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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 13, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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to be here. as a kid i never went through that but now i am. it's bullying. >> adriana was never paid for the picture and agreed to model in, change for free family photographs that could be used to promote the website. she said she's a wife, a mother and not a model and trying to move on from the negativity. tonight a government report is slamming the tsa for creteing terrorists by observing passenger behavior. the agency has isn't more than $900 million on it but congressional overseers said it has yet to prove it's effective. embattled toronto mayor rob ford appeared before the city council today for the first time since admitting that he smoked crack cocaine. the mayor is facing tough questions and admitted to smoking crack.
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>> the reason i drank or did drugs was in the because of stress. it was out of sheer stupidity. that's all it was. i will not blame something. i take full responsibility for it. i don't know what else i can say. >> well, for flatly denying it, he said he home took drugs on isolated occasions. pressure is expected to increase to force him to resign. he said he will not resign but will also run for reelection next year. >> the hustle and bustle of the holidays is not something people enjoy. the mall is crowded and you're too stressed out to get anything on your shopping list. >> we have the day you should take off from work to enjoy the malls and shopping center.
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>> forget google glass. google wants to tattoo you to keep you connected. >> hey, mike masco may want to do that. havre de grace. we had flurries here toward cecil county. nothing but blue skies. the question is how cold does it get on the banks of the susquehanna. we answer that in our forecast coming up.
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all right. it's not a playoff. it's a movember mustache. it's meant to raise awareness for men's mental health issues. >> last year movember raised close to $150 million for men's health charities. this year the movement has enlisted several corporate sponsors. stash equals cash. you would think gillette would be threatened but it's using
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the month to promote its mustache trimmer. the steeler will help men trim, shave and edge with ease. they're sponsoring team gillette sponsoring several athletes. tom shoes promises to make a donation as part of the partnership. there's a line of jeans. $20 from every pair goes to the cause. at $189 a pair, i'm sure there's room for profit. small companies have also signed on. you can buy limited editions of movember head phones, a movember watch from electric. movember is proving to be an outlet for companies to raise
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awareness for men's issues while razing awareness for their brand. >> to see more stories like this, watch "the list" followed by "let's ask america." first we have google glass, now they are offering something for your throat. they have lay lied for a patent on a tattoo. who came up with the drawing? this is the drawing, including a 10-page document. it would communicate with smartphones, gaming devices through a bluetooth style connection. the tattoo could even be used as a lie detector. >> who is going to be that connected? black friday is always one
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of the busiest shopping days. so is the last saturday before christmas. a lot of people don't like the long lines and stress. if you're not latter group because you don't like that, the best day to shop is the least busy day. gus when that day is? wednesday december 4th. other days, december 2nd and 3rd along with the 9th and 11th. so basically shop early and shop mid-week to avoid the crowds. not bad. how about some buyer's remorse. it's painful when it comes to the time and cost of college education. pay scale rec meants it. number one journalism. only 2% said they would do it all over again. next is social science followed
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by visual community cakes -- communications, history and do your research so your dreams aren't dashed after graduation day. the people who have this job probably don't regret it. biomedical engineer with a median pay of $87,000. clinical nurks character text, surgeon and the art test at doing. the top 100 jobs were chosen in terms of growth, pay and how satisfied you are. remember those yoga pants that were too sheer? they're back on the shelves
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with morin hansments. lululemon now call them second chance pants. this is what's celebrating failure looks like. >> i'm still thinking about the college pages. we had one and three. communications and journalism. meet roll jip wasn't on there. wind and freeze alerts. you got coastal flood concerns. big waves, still breezy conditions. otherwise, take a look at the deep south with the deep freeze on in places like southern georgia, alabama, the mississippi gulf coast all the way down into new orleans. this is a far reaching november freeze. boy, it will be a cold one
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tonight, crystal clear skies, aiding and abeth. a few high thin clouds and that's it. you had about parkton today. we go up into northern baltimore county. it was cold here this morning and did not warm up a whole lot today. early sunset is making it feel chilly. the air is bone dry very dry. now is a good time to fire up the whole house humid fire. otherwise it will be cold and dry. 48 by noon, low 50s by 4:00. cool tomorrow evening. you got hour by hour forecast. the current temperature maps all at the abc2 app. click over to the weather tab at the bottom to see all the information. so winds continue to blow out
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of the west, chilly tonight. temperatures running cold with the wind chill factor of 12 out of deep creek lake. again, very, very dry conditions, so if you've noticed the skin starting to crack a little bit, a little itchy. this is why. the cold air is coming in and it's dry. crystal clear, north and with the. we have activity north of the great lakes but not much. this is a cold high pressure scenario. it will mean fair weather, sinking air and a cold night. then you got the bright sunny days. the temperatures begin to moderate. it's after a cold night, widespread 20s and 30s. tomorrow cracking 5 degrees and into the day on friday, mid to upper 50s. skies will stay clear. there are no weather makers in sight as we head toward the weekend. cold tonight, 2 4, deep freeze.
