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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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have a great day. sean: now on daybreak, flight diverted. a plane from the dominican republic was forced to land in manchester and then passengers hour. kevin: snow is making for a slick start. rain and wind to finish. erin: a student has been removed from class at sanborn regional high school after he made threats concerning it cap rally later this week. sean: a police chase spanned four towns involving two stolen vehicles. >> no one covers new hampshire
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erin: some treacherous driving out there this morning. m erin fehlau. m sean mcdonald. it is another morning with weather causing problems out there. the bottom of your screen. i don' morning like this. kevin: where was this in december and january? we start off with the precipitation gradually lightening over the next four hours. 23 in the monadnock region. the most organized activity is starting to lighten, while the snow switching to sleet and freezing rain line continues to
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temperatures are below freezing. assume any untreated surfaces are very slick. temperatures this afternoon are 40' s to lower 50' s. we could have some strong wind later on. let' s take a look at your tuesday morning ride. we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning, kevin. the roads are very slippery right now. give yourself plenty of extra time. 93 is a slick ride down to the hooksett tolls. the crews are out treating the roadways, but it is still very slow going. 293 is a slow go. give yourself some extra time on the everett turnpike through the bedford tolls. from the wzid traffic network, i'
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erin: the weather is also causing problems for air travel. we do have a live look at the departure board in manchester. you can see a few canceled flights. 160 passengers spent the night in manchester after their flight from the dominican republic to new york was diverted due to weather. passengers had to wait on board the plane for about an hour and a half for customs officials to arrive from portland, maine. the last passengers left for area hotels at 11:00 last night. they will be on a flight this morning. sean: plumbers say pipes bursting and other plumbing problems could get worse. a sprinkler pipe burst at hanover high school, leaving the gym under a couple of inches of water.
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elementary school. school there is closed today and students will complete lessons online. erin: a seabrook man is dead after crashing his snowmobile in pittsburg. 30-year-old eric tatarinowicz lost control going around a corner and hit 83. he died at the scene -- hit a tree. he died at the scene. he was an experienced rider and trails were good. a massachusetts man a -- is dead after hitting a tree while skiing. 58-year-old shirinian varter lost control on burke mountain and went off the trail. he was not wearing a helmet. sean: we are not the only ones dealing with messy and dangerous weather out there. thousands of crashes have been reported along the east coast. megan hughes reports.
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this storm has a bit of everything. the problems it is creating are just as varied. >> i was just cleaning up the area at citi also nobody slips and falls. megan: up and down the east coast, slippery sidewalks made for wobbly walking. on the roads, drivers scramble for traction. in pennsylvania, derek went off the road, just missing this tree. m trying not to hit the guy in front of me. road. megan: north carolina' s wintry mix caused 1500 car accidents in less than 24 hours. trouble at airports. red dominated the departure board in douglas -- charlotte. >> of done. i am done.
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megan: the snow, ice, and rain are marching north up the east coast. 17 states are seeing winter weather alerts. the weekend shattered cold records in new york and boston. today, temperatures are expected to rise into the 50' s in some places. erin: police are investigating a threat made by a student against sanborn regional high school in kingston. the boy recently made threatening comments against the upcoming winter pep rally. he made the comments to a group of friends in exeter and another student reported what he said. action was taken. >> we notified the police and a threat assessment was conducted. the police in kingston and exeter are conducting an
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very cooperative at this point. erin: district officials say the student is no longer in school at sanborn. police will have another presence at the pep rally on friday. sean: two people face charges after leading police on a chase in a pair of stolen vehicles. a trooper first spotted a stolen vehicle, but the driver refused to stop and spent off through ashton and -- ashland, holderness, and captain. another car was stolen before the driver could be captured. the driver, 28-year-old cory conant-gould, faces a list of charges. his passenger, 25-year-old nicole mcgowen, will also be charged.
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court accused of breaking into a home in dover. 34-year-old matthew temple was arrested on / sean: still to come, bernie sanders is getting some support from an unlikely source. why state republican leaders are jumping to his defense. erin: a massachusetts woman used her lottery winnings to change a life. sean: a local veteran of the korean war finally has a
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kevin: it is tuesday morning, february 16. another slick go early on. we have gone from snow now over
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temperatures will continue to climb through the day, eventually going over to plain rain later this afternoon. some of that could be happy late in the day and this evening. we will have all the details coming up. sean: it could be a pretty messy commute as you head out this morning. we are hearing many reports that the roads are slick. erin: ray brewer is live with a look at the conditions. how did you find the driving? ray: it was a little bit slow, erin. right now, in sanbornton, there is a combination of rain and freezing rain falling. take a look at all of these tractor-trailers. i' ve never seen them lined up like this waiting out the storm. there is a little bit of crust on the snow. this is one of the biggest problems we encountered. look at all this ice.
