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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 11, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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glint i want to thank you. thank you very much. erin: donald trump picking up support in portsmouth. and a woman faces charges after covering 16 miles on the wrong side of the highway. kevin: mild temperatures. how long it lasts in to the weekend. sean: what is inside this bag could help out a needy family this holiday season. we'll explain how you can help coming up. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning to you, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us on this friday. we're going to check in with sean mcdonald in just a bit. first a check on the weather. it is foggy this morning. there's an advisory in effect.
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some areas are okay. visibilities down to less than 1/16th of a mile. you want to factor in extra time. it is with an overcast sky over the fog. you'll notice back to the west, the overcast sky will be moving away. as the fog lifts, we likely go to partial sunshine in quite a few areas in to the afternoon. temperatures remain mild in the upper 30's early this morning to the lower and mid 50's later on this afternoon. much more on your weekend forecast ahead. let's look at the all important friday morning ride here. we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. the fog does remain the big story on the morning commute. the 93 corridor is completely stocked in with heavy fog. again from manchester to the stateline with massachusetts. commuting to the mill yard on 293 some very dense fog.
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101 beaned 111 seeing some heavy fog. if you are commuting in to massachusetts, it is heavy and slow in andover and windham. this report is brought to you by autofair. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. republican presidential hopeful, donald trump, support. last night during an event in portsmouth, he earned the endorsement of a police union, one of dozens in new england. ray brewer is live outside of the campaign office with more on the endorsement and reception. ray: also trump made a pledge to the police officers. he said if he's elected, he will make sure every police officer is protected by sentencing cop killers to death. last night he showed up to get the endorsement of the executive council. the support offered during the private rally in portsmouth.
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officers are killed in the line of duty. if he becomes president, he will sign an executive order mandating the death penalty for anyone who kills a cop. now the president and police benevolent association says trump's recent comments about muslims did not factor in to their vote. >> do you have any muslim-american police officers -- >> i'm not going to get in to it. i have jewish people. this isn't a religious thing. we all bleed blue. i'm not going to get in to the rhetoric. that's ridiculous. we're moving forward. we're on board. ray: hundreds of people did stage a peaceful protest outside of the event, many holding signs with messages like love your neighbor. as far as the polls go, trump continues to hold a double-digit lead. live in manchester outside of trump headquarters, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: thank you. it is a busy day for
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campaign trail in new hampshire. carly fiorina, rand paul, chris christie, they all have events planned for today. you can find details on the candidate tracker. a windham woman is accused of driving the wrong way. state police say 24-year-old chelsea cormier was driving north in the southbound lanes of the everett early yesterday morning. starting near exit 14 and to the hooksett tolls. they finally used spike strips to slow her car down. >> many persons under the influence lose track of which direction they are driving in specifically on the roadways. there aren't other cars as a point of reference for them to notice they are driving the wrong way. erin: cormier was arrested and charged with driving while
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the father that was arrested after swinging his daughter over to fence to take a picture faces new charges. robert jordan is charged with endangering welfare of a child discussion to reckless conduct. he denies ever putting his daughter in danger. four people are recovering after a home made pipe bomb exploded in central vermont. a plan lit the pipe bomb and it exploded in his hand. it appears he lost his hand in the blast. another person lost part of theirs. they did find and diffuse a second pipe bomb in the apartment. they are not clear. they say there's no indication of anything terror related. you have a great chance this weekend to help put feed on the table for thousands of granite staters. our spirit of giving food drive start this is morning. you can donate all over the state. sean mcdonald is live at the walmart in hooksett for us. there are a lot of people in need this
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sean: there are. as we mention before, the statistic is one in nine people in the state of new hampshire are what they called food insecure. they don't know where the next meal is going to come from. to help you make a donation, we've made it easy. you can come to walmart, hannaford, or shaw's. hit the cupboards. help us out. it learn more about the mission, we're joined by the director here. thanks for waking up early with us. >> it is great to be here. sean: how does it work? what is the new hampshire food bank? >> we're the distribution center of donated foods. we serve 400 soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters throughout. look at us as a bank. we are taking deposits. you are making an investment. it is going out to the neighbors. sean: you distribute the food to the people? >> absolutely. we'll send out about
