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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 15, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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`>> ah, what a night. `and we should say that the show `will air on pbs january 8th at `what's making news in america `this morning `erin: now on daybreak, a salem `mother is accused of overdosing `on heroine in front of her `child ended up in the hospital, `as well. `sean: the state drugs are is `facing -- czar is facing new `criticism. `kevin: after the milder air, we `cool off to the norms for the `time being. `the big change arriving for the `weekend ahead. `>> the deputy police chief in `salem say he is no hero, but he `did save a man' s life and revive `him twice. `>> no one covers new hampshire `like we do.
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`now, wmur news 9 daybreak. `erin: good morning and thanks `for waking up with us. `sean: good morning, everybody. `yesterday was a nice day out `there. `it is starting to feel a little `more fall-ish. `is that a natural active? `erin: i think. `kevin: the temperature is where `it should be and then `temperatures go well below the `average is. `we have cooled off this morning. `the brees does pick up out of `the southwest. `we are either side of 30 up `north. `we are right around 40 degrees `in southeastern spots. `temperatures working their way `up to near 60 degrees. `after tomorrow, we fall off in `time for the weekend. `let' s take a look at your `thursday morning ride. `good thursday morning, deb.
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`deb: right now, we have some `good news if you are traveling `on 93 southbound. `it is reopened and traffic is `moving to that area. `93 south is up to speed to `manchester down to londonderry `and all the way down to the `state line. `293 looks good through the mill `yard. `the everett turnpike is also `moving well through the bedford `tolls and down through the lane `drops. `you by peter' s, nissan, and kia `of nashua. `sean: thanks. `a salem mother is accused of `overdosing on heroin in front of `her four-year-old daughter and `serious the epidemic has become `in the state. `erin: 31-year-old kari houlne is `charged with endangering the `welfare of a child.
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`hospital. `ray: that' s right, erin. `the daughter taken to the `hospital to be treated for a `not think the child got into any `of the drugs. `it was 2:00 on tuesday afternoon `when police got a call from a `man at the la quinta in. `he said that kari houlne was `unconscious and not breathing. `revive turner. `police did fine evidence of `heroin. `police found kari houlne, her `daughter, and the caller nearby `on styles road. `>> she admitted that she had `injected heroin. `he admitted that he administered `the narcan. `they both admitted the child was
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`ray: she will be arraigned with `charges of endangering a child. `brewer. `sean: thanks. `the president of the new `hampshire medical society says `political firestorm when he made `comments about the state toss `drug -- state' s drug czar. `he said jack wozmak has not `reached out to state doctors. `that brought calls for the `governor to fire wozmak. `>> anybody involved in this only `welcomes more partnership from `anybody who has a title position
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`committee that are as eager as `passionate for the circumstances `, to have clearer ways of `resolution, to meet together. `sean: he said politics play as `smaller role as possible to the `state' s response to the opioid `crisis. `erin: officers say 39-year-old `john conkle showed the clerk of `a store a gun and grabbed cash `from the register. `several officers wrecking nice `them down yesterday morning. `person responsible for a series `river road. `you can see the suspect in this `brief surveillance clip. `the person broke into four `hours. `of the businesses. `a manchester man faces several
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`charges after the sewage tank on `his camper trailer spilled onto `a trooper' s cruiser on 93. `someone reported the truck `and trailer were serving -- `swerving all over the place. `the driver was cited and `arrested on an outstanding `warrant. `sean: five residents represented `a group of 600 petitioners are `asking a strafford county judge `of interest. `out a vote that reinstated the s fire chief. `erin: two local principles are `earning national honors for `efforts in building and `sustaining strong schools. `anna parrill and paula `southard-stevens of those been `named 2015 national
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`only 59 principals are in `that designation this year. `congratulations to them. `sean: not always an easy job. `kudos to them. `still to come, this may not look `like a courtroom or a classroom, `but the state supreme court `justices are offering students a `special chance to learn about `the judicial system. `>> supporters are facing a `deadline to get a new jump phil. `-- filled. `sean: a portsmouth chef is `showing off impressive skills is `one of the best oyster shockers `around.
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`sean: it is thursday morning, `october 15.
