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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 15, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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` `erin: a salem mother is accused `of overdosing on heroin in front `of her four-year-old daughter. `and the child ended up in the `hospital as well. `sean: to the state drugs are `facing criticism, but some say `he did not mean to cause `problems when he talked about `the job that jack wozniacki is `doing. `kevin: we cool off to the norms, `at least for the time being. `the big change arriving for the `weekend ahead. `erin: the deputy police chief `said he is don' t hero, but he `did save a man' s life and `actually revived him twice. `>> no one covers new hampshire `like we do. `now wmur 9 daybreak. `erin: good morning i' m erin `, fehlau. `sean: i' m sean mcdonald.
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`we are going to get cooler and `cooler into the weekend. `kevin: today, a typical day for `mid-october where we start out `with temperatures in a lot of `areas in the 30' s and jump in of `the 30' s -- jump into the 50' s `and near 60. `a good ellis sunshine and a `breeze. `there are several weak systems `lined up and moving into `southern parts of canada over `the next few days. `mid and upper 20' s up north, `lower 40' s from manchester to `the coast with highs in the `lower 50' s -- upper 50' s to `lower 60' s. `clouds increase and a few `showers around tomorrow. `we will talk about that in just `a bit. `let' s take a look at your `thursday morning drive here in `the granite state, we' re joined `live by 95.7 wzid' s deb `davidson. `good morning, deb. `>> if you' re starting a morning `commute and heading to the upper `valley area, 89 northbound looks `great as you make your way `through the boat junction up to `concord and then up to and over `and lebanon. `coming into the central part of `the state from the lebanon and
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`into the junction with 93. `93 south living well from the `tolls other way down to the `state line. `if you' re commuting on `eastbound, we are by and picking `up approaching 111. `one 11 eastbound is up to speed `approaching 93. `commuting into boston, the `volume is building in andover `and exits 45 and continuing down `to exit 35. `this report been brought to you `by peters honda, nissan, and kia `of nashua. `i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. `sean: thank you. `a salem mother is accused of `overdosing on heroin in front of `her four-year-old daughter, and `police say it is a sign of just `how serious the epidemic has `become in this state. `erin: 31-year-old kari houlne is `charged with engandering the `welfare of a child. `wmur' s ray brewer is live in `salem this morning. `and, ray, the child was taken to `the hospital, right? `ray: that' s right, erin.
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`to the hospital to be treated `for a medical emergency, but `police do not think she actually `got into any of the drugs. `a call from a man on tuesday `afternoon calling from the la `quinta inn on keewaydin drive in `salem. `initially he said kari houlne `was unconscious and not `breathing, but then said he gave `her narcan and revived her. `when officers arrived at the `hotel room, no one was in the `room, but they did find evidence `heroin use including needles, `, spoons, and cotton balls along `with some empty narcan bottles. `police found houlne, her `daughter, and the caller nearby `on stiles road. `>> the female did admit that she `had injected heroin and she had `overdosed. `the man admitted that he had `administered the narcan on her, `and they both admitted that the `child was in the room when this `was going on. `ray: houlne is free on bail this `morning. `she is scheduled to be arraigned `on a charge of endangering the `welfare of a child late next `month. `her daughter was treated at the `hospital and is now staying with `family.
