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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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erin: now on "daybreak," new hampshire votes. there are sill some that are too close to call this morning. sean: the results are still coming in. there have been a few surprises as we start to look forward to november. kevin: a cool front approaching with showers. maybe a thunderstorm today. the for the end of the week with future cast ahead. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning. i'm sean mcdonald. we're keeping a close eye on a couple of races after the state primary yesterday. a quick look at the numbers right now. we start with the
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chris sununu holds a narrow lead over frank ed edelblut. it is too close to call. colin van ostern easily won the democratic nomination. erin: the republican first congressional district race is too close with call with incumbent frank giunta holding a small lead over rich ashooh. jim lawrence easily defeated jack flanagan. sean: senator ayotte easily won her primary race. you can see all of the bottom of your screen. much more on the races in just a moment. first let's talk weather. election day, it was gorgeous out there. kevin: we're ahead of the front early this morning. that will mean on and off showers. in central and southern areas within we start with sunshine and warmer temperatures this morning. a lot of areas in the 50's to even lower 60's. we'll see the clouds race in through the afternoon. there will be hit or miss showers and maybe even an afternoon thunderstorm. this is the leading edge of cool air that arrives for the end of the week.
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huge range in temperatures. you are still in the clouds. mid to upper 60's to lower to mid 80's. much more on the end of the week with your forecast coming up. let's look at your morning ride. joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning, kevin. we have the road work that's about ready to wrap up on the everett turnpike northbound. the exit two onramp does remain closed on the northbound side. on the southbound side, the left lane is closed between exit four and the state line. 93 southbound is a delays from the notches down into salem. 89 no problems from concord to lebanon. if you are out on the seacoast, 95 north and south moving well from hampton to portsmouth. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you, deb. the republican race for governor is still too close to call right now. you can see that chris sununu does hold a narrow lead over frank edelblut.
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forester conceded. the winner will face van ostern in the general election. live to break down the governor's race. good morning, ray. ray: good morning, sean. later this morning the g.o.p. will hold their unity breakfast here at the bedford village in. as you mention, we still don't know who the republican nominee for governor will be. chris sununu does hold the slight edge over frank edelblut. the fact that edelblut has too much support is the state rep is not conceding. the campaign says edelblut might make a statement later this morning. psi knew knew pulled a lot of support. he is expected to hold on. >> it is exciting. it is exciting. i mean -- look. it is close. there's still a good amount of votes to come in. they will be counted. we feel very good. we're very optimistic. we have to count all of the votes. it wouldn't be a good new hampshire primary. >> what i can tell you
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next governor. ray: the democratic race was decided fairly early in the evening with colin van ostern easily winning his party's nomination over steve marchand and mike connolly. van ostern pledging to fight to keep new hampshire a no sales tax state, try to extend commuter rail service. he says the experience proves he's ready to lead new hampshire. >> the decisions that w years will determine our state's economic future for the next decade to come. i know we can move our state forward the new hampshire way. we will leave politics at the door and we'll bring people together to work together with the focus on progress and not on partisanship. ray: the van ostern campaign calling for a kickoff party for the general election. again republicans holding their unity breakfast here at the
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reporting live in bedford, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: all right. thanks. the race for the republican nomination in the first congressional district is also still too close to call. almost all of the votes are in. incumbent congressman frank linda leads rich ashooh. erin: neither is giving up. we are hearing there could be a recount in the race which has not been without controversy. last year giunta signed conciliation agreement for accepting an illegal campaign contribution from his parents. >> i'm sure it is on some people's minds. that's a resolved issue more than a year and a half ago. people want me to focus on public policy. i think that's why we've had such a strong showing tonight. >> it is too close to call. i know it's been a long night. so i really wanted to come in and thank you. because whatever the
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rest of my natural life. erin: in the second congressional district, jim lawrence cruised to a double-digit win over jack flanagan. this is the second run for the seat. he ran again because so many people reached out to him. he will face incumbent congressman, annie kuster, in november. he says he hopes the core issues in issues like the economy and safety for children will speak to voters from both parties. sean: jack flanagan says it is too on again. the three-term state rep and former majority leader says he did everything he could based on the time reand resources he has. he offered his support to lawrence. in an interview conducted, annie kuster is looking forward to november. >> i brought things together to get things done, come watting the heroin epidemic, working for treatment for the veterans, expanding opportunity by creating
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to maintain and protect medicare and social security. i'm very confident that the voters will make the right decision in november. erin: as expected the republican senate race was not close with kelly ayotte easily holding off jim rubens will almost 80% of the vote. she will take on maggie hassan in november. some campaigns spent the night wondering, others were decided early. josh mcelveen and andy smith break down some >> all right. this was definitely a late night for a lot of campaign and probably listen early morning too. let's talk about the race as we know. good night for colin van ostern and kelly ayotte. jim lawrence as well. >> that was an interesting one to watch. neither jim lawrence or jack flanagan were known to the voters in the district at pall. we're going to hear more about jim lawrence as he
