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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  October 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jamie: now at 6:00, police investigating a death as an apparent drug overdose. how substance abuse is affecting young people in new hampshire. of heroin bound for new england. how they intersected the shipment. hayley: temperatures dropping fast tonight. it will be a cold one with most s. i will show you the forecast. jamie: it has been one year since the riots. the effects on businesses in keene this year. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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jamie: the first snow of the many of you saw some flurries and definitely cooler good evening, i' m jamie staton. meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us about falling temperatures tonight. happen. probably the coldest night all season will happen tonight. overnight last night, there was some accumulating snow in the far northern reaches of the state. just had to share this picture, a clash of the seasons. you have the foliage in the distance in pittsburgh within snow on the ground. this was sent in by evan on facebook. thank you for sending that picture. you see the white on radar. those are the passing snow showers we had. we did not get accumulation, but it was a sight to see on october 18 to have these snow showers moving through. 37 and concord, 33 in plymouth.
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we are in for a cold night. teens up north, 20' s across much of the state. the full forecast ahead. jamie: counselors will be on hand tomorrow at spaulding high school in rochester after a student died this weekend. police are investigating the death as an apparent drug overdose. but an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. wmur' s kristen carosa spoke to a youth drug prevention specialist about the problem of youth drug abuse in new hampshire. kristen: the 17-year-old girl was found in a motel room along with her mother. investigate, specialists are highlighting the importance of families addressing substance misuse with their children at a very early age. susan mckeown has been working with families dealing with substance misuse issues for years. susan mckeown: it' s affecting every age group, every family. there is no socioeconomic level that is spared. kristen: and this year, it' s affecting even more families as the amount of people overdosing
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on heroin laced with fentanyl continues to rise. susan mckeown: everybody knows somebody. whether its under your own roof, it is your neighbor, your coworker, a family member. it is just affecting everybody. kristen: mckeown is a pediatric nurse and co-founded a support group for manchester families with children dealing with substance abuse called "faster." susan mckeown: "faster" stands for "families advocating substance treatment education and recovery." every tuesday evening for the last 13 years, we have run a parent support group. kristen: mckeown is the family support coordinator for the children' s behavorial health collaborative, which has twelve support groups across the state with volunteers ready and waiting to help. susan mckeown: it would be wonderful if parents of younger children would come just when they start to notice things like maybe they are smoking cigarettes or pot, skipping school, or not making their after school job, or they just
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and although not everyone who smokes marijuana goes on to be a heroin addict, for sure, every parent in our groups, all their children started with marijuana. kristen: mckeown says many parents hestitate to come to a support group because they feel ashamed. and she says that needs to change. susan mckeown: if we, as a community, can all start talking about this, open up about what we are dealing with, those numbers will increase. kristen: if you are looking for family and support resources, head to our website. you' ll find information about how to access parent support groups all across the state. reporting live, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jamie: in vermont, federal agents seized 88 pounds of heroin. the drugs were destined for burlington -- but intercepted in manchester, vermont. a federal agent disguised as a courier delivered a package outside a restaurant and took a 33-year-old guatemalan man into custody. the shipment was first discovered in miami earlier this month. a three-car crash slowed traffic in hudson this morning. officers say the driver of a
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chevy pickup to hit it. the volvo spun out of control and hit a jeep. two drivers were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no charges have been filed at this time. traffic was slowed for an hour while cars were towed from the road. a goffstown boy is in critical condition at a maine hospital after being hit by a car. the 14-year-old boy was riding his bike by gould academy in bethel friday afternoon. officers say the driver hit him and fled the scene. police arrested 45-year-old richard marin last night. he' s charged with aggravated leaving the scene of a personal-injury crash. firefighters battled a two-alarm blaze last night in keene. officials say you could see heavy smoke on the second floor. one firefighter was taken to the hospital. residents of the three-unit apartment who were home at the time of the fire escaped unhurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it has been one year since the riots at the keene pumpkin festival.
