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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> right now at 11:00, the patriots beat the kansas city chiefs, advancing to the next playoff game for a chance to play in the super bowl. fans are celebrating the win after braving cold temperatures to cheer on the pats all day. >> messy, sloppy snow earlier today is long gone, sunday will be quiet and another round of snow monday morning. how much to expect. >> he was like buried under a tree. >> a man spends the night in a woods after crashing his car. how a k-9 led officers to his rescue. >> presidential hopefuls campaigning across the granite state. their message to the voters with three weeks to the primary. >> no one covers new hampshire like you do. wmur news 9 tonight.
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city chiefs advancing in the game. us. i'm stephanie woods. wmur's jason king is live outside the stadium and begins our team coverage. jason. reporter: hey, stephanie. that's right. the bye week was huge. they got julian edelman, rob gronkowski, and danny a men do la. let's look at the highlights. they go down the field, 80 yards on the first drive and tom brady finds gronkowski for an eight yard touchdown to put them in front. after a turnover, it is brady to gronkowski. 16 yards. gronkowski was questionable on friday, but came in and caught seven balls. julian edelman caught ten passes
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title game. >> it is good to get off to a we talked about that. you don't want to play them from behind. they hung in. they are mental he tough. they don't quit. they played hard to the end. it took a lot to beat them. it was a great win for the team. >> it tells you how mentally tough we are. i'm waiting for the next story after this game. so we'll see. see how tough we are. reporter: so there you go. we'll see what the next story is. it will be the broncos or the steelers, either here or in denver. we'll find that out tomorrow night. they are giving these away to the fans and to the press in the press box. let's go. there you go. so let's go. let's go on to either denver or pittsburgh. we'll have complete highlights and reaction from the locker
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foxborough, jason king. stephanie: lucky jason, brave hard fans tailgated before the game. jennifer crompton with the coverage on the pivotal wins. reporter: fans got here early, some tailgating by noon, hoping their excitement would translate into a victory celebration later, and boy, did it. [ drums ] reporter: fans exited the stadium doing happy dances. happy feelings about the win against the chiefs. >> it was an exciting game. the guys came through. the offense, they got their act together. the defense came through, some big plays, great game. >> they are the best team in the nfl. >> as tom brady said, i didn't come this far to come this far. >> they never give up. ever.
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that's why. >> go pats! let's go, baby. >> they did their job. some of them were a little hurt here and there. but they did their job. that's right. they did. reporter: time for these salem fans to tailgate on the back end and celebrate the victory with beef stew. >> we locked the house tonight. the team did what they were supposed to do. we won and did her job. that's it and i'm happy. reporter: the hope is that the steelers win on sunday, so they can be back here all gillette next weekend to do it again. in foxborough, jennifer crompton, wmur. stephanie: as she said, the patriots face either the steelers or the broncos in surrender next weekend. jamie staton and jason king will have more live coverage in sports. >> state troopers found a man
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enfield ten hours after he crashed his car. james borneman was traveling southbound on i-89 when he veered off the highway, struck a guardrail and hold his car. our kristen carosa has the details on the search for borneman and the charges he could be facing. reporter: police say he is lucky to be alive. after he crashed, he left his car and wandered in the woods without list phone. today he was found by a tree, and suffering from hypothermia. they are crediting his rescue to a dog named briggs. police responded to a crash and found a buick. >> we checked for the driver. no driver was located in the area. reporter: the driver, 49-year-old james borneman was driving southbound when he guardrail. at the time, officers didn't
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he was ejected from the car. officers checked with hospitals and family, but borneman could not be found. they returned to the scene hours later. >> we pushed northbound on the same side. someone slid down the embankment and there were footprints on the riverbank. >> state police asked for a sis cans assistance from the k-9 to track the missing person. this officer and his dog were called to help police say he walked through ice and snow and through a brook. they went through the water and spotted him under a tree, borneman was unconscious, around 4:30 a.m. ten hours after the crash. >> briggs found him before we did.