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different world for him. >> he's in the big leagues now. >> colin van ostern, he was, we were thinking, probably the favorite on the democratic side. he proved to be. >> he did. he certainly showed that getting the support of your party helps. getting that support early to freeze out anything that might go to the opponent really helped him out in the race. he won fairly comfortably. >> there wasn't a lot of inside campaig f that. >> the democratic party tends to shy away from primaries. they don't want to have the busines come up that causes to make it more difficult to get together. they don't really have to worry tomorrow morning their unity breakfast. they are unified. >> speaking of not worrying, i don't think kelly ayotte lost a lot of sleep. he was onset though. thanked him for a good race. says it makes her a better candidate. >> it always does. it really sharpens your skills if you have to convince your own
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they should vote for you to clarify your message. i think the thing she wanted to make sure she still has strong majority support among republicans who were backing here in the race. there's not a degree of divisionness within the party. erin: you can get all of the results from the rateses -- race, including the state house and senate. we'll continue t coverage as we head toward the general election in november. sean: on that note, the spotlight on the race in new hampshire. donald trump and tim kaine will be in the granite state tomorrow. trump will hold a rally at laconia middle school. kaine will attend a rally in nashua.
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manchester. why the fire was especially dangerous. 6:09 on wednesday we are one nation under god.
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i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. when i first found out that carl had been using heroin on and off for a year. i immediately thought not my son.
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annie kuster is leading the fight regarding this opioid epidemic. she's trying to do everything she can to get laws changed. so this doesn't happen again. she's definitely a leader. i just love annie. i'm annie kuster and i approved this message. kevin: starting off wednesday with a gorgeous sunrise. we have a front approaching from the west. it is going to mean some scattered showers and the possibility of even a shower or two. sean: a man from alaska is dead after drowning in the connecticut river. erin: the emergency crews rushed to cornish just before 6:00 and
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a missing swimmer. his body was found an hour later. it was a member of the americorp working with the student conservation association. sean: a nashua man admitted he robbed a bank in hudson. 48-year-old daniel quinn pleaded guilty to armed bank robbery. he threatened employees with a knife inside the st. mary's bank last june, and then he took an employee hostage to make his escape. in prison when he's sentenced in january. erin: a vermont mother is accused of driving drunk with her 8-year-old son in the car. shauna graham was arrested. she had several open containers of alcohol in her vehicle. sean: right now it is 13 minutes past 6:00. coming up, snhu to the rescue. how the school is stepping up to help local students of a closing college.
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maggie hassan's priorities are working for new hampshire. new hampshire froze tuition. she understands that we need good highway systems. hassan is an advocate for public safety. she's kept spending under control. and how does maggie hassan get these things done? by balancing the budget without an income or sales tax. creating a surplus... and by working with anyone and everyone to create a better environment for business innovation. making fiscal responsibility work for you. i'm maggie hassan
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sean: the state department of transportation is looking at adding a new exit between exits four and five. they want to hear from you about the idea. the project is designed to relieve traffic along route 102 through derry and allow for more economic development. a public meeting is set 27th at 7:00 at the derry municipal center. students at daniel webster college are getting much needed help. last week the school's parent company, i.t.t. educational services announced it was closing all of its campuses. now snhu has agreed to take on all daniel webster students and programs to help students complete their degrees. sn will also hire as many daniel webster employees as possible.
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sessions at daniel webster college starting today. erin: many of us are going to hold on to summer; right? local plow drivers are getting ready for winter. contractors and d.o.t. workers attended a symposium in concord yesterday. it focused on decreasing the amount of salt used to clear snow and ice. the department of environmental services says too much salt is bad for the environment. >> we have a problem in some of our streams here in new hampshire where too much salt is entering them. and that's coming from winter salt that we u from snow advice. erin: and our own kevin skarupa was one of the featured speakers. he highlighted the state's extreme weather over the past ten years. what were the questions they had for you? kevin: a lot of different questions, including how long does it take me to do my hair in the morning. we got highly scientific. it was great to talk to them. forecasting the seasons ahead is one of the things that's the holy grail of us in
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seven-day but going several months ahead. we talked about the upcoming winter. erin: you love doing than. looking farther into the future. erin: i tell them to take it with a grain of salt. salt symposium. yeah. we start off early this morning with a couple of showers. early on temperatures are still in the lower 60's. we're isn't the0' country. we have the clouds continuing to make their way in. a couple of showers and one or two rumbles of thunder. this is along the front making its way in. they will be on and off along with plenty of clouds, likely keeping temperatures in the 60's north of the notches. you get south of the white mountains, 70's for central parts of the state and low to mid 80's in southern spots. you hang on to the sunshine the longest, notice the front making steady progress.
