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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 18, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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expressions. yeah, you're a tough guy. >> i have something for you. >> what? >> i just want to say, richard, together w sean: now on "daybreak," shining a light on homeless population and how news is mixed. one important trend coming to an end. erin: the first criminal charges have been filed in connection with the shooting in california. president obama is preparing to meet with family members. kevin: change for the weekend. ahead. >> it was amazing. it was worth every moment of wait. sean: star wars is back. episode 7.
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big smiles on their faces. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning. one week from christmas. a lot of people wondering if all of the rain would have been snow how many we would have gotten. i think a lot. i'm just throwing it out. i'm saying people are wondering. kevin: i love the look. erin: how much? kevin: we have been working together far too long. one inch of rain to one foot of snow. that's the conversion most of the people. a lot of clouds initially. we should break it apart to sunshine. a lot of areas in to the afternoon with the cooler air. that will start coming in later this evening. highs in the 40's to near 50.
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changes coming up. we're joined live by deb davidson. good friday morning, deb. deb: good friday morning. that fog will show you down in the concord area on interstate 393 eastbound and westbound then again on 93 south through concord and down to the hooksett tolls. it is okay on 293 with the split right there. as you make your way out to the everett turnpike. we're not seeing any problems on 101, 111, spaulding, or on 95. allow some extra time through the commute through the fog. if you are heading in to boston, it is completely trouble free. all major roads are up to speed. this report is being brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson. erin: it seems that pushed and homelessness has stalled based on new numbers. sean: the number of homeless
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there's a shift on who was homeless. ray brewer live in concord to break down the new numbers. ray: good morning. the city of concord is spending millions to open an emergency shelter. the new numbers coming from a non-profit group, the coalition to end homelessness, says the number of homeless people in the state is holding steady at 1,600. the number had been dropping every year since 2011. the number of homeless families in new hampshire is up 8% from a year ago. the group says affordable housing remains a serious challenge. >> that's very concerning. because, you know, those are children and parents that are living in shelters or on the streets or their cars sometimes. ray: now there's some good news in the homeless report. the number of homeless
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the number of people living unsheltered down by a third. there are also several new initiatives being launched to try to help change and turn about the numbers. live in concord, ray brewer. wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: all right. thank you. the state fire marshal's office is investigating a fire that heavily damaged the masonic lodge. a car parked next to the building caught fire. those flames then spread all the way to the attic. the first floor of the building is vacant. the masons use the upper floors. no one was inside at the time. one firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. the car was parked there for the last two weeks. a man has admitted taking an underage girl to massachusetts to engage in sexual activity. he will spent at least ten years behind bars. lawrence marks from tewksbury, massachusetts
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he was identified in the sexual abuse to several children in franklin. he will be sentenced in march. now a dramatic situation. a van plunged off a cliff and fell 60 feet to a ledge. firefighters had just trained on how to handle this exact scenario, at that very location. sean: president obama will be in san bernardino, california today to meet with the family members of those killed in the deadly shooting rampage two weeks ago. meanwhile the neighbor has now been arrested and charged with providing material support to terrorists. stephanie ramos reports. >> good morning. enrique marquez has been charged.
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attack was one of many plots. 24-year-old, a childhood friend of syed farook, is now behind bars. he arrived thursday at the federal courthouse in california to face serious terror charges. authorities say four years ago marquez caught the two assault rifles used in the shooting. marquez himself called 911, identifying farook as the killer using his gun. the fbi raided his home soon after farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, opened fire killing 14 people at inland regional center. they originally planned on attacking southern california community college and then wanted to kill a driver on the freeway. >> he has provided them with a lot of detail about the weapons and other attacks planned. reporter: president
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to meet with the families and victims. marquez is facing weapons charges and immigration fraud after an alleged sham marriage with a member of farook's extent the family. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. sean: the white house says president obama's final state of the union address will be a quote non-traditional speech instead of providing a list of legislative priorities, they will focus on the vision for the country and the challenges facing the nation. the state of the union is scheduled for january 12th, less than three weeks before the first votes are cast. erin: star wars fans are buzzing after "the force awakens" premiered. clouds lined up ready for the 7:00 showing.
