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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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sound. and we looked out the window and we saw smoke. stephanie: now at 11:00, one person is dead after rolling their car from the eastbound side of route 101 in exeter to why one witness says it' s like nothing she' s ever seen before. hayley: sunday won' t be as sunny but its still going to feel unusually mild. when colder air returns and the threat of heavy rain this week. stephanie: thousands of wreaths laid at cemeteries around the country as part of wreaths across america. how granite staters show their support for veterans. and, our spirit of giving food drive is more than half way a look at what the new hampshire food bank needs the most. like we do.
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stephanie: route 101 in exeter has reopened tonight after a deadly crash shut down the highway this afternoon. m stephanie woods. the car flipped upside down after smashing into guardrails. tonight we know at least one person was killed in the accident. mike redmond joins us from exeter with the latest. mike: it was just about two hours ago the car was towed away from the accident scene that has been cleared after police investigated what happened. this was the aftermath of a violent crash that killed at least one person in exeter. the car flipped upside down. debris and clothing were scattered. the guardrails were smashed on the highway. >> we heard this huge crash sound. we looked out the window and we saw smoke.
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near the highway 16 years. just after 3:00 on saturday, she walked outside to see what happened. >> there was a body next to the car. we did not see too much. they were shielding it. mike: police shut down both sides of 101 for several hours, causing traffic delays in town. authorities are releasing limited information at this time. police say it was just the one car in the crash. >> it is bad enough that resulted in a fatality. s a lot of work to do. mike: while police figure out what caused the accident, this vehicles. >> that was a blessing that nobody else was injured. mike: police say they will release an update tonight. once we have that, we will
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stephanie: thank you. it was unseasonably warm across most of the granite state today. here' s a live look out at hampton beach where it is 38 degrees. will this warmth and sunshine stick around for the rest of the weekend? let' s head over to meteorologist hayley lapoint to find out. hayley: the sunshine going away. the next storm system getting closer and closer. look at the temperatures today. incredibly unseasonably warm. 57 nashua and in concord, 20 degrees above the average for where we should be in december. in the meantime, where the skies have cleared, the temperatures are cold. 37 laconia. upper 40' s in manchester and nashua because of the clouds. there may be some sprinkles especially out toward the monadnock region and in the
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overnight, clouds coming in and tomorrow we will be mostly cloudy. temperatures quite warm. not as warm as today. into the low 50' s. the mid and upper 40' s in northern and central areas of the state. we will have some more rain as the next system approaches. i will show you the timeline ahead. stephanie: thank you. the coast guard needs your help to find a possible missing paddle boarder near rye beach. crews responded to the beach around 4:30 this afternoon for reports of a paddle boarder wearing dark clothing and waving their hands in distress. the coast guard hampton harbor fire and rye harbor police have been searching the shoreline, so far search crews have not found any signs of distress or received similar reports. if you have any information, please call the coast guard northern new england command center. state police had to use spike strips to stop a wrong way driver on interstate 89 early
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around 1:30 police say 26-year-old sean list of concord was driving south in the northbound lane of i-89 near exit 5. multiple people reported the car was driving fast, almost hitting a tractor trailer. state police say they used spike strips. list allegedly almost hit a trooper before stopping. troopers say list refused a breath test. he was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless conduct and disobeying a police officer. nashua police need your help to find a missing teen. 16-year-old ronaldo acosta was last seen in downtown nashua friday. he' s described as hispanic, 5-foot-7, 150 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. his family is concerned for his safety. if you have any information , please call nashua police. now to commitment 2016. republican presidential candidate rand paul continued his swing through the state today. the kentucky senator made stops in nashua, concord, exeter and lastly in manchester where he spoke with supporters and made
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he spoke about the recent shootings in san bernardino , california saying the country needs to address terrorism not gun control. >> everything the left wants with regard to gun control, they have in california. everything they' re are proposing they have in california and it did not stop this. the guns were purchased illegally. stephanie: this is his 24th visit to the granite state. fellow republican, new jersey governor chris christie is also in the state campaigning today. christie held a town hall in weare this morning. he also made a stop at the d.w. diner in merrimack. doing something unusual today, sitting down with voters. although donald trump is doing well, he is fielding questions about his attacks on a rival. abc' s gloria riviera has the latest. >> donald trump taking a new
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no podium. instead sitting down and taking questions. >> can you hear now? >> that did not stop the interruptions. one after another, protesters escorted out. many upset at his proposal to ban all muslims from entering the country. >> we don' t want people knocking down the world trade center and having what happened to california with these people. that radical, crazy, horrible people. we don' paris. >> this morning he was facing different kinds of questions. >> good morning. >> trump asked about some comments he has aimed at ted cruz. >> i do like ted cruz. not a lot of evangelicals come out of cuba. a lot of catholics come out of cuba.