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southeast into the afternoon. temperatures near 50 up north. 47 on top of mt. washington. back into the low half of the 60's. falling into the lower 50's and upper 40's. that means the warmer temperatures move in, but chances are by this time tomorrow morning we're going to be showing these at about 10-15 degrees cooler than the levels we're at currently. that's because a cold front will be coming in later on this afternoon. we'll start to pick up a northwesterly b can't rule out not getting out of the 60's in parts of the north country. near 70 in whitefield. 70's in central parts of the state. where you are able to grab sunshine, temperatures today between 80 and 86. most of the shower activity before 1:00 or 2:00 will be in the north country on and off. a few starting to make their way into north western and western sections of the state after 2:00 or 3:00. that will slide south eastern. you are going to note the scattered shower to anything that develops
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state. maybe a quick half an hour shower or storm. there's a very small chance that 1:00 or 2:00 of those are strong. then the northwest winds pick up behind that. we drop into the 40's to lower 50's. this is with full sunshine. high temperatures in the 60's to near 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon. with not much of a wind. from there, the coldest night of the next latest stretch looks to be thursday night and early friday. temperatures up north will be in the 30's and the chance of the first frost in the north the 40's. then the rebound from there back into the 70's statewide on friday. that leads us into the weekend. the next system just getting going on the pacific northwest starts to move toward us and with that there could be a couple of showers on saturday evening or sunday. a quick climb for southern areas with morning sunshine giving way to the chance of a passing shower or storm this afternoon pap good portion of the day will be dry for southern areas. it will run the risk later on this afternoon. notice the temperatures for friday morning just
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western and northern sections of the state. there could be some patchy frost around. from there, after sunshine thursday and friday, it will be the next system arriving saturday evening. it could linger into sunday. highs in the 70's over the weekend. kevin: kind of a new normal. it is refreshing. kevin: yes, at least we'll get the taste of autumns becoming more numerous. erin: the colors and the trees popping. we are some of the races are still too close to call. in the first congressional district, frank giunta holds a slim lead over challenger, rich ashooh. the republican race for governor is too close to call. colin van ostern easily won his party's nomination. sean: in the second congressional district, jim lawrence held off jack flanagan.
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easily won her primary. remember you can see all of the results at the bottom of your screen or on our web site. w wmur. erin: coming up, special dedication. why hundreds of people took the ice bucket challenge outside of a college dorm yesterday. golden outsi or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon.
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it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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narrator: fewer new hampshire students are graduating debt free, while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. and whose side is kelly ayotte on? she voted to cut funding for pell grants and against letting students refinance their loans at lower rates. all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign. kelly ayotte: working for the special interests, senate majority pac is responsible
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. erin: an apple store in green bay, wisconsin is creating confuse. they are getting calls about computers. sean: they specialize in apples that you eat. they open on monday and sold out in hours. the store manager says they are getting flooded with people calling asking about the new iphone or how to fix an ipad. erin: i have an idea for all or
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right? sean: they will be confused. we came here for the kind you can eat. erin: right. hundreds of students and staff took to the ice bucket challenge in massachusetts yesterday. isn't the huge show was part of a specialer is ceremony to dedicate the hall after pete frates, the beverly hill native who inspired the ice bucket challenge. there's the hope that it will motivate students. he was there on hand to see it. great effort. raised a lot of money. erin: the team has done a lot. coming up, our coverage of the primary elections continues with a look at winners and the races that are still too close
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is then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning to you on this wednesday, september 14th. the results of new hampshire's primary are still trickling in. two major races remain up in the air. sean: that's right. the g.o.p. race for governor is too close call with 93% of precincts reporting. chris sununu has 31% of the votes. frank edelblut has 30%. another race that's too close to call is the first congressional district. frank giunta and rich ashooh are neck in neck. giunta has 46% of the votes. ashooh has 45%. we will bring you more results of the new hampshire primary coming up in just a few minutes. erin: we've seen some beautiful sunrises this morning.
