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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 16, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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over soon. how much more snow to expect plus when that change happens. shelley: cold temperatures burst pipes flooding a school in plaistow and sending kids home. >> all of a sudden we heard like train roaring and the ceiling just totally came in. shelley: the repairs that still have to be made. tom: administrators at sanborn regional high school are contacting parents after a student' s threat. the attendance option they' re giving families because of it. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: we' re following breaking news. a flight from punta cana, mexico to new york' s jfk airport has been diverted to manchester. a spokesperson for delta said that weather in new york city was likely the reason. tom: wmur' s mike cronin is live at manchester-boston regional airport tonight to explain the
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landed in manchester. mike: we just spoke to a couple of passengers who just finally made it through customs here at the manchester regional airport. we will show you a few of them are taking off right now, hopping on shuttles to head for hotels for the night. they will catch a flight to jfk in the morning. according to delta, 159 passengers were on delta flight 944 going to jfk when it was manchester-boston regional delta said they been having issues all day landing lanes at jfk and manchester was the fastest solution for landing. they had to bring in customs to get them through customs and now hours later they just
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going to hotels tonight to head back to jfk in the morning after a legally mandated rest. for flight crews. that is the latest, live at manchester airport, mike cronin. tom: the storm that likely affected that flight is reaching new hampshire tonight. a live look outside in meredith, new hampshire where it' s about 16 degrees. looks like some snow coming down there but that' s going to , change. as the temperatures change so will the type of precipitation we' re seeing. chief meteorologist mike haddad is here. mike: the starting to change over just south of manchester. we will start to see that transition to sleep for a brief time and then quickly over to freezing rain, which is not all that pleasant at all. here' s the reason why, temperatures not only below freezing but below 20 in many spots. so we have a ways to go to get below that freezing point. now it'
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statewide but you know a little bit of pink shading showing up in massachusetts. and manchester' s just beginning to mix over with a touch of freezing sleet. that means freezing rain is not too far away. after a two to three inch snowfall in many spots manchester in south that will cause slick going into early tomorrow morning. what about the rest of tuesday more changes for tomorrow? straight ahead. tom: right now speeds on highways across the state are down to 45 miles an hour because of the snow. these are live pictures from i-93 north in hooksett. wmur' s jean mackin is live in manchester. jean, what are you seeing? jean: we did just get an update from the dot. we' re told road crews are right now plowing and treating roads in southern and central parts of the state. and they' re reporting limited
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this snow wouldn't normally be big news. but it comes in the middle of a wild weather rollercoaster ride. a fresh snow fall moved into new hampshire monday night. the latest plot twist in the weather drama gripping the state. from far below zero this weekend. to a president' s day warmup hitting 16 degrees. soon a temperature jump will send us into the 50' s and this snow will turn to rain. >> that' s incredible. >> i don' t know, i can' t control the weather. we' ve been blessed with warm >> weather, and im not ready for this at all. jean the azlan family' s weighing : the pros and cons of the snow vs. rain in the system. freeze, snow, fifties, rain whatever the weather there' s plenty of salt and sand and plenty of enthusiasm still left for winter. >> i love snow. it'
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i like building a snowman with the snow. jean uh oh, 8-year-old mya and : 6-year-old lamarcus are not not going to like this forecast. i don' t want to burst your bubble but its gonna rain tomorrow. sorry to bring you the bad news. if you think about it with the , wind chill it felt like -40 in some parts of the state this weekend. tomorrow it will be in the 50' s which is a 90 degree temperature change. that is new hampshire for you. shelley: we' ve seen problems across the state with frozen pipes today. in plaistow a pipe burst and flooded a school forcing class to be cancelled for today and tomorrow. wmur' s mike cronin shows us the damage. >> several inches of water were gushing down the hallways of
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the pipe has been fixed but the work isn' t done yet. the carpet is still drying inside of plaistow' s pollard school after a pipe burst flooded part of the building. all of a sudden we heard like train roaring and the ceiling just totally came in and water came flying everywhere. mike four to five inches of : water filled the hallways and main office as students were arriving for the day. we had 6 buses filled with >> children. we did not empty the buses. mike 400 children were evacuated : to the baptist church next door. class was cancelled. we' ve had failed boilers and >>we' ve had failed boilers and expect the unexpected in schools. this is unique as every emergency can be. mike the pipe was fixed but : students will do online lessons from home tuesday because the flooding destroyed the fire panel. >> so it' s really the infrastructure for the entire fire suppression system. so this will be replaced. we' ll have a brand new unit. mike frozen pipes also created : issues in manchester.
