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tv   Washington Week With Gwen Ifill  PBS  September 21, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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yes, an apartment! i could kiss that dead old lady right on the mouth. ooh, la la. did you guys see that hot new waitress? smokin'. oh, yeah. she's amazing. which one? look at her. i'd like to give her a big tip. and then the rest of it. you know that's a bad idea. yeah, listen, i know better than to hook up with someone i see on a regular basis. i made that mistake with my stepsister. is that you, russell? well! is that kerry. you don't remember? yeah, kerry, from... we had sex. yes! kerry from sex. and you promised me a recording contract. oh, my god, did i not drop that in the mail? i'm a space cadet. yeah, i never got that. yeah, it's just that whole music biz mix-up
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with the tupac and the rappin' and all that, you know? it's all a suge thing. it usually funnels through him. oh, well. yeah, uh, no problem. so do you wanna order? oh, yeah, i been jonesin' for that meatloaf sandwich. all right, one meatloaf sandwich. oh, and, just so you know, i'm gonna hock a lugi in it. you know what? i'd love it without the lugi. sorry, no substitutions. hi! i'm selling gift items to raise money for our new school playground. sorry, kid, but they already squeezed me dry at the office. so good luck. there's lots of good stuff here. have you seen the sweets and treats section? seen it? i own it. you can't say no? let me tell you about supply and demand. you are supplying. i am demanding that you leave me alone.
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you have to buy at least one thing. i'll buy one thing from you if you buy one thing from me. how about some running shoes? worn only once, mostly sitting on a park bench eating a pretzel. you're not raising money for anything. yeah, i am-- to buy a boat. take me to an island where there are no kids trying to sell me crap. i'm not leaving. [laughs] all right, you. let me drop this stuff off in my apartment. [loud music playing] what's with the music? check this out. whooooo! awesome, right? did you just buy that? uh-huh. oh, it's gonna get you. ohh! [laughs] [shuts off music] hey. it's not as much fun without the music. we just agreed to try to buy the apartment,
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and now you run out and waste money on a toy meant for a seven-year-old? it shows what you know. "ages eight and up." adam, if we're really gonna try to do this, you've gotta be more responsible with money. hey, honey, i am responsible as hell. last week, you bought $200 worth of illegal fireworks. for cinco de mayo. and you blew them off in our kitchen. yes... in the sink-o. i'm just saying, buying this apartment will change how much you can spend. you won't be able to eat out every night, and you're gonna have to use the subway once in awhile. i will happily take the subway... when they get rid of the mole people. be serious. you can be late with the rent. you can't be late with a mortgage. you know, you're gonna have to budget. well, you will too. i watch my spending. every day, i risk my life with the mole people. i can live on a budget. i don't have to buy fireworks or a little helicopter or a new lamp. a new lamp? the helicopter has a mind of its own.
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ooh. look at you with the mood lighting. i like it. very romantic. why invest in electricity when i'm already highly leveraged in scented gift candles. hmm, well, they're working. it smells nice in here. trust me, it shouldn't. so much for romantic. all right, let's write that letter of recommendation for adam and jen. why do you always get us involved in stuff like that? because i like to help people. you knew that when you married me. yeah, but i was hoping life would beat it out of you. well, it hasn't. now, come on, what are we gonna say? you write it, i'll sign it. that's our system. oh, come on. this is important. why? what's in it for us? knowing that we helped our good friends take a big step in their life and their relationship. what else they got? all right, now, we need to say something nice about adam and jen that'll impress the coop board. all right, adam's a good hang.
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and jen can eat a lot for a girl. so why are you eating here? isn't it kind of risky? i'm not gonna let some girl scare me off. at least till 5:00, when she starts her shift. that's it? soup is very filling. oh, can i have, like, ten packets of crackers, please? alright, what's going on? it's obvious. he's trying to fit into his prom dress. now that we bought the apartment, i wanna try to be more responsible with my finances. because get this: jen thinks i can't budget my money. i'm sorry, i started laughing after "jen thinks." anyway, i wanna show her that i can do this. i got a $60 budget, and i'm gonna use this notebook to account for every cent. a cup of soup, $1.75. lost pen, $2.00. whoa! kerry's here early. let's scram.