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kevin: the clouds continuing with the showers. the temperatures likely holding in the 60's. for central and southern areas, we'll start with sunshine. the chance of a couple of showers. the northern will be in the 60's with occasional showers today. erin: all right. we want to check the roads for you to see how things are moving out there at this picking up. this is a live look in hooksett. kevin: for a look at morning drive, we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning, kevin and erin. right now 93 north and south is a good ride through the state. as you just notice we are beginning to see building volume as you make your way through hooksett and then again on the southbound side as you make your way down by exit 4. 293 is getting busy at exit six on the southbound side and through the lane shifts
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the everett turnpike. 89 moving well. volume is picking up at exit 18 and then again as you approach exit 20. from the wzid traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: all right. deb, thanks. now back to the results from the new hampshire primary. as we already told you right now there are two races that are still too close to call. one of them is the republican contest for governor. erin: in the democratic race, colin van ostern was declared the winner, taking 52% ofhe the democratic candidate for governor. in the republican race, chris sununu and frank edelblut are neck in neck. frank is live where the unity breakfast is going to take place this morning. ray: that's right, erin. and among the speakers is scheduled to be the republican nominee for governor. as you mention, we just don't know who that will be. it is the morning after the new hampshire
6:33 am
staters are waiting to see who will be sited the republican nominee for governor. four candidates for vying, forester, gastas, sununu, and edelblut. most of the votes are counted, sununu and edelblut are separated by 1%. it is too close to call. >> it is exciting. it is close. there's still a good amountf you got to count all of the votes. it wouldn't be a good new hampshire primary if it wasn't close and exciting for everyone. >> what i can tell you is colin van ostern is not going to be the next governor. ray: three candidates for competing for the seat. van ostern, connolly, and marchand.
6:34 am
he says his experience says he's ready to take on the role of governor. >> i'm honored to be the nominee for governor. now we have two months before the fall's election. the people from new hampshire are counting on us all to step up. ray: so as we mention, there are 7% of the precincts yet to be counted in the g.o.p. gubernatorial race. some exforgets believe that chris sununu wi he has over edelblut. we'll keep you posted. erin: all right. ray, thank you. another contest that we're closely monitoring is the republican race for the first congressional district. frank giunta and rich ashooh are both vying for the position. the race is close. giunta holds a small lead over ashooh. 46% to 45%.
6:35 am
race was about integrity. last year giunta signed a conciliation agreement for accepting an illegal campaign contribution from his parents. we asked giunta how that previous may have affected this election. >> people know me. they know the dedication that i have and the passion and conviction that i take to public service. i think people see that in the public policy initiatives that i undertake and the leadership that i've demonstrated, particularly as chairman of the task fox force to combat heroin and opioid abuse. people appreciate that leadership. erin: he said he wanted the chance to thank them no matter the outcome of the race. he ran a campaign based on trust and integrity. he told the crowd he feels blessed. >> you have given me -- really us the gift of your support and your friendship. and i wish i could give
6:36 am
there are still two cities and more than ten towns out. it is too close to call. sean: they are still watching that one. republican jim lawrence was declared the winner. he claimed victory after taking 40% of the votes compared to 28% for his rival. that means lawrence will be taking on annie ku election. the second congressional district tends to vote moderate and lawrence is a conservative republican even though he believes he has a good chance because he says kuster is more washington and not enough about the people of new hampshire. they want washington, d.c. to stop over regulating and over taxing our small businesses, allow our economy to grow, to keep us safe from terrorism
6:37 am
and to allow the great people of the state of new hampshire to obtain what we all want. the american dream. sean: incumbent senator, kelly ayotte, will be fighting for her seat. she will face off against democratic challenger, maggie hassan in november. ayotte easily defeated jim rubens in the new hampshire primary. noen looking ahead to the general election matchup with maaing fee hassan. >> i'm going to keep rowing the boat to get things done for new hampshire. getting that major bipartisan legislation passed, focusing on making sure the funding comes for prevention, treatment, recovery, and also the first responders in new
6:38 am
erin: she thanked her supporters at an event last night. >> i'm going working to make sure the people understand the choice in the election. between a senator who will always approach things with a bipartisan attitude to get things done for the people of the granite sta or a senator like my opponent who has consistently put corporate special interest before the people of the granite state. erin: you can see the results from the new hampshire primary and continue monitoring the race for governor and first congressl there you will find the county by county results for each statewide race. that's all at erin: the results are continue to come in throughout the day. i'm sure. coming up on "daybreak," a deadly crash in ossipee is under investigation this morning. what state police said lead to the crash that claimed the life of one woman. sean: and a local farm is asking for your help after someone stole a large quality of produce from the fields. kevin: cold front approaching.
