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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 21, 2015 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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he hadn't done much as a return man tonight, but that 86-yard reception gave this team a spark that they needed. >> brad: seventh touchdown catch of the year. and now oklahoma from the 25, they would just like to chew clock up, but samaje got a couple. we're down under nine minutes. coach patterson just wishing somehow his team could come up with a turnover. and put it back in the hands of their offense. >> todd: yeah. remember they had to use two time-outs earlier in the -- in the second half, also, so, they only have one left. of course, they don't need to use a time-out when they throw incomplete. that stops the clock for them. >> brad: sterling shepard, the intended receiver, but it was way behind him. >> todd: knight has not found a
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he's made a couple of plays, but for the most part, he has not been in rhythm. 5 of 15 throwing it. >> brad: now he's got another third down situation. third and nine. >> todd: third and 14. >> brad: orlando brown, i think, the false start. >> referee: false start, number 78, offense. five-yard penalty. third down. >> todd: third or fourth penalty tonight. not been a great night for orlando. >> brad: so, a game that was just all oklahoma -- >> todd: yeah. >> brad: they don't get this third down, tcu's getting it back. >> todd: tcu's defense has just hung in there enough to keep them within reach. they got the big play in, now trevor knight's got to be very careful with the football here on third and 14. >> brad: rolls to his right to throw down the middle -- and
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intercepted. kindred -- with a flag down. and they get the turnover they were looking for, unless this flag's against the horned frogs. >> todd: it's thrown in an area where you would expect holding on oklahoma. >> referee: holding. number 56, offense. the penalty is declined. intercept. first down, tcu. >> todd: this is just not a good decision at all. he's flushed out of the pocket. he's rolling to husband right. and he tries to force one back across his body to the middle. >> brad: that's aless recipe for disaster. life back into tcu. momentum. >> todd: and great field position. this -- this game is far, far from over.
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>> brad: again, four wide receivers, two to each side for kohlhausen. >> todd: you can still run the ball with aaron green, too. there's enough time. you're not in a two-minute offense set yet. you're only ten points behind. >> brad: and they're going to run option. the pitch is to green. on the edge and green. 13 more yards before they can bring him down. >> todd: boy, that was well done by coal house p. he pitched that thing at the last minute. jordan evans, the linebacker is going to come right into his face. he pitches it right at the last minute to green and they get a nice positive gain on first down. >> brad: first down at the 33. kohlhausen, plenty of time. and now, throws at the last
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moment, got it out of there to avoid a sack. >> todd: yeah. that was a good job, avoiding a negative yardage play. tapper and struker in there with the pressure. second and ten is a whole lot better than second and 16 or 17, what it would have been. >> brad: yeah. crowd back into it for the oklahoma defense. they were sitting on their hands for a quarter or so. i don't blame them. it's about 30 degrees out here. it's green. on the left side. nice gain inside the 30 down near the 27. >> todd: boy, i thought oklahoma was going to blow this play up. they brought a blitz from the field right at the play and he just overran it. >> brad: huge third down.
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>> todd: remember this formation created some problems early in the game with the big touchdown throw. and oklahoma's going to call time-out. >> referee: time-out, oklahoma. their second-charged of the half. >> brad: so, they're down to one. tcu is down to one. just over seven minutes remaining in the game with a big, big third down coming up for tcu. don't forget, the next college football playoff top 25 ranking show presented by chick-fil-a, tuesday night. your chance to see the top four. there's going to be some movement. the first two out and the rest of the rankings all revealed live. join rece and the guys, tuesday night at 7:00 eastern on espn. we know one thing. ohio state lost to michigan state today. oklahoma state suffers their first setback. >> todd: ohio state's gone all
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those guams without s games without losing in the regular season. they don't have much time to worry about this one. they have to worry about playing michigan next week in ann arbor. >> brad: nixon will take the direct snap again. follows his blockers and gets leveled by jordan evans. big play by the inside linebacker. >> todd: ninth xon -- >> brad: here's another look. boom. number 26 there. >> todd: really, the play was made by 91, charles tapper. he's the one that kind of strung the play out and forced the ball carrier back inside. >> todd: oberkrom has plenty of leg for this kick.
