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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 27, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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sean: now on "daybreak," black friday shopping. what to expect if you mall. thanksgiving fire. they were able to rescue a dog. how investigators think it may have started. hayley: it is going to feel quite mild today. when the colder air returns along with the showers. sean: an unwanted visitor. the man tries to hop the white house fence. the unusual outfit he had on. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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daybreak." sean: it is black friday. hope you had a great thanksgiving. hayley: you don't need a jacket now. when you are heading out of the malls, you can shed it. it is going to be mild. it is going to feel oddly mild. first we'll show you what's happening in meredith. 39 to start out. a little chilly. we've got 46 in manchester. 49 in portsmouth. 45 in rochester. 36 in nashua for all of the shoppers there. the pheasant lane mall. there's a problem with fog this morning. it is thick in some spots. you can see concord down to.3 miles. same thing in plymouth. if you are heading out, be careful. that will make it difficult to see. 60 degrees will be the high pressure in concord. 63 in manchester.
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we've got some warm air coming out. how long it lasts and when we may see some rain showers coming up. sean: thanks. many granite staters enjoyed a quiet turkey. others had their eyes on the prize. amy coveno live from the mall. at 5:00 a.m., how are the crowds looking? >> the mall doesn't open until 6:00. the general manager says there are a few stores that are exceptions to the rule, including behind me. you can see forever 21 doing a pretty good business. they have the sale signs up. looks like there's about a dozen people in there. the national retail federation estimates 136 million americans will be shopping, two million more than last year. 30 million of these would shop on thanksgiving day. they came in to do their black friday shopping early. more than 420 people lined up outside of best buy waiting to get the
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latest and best deals on electronics. kelly haste and lorie jacobson worked through the thanksgiving dinner and hit the mall in new hampshire. >> 4:00 we go all through the night until 6:00 a.m., take a quick nap, and go out tomorrow. >> we're going all night long. she said we're going to go home and sleep. i don't know about that. amy: macy's, jcpenney, and victoria's secret have been open since wednesday night. they pack water and snacks and have a map and pacing. we know you guys will be just fine. live at the mall of new hampshire, amy coveno. sean: all right. thanks. if you are planning on going out this morning, here's what you can expect to see on the roadways. a whole lot of green out there. you can see a look around manchester. a little bit of red there.
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many people out shopping on black friday are looking for deals on electronics. other groups are having black friday sales of their own. the spca is holding the black friday save a life sale. the shelter will have door buster specials from 9:00 to 11:00, features $25 off on all caption fees. from 9:00 to 4:00, they can pick out their own price and receive a free gift with every adoption. there are bunnies, birds, small animals, and horses available. they hope to find homes for 50 animals today. it is not just the granite state seeing hundreds of shoppers. shoppers are out and about. stephanie ramos looks at the cay ohs. >> all right. here we go. stephanie: thanksgiving into the fridge. they are scoring the >> $8. this is the best deal.
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stephanie: black friday used to kick off the holiday shopping season. now thanksgiving day is the new tradition. in new york city, 18,000 shoppers made their way in to macy's. in colorado, a holiday storm not stopping the shoppers. >> 49 inch toshiba for $159. stephanie: other shoppers more interested in towels. near 60% of americans will head out to find it. 136 million of us planning to shop until sunday with day one, thanksgiving day, now over. black friday is one of the best days of day for deals. >> how much did you save? >> $300 or $400. maybe more. stephanie: even if you don't want to be out, you can cash in on sales. >> there's so many sales online. it's like there's no
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point. stephanie: overnight walmart released a statement saying they focused on deals, availability, and simplicity. walmart says tens of millions of customers visited the stores and the web site. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. sean: busy morning. a manchester man was arrested on drug charges. they responded to a motor vehicle complaint near hooksett road. when they stopped john remmetter, they smelled the car. he was arrested and charged with possession and transportation of a controlled drug. more details now on a story we first told you about here on "daybreak." firefighters in dover rescued a dog from the thanksgiving morning fire. the flames broke out inside an apartment around 245 thursday morning. while there aren't many signs of damage from the outside, it was chaos as people rushed to get out. one woman inside was taken to the hospital as
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a precaution. no one was seriously hurt. >> i was very nervous. i woke up. this is our bedroom. there's rid flashing lights. we had no clue what was going on. sean: the cause of the fire is under investigation. they think is started when something was left on a stove. a woman from maine faces charged connected to a fight last year. rolinda desjardins is accused of getting into a fight over a stolen purse where her dog bit a person in the groin. he was also arrested for stealing purses in two grocery stories in 2010. russia say it is joining the coalition led by the u.s. to fight the islamic state. vladimir putin says russia is open to cooperating more closely with france and the coalition to select target. he's still upset that turkey shut down a russian war plane.
