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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 9, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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erin: a brazen armed robbery in franklin. the man in this surveillance video threatens the clark. have you seen this woman? police in milton are worried about her. she has not been seen since monday evening. kevin: a lot of lingering clouds as temperatures hover close to the norm. erin: a local father accused of putting his little daughter in danger above the merrimack river in manchester so he could take a picture. >> no one covers new hampshire
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erin: good wednesday morning to you and thanks for joining us today. we are in for some milder air out there. kevin skarupa joins us with a look at our forecast. kevin: fifth mildest november. yesterday, much closer to the averages. it looks like we will be within a few degrees of that today. an overcast sky has left temperatures in the low-end mid 30' s. s to lower half of the 40' s into the afternoon. westborough up north. look at your weekend coming up. wzid' s deb davidson. kevin. police are still at the side of
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in deerfield on nottingham road, detours are still in place. well. if you are commuting into boston, we are seeing slow traffic in the andover area. that is causing quite a backup through there. this report is being brought to kia of nashua. i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. search efforts will resume in milton for a woman last seen monday evening. 39-year-old ann wade of milton was last seen in the parking lot of the dollar general on white her family is very worried about her safety. she is 5' green eyes, and brown hair. police and fish and game officials searched the area and
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up. police in franklin are looking for the man seen robbing a point. the clerk said the man threatened to stab him unless he turned over crash -- cash. ray brewer' s live for the robbery took place. ray: things are back to normal, but the clerk says it was a very different situation, a very pulled a knife. the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. it shows the robber entering the store just after 6:00, pulling a knife, jumping over the counter, and opening the drawer. the man threatened to stab him unless he got all the money. the man was last seen running toward prospect street. >> it was scary. my boss said, just leave them alone.
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money -- worry about your life. ray: the suspect is described as a white man in his mid-20' s to early 30' s about six feet tall and weighing less than 200 pounds. this picture is hanging inside the store in hopes someone will recognize them. you are asked to get in touch with the franklin police department or call the concord regional crimeline if you recognize him. erin: thank you, ray. a plastic fan and several other items accidentally fell onto a stove in manchester, sparking a fire. flames broke out. when firefighters arrived, they found a woman barely conscious on the floor inside the apartment area several other residents had to be -- try to help the woman. a nashua man faces counts of reckless conduct after putting
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daughter in danger. an officer says he saw 32-year-old matthew jordan pick up the girl and swing her over a safety railing and let her stand on her run on the wall 20 feet above the rushing river below. jordan then pulled out his cell phone to take a picture. >> the circumstances that were involved here, when you think you have seen it all, judge, you t. this certainly falls under that category. never do anything to put his daughter in danger. custody of her mother. month. two people face burglary charges in kensington yesterday. a man was able to run into the woods, but he was caught after
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the pair also burglarized a home on south road. police in massachusetts are looking for a second man involved in a terrifying home invasion. investigators say two men entered a home in quincy through the basement and tied up a woman who was six months pregnant with tape. her daughter raced upstairs and locked her self in a bedroom and called 911. >> i think they are hurting her. >> can you hear them or see them? >> i can hear them. >> where are you hiding? >> in my room. erin: police have arrested one suspect in the case and found a gun believed to be used in the crime. the second man remains on the run. still ahead, donald is defending his recent comments about keeping muslims out of the u.s. pressure is mounting against him and not just from within this country. hillary clinton had strong words
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an exciting opportunity for a prepares to enter the press
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kevin: we start off with an overcast sky. temperatures are in the lower and middle 30' s statewide. the process today is to get the clouds to give way to a few sunny breaks in the afternoon. a warm-up kicks in starting tomorrow. erin: donald trump is defending his proposal to block muslims from entering the u.s., but his plan is drawing near universal
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lana zak is following the controversy. lana: good morning. donald trump has ignited an international firestorm. some experts worry his comments may be used as an isis recruiting tool and hate and discrimination at home. sharp condemnation from everyday americans to fellow republicans. for young muslim americans, it is hard to see the republican front runner' s opinion as a one off. >> i' m used to hearing things like, "go back to your country. i' m kind of sick of hearing it. this is my country. lana: on the front cover of the "new york daily news," a paraphrase of the famous home about the holocaust. in an interview with barbara walters, he disputes the comparisons to hitler.
