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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 15, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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erin: now one daybreak, there was another presidential debate tonight. donald trump seems to be solidifying his front runner status. a new poll shows his highest support yet. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is also surging and he told a crowd in hollis last night that he thinks he can win in new hampshire. kevin: as the december rain winds down early this morning, we will talk about the change toward the end of the weekend. >> you took away a wonderful human being. erin: emotional statements in
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after admitting to causing a deadly crash while driving drunk earlier this year. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: we are waking up to a very wet morning out there. thanks for joining us. i' m erin fehlau. the rain is falling in many areas of the state, making for a very wet commute. kevin skarupa joins us now. kevin: yeah, a wet start to the day, but a completely different finish. we are talking wind gust over 35 miles per hour later this afternoon. we have a wind advisory posted for the afternoon through early this evening. we have showers continuing to come through. most of those are winding down by 9:00. in the north country, they will be off and on through the afternoon. it is mid 40' s to mid and upper 50' s today.
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coming up. let' s take a look at your morning ride. we' s deb davidson. tuesday morning. kevin. interstate 89 north and southbound looks great from concord to hanover and lebanon. it looks great at the bow junction with 93. 93 is moving well through the entire state. we are seeing building volume through londonderry and down into salem. into massachusetts, it is a boston. route 3 south is also slow. this report is being brought to you by minuteman health. here, new hampshire. revolution. m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much.
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the race for the republican nomination for president will take to the stage tonight in las more than a month. it is the first since the california. stephanie: good morning, there is a new challenge for donald the polls. nine candidates will stand on the stage for the most critical event heading into the iowa caucuses. >> i expect to win iowa. stephanie: he took aim as some of his -- at some of his main sticking points at a rally last night. brand-new numbers show trumpeting 41% with republicans, the highest support he has had in a national poll. but the debate may be a two-man
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on the debate stage, trump will be flanked by ted cruz and ben carson. the six remaining candidates will be marco rubio, jeb bush, carly fiorina, john kasich, rand paul, and chris christie. while trump or dixie will be the punching bag at the debate, he also says -- >> it is going to be good. stephanie: here is what is also good. donald trump' s health. he offered a short note from his doctor saying, "trumps physical strength and stamina are extraordinary." erin: coming up in our next half hour, we will start a new series looking at some of the biggest issues the next president will likely face. today, we will look at national security and the fight against terrorism. democrat bernie sanders will open his campaign office in
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he is writing a new wave of support -- riding a new wave of support. he was confident last night during a town hall in hollis. >> i' m here in new hampshire to ask for your vote, to ask for your support to help us win in new hampshire. i think we have an excellent chance to do that. erin: last night' s gathering was part of a town hall and also part promotional shoot for sanders. a derry man will spend the next seven years behind bars after admitting to drinking before getting behind the wheel in may and hitting a motorcycle, killing kevin o' donnell. ray brewer is here with more on the plea and emotions were raw during the hearing. ray: they certainly were. several people shed tears in court. michael dixon pleading guilty to dui negligent homicide,
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family members of kevin o' donnell say they hope his seven years behind bars feels like a life sentence. prosecutors say dixon did not the car and hiding in nature he. donnell' s daughter was writing back of his motorcycle when they were hit. >> i will never forget the feeling of hitting the pavement and running to my father' s lifeless body, turning him over, was still breathing. >> i now know the meaning of hate because of you. my being. >> i regret what i did with sorrow and guilt and it is woefully inadequate. ray: while he may not be a bad person, the judge said, he is this case. especially considering a texas.
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and firing into a house in dover is due in court. police arrested 24-year-old jeremy jackson last night and charged him with criminal and being a felon in possession of a firearm. a gun. no one was hurt. a keene man accused of selling drugs is due in court. police seized more than $20,000 cash, 120 grams in heroin, and one hundred 20 grams of cocaine s home. officers arrested several other people as part of their drug investigation over the weekend and also seized two cars. jury deliberations continue this morning in the philip chism the jury must decide if he was insane when he killed colleen ritzer inside danvers high school in 2013.