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year. sean: what's the typical recipient? can you describe? >> there used to be a face that we associated with hunger. it could be your neighbor, grandparent, your kids going to school with kids. it knows no -- it doesn't discriminate. sean: yeah. can you describe the looking for? food. high protein stuff. >> we are. shelf stable items to carry us through the balance of our year. we ask for no glass because of the movement of foods. it is the things that you eat or desire during the winter months particularly. sean: okay. thank you very much. good luck over the next few days. that does it for us here at walmart in hooksett. over the next three days, very easy to donate. help us out if you can. erin: all right. thank you. live there in hooksett. still ahead, making sure no one misses out on all of the great holiday lights. police in manchester have developed a popular
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cashing in on some fun events during the races in lowden. the number of children that will benefit this holiday season. ahead at 6:30, runaway train. how a red line train in boston took off without
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people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i
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kevin: very foggy start across parts of the state. we're setting ourselves up for a foggy start. mild temperatures through the weekend as well. all of the details coming up. erin: there are great christmas
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they are making sure everyone gets to enjoy them. it is called senior lights tour. officers escorted senior citizens around the city to check out the lights. they even check out some displays in other towns. it puts smiles on the faces of all involved. >> let's do something nice for the seniors. let's bring them out, get them out of their home, and bring them out to see lights they wouldn't otherwise see. it is something that has become annual. it is something that's near and dear to our hearts. it is something we're going to continue for as long as i'm chief. erin: it is a great program. they hosted a special reception after the tour for all of the guests. they had a great time. thousands of kids are getting help thanks to speedway and the charities. they handed out grants totaling more than $250,000.
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10,000 kids in need. >> every year we host various events where they have golf tournaments, skeet shooting, a red bucket they pass out in the stands to the fans. they donate to the speedway children's charities. erin: since its inception, the speedway and speedway children's charities have distributed more than $1 million helping more than 300,000 children across the northeast. great effort. it is now 6:12. coming up, this week's hometown hero is tumbling his way to a full college scholarship. he just brought home the gold. we have some live pictures from the walmart in hooksett. our spirit of giving food drive gets underway today. donate at any walmart, hannaford, or shaw's around the state. in this week's adopt a pet, we want to introduce -- we want to introduce bella sky. she enjoys relaxing, climbing with cat wands,
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erin: welcome back. nicholas merryman took home the gold in indianapolis. he was highly recruited and choice a full scholarship to compete for iowa where he's going to major in biology and on track to go premed.
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people with tax debt. you can pay it without penalty and owe just half of the accrued interest. it could generate up to $16 million in revenue. our spirit of giving food drive is getting underway this morning across the state. we want to help thousands of granite staters. sean mcdonald is live at the walmart in hooksett. one of the many places to donate throughout the weekend. sean: that's right. any walmart, hannaford, or shaw's. we're going to bring in mel gosselin, the director of the food bank. the industry has changed. people now; right? >> absolutely. we use to solely survive on dented canned goods from the retail that's drying up. a lot of the systems are automated now. it is not season making an error and ordered ten cases versus one.
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we don't see a lot of test products either. sean: you need the people to come in and you need the donations. >> absolutely. the need is growing. they are making the key decisions. rent? sean: yeah. one number is 40% of people will pawn or sell something just for food; right? >> absolutely. we hear horrible stories of people in the north country burning furniture to heat their home. sean: all right. over the next three days, thank you. head on out here. we're looking for non-perishable food items. no glass if you can. at any hannaford or shaw's or walmart. head out to make the holiday brighter. erin: they make it easy with the bags. if you are running in quickly, you can grab the bag. sean: hannaford and walmart. there's a pile of them. you can check out and
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you can buy a $5, $10, or $15 bag. erin: we're going to check in with you throughout the morning. we're happy to host the effort. kevin: it is a great effort. a lot of areas down to less than a quarter of a mile. manchester boston regional airport with temperatures either side of 40 a visibility of 1/16th of a mile. the fog will be giving way to sunshine in to the afternoon. what will be another mild day. temperatures ranging between the upper 40's to mid 50's as we continue to run nearly a solid 15-20 degrees above the average and seemingly through monday as it stands now. in between now and then, the bright effort of -- brighter of the two days looks to be saturday. the next storm system will be around on monday for sunday. you'll notice plenty of clouds underneath the fog early. you'll also notice back to the west much like yesterday played out, we started off with a lot of clouds.