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>> not at all. probably the least of anybody you have ever met. lana: paul ryan says donald trump' s proposal did not represent the views of the republican party. he said he would not withhold his support if trump received the nomination. erin: the campaign trail is relatively quiet. with just two months left before the new hampshire primary, the latest poll shows donald trump leading the pack with 32%. more than twice the support of marco rubio. chris christie is at 9%, jeb bush is at eight resent -- 8%. the latest poll will be released later on today.
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in salem and called out donald trump. she says trump is turning his back on deeply held american ideals and playing into the hands of terrorists. she contends that he is destabilizing the gop. hillary clinton: we are dealing with a party a danger of losing its way, of undermining the values that we have stood for. go back and read what george washington said about how we must resist bigotry. erin: this was her third visit to new hampshire in nine days as she gears up for the abc wmur debate next week. coming up, a generous donation to the salvation army that could provide thousands of dollars to help people in need this holiday season. there is a bit of a mystery in
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erin: people swarmed a beach along florida' s coast after hundreds of sealed cans of coffee washed ashore and people scooped them up. officials are turned to figure out where the coffee came from. two dozen cargo containers did fall off a ship a few days ago, but there is no definitive connection so far. federal safety regulators are making changes to the way they test the safety of new cars. they will start using a smarter crash test dummy. they will also start looking at new kinds of crashes. cars will also be waited on crash avoidance features and safety for pedestrians who are struck.
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it seems that housing plans for americans are changing. according to a new report, more than half of all renters in the u.s. are older than 40. that is amounting to more than 22 million households. the average rental cost is up 7% since 2001, meaning that half of all renters must devote 30% of their income to rent. the salvation army red kettle campaign is underway and there are some incredible stories of generosity. in massachusetts, someone left a wedding band and diamond engagement ring worth more than $3000 in a kettle on monday. >> it was done in such a way that it was apparent that it was on purpose, that they meant for us to have the ring. erin: officials say the act is similar to the wave of donated jewelry that helped raise
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the ring will be auctioned off this saturday. our annual spirit of giving food drive kicks off this friday. we will be collecting nonperishable food donations, including prepackaged donations. all of the food collected will go to the new hampshire food bank. we are approaching mid december, already, though you would not know what judging by the weather. it is a recordbreaker in parts of the northeast. in buffalo, new york, they still have not had any measurable snow . the previous record was december 3. burlington vermont just as 0.2 inches. snowmobiling officials in new hampshire say that the ground needs to freeze so that the trails are going to be solid when snow finally starts to fly. a lot of people that love
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snow. kevin: yeah, and not a tremendous amount in the cards. in the middle of next week, we start to get into more of a pattern where we have these lows . at least for the time being, it is out there. as we gradually work your way through the day, we are within a few degrees of where we were yesterday. there will be the risk of a passing shower this evening, tomorrow, tomorrow night, and early this evening. we have an overcast sky early this morning. to the west. we have the chance of a couple of sunny breaks out west end up north. south and eastern areas may stay with quite a few clouds into the afternoon.
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there may be a little bit of drizzle along with the overcast later tonight. temperatures are in the low and mid 30' s right now. the same temperatures do not allow the temperatures to move up that high this afternoon. these numbers are still a couple of degrees above normal this time of year and that is the effect of not having any snow on the ground. the clouds try to hold on across the merrimack valley, the lakes region, and the seacoast. out west end up north, a better chance of breaks in the overcast. a little bit of drizzle trying to form overnight. that sets up a chance of a passing shower tomorrow. the clouds try to break up tomorrow afternoon.
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parts of the state. mid 40' s to mid 50' s is where we will be likely through the weekend with a little bit more sunday will be out ahead of the next system. cold air to tap into. as it arrives later sunday night, we will be mostly in the form of rain. temperatures in the 30' s to lower 40' s by later on this afternoon with the breeze light out of the south. in the extended forecast, it is only onward and upward all the way through monday, as far as temperatures go. by the time we get to monday, rain shower activity will make its way through. clearing skies early tuesday eventually set up the cooler conditions.
