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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> now at 11:00, targeted not once but three times in just one week. >> you wonder who could do such a thing. >> the damage this disabled couple says vandals caused to to vehicles and how it has ruined a very special day. a car runs off interstate 93 and land in the woods, it wasn't an easy task for firefighter to rescue the three people inside. and an alleged aggressive driver caught on video, where state police made their arrest. >> we start this week sunny, but rain. when the rain arrives and the full work week forecast ahead. >> and they're life saving tools but you might not expect to find them in a u.n.h. fraternity. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. anchor: tonight a disabled derry couple says they were targeted by vandals three times in one
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week. now police are investigating. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm stephanie woods. the family says they're struggling to pay for all the damage that's been done. mike cronin joins us live now from derry with more. reporter: the couple's son-in-law set up a gofundme page to help with the expenses, and the couple at first thought this was just a prank. but now they're concerned that it could keep happening. for the past seven years the laughtons have parked their van in the same assigned spot at fairways apartments in derry. they have no idea why someone would vandalize them three times within the past week. >> we haven't been sleeping good at night worrying about what's going on out here. reporter: last wednesday they say someone put dog feces on their van. the next morning they found hit been spray painted. >> you would think, well, maybe they got it out of their system. reporter: but the vandal didn't stop there. on friday the family got a rental car, the next morning it
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was tagged. and sugar was put in the gas tank. >> i'm absolutely stunned. i can't believe, i mean we've been here this long and our neighbors are great. reporter: the laughtons are disabled, barry is a veteran and has heart issues. >> we know that they're targeting us. reporter: saturday night their son-in-law staked out in his car to see if the person responsible would show up. but that didn't happen. >> to see something like this continually happen to them over the dogs of a week is just very infuriating. reporter: sunday is the lawton's 35th anniversary, barry wants to take his wife out to celebrate, but this cruel act ruined their plans, they say they can't afor to keep paying their deductibles. >> to be hit with a $1,000 hit just before christmas, it's bad. reporter: so derry police are investigating.
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could help them, you're asked to give them a call. mike cronin, wmur news 9. anchor: thank you. tonight three people have life threatening injuries after a car crashed through a guard rail on 93 then landed in trees off the highway. one firefighter says this is one of the most difficult rescues he's ever faced. the crash happened in salem around 5:30 this morning just north of the massachusetts state line. crews arrived after people living nearby called 911. claiming they could see headlights in the woods, the car was s suspended in the air by trees. the three people were trapped inside. >> more than three quarters of the vehicle was in the air, leaning against trees. so first had to stablize the vehicle, it was upside down with heavy intrusion on the roof being pushed up sw the floor board area. anchor: firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get everyone
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boston and one was taken by ambulance. state police have yet to name a driver who is facing reckless driving charges after a road rage incident on 89. it happened yesterday in grantham. the passenger of another car captured it all on a cell phone. you can see the driver in the green sedan tailgate another car, pass it, then pull back in front, lose control and hit the guard rail. state police say the driver left the scene, but was arrested a couple miles down the road. checking in on the weather now, it's turning into a cold night across the granite state. here's a live look in colebrook there. let check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: it is going to be a cold night. we have completely clear skies, winds have diminished and the overall cooler air mass in place, so temperatures will feel a lot chillier as we go through the next few hours. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning you fight have a frosty windshield to do some scraping on.
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can you see the clear skies across the area, temperatures responding to that, already 25 in whitefield. 24 degrees in berlin, 39 in laconia, 31 in concord. still lower 40's manchester and portsmouth. monday we'll have mostly sunny skies, so the layers will probably be a good thing for the kid tomorrow because by the afternoon it will feel very nice with highs in the mid and even upper 50's in a lot of spots. now, after tomorrow the temperatures and also the sunny conditions start to change a bit. i'll have the full forecast in a couple minutes. stephanie: thanks. now to commitment 2016. it's going to be another busy week at the state capitol as more presidential hopefuls file for the new hampshire primary ballot. democrat hillary clinton and republican jim gilmore kick it off tomorrow.