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i was having a little fun. >> cruz has emerged as the number one contender in iowa. while the attack says -- were not as over-the-top, it is the first time he has taken directed shots at the texas senator. >> anybody else gets elected, it is going to be a disaster. >> stephanie: a rising star in the democratic party was in the granite state today backing hillary clinton. senator cory booker from new jersey campaigned in nashua, manchester, and dover for the democratic hopeful. booker says of the causes he shares with clinton are a need to combat climate change strong foreign policy and compassionate approach to battling addiction. in the latest wmur-cnn granite state poll, senator bernie sanders leads clinton by 10
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hampshire democratic primary. but booker says clinton' s campaign is gaining momentum. >> there is an old saying, who you are speak so loud people can' t hear what you said. people will see not the caricatures, but this is a mother and a grandmother, somebody who has a concern about the families of our country and the future of our country. stephanie: you can find the latest political news on our website, today wreaths across america made deliveries to cemeteries across the country including here in new hampshire. hundreds visited the state' s veterans cemetery in boscawen to lay wreaths at more than a thousand graves. the new hampshire blue star mothers organized the event and have done this since 2007. they say the gathering of volunteers was among the largest they'
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>> all of our cemeteries are doing this on the very day arlington is doing it. we are acting as one. s been great. helps. of new hampshire that they had this. the veterans deserve it. stephanie: the governor and senator kelly ayotte spoke following the wreath laying. the 2015 spirit of giving food drive is taking place this weekend and granite staters are coming out in full force to help at participating hannaford, shaws and walmart stores. you can buy five, ten or fifteen dollar bags and boxes of food for families in need or you can drop your own food donations. canned proteins like fish, beans and peanut butter along with rice, noodles and soup are most needed. >> we have an incredible customer base who are very supportive. we are supporting the food pantry. each of our stores has a local
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under the food bank umbrella. >> there is 27 walmarts. you can go in any one of them and pick up a blue bag and drop out. it' families. stephanie: they received a $50,000 donation on friday and $100,000 in donations. so far we have collected 80 thousand, 500 pounds of food. nearly $64,000 have been anonymous donor. you can drop off donations at any store in the state through tomorrow. coming up on news 9 tonight at 11:00. investigators trying to find out of the man accused of firebombing a mosque in san bernardino attack. and, a historic deal in paris. details on the climate change agreement.
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not quite as sunny on sunday. and then what follows, some heavier rain. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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stephanie: fbi investigators and divers are searching a lake in san bernardino. armed with metal detectors and protective gear, divers are working in 10 to 12 hours shifts, doing a grid search of
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investigators are hoping to find evidence linked to the terror attack that killed 14 people. authorities say killers syed farook and his wife tafsheen malik visited the site. police are questioning a suspect they believe firebombed a muslim mosque in california. now authorities try to learn whether he was motivated by the terrorist massacre in san bernardino. aditi roy has more. >> is this a hate crime? that is what police want to know after the lobby of this mosque went up in flames on friday when a firebomb was thrown at the front door. authorities say it was an intentional act. they have arrested this man, carl dial, on suspicion of arson. stephanie: looks like we had some problems for that.
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a shocking development at a california hospital which could leave hundreds of babies at risk for a dangerous disease. the santa clara valley medical center announced a nurse tested positive for tuberculosis. she works in the mother and infant care center. as a precaution, medical officials are proactively treating up to 350 infants who may have been exposed. the prince will be screened and cheated if necessary. the chair of pediatrics is recommending the babies get antibiotics for 6-9 months. an historic, global agreement on climate change today. 195 countries signed the pact nearly every nation in the world committed to reducing and eventually eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. but sanctions won' t be imposed on countries that don' t adhere to the deal. the so-called paris agreement is 31 pages long and aims to cap global warming and keep temperatures from rising over the next 85 years. >> this agreement sends a signal
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low carbon future and that has the potential to unleash innovation in clean energy at a scale we have never seen before. stephanie: protesters still gathered saying the agreement does not go far enough. >> now hayley lapoint and your storm watch nine forecast. hayley: it was like an october day. a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. take a look at the time lapse. there were even some boats on the beach. maybe not santa surfing, but he could. take a look at the highest and temperatures we saw. 59 degrees in wilton. 58 hudson. average high for this time is about 37 degrees. where we are right now, these are the typical high
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ve had some warm hair -- warm a throughouti ther month of december. 47 in manchester. 46 in jaffrey. 40 degrees in plymouth with light wind. nothing really kicking up. notice that the skies have started to cloud up across much of the southern part of the state. as we go overnight, we will continues to see the clouds increasing. look at the temperatures falling into the upper 30' s as we go through the next couple of hours. the northern part of the state, that is where the coldest temperatures will be overnight. we did not break a record today. we came close, i guess. 67 was the old record. that was set in 1979. the average about 37. we were 20 degrees above that. a little shy of the record. over the next couple of days,
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not as mild as today. and then temperatures take a dip on monday. tuesday another bump up into the 50' s before it looks like temperatures get a little liquid blur by wednesday and thursday. if you are looking for some real cold, you have to wait until the weekend. that may be temporary. here is the situation on the satellite and radar. we have some holes in the clouds. not all of us overcast. certainly in the upper valley, that is where the clouds have to conduct. maybe -- have thickened up. notice the green is not staying together as it is moving east. i would not be surprised if the sprinkles fall apart. here is the overall setup up. we have high pressure off the coast and with the position of the high-pressure, and the air around it in a clockwise motion, of this warm air.
