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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 11, 2016 1:07am-1:43am EDT

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killed in a deadly wrongway crash in vermont. mike h.: frosty cold. how chilly it gets. shelley: hundreds of thousands heading home after the columbus day weekend. what it could mean for the economy. saying going to big papi. highlights live from fenway park as david ortiz plays his last game. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, breaking news. a tragic end to the holiday weekend out on the highways. a deadly crash tonight on interstate 93 in manchester. good evening, i'm shelley walcott. the accident closed a portion of i-93 south while rescue crews responded. wmur's jean mackin joins us live from the state police barracks in bedford with what we're learning at this hour. jean: state police are investigating what happened just after 6:30 tonight out on
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it appears that several vehicles were involved in the crash on 93 south. it was just before the 293 split in heavy traffic. one car ended up in the median. state police on scene indicated that one person in that vehicle did not survive the crash. while several ambulances were called to the scene, it is still unclear if others were hurt in the collision. first responders and investigators closed three left lanes of i-93 south. they were at this hour, we don't know yet what led to the crash and the name of the person who died has not been released yet tonight. state police are investigating the fatal crash and will be releasing more information. jean mackin, wmur news 9. shelley: thanks for that update. tonight, five high school students who lost their lives when hit by a wrongway driver in
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tonight at a school in vermont, hundreds came together to honor all five teenagers. one of the victims was 15-year-old janie cozzi, sophomore at kimball union academy in meriden. the community is rallying behind the families and grieving the lives of the teens taken too soon. >> on sunday afternoon, my daughter, bailey, turned to my wife and i and said dad, what can we do? shelley: the driver of the truck that hit the teens i he could face five counts of murder if he survives. prosecutors say after the crash, he stole a police cruiser and caused another series of collisions, leaving several others injured. his bail has been set at a million dollars. tonight, we now know the man who was killed while allegedly speeding away from police. state police say an officer tried to pull over 59-year-old kevin morong of keene in stoppard last night.
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route 9, racing through hillsborough into henniker and he lost control on route 202, hitting three other vehicles. he was ejected and died at the scene. to the new hampshire drug crisis, more than 280 have died from drug overdoses so far this year. the medical examiner says fentanyl is blamed for 120 deaths and 71 deaths from fentanyl mixed with other drugs. only five deaths involved heroin and 11 deaths from a mix of 41 people have died from non-opioid drugs and right now there are 89 cases pending toxicology results. tonight, a rochester man is held without bail accused of supplying the drug that killed a man. 27-year-old ryan kirk was arrested yesterday capping off a three-month investigation. a 24-year-old man was killed in late june. police believe he came here
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detectives say hold someone accountable doesn't happen very often. >> they're difficult cases because a lot of times you're going to have to have a witness to the act of ingesting the drug and unfortunately a lot of the witnesses are tied up in the world of addiction and they don't necessarily want to be cooperative with the police. shelley: kirk will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. also tomorrow, the man facing charges in connection to the death of his 30-year-old leo witham is facing charges including endangering the welfare of a child, purposely violating a duty to care. authorities say the child was found dead inside an apartment at 86th ashworth avenue wednesday. details surrounding the child's death have not been released. switching gears to game three of the alds and what a game it was. it is game over for the boston red sox.