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9 at 5:00 gilmore said he's focusing his campaign on the granite state. >> this is the place where my ideas can get out there where people are actually very receptive to the approach i take, and my focus is new hampshire, i've been here already 14 times. this year. and i will be here much more, because i want to win the new hampshire primary. stephanie: some of hillary clinton's friend were on the campaign trail today, a group from arkansas came to new hampshire to support bill krn in 1929, they're credited with helping him get past the jennifer flowers scandal. the group also campaigned for hillary here in 2008 and they're back again this year. >> they're just regular people coming out here tell their stories, and it made a big impact in '92 and i think it will make just as well of an impact this year. stephanie: today the arkansas travels are canvassed
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somersworth, and attended a evening. as for the ballot filings, those will continue all week long. republicans at the cruz, rick santorum, lindsey graham and ran paul will be at the secretary of state's office in concord. you can watch every candidate the services were held in russia today for those killed in the crash in egypt. more than 1,000 mourners packed service. the bells rang 224 times, to remember each person who died. as ria tells us, there's growing evidence that terrorists may have caused the deadly crash. reporter: more clues tonight that the doomed russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb. 224 people died when the metro jet plane crashed in egypt. sinai desert last weekend shortly after takeoff from at
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the jip shan resort of sharm el-sheikh. now u.s. authorities say that electronic intercepts of isis indicate that isis was in communication with someone at the airport. >> if this is a bomb by the affiliate of isis in the sinai, isis has now eclipsed al qaeda as the greatest terror threat in the world. reporter: as more of the 224 russian victims were buried this weekend in st. petersburg, officials said shrapnel wounds were discovered in several of the bodies, an indication that the plane was brought down by an explosive device. and egyptian officials have now confirmed that the cockpit voice recorder, the c.v.r., captured a distinct but undetermined noise just before it stopped working.
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seconds of the c.v.r. recording. reporter: that sound could be critical to figuring out how this russian passenger jet crashed. >> is it a bomb or says it something where the airplane is physically coming apart. anchor: the community of plaistow came together to honor veterans today of people gathered at the timberlane regional performing art center for an afternoon of music and speeches. governor maggie hassan was one of the guest speakers. >> this is such a great way for the community, for the young people to honor our veterans. it's a reminder that we are a country that is free, safe and strong because of the sacrifices our veterans and their families have made for us, and we should be stopping to thank them each and every day. >> it's really educating the younger adults and those, why we do seven, we fight for and you the nation. anchor: this event is held every
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year in plaistow. tonight automated external defibrillators were placed in two fraternity houses at the university of new hampshire. since 2013, the durham professional firefighters local 2253 has been working with the school to get a.e.d.'s in every greek home. five of the 12 greek houses at u.n.h. now have the devices. students and firefighter marked the occasion tonight at the sigma beta home. >> it a pro-active decision that it could save a life. we hope we never have to use it, but we can't predict the future. so we feel much safer, both the brothers and our guests, having it in the house. anchor: several sororities already have a.e.d.'s in their houses. new hampshire's roads fake a beating between the task and the changing weather. >> we're doing a lot of activity as long as seven days a week right now. anchor: next, the con stand challenge to keep the highways open, and the new tax lawmakers
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to help pay for it. and it's a sight that shocked some californians, but we now know the cause of this light in the sky. hayley: beautiful stars in the sky tonight because you can actually see them. no clouds in sight at all, completely clear skies, and tomorrow we get more of of that with lots of sun and milder temperatures. anchor: check out this beautiful
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stephanie: welcome back. people eating at a restaurant in mississippi say they heard a surveillance booms and this is what they found when they came outside, a giant sinkhole that swallowed at least a dozen cars. it's longer than the length of a football field. the city says a drain pipe collapsed. thankfully, no one was hurt. after a busy year of construction projects, new hampshire's department of transportation is gearing up for another winter. repairs were made across the state including the giant sinkhole on 93 in concord. what are the chances that could happen again? mike cronin takes a look at what's being done to keep the
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state's highways safe. reporter: the drive on interstate 93 in concord is now a smooth ride over the area that was once a massive 20-foot wide, 25-foot deep sinkhole. in august the northbound side of the highway was shut down for the night while crews sealed a burst culvert more than 50 years old. >> whether it happened over a long perfect of time is not clear, but apparently all the fill that was around it eroded and created a large cavity. reporter: there were no injuries, the fix came with a price tag of more than $215,000. department of transportation public information officer bill boynton says the sinkhole highlights the importance of having adequate drainage. >> if you let them deteriorate and you don't put the investment in them, without replacing them, you're looking at a much more mostly and destructive result. reporter: elsewhere a $1.1 million emergency repair project is under way on route 135 in lancaster.