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of the jedi" left off. it features mark hamill, carrie fisher, and harrison ford. fans said it was the perfect mix of old and new. it was wonderful. we loved it. >> did you like it. >> it was really cool. >> yeah. they tied a lot together. a lot of the history was built in to the movie. you would see bits of pieces of the old stuff. we remembered everything. it was really good. erin: there are still tickets available. many that's rights are -- theaters are starting first thing in the morning. you have plenty of chances. we want to know if and when you plan to see star wars. let us know on the web site or facebook or twitter by calling the number on your screen as well. more than half say you will see it no later than in the first week. there are a lot of people who say they have
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a lot of people haven't seen the first movie. sean: i love how 0% haven't seen it. they are sleeping because they stayed up late to see it. there are plenty of generous people in new hampshire. they are stepping up. erin: help is pouring in for a local mother who couldn't afford the ingredients to make a birthday cake. people are noting. sean: a claremont deli is closed after a crash caused a big mess. 5:10. people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the
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taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i
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18th. a live look from the hospital camera. plenty of clouds this morning. patchy fog in areas. maybe the risk of a quick-passing showers. 40's. a big change. true feeling like december weekend coming our way.
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with future cast coming right up. sean: a little warmer. the holidays will be brighter for hundreds of to southern new hampshire services. erin: the group led a community effort to provide gift baskets to families in need. this year. >> this year the need in raymond has grown. applications from last year. we have over 300 families that have applied, filled out applications for food, gifts, or both. we have close to 350 kids who we're providing gifts for or having people arrive gifts for. they are all coming together. erin: organizers say they should be able to fill every wish thanks to the generous response. sean: speaking of which, donations are arriving around the country. earlier this month, police were called to
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in portsmouth for a woman stealing the materials. when the officer learn it was for the birthday, he returned the items and paid for them himself. people have donated more than $1,000 in gifts. a woman from texas even sent a fruitcake. i know this story sent a lot of shock waves around the country. you know what? she was in a tough spot. erin: it is wonderful to see everyone helping out. coming up, the clock is ticking. we're going to break down some of the deadlines. sean: disney is stepping up security. there's one measure that will be visible. erin: this week's adopt a pet is lola. she has a lot of energy, she's well behaved, housebroken, and loves to cuddle. she gets along with kids, cats, and other dogs. for more information on lola and other adoptable
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member.
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with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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surgery. sean: this week's hometown hero is a state champion. rachel malanga has helped out basketball, volleyball, and softball. she's a member of the and more. >> i would like to think i lead by action. hopefully being upbeat and everything gets everyone else upbeat. it is good to see the attitudes stay up to compete against each other. sean: rachel will attend westfield where she plans to study business and continue her volleyball career. erin: she's busy. disney world is stepping up security. they are installing metal detectors. more police will be on patrol inside and outside. toy guns will no longer be allowed.
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gift shops either. only kids under the age of 14 will be allowed to wear costumes. they won't stay if the changes are in response to anything specific. the city of boston is raising the minimum age to buy tobacco products. they voted to raise the age from 18 to 21. that also includes e-cigarettes. more than 85 communities have raised the age. lawmakers are considering a bill on a statewide change. the rules take effect on february 15th. sean: winter is off to a slow and warm start. they are still predicting a strong season. less than 7.5 million people are expected to visit. up 5% from a year ago. they are expected to spend more than $1 million in just three months. christmas is just one week from today. you are running out of time to wrap up your
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packages mailed. ups says today is the deadline to send things at regular shipping rates and have them arrive in time for the christmas. tomorrow is the deadline for first class mail. you have until monday for priority to arrive. it could be tight. dozens of retailers are offering free shipping. most don't have a minimum purchase requirement. if you wanted to get me the uggs, you can have them ship for free. kevin: i recall that being on the top of the list. erin: he had a long list. sean: peace and love were at the top. kevin: start off with your weather headlines. clouds lingering. a couple of breaks. mild day on the way. temperatures in the 40's before dropping in to the 20's tonight. ahead of the much colder air. there could be some areas of light snow around tomorrow night up in the north
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flurries for central and southern areas. another warming trend. you'll notice early this morning quite a few clouds moving through. there's two systems. one located well off shore. it should stay that way. we'll reinforce the flow out of the west and northwest as it moves by later on this evening. then the colder air back out through the great lakes. lake effect snow going on there this morning. first time in a while. temperatures ranging from the upper 30's to mid 40's early on. coolest in the valleys. a bank of clouds out there. visibilities in spots are also pretty low in places. you can see how that's patchy in just a few spots this morning. factor in a few extra minutes. a steep downturn in temperature. we go from the 40's and 50's to the teens and even some single digits in far northern parts. highs today in the 40's to lower 50's before the cooler air that we'll experience most of the people starts to move in later on this evening. clouds early this morning.