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england. even as far north as michigan. temperatures in the 60' s today. you had to go a long ways to the west to get any cold air or even snow. it is going to be a couple more days of the mild there for sure. here we go through the night with the clouds increasing. a storm system in the central u.s. is getting its act together and that will give us some rainfall. we will squeeze out another day tomorrow where it will be dry. more clouds. maybe in the evening there could be a few sprinkles overnight and by monday morning we could see that. monday is mostly a cloudy day with a few scattered wrinkles in the afternoon. once we get into the evening, look at this plume of moisture and by tuesday morning, we will have that coming through the area. the wettest part of the week will be monday night into tuesday morning. here is the forecast overnight tonight falling in the 30' s of north end in central new hampshire. 40'
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tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 40' s, 50' s across the state. up into the northern reaches of the state, we are talking mid-forties. lancaster. morning showers and then heavy rain on monday night into tuesday morning. wednesday is quiet and then we' ve got some flurries. thursday and friday and then temperatures take a big dip next weekend. i notice hard when you can have the windows open. stephanie: i' m finally looking forward to some snow. that is good to see. any accumulation? hayley: i don' t know. not in the lower elevations. stephanie: good news for the s eal. he was released back into the ocean tonight. nice and warm for him. he was rescued back in october syria he' s spent two months of
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he was suffering when he was rescued. hundreds came out this afternoon to cheer him on as he returned to the atlantic. jason? jason: absolutely.
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>> now jason king and news 9 sports. jason: alabama junior running heisman trophy winner, in new york. henry ran for 1,986 yards this season an sec single season record, he also scored 23 touchdowns and helped lead the
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they play michigan state on new years eve. after taking the undefeated warriors to double overtime last night, the celtics hit the road to take on a very good hornets team in charlotte. in the fourth quarter, the hornets up 3, isaiah thomas drives and kicks it out to avery bradley, he nails the 3 tied at 86. under 3:00 to play, hornets up 1, celtics in transition thomas to bradley who gives it right back to thomas for the layup . celtics up one. then bradley drives right down the lane for the layup. the celtics win 98-93. they host cleveland on tuesday. the third annual coaches for a cause high school basketball jamboree, hosted by new hampshire sports page. games being played today and tomorrow at londonderry high school. this is merrimack and portsmouth, portsmouth in maroon . cody graham knocks down a three
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at the other end, mike dudash hits the pull-up jumper then nice drive to the hoop by . the clippers' christian peete, nice finish. zak kerr drains a three from merrimack, but portsmouth went on a run, the clippers win 56:39 londonderry had the late game with lebanon . the raiders in the dark uniforms. matt king feeds kj matte who hits the jumper. then matte uses the screen and knocks down the at the other three. end, j coleman buries a three ball. two more games on sunday. all the proceeds from the event benefit new horizons homeless shelter and food pantry in manchester. a saturday matinee for the bruins, boston played host to the florida panthers at the garden this afternoon. looking for their second straight win. no score. the panthers can' t clear the puck torey krug shoots from the point and ryan spooner redirects
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after still 1-0 boston bruins on one. the power play. spooner with the wrister, scores his 2nd goal of the game, 2-0 bruins. in the florida makes it third, interesting,reilly smith with a blast that beats tuuka rask. late in the game, panthers with the extra skater, brad marchand gets the empty netter. rask made 26 saves bruins win 3-1. they host edmonton on monday . david kolomatis had a goal and two assists, including the game-winner in overtime, monarchs win in adirondack 4-3. they' re back home sunday to host the thunder. how about the 116th army navy game, this year played in philadelphia at lincoln financial field he is the quarterback for navy.
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game, giving him 85 for his career. play college football. tyler campbell, 29 yards for army. that gave them the lead. reynolds is going to connect and the score. navy wins for the 14th consecutive year, 21-17 the final score. more college basketball, after the penmen were home with the break. the penmen were home withstone
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people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage,
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taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i
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jason: division two college hoops, snhu hosting stonehill. first half, rodney sanders alone in the corner. three. carter smith answers for stonehill. another three ball. he will feed chris walters, who knocked down three of his 24 points. 57. the women.
11:32 pm
the offensive rebound and lays it in. sara ryan alone for 3 from the wing. cathrine stinson had a team-high 14, but stone hill wins it big day for 66-56. plymouth state univrsity, they held the first ever track meet in the new 32 million dollar active living, learning, and wellness north building. the track is named after george davis, a 1963 graduate of plymouth state and hall of fame track coach at umass lowell, psu is in its first year with a varsity track and field program, plymouth freshman isaiah bolden was the star of the day. he won the long jump and the 60 meter high hurdles. both times were diii new england championship qualifying times. expected to play tomorrow. we will see. stephanie: knock on wood. i' m sure you'
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hayley: the forecast down in texas, a lot warmer. stephanie: that does it tonight.
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