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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. the mystery men. the fbi tonight releasing this image, two men, after the bombs in new york city and new jersey. they need your help. and new reporting right here tonight, amid that central question -- was the suspect acting alone? also developing at this hour, the chaos erupting in charlotte, after a shooting, a father killed. police and his family with two very different stories tonight. the new poll just out this evening, hillary clinton, donald trump. just five days before the crucial first debate. where this race now stands. and donald trump with his new outreach tonight. will it work? the pilot struck on the runway. the plane coming from behind. we have the pilot, right here tonight. and the split. brad pitt, angelina jolie.
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the high road. good evening. and we begin tonight with breaking news, after those bombs in new york city and new jersey. tonight, the fbi wants the public's help with two mystery men. they need help identifying and finding the two men seen here. this image from a surveillance camera. and this is the poster they put out today. authorities say they were seen making off with a suitcase on a investigators say leaving behind a pressure cooker bomb. police want to question them. and abc news just moments ago obtaining this exclusive video of the suspect walking into a new jersey hair salon, one day before that first bomb went off. we have new reporting right here tonight. was that suspect acting alone? here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: the investigation into the terror that hit new york is widening tonight, as
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men seen on video, as they came upon a suitcase that held one of the bombs. >> they removed what turned out to be a pressure cooker and they rolled the bag away. >> reporter: police say they want to know who they are and just what they were doing with that bag. >> they are witnesses, they are not in jeopardy of being arrested. >> reporter: this new video obtained by abc news shows the suspect, ahmad rahami, hours before the attack, calmly walking into a new jersey hair salon. authorities say tonight they have yet to question him, because suffered in the gun fight with police. >> he is not medically cleared so that we could speak to him just yet. >> reporter: also today, police made public a page from rahami's hand-written journal, bloodied from his wounds, praising brother osama bin laden and a top isis leader. in the new federal charges, officials say rahami began plank his bomb attacks at least three months ago. buying the bomb components on ebay, including steel ball
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injuries to victims. officials say rahami then did a kind of test-run in the backyard of his family home, two days before the blast. the scorched earth still visible today. and a video of it discovered by agents on a cell phone belonging to a family member. >> there is a video tape showing what appears to be someone's backyard with a pipe in the ground and an explosion that takes place. >> reporter: as agents look for possible accomplices, several of rahami's family members have been questioned, and their social media scoured since the initial the accused bomber is the one on the right, in this family photo, taken in times square, now being reviewed by agents. rahami's wife, the mother of two of his three children, is expected to fly into the u.s. tomorrow, after being interviewed by the fbi tuesday in dubai. >> all right, brian ross back with us tonight. and as you've been reporting, the search for these two mystery men. in the meantime, they still want to question the main suspect. >> reporter: that's right,
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fight and initially refused to cooperate in any way with the fbi. since then, agents have not been able to follow up, because he remains in the hospital and doctors say, for whatever reason, he's not medic little cleared to be questioned, david. >> all right, brian ross will stale on this. brian, thank you. in the meantime, next tonight, to charlotte, where overnight, chaos erupting. anger after a deadly police shooting there. tonight, they are bracing for more unrest. protesters taking to the streets after the death of an african-american father. hours later, it turned violent. 16 officers were injured. tonight, the police and the family with two very different stories, and abc's eva pilgrim is in charlotte. >> reporter: the fury erupts after this -- a man, shot by an officer, lies motionless on the ground. >> all officers, 10-4, we got one suspect down. >> reporter: but 43-year-old keith lamont scott does not survive. this video appears to come from his daughter at the scene. >> the police just shot my daddy four times, for being black. >> reporter: tonight, police in charlotte, north carolina and
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>> the truth is, that man was sitting in his car minding his business. >> reporter: early evening tuesday, protesters take to the street. after dark, it turns explosive. large crowds try to overturn this police car. people pour to the scene, blocking a major highway, looting trucks in their path, throwing these boxes in a pile and setting them on fire. one terrified driver calls for help. >> they're on the back of the trailer as we speak. officers used flash grenades and tear gas to send the crowds away as 16 officers are hurt. tonight, authorities identifying the officer who fired the shot as brentley vinson, also african-american and now on paid leave. police admitting tonight that scott wasn't the person they were looking for, but say, when they came upon him, they were forced to shoot. >> mr. scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun as the