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have stopped turkey because the two countries are allies. policer to down barricades while others tore fights off of the christmas tree. massive march. the officer who opened fire killing leqan mcdonald has been charged with murder. the white house went into a lockdown after a man wearing an american flag was caught climbing over the fence. the suspect was immediately taken in to custody. president obama and his family were inside at the time. the secret service says criminal charges are now pending. the north and south pence lines were temporarily closed during the investigation. still to come, this friday no charges. the woman who left a
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nativity scene won't be prosecuted. shopping on a budget. the apps that might save you money before you hit the stores. coming up, what a difference a years makes. why they were so thankful for the weather this thanksgiving. right now ifs tt2watv# 1t! bt@q%o\ tt2watv# 1t! "a@q5c8 tt2watv# 1t! bm@q>h4 tt4watv# 1t!" dztq b?p tt4watv# 1t!" entq 2;0 tt4watv# 1t!" gzt& +
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hayley: good black friday morning. we have fog.
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it is 46 at the moment. once the fog moves away, we'll get a nice, sunny day with clouds passing through and temperatures warm approaching 60 this afternoon. sean: very mild. a mother who left her baby in a nativity scene earlier this week won't be prosecuted. the baby boy was found with his umbilical cord still attached. the d.a. says the mother followed the spirit of the abandoned infant protection act. the act allows a parent to abandon a newborn up to 30 days without fear of prosecution at a suitable place. members of the church have offered to adopt the five pound two ounce baby. shoppers are hurt after strong winds ripped apart a flea market. 11 people in all were injured after this. the market usually draws thousands of shoppers on wednesday. officials say fewer people were there
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because of the thanksgiving holiday. a former police officer accused of staging a shootout with a driver is dead. brian johnson had worked in millis, massachusetts. he was found yesterday in his home. he was indicted last week on charges connected to a false bomb threat at a school. investigators say there were no signs of foul play. prosecutors say his death is not being investigated as a homicide. right now it is 5:14. coming up, the force was not with one semitruck this week. the unusual cargo that spilled out during a crash. and there's an app for that. some tips to make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier this
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sean: welcome back. you don't have to go black friday shopping to score a deal. ideas on how to make gift giving easy from beginning to end. >> are you shopping for the holidays on a budget?
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scan a code to get more information about the product. and while you are shopping, get rewarded for it using shop kick. just walking in to stores you can get instant rewards for scanning bar codes and purchasing products. it uses points called kicks that can be redeemed for gift cards. are you group gifting? become a gift giving superstar with a gift fund app. invite friends and family to a contribute to a gift. days. they were headed for a galaxy far, far away. instead they end up interstate. the truck was hauling a brand new load of toys. the truck driver was trying to take a curve a little bit too fast. the crash. okay. what they did is brought in yoda afterwards. he was able to use the
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truck. hayley: too bad he road as well. maybe some of the toys going to homes this want them. of course. a lot of us going out and doing some shopping. maybe you are planning on doing some decorating christmas tree. today would be a fantastic day to be outside. your hands won't be frozen. temperatures warm. morning with temperatures in the 30's and 40's. by 8:00 a.m., we'll climb close to 50 degrees in a lot of communities. by noontime, mix of sun and clouds. it will be breezy and warm. temperatures approaching 60. clouds will start to win out. this afternoon and evening will become mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 50's at 5:00. here's where we are starting out now. it is definitely cold in some spots. you can see the 28 there in plymouth. 25 in whitefield.
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some of us are still in the 40's. you can see 46 there in manchester. about 49 in portsmouth. not only will you dealing with other shoppers, but also with fog. down to a half a mile. half a mile in rochester. be careful, of course, when you hit the fog. it can be like driving in to a wall where you have zero visibility. at least it is patchy, not widespread across the state. 7 miles per hour are the winds out of the southwest. this is the warmer air. that's what's going to allow the temperatures to warm up. we have clouds already starting to increase, especially up north. that will be the general trend as we go through the day with the clouds beginning to move in. there's a huge storm system off toward our west bringing nasty weather. there's the truck that might have had some problems in oklahoma. there were some wet roadways and even ice in the western portion of oklahoma overnight.