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to close a section of the road for two months while crews fixed a problem created by flooding from the connecticut river. a slope failure also shut down part of fair ground road in plymouth during the day for about a week. boynton says preventing these problems goes back to drainage. >> it all incorporated into what we do and if you don't have proper drainage, your transportation system, your roads and bridges are all going to be vulnerable. reporter: the state says 68% of new hampshire's state and municipal roads are in good or fair condition, while 32% are in poor or very poor condition. d.o.t. is proposing $10 million in funding over its 10-year plan to help address culver issue as cross highways in the state. that will go to the governor's desk next month and the legislature next year. >> we get the bill first, the public works and highways committee, and we don't change it a whole lot. but there will be some things that we probably, some tweaks
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to make sure we get some of the possible. reporter: representative chandler says there's a lot of work to do, but first he would like to identify potential trouble areas to prevent failures like the sinkhole. >> somewhere we need to get an inventory or a study of where situations like that might exist, where municipalities have drainage couple verts, the old type system underneath the new state highways. reporter: the legislature is currently considering a bill that would bring funding to highway maintenance by taxing drivers of electric cars. some lawmakers argue those motorists aren't subject to the gas tax. >> some of us look at that as just fairness. the people who are driving on the roads should pay something. reporter: d.o.t. is finishing as many construction projects as it can before the weather and cold temperatures limit what crews can do. >> the best way to have effective drape age and and to prevent those failures is to
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operations and preserving that, that's what we're doing as much as we can. stephanie: thank you, mike. the route 135 repair project is scheduled to finish on november 13. as for this winter's snow budget, d.o.t. will get more than $42 million, that's about 7 million less than what the department spent last winter. a strange light over the los angeles area captured the attention and the imagination of a lot of people. >> what is that? >> we're being invaded. stephanie: police, coast guard and tv stations all say they got inundated with callsover night about that suspicious light. but the coast guard says it came from the test flight of a naval rocket off the california coast. hayley: believe it or not we've actually been getting a lot of reports of fire balls in the sky over new hampshire, and that's because of a meteor shower now. tonight would be a great night
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to check it out. claremont completely clear skies. not even any fog has formed. in portsmouth it's a cold night there. and a lot quieter at market square as things have settled down for the evening. i want to share with you the temperatures and where we stand right now. 34 degrees in exeter, same thing in fremont, 32 in auburn. already we've fallen into the 20's in some spots. we're close to that in new london, 30 degrees. 32 in sunapee. lakes region, can you see 30's as well. 31 degrees in tilton, 29 in ashland. here's where the 20's really are, whitefield, 25 degrees. lancaster 26. pittsburgh about 29 degrees right now. we have some cold air in place, and as the winds have died down you can see only three miles per hour there in concord, with the wind dying down the skies completely clear, that's the recipe for a cold, cold night. that's what we're seeing happening here.
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northern part of the state, maybe through erol and pittsburgh, but the rest of the state clear. when we look off toward the west, it's clear there too, high pressure firmly in place. in is going to suppress the air on top of us and as high pressure bail parks on top us tomorrow that will mean one of those days where it's crystal clear, blue sky, a beautiful one coming our way tomorrow. and the temperatures a little warmer tomorrow, too. then things change with this system. low pressure system right off the coastline here, feeding off of gulf of mexico moisture and some atlantic moisture too. eventually this makes its way up the east coast ask looks like we may see rain showers late on tuesday and wednesday as well from that system. here we go through time now on future cast, starting at 7:00 a.m., tomorrow morning, you might need to do a little scraping if your car is parked outside because we'll have the hard frost across the area, it will be a cold start. but a nice rebound with all the sunshine, temperatures quickly
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will get into the 50's across the state. even a few southern communities may touch 60 tomorrow, like manchester, salem, plaistow and possibly portsmouth seabrook. then once we get to tuesday, that's where things again to change. you start to see these clouds in southern new england, they begin to build in and there may even be a few scattered showers by the evening commute for those of you who commute along 93 or route 3 from manchester southward. but as we get into the overnight tuesday into wednesday, that's when it looks like well have more showers moving in. so the best chances for rain as we go through the week will be on wednesday and thursday, even friday as well. tomorrow completely dry. only the southern areas have to worry about a few scattered showers tuesday in the afternoon. tonight it's cold, teens north, state. a couple of third. 31 by daybreak tomorrow in manchester. so tomorrow, sunny, bright, a fall beauty about 57 degrees for the high temperature.
