beautiful daughter named tayla. she's nine. stacy, advertising, huh? yes. and, tanner, what about you? construction company. okay, you met in kindergarten?
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yes. yeah, i put gum in her hair in kindergarten, and when i met her years later, her mother remembered me quite vividly because of having to remove the gum. so you could see how karma works. i put gum in her hair, had to be cut out, and now i'm bald. and he had a lot of hair then. [ laughter ] that's quite a story, and i'll be waiting for the book. let's do another "toss up." everybody, grab those devices. this one is worth $2,000, and it's "people." here we go. [ bell chimes ] bianca and -- marching band. oh, uh. sorry. go ahead. say it again. marching band. that's all right. you jumped in there. you didn't wait for me, steven. don't make me come over there. that's all right. you got it. you won $2,000, and u'll be spinning in a moment. right now here's jim. all right, pat. tonight's jackpot round is brought to you by meineke car care centers. announcer: at meineke, we know that oil is the lifeblood of every car.
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remember to change it on schedule to keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. [ applause ] and here's tonight's featured disney vacation. share some disney time with the ones you love on a breathtaking alaskan cruise aboard disney cruise line. sail from vancouver aboard the disney wonder and enjoy enticing adventures in skagway, juneau, and ketchikan with excursions like whale watching, gold mining, dog sledding, and more. every member of your family will think it was the vacation created just for them. all right. category for this round is "food & drink." keep that in mind as you go. and, bianca and steven, you will start. t.


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