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this is a cold front that will kick out the mild air that we have in place today. in the meantime, the winds out of the southwest really cranking up the temperatures over the next 24 hours or so. so today we'll have a mix of sun and clouds once we get to the afternoon. the clouds win the battle and will take over pep specially up north there may be a few lingering rain showers early on. overnight is when we'll see the showers overspread from north to south. tomorrow morning probably a career resaturday morning with showers early on. look what happened once we get to the afternoon. lots of sun, fading clouds, temperatures tomorrow will be noticeably cooler especially compared to today. we'll be so warm. the average high for this time in november, 44, we'll be well above that today at 60. then temperatures fall to the 40's. great day today for the leftovers. hopefully you are getting ready to pull those out for lunchtime.
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on saturday, tomorrow, 47. noticeably cooler with morning showers and then on sunday will be mostly sunny. temperatures even cooler than tomorrow. in the lower 40's next week, looks more seasonal. it is a one-day thing today with the 60. sean: unreal. hayley: it is one of the days it is odd it is so warm. we'll take it. sean: shed the layers were one day. amy coveno is shopping today. amy: we're live. i'm not shopping. i'm working very hard. for some people, this tradition is as much thanksgiving as the turkey and apple pie. two million more people with anticipated to take part in the shopping. the mall opens at 6:00. a few stores are open now. the shoppers are streaming by. pack some patients and wear some good walking shoes. sean: fire workers managed to save a dog. the cause is under investigation. something may have been
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left on a stove. more protests are expected in chicago today. this comes after the release of video from a deadly police shooting earlier this week. coming up, the mars rover finds an interesting sight. why some people think the planet may have a mouse problem tt0w!ty%hp! %4@-z5x tt0w!ty%hp! el@-p24 tt0w!ty%hp! ed@-v0p tt0w!ty%hp% )8h-6n, tt0w!ty%hp% kzh-+!p tt0w!ty%hp% n-h-^h\ tt0w!ty%hp% 0ph-@/d tt0w!ty%hp% s"h-p]$ tt0w!ty%hp% ueh-s?t
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it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids covered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the
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and throw it away. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. hayley: welcome back. it is 5:25. he's a live look along i-93 in windham. it is 36 degrees. definitely a chilly start in some spots. there might be some thick fog. it doesn't look like we're seeing it there. be very careful. some communities reporting visibility below due to the fog. more on the forecast in the next half an hour. sean: i'm about to blow your mind here. a mysterious object on
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mars has some people thinking the red planet has a mouse problem. the rover recently took planet. you see that object there in the back? amateur astronomer enhanced the image noting it looks like a possible very large mouse or other rodent. white also admits the object is an opt = -- optical illusion. apparently it supports rodent life. you be the judge. ready, set, shop. live from the mall of new hampshire with how the clouds look. and ship card controversy. why the new technology could have you waiting in longer lines this
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders.
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i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: good morning, everybody. november 27th. friday. a live look at the seacoast. it is going to be unusually warm out there. already 49 degrees. hayley will talk about the forecast in just a moment. first let's get to the top stories. thousands of people left thanksgiving early to hit the malls last night. several retailers opened yesterday with some planning to stay open through tonight. thanksgiving looked a lot different for many granite staters. the big storm caused power outages and made travel tricky. the victim of a shooting has been identified. 29-year-old was killed outside of a bar. it is pretty foggy. visibility pretty low. hayley: it is.