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him to drop it. >> reporter: police say they later recovered that gun. scott's family insists that's not true. >> they said, hands up, he got a gun, he got a gun. pow, pow, pow, pow. that's it. he had no gun. >> and eva pilgrim with us live tonight in charlotte. and eva, you've learned that there is body cam footage that might help answer some of these questions? >> reporter: that's right, david. there is body cam video of the scene, but police say, they will not release it until this investigation is complete. tonight. eva, thank you. the deadly shooting in charlotte coming just days after another one in tulsa. dash cam video showing this father, his suv broken down, walking back toward his truck, his arms up. moments before an officer shoots and kills him. the female officer defending herself, and tonight, the presidential candidates are now waking in. hillary clinton saying these shootings have to stop. calling the outbreak unbearable. donald trump suggesting the
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>> reporter: it is the moment causing such outrage. >> that looks like a bad dude, too. >> reporter: terence crutcher's family says the 40-year-old's hands are up, just before he's shot. something police above saw, too. >> he's got his hands up there for her now. >> reporter: but officer betty shelby's attorney says what the videos don't show are the moments she first encounters crutcher. she believed he was high on pcp, ignoring commands and possibly armed. >> she tells him, "get your hands out of your pocket." now she is becoming concerned. >> reporter: shelby pulls her gun, shooting crutcher when she says he reaches inside his car. >> shots fired. >> reporter: but crutcher's family says shelby's fear did not justify her pulling the trigger. >> we know he was unarmed. >> reporter: today, the presidential candidates took a rare swipe against police over excessive force. >> it's unbearable. and it needs to become
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black voters, trump is taking aim direct little at officer shelby. >> did she get scared? was she choking? what happened? >> in front of the police department -- >> reporter: in tulsa -- >> and we're telling them to fire -- >> betty! >> reporter: protests have been peaceful. but activists warn the city is on edge. >> if they don't charge her, it may get ugly. >> reporter: but david, organizers say the protests, and there is another one planned here tonight, will continue, while investigators decide officer shelby's fate. clayton, thank you. donald trump continues to court the african-american vote in this country, praying with a group of pastors in cleveland today. it comes amid a new poll just out tonight, showing hillary clinton now at 43%, trump, 37% nationally among likely voters. among african-americans, in june, trump had 1% of the african-american vote. tonight, he has 7%, clinton with 81%. and an unexpected moment today on the trump campaign.
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>> reporter: today, donald trump in prayer with pastors. an event that started with a racial slur. trump introduced by former boxing promoter don king, once convicted of manslaughter. king, recounting something he once said about racism in america, used the n-word in church. >> if you are intelligent, intellectual, you are an intellectual negro. if you are dancing and sliding and gliding [ bleep ] -- i mean negro. you are dancing and sliding and gliding negro. >> reporter: the offensive slip comes as trump is trying to appeal to black voters in blunt terms. >> our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they've ever been in before, ever, ever, ever. >> reporter: from president obama, a history lesson -- >> he missed that whole civics lesson about slavery and jim crow. >> reporter: and today, from congressman john lewis, a hero
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>> i don't know what mr. trump is talking about. i invite him to come and walk in my shoes. >> reporter: today, in a fox news town hall on issues impacting the black community, trump promoting a controversial police tactic that some say encourages racial profiling. >> what would you do to help stop that violence, you know, black-on-black crime? >> right, i would do stop and frisk. i hathink you have to. >> reporter: this s foundation to settle lawsuits against his golf clubs. in one example, when trump's mar a lago resort faced a $120,000 fine for having a flag pole that was too big, trump settled the case by pledging $100,000 to a veteran's group. the check came straight from the foundation, not from trump's own wallet. his campaign manager admits it happened, but downplayed the issue. >> so, let's make very clear to the viewers, a veterans charity
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benefitted from it. >> reporter: tax records show the billionaire himself hasn't donated a penny to his own foundation in eight years. still, "the washington post" reports he used foundation money to buy a tim tebow helmet at a charity auction. and to pay for two portraits of himself. >> all right, tom llamas live from michigan. the trump campaign reacting to the initial reports in "the washington post?" >> reporter: david, the campaign is firing back, sg with omissions in inaccuracies, yet they provided no examples. david? >> tom, as you know, just five days from now, donald trump and hillary clinton take the stage for their first presidential debate, their first one-on-one encounter, right here on abc. the stakes could not be higher. and tonight here, we have new details about how each of the candidates are preparing. and the strategies could not be more different. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: hillary clinton in
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times voters will see her before monday's big debate. after this, she's hunkering down to cram. >> donald trump is a self-proclaimed great debater, who won every one of the republican debates, so, i take nothing for granted. >> reporter: two very different candidates, with two very different debate prep strategies. clinton immersing herself in briefing books daily. she's also watching footage of trump in past debates, and holding mock debates with someone playing her opponent. as for donald trump, this is what he told david recently. >> any mock debates? >> haven't thought about it much. it could happen. >> reporter: but now, trump's team says no mock debates for him. instead, he has an ipad loaded with old debate footage of clinton. he occasionally meets with a team of advisers, including family members and former fox news boss roger ailes. but sources say those sessions have devolved into story telling, rather than serious preparation.
