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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now wmur news 9 at 5:00. josh: snow squalls are moving out, but bitterly cold air is headed toward new hampshire. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. let's get right to mike haddad for a closer look at some dangerous cold. mike: yes, first time this season that we'll be dealing with the arctic chill, no question about that, temperatures dropping sub-zero by a few spots tonight. right now a few left over snow showers in the lakes region, could be an isolated snow shower through eight or nine tonight. temperature wise much lower than we were at this hour yesterday, near 10 on the canadian border, to low 20's concord points south and southeast. but sub-zero just over the border, and eventually that moves into new hampshire. a big surge of arctic air blasts in here over the next few days, the full force saturday and
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not get above zero all across new hampshire. so how low do the temperatures go, what about the strength of the wind and any more snow chances, we'll look at all of that, ahead. josh: a manchester man is accused of using facebook to make sexual advances to to 12-year-old girls. earnest hardy facing several criminal charges. andy? reporter: all the charges that hardy faces are felonies including two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. hardy appeared before a judge this morning in nashua by video, accused of using facebook to make contact with two 12-year-old girls. police say hardy attempted to get one girl to send him a nude picture and tried to get the other to arrange a sexual encounter. the mother of one of the alleged victims was in court, she did not want to be identified, but says parents need to be aware of this type of thing. >> disgusting. very, very, disgusted.
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she should not be subject to something so horrible by such an older person, an older man, and i just want parents to know to watch, be very, very cautious with the younger kids, the daughters especially. it's a horrible, horrible thing. reporter: hardy's bail was set at $15,000 cash, if released he is not to have contact with minors and is barred from using the internet. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jennifer: wall street's roller coaster ride is back after another dreadful day for stocks, markets tumbled several hundred points this morning and it never recovered. everything in the red, the dow closing down 254 points, the nasdaq down two. tonight that uncertainty on wall street is partly from comment by the federal reserve chair about global risk for the u.s. economy. but falling oil prices are also bringing down the stocks of
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flip side, though. lower gas prices. suzanne roantree is live tonight with what this all means for your household budget. reporter: we're all enjoying these lower gas prices at the pumps, check out these prices right here. the lower fuel costs could affect our 401-k's and other investments which could at least hurt in the short run. but investors say not to panic yet. >> in the long run, it will turn out to be helpful for the investment portfolios. news. reporter: financial advisor marshall rowe says there are aa couple reasons for. that. >> one is that energy companies and the price of those shares are way down and are likely to stay down for a while. the other reason is that the credit markets, meaning the banks, particularly european banks, who have lent a lot of money to the energy industry, are severely stressed, and we might see a bank failure in europe that will cause and is
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reporter: many drivers are saying they're just enjoying the savings at the pump. >> i'm a long-term player with all that, so i'm not worried about any of the short-term ups and downs. >> not right now. things change. >> at least it feels good now. reporter: with domestic gasoline and crude oil supply at record levels, rowe says oil prices are likely to stay lower for quite some time and that's a plus for awful us in the long run. >> that's good for our economy, it good for fill up your home heating oil tank, it good for your gas bill. and in the long run we get to spend that money on other things. our homes, our vacations, things athat we like to spend money on. reporter: and big businesses are also enjoying lower fuel costs as well. >> the airline industry is making a lot of money. the trucking industry, the rail industry, both benefit from lower fuel charges. reporter: on the average here in the granite state, we're paying
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nationwide it's at 1.70. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. josh: commitment 2016, right now the democratic presidential candidates are descending on milwaukee. this is the first debate since bernie sanders' big win in the new hampshire primary, of course. let's go to sally kidd in our washington bureau. reporter: josh, nevada and south carolina, two states with more diverse electorates are next up on the nominating calendar. so we're expecting to see issues that matter to minority voters to play a bigger role in this debate. senator bernie sanders will try to build on his big win in new hampshire, going one on one with hillary clinton for the first time since tuesday's primary. >> now that she's struggling she needs these debates to convince her own party that she can win in november. she really looks vulnerable. reporter: today clinton won a key endorsement. >> when the issues that are
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hillary clinton has been there. reporter: sanders picked up support from an entertainer and civil rights activist. >> i think he represents opportunity, i think he represents a moral imperative. reporter: meantime, republicans are stumping in south carolina. john kasich, who finished second to donald trump in new hampshire, is taking aim at jeb bush. >> everything is trashing people, trump is like, all this guy does is attack. he needs to start being more positive. reporter: bush hammered away at trump. >> insult people, divide people, basically just talk trash on his nomination. do you want someone like that? reporter: trump campaigns in louisiana tonight after a rally in south carolina last night. >> the last thing we need is you. reporter: there hasn't been much carolina.