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and it's up and good. from 43 yards. and all of a sudden, the gap closes to a touchdown. >> todd: you have to give gary patterson and his staff and this team credit. they come in here, undermanned, they've made a quarterback switch between their backups. in the second half. and they final themselves one score away. >> brad: bobby thompson is the injured player for tcu. blocking on that field goal attempt, so -- there's 6:27 remaining in a game that didn't look like it was in any kind of doubt for oklahoma is in very much a precarious situation right now for the number seven team in the country. let's check in with holly. >> holly: well, guys, just to update trevone boykin's injury situation. i talked to him before the game and he said the ankle is doing better. he had been in a boot.
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he took the boot off a couple of days ago. coach patterson said you could play on friday. he said, i'm taking it a day at a time but i'm feeling better every day. and baker mayfield, i have been able to confirm that they are holding him out for precautionary reasons because of targeting call. the athletic trainers have a mantra, when in doubt, sit them out. they are being very careful with mayfield. >> brad: good idea. >> todd: yeah. smart. >> brad: hold onto your seats here. >> todd: just crazy. you mean, offensively, they just have nothing going on and then they hit the one big play and all of a sudden, the turnover and another score and new ball game. >> brad: they turn that interception into the field goal. senior night here for 14 guys on
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sterling shepard. before the game, if it wasn't emotional enough, you see there with his mom. that's brian bosworth, who came out and presented him with a magazine cover from the '85 sooner team that had his dad, derek, on it. and all the guys from that team signed the magazine. and look at that. derek was a great player back here from '86 to 3 to '86. he passed away when sterling was only 6 years old. great moment. and brian bosworth being part of that that was pretty cool. >> todd: very cool. >> brad: here's knight keeping. got about three. holly? >> holly: brian bosworth's dad had been saving that sports illustrated cover all these years and he got everybody to sign it early october and presented at as you saw. the really cool part, sterling told me his dad never saw him play football. he died when he was 6, as i
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said, brad, but he did watch him play basketball, but never football. he had a special piece of his dad with him tonight for the first time playing football. >> brad: that is awesome. as his numbers again tonight, over the 100-yard mark. >> todd: i'd try to get him the ball. he makes good things happen when he touches it. >> brad: this guy does, too. perine. about two yards shy of the first down. >> todd: that was a good, tough run. now you have a lot of options there, third down and two. your quarterback runs, your running game, period. a lot you can do at third and two. >> brad: perine's got 187 yards. three 200-yard games in his career. including that 427 record breaker we talked about against kansas. they would love him to get about
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here. he didn't. he slipped on his own. i don't even know if he got but he fell down short of the first down. >> todd: well, you have to punt the football. >> brad: wow. he doesn't get idn't get anything. i'm so impressed with the heart and the character of this tcu team. coming in, one loss, on the road to oklahoma state. undermanned and fighting like heck in this one. >> brad: turpin, a dangerous guy on the other end of this punt. they won't let him get anything here. he's going to take the fair catch back at the 24 yard line. well -- big 12 road games, we mentioned coming into this one, too.
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times they've met, the game's been decided by a total of 14 points, and here we are down to a seven-point game again with 4:22 to go. >> todd: 37-33 last year in ft. worth and it was a pick six, late in the game that was the difference for tcu. >> brad: kohlhausen on the option. this worked going to the right last time. run out of bounds is green. that one didn't work and striker was giving chase again. >> todd: fool me once. not twice. got to string this out. string it out. by the time kohlhausen pitches it, green has nowhere to go with the football. that's excellent defense by oklahoma. >> brad: boy, a half hour ago,
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about if there was any beer left in the cooler outside. they're into it now. >> todd: kohlhausen needs to think about getting some of it back here. got it. close to a first down on the throw. completed it again to everybody's favorite receiver tonight, no matter who is playing quarterbacks, listenbee. >> todd: nice throw. good timing. good spot for the football. again, they've gone away from throwing that fade route against these corners and working a couple inside routes and it paid off for them. >> brad: see if the give is to green to try to get the yard. he's going to keep it himself. wow. so, the quarterback picks up the first down. >> todd: had to fight through the tackle of striker. striker read the play. was working on the tackle and that was very close but a conversion for the horned frogs. >> brad: again, just a seven-point difference here and
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each team with only one time-out remaining. empty backfield for kohlhausen. >> referee: time-out, oklahoma. it's their third and final of the game. 30-second time-out. >> brad: you know bob stoops didn't want to use that one, but did with 3:10 to go. they don't have any time-outs remaining. tcu down to one. coming up tonight on espn, after cal and stanford, stick around for "sportscenter" at night. catch all the day's college football, college hoops, the nba, nhl, everything. plus preview of week 11 in the nfl. "sportscenter" at night kicks off after the game on espn. time-out.
