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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tom: now at 11:00, police say a mom in hudson found this in her child' s trick-or-treat bag a razor blade. the important reminder for parents. shelley: the fbi has joined the investigation into the murder of a woman in manchester' s north end. >> knowing that we have outside resources to help us, as a community, let' s all just work together. shelley: the specific item investigators are still looking for in the neighborhood. mike: a bit of a spring feel to kick off this month of november, but how much longer can it continue. a look at the warmth we' ll see this week, plus when it cools back down. tom: a long-standing rivalry could turn into a primary challenger for senator kelly ayotte. the criticism she' s getting from a member of her own party. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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tom: a mother in hudson she blade in her child' good evening, i' m tom griffith. shelley: i' wmur' s jean mackin spoke with the mother who reported the razor blade to police. she joins us live from the hudson police department. jean: she spoke with us off camera saying she just got around to checking the candy her children collected. she says when she dumped it out something shiny caught her eye. she called police here in hudson blade. a mother in hudson snapped this photograph holding the razor blade she said she found in her children' s halloween candy when she take it on monday. she said her son and daughter went trick-or-treating saturday night in hud and around the elmwood village condos off route 102 and in a nearby neighborhood. >> it' s believed at some point
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back. hudson police are retracing the steps the children took to find out where it came from and why. s candy to examine and are urging all parents in hudson s halloween candy. >> we usually check mine first and then hers. jean: the tuck family says it's tradition to check the candy >> that' s scary, really scary. my kids are not allowed to touch their candy unless we go through it all. >> pretty creepy. all the kids and parents need to watch what they are doing and definitely double check everything. jean: hudson police say they are taking this case very seriously. the razor blade and the children' s candy are in evidence at the police station here. police tell us they want everyone to check their candy. the children' s mother says a family friend came and donated
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candy to her children so there halloween was not ruined. jean mackin, wmur news 9. shelley: a few trick-or-treat massachusetts. police say children from two different families received toilet tank cleaners like this they were wrapped up. both kids were trick-or-treating in the downtown area. over the weekend, a child in auburn massachusetts claimed she had found a razor in her candy. but police later said the child made the story up. police in north reading, massachusetts, say one person in town gave out samples of cough syrup to trick-or-treaters. police are calling the incident a lapse of judgment. tom cole now the fbi helping state and local investigators try to figure out who killed the knees robert. she was killed while walking in a quiet manchester neighborhood about two months ago. neighbors said law enforcement
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officials will be searching their yards this week. my joins us now from the police department. mike: people who live in the north end say they' re glad the feds are now involved in the investigation. but many we talked to are still on guard and most didn' t want to be identified on camera because of all the questions that remain. it' s been more than two months since denise robert was murdered in manchester' s north end. still, there are no answers. but now the fbi is joining the investigation. >> knowing that we have outside resources to help us, as a community, let' s all just work together. mike: in august the 62-year-old was shot and killed on ray street. she died of a single gunshot wound. robert was out for her usual sunday night walk in the quiet neighborhood. police say a pickup truck drove away and sped toward the city on union street. the driver was described as a white man in his 20' s or 30' s with close cropped hair and wearing a white tank top. people who live just north of the scene say investigators will
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return this week. residents on ray and north adams street are signing forms giving police permission to search their yards this week. >> absolutely. if that helps. mike: dan berube lives a few homes away from where the shooting happened. he says a police detective stopped by today with a consent form. >> i don' t have any concerns, so i signed the paper. so i have no problem with that. mike: the fbi is helping manchester police and the attorney general' s office but says it can' t comment further on its role in the investigation. a reward for information leading to an arrest in this case is now more than $42,000. meanwhile berube and others are hoping the increase in resources will lead to results. >> i have total trust in the police department. mike: if you have any investigators you' re asked to call the manchester police. live in the studio, mike cronin,
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tom: men say -- police say man trying to scare off a police -- scare off a robber was cut in the hand. officer found 33-year-old doniel sackey bleeding from his hand at a home on lake avenue early sunday morning. he is charged with burglary and was treated for his injury. >> state police have charged a driver with aggravated driving under the influence of drugs. he crossed into the eastbound lane, hitting another car had on. newman was taken to the hospital with serious that not life-threatening injuries. the driver and passenger in the other car were also hospitalized with non-life-threatening but serious injuries. the state is now accepting applications for patients who want to use medical marijuana. the department of health and