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afternoon. in spots and not everywhere. we're really not looking at any kind of shower chances through the evening. overnight with partial clearing. temperatures in the 20's to lower range of the 30's. partial sunshine tomorrow. you'll notice as we go through time here as we get in to tomorrow, it will be snow and snow showers for the north country. as we cycle through, a few flurries. there could be a line of accumulation up north. anything is good news for the resorts at this point. we're looking at a good deal of sunshine around on sunday. temperatures will be chilliest then. the breeze which picks around through sunday before lightening up monday. not much in the way of weather until wednesday of next week. that looks like when rain chances start to advance back in. temperatures in the 40's to lower 50's. areas. clouds to sunny breaks. then we'll start to fall back as the winds turns to the northwest.
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20's elsewhere with partial clearing. extended forecast shows a brisk day for us tomorrow. over 25 miles an hour. we're not going to feel colder than that. the chance of snow showers and flurries. a light accumulation in the north country. beyond that, a brighter day for sunday. it will be cool with highs in the 30's. another warming trend next week. best chances of any precipitation look to be wednesday and thursday. right now warm enough that would be in the form of rain. erin: is santa going to have to wear a rain slicker. kevin: there could be some clouds. he may need to wear a rain slicker. ray: after years of declining numbers, the fight to end homelessness is stagnating. the numbers coming courtesy of a non-profit coalition. the number of homeless people in the state holding steady at about 1,600. the number was dropping every year.
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families in new hampshire is up 8% from a year ago. erin: investigators say a car fire spread to the headquarters in farmington. the car had been parked for two weeks. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a man has admitted to taking an underaged girl from new hampshire to massachusetts several times in order to engage in sexual activity. 35-year-old lawrence marks of tewksbury, massachusetts pled guilty in federal court.
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sean: this is quite a story. a little girl is getting help from all over the country. erin: sapphire and family lost their home to a fire. she wanted cards for christmas. yesterday trucks full of cards lined up to deliver them to their home. in all she received more than 200,000 cards. sean: doesn't you make you feel good to see that kind of support for the little girl? the results are in. how many meals you provided during the spirit of giving food drive. erin: many companies offer year-end bonuses. hundreds of employees are getting six figures
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: welcome back. friday, december 18th. we had a lot of rain out there yesterday. you can still see the wet roadways. slightly warmer. erin: kevin said an inch would be a foot of snow. sean: we could be shoveling this out. erin: a newly released report shows the number of homeless people in new hampshire has not changed much within the last year. a deli in claremont will remain closed through the weekend after a drunk driver caused an accident that sent a beam crashing in to the building. and salem police are on the lookout for the man
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citizens bank. sean: you are all worked up. remember what could have been? kevin: my mom had a three-week tricycle. i don't understand -- freezing. wet. along. plenty of clouds will give way to a few breaks afternoon. cooler air will be arriving starting later this evening. one more day in the 40's. then we fall back. brisk winds are going to make it feel like the 20's. sean: there's no try. only do. said yoda. here's a live look at i-93 in windham. or something? sean: he does. reverses everything. kevin: okay. i haven't seen it. good morning, deb davidson. deb: good morning. tiffany, i'm still speechless. 93 is looking good through the state right now. no major problems. just the fog will slow
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do allow extra time for that. 293 is moving well with no major problems. 101, 111, and the spaulding are incident free and up to speed. if you are heading in to massachusetts, we're just getting word of a crash on 93 south. it is on the ramp to 495 south. it is not causing any significant delays. be aware through the stretch. this report is being brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: all right. thanks. the homeless head count has been released. erin: the annual report has surprising numbers including a change in the progress being made to eliminate homelessness. ray brewer live in concord. a new emergency shelter is set to open this winter. ray: it is not clear exactly when the 60-bed shelter will open here at st. peters church in concord. it is sure to be a busy place once the cold