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brother mike stoops. we were talking to -- i was talking to one of the sports information guys, and their box is right underneath the coach's box. and they said, you can hear him stomping and when he sees things, mike told us, he sees things unfold before they happen. he starts stomping and the sid guys know that something's coming when they hear the ceiling feel like it's crashing in. very animated guy. >> brad: green. nice cut-back to the middle. aaron green. almost popped it out -- ball comes out at the end of the play, but he's down after a 24-yard romp. >> todd: this guy is impressive. when he sticks his foot in the ground and cuts without losing speed. i mean, that is really hard to do. and he does it multiple times on runs. >> brad: and then he makes you miss when you get to that second level. first down at the 41.
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just under three minutes to go in regulation. kohlhausen off play action. wanted to go left, comes back to the right and broken up. and it was zack sanchez again. throw. that ball's in the air a long time. >> brad: this guy's had two interceptions already tonight and that was just a beautiful play to get his right hand around the receiver. >> brad: i would throw away from him, i think. he's just -- you know, he's having a game where he's just guessing right and he's making the right breaks. and he's catching it when he gets to it. >> brad: green. off the left side, brought down after a gain of a couple. devonte bond with the tackle. >> todd: that was a really nice
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buck jones, number 80. maintained lef leverage. >> brad: clock running. >> todd: four-down territory here for tcu, no question. 2:15. >> brad: excellent night by aaron green with 118 on 21 carries. here. kohlhausen's right. he looks that way and scrambles back the other way and slides -- i think he got the first down. right on the line. needed eight and he got eight. first down. >> todd: that's one you have to make sure you get the first down. he got it by just enough. oklahoma trying to hold on for dear life here. >> referee: the previous play ruling, the ball carrier advancing the ball for a first down, is under review. >> brad: they're going to look at this again.
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>> todd: see, this is one, i understand the slide, but in this part of the field and this part of the game, i think you have to dive and make sure you get the first down. he may very well have it, but the mark. >> brad: i think he got it. you saw jordan thomas diving to try to prevent the quarterback from picking up the first. was right at the sticks on the far side. tom robinson is having a look at it in the replay booth. you'll get another look here. i just don't see where there's enough to take that away. plus, it looked like our yellow line was actually almost a hair in front of where the actual marker, the orange marker was on
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>> todd: well, right now, tcu -- they have to be thinking two things. they got to be thinking, what is our play if it's fourth and short and what's our play if it's first and ten, as they go back out here? gary patterson said, if they're close in this ball game, they're going to be very aggressive. and they've got a few things saved. i wonder if there's a trick play of any kind. >> referee: the ruling on the field stands. first down. >> todd: do they have a trick play of some sort saved for a moment like this? touchdown, just under two minutes to play in the game. >> brad: their quarterback has rushed for first downs on third down twice in this drive. >> todd: green and listenbee are the two guys that need to touch the football. >> brad: kohlhausen loads. now scrambles. throws on the run and got it to
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and that's eight more yards. clock 1:45 remaining. >> todd: tcu has one time-out left. you want to save that until you absolutely need it. that was a nice scramble and throw by kohlhausen. they've got this oklahoma defense on their heels just a little bit. >> brad: yes, they do. second down and short. green runs into his own man, cuts it back the other way and has a first down. picks up five more. and they're in the red zone. we're down to 1:20 as they move the chains. >> todd: ran into his tackle, but didn't get knocked off his feet and able to find his way for a first down. >> brad: they took this ball about three minutes ago. now it's the tenth play of the drive. green again cuts back to the middle of the field. nice open field stop there by bond after he got a yard. we're down to a minute and two
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seconds in the fourth quarter. >> todd: also worth noting, early in the second half, when tcu scored, they went for two. and came up short. >> referee: time-out, tcu. >> todd: that could potentially driving for a game-winning touchdown here without having to kick. >> brad: it's going to be a second down and eight coming up. neither team has a time-out remaining at this point. and gary patter zone's got his visor off, glasses off. he's wiping his forehead. i would be, too, because they came in here as banged up as any team we've ever seen. played their backup quarterback. now they went to their third quarterback, and they're hanging around and they've got an opportunity to tie this thing or maybe win it. >> brad: defensively, they've hung in there. they've made enough plays. they have not giving up touchdowns. they gave up the long run to perine. at that point, it looked like, maybe they can't get this done. but they just have hung in there and then they finally got a couple smart plays from their offense.
