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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  October 29, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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calling for her father, struggling and somehow escaped from the abductor. >> the girl's father heard her screams. he went outside to find her running back from an ally to their home. he saw a man taking off in what looked like a silver bmw. police are offering 1 is $0,000 reward for information. the inmates who made the daring escape. >> the inmates made their weekend escape in brazen fashion, punching their ticket to freedom from of all places a jail bathroom. in the end two of the four fugitives didn't get far. officers spotted dylan and brown buying food at a convenient store less than 20 miles away from the jail. >> the cops swarm up. like ten of them. we head outside. one dropped his stuff. the other one ran down the block
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in to the ally. >> reporter: the sheriff of cattle county, oklahoma, says he never saw the crafty maneuver coming. it. >> is frustrating but i don't know if you can build a jail that people's not going to break out of. >> reporter: they say the criminals unscrewed a metal plate in the shower ceiling and hoisted themselves up a tiny crawl space. the inmates followed the plumbing system and knocked holes in the concrete at the end of the pipes. they escaped to the ground floor and walked right out this door. police had no idea the men had escaped until a resident alerted them to four men, dressed in orange jump suits running down the street early sunday morning. as the jail confirms the inmates were missing. the search is now on for the two remaining fugitives. state police have been called in to help to track down the criminals. they are going door to door to check on their families and friends.
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the two men were behind bars for burglary and drug charges, awaiting transfer to state prison. police found their prison suits differented in an ally near the local fire station and the sheriff says the men should be considered armed and dangerous. abc news, los angeles. considering the jail didn't know there were four prisoners missing until someone saw them running around with their orange jump suits on. >> that's the funny part. >> that's the first thing and then figure out what is going on with the shower thing. >> it is like escape from alcatraz. you have to have a change of clothes on the other side. can't run around in the orange jailbird suit. >> or have one item of clothing under the suit to so you can take one off. >> the architect that design the shower unit have been called back to the jail. look at this sen see if you can come up with something better without a shaft that leads outside. >> to the door.
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the operator of a carnival ride that injured five people. tim tutterrow was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. he was arrested after officials determined the ride was deliberately tampered. his attorney says his client would never intentionally hurt anyone. a consumer alert about recall of packaged salads. resers fine foods voluntarily recalled potato, tuna and pasta salads. they maybe tainted with listeria and could cause illnesses. they are sold under resers and a variety of brand names. consumers should return them for a refund. people are bracing for a price hike at the grocery store. if congress does not resolve the battle over the farm bill, the cost of milk could double next year, hitting $6 or more a gallon. at issue are parts of the legislation dealing with the $80
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billion a year food stamp program. with no deal it could expire january 1st and drive up prices. >> if we don't have a farm bill, i hope to see higher prices at the grocery store until congress acts. there needs to be some message to congress that they need to act. >> reporter: negotiations in the house and senate are getting underway this week. all right. in the world series, the red sox now just one win away. boston and st. louis are tied 1-1 last night. a ground roll double to left field scored the go-ahead run. the sox tacked on another and that was enough. game six is wednesday night in boston. the cards are close to elimination and speaking of elimination it was time to send someone else home on "dancing with the stars." amber finished in first place receiving two perfect tens. >> put it on mute if you don't want the spoiler alert. >> bill and snooki in jeopardy
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and snooki got the boot. >> she teared up saying she couldn't even talk. possibly a first. don't worry, we know you are still welcome at the dance floor. karma, you remember karma, right? >> she did -- i said yes instinctively and i don't remember. that is something from "the jersey shore." >> yeah. >> i thought you meant like what comes around goes around, that kind of karma. she was good and you picked her to win it all and she went far. a lot of people think she should be in the competition. >> yeah. last week no one was eliminated but the week before that another fan favorite eliminated. >> you know it is tough competition when you dance like that. >> and you are going home. it is national oatmeal day. grab a bowl and spoon and we will have a breakfast celebration. a bittersweet legal battle for chris brown. the sores you allegation facing the singer. you are watching world news now.
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♪ >> chris brown just might need a wakeup call.