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and it looks like we'll start out cold but recover nicely to about 52 at lunch time, not a bad time to be out enjoying a quick walk. but then it gets cold quickly again tomorrow night, it will be chilly, a few scattered showers in southern new hampshire on tuesday, then for veterans day on wednesday maybe some of the ceremonies and parade might be damp in the morning, but then they should clear out for at least the second half of the day. stephanie: with a a beautiful way to start the work week. hayley: tomorrow looks great. stephanie: it was a pretty nice day today for soccer championships. >> that's right, four more high school soccer champions were crowned today. there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex.
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jason: three teams remain undefeated in the nfl, the bengals won thursday, the panthers won today and of course the patriots. 8-0 for just the second time in franchise history. hosting the washington redskins, down at gillette stadium, first quarter, tom brady to julian edelman and he does the rest. that's an 8-yard touchdown, to give the patriots a 7-0 lead. then on the ensuing kickoff patriots pull out the on sidekick, and it worked. first time the patriots have recovered an on sidekick since 2013, but couldn't turn it into any points. still 7-0. cousins throws to garcon, he can't handle it. and then blunt takes it into the end zone. fourth quarter, 23 patriots, the
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18-yard touchdown. bod then the game because deon lewis left the game with a knee injury, we should learn more early in the week. patriots win 27-10, they play the giants next sunday. >> that's why i thought we did a good job, we stayed really balanced, took advantages from third down in the second half, which allowed us to continue to run the ball, then that big touchdown drive that we finished with, the touchdown to brandon was just a great job by all those guys up front. >> bruins and islanders played a late afternoon game in new york today. first period bruins on the power play, patrice bergeron to david krejci to brian spooner. 1-0 boston after one. second period, bergeron lets one fly, finds the back of the net, that's his fifth. new york scored one late in the third. but bruins win 2-1. rask made 36 saves.
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the monarchs at the brampton beast, and matt while had a bowl and assist, but the beast one it. four more high school championships were decided on the soccer pip today. the day belonged to the girls, in division one pinkerton and londonderry, this game belonged to the defense. lancers with a chance here, mcgrath gets the shot off but misses at the other en. after two overtimes they went to penalty kicks. donovan needed that one to keep it going. but mitchell makes the save, and pinkerton wins the division one championship 1-0, they took the penalty kicks 4-3, that's the first girl's soccer championship for pinkerton academy. in division two, portsmouth and hanover, hanover in white. amelia centers to kelly who
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then off the corner kicks some good ball movement here. spitz scores. portsmouth with a chance. but hanover wins the d2 championship, 2-0. back to back state titles for the ma recalledders. in division three it was raymond and bow, second seeded falcons, they shut them out 4-0 the final. so the falcons win their championship. in division four, top seeded derry field and epping needed overtime, derry field in white. it was 2-1 now and eping with the corner kick. tied at two. 3-2 derryfeel in the second half. rivers scores.
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they would go to overtime. derryfeel survives, 4-3 the final. they are the d4 champions for the second consecutive season. congratulations to all the girls. still to come tonight, jeff gordon in the final four, could another driver punch his ticket to homestead today in texas. if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in america, clean energy is already producing enough power for 18 million homes, reducing our dependence
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as their male coworkers. join the fight for equal pay. join the fight for sara and women everywhere. i'm hillary clinton,
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>> the triple a texas 500, keselowski trying to get the win, but with four laps to go the number 48 gets the pass, jimmy johnson wins it, his fifth win of the season of keselowski couldn't close it out, so he was second, followed by harvick, bush and edwards. pinkerton wins for the sixth consecutive fall. dover finished second in division one. in division 2 it was windham taking the championship. plymouth was the runner up, and in division three you had monadnock take the d3 title.
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high school athlete. stephanie: that does it for news 9 tonight. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha!
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