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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a fantastic day for thanksgiving celebrations and more good stuff to come! i' ve got a peek at when the cooler air returns. jean: shoppers were ready and waiting as -- stores open their doors tonight. the deals that were too good to pass up. chicago' s busy shopping area is expected to be the side of a demonstration tomorrow and there is more video from the deadly officer involved shooting that first started the protest. the terror threat is one level lower in brussels tonight. the household problem -- product that led to a scare at a mosque in that city. and a church in rochester fed thanksgiving dinner to anyone who needed somewhere to go. the special way they served this meal.
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now, wmur news 9 tonight. >> it turned out to be a nice, mild night in new hampshire. live pictures from portsmouth where it still 47 degrees. thanks for joining us tonight. i' m jean mackin. we hope you are enjoying your holiday. let' s begin with meteorologist josh judge and a look at the overnight temperatures. night. >> the clouds have pulled away. warmth in so it will cool off son, but still an above average northern new hampshire. that is hype rusher has slid to southwest winds up. that will be the case tomorrow until that front to the west moves in it cools things down chance for a few showers as well.
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s to the north but 40' s everywhere else. it still mild out there and the rest of the overnight hours we are staying in the 40' s and perhaps down into the upper 30' s and 40' s for some at daybreak. temperatures start rising tomorrow. waiting to you see how high they could go and the resulting cooler air behind it in the forecast in a few minutes. jean: i' ll many granite stater' s enjoyed a thanksgiving dinner tonight, others have their eyes on the prize. the national retail federation estimates 30 million would be shopping today. that is up from last year. stephanie woods joins us live from the newsroom. it looks like people are out and about even at this hour. stephanie: you asked me earlier how crowded the malls were, just like behind us. there are a lot of people out tonight, diehards getting out and trying to get their hands on that special gift before someone
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else does. most people were really excited but others are just waiting for this crazy turkey day to be over with. >> it' s not crazy for me. i like it. i really do. i was texting her on the way up i was like, ' hurry up.' she was eating and i' m home waiting for her. stephanie: kelly hayes and laurie jacobson worked thursday morning at the airport diner rushed through thanksgiving dinner then hit the mall of new hampshire at 4 in the afternoon. >> 4:00 and we go all through the night. probably till 6:00 a.m. take a quick nap, and go back out, all day tomorrow. >> we' re going all night long. she said we' re going home to sleep. i don' t know about that. >> jacobson says she liked black friday better when it was just friday. >> it makes it tougher, because i feel like thanksgiving' s is more like rushed, you know what i' m saying? >> but she says the deals are worth it. >> i mean we don' t have to but it' s like if there' s a certain thing you want, especially if it' s an electronic item, and you don' t get there first thing, you' re not going to get it. >> hayes waited for an hour and a half at best buy. >> but the laptops were sold out. t get them. t get
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aggravated. like to see everyone go crazy, i like that. stephanie: while some say it' s crazy to be open on thanksgiving macy' s employee noah derrow says he doesn' t mind working holidays. i mean it gives people time to hang out with their friends and stuff. >> but others on a tryptophan-high are over black friday before it begins. >> trying not to fall asleep after eating a lot of food. >> the mall was open for coming here, and my wife and my daughter wanted to go. and my boys wanted to go too. so i was outnumbered 5 to 1. >> that' s the way it goes sometimes. >> the shopping extravaganza is not over yet. the mall new hampshire will close at 1:00 a.m. but sears will stay open until 2:00 a.m., macy' s, old navy, jcpenney and , victoria' s secret will stay open from now until 10:00 tomorrow night.