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and that would also be rain. much colder air will try to push in after. we will see. erin: some people are keeping their fingers crossed for some snow. kevin: going to be a tight squeeze. erin: we do want to check out the roads. we do want to check out our top stories with ray brewer. ray: it was a scary situation for a clerk in franklin when a man pulled a knife on him on monday evening. the whole thing captured on surveillance video. the man jumping over the counter, pulling the knife, opening the cash drawer. he made off with several hundred dollars. he was last seen running toward prospect street. erin: search efforts will resume for a missing woman in milton. 39-year-old ann wade was last seen in the parking lot of the
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highway late monday afternoon. a nashua man faces two counts of reckless conduct after putting his 21-year-old daughter on a wall over a safety barrier. so he could take a picture. the child is now in her mother' s custody. coming up, excitement is building before the new star wars movie opens next week. some people are already waiting
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erin: "the new star wars -- the new "star wars" movie does not open for another week, but people are already lining up in los angeles at the chinese theater. kevin: many people in line did the same things for episodes 1, 2, and three.
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wow. the air pollution in parts of now. first-ever red alert. one man is cashing in. and artists spent 100 days walking the streets sucking up the smog with a vacuum and he made a break with it. erin: that is really concerning. such a situation over there. coming up, a new study shows just a little activity american kids are getting these days. some of the most inactive kids in the world are right here in the u.s. we are going to meet one of the best volleyball players in the state. she comes from a talented
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning. it is wednesday. we are waking up to temperatures -- many areas in the 30' s. we will take a look at what the weather will be like today right after our top stories. police are asking for your help in finding a man who held up a franklin convenience store at knife point. a portsmouth man is facing charges after he crashed his truck to times while driving drunk with kids inside the vehicle. the family of a chesterfield man who vanished after going for a walk last year says that his body has now been found. i think it is really hard for people -- some people are having
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spirit because the weather does not seem december-like. kevin: yesterday kind of felt that way. you don' t have snow on the ground. we start off with plenty of clouds. the clouds may be a little bit more stubborn in southern and eastern spot. tomorrow. erin: now, we do want to check the roads for you. 93 is definitely picking up. those cars headed down into those red lights. kevin: for a look at the morning -- by 95.7 wzid' deb:. deb:good morning. police are still on the scene of
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nottingham road will be closed indefinitely and detours are currently in place. if you are commuting on the everett turnpike, you will see some delays south of the bedford tolls. near boston, there are pockets of heavy volume from exit 44 down to exit 20 x. route 3 is very heavy. this report is being brought to you by peters honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. franklin police are trying to track down the man they say health of a convenience store at night point. -- knife point. ray brewer joins us live. he is in franklin with the details. ray: good morning. we spoke with the clerk who was behind the counter when the robbery happened.
6:29 am
and threatened to stab him unless he got hundreds of dollars of cash. the clerk said he did not hesitate to get back behind the counter even after being robbed at knife point on monday. the robbery happened about 6:00 at the shop express in franklin. surveillance video shows the robber pulling out a knife, jumping over the counter, and opening a cash register. >> he was asking, can i have the money? i asked, what you looking for? i said, are you looking for some kind of paper? he said, i' m going to stab you if you don' t give me the money. then i run away from the cash register. ray: the suspect stole about $600 and ran away toward prospect street. the owner said this was unusual. here. we are very friendly. everything is good.
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ray: the suspect was wearing gloves and a hoodie. he is described as a white man in his mid-20' s to early 30' s. the clerk says he is thankful no one was hurt. >> it was scary. i don' t want this to happen. my boss said, just leave them alone. they train us to not worry about the money, worry about your life. ray: if you recognize the robber, you are asked to get in touch with franklin police or call the concord regional crimeline. reporting live, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: portsmouth man is accused of crashing his truck while allegedly driving drunk with kids in the vehicle. christopher serlin is charged with one count of aggravated dwi and two counts of endangering a child. he crashed into a parked car and left the scene. minutes later, he crashed into another car parked in a
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no one was hurt, but police say there were children under the age of 16 in the truck. a somersworth woman was issued a summons for negligent driving after crashing her car in rochester. 28-year-old trish farr was driving on franklin street yesterday afternoon when she veered off the road and clipped a jogger. she then crashed into a tree head-on. f the jogger was not hurt. arr -- farr and three kids were in the car. a case of road rage ended with a man being assaulted in nashua. the victim was trying to cross a macy' s parking lot when 51-year-old anthony curtis drove by and started to argue with him. curtis allegedly sprayed pepper spray into the victim' s eyes. he was arrested on monday on charges of second-degree assault. the family of a chesterfield man who disappeared in july of last
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he was reported missing after he home. an autopsy confirmed his identity. he was suffering from dementia at the time he disappeared. massachusetts health officials made as many as 80 boston college students sick. they all ate at the chipotle restaurant in brighton. the location has been shut down while it is cleaned from top to bottom. >> upon entry to the establishment, the inspector did identify three violations that caused enough concern in her mind that she felt it was prudent for us to close the establishment. erin: chipotle says it does not believe the sickness is related to the e. coli outbreak that has affected 52 people in nine states. a new hampshire student has been selected as a scholastic news kid reporter.