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he put his nose to his face. and it startled the guy and he sat up. reporter: the fire department provided immediate assistance by extending a ladder over the brook to pull borneman to safety. >> the fire department came out and assisted, got him back across the brook without having to go back in the water. they did a great job. reporter: a great effort by all involved. borneman was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police say speed was a factor in the crash. borneman could face charges for drug possession, police are investigating. reporting in the studio, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. of snow. lots of people enjoyed the long weekend today. hayley lapoint tells us about the next chance for snow. >> it looks like fun. fresh blanket in the northern reaches of the state. the rest of us, it was soupy,
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we still have a few snow showers at this hour in the higher elevation in the white mountains, see of the ski areas are picking up in the way of accumulation during the overnight hours. we are not done with snow fall. we have another round coming through in the next 24 hours or so. in the meantime, temperatures hovering around freezing has meant that there could be some refreezing on the roadways. we've had a few reports of cars going off the road due to icy areas, so be careful of that. 32 in manchester, 37 in nashua. here is a breakdown of the holiday weekend forecast. tomorrow, increasing clouds, bright skies, longer to the north with temperatures in the upper 20s. on monday, some much colder air comes in because of a sharp cold front that will bring in snow. i'll talk about how much you can expect coming up. stephanie: thank you. the lebanon fire department is fire.
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building on the hanover street extension at 1:45 this afternoon. the building was vacant. firefighters did not enter it for safety reasons. crews attacked the flames from outside with hoses and fortunately, no one was hurt. >> in commitment 2016 coverage. donald trump is in the granite state today. trump spoke at an event hosted by scott brown in portsmouth. hundreds braved the snowy conditions to hear the gop hopeful speak at a toyota dealership. after the presidential debate in south carolina, trump continued to attack his chief a ponent, ted cruz. >> a lot of people do not like ted, to put it mildly. i said am i the only person that thinks he is a nice guy. as it turned out, he went off the wagon and went crazy. >> brown says he will be endorsing someone for president, but not until after the g.o.p.
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>> candidate jeb bush made several stops across the granite state today. he hosted town halls in amherst and ham stead. he talked about the capture of el chapo and the addiction crisis in new hampshire. >> this guy is poisoning people here. we need to be vigilant on the border to make sure drugs don't come across. stephanie: bush defended his foreign policy including a no-fly zone over syria and spoke about the hostages released from iran today. rand paul met with voters across the state. he spoke with a few dozen supporters as a pizza shop in newport. this week, the senator from kentucky chose not to take part in the debate. instead, the campaign reached at least seven million vetters
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he says there is no place for donald trump in the g.o.p. >> the rhetoric from trump is not good for the party or good for the can country. so i have been saying two years we need a bigger, better, bolder republican party. we shouldn't give up on what we believe. stephanie: he also made a brief stop in concord and had a town hall meeting in hanover. he attended a patriots watch party this evening. ohio governor john kasich spoke at a town hall, where the first notes of the first in the nation primary are cast. people trudged through heavy snow fall and packed the room to listen to him. kasich will be back in new hampshire for a town hall in lebanon monday. and former hp-ceo carlie
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was also here this afternoon. and tomorrow, and from town halls to backyards, to diner stops, campaigning for the first in the nation primary is like none else in the country. that tradition is at stake as some try to bump new hampshire out of the first spot. this sunday, we'll have an encore presentation and look at primaries and what it means to the granite state and the candidates. >> we give them the respect. we go out of our way as voters, as residents, as members of the media to give them the opportunity to make their case in our living rooms, on our streets. in meeting rooms. stephanie: tune in sunday at 4:00 on wmur for first in the nation, 100 years of tradition. you can also stream it on or on our mobile app. coming up on news 9 at 11:00, a massachusetts marine is missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii.