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is going to create a lot of problems for drivers. there is no doubt about it, the speeds on the highways -- 45 we did see quite a lot of plows . in spots, the roads are still snow-covered. there are a lot of what we call the wagon wheels or ruts. yesterday, we were talking about temperatures below zero. here we are up to 28 degrees. it is only going to get warmer from here on in. the ground is going to get cold. that is going to cause some problems when the precipitation hits it. it will have a tendency to freeze. allow a little extra time. erin: turning to politics, the republican party in new hampshire is jumping to the
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sean: at issue are the superdelegates. sanders easily won the new hampshire primary, but six of the eight superdelegates could vote for hillary clinton at the national convention. the new hampshire gop has launched an online petition to call for the superdelegates to the primary. erin: one massachusetts woman used her lottery winnings to change someone else' s life. sofia andrade won $200 and she used her winnings to put a homeless man up in a hotel. >> i couldn' t believe it. erin: her kindness has gone viral and many other people have
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clothing, money, and a barber even gave the man a free haircut. paying it forward. i love that story. sean: perhaps glenn thought nobody cared about him anymore. but somebody did. krispy kreme is coming to new hampshire. erin: there are serious problems for one of antarctica' s most
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erin: 150,000 adelaide penguins have died in an arctic cat the last -- in antarctica have died in the last three years. the massive colony is down to about 10,000. they have to track about 40 miles to get food and many are not coming back. it is possible to colony will completely die out in 20 years.
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former >> theater -- rex theatre a new life. the city says it is open to selling or leasing the building. proposals need to be submitted to the economic development office by march 15. whole foods is planning to open a new line of stores called 365 and they have unique ideas. juice stands, bike repairs, and tattoo parlors are being considered as a part of the stores. erin: for the first time in a decade, sales of bookstores are on the rise. sales at bookstores rose 2.5% last year, the first yearly increase since 2007. publishers are reporting a rise in print sales and say e book sales are down. you will soon have another option to get your doughnut fix.
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stores in new hampshire and three in maine. the developer has experienced. he used to own several five guy restaurants in new hampshire. they have not set exactly where those shops will open. sean: there is something about a warm doughnut that is just not right. erin: it is delicious. sean: it is very delicious. kevin: warm cider doughnuts. sean: they are just evil. [laughter] kevin: they are made with something out of this world. it is not just apple cider. the snow we have been seeing across the area is gradually transitioning over. it is the tempers -- temperatures in the mid level of the atmosphere causing that.
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the most organized precipitation continues to focus up in the northern half of the state. it is still snowing in the northern half of the state. from there, upstream, and to our south and west, is this line of rain. between about 4:00 and 5:00 and 9:00 or 10:00 this evening, there is the potential for heavy rain and strong wind gusts. a high wind warning has been posted for the seacoast between 3:00 and 11:00 this evening. we have the winter weather advisory posted for the entire state. as you will notice, we have gone over from any sort of snow accumulation in central and southern areas to that wintry mix. that means the potential of freezing drizzle, freezing rain, or sleet.