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were taken before iowa and show trump and clinton in the lead. sally kidd, wmur news 9. josh: thanks. the presidential campaigns have pulled away from new hampshire, politics is refocusing on the u.s. senate race between incumbent ayotte and governor hassan. senator ayotte today followed the governor to sign a pledge to keep third party money and special interests out of this race. >> said she's gotten into this senate race, she has repeatedly railed against third party special interest groups, and if she really is concerned about this and this is not just a campaign talking point, i hope she'll do something about it. >> i'm also a little bit interested that it is coming from senator ayotte now after outside groups have spent already $5 million to benefit her and given her strong support for the citizens united case. having said that, i will carefully.
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first introduced during the 2012 senate race in massachusetts between scott brown and elizabeth warren. coming up at 6:00 we'll explain the details of this plenty and matter what analysts think of ayotte's offer. just in to our newsroom, looks like a familiar name could be added to the list of candidates running for governor. mayor gatsas says he's receiving a lot of encouragement to run and is considering it. >> i think there's a lot of things that i've been watching from the local level that people in concord don't realize are happening here. probably the most predominant thing is the drug epidemic that's happened in the city of manchester, and how long it took for people to respond to it. josh: he hasn't set any timelines for himself but will take some time over the next couple weeks to focus on a decision. joined now by john distaso, good to see you. the governors race is slow to take shape, but now things will start picking up. >> with the primary over we're
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the open seat for governor it is starting to take shape. we have obviously mayor gatsas. others are considering it such as jeannie forester, possibly jeb bradley. and frank, actually a step further exploring a run and is likely to run. on the democratic side we have two announced candidates, colin van ostern and mark connolly and also the possibility of stefany shaheen jumping in at some point. seems like a lot of democrats are excited about that possibility. josh: the potential exists that we could have a sununu-shaheen race for governor. thanks, john. back to you. jennifer: let's get a look at how traffic is moving around the state tonight. 293 north in manchester from the elliott at rivers edge camera,
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heavy out there, but at least it's moving. peggy james is live now with a closer look at the commute. >> hi, good evening, everyone. we have one trouble spot in candia on 101 eastbound, a two-car crash that happened 20 minutes ago that has things backed up through the candia stretch, expect delays there. coming up from the massachusetts border is a pretty good ride until you get to londonderry, then we're see egg backups on the approach to manchester. 293 moving well, although it is heavy, and no problems through hooksett and also on up to concord with minor slowdowns at the exits 12 through 15 through the city of concord. on 101 west getting busy through the bedford stretch at 114, and the everett turnpike no incidents going on right now. starting to see heavy volume on the spaulding turnpike as well. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. josh: tonight the long running
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preserve is over. jennifer: up next the final occupiers surrendered as one protest leader appeared in court. josh: one of the world's most famous races is struggle this winter, that's because the iditarod might not have enough snow. mike: a frigid feel later tonight as temperatures continue to fall. jennifer: the campaigns are gone, but the signs remain. one college has a plan to keep the signs from turning into trash. josh: then why prosecutors are dropping some charges against the man accused of loving a
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jennifer: now to breaking news out of georgia tonight, police say an officer was shot and killed during a police operation outside of atlanta. riverdale police confirming a suspect was also hurt in the gunfire. authorities did not elaborate about what the operation was or what led to that shooting. tonight the standoff at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon is over, after six weeks.