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in some sunshine. that happens again today after the patchy, dense fog continues to lift. above that will be a partly cloudy sky. this is the saturday. a very light wind. area of high pressure in control and partial sunshine with similar temperatures after lows in the 30's getting up in to the 40's and mid 50's. we start off near the freezing mark. lower 40's in southern areas. visibilities early this morning. you can see the .1 here indicating less than a karat to 1/16th of a mile. these are just a sampling across the area, you get in to the some of lower valleys. under 1/16th a possibility if you are going to be traveling 20 to 30 minute. we start off this morning noticing the milder temperatures down to the south.
6:20 am
flow, we get no n to that. upper 40's to mid 50's today. a light wind out of the southwest. plenty of high and mid level clouds over the fog early this morn. both of those should be lifting giving us partial sunshine for the afternoon. partly cloudy. not as much fog around tonight. if you are headed out early, just a little bit. partial sunshine and what should be a fantastic day out there tomorrow. there could be a couple of lingering clouds in the mountains. you'll notice the clouds starting to edge in late saturday in to sunday. there will be the small chance of a passing shower. looks like the main rain chance comes with the system out in the pacific with the rain fall heavy at times in to monday evening. today we get up to the lower half of the 50's. fog gives way to sunshine. remaining mild. we drop back in the 30's elsewhere. not as much fog if you are headed out pre 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. the next system as rain
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two other systems left. one centered around next friday. another one centered around december 23rd. two larger systems between now and christmas. the race is on as mother nature tries to sneak the snow in before christmas. erin: we will see if it happens. a lot of people will like to have a white christmas. we want to check the top stories. for that, we begin with ray brewer. ray: donald trump returns to new hampshire greeted by protesters. the executive council of the new england police benevolent association endorsing trump for the presidency. he told the officers too many people -- too many officers rather will killed in the line of duty. if he becomes president, he will sign an executive order mandating the death penalty for anyone that kills a cop. erin: a windham woman is accused of driving the wrong way on the everett for 16 miles while drunk.
6:22 am
cormier drove from the bedford to the hooksett tolls. four people are recovering after a home made pipe bomb exploded in central vermont. police say a man lit the hand. a second twice was found and diffused. coming up on "daybreak," getting pulled over by the police is usually not a good day. a sign of a good day. dozens of people drove away with big smiles in one area. we tt2watv# 1t! bt@q;9< tt2watv# 1t! "a@q+5x tt2watv# 1t! bm@q >t tt4watv# 1t!" dztq l/$ tt4watv# 1t!" entq
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>> dozens of people are walking away. instead tickets, they are handed out cash. they received a $10,000 donation with the instruction that the money be used to help people.
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drivers and gave them $100 each. erin: pretty awesome. how would you like to be pulled over and handed money? kevin: that's the range of emotion. erin: janis joplin is regarded as one of the best musicians. people are willing to doll out money to own a piece of history. her porsche sold at auction for $1.76 million. it is about four times what experts expected it would fetch. kevin: she bought the car used and had it painted candy apple red with a mural on that. it has been in the rock and roll hall of fame. erin: she sang about wanting a mercedez benz. did she ever get one? and the food drive
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak". erin: good morning to you on this 11th day of december. we're waking up to some thick fog out there in spots. just be aware of that. you may want to leave yourself extra time this morning as you head to work. we want to get to the top stories this morning. donald trump back in the granite state. the major endorsement that he picked up. the new response that he says he's getting over his controversial plan to keep muslims from traveling in to the country. an mbta train rolling down the tracks with no one at the controls. the latest details on the terrifying ride in boston. and we're kicking off the annual spirit of
6:30 am
how donations large and small can help people and make a big difference this holiday season. so we are still seeing the fog. i know you have a picture here of dublin. kevin: a dense fog advisory. not everyone has the following and visibilities in some areas are improved. there's plenty of thick fog. some visibilities down to less than 1/16th of a mile. you'll notice the thick cloud cover will be pulling away. that should set up partial sunshine. temperatures from the lower 30's to lower 40's. highs today back in to the low and mid 50's. fog early gives way to clouds and partial sunshine by the afternoon. erin: okay. we want to check the roads. you are going to deal with a lot of fog. here's a live look at the fog. kevin: for a look at the morning drive, we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb.