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up north, it is mainly snow. with temperatures in the 20' s, the weather is not ideal for travel. we are going to look for winds to pick up today from the south southeast, which will warm temperatures up to the 40' s and the 50' s. it will take a good part of the day to get there. these high temperatures don' t likely occur until 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. it is going to take a good part of the day to finally get there. we will be looking at any sort of a wintry mix this morning and then we warm-up and we see scattered rain showers. some of this could be around in time for the evening commute. it will move out and set up quieter conditions, partial sunshine for wednesday,
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we get very close to where we should be for this time of year. the next system is a quick mover moving right along the u.s.-canadian border with a chance for light snow early saturday. temperatures over the weekend, 30' s to lower range of the 40' s -- that is where we will stay. no big storms once we get beyond today. late this afternoon, rain and wind will be the focus. erin: our parking lot is a sheet of ice right now. kevin: it is going to take a while to get back above freezing. sean: be careful even walking on the sidewalks. here is ray brewer. ray: here in sandberg orton, there are several inches of snow on the ground. rain and freezing rain are following right now. speeds on the highways have been
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it is very slick everywhere. be extra careful. sean: first pipes are a big problem -- burst pipes are a big problem as the temperatures fall. nearly 160 passengers spent the night in manchester after their flight from the dominican republic to new york was diverted because of the weather and they had to wait on board the plane for an hour and a half. erin: it takes most clothing designers years to make it to
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sean: new york city is a huge destination for clothing designers. a 10-year-old girl is making a name for herself. erin: she will be the only kid designers showing options for curvy models during fashion week. she designs plus sized clothing for women and girls. she said she started making clothes after she was bullied at school for her size. she has now turned it into this exclusive business. that is amazing. sean: i wish i had half the drive of someone like that. erin: can you believe that? sean: she is going places. weddings are a big deal, but one company is emphasizing the puppy in puppy love. erin: a live look outside in meredith right now. remember to allow some extra
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: good morning, everybody. happy birthday to my mom. a stormy tuesday morning. a live look at some of the roads. you are going to see some very slippery conditions. be careful on the roadways. erin: we want to get to where top stories. dozens of delta airlines passengers at to spend the night in manchester after the weather forced to their plane to be diverted when an route from the dominican republic to new york city. authorities in manchester are asking for help as they continue
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dozens of schools are issuing delays or cancellations, including pollard elementary school in class out, where a burst pipe flooded rooms. kevin: this is been part of a wacky three days around here. we started the day yesterday below zero state-wide. there have been 2-4 inches of accumulation, as far as snow. temperatures start the day in the 20' s. just about everyone is up into the 40' s to near 50 later on today. the winds will pick up gradually out of the south today. there could be strong winds early this evening. sean: i had a decent amount of snow that was so crusty it was loud in my driveway. speaking of traveling, let' s
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a live look at i-93. be careful. erin: for a look at the morning drive, we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. did tuesday morning. deb: good tuesday morning, guys. factor in a lot of extra time. the roads are very slick and treacherous in spots. if you are commuting on interstate 93, it is slow going from the northern part of the state down to the state line with massachusetts. the everett turnpike is a slow ride from bedford to nashua. 101 and 111 are a slow go this morning. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. ray brewer also keeping an eye
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erin: he joins us live a long i-93 in sanbornton. how was your ride this morning? ray: it was slow going. you can see some of these cars going by. there is still some snow on the roadways. we have seen a lot of plows out on 93 southbound. we are not having much of anything -- a little bit of light freezing rain falling. look at the ice that has formed on the windshield wipers right now. that is going to be one of the problems you are going to encounter. allow some time to clear your windshield wipers. once you get to your destination, there is a good bet that your parking lot or sidewalks are going to be icy or slippery. you are going to want to allow a lot of extra time. speed limits here are down to 45
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causing problems for some airline passengers. dominican republic to new york had to be diverted to manchester last night. the weather in new york city was likely the reason. manchester was the fastest solution. the airline had problems landing planes at jfk all monday due to the weather. since manchester does not have officials had to be brought into portland -- from portland, maine. the passengers had to wait on the plane until the officials arrived. the passengers are expected to board another flight to jfk later today. erin: dozens of schools and daycares our opening late or staying closed today. pollard elementary in plaistow will be closed after a burst height flooded the building -- pipe flooded the building
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4-5 inches of water filled the hallways and the main office as students were arriving for the day. >> all of a sudden, we heard train roaring. water came flying everywhere. >> we have had failed boilers. expect the unexpected. this is unique. ray: 400 students were evacuated to the baptist church next door. they will do online lessons from home today. the flooding destroyed the s fire panel. sean: a burst pipe is also school. a sprinkler burst and put the gym and three hallways under a couple of inches of water. fortunately, students are on vacation this week. erin: authorities are asking for
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into an infant death in manchester. a three-week-old baby girl was found dead in an apartment at 341 kimball street in october. the baby was living there with her mother, 30-year-old stephanie camelo. an autopsy and toxicology report have been completed. investigators are asking people who live in that area and who may have information to please give a call to manchester police. sean: a seabrook man accused of causing a serious crash in hampton while allegedly driving drunk is facing a judge today. police arrested 52-year-old duane l' italian following an accident. the other driver suffered serious injuries. besides alcohol, police believe speed was a factor. a man accused of beating another man so badly that he later died is also due in court today. 41-year-old eric langlais is
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he beat the victim, 44-year-old james unfonak, outside gary' s sports bar on january 31. unfonak later died at the hospital. erin: a farmington man is facing charges after holding a gun to his girlfriends head. 43-year-old ivan gagne got into a fight with his girlfriend late sunday night. he grabbed her around the neck and put a gun to her face, threatening to kill her. when officers arrived, he jumped out a window and ran off. criminal threatening. sean: a firefighter is recovering after suffering injuries while battling a fire in concord. officials say one firefighter to the hospital for treatment. the cause of the fire remains accidental. more help to do their jobs.