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jamie staton is live at fenway park tonight, emotional night out there, big papi's last game. jamie? jamie: well, welcome live to fenway park where the indians have swept the red sox out of the playoffs. it was a heartbreaking ending to the season for sox fans but that quickly turned into a heartwarming moment. let's show you what we're talking about. it's the kind of thing that if you were lucky enough to witness it, you will never forget it. about 10 minutes after the game ended and the cleveland indians were done celebrating, heading into the locker room, the fans were in the stands on their feet chanting "we're not leaving." they would not leave until david ortiz came out of the locker room and they could salute him one last time. ortiz came out, walked slowly to the mound, got to the top of the mound, spun in circles, waved his hat to the crowd, teared up and slowly walked back to the
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fashion. david ortiz retiring but not before a magical moment at fenway park. let's show you what happened in the game and why the red sox season is over. game three against the indians in the american league divisional series, top of the sixth with jose ramirez on second. coco crisp launches a home run over the monster. coco crisp who won a world series title with the red sox in 2007, his second career postseason homer, 4-1, cleveland. in the eighth inning, h field, bringing in mookie betts, cutting the lead to 4-3. david ortiz advanced to second and they took him out for a pinch runner, the official end of david ortiz's baseball career. here's the final out of the game. travis shaw flies out to right and with that the red sox season ends, losing 4-3. they're swept out of the playoffs. here's john farrell, the manager, after the game. >> the inability to maybe string some hits together, generate the
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so -- that puts us in a spot with we are today. jamie: so the red sox swept in a playoff series for the sixth time in their history. the indians have done it twice. they did it in the alds in 1995, as well. the indians advance to the american league championship series for the fifth time in franchise history. hosting game one against the blue jays friday night. we'll have more later in sports with mike cronin. jami shelley: thank you. we're going to talk about the weather. it was a beautiful fall day in the granite state. live look outside to concord where it is a chilly 37 degrees and guess what, it's going to get even colder as the night moves on. chief meteorologist mike haddad here now to let us know who could see their first frost. mike h.: we have frost advisories up for many parts of
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from the coast. 42 manchester but edge else, -- everyone else, lower to mid 30's. here's a look at the frost advisory south of the mount washington valley into the merrimack valley, within 10, 15 miles of the cost, freeze warning to the west through the upper valley in the western part of the monadnock region and north and west of region. meaning temperatures at or below freezing tomorrow morning. but milder air on its way shortly. that's coming up. shelley: the columbus day weekend is a wrap here in the granite state. hundreds of thousands of people headed here for the long weekend and lots of leaf peepers kept the roads busy. rush hour started early across new hampshire this afternoon but these roads weren't filled with work day commuters. it was the columbus day crowd
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busy holiday in new hampshire. and the roads were jam packed. >> it was just really, really, really slow. >> it's a madhouse in there. shelley: tourism officials say as many as 600,000 visitors were expected in new hampshire. many, leaf peepers, who headed north to fake -- take in fall colors at their peak in the north country. many saw the rush from the weekend's outset. >> going up it was worse saturday morning. third busiest travel weekend in the state. the fall season is expected to bring in about $98 million to the state's economy. but we spoke to one family from belmont for whom the weekend of fun wasn't over with yet. they braved the busy roads heading to boston to see the red soximent how. >> how was the drive down from belmont? >> horrible. it's taken about an hour. >> what does it usually take? >> 25 minutes. shelley: but she says for the
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>> just heavy volume. shelley: some drivers did face some accidents today as we reported earlier in the broadcast. there was at least one fatal crash on i-93 south this evening. new hampshire state police now have a new director, captain christopher wagner was sworn in as colonel by governor maggie hassan. colonel wagner has worked for state police over 20 years, starting as a trooper in most recently he served as commander of the support services bureau. he says he's honored to be named as new director. to the cleanup of hurricane matthew. the storm is now blamed for 22 deaths across the u.s. in north carolina, many towns are still under water and rescues are still taking place. abc's marci gonzalez is in senate augenstein, florida, with
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is still dishing a devastating blow to north carolina. a desperate effort underway to save those stranded by flood waters. 1400 rescued so far. >> the rescue team, i am grateful. reporter: after the storm's heavy, fast falling rain, left rivers overflowing banks, adding to already and more deaths. in the u.s., matthew's claimed more than 20 lives. several others are missing. the hardest hit, haiti, death toll estimates top 900. back in florida, the mcmullen family is cleaning up. the severity of the storm's impact elsewhere bringing them perspective. >> we feel lucky and blessed. >> and a lesson in loss.