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`reporting live in salem, ray `brewer, wmur news 9. `sean: the president of the new `hampshire medical society says `he did not mean to ignite a `political firestorm when he made `comments about the state' s drug `czar. `dr. lukas kolm told foster' s `daily democrat on sunday that `jack wozmak hasn' t reached out `to physicians, but that doctors `could try reaching out to him. `that prompted one state senator `to call on governor maggie `hassan to fire wozmak, who also `faced questions this summer `about communication with top law `enforcement officials. `dr. kolm says he did not expect `his comments to spark `controversy. `>> the medical society, myself, s `involved in this only welcomes `more partnership from anybody `who has a titled position, or `those who are part of a `committee that are as eager and `passionate for the circumstances `to have clearer ways of `resolution to meet together. `sean: dr. kolm says politics
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`play as small a role as possible `in the state' s response to the `opioid crisis. `erin: concord police have caught `the man they say robbed a `convenience store at gunpoint. `officers say 39-year-old john `conkle entered the irving `mainway monday night showed the `clerk a gun tucked into his `, pants and grabbed some cash `from the register. `several officers recognized `conkle after reviewing `surveillance video and tracked `him down yesterday morning still `wearing some of the same clothes `seen on the video. `bow police are looking for the `person responsible for a series `of commercial burglaries along `river road. `you can see the suspect in these `brief clips from surveillance. `officer said the person broke `into businesses in the span of `four two hours and tried to `break into another. `in cash was taken from one of `$2000 the businesses. `a manchester man faces several `charges after police say the `sewage tank on his camper `trailer spilled onto a trooper' s
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`police say someone reported that `the truck and trailer was `swerving all over the place and `the sewer tank failed when a `trooper pulled him over. `sean: two lawsuits have been `filed against the town of new `durham, as well as the chair and `vice-chair of the selectboard. `five residents representing a `group of 600 petitioners are `asking a strafford county judge `to invalidate the board' s vote `in july to fire police chief `shawn bernier. `their allegations include a `conflict of interest. `in a separate suit, they are `asking a judge to throw out a `vote in april that actually `reinstated the town' s fire `chief. `erin: two local school `principals are earning national `honors for their efforts in `building and sustaining strong `schools. `anna parrill of the soule school `in salem and paula `southard-stevens of charlestown `middle school have been named `2015 national distinguished `principals. `only 59 principals earned that `designation this year they will `be honored tomorrow at an awards `banquet in washington d.c.. `-- washington, d.c.
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`sean: still to come on newsnine `daybreak this may not look like `, a courtroom or a classroom, `but the state supreme court `justices are offering students a `special chance to learn all `about the judicial system. `erin: the ski jump at plymouth `high school is no more this `morning but supporters are `, facing a deadline to get a new `job helped. `>> anywhere from 3 to 8 seconds `and it depends on the oyster, `too. `sean: and in the next half hour `a portsmouth chef is showing off `, impressive skills as one of `the best oyster shuckers around.
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`hospital camera. `the sun just turning to brighten `up out there early this morning.
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`eventually, we will see a lot of `that through the day which `actors making her wait in the `mid 50' s in the north country, `lower 60' s elsewhere -- with `temperatures making their way in `the mid-50' s in the north `country, lower 60' s elsewhere. `erin: police are sworn to `protect and serve, and the `deputy chief in salem just `helped save a man' s life. `sean: deputy chief james chase `was leaving a private security `job at the rockingham racetrack `tuesday night when he found a `man unconscious and not `breathing. `chase believed the man was `having a heart attack and `started cpr. `he actually revived the man `twice before an ambulance `arrived, but says he is no hero. `>> i didn' t expect that. `it was pitch dark in a parking `lot. `you just kind of go into a `motion and do your job. `it' s a great feeling that it `actually worked and that he' s `actually going to recover `because when i woke up this `morning, i wasn' t sure if they `were going to say he was alive. `when the officer called me i was `like, wow. `i was happy to hear that he was
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`sean: chase says the man may `need surgery, but he should be `ok. `erin: despite efforts to save `it, the ski jump at plymouth `high school came down yesterday. `crews destroyed the jump which `was built in after an engineer `1979, deemed it to be unsafe. `supporters have raised nearly `$50,000 thanks to a fundraiser `on facebook. `plymouth is set to host the `state jump meet in february, so `organizers are hoping a new jump `will be built by the end of the `year. `sean: students at bedford high `school got a very unique `learning opportunity yesterday. `the state supreme court set up `the bench at the school `auditorium as part of the `court' s on the road program. `since 2002, the justices have `held sessions at high schools `and colleges around the state. `providing students with a first `hand look at how the judicial `system works. `>> this is authentic learning at `its best. `it' s seeing what they' re `studying in the classes in
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s seeing the judicial system `in process, and this is the kind `of thing that our kids talk `about with teachers in their `classrooms. `able to ask the justices and `lawyers questions, including `about law school and preparing `for a case. `made in our state are made by `the state supreme court. `to see that in person, really `need. `erin: coming up, the oyster `population has fallen to `dangerous lows but researchers `at unh are helping change that `thanks to some special `babysitters. `sean: get your skis ready. `find out when one new england `ski resort plans to open for the
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee,vvcream, two sugars -- tt see you at the window. at dunkin',rr we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it againtt on the spot. that's the dd commitment. rr america runs on dunkin'. `sean: we' re just learning that `president obama plans to keep `about 5500 u.s. troops in `afghanistan when he leaves `office in 2017.