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`her side of 30. `a quick jump to either side of `60 this afternoon before we `continue to cool off and really `get a chill down in time for the `weekend. `erin: police are sworn to `protect and serve. `the deputy chief in salem helped `save a man' s life. `sean: deputy chief james chase `was leaving a private security `job on tuesday night when he `found a man unconscious and not `breathing. `he believed the man was having a `heart attack and started cpr. `an ambulance arrived, but says `he is no hero. `>> i didn' `lot. `you just kind of go into motion `and do your job. `it is a great feeling that it `actually worked and he is `actually going to recover. `i didn' t know if they were going `to say he was alive.
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`was glad to hear he was ok and `talking. `sean: he should be ok. `erin: great news. `despite efforts to save it, `cruise destroyed the jump built `back in 1979 after an engineered `deemed it to be unsafe. `supporters have raised $50,000. `limit is set to host the `state jump meet in february. `sean: students at bedford high `school got a unique learning `opportunity. `the state supreme court set up `the bench at the school `auditorium as part of the `court' s on the road program. `since 2002, the judges of help `session around the state --held `session around the state. `>> this is authentic learning at `its best. `this is seeing what they are
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`studying in the classes in `action. `they are seeing the judicial `system in process. `this is the kind of thing that `our kids talk about with `teachers in their classrooms. `sean: the students were also `able to ask the justices and `lawyers questions. `the judges said they wanted them `to ask the questions. `what a great way to do it. `erin: what a wonderful `opportunity. `the oyster population has fallen `to dangerous lows. `researchers are hoping to change
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`sean: get your if you work hard,r and you do your part, you should be able to@ get ahead and stay ahead. r but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up forr equal pay for women. they don't supportr paid family leave. they don't even really support@ refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy@working for the vast majority of americans, not justr for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president.
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`erin: it is official, the cost `to hunt and fish in new `hampshire is going up. `hunting and fishing license fees `will be raised for the first `time in 12 years.
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`most licenses will cost an extra `$10 starting next year. `people 68 years and older will `have to pay for licenses -- that `fee will be $10. `forward with plans to establish `a bobcat hunt in new hampshire. `50 licenses would be issued `through a lottery process. `dozens of people packed the `hearing and many say they don' t `think there are enough all caps `-- bobcats to justify a hunt. `>> we support a limited harvest. `$200,000 of our money was spent `researching the species. `we have the justification to `know we are not harming the `species. `erin: a public hearing will be `scheduled so residents can way `and further before the `commission takes a final vote. `sean: the unemployment rate in `new hampshire continues to fall, `but there are still plenty of `jobs available. `the state is hosting a job fair
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`70 potential employers will be `on hand. `uber is teaming up with the `national center for missing `antics loaded children -- `missing and exploited children. `drivers will receive amber `alerts. `the uber network covers about `three quarters of the u.s. `population. `dole is recalling certain cases `of bags and it -- bagged spinach `due to concerns over salmonella. `no illnesses have been reported. `the bags of spinach salad have `and enjoy by date of october 15. `erin: researchers at unh are `leading an effort to restore new `england' s natural oyster `population. `experts say in some areas, the `population is just 10% of what
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s. `now, they are recycling oyster `shells, placing them in special `tanks were worcester -- oyster `larvae a can attach. `how about that? `fall foliage is still in peak `season. `some people are already thinking `about the next season. `sunday river resort in maine `plans to open for the season on `monday. `can you believe it? `sean: seriously? `erin: officials plan to open the `upper t2 trail. `this is their second earliest `opening in nearly 20 years. `ready. `sean: the second earliest in 20 `years. `more toward the effect of the `technology than the weather. `we are right at the norm this `october.