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replaced, right? we can't be replaced. reporter: those kids also getting a lesson in hard work, out here all day dealing with the damage. they are some of the more than one million people from here to the carolinas still without electricity. marci gonzalez, abc news. shelley: coming up, the republican leaders now saying they will not support the nomi follow republican candidate for senate, senator kelly ayotte. senate, senator kelly ayotte. mike h.: more sun on the way for it's a great view from the top. just ask chris sununu. chris inherited a famous name and was given the top job at his family's resort, where, over the years, chris cut jobs and cut employees' hours to avoid giving them health insurance. so it's no surprise chris opposes the minimum wage
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this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first
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shelley: to commitment 2016 coverage and the rift between donald trump and some republican lawmakers is growing wider. today, house speaker paul ryan told party members he will not defend or campaign for trump any more. ryan went on to say that republicans are free to make up their minds about the controversial candidate. on the campaign trail, trump told supporters that the last three days show this election is about the american people ti politicians. and donald trump's competitor, hillary clinton, was also back on the campaign trail. clinton urged detroit voters to register before the deadline. she addressed the town hall style debate she and trump faced off in last night. today we begin our on the road series with the candidates ahead of the election next month.
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manchester. we tagged along and watched as she answered questions. josh mcelveen has more on what voters wanted to know on the campaign trail. josh: first stop, the bridge cafe in manchester. immediately, the owner hammers away on healthcare. >> i know the republicans don't like obamacare but what do they want to do instead? senator: affordable care act says more competition, more choice. i sut accounts. so going from a one-size-fits all, to more choice of different kind of plans you could pick, i think we've got to go in that direction. josh: next stop, red arrow diner. one voter tossed a question right in ayotte's wheel house. >> i'm just really curious as to what you're going to do to help our veterans. senator: passionate about this because i am, too. my husband is a combat veteran, served in iraq. josh: another diner expresses displeasure with the top of the ticket on both sides.
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trump and hillary aren't my favorite people in the world. senator: i'm running for senate. there's other important positions and my job is to be your voice in d.c. specifically for new hampshire. josh: after six years in the senate, ayotte has become a public figure. senator: nice to see you today, michael. what's going on? josh: and it comes with celebrity she handles with ease. senator: do you live in manchester? >> i live across the street. street, i'd eat here all the time. josh: when it comes to engaging voters, ayotte says a favorite spot is the grocery store. senator: you're wearing the baseball cap, hanging out, just like anyone else. trying to get food for your family but people will chat with you about issues. josh: you can't duck in and out, real quick, can you? senator: no, it takes longer than it used to to shop at the grocery store. josh: on the road with kelly ayotte. republican candidate for u.s. senate. josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. shelley: and tomorrow we will
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challenger, democrat governor maggie hassan. mike h.: not a bad weekend, 2-3, not too bad. that third part, we picked up beneficial rain yesterday. no rain out there today. gusty winds, as you could tell by the waves out there on newfound lake but crystal clear skies a good part of the day. temperatures below average and gusty winds made it feel cooler. speaking of cooler, we overnight stretch. frost advisory in effect south of the mount washington valley anywhere from carroll county, southern parts, in and around ossipee, the rest of the lakes region, merrimack valley, down towards the coast, well above 32 by early tomorrow morning but a few miles inland near the magic 32-degree mark, likely falling below in the freeze warning area, including plymouth to
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claremont, cheshire county by early morning. already freezing, parts of the north woods. 41 in plymouth. 40 in laconia. away from the lake shores, many spots in the mid to upper 30's. 37 concord and warmer manchester towards the coast. clear skies right now, lighter winds than earlier today and the very dry air will all combine to result in very low tempere between about 5:00, 7:00 a.m., low to mid 20's north near freezing everywhere else and a little bit above that downtown manchester and along the coast. sunshine today continues over the next few days so we don't have big storms to speak of. only two shots of a couple of showers between now and the end of the upcoming weekend. none out there tonight or tomorrow or wednesday or early thursday. come late thursday afternoon,
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showers. we'll top off well above where we were today, mid 60's. will be cooler and then we warm up another couple of degrees as we go into the day on wednesday. you'll notice we have action in the tropics. while matthew is gone, we have tropical storm nicole with top winds of 60 miles per hour. bermuda under a hurricane watch. take a look at the close to it later wednesday night into early thursday as a category one hurricane. we'll keep close tabs on that. if you have friends or family heading to bermuda, they'll be seeking shelter in the middle part of the week. chilly nights here, mild days warming up tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and behind the cold front with late-day showers on thursday, it will drop, temperatures will, friday and saturday and a little bit of a recovery into the second half of
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as it's monday, we always look at next weekend. shelley: thanks very much. what a night at the ballpark. jamie staton joining us live. jamie: two different stories in one. one, you have the underachieving red sox playoff team. and two, you have the emotional, amazing farewell for david ortiz.
