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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tom: now at 11:00, days after a soccer stadium was targeted in is calling off a game for tomorrow. the manhunt underway in two countries tonight. shelley: governor maggie hassan is one of the governors asking the u.s. to stop accepting refugees from syria for now. the changes she wants to see and the criticism she' mike: plenty of sun for many today and the sunny stretch continues into wednesday. ll see at the end of this week. tom: the fisher cats say they' ll stay in manchester for another 20 years. but there' s work they want done at their stadium before sign the deal. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: security concerns after friday' s deadly terror attacks in paris have led belgium to call off a soccer game with spain. investigators carried out searches in belgium today after a man from there was identified as the mastermind of friday night' s attacks. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i'
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m tom griffith. that man' s whereabouts are still unknown. abc' s elizabeth hur is live in new york city. she has all the information coming out of paris and the international hunt for killers. elizabeth: u.s. security experts are studying the new threat from isis after the release of a 12 minute video bowing d.c. is next. police thought they had him cornered, but the target slipped their grasp for the second time. now the manhunt for the suspected eighth attacker is intensifying. the 26-year-old on the run after police say he fled paris friday night, abandoning that two cars he had rented and making a run for his native belgium, driving a third car with two other passengers. police stopped them at a
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roadblock saturday but inexplicably let them go and they made it across the border. those two passengers now under arrest and charged. authorities have identified this man as the mastermind of the paris massacre. his plan included having one of the terrorists blend in among the thousands of refugees to sneak his way into harris. 25 governors are resisting president obama' s plan to the united states. faces would be a betrayal of our values. exercises leveled a specific threat against the nation' s capital, striking that they will strike america in the nation' s capital. in paris, president franc ois lond lead his nation in a moment of silence. tonight the eiffel tower glowed with the colors of the french flag for the first time since
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the french president has declared that france is now at war with isis. dramatically increasing syria. shelley: the obama administration is sharing intelligence in a new way with france following these attacks. announcement today, while in turkey for a meeting of the g20. the new arrangement allows the u.s. to share intelligence with france that has previously been limited to a group of five english-speaking countries. officials believe most of the information shared will be military intelligence about syria and iraq. tom: here at home the paris attacks have thrown plans to re-settle 10,000 syrian refugees into political turmoil. governor maggie hassan is joining a number of republican governors calling on washington to stop re-settlement until the refugee vetting process can be reviewed. adam sexton joins us live from concord tonight to explain.
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adam: governor hassan and senator kelly ayotte will likely be squaring off in next year' s senate race and they actually agree on this issue, both asking the government to stop re-settlement. but that position is not helping hassan with her own base. >> we need to do everything we can as a global community to defeat isis. adam on monday governor maggie : hassan joined dozens of other governors in asking the feds to refugees. she and others want the vetting process for the people coming into the u.s. to be as strong as it can be. are working with the federal homeland security people, the fbi, and our local officials to make sure we are being as vigilant as possible. adam but this stance has the : governor in hot water with the left wing of her own party. democracy for america says, governor maggie hassan is caving to the islamophobic
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extremists. and added that while we might expect to see this kind of fear-based, amoral posturing from kelly ayotte, seeing it from a democrat running for the senate is truly disappointing. says, when politicians use fear or racism to win elections, we should condemn that action-not reward hassan' s position puts her in lonely territory among democrats. on monday senator jeanne shaheen told newsnine the u.s. already has one of the most stringent refugee vetting processes in the world. >> much longer and much more thorough than many of the european countries, and i think that process needs to go forward. adam professor chris galdieri : calls hassan' s stand a political unforced error that could diminish excitement for her u.s. senate candidacy among more liberal democrats. >> i think they have the potential to cause her headaches going into next year. adam: governor hassan' s office did not release any additional statements tonight.