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and a real credit to gary patterson and his staff for keeping this team together. >> brad: no doubt about it. now here we go. second down and eight. 1:03 remaining in regulation. kyle hicks in the backfield with kohlhausen now. waiting on the snap. finally takes it. scans the field, throws oit in the flat to his tailback. he bobbled the ball. it's in and out, incomplete. >> todd: that's actually a good thing for tcu. he would have been tackled in the field of play. they might have had to use their time-out there as it stands, the clock stops on the incomplete pass. jordan evans in there on coverage -- 57 seconds left and
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good thing for tcu. >> brad: third down and eight. they've got to get to the 6 yard line for a first down but obviously it's two-down territory. fade to the corner of the end zone, it is caught! touchdown, tcu! emanuel porter! now, do they go for two and try to win it in regulation or play for overtime? >> todd: i think you have to play for -- play for overtime here. porter, his first game back, he's been rusty. but he did the exact right thing. he timed his jump. he caught the ball at the high point. and tcu going for the win.
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>> brad: wow. had you told me, 45 minutes ago, we'd come down to this, i would have said, you've got something loose. and now, an opportunity to take the lead. they're still going to be a few few -- about 46 seconds, maybe, remaining in the game. if they hit this two-point conversion. kohlhausen. flushed. on the run. lobs it -- it's knocked down. i think it was steven parker. he's getting mobbed, so, i think
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open. he had shaun nixon, number three, that broke free and he was looking to flip that to nixon in the end zone. right up here in the corner. but it was knocked away by parker. >> referee: unsportsmanlike conduct on oklahoma. the penalty will be enforced on the kickoff. that was number 31's first unsportsmanlike foul. >> brad: steven parker makes the play of the game right now. >> todd: obviously gary patterson thinking, with our backup quarterback, all of our injuries, we've got momentum, let's go for the win here. kohlhausen has played beautifully down the stretch, but an excellent play by steven parker, just reading the quarterback's eyes. timing his jump and making the play.
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see an onsides kick upcoming. oklahoma's opponents have attempted one onsides kick this year and they did recover it. and remember, this is a weird spot on the field with that unsportsmanlike conduct. the kick is going to come from the 50, so, it's going to make the oklahoma 40. what a wacky game. >> todd: wow. oberkrom set to kick it from midfield. it goes ten yards, but it's covered nicely by oklahoma, and it is, guess who? zach k sanchez who caught two from the first quarterback that played tonight, now he catches one from the kicker. that's probably going to do it, for oklahoma, to remain just once beaten. >> referee: reset the game clock to 50 seconds. 50 seconds.
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>> brad: stay tuned for the ford wrapup show. cassidy hubbarth will be along after the game. cassidy will have a lot of crazy things that happened today. not too many more crazier than this. >> todd: well, tcu, what a valiant effort. just a valiant comeback effort. >> brad: now trevor knight takes a knee. tcu has no way to stop it. and, again, now, this is, in the last four meetings, these games decided by a total of 15 points. one more snap will do it. so, bob stoops, this will be his 13th season with double-digit wins. they're going to go to 10-1 and 7-1.
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oklahoma state next weekend. that will be on abc next saturday night. what a gallant effort by tcu. so many men short and they put an effort up to make this a ball game, all the way to the final seconds. bob stoops goes to 4-2 against tcu in his coaching career. and he's got a shot at the big title and then some. hold ly is with the winning coach. >> holly: what went through your mind when you saw them going for two and the win? >> just get the defense in order, make sure we're in a good call. we were. guys did a nice job finishing there at the end. >> holly: how stressful was that last drive, watching them go down the field like that? >> yeah, it always is, you know, it's -- you're in a tight game like that, they couldn't do anything offensively. you keep giving them chances and that's what happens. they make a play and you're in a tight one.