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[whispering] guys, did you hear me? let's hit the bricks. why is there no skedaddlin'? we're aying. yeah, i just got my soup. seriously--you're gonna pick the diner over me? it's kind of a no-brainer. yeah. fine, you've made your choice. russell? [gasps] why couldn't we send the recommendation in the mail? because the fact that we're delivering it in person shows how much we care. the fact that i paused deadliest catch to come down here should show how much i care. i don't know what you like about that show. it's men doing men's work. and there's suspense. will they catch crabs? will they not catch crabs? all rit, i'm just gonna hand her the letter and then say a few nice things about adam and jen. hi. mrs. westlind? yes. hey, audrey and jeff bingham. oh, yes, of course. our dear friends adam and jennifer in 9-a are considering buying that open apartment, and we wanted to give you this recommendation.
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certainly. and we're doing it in person, 'cause we really care. yeah, loads. well, thank you. we'll certainly take this seriously. mom, that's the guy who was mean to me. it is? yeah, he tried to make me buy his shoes. worn only once. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. live the regular life. warm up your home embracewith fall's finest. share all of your favorite t.j. finds... at a price worth posting. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista and see the brands people are scoring. t.j.maxx. it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel.
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♪ we are flintstones kids excuse me. is kerry here today? no, she's not. ha! great. um, i'd like a meatloaf sandwich. excellent. one meatloaf sandwich... with a lugi. she got to you too. uh, excuse me, sir. you're the owner, right? yes. what do you need? my name's russell dunbar. i'm a long-time customer, first-time complainer. i'm gonna need you to fire two waitresses for me. uh, kerry and... ah, might as well get rid of the whole bunch of them. and i'd like a meatloaf sandwich. no...not for a snake like you. it goes all the way to the top. kerry tell me you promised to send her demo to quincy jones. you no send demo. i was going to. and what you ask her to do on first date...
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unspeakable! it was just a suggestion. hi, is mrs. westlind in? it's all right, delia. i've got it. hi. i baked this cake for you and your son. it's just my w of apologizing for my husband's behavior. oh, a cake. uh... here, here. and i really hope you won't punish adam and jennifer for being friends with jeff. they're young. they don't know any better. i appreciate the gesture. and i was very young when i married him. let's consider it water under the bridge. thank you. enjoy the cake. it's my grandmother's top secret recipe. oh, which i can totally give you if you want, 'cause she's dead. no? okay.
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oh, my keys. god! mm, pretty good food, huh? [sighs] i don't know. i miss the diner. but you gotta admit, this is a bargain. two baskets of wings, two beers, all for four bucks. thank you for keeping me on budget, wild wednesdays. $21? uh, excuse me. uh, this should be $4.00. it's wild wednesday. today's tuesday. how did we not know that? [laughs] i did know that. your reaction was just the pick-me-up i needed. ah, this is great. $5.00 for the rest of the week. you're gonna need to lend me some money. i'll lend you a calendar. come on, man.
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i can't. i'm a little light this week. [pounding on door] i'm sorry. did you lose this?! oh, um, i--i-- yeah, you got some nerve pretending to accept my apology. you know what? my husband is a much better person than you. at least he's honest. you--you aren't even worthy of my grammy's chocolate orgasm cake! is there flour in that cake? what? yes, of course. well, my son is allergic to gluten. if he eats that, he could die. well, then, he'd go with a big smile on his face, 'cause this cake is... delicious. i'm just gonna get my keys and go. how's budgeting going? it's great. still got plenty of money. good! because if we tighten our belts, i really think we could afford this place. oh, don't worry about this guy. he can tighten his belt any day of the week. what day of the week is it again? oh, my god! exclusive birthday photos of baby shilo!