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, including first-degree murder and aggravated rape. his defense team claims he was in the throes of a psychotic episode when he killed colleen ritzer. still to come, paying it forward. a local high school principal is helping a former student who is battling cancer and she has great news of her own. start teaching kids early -- that was the message in concord yesterday. it could save schools a lot of money. a manchester teen earning special recognition after he
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s people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
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temperatures are starting out in the 40' s. we jump into the 50' s for most this afternoon. then the winds pick up this afternoon. wind advisories posted for this afternoon. we will talk about the changes for the end of the week coming up. erin: governor maggie hassan and the state' s congressional delegation are vowing to make early education a priority. spark new hampshire posted an event yesterday. spark is the nonpartisan early childhood advisory council. highlight the number of granite staters who have taken the s young children. >> my mom, when she and i used to talk about what she really thought kids needed more than anything else, she just would say kids need to know they have a grown up in their corner. m looking out at a room of
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that grown up in the corner. erin: spark new hampshire says giving children a head start helps reduce education costs. the local high school principal is helping to reduce -- a local high school principal is helping give back. last year, the senior class at profile junior high school donate all the money they raised for their class trip to principal courtney vashaw. now, she is giving back. she worked with former classmates of one of her students to raise more than $4000 for a former student who was diagnosed with kidney cancer. good news for her as well. courtney vashaw is also cancer
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erin: more than four years have passed since tropical storm irene' s wants new england, but the newly rebuilt state government complex in waterbury, vermont finally opened yesterday. the project was the largest construction project in vermont history. pepsi is rolling out a new vending machine, offering healthy options. no actual pepsi is in this thing. the hello goodness vending machine offers great potato chips, juice drinks, and gluten-free and fat-free options. the machine will even suggest food and drink pairings based on the time of day. >> it is so great. it is amazing.
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everyone is going to love it. erin: "star wars" is back. "the force awakens" made its world premiere last night in hollywood. details about the movie have been tightly guarded. reporters were told not to reveal any spoilers. but the reviews are good. lauren: storm troopers, c three po, and r2-d2 close behind and tight security for a who' s who of a list stars. >> the best part of being here is meeting all the fans. lauren: harrison ford, george lucas, and steven spielberg. all hitting the red carpet for a highly anticipated film people know little about until now. >> it was everything i expected and more. there were a lot of surprises.
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>> it exceeded. well done. >> did was so good. lauren: "the force awakens" will open later this week on over 4000 screens across the country. in 1977, star wars opened in less than 50 theaters. no red card premiere, the director, george lucas, was so short it would flop, he was getting away from it all. back then, harrison ford says when he first played the role of han solo, he could not have imagined the success star wars would have now. >> i' m really excited to get this movie out there for the audience and see how they feel about it. lauren: the highest grossing "star wars" film was "the phantom menace." "the force awakens" would need to top $2.7 billion to break the all-time box office record.
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weekend? erin: not this weekend. don' t tell me anything. christmas. luke skywalker may be going to i can' t deal with that. kevin: you are going to have to weeks. avoid any of this. it is going to be out there. erin: it is all going to be out there. kevin: we start off with a wet start to the day for most. then the winds pick up. the showers will be on and off
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the next system arrives thursday afternoon, thursday night area by the time we get to the weekend, highs only in going -- 30 miles per hour on saturday. with maybe a few mountain
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wind chills will be likely all weekend in the 20' s and 30' s. that is more along the lines of what we are used to. [no audio] erin: we start off with ray brewer. ray: an emotional day in court. family members get the ability to challenge the man who killed their father. family members of kevin o' donnell who died in the crash say they hope that dixon' s seven years behind bars feel like a life sentence. erin: a man charged in a connection with a shooting over the weekend is in court. a keen man accused of selling drugs is due in court this morning. police seized cash, heroin, and cocaine from 28-year-old christopher foster jr.'