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when parker got the deflection? >> that was great. we had to get the onsides kick, too. it was good to win. >> holly: baker mayfield didn't return in the second half. what is his status, coach? >> we'll see. he just -- hey, trevon. we'll see. it was due to the blow to the head. didn't feel he was quite what he needed to be. >> holly: oklahoma state lost tonight. how does that set you up for bedlam? >> let me process this tonight and we'll work on it tomorrow. >> holly: thank you, coach. >> all right, thank you. >> brad: bob is going to try to find troe von boykin evone boykin. they hang on, oklahoma does. wins it by one, 30-29. quite a finish here in norman, oklahoma, on senior night. that's going to wrap it up for us. for todd blackledge and holly rowe, our entire abc on espn crew, brad nessler saying so long. 10-1, 7-1 for the sooners, as they one it. time for the ford wrapup show,
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cassidy's in the studio. good night from norman. thanks, brad. sooners have oklahoma state next. hoping to head into bedlam with their perfect record intact. chris johnson in for jared stidham. the 71-yard touchdown. baylor up 38-14 at that point. late in the fourth quarter. baylor up 38-28. johnson. runs it in from four yards out for the touchdown. baylor wins in stillwater for the first time since 1939. so, next man up, a big theme today, as baylor able to take down an undefeated with two backup quarterbacks. michigan state looking to do the same, as they turn to their backup plan against unbeaten ohio state. connor cook out with a shoulder injury. but sparty, well in it. in the fourth here, jared holmes ties it up at 14. with three seconds left, 41-yard field goal for the win, and michael geiger nails it.
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michigan state upsets ohio state, the buckeyes with 132 total yards of offense. ezekiel elliott, he sounded off after the loss. >> very disappointed, i mean -- in the one drive that we had where we kind of had some momentum when we scored, the plays we ran, we ran a lot of them. we had a lot of momentum and, honestly, we didn't -- we didn't see those plays at all for the rest of the game. those plays weren't called anymore. i asked for those plays to be called and they weren't. and it just -- it hurts. it hurts a lot. just because -- how we lost. i feel like we just weren't put in the right opportunity to win this game. >> a lot of frustration for the buckeyes who still have michigan next week. wolverines visiting penn state today. jake rudock to jake butt for the
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26-yard touchdown. michigan with their first win since 2006 against penn state. michigan state can clinch the big ten east a with win against penn state. the ohio state/michigan game is the earlier kickoff, to so, the winner will be watching michigan state very closely. iowa looking to clinch the big ten west with a win over purdue. george kitle, wide open for the 35-yard touchdown. iowa wins it. and they get their first division title since the big ten created divisions in 2011. to the acc. number one clemson hosting wake forest. deshaun watson continuing to make his case for the heisman. 343 passing yards, four total tds. clemson wins it 33-13. number two alabama hosting charleston southern. derek henry trying to prove a
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game. the tide roll and clinch an eighth-le straight ten-win season. crazy shootout between mississippi state and arkansas. fourth quarter, razorbacks with a chance to kick the game-winning field goal, and a huge block. mississippi state holds on, despite seven touchdown passes from arkansas qb brandon allen. elsewhere in the s.e.c., florida needed overtime to beat fau at home. as did georgia with georgia southern. and ole miss handed lsu its third loss in a row, all by at least two touchdowns. to fenway park. boston college and notre dame. what a sight. and deshawn kizer with a ten-yard td pass. kizer, 320 yards passing, two tds. notre dame wins it despite five turnovers in the 19-16 final. undefeated houston taking on uconn. fourth quarter. huskies with some trickery. noel thomas, the 45-yard
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uconn snaps houston's 11-game winning streak. bowl eligible for the first time since 2010. keenan reynolds. to jameer tillman for the 39-yard touchdown. navy, 9-1 for the first time since 1963. number 17 north carolina visiting virginia tech. frank beamer running out onto game. beamer. and they would see a game. davis. touchdown. but the loss didn't stop an awesome moment, as beamer was carried off the field after the and stanford. espn. second quarter, seven hogan to christianc calf touchdown. elsewhere in the pac-12,


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