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aw, i left my wallet at home. ah, don't worry. adam'll buy it for you. you know what? if adam can tighten his belt, i can tighten mine. forget the magazine. yeah, forget the magazine. are you kidding me? come on. be a man. step up for your lady. okay. can't you just, like, look at-- oh, keep the change. no, i'm-- thanks, baby. mwah! see you later. bye. what was that? a lot more fun than expected. i have, like, six cents left. don't worry, daddy no-bucks. i got a paying gig for ya. i called the diner and ordered a meatloaf sandwich. it's paid for under an assumed name. so all you gotta do is go get it and i'll give you two bucks. two bucks? ah, you're right. no! okay, i'll do it! what's the name? ti nywiener. i'm paying. i wanna get my money's worth. now... [whistles] go, scoot.
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i have a takeout for...ti nywiener. [chuckles] you're priceless. ah, yeah. bring me my sandwich, you $2.00 whore. don't touch it.! you suck, nywiener! [shrieks] thanks for making up for my social faux pas. i would have, uh, never thought to show up at that woman's door with a plate full of poison. adam and jennifer are not benefiting from knowing us. few people have. hey, guys. i just wanted to tell you that adam and i are going to the bank tomorrow
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to talk about a loan. i am so psyched about our chances. well, maybe now is not a good time to buy. you guys are young. you should be... burning through your money like a coked-up rock star. you should listen to him. he's a financial advisor. we know it's not gonna be easy. but it's worth it just to own an apartment in the same building as you guys. and we'll take three tins of assorted popcorn. i think you'll take six. woman, i just bought a hannah montana lunch box. and now it's eight. good one, mom. eight it is. and...i'll take those shoes you tried to sell me. but i only wore those once. and that's all you're ever gonna wear 'em. hey, you wanna see a movie? yeah, sure. my treat. why?!
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all right, let's go. ow! what are you doing in my purse? stabbing myself with your tweezers! and what are they doing in there? what are you tweezing outside the home? what were you looking for? i was looking for money, because i spent all of mine and i lost my receipt book, and tuesday is not wednesday! you told me you were doing well with your budget. lies! they're all lies! look, honey, i'm not good at saving money. and i don't wanna be responsible right now. i mean, i wanna-- i wanna be late with the rent. and i wanna blow things up. you know what? we don't have to be responsible. why, are you secretly rich? no. you know, i've been thinking about it, and--and i'm fine with the way our life is. we can take cabs and go out to eat and blow through our money like coked-up rock stars. you're not just saying this because i blew through my seven-day budget in 36 hours?
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no, it's actually 30 hours longer than i thought you'd last. and, for the record, i'm not perfect myself. you know all those entries in my checkbook that say dr. jeanette? mm-hmm. it's janet, my manicurist. oh. i thought you were dying. this has gone too far. kerry, get out here! hey! take it easy. shouldn't you be in a balcony insulting muppets? yeah? you know, i've only had two loves in my life-- this place and a wet nurse from berlin. i lost fraulein schneider, and i'm not gonna lose the diner. what's it gonna take to make this right? okay, i foot the bill for all this, and we're good? yes. lugi-free for life?
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absolutely. from the top. ♪ ♪ on the first date ♪ he asked me to do ♪ somethin' ♪ unspeakable ♪ the tiny liar ♪ wanted me to do ♪ so-ho-homethin' ♪ unspeakable ♪ the miniature dirt bag ♪ wanted me to do it was just a suggestion. vo:remember to changew that oil is the it on schedule toy car. keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95.
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and we decided not to buy the apartment after all. you did, did you? it's just too hard financially. especially since we're already saving for the wedding. yes, we're gonna have an awesome fireworks show. but... to thank you for writing that letter, we brought you a little something. huh? four different kinds of popcorn. get outta here.
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