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coming up, people are always
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who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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erin: the salvation army red kettles are filling up with cash these days, but it is not just dollar bills people are dropping in. organizers in massachusetts have received cap a dozen pieces of jewelry in the last week. one came with a note. kevin: someone dropped in a vintage woman' s watch. someone else left a ring and necklace set with diamonds and admirals. three silver dollars were
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erin: that is just lovely. it is really wonderful to see people giving back this holiday season. an architect in kazakhstan has a unique plan for his apartment building. he wants to build a ski slope on the 21st story of this building. it is called the slalom house. the slope would run about 1000 feet long. kevin: he says it would cost about $70 million to build, but he has already heard from several people who are interested in making the design a reality. erin: can you imagine skiing on top of a building? kevin: no? that is not an any bucket list i have. [laughter] erin: preserving the new history -- the history of the new hampshire primary.
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dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of
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it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning to you. we are waking up to rain out there in many spots. temperatures around 40 in many areas around the state. today, your top stories. a man in derry will spend seven years in prison for causing a deadly accident while drunk. michael dixon admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel in may and hitting kevin o' donnell' s motorcycle. new hampshire state police are warning people not to drink and
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the plea comes after several arrests for suspected drunk driving over the last few days. in manchester student is honored for saving a man' s life. he found the man sitting on the edge of a bridge thinking about jumping and he managed to talk him down. we were talking about the fact that we have not seen any snow out there. we have a big goose egg when we look at how much snow has fallen. kevin: nothing has really stuck to the ground in southern parts of the state. we are approaching the top five latest first inches of snow. if we get through christmas, we are there. we have rain shower activity with temperatures in the 40' s this morning. the evening commute will be strong winds out of the west. we could even have a couple of scattered power outages.
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not mean we will not have any snow. kevin: we will at least get a couple of feet this year at some point. for a look at the morning drive, we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: good morning. we are using -- seeing volume pickup. right now, 101, 111, and the spalding are all up to speed. if you are commuting into massachusetts, 93 south is very slow. route 3 is also very slow. this report is being brought to you by minuteman health. affordable health insurance is here, new hampshire. minuteman health -- join the revolution. from the wzid traffic network, i'
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erin: a man from derry will spend seven years in prison for causing an accident while driving drunk. ray: kevin o' donnell' s family packed the courtroom on monday. >> i will never forget the feeling of hitting the pavement. i will never forget turning my father' s over -- my father' s body over. ray: she addressed the man who took the life of her father. she was on the back of her dad' s motorcycle. kevin o' donnell at no time to stop and michael dixon turned in
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he never stopped after the crash, but ditched his car and hid in a tree until police found him. >> because of you, i now know the meaning of hate. i hate you with every ounce of my being. you disgust me. ray: his son talked of watching the pain of watching his father die. >> i hope these faces haunt you. >> i have to remind myself that i don' t have the right to miss my kids because kevin cannot miss his. i' m truly sorry. i ask for forgiveness not for myself, but for yourselves, so it does not eat you away. ray: his blood-alcohol level was
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-- 0.19 four hours after the accident. erin: state police want to remind you to stay safe this holiday season. the plea comes after authorities made several arrests the last few days. state police plan to have more troopers on the roads to keep drivers safe. >> these impaired drivers are taking other people' s lives in their hands. if it were not for the public calling in and reporting wrong way driver' s and the multiple car crash, it probably would have ended in tragedy. erin: in one recent incident, the person behind the wheel travel for 16 miles before she was stopped with spike strips. manchester police took a man into custody for robbery and charged him with another crime.