6:33 am
sixth grader from woodstock. she was selected as one of 35 students to join the oldest and largest school reporting program. congratulations. coming up, a rendezvous takes a frightening turn for a man in vermont. he was kidnapped and robbed while trying to meet up with a woman online. a new warning for people who use electronic cigarettes. most of those devices contain a flavoring chemical that is linked to a severe respiratory disease. kevin: the cooler temperatures eventually start warming up. we will have the details coming
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kevin: wednesday morning and a fairly consistent weather condition up and down the state this morning. a light wind as he walk out the door early on. we will see a sunny breaks a few sunny breaks -- we will see a few sunny breaks, especially out to the west. we will have the details coming up. erin: this morning, the secretary of defense is headed
6:37 am
the ongoing fight against isis. nikole killion joins us live from washington. the testimony comes at a key time. nikole: defense secretary ash carter' s secretary comes as congress takes up a nationwide spending bill. he urges lawmakers to pass a measure that funds the government for the remainder of the fiscal year. he warns that short-term measures could harm the defense department' s ability to fight isis. in the meantime, the house just passed a new visa waiver bill to tighten travel restrictions. it requires travelers to get a visa if they have been to iraq or syria in the past five years. erin: the department of homeland security is working on a new terror alert system. when do they expect to roll that out?
6:38 am
expected in the coming days to better inform the public about threats to the united states. the white house says they are not going to do away with the current alert system, but rather just tweak it to be more effective. erin: we will stay tuned. thank you so much. the cofounder of the north face and esprit clothing lines died while kayaking in patagonia. there is no word on the cause of death. doug tompkins founded north face in 1964. he is survived by his wife. police in vermont are investigating a brazen kidnapping and robbery. court documents say that a 37-year-old man went up to meet with 19-year-old hailey rheaume fox after responding to an online ad for sex. when he got inside the car, her boyfriend allegedly held a knife
6:39 am
the couple drove a victim to the atm before speeding away with his cell phone. >> if i had to sum it up, i would say it is the sad state of drug addiction in our state. this is how it manifests. >> drugs were the motivation? >> yes. erin: the suspects are due back in court next week. if convicted, they can both be sentenced to life behind bars. police are trying to track down the thief who stole $81,000 worth of gems from the cleveland museum of natural history. the surveillance video shows a person of interest in the case. authorities say the thief smashed a glass display case to get to the gems. a man in new mexico is accused of breaking into his mother s house in order to steal her str ew.
6:40 am
come over to heat, but he was not taking no for an answer. he broke into his mother' s house, grabbed a pot of stew out of the fridge, and took off. he is charged with burglary. researchers say a flavoring chemical linked to respiratory disease can be found in most electronic cigarettes. 75% contain a chemical linked to a debilitating respiratory disease known as popcorn lung. the disease first appeared in workers who inhaled artificial butter flavoring from microwave popcorn. is your child getting enough exercise? fewer than one in 12 kids meet the current exercise guidelines and that makes american kids among the least active in the world. is a lack of active kids spend less time doing
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some of you may remember the drink crystal pepsi from the 1990' s. it is about to make a limited come back. pepsico has announced a limited contest that will award fans a sixpack of the transparent cola. the contest will take place this friday through the pepsi app. pepsi will not say whether the contest is a prelude to a more permanent return for the soda. lisa' s smile is holding a secret and one scientist says he has discovered what that is. pascal cotte says there are the leonardo da vinci masterpiece. for centuries, there has been a this woman. many think the painting is the wife of a florentine merchant,
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entirely different woman. in sports, the new york yankees have a new middle and elder. the traded pitcher adam moran for starlin castro. the 25 euros hit 11 home runs and 69 rbis last season -- the 25-year-old hit 11 home runs and 69 rbis last season. a couple of high school seniors from new hampshire are going division i. both are lacrosse players. caroline wenners will play at holy cross. with the notre dame fighting irish. congratulations to meredith high school volleyball star joanne coffey. she has been named the gatorade player of the year in new hampshire, a repeat for the family. her older sister won the title last year.