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jean: on a serious note, demonstrators are planning to march through chicago' s magnificent mile tomorrow in the midst of black friday shopping. there have been protests since police-involved shooting. video released by prosecutors shows a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 now there' s new dash cam video showing the moments just before. abc' s brandi hitt reports. officer jason van dyke' s squad car, show 17-year-old laquan mcdonald running away during a pursuit last year. moments later, the officer gets out. and mcdonald is shot 16 times in 15 seconds. but we will not show you the entire video. that has re-ignited protests across the city of chicago. demonstrators are vowing to disrupt holiday shopping. wasn' t made public for an entire year. >> any responsible police superintendent would have shown the video to the mayor
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>> van dyke was charged tuesday mcdonald' s death. according to civilian watchdog group, invisible institute, citizens filed at least 20 complaints against him since he joined the force in 2001 including allegations of using excessive force and racial slurs. but van dyke was not disciplined. van dyke' s defense argues he feared for his life in this case. >> this is not murder. >> with more demonstrations expected president obama is weighing in on facebook, writing, i was deeply disturbed by the footage and i' m grateful to the people of my hometown for keeping protests peaceful. many are critical of the state' s attorney, who took a year before charging jason van dyke. legal experts though say these are difficult cases to win because you have to prove the officer intended to do serious bodily harm. brandi hitt abc news, los angeles. jean: firefighters in dover rescued a dog from a fire
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the flames broke at inside an apartment on new york street around 2:45 this morning. while there aren' t many signs of damage from the outside, neighbors say it was chaos as people rushed to get out. one woman inside was taken to the hospital as a precaution. no one was seriously injured. >> were you nervous? >> i was very nervous i just woke up, this is our bedroom right here and there was just red flashing lights and we had no clue what was going on. >> while the fire remains under investigation, crews believe it started with something left on a stove. the victim of an overnight shooting near fenway park has been identified. 29-year-old jephthe cherry worked as a conductor on the commuter rail. boston police say it was chaotic called who' s on first on yawkey way when the shooting started outside. cherry was killed and 3 other men were injured. >> this is uncalled for, particularly on a day like today, thanksgiving, no mother
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should have to get a phone call that her son has been shot and killed. jean: in september, two women were shot leaving the same bar. police had just been in the bar earlier that night to check for any potential problems. police think the shooter was able to get away in the crowd. they' re hoping to find clues in surveillance video. a former police officer accused of staging a shoot-out with a driver has been found dead. bryan johnson had worked in millis, massachusetts. he was found this morning in his home. he was indicted last week on charges connected to a false bomb threat at a school. investigators say there were no signs of foul play. prosecutors say his death is not being investigated as a homicide. portsmouth police arrested a woman from maine on charges connected to a fight last year. rolinda desjardins is accused of getting in a fight in downtown portsmouth last year where her dog bit a person in the groin. police say she was also arrested
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for stealing unattended purses in two grocery stores in 2010 and that the fight last year was about a stolen purse. a permanent memorial in rhode island to the victims of the station nightclub fire is a step closer to reality. 100 people died in the fire in 2003. it started when pyrotechnics from the band great white hit flammable foam. organizers say they' ve raised $1.3 million after receiving several large donations. their goal is to million dollars. easy traveling and sunny skies made this thanksgiving a far cry from last year. who can forget last year at this , time people were shoveling out and dealing with power outages. we first met jason demers last year, when he was barbequing his turkey. the oven wasn' t an option when his home was running on generator power. and while he doesn' t miss the snow, the memories with his
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s the whole point. after all, nice to have the whole family all around. how you got the turkey done, it doesn' t really matter. >> everyone sure has a story about their thanksgiving from last year. you can upload your pictures by logging onto now to a thanksgiving tradition that' s been served up for nearly 30 years in new hampshire. the big feast is held inside a church, while volunteers fan out across the community to hand-deliver meals and a smile on thanksgiving. >> inside the true memorial baptist church in rochester for years they have been setting the thanksgiving table. volunteers open the doors and their hearts for the true meaning of thanksgiving. >> it just means to help other people out and just to be thankful for what we have. >> i' m here to serve because a lot of people need food and it' s a nice way to spend your thanksgiving. >> it' s really great just to give back and watch everybody have a good time. jean: traditional thanksgiving meals are prepared for 500
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volunteers deliver half of those meals to people who could not get to the church. the other half served with a smile and a welcoming spirit. >> well it feels wonderful to be here becaues we' re serving god and we' re serving other people. jean: brian littlefield pours so much of himself into this thanksgiving feast. >> oh the squash. it' s one of my focuses in life. jean: he grew the squash in his garden to serve to his community. he says everyone is treated like family when they stop by for thanksgiving at the true memorial baptist church. >> we serve on real china, take your order, treat you special, because everybody is special. >> coming up, the terror threat in belgium' s capital, the city has been taken down a notch, despite a serious scare at a mosque in brussels today. police were out in force at the macy' s thanksgiving day parade in new york city.