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occupiers surrendered today. brandi hitt has the recordings of a phone call that captured the tense finish. reporter: a tense ending to a more than 40-day standoff inside this national wildlife refuge in oregon. first, three of the final four occupiers turned themselves in after negotiating with federal agents. their surrender playing out over a live streamed phone call. a nevada a sendably woman also stepping in. >> i'm here, i'm here with you. reporter: over the phone the ranchers rights supporter pleaded with the group to surrender. >> we don't need weapons right now, they cannot fire upon you with the world watching. reporter: they are demanding the federal government turn over public land to local control. last month the standoff's leaders were arrested during a
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the group spokesperson, lavoy finicum, shot and killed after a police chase. investigators say he had reached for a gun. after another hour of negotiations, the final manholed up inside gave up, peacefully. all four are set to appear in court tomorrow. agents have all arrested cliven bundy, the father of one of the occupation leaders, on charges tied to a different government standoff two years ago. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. jennifer: alaska's iditarod is running into trouble. low snow levels have organizers race. last year the official start line was moved from willow to fair bangs, which is 200 miles away. this year willow has enough snow to kick off the race, but snow. the race is schedule forward the
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a lot of snowfall this season, but brace yourself for a blast of bitterly cold air. things are going to get dangerously cold this weekend, in fact. meteorologist hayley lapoint is live in windham with what you need to know to keep yourself safe. hayley: we're looking at some very cold temperatures over the next couple of days or so. i wanted to give you an update on the ice conditions. i'm standing by a pond, where if you look in the far distance there's still open water. so new hampshire fish and game are sending out words of caution, if do you have plans to head out on the ice this weekend. here are some pictures that they sent to us from earlier this week, they were out testing the waters all around the state. and checking with awgers and ice sticks. they're saying that it's not safe on any pond or lake to drive a car or truck on it at
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they are also saying you need about six inches to walk on the ice and a good eight to 10 inches if you decide to put a snowmobile on the ice. if you do happen to fall through the ice, they say don't panic, i know that's easier said than done, but you want to get over to where the ice was thicker right before you fell in, give it a big bear hug, throw your arms on top of the ice and kick as hard as can you to bring yourself up onto the ice, then they say to roll away from the hole, to get yourself back to safety. but hopefully you don't have to worry about that. the colder air that we're going to have this weekend will help freeze up some of our area lakes and ponds. i'll have more on the extreme cold coming up at 6:00, in the meantime, i'm hayley lapoint live in windham. mike: all right, we are tracking those cold temperatures, as you mentioned. the coldest of the season so far certainly is going to be moving in. so how cold does it get? we'll take a look at the numbers in a minute. our live web cam network in
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overcast, still a few leftover flakes that will continue to fly in. as the leading edge of the first wave of arctic air moves in tonight, and with that some snow showers. heavy duty squalls have been across new hampshire they've been a little lighter. having said that we've picked up snow. roads will be a little slick evening. there's not a lot falling now, but around the lakes region, nosing down through northern stratford county, new durham and milton, a band of light snow showers at times bordering on moderate, but it's just enough to make the roads a little slick. same story up north, a few continue. anywhere in the state could see a snow shower until about nine or 10 tonight. that's only part of the story,
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active a good part of this thursday, driving the feel-like temperature sub-zero in jaffrey, same story in whitefield, two above in plymouth and three above along the coast, so it does feel colder when you factor in temperature and wind. this is only the beginning of the very cold air that's moving in. by the weekend sub-zero wind chills all weekend long. actual air temperatures tonight take a tumble, sub-zero up north. actual air temperature is three to five below up north, in manchester, about seven, eight or nine by early morning. it's very warm in the deep south, parts of the southeast beginning to warm up, so it will be a narrow corridor of very cold air that bundles in towards the northeast and it all reflected here in the jet stream. tonight and tomorrow the core of