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started at avid machine company after the owner tried to thaw his bathroom pipes with an electric heat gun. it' s a very labor intensive fire. there was 4 ceilings that we had to go through. the roof was actually concrete. mike the chief cautions people : to be careful in these situations. try and call a professional >>try and call a professional plummer in instances like this. try not to use a heat gun and use extreme care. mike back in plaistow the fire : panel is expected to be fixed on tuesday. the superintendent says staff and students responded quickly to make sure no one got hurt. it' s a community school and the >> community responded in kind so it was really a collective effort. mike and officials in plaistow : are hoping to have the school back open on wednesday. mike cronin wmur news 9. , tom: the bitter cold turned a flooding issue in revere, massachusetts, into a frozen mess. families say a tide gate malfunctioned yesterday, and it didn' t keep the ocean water out at high tide. as the water flowed down streets, it froze several inches
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and nearly trapping cars. >> we had to like kick the tires to get the ice away so that we could move it, you know. running water because the water because everything is frozen underneath. tom: a town councilor says it appears the tide gate got jammed, freezing it open and that the city needs to address the issue quickly to make sure the gate functions. you can get the latest forecast and information on any closings for apple and android devices. shelley: an alert in kingston where police are investigating a threat made against sanborn regional high school. administrators took action today after learning about comments a student allegedly made about an upcoming winter carnival. adam sexton joins us live from kingston to explain why the school is allowing students to stay home on friday.
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of not showing up at the end of the week, but police and administrators say the threat has been dealt with. unsettling news for parents, administrators say a student at sanborn regional high school recently made threatening comments against the upcoming winter carnival pep rally. the school district says the boy made the comments to a group of friends while in exeter, and another student reported what he said. >> we notified the police and a threat assessment was conducted. police both in kingston and exeter are conducting an investigation. the student is very cooperative with the police at this point. adam: however, the superintendent says that student is no longer in school here. a letter went out to parents this afternoon informing them of the threat and action taken. >> as a parent it scares me. me and her dad are still considering what to do. adam: while students do have the option of staying home now on friday kerri botelho says her
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a regular day. >> she felt ok about going to school. adam: the superintendent says health & safety of students is priority #1, and he understands why some families might opt for the excused absence but he is encouraging all students to attend classes on friday if they want to. >> we' re confident there' s not an immediate threat to the school system. adam: there will be an added police detail for the pep rally on live in kingston, adam friday. sexton, wmur news 9. tom: the aerial tram at cannon mountain is closed tonight and will remain closed for a few days after two cars got stuck yesterday. 48 people were on the two cars most of them in the car that was closer to the base of the ski patrol and firefighters evacuated the cars by having passengers repel down. workers at the ski area say repairs to the tram are underway, and the summit can still be reached by chairlift. mechanics don' t believe the cold temperatures were to blame. >> we' ve determined that there was an issue within the engine
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brakes to come on and stay on. tom: a cannon mountain employee was one of the people in the lower car. she gave her jacket to a family that had a baby with them to help keep the child warm. everyone got down safely. shelley: fish and game officers are investigating a deadly snowmobile accident this afternoon. police say a man was snowmobiling in pittsburg with friends when he hit a tree and was thrown. other riders tried to help him, but he died shortly after. investigators are asking for help in an infant death case from last october. the attorney general' s office and manchester police want to hear from neighbors. the 3-week-old girl was found at her home on 341 kimball street. an autopsy and toxicology report have been completed, but investigators say there are still more questions they need answers to. tom: the city of manchester is looking for someone to give the former rex theater a new life. it is accepting proposals to renovate and operate the theater on amherst street.