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gerard dionne into custody at macy' s. he punched one of the officers, but did not hurt him. officers gathered enough evidence and probable cause to charge him with an armed robbery at the triangle credit union on elm street last month. in manchester man faces charges in connection with a stabbing last month. he is charged with first-degree assault. an update to a story we have been following for the past few days. a nashua teen missing over the weekend is now safe. 16-year-old ronaldo acosta was reported missing by his family on friday. he was found safe in another community. if you own a drone or a small airplane, you will now have to register with the faa. the federal aviation and the
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administration announced the response for drones flying near airports. drones need to be registered. current drone owners 13 and older need to register by february 19. registration costs five dollars. the new hampshire department of education has released the first results of a pilot program aimed at reducing standardized tests. results show 48% of students in the participating districts meeting or exceeding achievement reaching the level in math. a manchester teen is being help. 17-year-old desmond powell was recognized at the manchester school committee meeting on s life.
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about 9:00 at night when he came across a suicidal man sitting on the edge of the granite street bridge. the man said he was convicted to heroin and was overwhelmed by troubles in his life. powell brought him to the dunkin food and a drink. >> i said, keep the change and he started crying saying, you are such a good person. [applause] erin: he is a great kid. powell says he never even learned the man' s name. wonderful that he is being recognized for that act of kindness. if you ever snapped a picture at a new hampshire political event, attended a rally, or met a political hopeful, you could be part of a new exhibit. the millyard museum has a new exhibit celebrating the new hampshire primary. there is a special primary
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campaign in 1960. the museum is also calling on members of the public to submit their own political photos for possible display. >> we think of this exhibit is a living exhibit. we know there is a campaign going on right now, so we were deliberately sparse in our array of candidates for the 2016 primary because we want our visitors and your viewers to [laughter] erin: they will take selfies. very cool. coming up, we are eight weeks away from the primary. we will take a look at one of the biggest issues the new president will face. national security. bill cosby' s countersuit. why the comedian is suing seven women whose to him. kevin: temperatures run into the 50' s before the cooler air arrives.
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best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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kevin: starting off your tuesday morning with clouds and occasional showers. when the decrease in clouds for the afternoon, the wind will
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wind advisories for parts of the state. forecast and other changes down the road coming up. erin: we are eight weeks away from the expected date of the new hampshire primary. we will be taking a look at the eighth biggest issues that the face. today, we begin with national security and the fight against terrorism. sally: san bernardino. >> this was an act of terrorism. tunisia. >> the threat is magnifying. syria. eliminating isis or preventing the next attack is viewed by security challenge the next president will face. >> there is a strategy. >> the isis strategy is not working. sally: it has become a key question for the candidates,
6:39 am
rollback territorial gains. >> paris underscores the degree of vulnerability in europe and the united states. we' ve got to step up our game. sally: some americans seem to agree. several polls show increasing support for military force, including the flying ground forces against isis. concerns and questions extend to the homeland. >> indications of radicalization. sally: an apparent isis-inspired attack left 14 dead in san bernardino. the fbi has nearly 1000 active investigations into possible terrorist sympathizers in all 50 states. >> despite the best efforts, there will be plots that succeed. we' ve got to accept that. sally: from the terrorist threat to nuclear concerns. whoever wins the white house will oversee the implementation of the iran nuclear deal and
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>> we have huge phone or abilities. sally: the threat of cyber terrorism. >> small actors can commit disproportionate harm against our infrastructure. they could bring a recon of me system to a halt. sally: analysts say the next president will need to develop better defenses to deter cyber attackers before they strike. congress is working to finalize a long-delayed cyber -information sharing bill this week. reporting from washington, i' m sally kidd. erin: president obama has stepped up calls on congress to improve authorization of use of military force against isis. lawmakers are divided over the proposal. you can head to the politics page at to check out our issue grid to compare the candidates side-by-side on the
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bill cosby is now suing seven defamation. in a lawsuit filed in federal court in massachusetts, he accuses them of making false for financial gain. the women claimed he defamed them after they went public with allegations of rape and sexual liars. seattle is the first city in the country to allow uber and lyft drivers to unionize. passed a measure that will require companies like uber and lyft to bargain with their want to be represented. uber has said federal labor law regulating collective-bargaining. erin: the bruins were after their third straight win last night hosting the edmonton oilers at the td garden. the first period was all edmonton.