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arrest of two men. josh: today we saw temperatures get into the 50' s. tomorrow the warm air mass pushes and even farther into new england.
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>> the white house went into lockdown this afternoon after men climbed over the fence. the secret service says the man was immediately taken into custody. president obama and his family were inside at the time. the secret service has criminal charges are pending. the north and south fence lines were temporarily closed. russia says it' s joining the coalition led by the u.s. to fight the islamic state. president vladimir putin said russia' s open to cooperating more closely with france and the coalition to select targets. however he is still upset that turkey shot down a russian warplane. he says the u.s. should have stopped turkey from doing that because the two countries are allies. concerns about anthrax at the main mosque in brussels turned out to be a false alarm. belgian investigators say the suspicious powder was actually flour. the prime minister says the threat of an attack is no longer
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considered imminent, but the threat level is -- that indicates an attack is considered possible and likely. police in new york arrested two people at the macy' s thanksgiving day parade. officers say the men were caught flying a drawn over the parade. authorities had not said what -- the two men were taken into police custody and authorities had not said what charges they may face. it' s free to visit all state parks in massachusetts this weekend through sunday. the governor said the free state park visits are to honor veterans and those serving in the u.s. armed forces. some massachusetts parks are offering guided black friday hikes. black friday is one of the biggest days of the year for retailers but it' s not just on , friday any more. wmur' s nikole killion has more on the shopping season trend
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black friday before. and black friday now. a growing list of retailers the month instead of one day >> friday is definitely different, but it' s not dead. kathy grannis allen is with the national retail federation. >> a lot of companies are offering those early november deals for those early bird shoppers. and it seems that consumers are actually biting on these early deals. >> take amazon which has a black friday page and rolled out deals of the day for the entire week leading up to black friday. target also released ten days of deals, while walmart dared to beat its black friday >> i think it' a lot of people don' t have money when it is time for black friday. >> i think keeping it on friday the day after, that would make i just think it' s too much. >> the move follows efforts to expand the holiday shopping season with many stores opening their doors on thansgivng day >> there were 43 million people
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who shopped in stores and online and i think we' ll see the same kind of traffic this year. >> in fact, the national retail federation predicts close to 136 million people will shop over the thanksgiving holiday weekend with over 70% expected to shop on black friday. in washington, i' m nikole killion reporting. jean: as we saw people are out in new hampshire right now shopping. it was really busy. >> at least it is mild out there so you don' t have to bond the love as much to go out. it is naturally lit with this beautiful moment -- moonrise we had tonight. that nearly full beaver moon is out there and now we are seeing that in the sky along with temperatures that are mild. here is how warm we got. these are the high temperatures
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into the 50' s and nearly 60 in a couple parts of the lower merrimack valley. certainly a good day everyone to have an abnormally mild day. tomorrow it happens all over again. here are the current temperatures. 20' s in northern new hampshire but everywhere south of the white mountains, you are in the 40' s to near 50 degrees. temperature slowly gliding down through the 40' s and perhaps into the upper 30' s in some spots overnight. a little bit of fog in some areas and fog showing up in plymouth. the winds are light, which adds to the list of things that are nice about this nighttime hour. look at the clearing skies as well. it was cloudy earlier but that
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first we go through this, the partly cloudy conditions for tomorrow which will translate to partly sunny conditions and above average temperatures. this long cold front is churning up some showers and even some snow on the back edge of it because there is much colder air on the other side and that is what moves in for the weekend. the front roles in late friday night into saturday morning bringing the colder air. another mild day tomorrow, a little warmer than where we work today area partly cloudy skies tonight and tomorrow, above-average temperatures. late in the day northern new hampshire starts to cloud up. then the front pushes its way south. generates a few showers during the overnight hours and into saturday. clouds pushing farther southward through the day on saturday.