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all because the air has lots of moisture in it. that's why we will be able to warm up. 46 degrees in manchester now. 49 in portsmouth. 45 in rochester. there are some chilly temperatures. look at plymouth. 28. 25 degrees in whitefield. there are some cold spots. you may run in to some fog as we mentioned. .3 miles visibility in concord. 1.3 in laconia. .5 in plymouth. today will be warm. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. wind gusts up near 25 miles per hour. we'll be dry. a few scattered showers will make their way in here. i'll have more on this warm forecast and how long it sticks around coming up. sean: thanks. many of us enjoyed a quiet turkey dinner. others wrapped up the festivities in order to do some holiday shopping. live at mall of new hampshire where she's not shopping but
5:28 am
reporting on the crowds. good morning, amy. amy: i'm glad you got the toss right. i think you think you've been good. you want a pair of uggs and a new tv. always on trend. a handful of stores are open. the rolling opening. the stores get to decide. deal seekers were here looking to get the best deals on the hottest gifts. >> it is not crazy. i like it. i do. hurry up. she was eating. i'm waiting for her. amy: kelly and amy worked, rushed through thanksgiving dinner, and hit the mall of new hampshire. >> 4:00 we go through the night. probably until 6:00 a.m. take a quick nap and go back out. >> we're going all night long. she said we're going to go home and sleep. i don't know about that. amy: she said she looked black friday better when it was just friday.
5:29 am
>> we don't have to. if there's a certain thing that you want, especially like annulene don't get there, you are not going to get it. hayes waited for an hour and a half at best buy. >> the lob topps were sold out. they were giving out tickets. i don't get aggregated. i think it is funny. to see everybody go crazy. i like that. crazy. some don't mind. >> i think it should be open. it gives people some place to hang out. >> my wife, daughter, and boys wanted to go. i was outnumbered 5-1. amy: we've certainly seen a trend of some stores choosing not to open. they will all be open today. if you are out shopping, you are advised to pack your patience. live at the mall of new hampshire. sean: all right. thanks. if you are planning on going out this morning, here's what you can expect to see on the roadways.
5:30 am
a lot of green; right? you expect that. light traffic on a day like today. traffic looking pretty good. a thanksgiving tradition that's been served up for nearly 30 years in new hampshire took place again on thursday. traditional thanksgiving meals are prepared for 500 people at true memorial baptist church in rochester. volunteers deliver half of the meals to people who could not get to the church. the other half served with a smile and welcoming spirit. >> we serve on real china, the wait people come, take your order, get your meal, bring it back. we treat you special. because everybody is special. sean: volunteers even grew some of the food themselves. they say the best part is making everyone feel like a family. sean: it was a beautiful thanksgiving this year. easy traveling and sunny skies made the holiday a world apart from last years. last year at this time, people were shoveling out and dealing with widespread power
5:31 am
we first met jason demers when he was barbecuing his turkey. the oven wasn't an option when his home was running on generator power. he doesn't miss the snow, the memories with his family are special. >> that's the whole right? whole family around. how you got the turkey done doesn't matter. sean: everyone sure has their story from last year. you can upload your pictures and share them with us. president obama spent part of his holiday calling some of the servicemen and women stationed abroad. he used his weekly address for a message and appeal for the acceptance of refugees. military members got a taste of home. the department of defense shipped out 52,000 pounds of turkey. including this one in qatar. it can take up to three months. from the smiles on
5:32 am
everyone's faces, it worth it. if you are looking to enjoy the nice weather with your family, take a trip. they are free to visit now through sunday. they are to honor serving in the u.s. armed forces. if you would rather get out in nature than in the crowds, some parks are offering guided black friday hikes today. if you are looking for a fun holiday event to do with the family, whitney and nic's winter wonder land lights up tonight. the light show is created by two friends who wanted to showcase their love of christmas. tens of thousands of christmas lights will be on display. they will be dancing along to music that you can enjoy from your comfort of your vehicle. there will be a donation area. the light show begins at 5:00 p.m. right now the new hampshire fish and game department is deciding whether or not to
5:33 am
trapping season for bob cats. the state ban hunting and trapped when the population dropped below an estimated 200. biologist think that the population may have rebounded to as many as 2,200. advocates will be demonstrating as part of the nationwide fur free friday protest. as the travel season gets underway, the state wants to hear from you in how to approve the rest areas along the roadways. the department of transportation and resources and economic development are kicking off a series of public hearings. transportation officials say $5 million visitors stopped in the center's annually. the transportation headquarters in concord tuesday. four more hearings will be held through earlier january in keene, seabrook. the officer who was
5:34 am
seriously injured in the hunt for the tsarnaev brothers has something to be thankful for. they are expecting. dick and kim donahue also have a 2-year-old son. congratulations to them. the victim of a shooting near fenway park has been identified. 29-year-old jephthe chery. it was chaotic as hundreds ran from the bar called who is on first when the shooting started outside thursday morning. chery was killed and three other men were injured. >> this is uncalled for. particularly on a day like today, no mother should get a phone call that her son has shot and killed. sean: in september, two women were shot and killed leaving the bar. they are hoping to find
5:35 am
concerns about anthrax turned out to be a false alarm. the suspicious powder was flour. the terror alert in brussels has been lowered a notch. the threat of an attack is no longer considered imminent. an attack is considered possible and likely. coming up on "daybreak," a stolen boarding pass. how authorities say a man managed to sneak on to a plane in utah. it may take you longer to make your way. why new credit cards are to blame. hey -- hayley: it is going to feel warmer. then you see the rain. that's going to change things. i'll have the full forecast breakdown coming up.
