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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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adam: now at 6:00 -- snow slamming the east coast, shutting down transportation in major cities and dumping 40 inches of snow in some areas. more than 5000 flights canceled today. hayley: a huge blizzard just a few miles south of us passes by. who could get gusty winds as and when it exits, coming up. stephanie: republican presidential candidates face off in nashua for a town hall meeting. we' ll hear from seven presidential hopefuls. adam: the patriots arrive in colorado to take on the broncos tomorrow. we' re live in denver with how the team is preparing for the afc championship game. announcer: no one covers new
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now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. stephanie: right now, a blizzard is slamming the east coast from north carolina to new york causing whiteout conditions and trouble for travelers. a live look at new york city where public transportation is closed, and 12 people are dead in the wake of the storm. good evening, i' m stephanie woods. adam: and i' m adam sexton. wmur' s aixa diaz is live in washington, d.c. where it has been snowing for more than 24 hours now. reporter: the snow and wind have been relentless over the past few hours. we are not the only area getting slammed by the storm. the white house covered in white. >> took a few pictures of the snowman in front of the white house. reporter: washington, d.c., is in the middle of a winter storm for record books. tourists are taking it in. >> in georgia, half an inch of snow is great. this is fantastic.
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up in the afternoon. >> this is an emergency event. we are very much still in our emergency response phase. >> we are going to commence a ban on roads in the downstate area. reporter: a travel ban is in effect in york city. public transportation has been suspended, broadway shows canceled. >> if you stay inside and stay warm, you will be fine. reporter: new jersey is dealing with coastal flooding. coastal towns were temporarily isolated when the floodwaters came in. in north carolina, a sixth person has died as a result of snow and ice on the roads. this could turn out to be one of the top 10 worst winter storms to hit the east coast. life in washington, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. it is not going in manchester. travelers are dealing with the mess created by the storms. 14 flights to and from the manchester-boston regional airport were canceled this
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flights or rerouted their travel plans to avoid using airports affected by the snow. the first in the nation town hall took place in nashua. seven candidates were there to speak. new jersey governor chris christie planned to attend, but he returned to new jersey because of the snowstorm. kristen carosa was there and has the story. kristen: several republican candidates took aim at the party' s front runner, donald saturday as they try to break out of the pack. >> we have a front runner in our party who is not a conservative. he is not. he is a gifted entertainer but not a conservative. somebody who thinks power is a good thing and he is so smart and rich that if you give him things?
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clinton and the current administration. >> they all say, how would you do against hillary? come on, she is a plumber. you can see she is a fragile candidate. >> mrs. clinton has escaped prosecution more times than el chapo. perhaps shock and should interview her. the truth is she will not be held accountable until we have a fearless fighter that will face of down on the debate stage. >> we are on the road to decline now. the reason is because in 2008, was not interested in fixing the problems of america. we elected a president who wanted to change america. >> the democratic party is no opportunity. if we don' that was a candidate that focuses on that, what will happen this election will be what happened last election.
