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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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livelihoods completely. >> reporter: from south florida to the last frontier, the shutdown is hitting food producers. the deadliest catch crew and lack of crabbers groundd with no federal quo toes, they can't get a permit to start the crabbing season. a concern for restaurants like casey's crab shack. >> what is the worst case scenario? >> the crab prices go so high that i am priced out of the market. since it is my only thing that i sell. i will be priced out. i don't know that people will be willing to pay that price. it could potentially, we are facing to go out of business. >> reporter: south, citrus growers usually consult the citrus forecast. the agencies entire website shutdown. the craft beer movement bubbling up all over america is
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running in to problems, getting new beers on tap. >> to get a label to register with the state. we are prevented from brewing the beer. >> reporter: in utah and elsewhere, shuttering a national park knocked out hikers and hurt local economies. interior secretary will quote consider agreements with governors who indicate an interest and ability to fund national parker is vis personnel to re-open national parks in their states. no luck for this little guy. his picture outside washington's national zoo has gone viral, labeled by one tweeter , the absolute saddest shutdown photo you will see. >> i saw that photo on twitter. it's heart breaking. individual states may choose to funds the parks. places like the zoo will stay
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close ed until the shutdown ends. >> it may hurt you insta gram dieters out there. >> insta gram diet. the photo sharing site, the food pictures and twitter might get annoying but it could help you lose weight. a study shows it's possible, just by looking at too n many snaps of sweet or salty foods can curb your appetite. >> it's possible looking at too much or a lot of a specific type of food could decrease your desire for the food. >> not everybody agreesful some say looking at food pictures increases their cravings, cog to the study looking at one or two won't cut it. you need to view 60 to curb your diet. that's ridiculous.
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>> get on insta gram right now. i'm starving. sometimes halloween gets too scary. they love the candy. we will show you how to get them through the holiday without having nightmares for weeks to come afterwards. the new movie set to debut this week wetion are giving you a sneak peek. i'm mike masco, live outside, 95 and 895, a rough guy. more rain moving in. weather is next on abc2 news at 5:00. and when you get up -- can i play?
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all right, breast cancer awareness, talking about the importance of breast exams, most tests oh can you in unscreened women. there is a bit of dispute over when and how often you should be screened. most experts agree start getting regular mammograms before age 50. you can do regular self exams. >> women are going to find the
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cancer earlier. you are looking for changes the cancer society recommends getting the first done at age 35. then a yearly one at age 40. racing for a cure. we are 9 days away from the komen race for the cure out in hunt valley. sunday october 20th. and you have time to register or donate. log on to pink. sign up. come out and join us oh on race day. watch all the coverage on abc 2 starting at 7:00. these guys really thinking pink. a group of 8 year old boys decided to dye their hair pink in support. it's personal for a few of the boys. some family members are battling breast cancer. here come more rain.
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essex, slammed with heavy rain towards middle river, along 695, 95 split, along the highway, heavy rains. in to the city limits , the rain is expanding from northeast to southwest. it's pin wheeling off the bay, that is enhancing some of the rainfall rates. we are talking about blinding rain in spots. sparrows, dundalk, heavy rain. brooklyn park, the heavy rain. this is future radar. this will show you the progression. 7:40 to 8:00, notice everybody over central maryland seeing rain, more rain trying to enhance from easton and dover, that's going to pin wheel. we could see 3 quarters, maybe an inch of rain in addition to what we saw this afternoon. let's go outside, take a look at this shot. this is an ugly commute. 95, 395, jammed up. visibilities are down. 63 at the airport.