6:31 am
that fog is still causing some slowdowns on all of the major roadways in the state of new hampshire. allow some extra time and be cautious this morning. especially on 93, 293, everett turnpike, 101, and 111. if you are out on the seacoast, we're also seeing some heavy fog on the spaulding turnpike and on interstate 95. if you are commuting in to massachusetts, the traffic is slow on 93 southbound through woburn down to in boston. 93 south is heavy from the connector down to trouble cove road. from the wzid traffic network, i'm deb davidson. erin: all right. deb, thank you. republican presidential candidate, donald trump, returned to the granite state and left with a badge of support. the gop front runner picked up an endorsement from a police union in portsmouth. this is days after he made comments about barring muslims from coming in to the country. the room was packed to
6:32 am
waited outside. from trump's new hampshire headquarters this morning with more. ray: trump picked up the endorsement of the new england benevolent association. trump called that a great honor. he made a pledge that certainly has people talking. >> if they give me a bad vote, i'm going to go crazy. ray: they endorsed him at a rally friday night. he called it a great honor. too many officers are duty. he says if he becomes president, he will sign an executive order. >> anybody killing a penalty. it is going to happen. we can't let it go. ray: the endorsement comes days after they called for a total and complete shutdown for muslims entering the united states.
6:33 am
has come around to the idea like he says pundits did after the comments about illegal mexican immigrants. >> when i talked about what i said the other day, all of the sudden i'm watching the shows this morning. i'm watching the shows tonight. well, you know, trump has a point. the visa system is not working. ray: president jerry flynn says the police union didn't consider the rhetoric while they were voting. >> i'm not going to get in to it. i got jewish people. we all bleed blue. i'm not going to get in to the muslim rhetoric. that's ridiculous. we're moving forward. we supported the candidate. we're on board. ray: fans say they like the billionaire because of the controversial comment, not inspite of them. >> we just can't afford anymore to be so politically correct. ray: we have yet to see how
6:34 am
will affect his standings in the polls, if at all. the most recent poll said that 32% of likely voters in the republican primary will planning to trump. ray brewer, wmur news 9. >> i covered my eyes for a second. i was going by. it was moving. erin: it was moving. mbta yesterday morning. a packed train on the without a driver. they are trying to figure out if it was due to operator error. the driver stepped out to fix a problem when it began to roll away traveling through four stops. >> within a couple of minutes of when it left, the power on the third rail was shut off at this point in time. the train coasts because it had momentum at this point forward through several stations before it came to a stop. erin: it took nine minutes
6:35 am
slow it down. the operator has been an mbta employee for 28 years. right now an investigation is underway to determine exactly how this could have happened. new details regarding the fire that damaged a popular portsmouth restaurant on thursday. we know now that the four alarm blaze started with a grill vent that was scheduled to be cleaned yesterday at the gaslight restaurant. most of the damage was caused by water. they have confirmed the cause of the fire was accidental and started with a grill on the first floor. a warehouse in concord resembled the north pole as thousands of gifts were sent on the way. operate santa started 55 years ago. it now reaches in to every corner of the state. this year thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of gift cards and toys. the public rallied to replace the stolen items. now about 3,000 children will have a merry
6:36 am
our annual spirit of giving food drive gets underway today. we're collecting non-perishable food donations at the hannaford, shaw's, and walmart. san is live. all of this food goes directly to the food sean: that's right. from there, it will go to all of the pantries. agencies. they are looking for wonderful food like this. by the way, we're getting some donations down here. if you want to come by and say hello and make a donation, we're here. there are locations throughout the state. all of the walmarts in new hampshire, all of the hannaford's and shaw's. go there and check that out. let's talk about the foods they are looking for. things high in protein. you have pastas, canned tuna, peanut butter, mac and cheese, stuff that's good for you. if you can buy that or find it in your cupboard, feel free to donate it.