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the sicker is once again accused of a brutal attack. >> this time it was a man outside of a d.c. hotel. last night the charge were reduced to a misdemeanor. brown is becoming as known for his bad behavior as his music. we're "up all nightline" with abc's linsey davis. russia chris brown let this d.c. courthouse among a throng of screaming fans and flashing lights. the 24-year-old entertainer spent the night in a washington, d.c. jail cell after allegedly punching a man in the nose. brown and his bodyguard were arrested after allegedly attacking 20-year-old parker adams. the fight broke out around 4:30 sunday morning, just a few blocks away from the white house. the allege victim telling police he and a friend were at the w hotel when they saw chris brown and tried to jump in to a photo with him. chris went nuts, he says. in a police incident report, the
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alleged victim said i'm not down with that gay expletive. i feel like boxing. brown then pa punched parker in the face brown's bodyguard threw a second punch. they say he was trying to get on brown's tour bus and the bodyguard simply tried to stop him. this is the latest in a slew of bad boy antics. his temper first came to light in 2009 when he was infamously convicted of assaulting rihanna. it happened the night before the grammy awards. he famously apologized to rihanna and his fans. >> i thought you heard from me that i'm sorry. i have tried to live my life in a way that can make those around me proud of me and until recently i think i was doing a pretty good job. >> reporter: not even two years later, another incident when he threw a chair in the studio of "good morning america." last june, the bottle throwing
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bar brawl inside a new york city nightclub involving entourages of brown and drake. and he and frank ocean allegedly duked it out over a park ing spot. in may accused of a hit and run. charges were either never filed or were dropped in each of these incidents. >> christopher brown committed to crime. we're confident that mr. brown will be exonerated of any wrongdoing. >> reporter: the alleged victim, adams, told tmz he would have accepted an apology at the scene but plans to press charges and already hired a lawyer. >> i will not describe injuries at this juncture. injuries did occur. >> reporter: the 2009 incident, brown was sentenced to more than 1400 hours of community service and five years probation. even if this most recent arrest doesn't lead to a conviction, it could still be considered a probation violation and possible
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prison time for the man many know for his swinging as much as his singing. lindsey davis, new york. >> got to get that temper under control. not good, man. >> take a step back, dude. >> let it go. >> let it go. he is a regular guy, he wants to photo bomb a picture or get on your tour bus, whichever. >> let the bodyguard handle it. that's what you pay for. >> he is three times anyone's size. why you shouldn't let your children take a smartphone to bed. >> it is first national oatmeal day. look at this. this is proof oatmeal doesn't to come in a bowl anymore. tasty ways to drink up oats. that's coming up. ahead in our next half hour, proof an inch can make a difference in airline seats. what else would we be talking about? you are watching "world news now."
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♪ this is the now generation this is the generation now ♪ we are the now generation ♪ i want, i want, i want it now ♪ >> the kids aren't going to like this one. experts say that facebook, and texting and tweeting should be cut way back. it. and parents should keep smartphones and laptops out of bedrooms. supervisor plans to introduce a measure to add a tax of 24 cents to each can of soda sold in the city the. it will go to health, nutrition program for city kids. already in san francisco fast food restaurants are prohibited from handing out free toys in kids meals that are high in fat, salt and sugar.
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a healthy form of nutrition. it is national oatmeal day. we are having breakfast courtesy of people at driscoll berry. what do we have here. >> donees with mixed berries. this is an oat scone. sneaky way of getting oats in. >> i'm not a giant fan of oat meet. so scones i will eat it. >> this is the way to get it in your body without eating warm, soggy oats. is a banana bread with mixed berries inside but mainly blueberries. also oats and then look at the wonderful things you can do with oats. there's an oat drink, called sneaky petes all-natural oat beverage. there's raspberry, apple, orange. an the wonderful people at driscolls brought us these beautiful berries because what goes better with oats than berries. >> the oats soaking up and
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so if you like dawn, you'll love platinum. [ sponge ] the champion! [ female announcer ] dawn platinum does even more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. welcome in to the mix. we have a story that might get people upset. some people, like me, may say each his own. a mom in england decide she's going to enter her children in to pageants, right. >> beauty pageants she's done it with one of the other children. a mom of three. she was seven months pregnant, exactly where i am in my pregnancy and she entered her unborn child in to a pageant. >> little early. >> so the child is born july the 3rd and she is adorable. her name is ella.