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the border, then it drives in here saturday and sunday, accompanied by very gusty winds. so dangerous within chills saturday and on sunday before that arctic chill retreats out of here by presidents day and on tuesday. so what happens to the temperatures? you know where they're headed, much lower, down to 5 below up north, near zero or above elsewhere. tomorrow very low 20's in southern new hampshire, some increasing cloud. once we get into saturday, early in the morning keep in mind there could be a brief snow shower or squall, that will an long that major arctic front that moves in, so temperatures start off about 5 north, 15 south and temperatures fall all day, wind chills sub zero all day. it's just two days. so if you plan to ski the next few days, monday is certainly the pick. if not, make plans to make a
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josh: welcome back. most parents are aware of the problems of cyber bullying, but
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kids from becoming victims. jennifer: but what do do you if your child is the bully? megan hughes takes a look. reporter: at shipley elementary school in west virginia these third graders already have bullied. >> i was kind of sad because he was calling me stupid. >> thought it was a little like depressed after that. >> do you want to bully back, thing. reporter: lexi helps students resist that urge. >> step one. step two? don't retaliate. reporter: experts say children who have been bully often become bullies themselves of she's also been a target. >> people who do cyber bully,es anonymously, are cowards. >> some kids think it's funny. reporter: she says children are often still developing impulse control.
5:26 pm
>> your child who is the bully, even if they're doing it for reasons that are childhood reasons that later in life will be meaningless, can have a police record. reporter: what if your child is the cyber bully? one study found more than 80% of young people think it's easier to get away with bullying online than in person at school. >> i wanted to create this filter system that would monitor so parents would feel a little relief knowing and trusting that their kid can use these social media platforms and text messaging. reporter: she showses one of the solutions, her software, my social sitter, when a teen types a negative message, it gets notified. >> if you love your kids, you've got to keep up with that technology. reporter: lexi's own mother hasn't gotten the supervising software yet, but also all parents need to police their children's' cyber lives.
5:27 pm
twitter and they can get in a lot of trouble for it. josh: there's not a lot of time left to take advantage of text amnesty in new hampshire. ahead. jennifer: also an unusual poll is hitting the streets of boston, how you can vote on the
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josh: now at 5:30, a new fight for federal funding to help new hampshire battle the opioid and heroin epidemic, but some in washington are pushing back. jennifer: a man admits to illegally growing marijuana, but says it's the only way to ease his chronic pain. mike: the coldest air so far this zone is on the way to new hampshire. when an arctic chill takes over, plus how cold it gets. >> it's a great back drop looking from the top. josh: big air at fenway, skiers and snow boarders getting a whole new view of boston. josh: lawmakers in washington are pushing for hundreds of mfls
5:31 pm
in the u.s. and the opioid crisis in new hampshire. welcome back. i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. this comes after the attention all the candidates paid to this problem during the primary season here. josh: senator shaheen is playing a key role in all this and tom griffith has more. tom: senator shaheen joined her counterparts from massachusetts and new york to really try to highlight this problem today. senate democrats calling for hundreds of millions of dollars to fight the opioid problem and the heroin crisis. the dollar amounts are meeting resistance from some republicans, but there is general agreement that the drug control. senator shaheen calling for a $600 million emergency problem. the u.s. senate recording studio taped her statements today. >> what we need are resources, and we need resources that address not just law enforcement
5:32 pm
pushers behind bars, for interdiction, but for treatment disease. we need to provide treatment, we need to look at what works, things like drug monitoring programs. tom: she also wants to support drug courts and provide additional dollars to to first responders, she says illicit drug use killed 47,000 people in alone. tom griffith, wmur news 9. jennifer: right now zika virus tests for pregnant women are on around the country. the centers for disease control says it does not expect the mosquito born virus to spread whitely in the u.s. tonight speaker of the house paul ryan says lawmakers will consider president obama's request for 1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the zika virus. and the u.s. olympic committee says it will hire two infectious disease specialists to advice potential olympic athletes about