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`erin: we are going to get some `snowflakes over the weekend. `watching. `kevin: we start off early with `sunshine blending with high `clouds into the afternoon. `it is going to be a nice mid `autumn day. `the cooling trend that we are `now experiencing compared to the `last few days continues into the `weekend. `a couple of showers early `tomorrow. `we could have mixed shower `activity early on saturday. `clear skies, a little bit of fog `. `temperatures have dropped back `from the upper 20' s to the lower `40' s. `there are several very weak `systems lined up. `it is difficult to timeout when `each one goes through. `what we get from this will be `fairly meager. `temperatures in the upper 20' s. `notice the 19 a top mount `washington. `mid-30'
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s from concord going up `continuing out west. s from `manchester to the shoreline. `notice the temperatures early `this morning are running 10-25 `degrees below where we were `yesterday at this time. `a little batch of cooler air `continuing to rotate through. `each of these disturbances `reinforce the air mass in place. `high temperatures today, 54 in `pittsburgh. `62, nashua. `with clear skies through a good `part of the day and just a few `fair weather clouds into the `day. `you get above 3000 feet and the `showers. `afternoon tomorrow. `temperatures tomorrow are much `like today. `then we get to the next `disturbance which roles in late
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`as that moves in early on `saturday morning, there could be `a couple of showers. `the best chance will be in the `northern half of the state. `we could see a few flurries `sometime early on saturday. `that system pulls away early on `saturday afternoon. `a sunny day for us on saturday `-- sunday. `highs sunday and monday are `likely not out of the 40' s. `temperatures getting back into `the lower ranges of the 60' s `today. `clouds start increasing after `midnight. `could be a couple of showers `around. `the best chances will be in `southern northern new hampshire. `-- and northern new hampshire. `50' s for highs on saturday. `eisen the 40' s on sunday and `monday. `then noticed the quick `turnaround. `a lot of ups and downs.
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`sean: that is why i keep the `shorts around. `erin: i' m getting ready to pack `those away. `[laughter] `sean: let' s check on our top `stories. `we start with ray brewer. `ray: a salem mother has been `arrested and charged after `allegedly shooting up heroin in `front of her four-year-old `daughter and overdosing. `salem police received a call on `tuesday afternoon from a man at `the la quinta inn. `he said kari houlne was `unconscious and not breathing, `but that he gave her narcan and `revived her. `>> police in bow are looking for `the person responsible for a `series of commercial break-ins. `someone broke into four `businesses on river road in the `span of two hours. `concord police have caught the `man they say robbed a `convenience store at gunpoint. `39-year-old john conkle entered
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`show the clerk a gun tucked into `his pants and grabbed cash from `the register. `erin: what do you get when you
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`2000 pounds ofsean: go big or go home, as they `say. `organizers at a festival in `minnesota put a massive pumpkin `to good use. `erin: what else are they going `to do with that? `they filled it with 200 bounce `of candy, lifted it a hundred `feet in the air, and dropped it `with a go pro camera on board. `that is the view. `you might imagine the pumpkin `smashed into a huge mess.
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`the pumpkin goo to get the `candy. `[laughter] `erin: i' m sure their sneakers `were covered in all that do we `-- gooey mess. `sean: i love the kids coming in `there. `great shots. `a couple of news anchors in `omaha, nebraska got quite a `shock during their show. `>> they will shoot a spray if `they get scared. `[screams and laughter] `>> are you ok? `[laughter] `sean: that is what i would do. `erin: he was out there. `they were interviewing this `animal handler who brought out a `skunk. `they placed a water gun. `he certainly managed to fool `everyone before they all had a `big laugh. `didn' t they notice it wasn' t `really smelling? `that would freak me out. `sean: i was almost running out `of the building when i saw that.
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`coming up in the next half hour, `a popular stories back open `nearly a year after flames swept
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` r t r but then i visited @ with a great campus culture. the community was justv amazing, i really feel like this ist my family. ni've made so many friends here, friends that i knowr i'll have for life. i have everything i need tor succeed right here. there's always somethingt happening here. nthis is such a fun place to be. everybody really loves whatr they're doing here.