3:21 am
68 days after she was born her mom carried her down the catwalk to be judged. she didn't win anything but the mom didn't put makeup on her because she is young for that. she is nine months old now and there you have it. she decided this is what she wants to do with her child. she doesn't care if she wins or loses as long as she gains confidence and said if her daughter later on in life doesn't want to do this that is fine with her. a lot of people are criticizing her for going overboard. >> thank god there is no makeup. it seems a little young. >> some parents dress up their kids. >> cute baby contest. >> that's all it really is. >> it is the word really. that's all it is. the mani and pedi, the domain of women. some men do it. they want to take it out of the realm of women and metro
3:22 am
guidance make it a manly thing. a man in los angeles is starting a nail salon for men. big leather chairs, a complimentary glass of scotch and beer. the sports on the monitors. it is men only. the ceo michael elliott told they want to keep it away from gossiping and the feeling of ladies talking about them when they come in. he wants to make it where a man can feel comfortable. this is opening in los angeles and the idea if it catches on it maybe a contest that will go all over america. >> would you do that? >> no. not my thing. check it out. we have all called in sick and maybe haven't been 100% sick. >> never, ever. ever. >> never do that, never ever. we don't have a lot of time but there is a website that surveyed a bunch of employees and hiring managers and found that people
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call out for why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks? it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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this v. this morning on nobduction this morning on "world news now" abduction attempt. the search for a man police say tried to steal an 8-year-old girl out of her own bedroom window. how she fought back. deadly mayhem. the worse storm in years barrelling across parts of europe leaving behind destruction and heart break. today's impact on travel. packing in passengerlike sardines in a can. debates over profits and comfort hitting home when you fly. reality bites. the latest star booted from the ballroom speaking out about the quick exit. that's in the "the skinny" on tuesday, october 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
3:26 am
this october 29th. >> good tuesday morning. look at who's back. nice long weekend for you. you look well rested. >> i don't think i felt this rested ever, except the first day i started this shift. ever since it has been going down. >> you said you were in bed 12 hours. >> >> i think i broke my own personal record, i slept 12 hours. >> amazing. i am not sleep deprived at all. >> you had a nice time >> a lot of vacations you go and have fun but when you come back you are more tired than you left. i did a little staycation. got a lot of work around the house. and spent quality time with the fam. >> we begin with that terrifying ordeal for a brave little girl in colorado snatched from her own bedroom. >> she put up a fight and got away. the kidnapper is on the loose leaving the community on edge. >> reporter: police in aurora, colorado, say the alleged kidnapper saw an opportunity and moved in quickly. just after midnight,
3:27 am
sunday, investigators say a man cut the screen on this unlocked window, reached inside and snatched a girl from her bunk bed. her grandmother tells the denver post she was up late doing her home work. >> she put up quite a fuss. calling for her father, struggling and somehow managed to escape from the abductor. >> kind of scary. i didn't know it was them that this happened to. but i hope they catch the guy. >> reporter: her father heard the screams and found his daughter running in the alley. there he spotted a silver gray bmw driving off. giving police the first clues to finding the man investigators call a predator. >> we think there is a predator out there and he has to be caught. >> reporter: now safely back home, police say the young girl inside of this car escaped with minor injuries. her grandmother tells the denver post the alleged kidnapper lured her in by saying he knew her family. he covered her mouth with his
3:28 am
hand and grabbed the young girl. police are now combing through the state's sex offender registry going door to door in search of additional clues. they have offered a is $0,000 reward to find the alleged kidnapper saying he could be on the hunt for his next victim. abc news, los angeles. former congressman jesse jackson jr. spending his first night in prison. jackson reported yesterday to federal prison in north carolina also home to bernie madoff. the chicago-area democrat was convict of spending $750,000 in campaign funds for his personal use. according to a list from his lawyer, jackson is expecting a long list of visitors including louis farrakhan. president obama is among those mourning the death of ike skelton. mr. obama recalled think missouri democrat as a devoted advocate for men and women in uniform. he was elected to congress in 1976 and served 17 terms.