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>> i'll be a little bit. i mean, you have to be a little bit. >> reporter: the one tactic both sides are using? already complaining about the questions. >> i'm going to get -- be treated very, very unfairly by the moderators. i think the system is being rigged, so it's going to be a very unfair debate. >> reporter: clinton's team says they're worried she'll be the one getting tougher questions, alluding to the recent commander in chief forum. the stakes couldn't be higher. >> donald trump has said about you and the debates, "i know how to handle hillary." >> well, we'll see, won't we? on september 26th. >> and cecilia vega with us live from orlando. cecilia, donald trump, we heard him there tell me in recent days, he's preparing maybe not in the traditional way were his words, but tonight, some of the people inside his campaign telling you they're concerned? >> reporter: david, in fact, both campaigns tonight are trying to lower expectations for this big debate, but some trump aides are telling us, they are now considering relocating his
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jersey to headquarters at trump tower in new york, hoping that will help him focus more. >> all right, the stakes could not be higher. cecilia, thank you. of course, abc news will have full coverage of the first big debate, right here on abc, monday night. i'll be joining george and the entire powerhouse political team right here monday night. in the meantime, the news continues here, next tonight, to that grilling on capitol hill today. the ceo of the company that markets those life-saving drastic price hikes, and her own soaring salary, up nearly 700% in recent years. abc's mary bruce is right there. >> reporter: for more than two and a half hours, frustrated lawmakers grilled and scolded the embattled ceo of mylan pharmaceuticals, heather bresch. >> it is driving exorbitant profits. >> it's disgusting. >> the greed is astounding. >> reporter: accusing her company of putting profit before
6:45 pm
epi-pen packs to $600. but bresch defending the company, pointing out they now offer a $300 generic. >> our concern was absolutely that everyone that needs an epi-pen has one. >> reporter: mylan's sales projected to hit more than a billion dollars this year. bresch's salary soaring, too -- up nearly 700%, to $18.9 million. wmur a about the role her mother played in promoting the device in schools when she was the head of a national only case group. >> i certainly thought it was a very cheap shot to bring my mother into this. >> reporter: and far for fa families wants an apology, no answer. >> still to answer from her tonight? >> reporter: no, david. the company is offering rebates and that cheaper get jeric.
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is the health care system, not her company. david? >> all right, our correspondent on capitol hill tonight. mary, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this went. the close call on the runway. you'll see it right here. incredible. the pilot asking for help, about to be struck here from that plane from behind. tell you what happens next, in a moment. and we have that pilot here tonight. also, the unmanned space station out of control, and we're told, hurtling toward earth on the. when and where will it how much of it will be intact. and we are learning more tonight about brad pitt and angelina jolie. george clooney was asked about the split. he was surprised himself, but you'll hear his answer, taking the high road tonight, when we come back. guys, what's happening here? hey nicole, this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh.
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his canopy open, signaling trouble at the start of a race. a signal missed. smashed into, spun around, part of his plane's tail sheared off. slow motion shows how the other plane -- traveling at 60 miles an hour -- how close its wing came to richard's head. but his raised hand is hit. the eight planes in sunday's race in reno were all to take off at the same time, but with engine trouble, richard's plane is not moving. he's hoping the planes go around >> i signaled. >> i know you did, thom, i saw it. >> reporter: a bit of winching pain as he gets out of the cockpit. >> busted up hand. but a small price to pay. >> reporter: the other plane disabled, too, and each racer, worried about the other. >> are you okay? >> yeah, i'm okay. >> yeah, i didn't see you. >> reporter: for both pilots, surviving to race another day. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> just incredible.
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try duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. to the index, and the phones are now ready for samsung customers who have been waiting for replacement. 500,000 new smartphones available in stores. the company forced to replace nearly 1 million recalled phones because of batteries possibly ig nighting and causing those fires. china's space son of control tonight. the chinese space agency confirming that the unmanned station will come crashing to earth next year. it was supposed to burn up in the atmosphere and then plunge into the ocean once it was out of service, but now, without control, they say pieces of debris could, in fact, come down anywhere. that's encouraging. angelina jolie separating from brad pitt. divorce the documents now showing jolie is asking for sole custody of their children.
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popsicles -- for a $1.50 a pop. but today, fidencio sanchez is finally in a position to chill out. two loyal customers, who started a go fund me page, presented him with a check today. $384,290. that's more than a quarter of a million popsicles. 17,000 contributors from 60 countries. today, he said he may buy a house for his wife and grandkids, and treat himself to some hearing aids. those bells. >> a sweet gift, well earned. i'm david muir. i hope to see you back here tomorrow. good night. narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans
6:59 pm
they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change.
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erin: recycled illuminations on "new hampshire chronicle." ? erin: tonight, on "chronicle" -- this is really neat. it is almost like a chandelier. illuminations and aluminum how to build your clever crafters are turning trash to treasure. >> i said, "that is really cool. i think i want to make a light out of that. something really different." >> he gets so much enjoyment out of it, i just let him go at it. erin: a new way to make your jewelry sparkle. >> we are not used to cleaning our jewelry.


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