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`sean: good morning, it is `thursday, october 15. `we have reached the halfway `point of the month. `look at the temperature, 39 `degrees. `erin: and i think we will see `highs in the 40' s over the `weekend, at least, for one day. `martha in the forecast. `-- more on that in the forecast. `a salem woman was arrested `tuesday after police say she `overdosed on heroin in front of `her four-year-old child. `the mother now faces child `endangerment charges and is out `on bail. `a restaurant in northwood was `heavily damaged due to a
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`three-alarm fire. `ma' s and mine opened about a `year ago. `the cause of the fire is now `under investigation. `and franklin officials have `decided not to enforce a curfew `this just a month after the city `went to reinstate the curfew. `sean: yesterday, a nice day. `today, what do we got? `kevin: we get the sun, but we `will be about five or six `degrees cooler than yesterday. `it does not come with much of a `breeze. `it should be a nice mid autumn `afternoon. `we start off chilly, upper 20 `still or 40' s from north to `south. `high temperatures getting into `the lower 60' s in southern `areas, a lot of mid and upper `50' s up north. `aba couple of showers developing `later on tonight. `sean: i feel like we' re in a `yard work switch. `the crunch of the dead leaves `are increasing every day. `let' s check out the roads. `here' s a live look at i-93 from `our common man camera in `windham.
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`kevin: for a look at the morning `drive here in the granite state, `we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s `deb davidson. `good morning, deb. `>> good morning. `right now all major roads in the `state of new hampshire are up to `speed, so great way to start `your morning commute. `there are a couple of areas of `road construction i want to `remind you about. `293 in both directions, lane `shifts between exit 5 and 3 due `to bridge maintenance, and on `the northbound side, exit 4 `on-ramp remains closed. `if you' re on the seacoast on 95 `northbound, the left lane is `closed for bridge maintenance `between exits 1 and 2 for the `next six months or so. `this report is being brought to `you by peter' s honda, nissan, `and kia of nashua. `i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. `>> it just goes to show you how `serious this heroin epidemic is. `erin: a salem mother arrested
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`four-year-old daughter out on `bail this morning. `sean: police say that `31-year-old kari houlne shot up, `passed out, and stopped `breathing all in front of her `young child. `police later arrested the salem `mom but it was her daughter who `erin: wmur' s ray brewer has our `top story from the salem police `department. `ray: kari houlne is facing a `child endangerment charge and `her daughter is staying with `family. `the hospital for a medical `believe it was caused by `exposure to the drug. `in the room as her mother shot `up at a salem hotel. `>> it is scary. `it' s a scary thought. `we are seeing it a lot more `often than in years past. `ray: salem police say a man `called them from the la quinta `hotel on keewaydin drive around `2:00 tuesday afternoon. `31-year-old kari houlne had
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`allegedly shot up heroin passed `out and stopped breathing. s four-year-old daughter `was in the room. `>> it just goes to show you how `serious this heroin epidemic is. s supposed `to be taking care of her child, `the illness and the addiction `just took over. `ray: dolan says the caller said `he gave houlne narcan and `reversed her overdose. `police rushed to the hotel but `no one was in the room. `dolan says what they did find `was evidence of heroin use. `>> needles, cotton balls, spoons `-- it looked like they were `using heroin in the room. `we also found some discharged, `empty narcan bottles on the `windowsill. `ray: officers say they found `houlne, her daughter, and the `caller at a location on stiles `road. `>> the female did admit that she `had injected heroin and she had `overdosed. `the mail did admit that he had `used narcan on her, and they `both admitted that the child was `in the room when this was going
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`on. `ray: houlne is out on bail this `morning and will be arraigned in `late november. `live in salem, ray brewer, wmur `news 9. `erin: a laconia man is being `held this morning for breaking `his bail conditions. `this after gilford police say he `admitted to trying to break into `the same home twice in one day. `44-year-old jameson cyr was `taken into custody outside of a `home on hoyt road sunday. `he was later released on bail `but a few hours later, cyr went `, back to the police department, `said he' d broken into the same `home and asked for help getting `into rehab. `sean: the third person involved `with the murder of a woman in `exeter in 2013 has been `sentenced. `michelle corson pleaded guilty `to charges of conspiracy to `commit murder and another charge `yesterday, and was sentenced to `15 to 30 years in prison. `amanda amy warf was found with `her throat slashed and her body `burned in an abandoned concrete `factory. `the victim' s ex-husband aaron `desjardins is serving a life `sentence for first degree `murder. `the victim'