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dew points are up there and 61. its the northeast winds that's bringing all the moisture in. that's why we see the heavy rain. lock at the totals impressive rains over 36 houseful carroll county picking up over 6 inches of rain. frederick under a flash flood warning. 5.25 inches. morrisville, harford, 4.36. we will tally up the numberses around 7 inches in x7e÷some par frederick under a flood warning. montgomery under a warning until 10:30 tomorrow. tack that on to your county. up until 10:00 tomorrow morning. some of the streams -- we are seeing localized flooding. watching the potential of more flooding, not -- i want to show
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you this, interesting, we have the coastal offshore, there is what we call a low over the bay. we are seeing the rain coming back in. this forms in two hours, that's why the rain filled in. impressive storm with multiple faces to it. i will explain that in a second. 67 in the city. northern suburbs, rain cold 61 degrees. one storm system two storm systems. it's energy fed in to another storm system. it's all jammed up. think of the traffic jam because of the high pressure. when does it get out of here? by sunday, the kicker storm we will call it pushes everything offshore, and that will allow for sunshine to work in. radar and temperatures showing 60s for the rest of the night. rain showers out there. localized flooding, a watch in effect until midnight. by tomorrow, introducing the idea of pockets of drizzle, low clouds and fog, temperature between 63-67 degrees. notice how we open it up in to
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sunday, drier with temperatures coming closer to 70 degrees. rain totals again could be around a quart quarter to half of an inch. 58 in town. damp and cloudy. showers at times. by sunday, cloudy skies, maybe a patch or two of drizzle, especially south, it's drier by next week. it could be dangerous in parts of the area because of the rain. it's coming down. you look dry. mold inside already. >> that's crazy. >> i will bring sunshine next week. i'm going to dress up like mike masco.
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for kids under the age of 10, its best to stick to hayrides and trails. you can keep your little ones reassured, they are safe and staying calm yourself. >> you are a city girl. >> its no good. i'm a bad example. this is a halloween movie about to premier that's the right kind of scary for kids. toy story of terror. go to behind the scenes, see how the animaters make the characters come to life.
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>> move over mr. good bar, hershey is offering the first new candy brand in 30 years.
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someone upset coca-cola to become the world's most valuable brand you can probably guess it's apple. through the rest of the list of global brands. >> reporter: in 2000, marketing firm inner brand debuted the list of the best global brands. a ranking takes in to account the financial performance, innuance on customer choice, and the strength of the brand relative to the competition. every year, the same brand proved to be the strongesting coca-cola, coke is huge and
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everywhere. everywhere except for the top of the 2013 list of best global brands. there is a new number one for the first time ever. apple. apple. products are ..kucoveted across world. apple is positioning itself as more of a global brand. plp >> it's the 2013 version of the i like to boy the world a coke ad. coke dropped to the number three spot this year. google is bp+ ibm, microsoft, samsung and intel. facebook is 67th best brand, jumping 43% from last year, amazon made a jump. some of the biggest falls come from tech companies as well. nintendo, hp and del. the fastest falling brand is
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cell phone maker, nokia. after a disappointing sales, nokia decidessed to sell-off the cellar business and dropped 65% according to inner brands rankings. one brand maybe to blame. >> catch more stories like this on the list, watch it weeknights at 7:00, followed by let's ask america here on abc 2. hersheys is offering the first new candy brand in 30 years, a line of soft caramel creams called lancaster. they will come in three pcaramel, vanilla and raspberry, it hits stores january 2014. listen, we have got bad weather here. we are back in carroll county where the heavy rain turned in to rushing waters. plus investigators uncover new information in the death of a baby in a daycare.
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these stories and more, coming up new at 6:00. here is a preview of what is ahead on world news at 6:30.
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[ gasps ] were you looking for this? seems the drive-thru is closed tonight. instead... velveeta cheesy skillets. [ horse nays in background ] just brown the meat. stir in the noodles, seasoning, then smite them... smite them with the liquid gold until there can be no more smiting. hmmm yes... [ spoken faintly ] liquid gold.
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taking a road trip, heading to your tv disney's pixar created a special, called toy story of terror. >> shaken in my boots. how did they make the characters spring to life?