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republicans to offer someone who will provide real presidential experience and leadership on behalf of the united states. kristen: in nashua, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. adam: today, the clinton campaign kicked off massive canvassing efforts around the state. on the seacoast, they had the help of senator jeanne shaheen. it is important to point out heading into the fourth quarter of the primary that nobody wins first in the nation my jeanne shaheen. on february 7, tom brady could win his fifth super bowl ring solidifying his status as the , greatest of all time. two days later, new hampshire votes. but if the primary was the super bowl, there is one granite stater with more lombardi trophies than brady -- jeanne shaheen. adam: what' s the secret? jeanne shaheen: no, listen, for me it' s finding the candidate who i believe would do the best job, be the very best person in the race, and then doing everything i can to help. adam: shaheen has been a campaign manager or campaign
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quarterback of a primary election bid, for five first-in-the-nation wins. in 1976, an out-of-nowhere >> we' we' re number 1. adam: four years later, carter -- president carter faced a challenge from ted kennedy. and jeanne shaheen helped beat the biggest name in democratic politics in his own backyard so convincingly he didn' t seem to know how to react. >> we got almost 40% of the vote. adam: in ' 84, a win for the ages with gary hart. >> i love new hampshire, haha. adam: 2000, she guided al gore past bill bradley. 2004, she stood by john kerry in a crowded field, and he won. why does this matter? well, if hillary clinton really is trailing bernie sanders by a couple touchdowns, it doesn' t hurt to have someone on your team who can do in the new hampshire primary what tom brady can do on a football field. >> she' s absolutely incredible because jeannie has such a good
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adam: as for why this perennial champ is picking hillary over bernie, she says she wants a president who can do their job. jeanne shaheen: who knows how things work and can go to washington and be president and doesn' t need any on-the-job training. stephanie: the patriots are in denver getting ready to take on the broncos for a chance to play in the super bowl. the afc championship game less than 24 hours from now. wmur' s jason king is live in denver. and jason, how are the pats preparing for the big game? jason: hopefully, they are preparing to win. they could advance to the night super bowl which would make them number one all-time in terms of franchises in the nfl. earlier today, we walked around this stadium at mile high. it is a very nice place, although it has not been very nice to the patriots. tom brady is 2-6 lifetime in games played here in denver.
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the patriots as a franchise are 0-3 in postseason games in denver. there' s a first time for everything. it should be a great football game. the patriots have the best offense, the broncos one of the best offenses. with two of the best quarterbacks to ever play squaring off, that sets up something special. >> they have a great tradition there. we have played a lot of good bronco teams and beat them a couple of times. but they beat us most of the time. i would love to get to that number three in the win column this weekend. >> going back to the history of all of those games, usually the better team probably wins no matter where you are playing. but i just know we worked hard to earn the opportunity to play here at home. excited to be playing in front of our fans on sunday. jason: those fans will be fired up.
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we will catch up with one of the biggest patriots fan clubs in the country. they are huge and big in denver. we will have that tonight at 11:00. later in sports, we will hear from judean edelman and talk more football. live in denver with the patriots, jason king, news 9 sports. adam: a car crashes into a home while a family is asleep inside. what charges the driver is facing. hayley: a massive snowstorm south of us.
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stephanie: welcome back to news 9. a close call for a family this morning. adam: police say the driver lost control just before 1:00 this morning on route 153. if plow through the snow and crashed into the corner of the
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fortunately, the people inside were sleeping on the opposite end and not hurt. the driver and four children in the s.u.v. were not injured. the driver faces charges for transporting drugs and not having children properly buckled in. stephanie: at this point -- >> at this point, the driver is been charged with drugs in a motor vehicle and not having the children properly seatbelt and. adam: the driver will be arraigned on february 16 at conley district court. stephanie: it looks like we will have a mild week which is nice. hayley: temperatures will be warming up. we are missing out on the blizzard to the south of us. the weekend looks nice with sunshine. we will talk more about it, coming up. stephanie: in sports, jason king is live in denver. jason: it is a bit of a beautiful weekend for football in denver, colorado.
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announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch nine forecast. hayley: we have been watching this storm system to the south just skirting by southern new hampshire.