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mike redmond join -- mike cronin joins us in keen on how businesses are losing tourist dollars without the festival in town this weekend. >> behind me is where the festival was held for more than 20 years downtown. this year, it is not happening. it was one year ago violence broke out during the festival. there were more than 100 riots $90,000. in april, keene city council festival. organizers move it to laconia. it is scheduled for next weekend. stores and restaurants in keene are trying to compensate for the drop in business. everyone' s pocket a little bit. everyone, the nonprofits, the local businesses. from the girl scouts to the
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charter school, it will hurt us all. >> i am bummed about it. it was a nice community time. everyone was out on main street. it was an awesome time of year. mike: another business told us on the saturday of pumpkinfest last year, they made $14,000 in profit. this year, they may just $4000. mike cronin, wmur news 9. jamie: meanwhile, a weekend of fall fun wrapped up this afternoon in goffstown. the goffstown main street program put on a series of events to celebrate the end of the pumpkin growing season. today' s main event was a giant pumpkin regatta that featured 10 teams. there was also a 10-k road race this morning and a pumpkin weigh-off on saturday. lori davis: it' s the best of small town activities. everybody loves it. it brings such joy about fall, and it brings the child out in us, and it reminds us what we love about living here. and it lets you embrace the community, and it'
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s a wonderful experience. jamie: the event also included vendors, music, and food downtown. a peace garden will remember victims and survivors of the boston marathon bombing. today, hundreds attended the groundbreaking in medford. campbell was one of the clutch of people killed in the bombing. state and federal grants will fund the project. the garden will feature fountains and plaques in honor of those who died. still to come on news 9 at 6:00, a former miss new hampshire just overcame a battle with breast cancer. now, how she' s using her experience to help others. hayley: it is going to be cold tonight and brisk on monday as well.
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week jamie: welcome back. runners in hanover had to deal with some snow flurries before
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s the chad hero half marathon, celebrating 10 years of this great event. the race begins on the dartmouth green and heads into vermont for part of the course. 496 runners finished the half, with another 550 doing a 5-k race. but the important number is the amount of money raised to support the kids who are patients at the childrens today' s event raised over $700,000. amazing. today, the staff at bonne vee salon and spa in derry donated their time for a special cause. 100% of the proceeds from all services will go towards creating hospital gift bags for breast cancer patients. the event raised more than $5800. this event was held for a former miss new hampshire, mary morin carlin. she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 and had a double mastectomy in march. since that time, it has been her dream to create treatment bags for other patients like herself. mary morin carlin: it' s really
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hard to go through chemotherapy. and even the smallest things make a big difference. the mouthwash, gentle toothbrushes, a water bottle. they may seem small to someone who is watching, but they are huge when they are going through chemotherapy. jamie: carlin has also created an online support group called "fighting fabulously" with her friend shawna pinette, who is also battling breast cancer. there for the fun, our own hayley lapoint. hayley: i got some pink nails. mary was my former coanchor. it was a lot of fun. you can still donate. jamie: getting colder tonight. hayley: it is. this season. morning. jamie: patriots fans tonight, it
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>> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your forecast. hayley: good evening, everyone. we had sunshine at times. other times, clouds and even snow squalls passing through. this is a live look across the state this evening. we have a very pretty sunset
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going on in the lakes region and at the seacoast. in the distance, you can see cannon mountain and the ski crazy. we have had snow coming down, especially at higher elevations since earlier saturday. mountains across the state. something else you have probably noticed, fleeting hours of daylight. officially today, sunset happening before 6:00. it continues to get worse if you like the light at the end of the day. by november 1, we will fallback for daylight savings time. the sense that will be happening at 4:38. it happens even earlier a month afternoon. you are beginning to lose daylight at the beginning and end of the day as we get closer to winter.
