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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  October 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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prosecutors say peter emanuel used this piece of heavy equipment to knock over a crane that was being operated by his brother. >> conduct which places another in danger of serious bodily injury and used a front end loader as a deadly weapon to tip over a crane while the brother was on the crane. reporter: when police arrived at the zero waste peter emanuel was outside of the loader inside a large warehouse. when police tried to get his attention, officials say emanuel climbed back into the vehicle and drove backwards at a cruiser that was parked behind him. >> one officer pulls his weapon and another officer pulls the taser trying to get the defendant to stop. the defendant ultimately stops four feet from the cruiser while the sergeant is still in the cruiser. reporter: authorities say emanuel then drove to another
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into a trash truck and took off. emanuel was found about two hours later at another location, and arrested without incident. officials say things could have turned out much worse. >> it was a very dangerous situation because it a large piece of equipment and he's in control. so we basically tried to formulate a plan. thankfully nobody was hurt. but the potential was there for somebody to lose the reporter: emanuel is scheduled to be back in court later this month. in bow, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. tom: right now hurricane matthew is just hours away from lashing the coast of florida. more than 2 million people are under an evacuation order. jennifer: the category 4 storm is on track to be the most powerful hurricane to hit the u.s. the more than a decade. president obama has signed an emergency declaration to provide assistance ahead of the storm.
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information. hayley: this is going to be a big one, the last time a category 4 made landfall in the united states was charlie, which made landfall on the other side of florida in 2004 and caused massive destruction to fort myers and punta gorda. now we're talking about the east coast of florida and particularly the central area, in melbourne and cape canaveral as the eye wall where the strongest winds are, will likely during the overnight hours. you can see it just sitting and spinning moving very slowly up toward the north and west. it will be a category 4 as it makes landfall overnight tonight and will continue to pof up to the north and weaken over the weekend. but it takes a really atypical turn because of the cold front that's going to bring us a little rainfall over the weekend. but that cold front will steer the storm back down toward the south and eventually totally weaken it out, thankfully.
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but obviously not coming toward new hampshire. i'll show you our weekend's forecast, it includes good weather, ahead. jennifer: ahead of the storm's landfall in the u.s., airlines have been canceling flights to the sunshine state. and that is having a ripple effect here in new hampshire. wmur's kristen carosa spoke with travelers and has more now from the airport. reporter: people traveling to and from florida are being urged to check with their airlines as hurricane mth the florida coast. >> i'm not worried about the storm. we're up on the west coast, so we're going to be fine. reporter: judy and her husband are heading to fort myers and had had no problem leaving the state thursday. >> not so far, i've got my fingers crossed. we get to baltimore and i hope we'e not spending the night there. reporter: manchester airport is monitoring information from the storm from local, state and federal emergency offices and will issue traffic advisories as
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from orlando are canceled. reporter: he's a granite state ambassador and has plans to head south for the winter, his flight to orlando is tuesday. >> we've been waiting all summer to go. we with may have to stay. reporter: he has a condo in cocoa beach and says his main worry is for his neighbors down there. >> they're concerned because they've gone over to orlando and now they're told that the storm will move that way also. so they're sorry they didn't make plans to go further away. reporter: charles green made it time. he also has friends living in cocoa beach. >> my friend in cocoa said that the gas stations were running out of gas and nay didn't have any more stuff in the stores, they ran out of water. reporter: he says he's glad he made to it new hampshire but has concerns about returning home next week. >> they kept saying how it was going to circle back around, so i don't know how that will affect me, but i'll find out
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this and they are urging awe passengers flying to florida to check with their airlines before they travel. tom: commitment 2016 now, and the race for president right now both candidates are preparing for their second debate which will be a town hall style faceoff this weekend. but tonight donald trump is holding an invite only event in sandown, new hampshire. cherise leclerc live there now with a preview. cherise? reporter: that's right, it's a much smaller because it's helping prepare trump for this weekend's debate which will be a town hall style event. we counted 110 seats for spectators, about 40 seats for media inside the town hall. it is a much more intimate setting than we're used to seeing donald trump hold here in new hampshire. last week in bedford about 850 people turned out for a rally. tonight's event was invite only.