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s mother talked about `the family' `corson' s hearing. `>> forever we will love and `cherish her memory and forever `we will wish that you had the `courage to make that phone call. `forever we will wonder, what if, `and forever we will remember was `, it worth it, michelle? `sean: corson said nothing `yesterday in court and warf' s `family chose not to comment `after the hearing. `heavy fire at a northwood `restaurant yesterday. `the owners say everything inside `was completely destroyed. `the blaze at ma' s and mine off `route 4 happen just before 5:00 `p.m. `local firefighters managed to `knock it down pretty quickly. `>> we had no issues with water. `the building was all clear. `nobody was present in the `building at the time the fire `started. `sean: the cause is under `investigation, but does not `appear to be suspicious. `the owner says they hope to be
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`possible. `destroyed jake' s market in `in sunapee. `now the owners have rebuilt and `are getting ready to reopen. `this was the scene nine months `ago. `investigators were not able to `find the exact cause of the `fire, but say it was not `suspicious. `from that day, the process to `rebuild the convenience store on `route 11 began. `before jake' s market took over `in 2008, the building was home `to the georges mills general `store. `the goal was to keep as much `character as possible. `>> tried to keep it looking like `a barn as much as possible, put `in some beams -- we just tried `to do as much as we could so `people felt really great about `what was coming back. `erin: the general manager of `jake' s market tells us the store `should be ready to greet `customers by friday. `a big time-related change for `franklin. `the city will no longer enforce `its juvenile curfew. `this after the aclu raised
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`the curfew applied to anyone `under the age of 16. `they had to be off the streets `by 9:00 sunday through thursday `night and by 11:00 on the `weekend. `the aclu says parents and `guardians are in the best `position to know when children `should be home not the `government. `sean: now here' s a story that `makes you say, awww shucks. `when it comes to oysters, chris `buxton is one of the best in new `hampshire. `erin: buxton, from surf `restaurant in portsmouth, will `put his skills to the test at `the national oyster shucking `championship in maryland this `weekend. `the newmarket man actually `qualified at a maine competition `by shucking a dozen oysters in `just over a minute. `he' ll have to shuck two dozen in `the national contest with a trip `to the internationals in ireland `on the line. `>> it' s all about technique, `speed, skill. `i' ve had a lot of practice. `i' ve shucked probably more than `100,000 oysters, and i keep
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`shucking ability. `erin: his shucking ability. `100,000 oysters. `it is hard to do. `good luck also goes out to jeff `odess from franklin oyster house `in portsmouth. `he also qualified for the `national competition. `good luck to both of them. `sean: there' s still more news to `come on wmur this daybreak. `the latest on that outage that `affected airports nationwide. `what customs officials are `saying this morning. `erin: quick, think fast. `what' s one things pennsylvania, `texas, and new hampshire have in `common? `start guessing. `we will tell you ahead. `kevin: cool air out of canada `just in time for the weekend. `the details coming tt2watv#`8t bt@q'e@ tt2watv#`8t "a@q7i$ tt2watv#`8t bm@q
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tt4watv#`8t " gzt& 86x tt4watv#`8t " hnt& (84 tt4watv#`8t " iztq bql tt4watv#`8t " jntq p!, tt4watv#`8t " lzt& hlp @ who's toughest on spending? @ fox news did the analysis t and jeb bush had t the best record. @ billions in pork, vetoed. r eight budgets, balanced. nand tax cuts every single year. r right to rise usa @
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@ who has the plan for jobs? v jeb. t tax cuts for thet middle class. neliminates specialr loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. @ jeb: cut taxes. grow america. r right to rise usa r
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`kevin: thursday morning, october `15, a live look from the charter `degrees. `much cooler conditions and `temperatures very close to `averages for this time of year `as we worked our way to the
5:39 am
`afternoon, 54 to 62 with a light `breeze and a good deal of `sunshine. `all of that starts to change `tour the weekend. `details coming up. `sean: it look' s like texas, `pennsylvania, and the granite `state will be the stomping `grounds for 2016 candidates `today. `in the meantime donald trump is `, focusing his criticism on a `new target, bernie sanders. `and it looks like first in the `nation voters may be hearing `about new policies from the `kasich camp. `wmur' s nikole killion has more. `>> today bernie sanders wraps up `a west coast visit with a taped `appearance on the ellen `degeneres show while hillary `clinton heads down to san `antonio, texas. `>> i' m feeling really lucky in `las vegas. `>> hillary clinton on a street `-- on a streak. `also capitalizing off his `performance, bernie sanders at a `fundraiser in los angeles. `>> as a result of last night'
5:40 am
m told we have raised `$2 million. `>> sanders now getting the `attention of donald trump. `>> you know what? i called him a `socialist/communist, because `that is what he is. `>> the american people are sick `and tired of hearing about your `damn emails. `>> drawing in a record 15 `million viewers. `" i thought they all did well `some say the strong showing may `make it harder for vice `president joe biden to announce. `>> in retrospect, it clearly `hurts him and hurts his `prospects. `>> the vice president won' t say `when he will make the decision `but insiders claim the main `factor is still his family. `erin: moving on, this morning, a `search continues this morning `for two suspects in syracuse, `new york.