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the new report says the number of homeless people in new hampshire had been dropping. now it appears the numbers have stalled. the annual count reveals the numbers haven't changed much between 2014 and 2015. the new hampshire coalition to end homelessness says it is disappointing to see the decline level off. >> the numbers remain fairly stagnant. we only saw a very small decrease in our overall homeless numbers. ray: the coalition says factors point to improving conditions for the homeless. a 33% decrease in the number of people living unsheltered, outside, in cars, and abandoned buildings. fewer veterans are homeless. down 21%. the coalition says there's an increase in the average income of the working poor. up 24%. affordable housing remains a major challenge. the coalition is
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families. >> that is very concerning. those are children and parents that are living in shelters or, you know, on the streets or in their cars sometimes. ray: the group says there's also some good news. several new initiatives the past year. they are hoping those new initiatives will help turn the numbers around, lead to a decline in homelessness in new hampshire. live in concord, ray brewer. sean: all right. thanks. a manchester man is accused of leading police on a chase. an officer tried to pull the driver over for a traffic violation at the price rite. the man took off. officers went after the car but had to call off of the chase due to
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they later located the driver. erin: a deli in claremont will remain closed. the accident happened about 12:30 at faro's deli. it ran through a concrete post sending it flying in to a beam. >> all of the sudden there was a loud explosion. glass shattered. a car came in and crashed through. it happened at the light time. erin: the driver of the jeep was arrested on charges of dwi and resisting arrest. more charges could be filed. sean: salem police are asking
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they held up a citizens bank inside a shaw's supermarket. the robber claimed he had a gun. after threatened the employees, the robber made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. investigators have released a photo of three theft suspects. on december 8th, a woman told police she watched a motorcycle fall out of the back of a van. three men got out and pulled the three-wheeled vehicle. police later determined the van had been stolen from the lancelot court. the motorcycle was stolen from tiffany road. anyone who recognizes is asked to call salem police. erin: the state wants to change
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the alstead woman who holds the only medical id card will receive marijuana across the board today. linda horan sued the state to legally obtain medical marijuana in maine. last month the judge ruled in her favor. several of her supporters plan to be at dispensary when she picks up her medical marijuana today. sean: the date for the primary in new hampshire has been announced. voters will head the polls on february 9th. secretary of state made the announcement yesterday in concord. he unveiled a special poster to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the primary. the iowa caucuses will take place eight days before the new hampshire primary. erin: we want to thank everybody who donated to the spirit of giving food drive. we raised the $100,000
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matching donation from an an anonymous person. $235,000 will benefit the new hampshire food bank. >> unfortunately the need is growing. last year we sent out about 11 million. this year we'll probably do 12.5 million. the need is greater. it is based on what we have for donations. erin: people donated enough to provide for granite staters in need. we want to thank everyone. sean: it was such a pleasure meeting the folks that came in. big thank you. coming up on "daybreak," a shopping -- shocking video out of texas. he witnessed a van driving through with three people he believes all kids riding on the roof. erin: a major mishap on the basketball court. the wife of a well-known golf star was sent to the hospital after lebron james crashed in to her. kevin: temperatures back up in to the 40's.