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the south with lots of sunshine but both saturday and sunday noticeably cooler. about what you would expect for this time of year with temperatures in the 40' s. check out tomorrow' s black s s for pretty much all of the state. temperatures go back to where you would expect for this time of year. all looking like pretty good days, the next chance of significant rain tuesday night right through wednesday of the upcoming week. jean: tomorrow is spectacular. s talk turkey, you have been can. turkey sam just for everybody.
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the 18th ranked team in the country today. 2nd half alley oop pass to tyler roberson for the dunk. that put the orange up 10. uconn loses for the first time this season, 79-76. syracuse is 4-0. kaleb joseph of nashua only played four minutes for syracuse and did not score. when it comes to sports, thanksgiving day is all about football. with that in mind, we begin tonight with some hockey. the monarchs were in atlanta. matt white had two assists, and manchester wins win 3-2.
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ok, now to your thanksgiving day football. lets start with high school, and the gate city showdown between nashua north and south. south sophomore qb sean holland goes up top to big number 81, maxwell osgood hauls it in, but pick it up in the jared levesque steve lambert in the endzone, touchdown nashua north, 2018 titans. free, and he' s gone. leonard carried the ball 34 times for 278 yards and 3 touchdowns, dillon salazar had 9 tackles and an interception. north wins it 34-24. in the queen city it was central taking on the pioneers of trinity high school first quarter, central' s anthony dimauro connects with jason lam in the endzone, touchdown little trinity' s saikou bah had himself
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a good day. here, he breaks off a huge run down the far sideline. he' s taken down inside the 20, but the pioneers would miss a field goal. central goes on to win it 30-22. this wek' s hometown hero led the newport tigers to a division three football championship. last weekend, senior running back noah wade carried the ball 24 times for 275 yards and 4 touchdowns. he also returned a punt for a touchdown, racking up 332 all purpose yards in the game. the tigers beat interlakes 48-14 to win their first football champiosnihip since 2010. wade also plays baseball, and says his college plans are up in the air right now, but would love to play football at the next level, if he' s given an opportunity. >> i started out with the offense of line. bus time i played them only had 106 yards or something.
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jason the unh football team had : thanksgiving dinner together, the wildcats are still on campus preparing for saturday' s playoff game with colgate. on the menu, 108 pounds of turkey breast, 100 pounds of mashed potatoes, 75 pounds of stuffing and 60 pounds of vegetables. beyond the usual fixings, the football team was also treated to 60 pounds of prime rib. >> it' s something we' ve been doing for the last 12 years, and it' s awesome to carry that legacy going on, and it' s just great to know we have the capability to do what we' re doing, we' re blessed with another day to play, and hopefully we can make the best of it. >> is there going to be any food left when you guys are done here? absolutely not. >> >> don' t forget you can get your tickets for saturday' s playoff. the wildcats beat colgate in week two of the season but it should be a great football game. it' s a 3:30 start, wildcats in the playoff for the 12th consecutive year.
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they barely squeaked into the playoffs but they still get to host the first round game. it should be a great saturday. jean: still to come on news 9 tonight. military service members stationed overseas got some turkey and all the trimmings today. but getting a thanksgiving meal
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enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. jean: president obama used his weekly address to share a thanksgiving message an appeal for the acceptance of syrian refugees. american military members serving overseas got a taste of home today. it can take up to three months for supplies to arrive at some remote locations. the mbta officer who was seriously injured in the manhunt for the tsarnaev brothers has a special reason to celebrate this thanksgiving. digg donahue and his wife
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