3:29 am
he died monday, he was 81 years old. new developments in the growing spy scan d.a. leading lawmaker dianne feinstein issi calling f a review. of intelligence activities. this is following revelations that the nsa has been spying on world leaders without the presidents knowledge. >> the capacities continue to develop and expand and that's why i'm initiating a review to make sure that what they are able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> there are reports the administration is ready to ban spying on all leaders of our allies. >> this has people rattled overseas. spain the latest to join the chorus of people. pretty darn outraged. people in the spy community say it goes with the territory and nothing new. but heads of state are like you bugged my phone? i thought we were buddies. >> i thought we were friends. there is a dynamic between nations, we spy on each other. they know we watch them and they
3:30 am
watch us. it is the way we keep ourselves safe. it's the leaders of the countries i think it is where we spy on the people that are supposed to be our true friends. you spy on people in the country that is more understandable for the leaders. and the fact that the president is coming out to say he didn't know this was happening and the nsa saying we don't take our orders from the president. what's is going on? >> darned if you do an if you don't. neither one is good. >> you don't look like you can be trusted either way. a british man with ties to the occupy movement has been charged with hacking in to government computers. 28-year-old lauri love is described as a sophisticated hacker. the investigators say he gained access to computer s at nasa and the pentagon. he was arrested in england and released on bond. until his trial which is in february. penn state faces six claims in connection with the jerry sandusky sexual abuse case and that is after the school announced settlements with 26
3:31 am
young men. it will be paid $60 million. the former penn state assistant football coach is pursuing appeals of the convictns that landed him in prison for life. of the six outstanding claims, penn state believes some don't have merit and some may produce settlements, as well. >> hurricane survivors up and down the east coast marking a somber anniversary. one year ago superstorm sandy slammed ashore. hundreds of people in new york and new jersey homeless still. insurance payments have been averaging $55,000 a family. that $60 billion relief package passed in january cannot come soon enough. millions of people across europe are trying to come to grips with widespread damage left by one of the worst storms in years. deadly winds and rain left hundreds of thousands of people in the dark. >> reporter: the storm named
3:32 am
saint jude has left a devastating mark with more than a dozen killed. the heart of london a crane buckling under the wind, collapsing. think the building below evacuated. the deputy prime minister forced to call off a news conference. hundreds of trees uprooted, blocking roads and railway tracks. the gas lines of this home exploding. the storm marched in to northern europe. tossing trucks and snarling trains in the netherlands. in germany the audubon closed. the winds reaching 120 miles an hour in denmark. the storm devastated homes and ripped down power lines leaving more than half a million people without electricity. after the ferocious winds with gusts 99 miles an hour, we are seeing the full extent of the damage. abc news, london. >> back here at home, the wintry storm over the northern plains is packing a punch.
3:33 am
great falls, montana set at new record yesterday. 5.9 inches. 112 inches is on the ground in some places forcing many to have to pull out the chains for their tires. more snow is expected today. minneapolis goet could get the first measurable snowfall of the season today mixed with freezing rain. farther west, wind causing problems for california. wind speeds reached a category one hurricane level. so strong they flipped over several big rigs on interstate 580. no one was hurt but the winds kicking up dust and debris caused serious visibility issues. all right. a look at the rest of the nation's weather. clear and dry for much of the eastern u.s. from maine to florida. scattered showers and thunderstorms for much of the nation's mid section with snow accumulation across a broad section of the west. >> cool in the northeast. warming up to the 70s for the south. 80s in florida. chilly in the upper midwest but more seasonable as you go south.
3:34 am
temperatures in the west 10 to 25 degrees be low normal. this time yesterday we told you about an 800-pound pumpkin that one guy used as a boat. staying with the pumpkin theme, check this out. 3,000 pumpkin display in west virginia. >> pretty awesome. 24 straight years they have set up the pumpkins at the this mayor's house. the jack-o'-lanterns are carved and placed by volunteers. >> they say it will grow as we get ready for halloween. >> something similar tthat in upstate, little north of new york city. we had the pumpkin people come on and we carved our own pumpkins and pretty amazing. carving changed since we were kids and you had the eye, nose and mouth hole. now, anything you get a template from the internet and sketch it out and you can look like a whiz. >> what -- the jack-o'-lantern turned in to an amazing thing. you don't have to carve them. you can put stickers or
3:35 am
pop figurines in to it and it looks great. they sell these kits everywhere. if you have a little one it takes four minutes instead of four hours to carve a button. beautiful. coming up, our first look at the next chapter of the hunger games saga that fans are anxious to see. and airlines trying to make more money. why an extra inch of space is so vital next time you fly. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. i love that just washed freshness,
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but then it goes to the die. so try new glow unstopables. they fill your closet with scents so fresh
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they last for 12 weeks! downy unstopables. try with downy infusions.