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`the official announcement is `expected this morning from the `white house. `the move contradicts the `presidents previous promise to `end the war in afghanistan `during his time in office. `he had planned to pull out all `but a small embassy-based u.s. `military presence i the end of `next year, but now plans to keep `the current force of about 9800 `troops in afghanistan through `most of next year for drawing `down to about 5500. `erin: it is official, the cost `to hunt and fish in new `hampshire is going up. `the state fish and game `commission has approved raising `hunting and fishing license fees `for the first time in 12 years. `that means most licenses will `cost an extra $10 starting next `year. `and for the first time, people `68 and older will have to pay `for a license. `that fee will be $10. `by a vote of 7 to 3, the `commission is also moving `forward with plans to establish `a bobcat hunt in new hampshire. `under the current proposal, 50 `licenses would be issued through
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`a lottery process. `a public turn on the proposal `will be scheduled so that `residents can weigh in further `before the commission takes a `final vote. `the under clement rate continues `to fall, but there are supplant `him jobs available. `-- sean: the unemployment rate `continues to fall, but there are `still plenty of jobs available. `from 10:00 until 2:00 am `offering a wide range of jobs, a `job there. `dole is recalling certain cases `of bagged spinach due to `concerns over possible `salmonella exposure. `the produce was distributed in `13 states, including `massachusetts and connecticut. `no illnesses have been reported. `the bags of spinach salad all `have an enjoy by date of october `15. `erin: researchers at unh are `leading an effort to restore new `england' s natural oyster `population. `the school has joined forces `with everyone from restaurants `to conservation experts to make `sure oysters survive. `experts say in some areas, the `population is just 10% of what `it was in the 1980' s.
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`shells placing them in special `, tanks where oyster larvae can `attach. `the baby oysters are then cared `for in cages tied to docks until `they are ready to live on their `own. `fall foliage is still in peak `season, but some people are `already thinking about winter. `that' s right. `sunday river ski resort in maine `plans to open for the season on `monday. `that' s right, monday. `officials expect to open the `upper t2 trail. `thanks to cold overnight weather `recently, they have been able to `make some snow. `this is sunday river' s second `earliest opening in nearly 20 `years. `they' re getting the snow guns `going and hoping to open the `trail. ` kevin: a few of the natural `snowflakes coming this weekend. `sean: it is incredible what they
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`kevin: this morning, we have `clear skies. `it is a chilly start compared to `the past few days as we have `dropped back into the 30' s, some `upper 20' s up north, still `around 40 around manchester. `highs between 54 and 62. `a blend of sunshine this morning `and a few high clouds this `afternoon. `the cooling trend continues with `several other disturbances. `no all day rain falls expected, `but they are going to continue `to knock temperatures back. `a couple of showers tomorrow and `possibly early saturday morning. `form. `we start off this morning with `clear skies, few high clouds `drifting in from the north and `west this afternoon. `this is our next disturbance, `which moves through overnight `tonight and early tomorrow. `the next one arrives early on `saturday. `each of these brings down a `little bit cooler air. `19 a top mount washington, upper `20' s in the north country and `lower 40' s for manchester to the `shoreline, but a lot of areas
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`the state are near the freezing `mark. `it looks like by sunday night `a lot of 20' s on the map to `start the day. `temperatures today, 54 to 62, a `light breeze out of the `southwest. `working an overnight. `a couple of showers are a `tomorrow morning, then that `north country where the clouds `maybe more stubborn tomorrow `afternoon. `similar highs tomorrow, 50' s to `the lower 60' s. `the next system that arrives `sometime later friday night, `maybe just cold enough that `falls is either a mixture of `rain and snow showers in central `parts of the state or even light `snow through the northern parts `of maine. `that will rotate through. `we will get back to the sunshine `saturday afternoon and enjoy. `time by sunday. `by then, the winds have picked `up in the coldest of the air `continues to rotate through. `highs in sunday monday likely