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the feds to address local concerns before moving forward. live in concord, adam sexton, wmur news 9. shelley: one new hampshire woman wants to bring her family from syria to the united states. she says they struggled to escaped isis, now they' re struggling to find a safe place to live. our jean mackin spoke to her and joins us live with the family' s story. jean: nora lives in grantham, new hampshire but her heart is also overseas with 14 family members. most of them made it safely out of syria on a dangerous trip around isis. and just today their visas to america were rejected. >> what do we do? what do we do? do we go back and get slaughtered, what do we do? jean nora barre says the : conversations with her family overseas are heart-breaking. 14 of them were living in syria, including her grandmother, 3 uncles, their wives and small children. in september, most of them escaped syria. one family with a small baby
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couldnt make the dangerous trek around isis. >> if your jeans are too tight, if you dont have a beard, if they know you dont believe and adhere to their ideologies and if you look too western, they will kill you. they will kill you. jean they left everything behind >> there' s 11 of them in a one bedroom apartment. turkey wont permit them to work because they wont give them any rights. they consider them refugees. jean now nora, who was born in : syria and moved to the u.s. as a little girl, wants her family to join her in america. she launched a fundraising page to help with their food, rent, and travel to a safe zone. she says she' s dishearted to hear refugees being rejected in america and other nations. on monday, her family was denied a visa at the u.s. embassy in turkey. >> people were afraid and they weren' t treated with any dignity.
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and they' ve already been through so much. it made me so sad because the kids were crying. t even look them in the eye. jean: nora says her family can reapply for a visa in 10 days. in that time she plans to travel to canada to try to find a private sponsor for her family. she' s concerned without a safe zone, desperate families left behind in syria will have no choice but turn to isis to live in the studio, jean mackin, wmur news9. shelley: we asked your opinion about the issue and our poll on do you agree that the u.s. should stop accepting refugees without a stronger vetting process? right now most people say no, they do not agree. our coverage of the investigation into the terror
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attacks in paris continues on we are always updating the latest information. find it on and our app. tom: school administrators in maine dismissed a high school principal tonight, accused of asking a student for sex. don reiter had been principal at he' s been on leave since the start of the year when waterville police say they got a complaint about him. from 1998 to 2004, he worked at mascenic regional high school in new ipswich, new hampshire, as a teacher and assistant principal. police in maine say a former student in new hampshire reported that during her senior year she had an inappropriate relationship with him. reiter has denied any wrongdoing. shelley: laconia firefighters say a quick call to 9-1-1 made a big difference in their ability to stop a fire today. flames broke out at the home on beaman street this afternoon. when crews got there, the homeowner told them no one was inside making it easy for , firefighters to work aggressively. no one can live at the home
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under investigation. a friend of former new england patriot aaron hernandez has lost his bid to have a murder indictment thrown out. a judge denied ernest wallace' s motion today. wallace, hernandez, and a third man were charged with killing odin lloyd in 2013. hernandez has been convicted in that case, but also faces murder charges for the death of two men outside a nightclub in 2012. tom: the new hampshire fisher cats want to extend their deal to stay in manchester. the city owns northeast delta dental stadium, and the fisher cats are asking for several repairs, including a new field. wmur' s mike cronin is in the queen city tonight with the team' s request to the city. mike: if this deal is approved financial commitments would be made by both the city and the fisher cats. in the short term manchester would pay for improvements at
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the stadium. in the long run the team would contribute more to the city. the new hampshire fisher cats are asking manchester officials to play ball with a new deal that would keep the team here for the next 20 years. at a city committee meeting monday team owner arthur solomon presented his proposal. >> this is a one-time fix to take care of what should' ve been done at the initial construction. >> the city would pay nearly $950,000 to fix problems at northeast delta dental stadium that solomon says were caused when the ballpark was built more than 10 years ago and before he was the owner. >> it was never done correctly, never inspected correctly. >> solomon says the facility needs structural repairs. he says the field and fire suppression system need to be replaced. >> there are rocks and bricks left under the sod. the drainage system doesn' t work properly. >> if aldermen agree the fisher cats would extend its agreement