5:33 pm
it also plans to provide updates for athletes on its website concern. josh: tonight an atkinson couple charged with manufacturing and possessing large quawnts of marijuana asking that their case be continued. the couple were charged in october after police raided their home. but the man says he has cancer and says he was only trying to ease his pain. heather hamel live now with his argument. reporter: i spoke with robert today and he declined to talk about the criminal charges but says he's hopeful this will be resolved and is adamant that the marijuana he was graduating for him alone. both in their 60's, they were shocked when police raided their home back in october. the couple arrested and charged with manufacturing marijuana with the intent to sell. but talking with him outside his home thursday, the 65-year-old says he suffers from tongue cancer and marijuana is the only thing that gives him any relief. he has chronic pain and it
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eat a child sized portion of food. today he and his wife are out on bail and their case has been continued until later this month. he now has a state issued medical marijuana i.d. card which will allow him to get it once dispensaries open in new hampshire. under the new state law, those who qualify for medical marijuana can only are two ounces at any given time. police say zadrata had seven and a half pounds, but he believes it was far less marijuana, he says due to the pain it's difficult for him to smoke it so he planned on cooking with it, which does require higher quantities. but regardless of the amount, there's no grow your own provision in the state law. we did speak with the atkinson police chief who says police stand by their actions and says at the time there was no reason to believe it was being used for medical purposes. heather hamel, wmur news 9. jennifer: a derry man is accused of stealing a car from a park and ride to rob a massachusetts
5:35 pm
police say richard burns drove a stolen dodge intrepid to the bank of new england in methuen, he told the teller he had a gun and then drove away with cash. officers at the methuen park and ride saw the alleged get away car pull into the lot. they found the empty car still running, but say burns was hiding in a truck next to it. josh: boston is getting creative to try to keep its streets clean. you'll soon see these containers for cigarette butts, offering a prefer. your choices are flight or invisibility. the receptacles are pat of the neat streets program. you can tweet the city with suggestions if you'd like for future polls. jennifer: flight, hand down, absolutely. you'd go for the invisit. josh: i would. jennifer: vacations are a little more affordable this year, how far air fares have dropped since
5:36 pm
mike: snow showers for some today, but do we see any more as we move through the weekend, the forecast is coming up. jennifer: and tonight's adopt a pet is a pair, how can you resus these sisters, they're both puppies, they're both deaf, but they are learning sign language. if you'd like to find out more about this dynamic duo and other adoptable animals, go to
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josh: as we told you at the top of the show, not awe good day on wall street, the dow jones dropping more than 250 points, s&p 500 and nasdaq also in the red. it's not just gas prices that are falling right now. air fares are now in a six-year low. jennifer: the transportation department says the average price for domestic flights about $372 right now. the drop in cost of jet fuel is part of it. but the expansion of low cost airlines is also pushing down those prices. morgan stanley will pay $3.2 billion as part of a settlement related to the 2008 financial crisis. as part of the deal the bank is admitting that it raised the risk levels it would tolerate on mortgages, but it never told the investors who bought pools of the loans. 400 million will go toward
5:40 pm
community programs. josh: monday is the deadline for anyone hoping to take advantage of new hampshire's tax amnesty offer. lawmakers created this program last year, it lets anyone with outstanding taxes pay up and pay just half of the accrued interest. a similar program in 2001 raised close to $15 million for the state. and panera is still working out the kinks in its new ordering system designed to improve accuracy. many stores let people other online or through kiosks in the store. jennifer: jack daniels fans can shortage. the company announced a $140 million expansion to help it meet demand. those facilities will include two new barrel houses, in addition to the bottling facility and more support for the 275,000 tourists who visit