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human services will review applications now, but registry id cards will not be issued until the dispensary that a patient wants to use is authorized. dhhs anticipates that the state' s four dispensaries will begin operating in the first few months of next year. tom: a number of communities head to the polls tomorrow, and some cities will elect mayors. high turnout is expected in several places tomorrow, including nashua, where chris williams is running against jim donchess for mayor. current mayor donnalee lozeau is not running for re-election. in manchester, incumbent mayor ted gatsas is being challenged by joyce craig. to learn more about all the candidates in the key city races throughout new hampshire and hear their final pitches go to our website and click on politics. as she positions herself for a tough re-election bid senator kelly ayotte could be facing a challenge from the right. as wmur political reporter john distaso was first to report top liberty conservatives will hold a secret meeting this week to
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against her. adam sexton joins us now to explain who' s behind this effort. adam: it' s former house speaker bill o' brien, who has clashed with senator ayotte before. he' s not happy with votes and positions taken by the senator in the last few weeks that he says are putting her more in step with the obama white house than conservative republican principles. when representative bill o' brien lost his speakership after the 2012 election he said the vote was more about presidential election year turnout than his conservative agenda. >> to try to demonize the tea party is to reject american traditions. adam but o' brien has been out of : power since then stiff-armed from reclaiming the gavel in 2015 by a coalition of democrats and more moderate republicans now, with ayotte up for re-election in 2016, o' says he' ll rally conservatives to challenge her in a primary. they'
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ll meet this week to figure out who should run. o' brien isn' t ruling out the possibility that it could be him. >> so many of us have watched over the years as these campaign conservatives go down to washington and become liberal or close to liberal. adam: the former speaker says that' s ayotte and he points to recent votes on the debt ceiling, the confirmation of attorney general loretta lynch, plus the senator throwing her support behind president obama' s clean power plan. >> just as we were beginning to make progress kelly ayotte joined the democrats to blow that progress apart. adam senator ayotte, who toured : a sober living community in efforts to address the state' s heroin epidemic, says for now she' s focused on issues, not a potential primary ten months >> that' s really my biggest worry or concern. i get up every day with a sense of purpose to serve the people of this state, so in terms of any of the races, i know it' s about serving the people of new hampshire. who isn' t signing up for this
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narrowly lost to ayotte in the he told newsnine' s john distaso that ayotte is the most conservative candidate who can win. adam sexton, wmur news 9. shelley: in the presidential race democratic candidate bernie sanders has launched his first t.v. ads. >> the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenament. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began fighting injustice shelley the ad introduces the : vermont senator with a brief biography and talks about his legislative priorities like opposing the iraq war and taking on wall street. the ad will air in new hampshire and iowa. former florida governor jeb bush is the latest presidential candidate cafe series. he sat down for lunch at the airport diner in manchester last week, sharing some stories from his personal life. he had the group laughing when he shared a story about an email
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governor of florida. >> who was upset that a raccoon was in her her attic, and she had gotten my email and she wanted to know what the hell i was gonna do about it, so i sent her an email saying im on it. shelley our candidate cafe : series is a chance for voters to show a side of themselves that' s not always seen on the campaign trail. -- i should say the candidates. the undecided voters at the meal were selected with the help of our partners at st. anselm tom: -- you learn a lot about them in those candidate cafe s. coming up on news 9 tonight. the issue transcanada is working a delay in the pipeline approval. shelley: and an uber driver attacked, hit repeatedly in the head by passenger. how that driver defended himself. my: plenty of sunshine for many today and more on the way
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tomorrow. a look at the rest of the week ahead, coming up. tom now to our ulocal hot shot. :a fantastic photo taken in lincoln, this is autumn in new hampshire. you can submit your pictures and
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tom: the company behind the keystone x.l. pipeline is asking for a delay. the pipeline would carry oil coast. transcanada has asked the u.s. review of the project. the company is currently working with authorities in nebraska to get approval of its preferred route through the state. the obama administration is expected to reject the pipeline. caught on camera an uber driver attacked in his car. the driver from southern california now says this isn' t his first run-in with a rowdy passenger. shelley: the accused attacker a taco bell executive has been fired. and the company says in a statement that they' ve encouraged him to seek professional help. abc' s brandi hitt reports. >> get out of my car or i will call the police. >> and boomer driver under attack in his own car.