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toward the east. in most places north of concord, it is completely clear at the moment as this system hugs the coastline. in portsmouth, there might be a couple of flurries flying. there is the chance of a couple of light flurries in far southern communities, southeastern communities of new hampshire. here are some of the bands, the northern bands of this massive blizzard going on just a few miles to the south of us. there might be a few light snow showers or flurries coming down from seabrook toward kingston, kensington, maybe newton, salem, atkinson, even toward the hudson area. maybe even eastern portions of nashua, there might be a couple of flurries. that will be about it. some of this is not even hitting the ground because we have high pressure to the north of us and dry air on top of us. that tends to inhibit the snow from reaching the ground on the
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look at how big this is. you have had a bands of snow in new york city down toward washington, d.c., where it has been snowing for almost 24 hours in those communities. at j.f.k., they have 24 inches of snow recorded, breaking a record for the day. this low-pressure system continuing to track toward the north and east. it will not make it into northern new england. it will move out over the next couple of hours. temperatures have been chilly today, especially with the breezes kicking up. it has built colder than the 20 degree readings. we have fallen into the teens up north. the winds coming out of the northeast. it is a real nor' easter. there may be some wind gusts exceeding 20 miles per hour, especially at the coastline. you could have wind gusts that get close to 30 miles an hour this evening. here is this big system continuing to work north and east. the line is on the new
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this whole thing pushes out to see overnight. sunny. back to a nice weekend day. activities. late day clouds will finish the last fill in as a weak system get in. partly cloudy in the northern portion of the state. where it is clear, temperatures will get low -- temperatures will bit below zero. upper 20' s in the great north woods and toward littleton. a perfect ski day tomorrow. it will be chilly at first tracks. my lunch break, temperatures close to 30 degrees. big game tomorrow in denver. the weather' s not be an issue. 40 45 degrees and cloudy is the forecast. we warm-up close to 40 on tuesday.
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considering there could be spotty showers. the same is true on wednesday. the week. announcer: now, jamie staton and news 9 starts. jamie: the patriots and broncos set to class tomorrow afternoon. at mile high is where we find jason king ready to cover the cape the less game tomorrow. jason? jason: as i mentioned earlier, if the patriots win tomorrow, they will advance to the ninth super bowl in franchise history. that will move them ahead of the steelers and cowboys for all time super bowl appearances. if they are going to win, they need julian edelman. he has been huge for this offense and proved it last week. everybody talks about rob gronkowski and tom brady for degrees in -- for good reason, but last week he had 10 catches for 100 yards.
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the stat he cares most about is the fact he had a career-high three drops in the game. he spent the week honing his craft. he says everyone has to get better to beat the broncos tomorrow. julian edelman: you have a bunch of dudes that play the game the way it is supposed to be played. if you slack off and don' t work on the fundamentals, these guys take advantage. >> i feel he brings the whole offense together. you take him out and that one guy is missing on the middle or the outside, he is there, it makes them a complete team. >> it will take your best effort to match. hopefully, our defense plays great. we as an offense half to do our job regardless and play our very test -- very best.
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game tomorrow. it is likely the patriots will all the preparation is in. today. they were back at their hotel by noon. we saw a few of the players downtown taking in some of the sites. now it is just mental preparation to get ready for gametime, 3:05 tomorrow in denver. live for the patriots in denver, jason king, wmur news 9 sports. jamie: jason, running into any patriots fans? jason: we ran into some at our hotel this afternoon. they turned us on to the fact that the pikes peak patriots fan club is in town tonight. we will catch up with them tonight. they are very big in denver. jamie: we will see you tonight at 11:00. we expect to see the celtics and bruins in action tonight. due to the snowstorm, it has been postponed until tomorrow night at 7:00. the bruins will play tonight.
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big 10 basketball, michigan at nebraska. duncan robinson from new castle plays for michigan, and he gets a big dunk late in the game to put the wolverines up by four points. he also hit a couple of big free throws down the stretch. he was the top scorer in the game with 19 points. michigan won 81-68. they are 15-5 this year . notre dame at unh hockey, a 5:00 p.m. start in durham tonight. he scores his night of the season. the senior got the start. 1-0. they scored early in the second to make it 2-0. andrew has scored for unh. it is a 2-1 notre dame lead. we have more hockey still to come. the monarchs skate on their home ice tonight. and we have the high schools covered as well.
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jamie: monarchs are on their home ice tonight against the thunder.
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there forward a huge patriots fan. >> i am from bridgewater, massachusetts. whole life. i was about eight or nine years quarterback. ever since i can remember, he was playing quarterback for the patriots. i am a huge fan, probably one of the biggest you will ever meet. very excited for the game this weekend. denver is a good opponent. like i said, when everyone is healthy on the patriots offense, not a lot of teams scare me. jamie: high school hockey today, the game just ended. a cardinals goal made it 2-0 for bishop. benjamin peterson to jordan, another big goal. 3-0.
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