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♪ airline travel is getting more expensive and more uncomfortable. higher prices, additional fees, and now more seat squeezed in to the aircraft. >> basically, it means you can forget about getting a few precious hours of sleep during your flight. cecilia vega has a study that could change. >> reporter: comfort has become a casualty. on planes that used to have nine seats to a row, some airlines are squeezing in a tenth. one of the largest plane makers says enough is enough. airbus says on long flights, airplane seats should be no smaller than 18 inches. airbus commissioned a test on sleeping passengers, simulating real flying conditions,
3:40 am
including the rising sun and background noise and found that even one inch makes a huge difference. overall, the quality of sleep for travelers in an 18-inch seat was more than 50% better. >> 18-inch seat versus a 17-inch seat can mean that a passenger will fall asleep six minutes faster and have fewer disturbances during their flight. in a sdlied less scientific study, this you tube video, posted by a traveller who became another passenger's pillow touched a nerve we could all relate to and went viral. >> you think you need more room, but you are not getting it. >> no. the trend is to go the other way right now. >> the trend is to get as many bodies on the plane as you can it. >> is not just that airline seats are shrinking, travelers are getting bigger and flying longer distances. compare them to movie theater seats, eight inches wider. train seats more than three inches. you can even get more space in
3:41 am
crammed baseball stadium seats. the good news for travelers. airlines will be using slightly bigger planes with more seats over thanksgiving. but the bad news the holiday tickets will cost even more. cecilia vega, abc news, burbank, california. >> that happens to be the topic of our facebook question of the day. we want to know would you be willing to pay more for a bigger seat on the plane? we shouldn't have to pay more is the problem. >> i agree with you. here's what is happening. we have become more of a discerning society. we are deciding if we have flying economy we don't want to go in planes that are cramped. we are looking for airlines offering bigger seats and those other airlines are going to feel the pinch. >> if we get choosy enough maybe we will get the trend in the other direction. wouldn't that be nice? >> come on, guys. jump on board that. harsh reality for one "dancing with the stars" contestant. and bloopers from "star wars" never seen before.
3:42 am
that is next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world ns now" continues after this from our
3:43 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> skinny time. talk about "dancing with the stars." remember there was a snafu the week before. >> plug your ears, guys. >> yeah, plug your ears.
3:44 am
a spoiler alert. they come bind last week's scores with this week's scores and somebody dancing pretty darn often had to go. cover your ears. it was in fact snooki. despite an incredible score of 27 for a sexy samba. >> that's incredible to me. >> i think keyshawn johnson got eliminated the first week but a lot of people are surprised by it. snooki is surprised. let's get a listen. >> you want to come back. >> i will come back in the finale and we will kill it. >> really great was. >> seven teams remain in competition. >> there you have it. i can't believe the outcome of these eliminations. two weeks ago it was another great dancer and -- yesterday it was snooki. that's crazy. look at the competition and you are like really, they got to stay. >> i know it. >> any way. moving on to this. how about this for all of you "star wars" fans.
3:45 am
there are brand new outtakes from the movie that have popped up on you tube and people are going crazy over it. they range from seven seconds to 45 seconds and include everybody from princess leia, to hans solo to luke skywalker. take a listen. >> you have no weapons. >> a better military target than name -- name it now. before i go home -- [ laughter ] that -- >> i'm sorry. >> really cool stuff. there you have it. a sweet treat for the people that remember this movie. this is episode four from 1977 just now seeing these. >> a lot of star wars fans out there who will enjoy this. another movie series that is really popular, particularly with my daughter, "the hunger games."
3:46 am
new one is coming out, "catching fire." the trailer was played during the world series. let's listen in. looks real. >> my daughter is even playing katniss for halloween. that's katniss and it looks really great. it comes out i believe november 22nd. i hope i'm right about this because i'm just going from memory. look it up on google or the abc website. >> i haven't read these beengs saw this by accident. some of my nieces were in town and we had nothing else to do and it was on and we watched it. the story is incredible. >> my daughter begged me to like it and like is this a chick flick. no. some pretty deep stuff. we have 30 seconds to tell you about the latest milestone for lindsay lohan and miley cyrus. they have apparently crossed paths and they are now bffs. >> double trouble.
3:47 am
>> on sunday morning, they were at the same club after cyrus made an appearance on snl. they hang out and left together. and -- >> no one got arrested. >> that means they are bffs. of course.