5:41 pm
so your whiskey is safe. josh: up next in sports, honoring the top boy soccer player in new hampshire, who wins the gatorade player of the year. jennifer: and crowds are arriving at fenway right now for a very unique event. we'll take you inside the preparations for tonight's snow boarding competition. josh: hockey fans will find new security measures at the verizon
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jennifer: the apple cofounder is bringing his own come i con to the silly van valley but with a twist. josh: it will, because it's happening where the computer revolution was born he's also adding technology to the mix. >> we're going to build in a technology show, we've got a big, a lot of boosts for small startups to come in for free and show what their working on. mike: a little bit colder today compared to yesterday, and it's only the start of the very cold air that's moving on in. by this weekend, you'll know we're in the winter season in a big way. take a look right now in claremont where skies are mostly cloudy. still a couple of snow showers or flurries can't be ruled out for the next two or three hours,
5:45 pm
right now, as can you see on doppler radar, is snow-free. having said that, traveling up into the heart of the lakes region, down into northern parts of stratford county and around milton, new durham and towards rochester, you may encounter a couple of snow showers as you're traveling, that means the roads could be slick in those spots. we could see one or to more pop up anywhere in the state through 9:00 this evening. more scattered flurries up north as well, any accumulation this evening should be an inch or less. temperatures again lower than they were yesterday. upper teens, that's it. anywhere from manchester points south and east, couple of low 20's hanging around exeter, hampton and hampton falls. but only between 10 and 15 in the monadnock region, same story in the lake sunapee stretch, upper valley as well. slightly above that in the mid to upper teens in the heart of of the lakes region. farther to the north, as you might expect, colder.
5:46 pm
along the canadian border. all those spots heading for several degrees below zero in in terms of temperatures overnight tonight, temperatures will be well below zero north southern new hampshire. the cold air is beginning to work on in. one piece of that arctic air moves in, the arctic pool for tomorrow and then it tries to move out early saturday morning, but then a big surge blasts in as we go into saturday and sunday. the leading end of that very cold stuff coming in early saturday marked by snow showers and squalls. but most of the action right now shifts off shore in the coming hours, so by 9:00 or 10:00 it mainly dry across a good part of the state, outside of the flurries lingering across the mountains, good part of the day tomorrow is dry, sun in the morning, clouds race in in the afternoon. moving ahead to friday night, early saturday, notice it's very strong arctic front moving on
5:47 pm
a coastal storm. but that will be far enough out to sea, so we don't get a whole lot of snow, having said that early saturday morning, keep in mind if you're traveling you may get a quick burgs of a coating to an inch of snow. after that it's all about the strong wind and the bitterly cold air that moves on in here. as for saturday and sunday, temperatures will feel like zero or below, the highest temperatures all weekend long will be early on saturday morning and then those temperatures will fall all throughout the day on saturday with wind chills below zero, developing sun by midday and afternoon. windy and frigid on sunday, presidents day starts off bitterly cold but ends up a little more tolerable with the winds lighter, teens and 20's. another storm comes in here tuesday, snow to start, likely changing over to rain. jennifer: in a few minutes the gates at fenway will open for a spectacular event, polar tech
5:48 pm
josh: todd from wcvb has a look. reporter: it an awesome sight, snow boarders getting big air and showing off cool tricks at fenway park. these are practice runs for the two-day polar tech big air competition that begins tonight. the event has attracted athletes from around the world and across the country. olympic good medalist, sane from utah, is competing here. >> the ramp is massive and it's a great back drop looking from the top, just seeing a view that's not really seen before, so that's awesome. >> conditions are different than yesterday. today it's way colder, it's snowing, windy. the jump is feeling good, and i guess it's going to be a really good show. reporter: the snow was blown right here at fenway, the ramp is 14 stories, which is taller than fenway's light towers. there is an elevator, but some athletes choose to hike up the stairs. this morning the competitors took practice runs, as a small group of spectators cheered them on.