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edward caban recorded the incident on his dash cam camera as he defended himself with a can of pepper spray. he said the passenger who police , identified as 32-year-old benjamin golden, turned belligerent after getting into his vehicle. >> he' s fading in and out of consciousness. he' s tumbling around the back seat. he' s refusing to put on his seat belt. at that point i decide i don' t want him in my vehicle anymore. >> drivers use their personal cars to make money with the ride share app that' s also become the focus of several recent safety controversies. on new year' s eve this uber driver claims two passengers broke his jaw. >> when they had me down i was yelling help me. help me. >> and on the flipside. some uber drivers have been accused of indecent assault and battery. sexual assault and this passenger claims he was even attacked with a hammer. police arrested golden on suspicion of misdemeanor assault and public intoxication. uber says it' s been in contact with caban and is thankful he is ok, adding the rider involved in this incident has been permanently banned from the platform. >> edward caban says he mounted
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that camera on his car because of past issues with uber passengers. and also stopped driving late at night. this attack happened before 8:00 in the evening. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. shelley: two red cross workers were heading to texas to help with the cleanup from dangerous flooding. at least six people have died and there have been or service many as 20 tornadoes. areas around austin santonio are still dealing with flooding. next enrollment is now open for health care plans. there are more than 40 plans available and enrollment runs from now until january 31, 2016. >> otherwise it will be auto assigned to any insurance which you don' t know if your doctor will be part of it, whether you will be able to actually go to
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the hospital that you normally go to, or that you will be able it' come in and get this done. tom: you can enroll on shelley: british singer adele is saying hello to a new record. the first song to sell one million tracks in a week. the previous record for most downloads in a week was 636,000, held by flo rida' s right round. hello is the first single from adele' s third album, which will be released november 20. i heard that song for the first time over the weekend. it is beautiful. mike: a million, just like that. tom: speaking of beautiful, the weather today. mike: take a look at the time
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the loose guys, most of the sons they within southeastern portions of the state. the sun now down at 4:37 or so, courtesy of us going back to standard time, but still a lot of springlike weather to be had over the next days. you notice to systems we' re tracking right now, one over the southern part of the great lakes moving due east. that will scoop just to the north tonight and early more morning and could trigger a shower during the overnight stretch. another system stays put over the next 24 hours and then it' s out of the picture completely. 60 five the official high there' s the record 80 setback in 1950. statewide today the highs made a run between 60-66 degrees from the lakes region to plymouth and points south. even there a little bit above average.
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s on the cool side, anywhere north and west of concord. laconia checking in at 39 degrees. the dew point at 34. there will likely be some fun developing in the next few hours due to the fact that the skies are clear and the winds are calm. temperatures will rise a little bit due to a few clouds building in analyte went stirring up. a quick jump with a light southwesterly winds into the upper 40' s and low 50' s. during the overnight we will bottom out close to where we are right now. light winds will turn back to the southwest and import some of the warmer air in here by tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, and friday before we finally cool back down. with two systems scooting north and south of new hampshire, keeps us mainly clear.