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weather is slowing down rescue crews. and the patriots are selling a big playoff win. more live coverage in sports. >> a couple more days of the holiday weekend on us here. it will feature colder air, and yes, more snow. who gets what she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million
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called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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stephanie: rescuers are searching for 12 marines who disappeared after two helicopters crashed in hawaii, today they faced strong winds and waves as high as 30 feet. the marines became concerned when two helicopters failed to return from a training mission and they saw debris in oahu. >> we saw debris that is aircraft. >> family and friend have taken to social media to pray for orlando, a new hampshire marine. he is described as a surfer who loves the ocean. if anyone could survive a crash, they say, it's him. five americans are coming home after the u.s. and iran negotiated a prisoner swap. it took effect today, allowing
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in exchange, several iranian citizens will be pardoned or have charges dropped. iran originally sought the release of 19 people. president obama declared a state of emergency for flint, michigan today. the city's drinking water is contaminated with lead. he will direct federal funding and disaster relieve to the area. fema is authorized to give water to people in flint for 90 days. >> now, hayley lapoint and the storm watch 9 forecast. >> good evening, what a wild ride we had today, right? most of us woke up with rain, then sleet, then snow. and the sun came out and this evening we've had a bit of freezing drizzle going on. you can see the roads are wet in derry and portsmouth.
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that will be the case tomorrow morning. the snow piled up in a few spots, we got a few inches across the state. the highest amount was barrington at four inches. 2.8 in greenland and strait ham. 2.3 in concord. so you got lesser amounts when you got into concord, manchester, nashua, down into salem. now, so far this winter in concord we've had 9.4-inches. that is well below the average amount. usually by this time in concord, it is about 25.8. last year at this time, this was even before the big blitz of snow that we had with the blizzards at the end of january, we had 22-inches of snow fall. so so far this year, certainly it's been a slow start. not a big surprise after how mild it was in december. we have a few snow showers tracking across the northern portion of the state, especially in the higher elevations, in the mount washington valley, so these areas, there could be a
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accumulation overnight. you do notice the thicker cloud cover overhead. in southern areas we have a bit of clearing. i'll zoom down and show you conway into chatham, we have some snow showers that are passing through. but this is not a widespread thing. just in the mountains at the moment. but notice the thicker cloud cover down to the south here. there is a storm system that is going to make a bee line for the east coast tomorrow. it moves by us but will not bring rainfall or snow to us. it will be some extra cloud cover we get tomorrow, the snow that we get is coming right out of canada and bringing much colder air. let me show you the temperatures right now. 32 degrees in manchester, 37 in nashua. 35 degrees in concord. most of us still above freezing by only a degree or two, but again overnight as the temperatures continue to dip we
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means there could be icy spots in the overnight hours. here is 8:00 tomorrow, maybe you are heading out for church services and doing errands. it will be bright and sunny but the sunshine doesn't last all day long. clouds invade, especially in southern new hampshire from the storm system. it will stay to the south with the rain, but we'll get the clouds from it. overnight is when the next system comes through. it is a clipper system, a sharp cold front that comes through. it is quick, but it will bring some intense snow shower action, even some snow squalls early on monday morning, right around the commute time if you do happen to work on monday, or if you're heading north to do skiing, be careful. the snow squalls can be nasty, where you get reduced visibility and a quick dusting to a couple inches of snow fall that can make the roads very slick. i think one to three inches across the state from sunday into monday morning from this quick system. not a lot of snow, but it will grease up the road.