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announced it is increasing efforts to provide school nurses with more training, technical assistance, and other resources. it will focus on student wellness, mental health, alcohol, and substance abuse. sean: a korean war veteran from goffstown as a metal he has been waiting to receive for decades. 83-year-old charles desalt was on the front lines of the korean war from 1953 through 1954. u.s. servicemen were barred from wearing medals issued by another country. the defense department changed that and the korean government reissued the metal for one year only, but it was not until recently that a caregiver realized that he was eligible and contacted the korean government, which made an exception for one more metal. >> i never expected anything
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so, it is a big surprise for me. >> he never was one to brag about being in the service. he never really wanted to say much of anything. sean: he says he went to korea because his country needed him and he is very proud of his service. erin: he is so humble. coming up, a gas price war in ohio made for some very happy drivers. we are going to explain how they were able to fill up for pennies. sean: a special package just for pets. we will tell you how much it costs to put on a doggie wedding. kevin: a slick go for the morning commute.
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kevin: tuesday morning, february 16. last of the snow for the north country going over to a wintry mix over the next hour or two. otherwise, we will be looking at a little bit of freezing rain and sleet giving way to rain
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we will have details on all of the changes coming up in just a few minutes. erin: the next contest in south carolina and nevada are days away. the candidates are getting down and dirty. nikole killion has the latest campaign clash and some new poll numbers. >> as many of the candidates slog it out in south carolina, donald trump is running away with the polls lead. >> name-calling is not a positive thing in politics. nikole: it is ted versus trump. >> i think he is an unstable person. nikole: the real estate mogul threatening to sue. >> we will bring a lawsuit if he does not straighten his act out. nikole: trump calling crews out in a lengthy -- cruz out in a
5:43 am
and demanding an apology for misrepresenting his positions. >> it is an amazing thing. do you notice how rattled he gets when his numbers start going down? nikole: a new poll shows donald trump actually leading the competition in the palmetto state with 35% support compared to 18% for ted cruz. >> jeb bush. nikole: jeb bush brought out an appearance from his big brother and ex-president george w. >> i understand that americans are angry and frustrated. but we do not need someone in the oval office who inflames our anger and frustration. sean: investigators are trying to identify the source of a laser beam that forced a new york-bound flight to return to london.
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turned back after a laser beam filled the cockpit. british pilots are calling the incident an attack. the amount of laser cases doubled last year. a man in spain is facing hefty fines after he skipped work for at least six years. the 69-year-old civil servant was set to receive a service . it was only then discover that he had been ditching work for years. he claims there was no work to do. [laughter] sean: apparently, he found something else. erin: some drivers in ohio got quite the treat. they were able to fill up their gas tanks for pennies. >> i' ve got $.22 in and i'
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erin: what? this all started with a computer glitch at one gas station that sent prices to just $.19 per gallon. the gas station across the street wanted to get in on the action, so it dropped its prices to $.17 per gallon. the price drops lasted for at least three hours. they had kind of a bidding war, but the other gas station -- i don' t know. sean: basic business principle. competition is good for the consumer. erin: olympic skier michaela shifrin made a triumphant return to the slopes. sean: she grew up in new hampshire and suffered a knee injury in december. she is back and she picks up where she left off, with that big win. erin: the manchester monarchs had a memorable monday visiting
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dartmouth. for all these players in the first year in this new league, this was their first visit. the players were a hit with the kids, but the mascot really stole the show, as usual. sean: max is a wild character. the 140th westminster kennel club show is underway in new york. 2700 dogs are taking part. the hound group, toy group, nonsporting group, and herding group were all shown today -- yesterday. there will be a test on this later, kevin. best in show will be selected today. erin: a hotel in wisconsin is offering a special service for pets of guests. doggie weddings. some pet owners are paying $3500 to watch the dogs get hitched at
5:47 am
the puppy love package comes complete with a taxi go, dress, photographer, and two-night stay for the happy canine couple. >> it is totally not a serious thing. i' ve got my two dogs, they love each other, i love them. why not celebrate in this way? erin: i don' t know. before the well-known hotel hosted pets, it hosted many celebrities and presidents. but now it has gone to the dogs. sean: if they have leftovers after their meal, do they take home a doggie bag? [laughter] kevin: maybe it is like the spaghetti, where they meet in the middle. [laughter] kevin: the humans can say it is not serious, but the dogs probably think it is. sean: it is a commitment. [laughter] erin: oh my goodness. sean: sweaty paws.