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thunderstorm. cooler air for the end of the week. all of the details coming up. it is coming up on 6:39. you are watch barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband, and i am just forever grateful... our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. this city is it. great food, gorgeous scenery,
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for free. we hear you. that'whosting fun, free, informative events. like wine tours and movie premieres. plus, we're offering resources to help you achieve your goals. and we're finding ways to make manchester even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp."
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thanks to sunshine. increasing clouds and showers. maybe a thunderstorm. temperatures today huge range from the mid to upper 60's up north to the best chance of a passing shower or storms in southern areas. much more on what it means for the end of the week and the weekend with your forecast coming up. sean: beautiful sunshine. we're starting to see the results from the new hampshire primary. most precincts from could wanted their ballots, two big are still too close to call. erin: sununu and edelblut are still in a tight race. sununu has a slight lead. van ostern won the nomination. sean: the contact for the first congressional district remains undecided. giunta and ashooh are neck in neck. jim lawrence was the winner and will challenge annie kuster.
6:43 am
kelly ayotte defeated jim rubens. ayotte and maggie hassan will battle it out for the senate seat. erin: josh mcelveen and andy smith sat down to discuss some of the primary results and what we can expect as we wait to see who will be declared the winner of the g.o.p. governor's race. >> first c.d. is too close to call. that was down to a few hundred votes after midnight. looks like chris sununu is going to hang on. >> edelblut is the surprise whether he wins or loses. he was a complete unknown, had his own money, but didn't have any organizational support, other than what he put together himself and main a great campaign and did well in the debates and really made himself the alternative candidate.
6:44 am
edelblut. >> disappointing night for ted gastas. keep the eyes on the races that haven't been decided and start focusing on the ones that have. good to see you, andy. >> two months to go. >> two months to go. back to you. sean: now on "daybreak," a deadly crash in ossipee is now under investigation. the accident happened shortly after 4:00 yesterday in the area of deer cap campground on route 16. state police say a pickupck the center line and slammed head on into a car. the truck rolled over and sideswiped another pickup. the driver of the car, 61-year-old janet bauman of ossipee, was announced dead at the scene. her passenger, 67-year-old gary bauman was flown to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a high-rise on elm street. flames broke out just after 9:00 last night at
6:45 am
close to 500 people were evacuated from the 200-unit apartment building after a deck caught fire. when crews arrived, they say that the thick black smoke was coming from the top floor. >> the building was on fire. people were sleeping and didn't know until we notified them. yes, people were in danger for a period of time. erin: officials say because the fire was outside, the fire alarms had not gone off yet. it took about a half an hour to put the flames out. lavally far i for your help in tracking down a thief. >> the operators of the family farm say a large amount of produce was stolen from their field on bow lane in pembroke on monday. they say the thief made off with corn, swiss chard, cucumbers, and tomatoes. the farm said the vegetables and vehicle would have been needed to carry them off. anyone with information on the theft is urged to contact the pembroke police department.
6:46 am
some loud noises. fighter jets were circling in the area yesterday and dropped flares that exploded in the air. the national air national guard said their jets weren't involved and later claimed responsibility. the guard said it was doing target intercept training and inadvertently dropped the flares. erin: the red sox played the second game against the orioles last baltimore took an early lead with five runs off of drew pomeranz. j.j. hardy hit a homer in the second. two batter later, nolan hit a two-run shot. xander bogaerts hit a solo homer sox. that was the 19th hit of the season. it wasn't enough for the sox. the orioles went on to win this one 6-3.