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run a business, get it up and rolling, fix it, everything, than him. there's nobody better. >> defunding planned parenthood, supporting tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas, we're just over a month out from election day. reporter: this weekend's debate in st. louis will also be town hall style, so this much similar to what we'll be seeing in that debate this coming weekend. tonight's event starts at 7:00. live in sandown, cherise jennifer: it a great time to be a red sox fan, there is not much that beats baseball in october. tonight the sox take on the indians in the american league divisional series. for a preview of game one, here's jamie staton. jamie: the cleveland indians don't have many superstars or any at all, but they are a solid ball club, and this should abe good series against the red sox. let's take a look at one of the starts for rick porcello against the indians, porcello pitches tonight, he beat the indians the
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ortiz with a big day, pair of r.b.i. doubles and a home run as well. boston won 5-2. the indians feature a lot of left-handed batters in their lineup, so that's a good sign for them against the right hander porcello tonight. game time 8:00, and it's a quick turn around, game two begins at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon in cleveland. tom: thank you. trooper patrolling interstate 95. jennifer: plus a case of cloned credit cards, merrimack police releasing this video of the suspects involved, hoping to generate some leads in the case. hayley: our weather remains really quiet and continues to be warm too, but look at this hurricane, what it will mean for areas in florida, coming up. mike: wear at spooky world for the nightmare new england and
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litchfield. we'll show you some of the
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during vietnam i served on an aircraft carrier in the gulf of tonkin. after i lost my job, i slept out here with other vets. you never think you'll end up here, until you do. with affordable housing. and she's helped connect vets with jobs so they can get back on track. that means a lot to me. and i want to say, "thank you, annie."
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tom: this is what police found in the trunk of a car pulled over on interstate 95 in portsmouth. state police arrested both the driver and his passenger, joseph and jason gallagher, they're charged with possession of a controlledded drug with the intent to distribute. k9 gauge alerted the trooper to the odor of drugs, the car was seized and a search turned up more than 20 pounds of marijuana hidden in the trunk. merrimack police are sending out a warning tonight after someone
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from maine called police to say his home depot card was used in merrimack but not by him. surveillance video shows another man using the card, police believe he may be part of a larger group. >> they're buying compact items that are valuable, returning the items getting cash back or a gift card that's already been washed and is a legitimate card at that point. jennifer: detectives say criminals obtain their victim's credit card information and make a counterfeit florida for sure. hayley: i feel so bad for them, i can't imagine having to evacuate, like many of them have done. this is a live look at palm beach, can you see the waves churning and the winds starting to pick up. it kicks into high gear overnight tonight when landfall
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tom: it's time for haunted thursday and if you like to be scared we have a place you jennifer: spooky world in litchfield, mike haddad is there tonight with more of what you mike: yes, what you can do is get frightened in a big way here. spooky world presents nightmare in new england and the haunted hayride. joining me now is the owner, michael, thank you for having us. >> any time, glad to have you here. mike: this is brigham manor.
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different haunts. we have a junk yard, 10,000 square feet which promises so have creepers trying to pull you into the depths of hell. we also have our festival of fears, that's probably the funnest one you'll have, but it filled with clowns from beginning to end, so for a lot of you clowns are a touchy subject right now, but our clowns promise you will bother you but they will not attack you. this is one of our signature haunts, brigham manor, we scares into it, we're very proud of it and behind this you've got four acres dedicated to the colony, it's an old group that live in the woods, they eat off the ground, they take you with them, you go through their creepy huts and if you're lucky you get through it and of course the most requested are the mile long haunted hayride. everything here is something different. we love it, the customers love it. plenty of food, beer gardens, fire pits, and of course if you
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still run our go carts, mini golf and batting cages. mike: terrific. there's a video of someone getting made up. there's a lot of people that put on a great show here. you open tomorrow through column dust bay and then thursday through sundays beyond that and halloween. >> yes, that's our schedule. but we also open on the 4th and 5th of november. we always sten to give people a little extra time. and of course the 5th, that's our creep yeast night lights out. mike: thank you. hayley: that is some scary stuff there. the weather is going to cooperate over the weekend, we do not have to worry about hurricane matthew. i'll show you the track in a second. but it's going to remain well to the south of new england. but look at this storm, it is continuing to move up toward the north and west, and look at the
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strongest winds are, up to 140 miles per hour. it's moving to the northwest at about 14 miles per hour. it is expected to make landfall overnight tonight, just after midnight, right around cape canaveral. and in that stretch, basically just to the north of west palm beach and then up to jacksonville, it's going to hug the coast in those communities along the immediate coast, that's where we're most worried for the winds to be over 100 miles per hour which will ca it's just certain at this point. the track then continues to move up into georgia and south carolina before it does something truly bizarre, and we don't see this often, with hurricanes. but it actually going to move back down to the south. the reason for that, a cold front that's going to move through, and that actually will protect us from the storm moving through. we of course could have used the rain, but we didn't need anything like this wind. so this circle is showing you wind