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`and that will be with full `sunshine. `a pretty good wind on sunday. `for the next couple of days, `temperatures close to average. `once we get behind the colder `air, we start to warm up again. `the winds turn southwesterly on `tuesday. `after another chilly start `tuesday morning, we get back `there 60 the afternoon. `it looks like temperatures will `be warmer and the day on `wednesday. `could even be warmer than that `ahead of a front that arrives on `thursday. `kind of a up-and-down `temperature forecast. `it will be a cool day saturday `with that chance of a couple of `mixed showers early. `sunday, full sunshine, a high in `southern areas only in the mid `to upper 40' s. `erin: and chances for flurries `in the saturday morning? `kevin: in the northern half of `the state, the best chance. `erin: send us your pictures of `you see the snow. `sean: and i will send pictures `of my sweater vest one seconds `out. `let'
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s ray brewer. `ray: a mother has been arrested `after allegedly shooting up `heroin in front of her `four-year-old daughter. `she faces charges of endangering `the welfare of a child. `the four-year-old grow was taken `to the hospital to be treated `for medical emergency, but `police do not think she actually `got into any of the drugs. `a man had called police and said `the woman was unconscious and `operating within said he gave `her desk but then said he gave `her narcan to revive her. `sean: police in bow are looking `for the person responsible for a `series of commercial break-ins. `officers say someone broke into `four businesses along river road `in the span of two hours and `tried to break into a fifth. `concord police have caught the `man they say robbed a `convenience store at gunpoint. `officers say 39-year-old john `conkle entered the irving `mainway monday night showed the `clerk a gun tucked into his `pants and grabbed some cash from `, the register. `erin: coming up on daybreak, `what do you get when you combine `a 2000-pound pumpkin with 200 `pounds of candy and a crane?
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`fun. ` sean: go big or go home. `organizers of a festival in `minnesota put a massive pumpkin `to good use. `erin: they took a 2000-pound `pumpkin, filled it 100 feet into `. `as you might imagine, the `pumpkin smashed into a huge mess `and hundreds of kids raced `through the goo to collect the `candy. `they had to have been covered `with all of that pumpkin mess. `sean: all of these stringy `stuff. `erin: the moms may have been, `this may not have been the best `idea. `sean: but it looked fun. `a couple of news anchors in
6:22 am
`surprise during their show. `take a look. `>> so they get scared if they `deal threatened. `they will shoot out spray and he `can shoot up about -- `>>oh! `erin: better them than us, `right? know, the skunk did not `spray them. `they were interviewing an animal `handler who brought in a skunk `and a carefully placed water gun `to spray the anchors. `i love how the male anchor is `out of here, see you later, `lady. `sean: i would never do something `like that. `a brave lady right there. `wow. `erin: that is why we don' t have `skunks brought in an daybreak. `sean: it is in my contract. `coming up in the next half hour, `a popular store in sunapee is `back open this morning nearly a `year after flames swept through `jake'
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@ people want change, they want` reform, @they want to see something done, @ but just carping about it and ` whining about it @ and making speeches about it ` doesn't get it done. @nobody has shaken up the system`more than i have. @ i've always been unorthodox `
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to get it done. @ new day independent media` committee, inc. @ is responsible for the content` of this advertising. `>> no one covers new hampshire `like we do. `now wmur 9 daybreak. `sean: october 15, a live look at `the port city waiting for the `center ice, 42 degrees. `some parts of the state in the `30' s. `a chilly start. `chilly weather is the theme of `the next few days. `erin: a beautiful sunrise. `let' s get right to our top `stories. `a salem woman was arrested `tuesday after police say she `overdosed on heroin in front of `her four-year-old child. `the mother now faces child `endangerment charges and is out `on bail. `a restaurant in northwood was `heavily damaged due to a `three-alarm fire. `ma' s and mine opened about a `year ago. `the cause of the fire is now
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`under investigation. `franklin officials have decided `not to enforce a curfew on `juveniles under 16. `this just a month after the city `voted to reinstate the curfew. `kevin: i see your portsmouth `sunrise and raise you -- `sean: look at that. `i need to transport myself out `there right now. `kevin: ocean temperature is 56, `if you feel so inclined. `sean: ok, i will look at it. `kevin: we start off with the `sunshine and it is going to be a `really nice mid autumn day with `temperatures in the upper 20' s `and lower 40' s. `everyone leveling off in the `50' s to near 60, right where we `should be for this time of year. `in other cold front arrives `later tomorrow. `that eventually signals a brisk `weekend. `sean: soon enough, we will be `breaking -- scraping ice off our `windshield. `this is a live look at i have a `from our common man camera in `93 windham. `kevin: for a look at the morning `drive here in the granite state, `we'
