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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this past august. salem police say homes, mailboxes, cars were hit with spray paint, sometime between last night and early this morning. some of the graffiti was on scene, while a couple of the homes and mailboxes were targeted with the words, we're back. police say while they don't have any suspects in either this case or the one in august, they do think that who ever is responsible may live in the same general area. >> it's a little disappointing to see kids doing this stuff. i would never have done that when i was a kid, never have, so it's disappointing seeing kids doing that kind of thing. just disappointing. reporter: police say that a $1,000 reward has been offered for information in this case, call the salem police department. tom: the man accused of
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teen-age girl for months has tonight lost most of his attempts to get evidence against him tossed out. as wmur's amy coveno reports live in the studio now, a judge has also denied nathaniel kibby's request to take the lead prosecutor off the case. reporter: a blld mask, sex toys and that's just the beginnings, the defense tried to have 55 pieces of evidence suppressed, calling the search warrant a fishing expedition. it was a story that captured national headlines in 2014, a north conway teenager walking home from school vanished and then mysteriously reappeared nine and a half months later. now as more court documents become public, the alleged victim reveals unspeakable abuse, involving a shock collar, masks and other items. the assaults allegedly happened nearly every single day multiple times during her captivity. nathaniel kibby's attorneys are
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trying to have associate attorney general jane young recused from the case after kibby was recorded making lewd and violent threats about young during a jail house phone call to a friend. that motion and many others were denied in a decision issued monday by the j. the defense is also claiming double jeopardy in the 180 sex assault charges filed by the state. the state amended the way the charges are grouped, in a recent meeting with the grand jury. but the a.g.'s office deschiened to e -- declined to elaborate. the defense is also seeking access to the victim's medical record from birth. the court denied the motion. the decision states that one year prior to the kidnapping is enough to establish a baseline. the state has 32,000 pages of discovery in this case, the defense is seeking access to hundreds of pages of discovery that were redacted. the court also denied that motion. the trial is due to begin in
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tom: snow is falling in the north country tonight, causing problems for drivers. some cars have slid off the road near middle field. mike haddad says there is another round of snow right on its heels. mike: these are just scattered snow showers up north that are flying in off the lee of the great lakes. but tomorrow a weak system approaches and looks like a widespread light snow statewide. temperature wise, a big tumble from what we had yesterday to today. record highs in concord, 54 degrees, down to 26 right now in the state capital. upper 20's at the coast. nowhere close to that warmth of yesterday. take a look at the temperature change, 20 to as much as 30 degrees lower statewide compared to this hour yesterday. there were those lake effect snow, some surviving the trip in across new hampshire. again if you're traveling through the northern lakes into the white mountains, roads could be slick through the night and then the system back around
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st. paul, that will approach tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry for the morning commute and dry through the lunch time stretch. but later in the day that's when light snow will develop. we'll take a look at the timeline, how much to expect and maybe another snow chance by the weekend. all of that in a few minutes. jennifer: a new round of northern pass public information meetings. franklin is hosting the first in a series. there will be a presentation followed by a question period. these public sessions are part of a year-long permitting process. the state's site evaluation committee ruled in december that northern pass' application was complete, it's a 192-mile transmission line project that would bring energy from plants in canada to new hampshire and the rest of new england. many oppose the plan saying it would, among other things, lead to tall towers that would be an eye sore. tom: turning how to commitment 2016 coverage, tonight a war of
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presidential candidate donald trump going toe to toe with a prominent granite state republican. the situation unfolding after trump's town hall in windham this morning. here's political reporter adam sexton on trump versus sununu. reporter: in this campaign, drmp has shown himself to be a masterful political street fighter. but monday morning he decided to take on someone who might be just as pug naish us as he is. at a rally in wind ham, donald trump picked a fight with one of the biggest republican names in new hampshire politics. >> there's a guy named john h. sununu who wrote an article in this phony paper and it was so bad i don't even know the guy. he was fired by bush, he was fired, right, yeah, and he was fired viciously. and he's such a dumb guy that he doesn't know he was fired. reporter: never one to shy away from a political brawl, governor sununu responded.