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kevin: we start off with 2-4 inches of snow -- it totaled up quickly. we are looking at the last of the snow in coos county now. temperatures are in the 20' s early this morning. we have temperatures continuing to go in the 20' s. we have a little bit of sleep or freezing rain early this morning. roadways are going to be slick. we climb back through the 30' s this morning. we get to the 40' s this afternoon. 40' s to near 50 later on this evening. you can see it back down through the mid-atlantic states right now. we have the best window of time for heavy rain and gusts over 50 miles per hour between 3:00 and 11:00. advisory'
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the most organized accumulating precipitation moving into the northern half of the state. all of this is continuing to lift northward and that will leave us with lighter activity. the drizzle is going to hang around. storm tracker is not picking up on that this morning. up north, we will continue to see the accumulation die down. even there, we go to rain this afternoon. not a huge cold burst of air coming in, but we will still be in the 30' s to lower 40' s tomorrow. except for some of the higher elevations, we are going to remain in the 20' s over the next couple of hours and then we will start to see the southerly wind take effect. temperatures climb into the 30' s, 40' s -- chances are, these high temperatures don'
5:50 am
until 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. it will be a steady climb to get to these numbers. we stop this at 12:30 this afternoon. 40' s to lower range of the 50' s -- here comes the heavy rain by 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. we will have clogged snore -- storm drains. this will not be a pretty evening commute. by midnight, it should be gone. overnight, temperatures falling into the 20' s and 30' s. tomorrow, 30' s to mid 40' s. we will remain in the 30' s and 40' s on thursday and friday. an early mix to rain. breezy and milder in the afternoon. the wind could gust over 50 miles per hour with the front coming through early to mid-evening.
5:51 am
temperature-wise thursday and friday. low to mid 40' s over the weekend. precipitation looks to be confined to early saturday. not a big system coming out of that one. early this morning, slick morning commute. it could be a wet and windy evening. erin: the roads were not good this morning. the city of manchester has made a top 10 list of the most educated cities in america. while allethub ranked cities. manchester was ranked fifth on this list of most educated cities. ann arbor, michigan came in first. boston came in at number 10. sean: kudos to the queen city.
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living in a home that looks just
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sean: if you have ever dreamed of living in a home that looks just like the white house, now' s your chance. the white house replica located outside of washington dc is on the market. it is a small scale version of the white house. it was built by a vietnam ease refugee who designed the house as a tribute to his new country. it is listed at three $.25 million. erin: i love the story behind it. i wonder if there is a rose garden. sean: you can always put one in. kevin: not this time of year. erin: a huge diamond was recently discovered in angola.
5:56 am
the length of a credit card and experts say it is virtually flawless. kevin: it is entirely and rare. million. it is the 27th largest diamond ever recorded. sean: erin is going to have to strap. kevin: it has its own zip code. sean: she better say yes if you are giving her that. [laughter] sean: good news for all of you doughnut fans. krispy kreme is planning to open stores in new hampshire. ray: it is going to be a sloppy
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sean: now on daybreak, flight diverted -- a plane from the dominican republic was forced to land in manchester, but passengers were not allowed off for more than an hour. kevin: snow and a wintry mix making for a slick start. we will have the details ahead. erin: a student has been removed from class at sanborn regional high school after he made threats concerning a pep rally later this week. sean: a police chase spanned four towns in the lakes region and it involved two stolen vehicles. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.


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