6:37 am
it goes to, one in nine people are food insecure. they don't know where the next meal is coming from. 42,000 children in new hampshire are food insecurity. they don't know where the next meal will come from. another interesting statistic, by the way, of the people they serve at the agencies, about a quarter of those served in the military. now they need your help. we've made it pretty easy for you. again all of the locations from walmart, and all of the hannaford's, and all of the shaw's locations. stop by and get a bin. drop off a non-perrierable item. you'll help out so many agencies and make the holiday brighter. erin: i know they accept cash donations. sean: they will always accept cash. go to donate right at the register and shaw's as well. for every dollar that you donation, that serves two meals.
6:38 am
thank you. erin: coming up, the fbi dive team searching a pond. what investigators are this morning. new numbers regarding the overdose death. details on a troubling increase ahead. kevin: the uncommonly mild december continues for us. through the weekend. all of the details on when it does coming up.
6:39 am
kevin: friday morning, december 11th. a fog advisory statewide. upper range 40's to mid 50's. after the fog lifts, we go to partial sunshine. a nice start to the weekend as well. the details coming up. erin: this morning federal authorities continue to comb a san bernardino lake for clues. on capitol hill, lawmakers want to know why the government didn't pick up on the suspect's extremist views. nikole killion in washington with more. more about the ongoing search in california. how long is that expected to take?
6:40 am
could takes days before it finishes its search of the san bernardino. saying exactly what we're looking for. they believe syed farook and tashfeen malik may have visited the day of the rampage. they believed lawmakers about the ongoing investigation. many wonder if potential red flags were missed. the fbi says the couple discussed jihad and martyrdom as early as 2013 and the government didn't appear to pick up on those messages officials. erin: back to the search in california, any more information about what authorities are really looking for? nikole: there are some reports that they may be searching for a hard drive from the suspect's computer. also reports that they are seeking more digital footprints because they believe -- investigators believe the larger attack could have been in the works. that being said, the fbi says it is still looking for evidence. again not specifying
6:41 am
only saying it would be remised if it did not conduct a thorough search. erin: thank you for the report from washington. with the u.s. and other countries on high alert, american authorities have disclosed new troubling details. isis may now have its hands on at least one official passport printing machine. isis has swept through major syrian cities, they were able to seize one passport printing machine. they are now trying to see if anyone made it in the country with the passport. we're learning about a medical helicopter crash that killed four people, pilot, nurse, paramedic, and patient, when it crashed.
6:42 am
figure out if weather conditions contributed. a drug sweep in nashua has led to 14 arrests. this is due to a joint investigation in to the distribution of heroin, marijuana, and crack cocaine in the city. 59-year-old daniel herbert was arrested on heroin charges. this was herbert's second offense. 54-year-old james campbell was among the 14 arrested. he was arrested on four counts, including sale of crack cocaine. new startling numbers were just released showing a climb in overdose deaths last year nationwide. according to the cdc overdose deaths in the u.s. have surpassed 47,000. that's up 7%. many of the deaths were due to opioid painkillers. they climbed by 28% last year. here in new hampshire the medical examiner says the state could log more than 400 drug overdose deaths by the end of the year. according to the chief
6:43 am
people in the state have died because of drug deaths. foxboro. rob gronkowski was back injuring his knee in denver. he has a bone bruise and knee strain. still no word on the status for the game in houston. a park will be named in honor of marcus richard, the 8-year-old killed in the boston marathon bombing. it sits next to the boston children's musician. proposals call for the site to be designed and finished in 2017. fundraising is underway right now. m.i.t. was the backdrop for the "goodwill hunting" movie. now damon was selected to give the address on june 3rd. damon says it is an honor. the president of the
6:44 am
students. in a statement he says it is an attorney to be named speaker at a school i couldn't have gotten in to. >> now your forecast. erin: i don't think many of us could have got none to m.i.t. outside here we go. we're facing the dense fog. kevin: this is going to be a changeable day where we start out with thick fog. temperatures continue on over the next several days. likely ahead of the next system which arrives monday evening. you see visibility is a lot better up in the north country. we have a dense fog advisory posted through the entire state as you could really bump in to what is fairly low visibility. manchester boston regional airport reporterring the visibility of 1/16th of a mile. we have plenty of clouds above that fog initially. those clouds become a
6:45 am