5:49 pm
so much history, you get to get changed in the red sox locker rooms. reporter: it quite the contrast to see them performing tricks against the back drop of the boston city skyline. the snow boarders will be competing tonight, the skiers tomorrow night. laconia tonight. the puck drop at the winnipeg jets, boston will be looking to tighten things up defensively. congratulations to an over to the senior mid fielder. a senior at bishop guertin high school, the high jumper for the
5:50 pm
championships. be he's signed to play football for u.n.h. next fall. also at six we'll be talking about the olympic marathon trials which are saturday in los angeles and why the trials bring up good memories for this dartmouth great. this is what happens when you wear a green tie in front of a green wall. jennifer: thanks, jamie. there's a new why for those campaign signs. josh: up next the push to repurpose those signs instead of just tossing them into the land tom: then at 6:00 tonight, more on the dangerously cold weather that's moving in for the weekend. plus a nashua man faces a judge. and a development in the case
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josh: welcome back. good reigned over evil in sidney, australia in a day filled with crime fighting as part of the make a wish foundation. jennifer: dominic has cystic fibrosis, he was appointed an
5:53 pm
himself, robert downey jr., dominic was dubbed iron boy and given a very important mission by police. >> iron boy, we need your help. make a wishful -- a reporter has been kidnapped. jennifer: in the end he saved her and defeated the villain, he was also given a special medal for saving the city. and a tribute in california, a man there covered his late father's house with photos taken by his father. the house was scheduled for demolition, but first gary sweeney wanted to pain tribute to his dad and neighbor, he gathered family photos and images of the community for a final good-bye. and campaign signs are a common sight in new hampshire right now. state law requires them to be taken down by february 19, except for the signs of primary winners. josh: a project at ufh is reusing those materials to create gadgets for people with disabilities.
5:54 pm
internationally as the magiver of assistive technology. we started taking election signs and making slant boards out of them as well, for children with disabilities. the digs arded election signs popped interest my head in 2012. i was driving down the road and i saw all of these election signs, and i thought, oh my gosh. i think this is an old sign. hello. i have known you since you were what, this big. this table, i want to you cut me up, give me two 12-inch. so the concept of trying to get something to blend in with her chair. >> it was cool seeing the application right in front of us of seeing someone who needs this technology and being able to
5:55 pm
we do a lot of building and it's really cool to apply all these ideas that teresa has come up with by herself and put it, like everyone else is saying, to a real life subject. >> what's great is we think about campaign finance, you think about, you hear about it in the media, how much money was raised for this person, and you think, well, where is that money going for. well, some of that money is being used to produce all these election signs. >> i think it's great for the kids to have someone come in and have a real problem to solve. it makes them think harder of a solution, it's a real person they're trying to help. josh: that's good work.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
mike: seasonably chilly today, but a bitter blast of arctic air takes over soon.
5:58 pm
across new hampshire. >> to be subject to something so horrible by an older person. tom: a mother speaks out as the man accused of soliciting her daughter online faces a judge, the damage she says he caused to the girl. jennifer: it's getting cheaper by the week, but the drop in price tess pump could be bad news for your financial future. tom: before you go to the verizon wireless arena, you need to know the security changes going into effect right now. tom: tonight dangerously cold weather is moving into new hampshire, with single digit temperatures and a biting wind chill expected. i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. this is the coldest air of the season and temperatures we haven't seen in a year. mike: when you have one of these mild winters or first two thirds
5:59 pm
winter cold, kind of hits you just like that, especially when the winds crank up. today winds were gusty at times, but nothing compared to what's heading in our direction this weekend. we still have a few left over snow showers, isolated squalls around parts of the lakes region, including belmont. i can't rule out a snow shower anywhere up until about mine this evening. but the focus on the colder temperatures, near eight far north. much colder upstream. take a look at where temperatures are headed in the coming days, a high of close to 10, that's it. by sunday, of this weekend. what about the birth wind chills. tom: tonight a mother is speaking out after police say her daughter was the target of an online sexual solicitation.


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