6:47 am
the new england patriots will be sporting new jerseys. this is the first new look in 13 years. the pat wills wear the uniforms as they take on the texasens next week. the jerseys are now on sale. a portion of the sales will go toward youth teams affected by the louisiana floods. erin: new hampshire tackles hunger is back. high school football teams will be collecting fo the first up is merrimack valley. donations will be taken friday night during their game against kenith to benefit the immaculate conception food country. we want to wish good luck to karl meltzer. he's a super star in ultra running. he's trying to set the speed record for running the 2,200 appalachian trail. meltzer started in
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he still has more than 300 miles to go. that's what an ultra runner does. sean: he's getting there though. boy, it is not easy stuff to get through. wow. the 12 finalist competing for a spot in the national toy hall of fame have been announced. get ready, folks. care bears, rock 'em sock 'em, the clue board game, and the which i still play with at my desk -- nerf, bin pall, the swing, and bubble wrap which is a toy now. to be recognized by the hall of fame, toys must have lasted across generations, influence the way toys are designed or played with, and foster learning through creativity and play. erin: how are they going to pick? let's just put all of those into the hall of
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kevin: i was wondering what the little people were doing on your desk. keep track of who is working that day? you have one of each of us. sean: a little erin and kevin. a little office space here. sure. kevin: that would be one way to do it. then you know who is here. sean: it is awkward when people walk by, but hay -- kevin: just a little awkward. i've seen crazier things. this is all of the arriving from northwest to southeast. more in the on and off shower activity up in the north country. the clouds have arrived. that means temperatures there in the 60's. more sunshine for southern areas before the front arrives from mid to late afternoon. temperatures will have the opportunity to get back. from there, cooler air will start edging in on the northwesterly breeze tonight. cooler sunshine tomorrow.
6:50 am
after a chilly start friday morning or friday afternoon and saturday. the next front trying to arrive saturday into sunday. this is the time of year. we have a front coming through. ahead of it, warmer temperatures. behind it that little taste of autumn. you'll notice back to the west showers or storms moving through. that's the first rain chance with the front that looks to start crossing the north country just over the next couple of hours. you'll be on and off in the chances today in the north country. areas of the state mid to late afternoon. ahead of that, you are starting in the lower 60's. a solid ten degrees warmer than the last several mornings. with a breeze today, we'll warm quickly up before the thicker cloud cover and main fall starts to arrive. the cooler air will come back in. it will drop into the 50's to lower 60's. a huge range of
6:51 am
it is a 20-degree difference. chances are this is how the day is going to unfold. quite a few more clouds up north. more in the way of sunshine. you can see as we stop this for you, still some sunshine in southern areas. the clouds have been won out for a stray shower in central parts of the state. it will be a broken line of showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms with temperatures up into the 80's and southern area. then the northwest wind kicks in. again 64 to 72 from sunshine tomorrow. eventually after the cooler day tomorrow within we're off to a running start into the cooler readings later on thursday evening. temperatures will drop back in the 30's. first chance of frost and a few western sections of the state. from there, good deal of sunshine on friday and saturday. it will start warming us back into the 70's ahead of the next front. clouds will continue to invade from north to south this morning.
6:52 am
maybe an afternoon thunderstorm. temperatures today anywhere from 66 to 86. tonight clearing skies. 50 to 65 for overnight lows. the breeze cools things off and dries things out. a high barely back to near 70 tomorrow. then after a cold start to the day on friday, we start warming up for the weekend. a couple of showers a responsibility on saturday evening or maybe a few showers around on sunday. sunday by no means a wash out. erin: all right. rain out there. kevin: we do. we need a uniform rain over a couple of days. nothing in the forecast. erin: it is now 6:51. still ahead on "daybreak" this morning, we'll have a final check of your top stories,
6:53 am
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erin: two of new hampshire's big primary contests remain undecided. sean: hours is the republican race for governor. sununu and edelblut are neck in neck.
6:56 am
in the democratic race for governor, colin van ostern was declared the nominee. erin: the first congressional race is also too close to call. frank giunta has a 1% lead in the second congressional district, jim lawrence was declared the g.o.p. winner. and in the u.s. senate race, incumbent senator, kelly ayotte defeated jim rubens. she was -- she will face maggie november election. you can see the results and continue monitoring the undecided races by heading to our web site at kevin: clouds racing in up north. temperatures will be allowed to go back into the lower range of the 80's. we'll have on and off showers up north today. the best chance will be this afternoon or early this evening in central and southern areas.
6:57 am
that sets up the cooler weather. erin: coming up next, apple cia speaks about the new iphone. the phone does not connect to the headphones. it will cost you to get
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking right now, tropical storm julia slams the southeast. the system growing overnight after sparking a tornado in florida. and torrential rain. now georgia and the carolinas on alert for flooding. donald trump under investigation. new legal trouble over his chy aim. >> this is the guy you want to be championing working people? >> trump trying to win female voters overnight. teaming up with ivanka to unveil his child care plan. >> i think it's going to make a lot of people very, very happy. a lot of moms very happy. >> this morning ivanka joins us live. terrifying attack. a driver caught on camera plowing into police officers at a gas station sending one flying eight feet into the air.


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