5:41 am
`this after a teen was found shot `to death. `police say a vehicle took off `from the scene which is about 2 `miles from syracuse university `as detectives followed shots `were fired at them from the `vehicle. `police say they later found a `15-year-old dead on the back `porch of a home and a `17-year-old that had been `injured. `syracuse university' s campus was `on emergency lockdown for a time `but the alert has been lifted. `, this morning customs computers `are back online after causing `major delays at airports `nationwide, including boston `logan. `the outage itself lasted 90 `minutes. `officials say a computer system `that checks airline passengers' `names against the federal terror `watch list experienced problems. ` `airports dealt with long lines `while the system was down. `the u.s. customs and border `patrol agency says there' s no `indication the glitch was `malicious. `as violence escalates in the `middle east, the state `department is quickly putting `together a plan for secretary of
5:42 am
`state john kerry to go visit. `a series of knife attacks by `palestinians has left 8 israelis `dead since last week. `over two-dozen palestinians have `been killed in clashes with `israeli forces. `the state department says kerry `was planning to visit europe `this weekend, the side-trip to `the mideast was added because of `the attacks. `kerry is expected to meet `privately with both israeli and `palestinian leaders. `she' s an engineer, mother of `two, and a soldier in the army `reserve. `and this week, 37-year-old major `lisa jaster becomes the third `woman to earn the coveted army `ranger tab. `jaster graduates friday. `the army opened the ranger `school to women for the first `time in april. `sean: let' s talk sports. `tough injury news for the `patriots. `they will be without their big, `starting left tackle for the `rest of the season, nate solder. `he has a torn right biceps `muscle. `it will be a big hole for the `pats to fill. `the left tackle has the job of `protecting tom brady'
5:43 am
`it was a late night for bruins `fans who stayed up to watch the `team take on the avalanche in `colorado. `the b' s looking for their first `win of the season and certainly `achieved their goal, winning `the game 6-2. `well here' s a play that `, certainly has people talking `this morning, and one `meteorologist upset. `it happened in the 7th inning of `the blue jays/ rangers game last `night. `texas had a runner on third base `and two outs. `russell martin, the catcher for `the blue jays, throws the ball `to the pitcher and it hits the `batters bat. `the runner comes in from third. `and if you think it was a dead `ball, you' re wrong. `it took 18 minutes until `officials gave the go-ahead to `the score. `the blue jays win 6-3 and `advanced to the championship `series. `erin: cubs fans are paying top `dollar to watch their team try `to make it to the world series `for the first time since 1945. `tickets to the cubs home playoff
5:44 am
`average of $1325.93. `the most expensive cubs ticket `is now listed is a first-row box `seat in the infield for just `under $12,000 bucks. s nearly twice the previous `record set for a league `championship. `the cheapest ticket, by the way `a $500 upper deck ticket for `, game 3. `the cubs last won the world `that' s the longest drought in `sports history. `so people are going to be paying `up if they actually want to see `them in the record books. `who knows? `may be winning. `kevin: "back to the future" did `not predict those prices. `you never know, it could happen. `let' s not discuss that. `kevin: if you had out early this `clear skies. s `up north and right around 40 `from a test her out to the `coast.