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tt0w!ty%hp! %4@-z5x tt0w!ty%hp! el@-p24 tt0w!ty%hp! ed@-v0p tt0w!ty%hp% )8h-6n, tt0w!ty%hp% kzh-+!p tt0w!ty%hp% n-h-^h\ tt0w!ty%hp% 0ph-@/d tt0w!ty%hp% s"h-p]$ tt0w!ty%hp% ueh-s?t
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hayley: good morning. welcome back. dry pavement there. looks like visibility is good. that's not the case everywhere. we have some thick fog in some spots this morning. be careful of that. if you are heading out or going in to work. here's a look at what to expect today. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures warming up
5:38 am
close to 60 degrees. i'll have the full forecast in a couple of minutes here. sean: different feel. pope francis is in uganda after holding his first mass yesterday. an estimated 300,000 people gathered in the rain. this is his first visit to africa. 300,000 people attended mass which included dances and songs as well. a man is facing charges after he stole a boarding pass and hopped on a southwest airlines flight in utah. a woman left her boarding pass and walked away. that's when the suspect walked up and took it. then using his own id and the woman's boarding pass, the suspect made it through security. through the gate and on to the plane. >> they check you at all of these stations. they appear to look at your id and look at you. >> there was no risk in the sense that the individual did go through a screening process. sean: police say southwest gate agents knew there was a mistake
5:39 am
ticket tried to check in and their system said she was already on board. you may be shopping with a new credit card featuring a ship. banks and retailers began sending them out earlier this year. as nikole killion reports, industry watchers warn the new technology could make you wait in line a little longer this holiday season. nikole: forget swipe, a stripe. it is the new way to cash out with cards. >> my bank re-sent everybody cards with the chip in them. nikole: kimberly is one making the switch. >> 3.5 million will have chip cards by the end of the year. nikole: one walmart predicts anarchy. >> that's too strong of
5:40 am
>> it could slow things down a little bit. the first time the consumer uses it shall with they might fumble around. nikole: it is not just customers. many retailers have updated to read the chip cards. >> we're hearing delays of months. nikole: retailers blaming the banks which are pointing right back. another issue is security. some chip cards requiring a signature rather than a pin. >> pins are more secure. >> we don't want to have to input the pin and dependent on the card number. nikole: a card controversy changing how you purchase. sean: high school football is a thanksgiving tradition in manchester and nashua. let's start with nashua north and south. south sophomore quarterback throws one
5:41 am
max well osgood hauls it in. jared levesque finds his man, steve lambert. 20-18 titans. devin leonard carried the ball for 278 yards. north wins 34-24. in the queen city, it was central and trinity. anthony dimauro connecting with jason lam in the end zone. trinity had a good day. central would go on to win 30-22. the monarchs played at atlanta last night. matt white had two assists. colin stevens made 19 saves. tonight. this creek hometown hero led the tigers to a division iii championship. noah wade carried the ball 24 times for 275 touchdowns.