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in doing that is another reason why he shouldn't be commander in chief. even on his business policies, the guy has shown that he's really not that smart. four bankruptcy, four times his lenders have said, donald, you're fired, they fired him like a beggar. reporter: at a surprise stop at the red arrow diner, trump kept jabbing at the former white house chief of staff in an interview with news 9. >> he's not a guy i have a lot respect for, i've watched him make a fool out of himself for so long ask he got fired by the bush administration and he wrote something nasty about me so i figured i'd respond. reporter: sununu fired back that the republican frontrunner's entire campaign is based on, quote, false premises and false promises. >> he claims he's the only candidate that can't be bought. i think putin showed that donald trump is the cheapest political
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both of flattery, putin had him sucking him to him. reporter: he says he is still not planning to endorse a specific candidate. however, he encourages republicans to choose between bush, christie, rubio and kasich. jennifer: wedding bells for the secret service agent hurt on a hampshire. tom: up next why he and his fiancee moved up their wedding date. >> the powerball jackpot now estimated at $1.4 billion. i'm jennifer crompton in portsmouth with some interesting new hampshire statistics, just ahead. mike: that winter chill is back, but will it stick around all week long? the forecast is coming up. >> julian edelman has been cleared to my saturday, hear from the wide receiver in
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jennifer: a nashua man faces an intoxicated driving charge tonight after police say he drove into a church hall. garcia's jeep landed inside this room, used for outreach programs. no one was inside when the crash happened around 5:00 a.m., but parishioners say things would have been very different a couple hours later. the man who raped and murdered a u.n.h. student will have a parole hearing next month. but officials say there is no chance that seth mazzaglia will leave prison. tom: he's serving a life sentence without parole for kill lizzie marriott. he was also charged with witness tampering, this spring he'll be eligible for parole only on that charge. but even if parole is granted rk
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sentence. jennifer: a judge has ruled that a pair of pitbulls involved in an attack will not be put down. new hampshire fish and game deputy and his dog were attacked as they walked op a path near his home in bow back in october. an agreement with the court, the dogs owner will pay a fine, vet bills, and will keep the dogs chained. tom: the secret service agent seriously injured in new hampshire last mob has tied the knot. 30-year-old garrett fitzgerald suffered a spinal cord injury when another driver crossed the center line in wakefield and hit fits jer amed's car head on. the agent and his fiancee planned to marry in march, but friends released this picture today saying the couple wed yesterday, in the i.c.u. they say the wedding was moved up in part because of a rigorous rehabilitation schedule forfeits
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for fitzgerald. congratulations. so a little snow out there. mike: yes, in northern sections, this is nothing compared to what's heading our way possibly by the weekend. but before we get there, a weak system approaches tomorrow. what about the timeline on tuesday's snow? you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america,
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history. scwhraryp started as 144 million back in november has now grown to an estimated $1.4 billion. jennifer crompton has more on how much money is being spent here in the granite state. reporter: it's a crazy time for the 1200 new hampshire retailers who sell lottery tickets. >> almost every customer that comes in, 10, 15, 20 tickets at a time. reporter: this month shelling out $100 saturday and again monday for a chance at a 1.4 billion jackpot. >> it's crazy. we can't fathom that amount. reporter: after turning over 19 times since november without a winner, it's breaking world records. local ones, too. for normal powerball jackpots, new hampshire sells about 4 to $500,000 of tickets a week. they sold at a pace of about
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saturday's drawing. sales for the week passing $7 million. >> i'm expecting that it's going to be even worse on wednesday. reporter: gary's beverages in portsmouth one of nine new hampshire locations that have sold nine jackpot winners in 21 years. even with odds of winning one in over 290 million, a pot too big to resist. >> i just get one. reporter: just one? >> that's all it takes. reporter: one guy's boss called from europe. >> i got one from her and one for me, but i'm going to win. tom: new hampshire has been playing powerball for 20 years. but do you know which store sells the most tickets? we have the answer at you can see if your numbers are the lucky ones this wednesday, we'll bring you the drawing live
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mike: here we go, we've brought the winter chill back the in a big way, after 50's hit many parts of new hampshire yesterday, right back into the 20's and 30's. you notice the ice at newfound lake, but that may change. there are some snow showers in the north country that will wind down this evening, then dry through midday, probably early afternoon tomorrow before the next system arrives with light snow later in the day, into the evening. dry and chilly the rest of the week and maybe a storm coming in weekend. couple of scattered snow showers up north in the great north woods, a few steadier wins in the heart of the white mountains, that's it in terms of snowfall, could see an additional dusting to an inch where it is snowing right now, but most of of the lake effect snows beginning to shut down off to our west. a lot of energy rotating through minneapolis, down through chicago, and looks like later
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light snow overspreading many parts of new hampshire. so traveling through at least two or three o'clock looks to be okay, all bets are off after two north and west of the lakes region and later in southern zones. right now 20s statewide. yesterday we were in the 50's, and overnight it's single digits north and 10 to 16 elsewhere. the timeline for the snow tomorrow, notice for the morning commutes it's dry statewide. same story around midday, one, even two o'clock. shortly after that, light snow will break out in the upper valley, white mountains and great north woods between 2:00 and 3:00 and between 3:00 and 5:00 elsewhere. of course if it's closer to 5:00 we dodge most of the evening commute with just a few scr flurries, but closer to three or four it's certainly slick out there, because all it takes is about a dusting to an inch to make the roads slippery. once we get past the mid to late evening, steady snow begins to blossom in maine, a little too far east to give us a heavy dumping of snow.