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through 2035. >> in turn, the fisher cats will voluntarily commit to pay an additional $4.4 million over the >> manchester' finance asked aldermen to consider the proposal. >> and we need to start funding the stadium or we' re just making believe. >> for the most part the offer >> i think it' s time we do these capital improvements. solomon calls it a fair deal to fix the stadium. >> which will ensure that the fisher cats remain in manchester for many years to come. >> so now all the parties , involved will now work together to draft an amendment will then be presented to the committee in january. in manchester, mike cronin, wmur news 9. shelley: more than a month after it sank, the search for their
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the black box was not found. tom cole in the town of wind them is considering asking hillary clinton' s campaign to pay back the cost of a town hall. the candidate they have built before. mike: more sunshine on the way tomorrow but there is one chance
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tom: crews have ended their search for the wreckage that saint during hurricane what keen. the ntsb hopes the agency can ship sinking. already three crew members were england. republican presidential campaigns in new hampshire today. shelley: she told plymouth state students about getting her start in business after being offered new opportunities while working as a secretary. >> they saw possbilities in me. and because they saw possibilities and potential in me, i saw different it' s actually what every single one of us needs. shelley fiorina also revealed : that she majored in medieval history and philosophy.
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tomorrow with events in concord. tom: no malley is moving campaign staff to iowa. staff from the campaign' s baltimore headquarters will be moving to early states as o' malley struggles to raise money. a spokesperson says o' malley has always run a lean campaign. the former maryland governor has been polling in single digits behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the hillary clinton campaign says it has received an invoice for costs from her town hall in windham one week ago. the board of selectmen met tonight to discuss who should pay for the november 9 campaign event at windham high school one selectman raised concern over taxpayers footing the bill for police, fire, and other town resources. he says it totals between $1800 to $3,000. >> this was billed as a hillary campaign stop event and i think any cost that arise should be hillary' s campaign that has , millions and millions of dollars in that fund, i dont
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the windham taxpayer. tom the clinton campaign tells : news9 it always pays for event related costs and that local law enforcement assisting with security should discuss costs with the secret service. windham selectman say it' s a bi-partisan issue that they billed a republican presidential candidate during the last primary, but have not established a town policy on billing campaigns. shelley: bretton woods is taking advantage of the cold overnight in the north country. made snow early this morning. the ski resorts will be cranking up the snowmaking machines once again tonight. it certainly will be cold enough once the sun goes down. >> you get to take that first run as director of ski operations. mike: you don' t want to take a chance to get warm again. tom: things are looking better
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freezing. 50' s, even your 60 and a couple of spots. the cloud cover dickey the cooler in the north country. 40' s but take a look at central well above the average of the upper 40' s. near 60 in both nashua and manchester, even at the coast, s today. went very gentle out of the north, already into the 20' s so some freezing and good snowmaking conditions in the north country, down to 30 in laconia. concord checking in at 33 degrees. same story in manchester at 37, the duke on is fairly low was clear skies a lot with. temperatures will continue to follow that event during the overnight rate upper teens by
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s elsewhere, right around 30 in manchester and along the immediate coast. milder air is sitting that to the west as a piece of that will try to return after we cool down back to average. along with this will come the next chance of some rain followed by cooler conditions as we go toward layer writing night into the upcoming weekend. we are tracking showers initially that will be held up to the west did to the high-pressure building in. that will keep the rain way tomorrow and again on wednesday. then you will notice as we advance with the sun tomorrow and more sun on wednesday, that will start to change by early thursday morning as the system gets a little closer. on thursday, filtered sun early, clouds will take over and showers most likely during the afternoon, continuing into early friday morning. once that moves through then it
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tomorrow the highs will be around 50, cooler than today but not all that bad, right at seasonable levels. a beautiful sunrise, starting off cool, so be prepared for a wintry chill early and by the afternoon, seasonably cool in the 40' s to around 50. clear skies and cold tonight, low to mid 20 central and south, sunny the next two days with seasonably cool readings by midday and afternoon. thursday the showers move in in early friday. partial sunshine on saturday and a few flurries or maybe a snow shower on sunday with temperatures even colder by the into the weekend into early next week. that is a typical classic mid-late november weekend. tom: let' s check in with jamie and find out what' s going on in sports.