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selling or leasing the building. proposals need to be submitted to the economic development office by march 15. shelley coming up on news 9 : tonight. 2016 campaign trail first. former president george w. bush stomping with his brother. white appears jeff needs his brother support now more than ever. tom: comcast customers were dealing with the cable outage this morning. an update from the company on
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mike: chang
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the first time in this campaign, former president george w bush joined his brother on the campaign trail. jeb bush was introduced by his brother at an event in south carolina today. tom: as abc' s lana zak reports, both bush brothers continue to come under attack from donald trump. >> the man known as bush 43 was on the campaign trail trying to make younger brother jeb bush 45. >> we need someone who can fix the problems that cause our anger and frustration, and that' s jeb bush. >> and jeb needs the help. the south carolina republican primary on saturday could be his last stand against frontrunner donald trump, who owns a double-digit lead in polls there. even so, trump has been on the warpath against the bushes. >> the world trade center came down during your brother' s reign. remember that. >> i heard for years he kept the country safe after 9/11, what does that mean after? i was there. i lost a lot of friends that >> trump also unleashing a
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>> i think ted' s a very unstable guy. i' ve never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. and he goes around saying he' s a christian. >> crews fired back. >> it is not a response simply to start yelling louder and louder, liar, liar liar. whenever anyone points to the candidate' s own record. >> meanwhile hillary clinton was , stumping for votes in nevada. >> i am hoping, hoping to get your support. she, too, got a helping hand >>she, too, got a helping hand from a presidential relative. >> america needs a leader who cannot just talk change but can make change. >> in michigan, a surging bernie sanders was met with huge lines and nearly 10,000 supporters >> together we are going to build an economy that works for working class and the middle class, not just the 1%. lana zak, abc news, washington. tom: ted cruz has a new attack
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justice antonin scalia on the supreme court. >> life, marriage, religious liberty, the second amendment. we' re just one supreme court justice away from losing them all. we cannot trust donald trump with these serious decisions. tom in the wake of scalia' s : death this weekend, a number of republicans have said it should not be president obama, but his successor, that nominates the new justice. shelley: airstrikes blamed on russia have hit at least five medical facilities and two schools in syria. the united nations says nearly 50 civilians, including children, have been killed and many more wounded. just last thursday, secretary of state john kerry and other diplomats announced a plan for a cease fire in syria that was to begin within a week. tom: comcast says it has fixed the problem that left customers all over the country without t.v. for several hours this morning including here in new hampshire. including at my house. customers lost some of their channels but kept some service.
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detroit, chicago, houston, and san francisco. the cause of the outage and how many subscribers it affected are unknown. >> now, chief meteorologist mike haddad with your forecast. mike: that' s why you were at work so early today. dry conditions a good part of the day. started to get coated with a bit of snow and then the big flurry of snow that hit during the evening reducing anywhere from 1-3 inches in many parts of southern new hampshire. we are now starting to see that transition over to a bit of sleep for a short time and then right over to freezing rain. the precipitation type no one wants to deal with, that glazing of ice on top of any surface. you can see it beginning to creep up into extreme southern parts of the state.