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54 your two-degree guarantee tomorrow and then milder around here and not as frigid tomorrow night. the next several days finding that warmup on tap, back to 60 or so on saturday. into the weekend we find temperatures running milder, really, a nice setup for a november weekend after a frigid start to the week and then anblast is on tap tuesday into wednesday. zoo get too used to it -- don't get too used to it. >> got to like it. >> love it. thanks to nasa, we're getting a rare look at our solar system's ringed planet saturn. this was captured back in july when the sun slipped behind the planet. the reason the images are so ware, look, you can see all.
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a baby born in missouri will not have a hard time picking lottery numbers. the eight pound baby boy was born an -- at 9:10 on 11/12/13. his dad happens to be a math teacher and his wife is a good planner but he doesn't know that shea's that good -- she's that good of a planner. give your pup an extra treat. >> how shelba quickly became a hero. >> a father over in afghanistan for nine months. he comes back to a big surprise.
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a marine is home from his fifth deployment. >> he decided to do something special for the homecoming, turning it into a big surprise for his kids. >> are you surprised? >> yeah. >> it's not exactly a football awards ceremony for his son. he hadn't seen the kids in nine months and they didn't expect to see him until later this month. >> i was really surprised. i thought it was a dream because i was -- whenever i started watching, i said is that my dad and i figured tout
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was. >> lt. colonel albertson has been in the marines for 16 years. welcome home. here's something that's not ironic. alaina morris it's it's album is getting the winning ticket. the singer is expected to write a few new songs for the show. here's what's coming up. what's being done to clean up our waterways? we'll show you how the back river is going green and reducing runoff. >> attention black friday shoppers. stores are offering the biggest shopping day of the year. those stories and more coming up at 6.
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a man lost yefg but not his life thanks to his four legged friend. >> the dog jumped on his chest to alert him of the fire. he. when he ran outside he thought the dog was behind him but she wasn't, so he went back inside. >> she's my little girl. i will always love her. now she showed my life. she showed me she's mi best friend. she was worried about me. >> firefighters have not determined the cause of the per
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but believe it was accidental. paul did have homeowner's insurance. >> truly man's best friend. a brushfire ignites in edgewater. >> we'll explain why it was tough for firefighters to control. the people doing the drugs, dealing the drugs, they don't care about anyone's well-being. >> a father and three others face charges they assaulted their daughter's boyfriend after she overdosed. >> the cold temperatures are the start of a cold winter. >> now that he's a free agent what do the ravens have to say about an ed reed reunion.
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>> all lanes are open after this crash. whitemarsh was a mess. then a car caught fire and we know that two people were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. >> vigilantes, desperate parents or both. >> four people face assault charges after a mt. airy man was beaten with a baseball bat but they claim they were trying to save a life. >> reporter: on its face it may have looked like the work of vigilantes. these suspects broke into the house. >> forced entry and assaulted the per dwelling in the home. >> reporter: daniel del mar said it was a desperate act.
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the girl had been introduced to drugs. >> it got as bad as las wednesday. police tracked him down, pinned him in a parking lot up at the comfort inn in hagerstown. we got my daughter out of the truck with the boy she was running around with. they found heroin. in the process of getting ready to arrest him, my daughter quit breathing and od'd in the parking lot. >> reporter: del mar, who faces charges is the young girl's father. he said when his daughter refused to come ho after the overdose, she made him move out of eric manly's home. >> we finally got them apart on sunday and i begged him to go
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stay with his folks in hagerstown. we had made arrangements. >> reporter: del mar claims manly called and said his daughter was with him and prepared to drive, prompting them to drive there for the third time sips her overdose. she wasn't there but manly threatened him with a knife and the man defended himself with a bat. >> that was the only reason a what -- that what happened, happened, to save my child's life. >> now the suspects have not seen their daughter since the arrest. dozens of acres burned in anne arundel county. this's is in the south river farms park. firefighters struggled to get to the hear because it was in the woods. neighbors spotted the fire
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first. >> saw flames and the leaves coming over the edge. i said this is getting serious. it wasn't someone burning leaves. it was time to call 911. >> reporter: crews were called in to put this fire out. >> red flag type conditions, bone dry air and cold conditions. 122 -- 22 in cockeysville. a couple degrees off at bwi. temperatures today as we speak are running frigid, maybe not quite down to 27 but definitely low 30 on the board and a chilly west breeze diminishing. now big picture wise crystal clear skies but that will also said in a rapid cooloff. we and up in the mid-20s and the north and west suburbs could be pushing to the upper
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teens. for more on the cold outbreak, let's head over to mike masco. >> good afternoon. i want to show you. yesterday was brutal. take a look at temperatures today. we were starting to move into the 40-degree range. we think we will add more. it's still a cold blast across the mid-atlantic. northern maine, 25 degrees but some relief is out toward denver. go out toward northern texas. temperatures are into the 60s. that mild air on the gentle southwest wind push will be here through the weekend. we'll talk more about that not seven-day forecast in a little bit. if you -- more cold air is building. 18 below zero. that is forced to move southbound as we go into next week. we'll talk more about that coming up with more cold on the way south and the threat for snow down the line. baltimore city


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