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get in the red area that's the hurricane force wind. and this is how the forecast goes, looks like from melbourne right up to cape canaveral and in daytona beach, that's where they could get over 140-mile per hour wind overnight tonight. that's why we're so concerned about that area and why there's been evacuations. closer to home, it's been a fall beauty, totally clear skies. and the temperatures hav b into the mid 70's in some spots. we reached 75 concord, 74 in manchester. the average high is 64, so you see that we were well above that. we're now at 73 in concord, 72 manchester. soon as the sun sets, which is happening right now, the temperatures are going to dip quickly, so it will be another cool night. not worrying about frost, but it will definitely be chilly tomorrow morning with the clear skies. so overnight totally clear,
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up to, and with all the sunshine tomorrow it's again going to be another warm day. in fact, maybe a degree or two warmer than where we were today. now we get into the weekend and we're going to start out with sunshine early on saturday, but late in the day cloud start to roll in and some showers are likely really any time after 4:00 in the afternoon. look at this sunset, beautiful up in plymouth. patchy fog tonight, a clear sky, in the 40's. we'll be in the 70's, almost a summer-like day tomorrow, even in state. speaking of which, up north from the lakes region north we're now at peak color for the fall foliage. so if you have plans to head up north, or anywhere across the state this weekend, we'll have the showers on saturday, but sunday and monday looking sunny for all the leaf peepers, and next week, yes, look at that, we're still in sunshine and dry weather. this dry stretch continues, and we need some help to get some rain up here. tom: all right, thank you.
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how toronto is doing in dispeks we'll hear from the red sox, and
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jamie: here we go, red sox fans, the playoffs begin tonight. sox play game one at the cleveland indians at 8:00 p.m. boston would appear to have an advantage in this one, rick
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execute pitches against a team that they're not going to expand much, they take their walks, they do a lot of little things right. that poses a lot. challenges. i gotta be sharp in establishing strike one and go from there. >> they have a really good offense. they score the most runs and they have all sorts of offensive records and stuff this year. so going up against that lineup, all the experience they hav going to be a lot of fun. >> in the other divisional series, rangers hosting the blue jays in game one, all toronto right now, top of the 6th, upton jr. with a home run there. are eleven former fisher cats players or coaches on the blue jays roster. celtics and bruins both in action tonight with exhibition games. the c's play the charlotte hornets in greensboro at 7:30. bruins will skate at the
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trying to lead the warriors to three straight state titles. jason king has more. >> the winnicunnet high school field hockey team is 11-0 and in first place in division one. no real surprise since they are the two-time defending state champs. senior captain abby merrill is hoping to make it a three pete. she's been on the varsity team and led the warriors in scoring last year as a junior. >> it's incredit thaibl i get to be a leader for that our team is so good, and i just try to be the best role model i can for everyone and push everyone at practice. reporter: she's all about the game, she plays year round for northeast field hockey, a club team ranked 7th in the country. >> i'm always trying to push myself and to improve every day, and i think that mentality helps to get me to the level i'm at today. reporter: abby tried to lead on the field and off, she's the class vice president, member of
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also participates in interact, a community service group. >> i really enjoy leadership, just like i do on the hockey field, i like being in charge and being able to make big decisions that help other people. reporter: she's accepted a scholarship offer from appear appalachia state. >> two more collection sites for new hampshire tackles hunger this weekend, memorial high school in manchr pythons on saturday. food collection drives going on there. tom: thank you. jennifer: looking for a place to take a trip? we have the list of america's 20 most fun cities you need to visit, on
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i'd look her right in that fat apugly face of hers.. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. during vietnam i served on an aircraft carrier in the gulf of tonkin. after i lost my job, i slept out here with other vets. you never think you'll end up here, until you do. annie kuster is working hard to get veterans off the streets with affordable housing. and she's helped connect vets with jobs so they can get back on track. that means a lot to me. and i want to say, "thank you, annie."
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tonight, breaking news. bracing for a monster storm. hurricane matthew, now growing in strength to a category 4. ready to strike the east coast. millions of americans warned to leave before it's too late. >> if you need to evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. the storm will kill you. >> what could be the mass evacuation ever across several states tonight. powerful bands lashing florida right now, and what's coming this evening. millions warned they could lose power. already more than 100 dead in matthew's wake, rooftops ripped off. tonight, we're tracking the storm hour by hour. our team of meteorologists and reporters right here in the storm zone. a special edition of "world news


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