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re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s `deb davidson. `good morning, deb. `>> good morning. `right now traffic is moving `wealth of the state on 93 `southbound and northbound, no `problems at all. `we' re seeing pockets of heavy `congestion on the everett `turnpike southbound just as you `make your way past the bedford `tolls. `we are seeing congestion `building through the lane drops, `and then all the way down to `exit 12. `101a is going to slowing down at `111 and the whole area is a `little bit more congested than `normal as it merges with route 3 `north and 111 eastbound. `the other big trouble spot this `morning is on 93 south in `massachusetts heading into `boston. `we are seeing very heavy volume `just north of the 95 connector, `so that is starting at exit 41 `and doesn' t ease out until you `hit exit 37. `this reporting brought you by `peters honda, nissan, and kia of `nashua. `i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid.
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`>> it just goes to show you how `serious this heroin epidemic is. `erin: a salem mother arrested `after overdosing in front of her `four-year-old daughter out on `bail this morning. `sean: police say that `31-year-old kari houlne shot up, `passed out, and stopped `breathing all in front of her `young child. `police later arrested the salem `mom, but it was her daughter who `was taken to a hospital. `erin: wmur' s ray brewer has our `top story from the salem police `department. `ray: good morning. `kari houlne is facing a child `endangerment charge and her `daughter is staying with family `. `the four-year-old was taken to `the hospital for a medical `emergency, which police say they `don' t believe was caused by the `exposure to the heroin. `however, they do say the young `child was in the room as her `mother shot up at a salem hotel. `it' s a scary thought. `we are seeing it a lot more
6:28 am
`ray: salem police say a man `called them from the la quinta `hotel on keewaydin drive around `2:00 tuesday afternoon. `31-year-old kari houlne had `allegedly shot up heroin, passed `out, and stopped breathing. `houlne' s four-year-old daughter `was in the room. `>> it just goes to show you how `serious this heroin epidemic is. `that even while she' s supposed `to be taking care of her child, `the illness and the addiction `just took over. `he gave houlne narcan and `reversed her overdose. `police rushed to the hotel but `no one was in the room. `dolan says what they did find `was evidence of heroin use. `>> needles, cotton balls, spoons `-- it looked like they were `using heroin in the room. `we also found the discharged, `empty narcan unit on the `windowsill.
6:29 am
`houlne, her daughter, and the `road. `>> the female did admit that she `had injected heroin and she had `overdosed. `the man admitted that he had `administered the narcan on her, `and they both admitted that the `child was in the room when this `was going on. `ray: houlne is out on bail this `morning and will be arraigned in `late november. `live in salem, ray brewer, wmur `news 9. `erin: a laconia man is being `held this morning for breaking `his bail conditions. `this after gilford police say he `admitted to trying to break into `the same home twice in one day. `44-year-old jameson cyr was `taken into custody outside of a `home on hoyt road sunday. `he was later released on bail `but a few hours later, cyr went `, back to the police department, `said he' d broken into the same `home and asked for help getting `, into rehab. `sean: the third person involved `with the murder of a woman in `exeter in 2013 has been `sentenced. `michelle corson pleaded guilty `to charges of conspiracy to `commit murder and another charge `yesterday, and was sentenced to
6:30 am
`15 to 30 years in prison. `amanda amy warf was found with `her throat slashed and her body `burned in an abandoned concrete `factory. `the victim' s ex-husband aaron `desjardins is serving a life `sentence for first degree `murder. `the victim' s mother talked about `the family' s heartache during `corson' s hearing. `>> forever we will love and `cherish her memory. `and forever we will wish that `you had the courage to make that `phone call. `forever we will wonder, what if? `and forever we will remember, `was it worth it, michelle? `sean: corson said nothing `yesterday in court and warf' s `family chose not to comment `after the hearing. `heavy fire at a northwood `restaurant yesterday the owners `say everything inside was `completely destroyed. `the blaze at ma' s and mine off `route 4 happen just before 5:00 `p.m. `local firefighters managed to `knock it down pretty quickly.