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already in the low 30' s, below freezing in whitefield. 37 in concord. nashua. all of us will feel the chill tonight. the wind is out of the northwest. that has been ushering in the colder air mass out of canada. concord. the breeze in manchester, 13 miles an hour, making it feel even more brisk heading out this evening. here is what we will be waking up to tomorrow morning. teens north and 20' s across the rest of the state. close to 19 for the low in concord. snow showers up north should dwindle out over the next couple of hours. that will be key because as soon as the skies clear and the wind diminishes, that is when temperatures drop like a rock. we are expecting that to happen after midnight. there has been widespread snow flurry action.
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some of you may have seen them, others maybe not. here is what will happen. temperatures plunged -- plummet overnight. this is 7:00 tomorrow morning s in the southern part of the state. we will recover with sunshine s. but tomorrow still a brisk day. comes through. there may be showers north tomorrow night. on tuesday, a few showers. by tuesday, we will finally be cracking 50 degrees. here is the school day forecast for tomorrow. start with sunshine. that will remain through the day with passing clouds. temperatures in the 20' s to start, and then getting into the 40' s. thankfully, it warms up this week. we will get to 60 midweek with chances for rain showers. no more snow showers. jamie: we have two weeks until
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>> it is all about revenge in tonight' s primetime matchup. the new england patriots visit lucas oil stadium eager to lay the smackdown on the opposing team centered around deflategate. even looking at the numbers, the pats have won the last four games against the colts by 116 points. new england football is ready. >> they look solid. they are a very good team. they are physical and come ready to play. they are physically and mentally prepared all the time. hits. sunday. >> they are a very good team. on the road. we have been there a few times. they have a good team. they have won three straight. it will be a tough game. linebacker dont' for tonight' s game. hightower suffered an injury to his ribs last week in dallas.
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so, no hightower chasing andrew luck. all three other afc east teams played earlier this afternoon. the new york jets hosted the washington redskins. we go to the first quarter, jets down 7-0. chris ivory scores from just outside the goal line and ties it at 7-7. he scrambles and cuts through for an 18-yard touchdown. that puts new york up 20-13. later in the quarter, fitzpatrick dropping back, finding brandon marshall. he does the rest, a couple of nice moves. jets win. the miami dolphins are looking to get on track with the interim head coach facing the tennessee titans. in the first quarter, a little trickery to get the offense going. he takes the handoff on the misdirection and sneaks through for the touchdown. 7-0 dolphins. miami defense was all over the titans defense.
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taylor recovers taking it back to the touchdown. miami goes on to win 38-10. the buffalo bills host the cincinnati bengals. he gets it done early with his legs. first quarter, touchdown run makes it 7-0 buffalo. second quarter tied 7-7, he gives cincinnati the lead with this touchdown run. the bengals stay unbeaten winning 34-21. seven schools remain undefeated in high school football. top-ranked goffstown is riding high after seven touchdowns yesterday from connor bourque. exeter is the other 7-0 team in division i. saint thomas and windham are unbeaten in division ii. newport has not lost in division iii while the undefeated teams will meet this coming weekend. still ahead, women' s rowing stands out.
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>> the hollywood casino 400. joey logano already into the next round of the chase. he spins out. logano takes over and hold on to win for the second straight week. >> we raced each other really hard. he raced me hard so i raced him hard back. that is how i raced. that is how i have always done it. >> sydney michalak, emily lane, alison smith, megan mottola, and coxwain david desaulniers rowed -- won the woman' s collegiate 4 division. they rowed with their brand-new
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boat donated by the harming family in honor of susan harming. this was the boat' s first outing in her honor. here just preserving it. great defensive save by megan dodge, keeping snhu off the scoreboard. later in the half, cassidy huckins with a chance. but hawks' goaltender jill piacatelli knocks it away stopping seven shots in the 3-0 win for saint a' s. four more exhibition games for the boston celtics. tomorrow night, the celtics host the brooklyn nets. then on friday at 7:30, it' s new hampshire' s turn to see the green team up close and personal. the celts will host the 76-ers at the verizon wireless arena. late last night, the boston bruins kept up the west coast momentum beating the arizona
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