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brandy hit takes us on a behind the scenes sneak peek. >> have you seen potato head? >> the toy story game is back incomes the halloween adventure, toy story of terror, the first ever pixar television special. the friends head out on a road trip with the original cast lending their famous voices once again. >> to see them snap in to the role is satisfying. >> reporter: the animaters here are giving us a rare sneak peek at how they bring woody and buzz to life in to your living room. the film's supervising animater showed us how comely kateed and complex every movement in. with thousands of controls that adjust the head, eyes arms, body and legs. it's four to five seconds on average per week that we do as an individual animater. >> reporter: a very slow process to go from this to
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this. the half hour special took two years to create from start to finish. unlike feature films, the creators had to cope with severe time constraints. >> 21 minutes, 30 seconds, not a frame more, not a frame less. >> a lot had to get cut. >> it's tremendously satisfying to see it finished. >> reporter: there was a balancing act making this family friendly with a familiar toy story humor. >> my dream come true would be this would become an event. >> cracking up. >> that is great. >> good stuff. it will be here in time for halloween. watch the toy story of terror this wednesday, october 16th, at 8:00 here, of course, abc 2. >> that is great.
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>> flood watches and warnings are up. >> tracking conditions in the neighborhood. abc2 news at 6:00 stats right now. >> you are watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2 news at 6:00. >> it was a rough ride, getting to work, a rougher ride getting home from work. life, >> mike masco gives us a break down of watches and warnings and how long the rainfall will keep falling. >> powerful water rushing through the waterways. over the banks causing serious troubles for area communities. good friday night, i'm jamie costello alongside joce sterman. hope you are home for the night. a soggy sloppy day, turn nothing a soggy sloppy night. rain moving back in, in time for the evening commute.
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this is 95, 395, visibility down heavy rains over to the most powerful weather radar. the rain developed over the central bay has pushed towards the west and we are seeing heavy rain essex, dundalk. the race are rain rates are half an inch to an hour. towards the west, friendsship, seeing heavy rains, glenn l, towards randalstown, heavy rain. let's look and show you this is our future radar on the most powerful, showing us around 8:00, notice more rain and rain enhancing through tonight. the weather service issued advisories, for the vowing area. watching conditions favorable for more flooding for the overnight hours. take a look, look at the totals, over 6 inches in carol fell in the last 36 hours. probably going to end up 7
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inches in parts of the viewing area. a flood watch through tonight. we will have the most accurate seven-day forecast coming up. when we get rain like what we seen in the past 36 hours it creates a giant press. >> dangerous situation as well. this is ridge road, furnace after. a woman and her dog got stuck after trying to drive through standing water. the car stalled out. took 40 minutes for the water rescue train to pull the woman and her dog out to safety. >> when i tried to put it in reverse , the car died. there was no water on the bridge. then i sat this. i called 911. they talked to me. i wasn't scared at first until the water started coming in the car. >> we say this all time, turn around, don't drown. this is true as the rain continues to fall tonight. when it's dak dark your vision is limited. don't drive through standing water. >> the rains produced flash
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flooding in carroll county. jeff hager has more on the hazardous conditions out there. on this day, there is nothing little about little type creek. the heavy rains associated with what is left of tropical depression karen, sent the waters over its banks. if you look through the meadows and this guy, it's coming up in to the fields. >> reporter: the flood waters poured over the livestock auction, here on old new win sore pike, and maroon residents in their homes near the bridge at adams mill road. as the water continued to rise, homeowners were surprised to see flooding where they had never seen it before. >> i was out in the garage doing welding, walked in the basement, not a lot of water, just quarter of an inch. >> reporter: rising water also
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threatened to spill over westminster's waste water treatment plant, workers brought in sand bags to keep it from shutting down one of the pumping stations. the facility built to handle 5 million gallons per day was trying to cope with three times that volume. one public works official said he only seen the water rise this high once before in the last 23 years. >> combination of no rain for two months, and getting all the rain all of a sudden. >> we have rain gauge. i didn't look yet because our backyard is over your ankles in the backyard soy didn't go out there -- so i didn't go out there. and we live on a hill. >> reporter: jeff hager, abc2 news. >> we shift a lit noel a little now in to harford, sloshie fields could be costly. we head in to one of the busiest weekends for the pumpkin picking season but too much rain might be keeping


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