6:43 am
she will play at smh you -- snhu . we are seeing a lot of cloudy skies out there. kevin: one of the few mornings across the state during the year where you have consistent conditions from north to south. low and mid 30' s, overcast skies. you will notice the still shot from the webcam atop mount washington. it has been a pretty easy go for those folks. usually, you are chiseling ice up there this time of year. you can see the overcast sky early this morning. temperatures still running at or above the average. even yesterday, temperatures were 10-15 degrees cooler. this is helped by the overnight lows, which are normally either side of 20.
6:44 am
with the overcast skies that remain overhead. eventually, we give way to a afternoon. partial sunshine back to the west with a weak system that could provide a couple of showers tomorrow night or early on friday. s across a good part of the state. with it. later on today going anywhere from 38 to 44. of year. when you don' t have the snow on the ground, it is easy to get temperatures at or above average. by lunchtime, we start to see a couple of breaks in the overcast
6:45 am
the southerly breeze at the shoreline. you get farther west, further north, a little bit of a dryer sky into the afternoon. a little bit of patchy fog developing drizzle or light rain showers. tomorrow, clouds and a shower at any point during the day and milder temperatures. 40' s tomorrow, 40' s to lower 50' s on friday. we will have partial sunshine for the weekend, temperatures in the low and mid 50' s on saturday. mid 50' s on sunday. the next system is in the pacific northwest right now. it is not going to have a lot of cold air to work with by the time it gets here, which means mostly rain. low and mid 40' s out there. a couple of breaks in the
6:46 am
temperatures up north could be down into the upper 20' s. there could be a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle. warming trend all the way through monday. partial sunshine for saturday. a couple of notches warmer for sunday. i don' t think we are looking at any precipitation over the weekend. erin: thank you so much. new hampshire has made the top 10 list of states that produce the most peace corps volunteers. the granite state came in eighth on the list. maine ranked sixth. someone has been leaving coats, hats, gloves, starved -- scarves on boston common. we now know the person is. >> it is an open invitation for anyone to come. they can come here and take what they need.
6:47 am
they can just take what they need to keep warm. erin: how great is that? she heard about someone doing the same thing in new york city and she wanted to give back to her own community area desk community. abc is coming out with a new version of "dirty dancing." abigail breslin will play the lead role of baby. the film originally starred jennifer grey and patrick swayze. abc will fill a three-hour adaptation of the movie. no other cast members have been announced. stay tuned. still ahead, a final check on your stop stories, including scary moments for a convenience store clerk in franklin. our u local hot shot picture of the morning. check out this masterpiece. a six-year-old girl from temple created this artistic rendition
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erin: franklin police are asking for your help in tracking down a robber who helped -- held up a convenience store at knife point. police say the robber got away with about $600. the search resumes for a missing woman in milton. 39-year-old ann wade was last seen in the parking lot of the dollar general on white mountain highway late monday afternoon. the family of a chesterfield man who vanished after going for a been found. ronald cheever' s family said his last week. crashing his truck two times last night while allegedly driving drunk. the truck with him when he hit
6:52 am
we have a traffic alert to pass along to drivers in deerfield. police say nottingham road is closed right now due to a rollover crash. at this time, there is no word on whether anyone was hurt. the road is expected to be shut down for white some time. detours are in place. kevin: we continue on with the cloudy weather. the temperatures remaining above the average because of that cloudy weather. temperatures will get back up into the 30' s and 40' clouds are giving way to a couple of sunny breaks in the afternoon. milder temperatures for another weekend. erin: coming up next, dr. richard besser will discuss a new study about adhd and why more kids, especially girls, are they will take a look at that coming your way. we will see you back here in about .5 minutes -- 25 minutes. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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