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all snow in manchester, it will only take about a half hour to 45 minutes before we see that transition over to freezing rain . farther to the north the transition will occur a little later. steady snow finally making its way into a good part of the great north woods but pittsburgh just dealing with a little bit of light flurry activity at this time. the reason were transitioning to freezing rain is that it is so cold in the lower levels due to the arctic air the last couple of days while at the same time warm air is streaming run above it. it is rain falling on a cold surface. that' s what we will see played out during the overnight stretch and tomorrow during the morning commute, freezing rain changing over to rain showers and then all this heavy rain back to the west moves in at the end of the afternoon commute into the early part of the evening and it will finally quiet down and try out
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notice as we advance the clock through about 5:00 a.m., transition over to sleet and then quickly to freezing rain. we could get a coating of ice but possibly a 10th of an inch of ice on top of the snow cover. tomorrow morning for the commute, notice how the precipitation let' s up in southern new hampshire but it will be in the form of light freezing drizzle or rain showers with temperatures still well below the freezing mark. by the afternoon just plain rain showers and during the early part of the evening that' s when more big changes arrive. heavy downforce for a couple of hours. we cannot rule out a rumble of thunder. when' s crank up to about 40-50 miles per hour they could result in scattered power outages. up to near 50 plus and then later tomorrow night it all moves out to see and then we have a lot of sunshine coming back in and pleasantly cool in the 30' s and 40'
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from manchester points out, how much more will accumulate? we will see that transition over to sleet and in freezing rain, a real mess on the roads overnight. tomorrow night we should see -- tomorrow we should see a big improvement by late morning through midday. a lot of delays north and west of concord, there may be some closings. we won' t have any more snow but it could still be near or slightly below freezing through about 9:00 in the morning before it warms up. tom: let' s find out what' s going
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jamie: did you catch this play,
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a penalty kick, but he passed it over to his teammate so he could get a hat trick. the divided opinion is seen as either part of the soccer spectacle or disrespectful to the opposition. there' s nothing illegal about the move. it immediately went viral on social media. it looks to be a quiet week for boston sports teams the celtics are on their all-star break the bruins play tomorrow night in columbus and thursday in nashville. and the red sox are on the horizon pitchers and catchers report saturday in fort myers for spring training. the rivals this time in boys basketball milford at souhegan great look here for the spartans max urda outlets to shane greska, who takes it in for the layup milford up 47-32 at that point . sabers trying to climb back in it raju gandhi knocks down a 3 pointer in front of the souhegan bench. good passing inside here gabriel
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. there is some competition from his teammate ryan snow . the football players were getting it done for milford kirk . high school hockey this afternoon. the oyster river bobcats against the pembroke spartans. sophomore matt tremblay skates up the right side and fires off a wrister that finds the net. it was a 1-0 lead for pembroke-campbell. it worked once, lets do it again in alone on the break, he goes high with the wrister to make it 2-1. oyster river trying to tie it up. tyler harvey weaves thru traffic to get the show off, but mattieux tremblay makes the save the bobcats win on the road 6-3 the manchester monarchs had a memorable day, visiting with sick children. every season the team takes a visit to chad, the childrens hospital at dartmouth hitchcock, but for all of these players, in the first year in their new league, this was their first visit. the players were a hit with the
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the show, as usual. the national rankings for college hockey this week. quinnipiac number one, then look at all the east teams in the top 10. unh has a home and home series with #9 bu this week, starting friday night in durham. it' s a triumphant return from injury for mikaela shifrin. the skiing great won the world cup slalom race in switzerland today. shifrin grew up in lyme new hampshire. she suffered a knee injury in december, and it looked like she might be out for the season but she is back, and picks up where its her 18th career world cup win. she has won 6 straight slalom races that she has entered. it looks like it will be a seamless transition for the 24 car in sprint cup racing. legend jeff gordon retired after last year. enter 20-year-old rising phenom chase elliott, who won the pole at daytona 500 qualifying yesterday. he is the son of racing legend
1:32 am
awesome bill from dawsonville. its kind of the indianapolis colts, when andrew luck took over for peyton manning. the 24 car looks to be in good hands. matt kenseth was the second fastest qualifier and will join elliott on the first row. the rest of the field, for the great american race will be determined thursday in the qualifying races. tom: this is one delivery this mom will never forget. shelley: the unbelievable birth a story that a rhode island
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tom: a family in rhode island welcome their new is addition in an unusual way. shelley: around 3 in the morning, heather bren was trying to get comfortable in their living room recliner. she wasn' t due for another 10 days but the baby had other plans. bren said she felt one normal contraction, and by the second push she was holding her new son. dad michael bren was upstairs during the whole thing. he woke up when his wife yelled. [laughter] mom and baby cameron are doing well. the bottom line is leave me
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shelley: thanks for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00.
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