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jamie: a lot of basketball to
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th [sfx:] all candidates' voices talking over one another my dad carried mail on his back. they called him "john the mailman" looked out for everyone in those neighborhoods. i learned something from my father, do your best to look out for other people. we turned ohio around and we created jobs and cut taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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jamie lets start in texas : tonight and work our way home. the celts played for the second night in a row, looking for wins both nights at oklahoma city on sunday. and tonight at the houston rockets. celts in green. jared sullinger with a deep 3 early. he was quiet by his standards, just scored celts jumped out to nine. an 8-2 lead james harden brought the rockets back he knocks one down from deep rockets took their first
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kelly olynik with a 3. 33:27 rockets led at the half they were all tied at 55 and then boston ported on. they outscored houston by 19 points in the 3rd quarter. avery bradley with a couple of 3' s at the end of the quarter 23 for isiah thomas the rockets get a fast break dunk here in the 4th by terrence jones but the game was already in hand. trevor ariza led them with 19 points. the celts have the six that record in the eastern conference. they host the mavericks on wednesday. big early season matchup in womens college basketball number 1 uconn at number 7 ohio state brianna stewart, the great senior. 24 points and nine rebounds. moriah jefferson, preseason all american as a senior hits a layup here. she scored 21.
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womens college basketball. closer to home the 39th all-time , meeting between unh at dartmouth in hanover tonight. wildcats in blue, elizabeth belanger too strong, but carlie pogue is there for the offensive rebound and the put back. scored dartmouth in transition, 19. then lakin roland works it down low to olivia smith who knocks down the jumper from the block. new hampshire in transition, eliza simpson gets it ahead to belanger for the lay in. she scored make it 6 in a row 13. for the wildcats over dartmouth. unh wins 61-57 they are 2-0, big green are 0-2. the second round of tryouts were held for the chad battle of the badges hockey game tonight. this will be the 9th year of the badges game, that' s between new hampshire police and fire that raises money for the childrens hospital at dartmouth
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hitchcock.$1.4 million in the first 8 years. team fire won the game last year, and they will be back for more on april 2. >> we have a couple of new guys, some younger skaters, fresh legs. so it' s a little too early to tell right now but everything is looking pretty good. >> we have people who have not been involved in the game to come out each year and say we want in again next year, this is a great event. hopefully we can fill the stands next year. last year playing in front of 7000 people was amazing. jamie: the patriots and the carolina panthers are the only undefeated teams in the nfl. the patriots did take a hit yesterday, edelman was out with a broken foot. he should be out six or seven weeks like guest brian of the cowboys who had the same injury. the patriots first playoff game would be nine weeks from now so he could conceivably come back. finally, the fcs college
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football rankings for this week. dartmouth is tied for the lead. unh looks like they can get in if they can win against maine on saturday. they are ranked 36. are you going to that football game, tom? tom: yes i will. still to come, oxford dictionaries has picked its word of the year, but it is not actually a word. shelley: the incredibly popular
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions --
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people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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tom: oxford dictionaries has selected its word of the year, and it's an emoji. shelley: specifically, this one officially called face with tears of joy. the oxford university press found that this was the most-used emoji globally during the past year. the word emoji itself has seen a similar surge with its usage tripling this year over last. this is the firs time ever that the dictionary company hasn' t picked an actual word for the title. tom: i think they should stick with words and leave the symbols for somebody else. shelley: thanks for joining us for newsnine tonight at 11:00. tom: jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line.
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