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between 2:00 and about 7:00 a.m.. then were back to dry weather or tomorrow and tomorrow evening back into the sunshine as we go into wednesday thursday a few clouds will blend in with the sun in the afternoon but mainly dry on thursday. into the mid to upper 60' s tomorrow. a good day to get out and phot or do anything outside. -- good day to get out and vote. slightly cooler during the early part of the evening. fair skies tonight, a few extra clouds up north. take a look at the next several days, sunshine tomorrow and wednesday. wednesday and thursday will be cool right at the coast. upper fifth these to near 60 at the shore. -- upper 50' s to near 60 at the shore. it gradually cools back down
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tom: monday night football. >> soccer semifinals. tt2watv#@6d bt@q:98 tt2watv#@6d "a@q*5\ tt2watv#@6d bm@q!>p tt4watv#@6d " dztq ;!0 tt4watv#@6d " entq k%p tt4watv#@6d " gzt& r"( tt4watv#@6d " hnt& b,d tt4watv#@6d " iztq (e< tt4watv#@6d " jntq :5\ tt4watv#@6d " lzt& "x do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are r p
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jamie: it was a quiet night for the bruins and celtics but that' s the last time that will happen this week. they played the indiana pacers. the brewers will host the red sox -- red hot dallas stars tomorrow night.
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stars even things up, jamie scores and ties it at 1-1. toronto wins 4-1. the stars was still an losses on the season. the la kings played the stanley there' s alec martinez, couple of martina' season. trevor lewis, former mike set up a goal but chicago wins this one over the kings with the final of 4-2. the stats fcs college football top 25. tough game for unh this week they host number 5 richmond at 3pm saturday. harvard is one of two undefated teams in the country, along with mcneese state. they are 7-0 after a come from behind win over #24 dartmouth on friday night.
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friday night. we will have 8 state champions to crown in soccer by sunday night. tonight, the boys division 4 semifinals in laconia. this is woodsville against the derryfield school. derryfield in white, a shot off the post is rebounded by parker blaisdell, he scores to give the cougars a 2-0 lead. derryfield corner kick, it ends up on the foot of burton owen. he roofs it for the goal, derryfield takes a 4-0 lead. good chance for woodsville chris sarkis trys to drop one under the cross bar, but tommy cissel knocks it away. the cougars are going to the championship game for the 7th time in 8 years. looking for their 4th straight title, they win 4-0. in the other semifinal. gorham vs moultonboro. panthers in white, andrew porusta gets behind the defense and fires one past the keeper. 1-0 moultonborough. they were excited about that this time it' s connor porusta one. with a great chance, but what a save by gorham' s kyle berwick to keep it a one goal game.
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but the panthers kept the pressure on connor porusta feeds andrew porusta, and he scores his second of the game. moultonboro wins 4-0. they are in the state title game for the first time since 2007. a big congratulations to the new hampshire runners who completed the tcs new york city marathon yesterday. 115 granite staters completed the course on a warmer than wanted day in the big apple. ryan proulx from portsmouth and goffstown's deb slason were our top finishing new hampshire male and female. also run yesterday the 9th annual manchester city marathon, half marathon, and relay. it is a great new hampshire race. but if you are a fan of this race, you have to be concerned about diminishing participation. the number of marathon finishers went down from 433 last year to 200 this year a 54% decline it , is by-far the lowest participation in the 9 years of the event. manchester city marathon is a great event that highlights all different parts of the queen city and we need to make sure we
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tom: still to come on newsnine the beards are gone from manchester police officers. shelley: the big donations made
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shelley: manchester police raise more than $23,000 in their beards for bucks campaign. tom cole and the money went to the granite state childrens alliance. the center' s help in community policing and protect kids from violence in the home and in the streets. >> this donation of the 23,000 is just unbelievable for our manchester advocacy center, but even more than that is the outreach it provided for us. >> it takes out law enforcement interview aspect and makes it more like a counseling interview so we can get information without the least amount of trauma to the child. tom: sale and in hollis police are now participating in no shape november to raise money for causes important to the
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departments. shelley: thanks for joining us. tom: jimmy k tt2watv#@5$! bt@q
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