6:31 am
`the building was all clear. `nobody was present in the `building at the time the fire `started. `sean: the cause is under `investigation, but does not `appear to be suspicious. `the owner says they hope to be `back in business as soon as `possible. `erin: in january, a huge fire `destroyed jake' s market in `sunapee. `now the owners have rebuilt and `are getting ready to reopen. `this was the scene nine months `ago. `investigators were not able to `find the exact cause of the `fire, but say it was not `suspicious. `from that day, the process to `rebuild the convenience store on `route 11 began. `before jake' s market took over `in 2008, the building was home `to the georges mills and general `store for more than two decades. `the goal was to keep as much `character as possible. `>> tried to keep it looking like `a barn as much as possible, put `in some beams -- we just tried `to do as much as we could so `what was coming back. s market tells us the store
6:32 am
`customers by friday. `a big time-related change for `franklin. `the city will no longer enforce `its juvenile curfew. `this after the aclu raised `constitutional concerns. `the curfew applied to anyone `under the age of 16. `they had to be off the streets `by 9:00 sunday through thursday `night and by 11:00 on the `weekend. `the aclu says parents and `guardians are in the best `position to know when children `should be home, not the `government. `sean: now here' s a story that `makes you say, awww shucks. `when it comes to oysters, chris `buxton is one of the best in new `hampshire. `erin: buxton, from surf `restaurant in portsmouth, will `put his skills to the test at `the national oyster shucking `championship in maryland this `weekend. `the newmarket man actually `qualified at a maine competition `by shucking a dozen oysters in `he' ll have to shuck two dozen in `the national contest with a trip `to the internationals in ireland `on the line. `>> it' s all about technique, `speed, skill. `i'
6:33 am
ve had a lot of practice. `i' ve shucked probably more than `100,000 oysters, and i keep `working to try to improve my `shucking ability. `erin: i love it. `jeff odess from franklin oyster `house in portsmouth. `he also qualified for the `national competition. `so we have two guys were going `to be competing in that. `to do. `erin: and to do it so quickly. `sean: i guess if you have done a `100,000 coming get pretty good. `still to come the latest on that `, outage that affected airports `nationwide. `what customs officials are `saying this morning. `erin: quick, think fast. `what' s one things pennsylvania, `texas, and new hampshire have in `common? `start guessing. `we will tell you the answer just `ahead. `kevin: gradually cooler air in `time for the weekend. `we will have details coming up. `you'
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`kevin: we start off with a `beautiful sunrise along the `coast. `42 degrees. `one of the last holdouts in the `40' s. `a lot of 30' s and 20' s on the `map. `highs in the 50' s to lower 60' s. `sunshine through midafternoon `before high clouds move in late. `the son of the neck system `approaching and the cooldown for `the weekend. `details coming up. `-- a sign of the next system `approaching the cold him for the `weekend. `details coming up. `erin: president obama will `announce today he has extended `the u.s. mission in afghanistan. `the commander-in-chief plans to `keep 5500 troops in the country `after 2016. `the president had planned to `pull out troops but in of the `year, only leaving a small `presence at the u.s. embassy `post up close to 10,000 troops `are currently in afghanistan. `as violence escalates in the `middle east, the state `department is quickly putting `together a plan for secretary of `state john kerry to go and `visit.