by the time the fog starts to lift, we get in to partial sunshine. this is the weather for tomorrow. it looks really, really nice. upper 40's to mid 50's. granted not december-like. we continue to go 15-20 degrees above the normal highs. which is where we're at this morning. upper 30's to near 40's is where we are. through the afternoon today, we're talking mid 50's in southern areas. upper 40's to near 50. it is the fog that's the focus for the morning commute. by the time you are headed home, we'll continue to see the sunset. temperatures running above the average and fairly similar to these numbers for both days over the weekend. the big change will be the increase in clouds. any fog giving way to partial sunshine today. partly cloudy conditions tonight. tomorrow evening we'll start to see the clouds approach back to the west. a very weak disturbance under the clouds. it could mean a stray
6:46 am
nothing you are going to want to cancel the plans over. you'll notice the breeze a fairly thick cloud cover around through the afternoon on sunday. this is well ahead of the next storm system which tries to arrive monday later in the afternoon and in to monday night. just now starting to move in the pacific northwest. it will gather moisture and head in our direction. by the time it gets here, temperatures will be in the 50's. it will be in the form of rain after it comes through. temperatures in the 30's to lower 40's as we start off. a jump in to the upper 40's to mid 50's and another mild afternoon and another mild weekend for us out there. again this continues what looks like through monday. the rainfall which will be heavy monday night gives way to a pretty good breeze on tuesday. then some cooler air but still above the averages with highs in the 40's on wednesday and thursday of next week. a big thank you to all grades at the st. joseph regional catholic school in salem who i visited weather with.
6:47 am
water cycle as well as when they will get the eventual snow day. i know sean tries to be stylist. now i get a chance here. big thank you to them. erin: a styling man. especially with that scarf. kevin: next time i'm out live in a snowstorm. ha-ha. whenever that is. erin: we asked you on the best pancakes around the state. coming back to claim the title is polly's pancake parlor in sugar hill, second is stuart and john's sugar house, followed by the water wheel breakfast & gift house, and also parker's maple barn, and the fifth spot is the pancake house in henniker. i like that. that looks great. a holiday tradition continued with a special donation.
6:48 am
an anonymous person has donated a gold coin. it happened again on wednesday. they found the coin wrapped in a $100 bill. the coin, which is minted in south africa, is worth about $1,200. how about that? just wonderful. all of the generosity out there this morning. we have some live pictures of the annual spirit of giving food drive kicking off this morning. another live report after the break. and hot shot picture of the morning. looks like christmas came early for the chickens in freemont. her mom knitted these sweaters. submit your own pictures
6:49 am
at for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours. i'm hillary clinton and i
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erin: our annual spirit of beginning. kevin: we're collecting at
6:51 am
locations. sean mcdonald live with more. sean: hey there. i got a little problem in hooksett. i'm lonely. i need some folks to come down here. i know it is early. come on down here. we'll be here throughout the day and this weekend. any walmart, hannaford, or shaw's location in the state of new hampshire. you can see some soup and tomato sauce. my favorite is bruce's yams. there's a huge need. one in nine people in the state of new hampshire are food, insecure. they don't know where they next meal will come from. you heard from mel gosselin before. about 42,000 children are food insecure. these bags here you can come in and pick up a bag. you check out and throw in the bin. it is easy. same thing at hannaford as well. shaw's they've got a virtual donation system that's very similar to that as well. it is easy to do throughout the weekend.
6:52 am
kinds of non-perishable donations. help us out, if you can. back to you. erin: have you seen any people? sean: we're getting a little bit of traffic. we met a woman a short while ago. she was telling us that as a child she had a huge family. at times, they were food insecure themselves. she likes to donate every year. she was teary eyed as well. this is an emotional experience. you meet a lot of people that say i was once down on my luck too. i wanted to help out the people in need. erin: need to see people paying it forward. i know you are going to be reporting throughout the morning. thank you. kevin: pretty thick fog. visibilities down to less than a variety of a mile. eventually going to partial sunshine. the mild temperatures last at least through monday. monday evening is our next true chance of organized rain.
6:53 am
times and lessen on tuesday morning. erin: all right. coming up next, brie -- bridal bandit. she was stealing from brides making what's supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives a nightmare. way. we'll see you back here with another update on our food drive at about 25 minutes. take care and have a
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