5:45 am
`day for most and into the `afternoon, temperatures will be `close to the mid autumn `averages, right around 60 for `southern areas, mid-50' s up `north and that is very close to `where we land in the afternoon `with a light southwesterly `breeze. `as you will notice, any early `fog will give way to a good deal `of sunshine. `you will notice several systems, `one for tomorrow morning, one `for saturday morning, then the `coolest in the air with this `next batch continues to rotate `in for sunday and monday. `temperatures out there right `now, anywhere from the lower s, closer to the s. `down to the freezing mark in `lower valleys. `a few spots up north going on `this morning. `certainly, looks like over the `next four to five days, `temperatures even colder than `this as we have a batch of `colder air coming out of canada. `high temperatures making their `way back from the mid 50' s up s in southern `spots. `one of those days where you had
5:46 am
`that little bit of a breeze, but `it helps out of the southwest at `five to 10 miles per hour in the `afternoon. `we hold off a new sort of a `level clouds until later on this `evening. `a couple of showers possible `overnight, around very early `tomorrow morning, but then pull `away to partial sunshine for the `afternoon. `temperatures tomorrow close to `what we will have today. `then the next reinforcing shot `of cooler, drier air in early `saturday. `this could be because it arrives `early in the morning. `just cool enough in up in `elevation in the form of mixed `showers or even a little bit of `light snow. `that will pull away rather `rapidly on saturday morning and `leave us with clearing skies for `the afternoon and eventually `clear skies for the remainder of `the weekend. `as you' ll notice, all of this `slowly sliding south, a key to `the colder air that officially `works its way in. `we work our way back to the 50' s `and lower 60' s and of the `afternoon and it comes with a `fairly light southwesterly
5:47 am
`breeze throughout the day at `around five to 10 miles per `hour. `as farce extended forecast, `temperatures again tomorrow `similar to today, we will run `the risk of a shower early in `the day and the chance of a `shower or two early on saturday `could be in next form. `we cannot rule out a couple of `places in elevation, maybe above `2000 feet, maybe a couple of `spots in the north country that `seat a little bit of a light `coating of snow out of that `before melting during the day. `that gets us into the sunshine, `but a fairly brisk wind goes `along with it on sunday, high `temperatures in the mid-40' s. `from there we continue in the `40' s after a chilly start. `notice the overnight lows sunday `night into monday morning, that `24 is for concord, meaning it `probably is the growing season `across the good part of `southeastern new hampshire `before we warm up back in the `60' s and approach 70 by `thursday. `erin: to see highs in the 40' s, `that is a reality check. `kevin: to get the warm-ups and
5:48 am
`one of the portsmouth police `department dogs has more `protection on the job. `k-9 max now has a vest to `protect him from getting shot or `stabbed. `a fundraiser with the charity `vested interest in k-9s at `hampton animal hospital paid for `the vest. `the charity has donated vests to `1580 police dogs in 49 states `since it started in 2009. `sean: still to come on newsnine `daybreak. `well, it' s a flight that has `become a trending topic.
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5:50 am
`kevin: starting out in the 30' s `and 40' s, even some upper 20' s `with a clear skies. `a good deal of sunshine today s to `lower 60' s. `sean: normally when passengers `on a commercial jet offer `thunderous applause, it' s `because the pilot pulled off a `tricky landing. `but what landed on a flight the `erin: a new passenger.
5:51 am
`it happened mid-air on a flight `from taiwan to l.a. `the mother' s water broke about `six hours into the flight from `taiwan to l.a. `the crew moved her to a private `row and the pilot diverted the `flight to alaska. `luckily, there happened to be a `doctor on the flight who helped `deliver the baby girl. `one thing not up in the air `today, the baby' s health. `she and the mom are in good `shape. `everyone there for that arrival, `right? `sean: and they don' t even look `fazed. `all business. `well, we will get the drinks. `i thought you' re not supposed to `fly when you are pregnant. `know, there' s a baby crying in `the front. `of news9 daybreak, police in bow `are looking for the person `responsible for a series of `commercial break-ins. `officers say someone broke into `4 businesses along river road in `the span of two hours and tried
5:52 am
`-- and that is not all. `ray: a mother shot up while `child was in the room. `erin: and a salem police officer `saving a man' s life. `offering him cpr reviving him `twice. `he says his actions don' t make `him a hero. `nikole: more on where the
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