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showers may work through during the late evening and overnight stretch. later tomorrow night early wednesday morning, on average a one to two-inch snowfall, a couple of spots near three. but eastern sections closer to western maine, you could get a few spots in the mount washington valley, eastern great north woods between three and four inches of snow. notice the amounts really increase farther to the north and east as that storm explodes into the canadian maritimes. tomorrow on average 20's and lower 30's, beyond that we've got temperatures that are going to run in the cold zone, between now and the end of this week, so the coldest week so far this season is this week. what it means is another snow chance along about the first half of the weekend. whether it will be all snow or rain and snow mixed, whether that snow will stretch all the way down to foxborough, who knows. but it could play games with the game on saturday, and for travelers out and about in new england for the first half of the weekend. so we'll fine tune that as we get closer.
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especially later tomorrow and tomorrow night. tom: very good. the chiefs look good saturday. >> yeah, that snow might be good for the patriots on saturday, not so much for me, but we'll see what happens. there's a big game tonight if
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan --
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and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. who do you like in this election? not sure yet. whoever gets something done. we've gone from eight billion in the hole, to two billion in the black. we've cut taxes and we're growing from a loss of three hundred fifty thousand jobs, to a gain of three hundred forty-seven thousand jobs. what do you think? kasich. kasich. kasich. that's a funny name. he brought back jobs both from china as well as mexico and i don't believe another candidate can say that. >> it's game week for the
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ahead preparing for the kansas city chiefs. the last time the two teams met was last season when the chiefs rolled all over new england, winning 41-14. kansas city has won eleven straight games. good news for the patriots, receiver julian edelman has been cleared by doctors to play for the first time since mid-november. >> i'd say i'm more focused than anxious. erry year is different. but going in you have some experience of how these games are going to be, and where you should be, and i'll try to take advantage of trying to go out and be able to put myself in a situation to help the team. >> should abe good one, gillette stadium, 4:35 kickoff on saturday afternoon. patriots are right now a five-point favorite. and there it is, that's what they play for tonight, the college football playoff national championship trophy. number two alabama will take on top ranked clemson tonight at
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the tigers could become the first ever 15-0 national champion, while the tide look to make it four wins in the last seven seasons. alabama is a six and a half point favorite. >> it's a big game, there's no doubt for every player that's created an opportunity to play in it on both sides. but you gotta focus on the next play and do what you have to do to do your job to help your team be successful. >> they're focused on the game, all these guys understand that they have a tremendous opportunity and they've done a nice job of focusing on getting themselves ready. >> the bruins' road trip continues in new york against the rangers tonight. boston has lost six of its last eight games including saturday's 2-1 overtime loss in ottawa. the u.s.a. olympic marathon in los angeles.
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finishers will make up our olympic team in this summer's games. there are six new hampshire athletes that have qualified to race in the trials and this is one of them, keelie maguire qualified in from a last weekend running a fast half marathon. in l.a. she'll be running her first marathon. we'll hear from her tonight at 11:00. jennifer: that's exciting. tom: right now on, tickets bought in new hampshire have been cashed in for the powerball jackpot nine times. check out our list to see how much those winners took home. jennifer: and speaking of that, it's mansion monday and that is the perfect inspiration for what to do if you hit the lottery. this week we'll take you inside a home in newfields that has a salt water pool. among other things. tom: we'll see you tonight right after "the bachelor" live. [captioning performed by the which is responsible for its
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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