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with tap. brisk winds to go along wi praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future
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sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control
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and for yours. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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out the door. temperatures in the low to mid 40's. maybe near 50's. a lot of clouds, even some patchy fog early giving way to a few sunny breaks. partial sunshine and others with a fairly light wind. that picks up this weekend as the cooler air rushes in. the details on your weekend with future cast coming up. sean: all right. kevin, thanks. tomorrow the democratic presidential candidates take the stage for the third debate. nikole killion is live with a look ahead. good morning, nikole. nikole: good morning. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley have no public events. all in front of the debate in st. anselm. sanders is tipping his hand he might challenge hillary clinton on foreign policy. other topics that could come up? donald trump's proposed muslim ban and some are pushing the candidates to address the state's drug epidemic. some are questioning the debates timing being on saturday night.
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in to the debate, clinton continues to lead both sanders and o'malley by double digits. sanders is performing pretty well in new hampshire, sean. sean: there were some recent headlines. bernie sanders campaign had fired a staffer for accessing confidential hillary clinton information. nikole: this was first reported by the "washington post." they claim wednesday there was a brief glitch. during the glitch, a sanders staffer was able to access confidential voter information gathered by the clinton campaign. in addition to firing the staffer, the campaign has been suspended from accessing the database. sean: all right. live from washington, thank you, nikole killion. watch the debate here. coverage starts at 8:00 saturday night. erin: the vatican made a big announcement overnight. it says that pope
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the miracle needed to make mother teresa a saint. mother teresa is the nun that cared for poor people. she's receiving the highest honor two decades after her death. no date hads been set. it has been four years since ayla reynolds disappeared. he put her to bed and never saw her again. police think the family knows more than they are receiving. they think ayla is dead. the case remains active and open. it is the largest criminal investigation in maine state police history. sean: a close call for a woman in massachusetts. a bullet hit an area in a home where a woman was standing seconds boar. they think it came from a rifle club.
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82-year-old carol stepaneck hung up her phone, it shattered a picture frame two feet from where she was standing. her son says she would have been killed. >> i couldn't think. i'm not kidding. i couldn't believe it was happening. >> i think i have a right to live without having to worry about my mother being shot in the guest quarters upstairs. sean: police are still trying to figure out where the bullet was fired from. both nearby rifle clubs existed before houses were built. over the years, stray bullets have struck over homes as well. erin: a man got quite the slobbing slobbing -- shock when he saw the minivan. three people were riding on the roof of the van looking at christmas rights. he captured the incident on his cell phone. he says the minivan had its hazard lights on and driving 10-15 miles per hour. the people on the roof looked like they were
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>> i can't believe someone put their kids on the roof and drive thru the neighborhood. that's insane. >> i think that's nuts. no responsible parent would ever put their child on top of a vehicle. erin: police say if the people on the roof for kids, several laws were broken. there's no way to tell if they are children. sean: a woman in georgia is pushing for a law that would prevent people from buying guns. april ross was left paralyzed when she was shot by her estranged husband. now she wants georgia to pass a law that prohibits spouses from buying a gun during a divorce unless they have special permission. otherwise she wants to see a law that the other spouse would be notified. erin: according to a new study, the british's dental hygiene is no worse than americans.