6:36 am
`dead since last week. `over two-dozen palestinians have `been killed in clashes with `israeli forces. `the state department says kerry `was planning to visit europe `this weekend, the side-trip to `the mideast was added because of `the attacks. `kerry is expected to meet `privately with both israeli and `palestinian leaders. `this morning, customs computers `are back online after causing `major delays at airports `airport. `the outage itself lasted 90 `minutes. `officials say a computer system `that checks airline passengers' `names against the federal terror `watch list experienced problems. `airports dealt with long lines `while the system was down. `the u.s. customs and border `patrol agency says there' s no `indication the glitch was `malicious. `sean: it looks like texas, `pennsylvania, the granite state `will be the stomping grounds for `the 2016 candidates today.
6:37 am
`bernie sanders. `and it looks like first in the `nation voters may be hearing `about new policies from the john `kasich camp. `nikole killion has more. `nikole: bernie sanders wraps up `a west coast visit with a taped `appearance on the ellen `degeneres show while hillary `clinton heads down to san `antonio, texas. `>> i' m feeling really lucky in `las vegas. `nikole killion: a rally with `latinos. `also capitalizing off his `performance, bernie sanders at a `fundraiser in los angeles. s `million. `nikole: now getting the `attention of donald trump. `socialist/communist, because `that is what he is. `>> the american people are sick `and tired of hearing about your
6:38 am
`nikole: this moment drawing in a `record 15 million viewers. `>> i was proud -- i thought they `all did well. `nikole: some say clinton and `sanders strong showing may make `it harder for vice president joe `biden to announce. `>> in retrospect, it clearly `hurts him and hurts his `prospects. `nikole: the vice president won' t `say when he will make a decision `, but insiders claim the main `factor is still his family. `sean: switch into sports, tough `injury news for the patriots. `they will be without their big, `starting left tackle for the `rest of the season, nate solder. `he has a torn right biceps `muscle. `it will be a big hole for the `pats to fill. `protecting tom brady' s back. `fans who stayed up to watch the `team take on the avalanche in `the b' s looking for their first `win of the season and certainly
6:39 am
`erin: cubs fans are paying top `dollar to watch their team try `to make it to the world series `for the first time since 1945. `tickets to the cubs home playoff `games were listed for a record `average of more than the most `$1300. `expensive cubs ticket now listed `is a first-row box seat in the `that' s nearly twice the previous `record set for a league `championship. `the cheapest ticket is a $500 `upper deck ticket for game 3. `the cubs last won the world `series in 1908. `that' s the longest drought in `sports history. `which is why these tickets are `going to cost you a pretty `penny. `sean: for $12,000, do you get `free popcorn? `erin: i don' t think so. `it is going to cost you at least `$20. `kevin: in this is just the final `four teams, not even the world `series. `erin: if they make it, it is
6:40 am
`kevin: starting off this morning `with a beautiful look outside. `upper teens early this morning `with clear skies, down where `most of us live below 6000 feet, `you have the clear skies in the `northeast kingdom of vermont `with temperatures in the upper `20' s and lower 30' s. `littleton, upper range of the `20' s there. `still near 40 from manchester to `the seacoast, but a lot of 30' s `in between. `a good deal of sunshine for us `through the day today, high `clouds back to the west will `start drifting in later this `afternoon ahead of this week `disturbance which starts to `glide through overnight tonight `with a chance of a passing `shower. `temperatures starting off, a a `lot of 30' s on the map early `this morning, near 40 at the `coast. `temperatures down to the `freezing mark inland. `londonderry, 32. `33 in marlborough early this `morning. `into the lakes region, near 40
6:41 am
`at the big lake. `you get to the outlying areas, `33 and then mary and upper 20' s `up into the north country with `clear skies. `high temperatures today anywhere `from the mid-50' s and parts of `call is county to lower 60' s `elsewhere. `very close to where we should be `for this time of year with `sunshine. `tomorrow, it will at least out `with a couple of showers that `move in overnight, and then `those clouds and scattered `showers give way to partial `sunshine away from the mountains `tomorrow afternoon. `50' s to lower 60' s. `reinforcing shot of cooler, `drier starts to make its way in `early on saturday. `counsel start increasing friday `night. `maybe just cold enough we start `a little light snow, a couple of `makes showers and central areas `of the state initially. `maybe a few flurries, but that `will eventually pull away `saturday afternoon. `it sets up clearing skies for `the remainder of the weekend. `that will lead us to the colder `temperatures as well. `high temperatures sunday with