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otherwise, partly cloudy, temperatures in the 20s. tomorrow, 20s up north, 30s in the southern part of the state as clouds fill in for skiing and boarding tomorrow, sunny, 20s, more snow showers on monday and the cold settles in. on tuesday, only 22 degrees for the high with single digit low temperatures and then watching next weekend for possibly another storm. so we're keeping tabs on all this snow coming in. stephanie: winter is finally here. hayley and i are wearing blue for the patriots, a big day for the patriots. jamie staton is here. >> that is why they won. a lot of questions about the patriots coming in the game. jason king, they answered all of them tonight. >> they certainly did. they got some help from the
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>> now, jamie staton and news 9 sports. >> the kansas city chiefs were not impressive. they had a delay of game penalty, poor clock management and that is what happened to teams when they go up against the pats at gillette stadium. the patriots are moving to the afc championship game. jason king joins us with the game coverage. jason. reporter: that's absolutely right, jamie. tom brady is 15-3 at home in the playoffs. if you're going to beat tom brady in the playoffs, you have to play your best football and the chiefs did not do that. tom brady and the pats along with bill belichick trying to get to the afc title for the fifth consecutive year. they looked like the team that started the season 10-0.
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found gronk for the touchdown, 7-0. then brady leads them on a 98-yard drive and a 10-yard run down. he came up inches short. turnovers, critical in the playoffs. the pats get one here. third quarter, chandler jones strips the ball from nile davis, recovered by dante hightower. jones came out of the game with a right knee issue. the pats were in business and turned it into another touchdown. brady, 16 years to gronkowski again. up 21-6. gronk, seven catches. the chiefs finally get a touchdown in the third quarter, smith to wilson, cut the lead to 21-13. they added a field goal of 40 and 32 yards and were up by 14 points. the chiefs score late, but patriots magic to steal it.
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year in a row, the patriots advance to the afc championship game, 27-20, the final tonight. >> it was a great win. took everything we got. a lot of guys played hard, a lot of guys have been fighting through some stuff. pretty special to get back to a championship game. >> we definitely want to establish the run, no matter what the plan is going in. we definitely kept the ball in tom's hands, let him dish it around a little bit. >> super chemistry. you can't go out there and all of a sudden, bam, you have the play down. i have been with tom for a while. we try to work on new things all the time. >> the game comes down to turnover ratio, third down and the red area and i think we may have won all three. our percentage is like 97% if you win those. if you take care of the ball,
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the red area, that's the formula to win. >> so the patriots players that had to play did, and they contributed. julian edelman, 10 catches for 100 yards. on to the afc title game. pittsburgh or denver. if pittsburgh wins, the patriots player. if denver wins, they go west to the broncos. live outside of gillette stadium, i'm jason king. >> nice job, have a safe trip back. the nfc playoff game is wild. that should read 20-20 -- or actually, 20-19. green bay converted on a hail mary in the end zone, if they kick the point after, it goes to overtime. on to other sports, the bruins skating in boston against the
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tied at one, 39 seconds into the period, bergeron with his second goal, 2-1 boston, 2-2 in the third, a great goal, 16th. boston with a 3-2 lead and the bruins win 3-2. >> manchester monarchs played the norfolk admirals. they were in danger of being shut out at home. joey diamond scored to cut the lead in half. 27 seconds to go, michael bogan saved the day. it forced overtime, but the admirals win it. first monarchs' loss in six games, they play again tomorrow at 3:00. unh hockey played northeastern, down 1-0 in the second, darren koriale had a sweep wraparound but they are struggling big time and lost at home to north eastern, 6-2. that one certainly hurts, no question.
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there for you. where is the court reporting? celtics in washington tonight. and college basketball all still to come. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take
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and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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>> after a win last night, celtics on the court looking to win at the washington wizards, isaiah thomas pulls up, knocks down a three. what a player, 32 points. late in the game, avery bradley will knock down a big three to give the celtics a 114-110 lead. it was tied in the final seconds. watch how it ends, they loop it to jae crowder. here come the wizards, john wall with a chance to tie it at the buzzer gets all the way to the hoop and misses and the celtics win, 119-117. college basketball, they knock down a three, score 28. saint a's fires from deep. that is another three. not quite enough. southern connecticut state wins. in the women's game, the same
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state and saints a's, a three, and the women win, saint a's, 60-50. >> that does it for news nine tonight. have there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter
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