5:41 am
people's oral health was better than their u.s. counterparts. researchers say the average number of missing teeth is higher in the u.s. than it is in the uk. sean: interesting pictures. they were very interesting. let's talk sports. the wife of golfer jason day is recovering after lebron james fell on top of her. james was chasing after a loose ball when the 6'8", 250 pound player crashed sending ellie day backward. she was carried out on a back board. day spent the night in the hospital for observation. she is expected to be okay. erin: on the ice we go. the manchester monarchs played at kalamazoo. they forced the game in to overtime. legion won it with the
5:42 am
manchester plays at fort wayne tonight. sean: a company in texas has given its employees a huge bonus. 1,400 employees received $100,000 each. according to forbes, the total payout amounts to $100 million. the bonus which is pro-rated was given after the company met its annual goal. that will motivate employees to meet the goal if that kind of bonus is on the line. wow. that's nice. erin: yeah. it is. kevin: that's one of the corporate bonuses everyone can get behind. yes? especially for those employees. it has to be -- sean: a nice christmas. kevin: yes. you can buy the christmas gifts. we have quite a few clouds. there's patchy fog. temperatures are above the freezing mark statewide this morning thanks to the clouds making their way through. there were two systems on the maps this morning. one that will be passing well off shore of us later on this afternoon. the thickest of the cloud cover from that overhead early this
5:43 am
stays to the south. once that goes by, we start to wrap around west and northwesterly winds. that will usher in much colder air that's located back out through the great lakes and lake effect snow going on early this morning back out to the north and west. temperatures are in the 40's. just about statewide. you get in to the some of the lower valleys, maybe the highest of elevations. you are starting to see some upper 30's. sufficiently above freezing. beside the lower visibility due to patchy fog that has formed. that should take an hour or two to burn off. once it does, temperatures in most locations in to the 40's. pretty big change occurs tonight. we don't quite recover to the 40's tomorrow. partial sunshine for most areas today after a lot of clouds early. north country likely you hang around in the clouds as you tend to do this time of year. i think for central and southern areas, a couple of sunny breaks. not everywhere, as you
5:44 am
thinning of the cloud cover and sunny breaks before partial clearing takes over later on tonight. you are going to notice the trend here as we cycle through. everything moving northwest to southeast. that's the flow now. it continues to bring in the cooler air. with partial sunshine in to the afternoon, snow showers starting to occur up in the north country. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 30's to near 40 in southern areas. wii have a wind picking up. that will be gusting over 25 miles an hour. from the flow the northwest to southeast continues. we'll have areas of light snow continuing later saturday evening. could wake up with an inch or inch and a half of snow. central and southern areas later saturday afternoon and saturday night you can't discount the chance of showers or flurries. little, if any, accumulation.
5:45 am
it will likely be the coldest. next system out of the west. right now with temperatures getting back in to the 40's starting monday and in to tuesday, maybe even near 50 by the middle of next week. a lot of that will be falling in the form of rain. for this weekend, it will feel like december. some spots will start to look like it. especially in the north country. it will get an inch or two of accumulation out of anything that occurs. a lot of the north western facing with the best chance. from there, the warming trend for the middle of next week. a lot of what we see looking much longer term. keep us fairly mild at or above normal until we get snow on the ground. the pattern starts to switch in january. sean: wow. we'll have to wait. erin: we might have some of the latest snow. kevin: we're getting in to the top five starting next week. erin: all right. christmas is now just one week away. santa and his elves have
5:46 am
the elves are still sorting through hundreds of thousands of letters across the world. some kids are worried. santa says this year there's no cause for concern. >> my basic belief, of course, is that children are always good. they are always nice. if they act in a way, which, you know, we say or -- i don't say, you know, this is naughty and this, i think you have to think and ask why. erin: santa says he has a lot of work to do. he and his reindeer will be ready. sean: just in case, behave yourself. still to come, good news for star wars fans who are looking for a good
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sean: china is searching space for signs of the mysterious substance called dark matter.
5:48 am
media, china launched its first space telescope to aid. it is invisible material that makes up most of the mass of the universe. finding invisible material, i would imagine, is quite difficult. erin: how about that? you need to check it out. the new star wars movie has inspired a new workout style. a gym is now offering jedi training fitness. they try to make the exercises mirror the film action as closely as possible. it is a twist on martial arts with lightsabers. kevin: that guy is pretty jacked. sean: he looked a lot different before he started. i thought that was silly before the break. this is fun. kevin: especially with someone you may not like. sean: i get that from my son all the time. erin: if you have a hideous
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today is national ugly christmas sweater day. sean: kevin separated that last year. you can participate in three easy steps. kevin: buy an ugly christmas sweater, wear it for an entire day, help spread the word to family and friends. this could lead to an awkward conversation if you are walking around and someone doesn't wearing one of these. sean: that's the old are you pregnant question? don't go there. have them introduce you to you. people will soon be prohibited from buying cigarettes under the age
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