6:42 am
`sunshine and a pretty good win. `monday, sunshine and a lighter `when. `likely don' t get out of the 40' s `after lows in the 20' s across a `good part of the state. `high temperatures today, lower `60' s. `sunshine this morning, a few `clouds this afternoon. `skewing cooler, even tomorrow `after lows tonight drop back `into the 30' s to lower 40' s. `it will be with a couple of `showers around early tomorrow `morning. `that should give way to sunshine `into the afternoon. `you will see anywhere from the `mid-40' s to mid 50' s from north `to south on saturday, a couple `of mixed showers. `a little bit of a light coating `of snow a possibility and a few `scattered spots. `from there, temperatures working `our way backward only into the `40' s for-sunday with sunshine `and gusty winds and monday, `light wind and a great deal of `sunshine before another quick `temperature turnaround the `middle of next week. `a big thank you to the `fifth-graders at the henry w `moore school for inviting me to
6:43 am
`another one of those talks where `i felt like it was merely `review. `they had great questions. `you will notice -- `erin: i like that. `kevin: this guy has better hair `than me. `erin: look in the camera right `here, kevin. `kevin: we named jim henry. `-- we named him henry. `erin: there will be no more `tipping at 13 restaurants in new `york city. `the owner of the restaurants, `which include union square cafe `and gramercy tavern, says he `will raise prices instead. `he hopes this will create a fair `wage system for employees, who `won' t have to rely on tips. `he says tipping isn' t fair to `some restaurant employees who `don' t share in tips, like `kitchen staff. `sean: i bust tables for many `summer and we used to share the `tips. `erin: well, one church offered a
6:44 am
`big tip to demonstrate a lesson `about generosity. `sean: this ohio congregation `ordered a pizza during a service `and told the delivery driver to `bring it right up to the pastor. `after paying the $6 bill, what `he did next brought the woman to `tears. `erin: he offered a tip of $1046. `the church had just finished a `series on kindness. `sean: what a neat way to do it. `erin: time for our ulocal hot `shot photo. `check out this bald eagle. `we love to see your pictures.
6:45 am
t r >>"republican kevint mccarthy saying t ...the committee` investigating benghazi and r clinton's emails was created to destroyr r hillary clinton wasr r but we put together @ @ r @ @ @ everything they oppose... r equal pay... nshe'll never stopnfighting for you. @ r
6:46 am
`erin: updating our top stories. `sean: a mother out on bail after `allegedly shooting her when and `front of her child. `ray: the 31-year-old mother `faces a child endangerment `charge. `her four-year-old daughter also `had to be taken to the hospital, `be treated for medical `emergency, but police say it was `not related to the heroin. `she is free on bail. `her daughter is living with
6:47 am
`family members. `sean: police are looking for the `person responsible for a series `of commercial break in. `officers say someone broke into `auto businesses along river road `in the span of two hours and try `to break into a fifth. `erin: the salem police deputy `chief help to save a man five `after giving him cpr. `deputy chief james chase as he `was leaving a private security `job at the racetrack overnight `when he found a man unconscious `and not breathing. `he managed to revive him twice `before responders -- first `responders arrived on the scene. `sean: franklin will no longer `enforce its juvenile court -- `curfew after a sale you raised `constitutional concerns. `kevin: we start off this morning `with a beautiful sunrise across `the area, temperatures, a lot of `30' s out there, some upper 20' s `up north, lower 40' s and `southeastern spots. `high temperatures where we `should be for this time of year. `tamara, the 10th of a shower `early and the cooler air
6:48 am
`arriving -- tomorrow, the chance `of a shower early and the cooler `air arriving. `when guests at 20 miles per hour `on sunday. `sean: you know the woodstoves `will get fired up over the `weekend. `coming up, "gma" the latest on `the tom brady scandal. `he is been talking about `coca-cola and sugar cereals. `erin: and the latest on the big `announcement coming from the `president today about troops in `afghanistan.
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