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>> news 9 sports. >> one emotional farewell for one of the history. news 9 was on the field at fenway park as david ortiz said thank you to the fans with tears in his eyes, he tipped his cap to the crowd. the end of an era, not how he wanted to go out but he got to say thank you one last time in fenway park. the red sox have played well this season, especially at home, but their offense never got it going against the indians this series. they were swept out of the playoffs on their home field
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night long and joins us live from inside fenway park with highlights and reaction. jamie? jamie: hi, mike, thank you very much. that was an amazing moment that you played, david ortiz. he can now take his place among the greatest of all time. that video will be played for generations to come. it was really something to behold. not so amazing, however, buchholz, the start for the red sox. top of the fourth, two on for the cleveland rookie. tyler naquin, the single to right brings home jose ramirez, lonnie chisenhall, 2-0, indians. then coco crisp, of all people, launches one over the monster. cleveland up 4-1. the red sox would not go quietly. in the eighth, hanley ramirez
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that made it 4-3. and at that point in the eighth inning, david ortiz was pulled for a pinch runner. that appeared to be the final moment the fans would see david ortiz on the baseball field but we already saw what unfolded later after the game. papi exiting, the red sox making noise in the ninth with two men on. but the final out of the game, travis shaw flies out to right and the red sox season ends in hugely disappointingas playoffs by the indians. here's ortiz about that emotional farewell. there's the score board with the red sox losing 4-3. fifth time the indians advance to the alcs. they'll play the blue jays starting friday night. here's ortiz on that emotional goodbye. david: it kind of hit me a little bit. i'm not going to lie to you. like i say, i've been trying to hold my emotions most i can but
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that's how we feel about what we do because we love what we do. >> any time you lose a series, it's disappointing. you go along at about 100 miles an hour and suddenly the last out is recorded and you hit the wall and it stops abruptly. that's what we feel right now. jamie: in the bottom of the ninth inning, three straight batters went to 3-2 counts with two outs and the first two managed to fight their way on base but utu shaw could not come through with a fly ball. david ortiz, what a privilege it was to witness that moment. that's the end of the baseball season here at fenway park. jamie staton, news 9 sports. mike c.: thanks, jamie, other playoff action, nationals-dodgers were in a one-run game in the ninth. washington's jayson werth gets all of this one for a crucial insurance run and the nationals win it 8-3, leading the series 2-1.
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exeter on the offense and driving. keeper blake stockwell ends that threat. another drive and some nifty moves from exeter's quinn mantigari. he had three goals on the day, exeter rolls to a 4-0 victory. shelley: still to come, saving a life. how a good samaritan rescued this owl in massachusetts. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message. an our security. that's why i hired more state troopers... and strengthened plans for school safety. support aggressive action to destroy isis... and put our security before my party-- opposing president obama's plan to close guantanamo. narrator: all while kelly ayotte supports reckless and dangerous donald trump. and ayotte skipped nearly half her homeland security committee hearings on border security and drug trafficking.
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shelley: an owl is recovering after a passerby found it standing on the side of the road in western massachusetts. the driver was able to move it off the road and called police who picked it up. police say there may have been a problem with the owl's legs. they took it to a rehabilitation center. it was cold out there tonight. mike h.: chilly. we have a fall feel right now but it gets to the winter chill early tomorrow morn if not, early tomorrow morning, it will be needed in spots. but today only 50's during the afternoon. notice the next three days, nice and mild. a little bit above average, cooling down behind a scattered shower thursday. cool-down friday, saturday, warming up sunday, monday. no big storms to speak of. we need more rain than we'll get but enjoy the next few days. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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