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backboard. when the bruins got on the board. they tied it. edmonton wins in overtime 3-2, though. the bruins host pittsburgh on wednesday. the monarchs' will be on the road. sunday, they lost a tough one to the thunder. last week. he has been playing great. >> i just got here this week. coming in here, they have done a great job this week alone. like i said, they are just letting me do my job or whoever is playing in net. if we can see pucks, it is going to give us a good chance to stop it.
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arlen as a new job. the paralympic gold medalist is joining espn as a features reporter. she reported for them at the summer special olympic world games in l.a. espn executives were so impressed by her work that they decided to bring her on for an extended role. she is going to report for sportscenter, espn w, and also the x games. >> now, your forecast. when we don' t get snow, do we eventually get a lot of snow? the numbers do tell us the story that we will get probably a few feet. kevin: it is kind of one of those things, when you have a slower start to the season, you lot that off the average and you are left with what a typical winter usually gives you. we still get into the 40-50 inches of snow. the winter just kicks in a little bit later on.
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we are certainly uncommonly mild. skies will be clearing in central and southern areas of the state. the wind will become a factor into the afternoon. the showers will be off and on up north. this is all a gradual step backward. highs only in the 30' s this weekend, very close to normal this time of year. we will have a wind to go along with it. we are left with the rain shower morning. southern parts of the state, mid and upper 40'
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it will be more off and on up north well central and southern areas will see a decrease in clouds. mid-to-upper 50' s into the afternoon. the wind costs will be gusty today. full sunshine for us tomorrow. but much cooler. the next system comes in with an increase in clouds on thursday morning. a round of showers into friday evening. behind that, another step back. here is a look at the future gusts for the afternoon. they will start to diminish later on this evening, eventually setting up mostly sunny day tomorrow. it is all about the gradual cooling trend. temperatures will drop back tonight into the 20' s and 30' s. lighter winds tomorrow. increasing clouds thursday morning.
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few flurries in the mountains. looking at temperatures with highs in the 30' s and the lows in the 20' s with the other system coming tuesday or wednesday of next week. a big hello to the fourth-graders at the sweezy school in brentwood. those fourth-graders, i was merely review for them. they had been going through an extensive weather unit. they had some fantastic questions for me. erin: i' m opening your gift? i did nothing. sure. there is a lot in here. you got a cool shirt. kevin: i get to see their autographs on tv. erin: i think there is more. here you go. kevin: a big thank you to them. i had a great time. erin: christmas for you. early. still to come, a final check on
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erin: updating our top stories. a man from derry will spend seven years in prison for causing a deadly accident while drunk. ray: it was an emotional day in court as the family finally got a chance to confront the man who killed their father. michael dixon pled guilty to dui negligent homicide, among other charges. erin: the nine leading candidates in the race for the republican nomination for president will take the stage tonight in las vegas for their first debate in more than a month. it is also the first gop debate
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california. governor maggie hassan and the state' s congressional delegation are vowing to make early education a top priority. spark is the nonpartisan advisory council. an event highlighted the number of granite staters who have taken the pledge for new hampshire' s children. 17-year-old desmond powell was recognized for saving a stranger' s life. he helped talk a suicidal man off the granite street ridge and bought him a more -- bridge and bought him a warm meal. lingering showers. mid 40' s. all of this is in liquid form. across central and southern areas. there will be a few showers. afternoon into early evening.
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erin: coming up on "good morning america," they are going to take a look at whether there may be a connection between antidepressant and autism. the new research and the advice medical experts have for expecting moms. also, they are going to have a preview of the gop debate and they are going to take a look at that big premiere for "star wars" last night. kevin: there has been a lot of buzz. erin: yes, there has been. have a great morning. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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