5:42 am
touchdown, wracked up 332 all purpose yards in the game as well. they beat intertakes moultonborough to win the first championship since 2010. wade plays baseball. he says his college plans are up in the air. he would love to play football at the next level if he's given the opportunity. >> i would say i started out with offensive line. they dominated all game. best line wins. last time we played, i had is 106 yards. i expect tough running. the lineman prepared all week. they did a nice job. >> now meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. sean: it is not going to feel like football weather. 49 degrees already on the seacoast. 60 degreesish? hayley: a few communities in southern new hampshire may go over 60 today. it is very unseasonal for this time in november. a perfect day to be using the fingers to be able to put the
5:43 am
not be freezing, you know? today would be a good day to do that. i'm sure a lot of you would be. here's a live look in derry. we can't see much because of some very thick fog that has formed overnight. there's a lot of moisture in the air as the warmer air surging toward us. that's what has caused a lot of the fog. look at pavement in portsmouth. it looks wet. it is wet. it is not from any rain. the skies are clear. you can see the moon. it is due to the fog in just the low level moisture that we have in place this morning. that's why we have fog forming in a lot of spots. boy, it is thick. .3 miles visibility in concord right now. same thing in nashua. only a half mile in laconia and plymouth. be careful if you are having some time you are going to be traveling over the next couple of hours. the fog should go away by 9:00 a.m. then we're home free. lots of sunshine. there will be some clouds. especially up in the northern part of the state. they will fill in as we
5:44 am
hours here. this cold front, it is a huge one. look at that. rain back toward toronto and down in to dallas, texas. behind the system, cold enough air there's ice in kansas, oklahoma, the northern part of texas there, and even some snow too back toward omaha and iowa. for us, we're going to see some showers as the system moves through during the overnight hours tonight. in the meantime, here's where we are sitting. it is certainly cold. no doubt about it. whitefield, temperatures in the 20's. same thing in plymouth. when you get south, it gets warmer pretty quickly. 41 degrees in concord. 46 in concord. portsmouth. a lot of spots starting out quite warm. with a warm starting point, obviously we're going to get up high today in a lot of spots getting close to 60 degrees. the winds right out of the southwest. they are pretty light at the moment. they will get gusty
5:45 am
as this warmer air surges in. here's how things go on future cast. keep track the time right here. this is 8:00 a.m. we'll call it a mix of eventually the clouds win the battle. about 5:00. there could be a north. over might when most of us are sleeping that's when there will be through. some linger on saturday morning in southern new hampshire and then we'll clear out saturday afternoon. it will be brighter with more sun. it will feel a lot different then as the temperatures come back down to normal for november. here's what you can expect today. 50's up north. low 60's manchester salem in to nashua. it is a good day for holiday decorating. here's the forecast for you. by noontime, mix of sun and clouds. 5:00 tonight mostly cloudy. still mild with highs in the 50's. clearing and cooler on saturday. temperatures in the 40's
5:46 am
on sunday with sun. next week we keep the 40's around. it is a one-day thing today. hopefully you can enjoy it somehow. maybe shopping. sean: then back to normal. hayley: yup. sean: got it. the granite state is getting into the holiday spirit. the tree will be lit at 6:00 this evening followed by a fire works show at 10:00. always a fun pent it kicks off at 4:00 this afternoon. manchester mayor will be at the lake massabesic tree lighting ceremony. the rink at strawberry bank is set to open for the season. the celebration will include the lighting of an 18-foot-tall christmas tree in the center of the strawberry banke campus. they are also encouraged to bring a donation for the new hampshire food bank all season long. still to come, an australia zoo has a new baby to talk about. when makes the monkey unique.
5:47 am
shots. look at the beautiful decorations. the mill house in windham is hit up. join the thousands of u local members by logging on at and today's adopt a pet is a playful pup. anise likes to snuggle. for more information about her and other
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tt4watz'@>4 " gzt& .x$ tt4watz'@>4 " hnt& >vh tt4watz'@>4 " iztq t?0 tt4watz'@>4 " jntq fop
5:50 am
hayley: not quite warm enough for a beach day today. it might feel like it. close to 60 later this afternoon. you can see a live look at hampton. wet pavement due to lots of moisture. nothing falling. no rain in the forecast for today. it is going to be a warm one, sean, for anybody heading out. sean: i suspect a lot of people
5:51 am
hayley: working off the eats. sean: we asked who serves up the favorite chicken fingers. coming in at number five, chicken and chips. marcus pease diner; three, stark house in weare, two, crossroads diner in dover, and number one for chicken fingers no surprise here is puritan backroom. and the nangua was named and it means pumpkin. they are nearly extinct because of poaching and habitat laws. in when trouble, go back to the baby monkey video. he's so cute.
5:52 am
hayley: he is an interesting color. his mom's black fur. he's cute. sean: the investigation continues in to what sparked a fire in dover. what witnesses say happened. amy: retailers, you could call this the super bowl. live shopping here. the mall of new hampshire manager is anticipating the sales to be higher than last year. sean: nightclub memorial. how much has been raised to help member the
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