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♪ ♪ welcome to miami our friends at world news have been hanging out in miami this week to mark the launch of the new venture by abc news and univision called fusion. >> david muir got the equally unlucky story of tracking down the most desirable dish. >> reporter: joe stone crab here in miami. >> hey, buddy. >> reporter: this kitchen is a mad house. stone crab season has just begun. >> not quick on your feet or you get run over. >> keep that in mind. >> reporter: in the back of the restaurant the vault, the locked freezer. you have to scan your fingerprint just to get in. doesn't work for me because only eight people have access. stone crab is harvested off the
3:51 am
coast of florida. a new delivery every morning. they fetch a big price. the cooler kept at 30 degrees. we could see our breath and they are about to get me ready to crack them. the hat, coat, blue bib and glasses. i'm ready. this is their cracking station. they have been doing it 100 years now. it started with this shack. a couple from hungary. the wife still at it. clinton and both bushes and barbara bush sending a thank you note. cracking the stone crab is an art form. look at that beauty. you have to hit it right here, right here and right here. >> reporter: do it wrong and you have wasted a lot of money, not to mention someone's dinner. >> are you ready? >> reporter: am i ready? putting on the gloves. was that good? my first one. >> that's good. >> reporter: getting the hang of it and that's a good thing because this order 80 bucks for five jumbo claws. this plate i just cracked goes
3:52 am
out to somebody out there, some poor soul is going to eat it. >> patricia and her daughter and their taste tests. >> how did we do? when my shift was over reward. amazing. david muir , abc news, miami. >> you have been. >> i have been. >> i had stone crab but i don't think i have ever been. >> it is a glorious place to be. so delicious. >> the place i had it we had a mallet at the table. a step down from that with white linen. >> they come pre malleted and worth the wait and the trip. worth the money. they are delicious. even if you go once in your life. it is worth it. >> i'd like to tell you it was fun malleting my own stone crab but i'd rather have it that way. >> you do. trust me. don't miss our updates at >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. es.
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making news in america this morning -- one year later. a look back at the destruction and recovery after superstorm sandy. bold and brazen. a little girl snatched from her bedroom in the early morning hours. how the victim's bravery likely saved her life. one man proves that lightning really can strike twice. >> i was on my knees. it hit me again. >> this morning, he's telling a remarkable survival story. and no fear. a man rides what could be the biggest wave ever surfed.
3:56 am
good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin a full year after recovery after the storm. >> sandy slammed into the eastern seaboard one year ago today. affecting the lives of millions of people. >> take a look at these before and after pictures. this one shows a battered road in seaside heights, new jersey. a different scene a year ago. >> and this one, one of the more iconic images, a rollercoaster in the atlantic. that ride, now gone. >> the sand filled the streets of cape may, new jersey. you can see it nearly came to the top of that street sign. >> and damaged homes, including these at the beach. that's where tahman bradley is live for us. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, di a diana. good morning, john. here at ortley beach, they're still rebuilding. this sand is new. and it's brought in to protect buildings from rising water. there's a lot of signs of progress. but a lot left to do.
3:57 am
one year after sandy's fury, on the weekt, east coast, recovery. and the sea port is open for business, after the storm shut down 75% of the businesses. on long beach, new york, there's a new boardwalk, made of concrete. it's supposed to survive the next storm. >> we made progress over the last year. but that means nothing if you're not one of the people back in their home. >> reporter: many are still rebuilding. still suffering. sandy caused $60 billion in damage. new rules put in place after hurricane katrina to prevent waste and fraud have slowed the flow of funds. residents like patrick, say they're frustrated by paperwork and red tape. >> fill out paperwork. and submit this. submit that. and by the end, they just tell you, you don't qualify for
3:58 am
whatever reason. >> reporter: the storm destroyed christine's home in beach haven west. she's building a new one. but the 140,000 insurance payout doesn't cover the cost of construction. she and her husband are making tough choices. >> we're using savings and retirement. >> reporter: today, through vigils and memorials, residents will remember the sandy victims. 180 people were killed in the u.s. pat lost her husband and daughter. >> we've gotten to this point so far. >> reporter: later this morning, new jersey governor chris christie will attend a statewide prayer service. and here along the jersey shore, people will shine flashlights. their message, light over the darkness sandy brought. john and diana? >> tahman bradley live for us at the jersey shore in ortley beach. the head of the senate intelligence committee is calling for a top-to-bottom review of spy operations, following the bombshell revelation of the nsa spying on
3:59 am
top world leaders. president obama is speaking out about the controversy in an exclusive interview with abc news partner, fusion. >> how is it you didn't know about the cell phones being looked at or listened to? and why didn't you know? and who should have told you? >> jim, as i said, i'm not here to talk about classified information. what i am confirming is the fact that we're undergoing a complete review of how our intelligence operates outside of the country. >> there are reports this morning that the administration is ready to ban spying on all leaders of our allies. and spain is the latest country to accuse the u.s. of monitoring its citizens. and the white house is scrambling to smooth out the website. the president admitted they didn't have the luxury of more testing time before launching the website on october 1st. people without insurance will now be granted an extension until march 31st to enroll because of those glitches.


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