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tv   News 9 at Seven  ABC  October 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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credit boyett, too. senior defensive tackle. looked like he got the mitt in there. number 93 right there. >> steve: yes. the left hand. the big club. why did they shoot the cannon off, by the way, good for turnovers too? >> todd: i don't know but it scared me. i'm standing like from it. texas had nine takeaways, have done a great job of taking it away defensively today. >> steve: here's foreman the outside, has a seam and then some. he's dragged down from behind by travon blanchard. but not until he had a big gain. >> brian: boy, he has more speed than you realize and he went down hard.
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he has run hard today. he's run hard in between the tackles and you don't realize, that time he outran the safety chance waz. >> steve: 32-yard gain. >> brian: see how he goes down. take a look at the speed. there's waz 18, runs right around him, 250. he's up, it looks like he's going to be all right. >> steve: he's been all right up to this point, 25 t 15 15 yards a new career high for the junior from texas city. ninth consecutive 100-yard games. >> todd: he makes a lot of calls in terms of how many guys are in
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earlier, one of the best pass protectors of the running backs in the country. so, the versatility is there. >> brian: great point, todd. he has a freshman quarterback, help him out. >> steve: tyrone swoopes is in the game with buechele. they fake it to him and buechele throws. and could not connect with devin duvernay. we're going to see more out of duvernay today, we haven't explosive plays in games, three 60-plus yard touchdowns. it's been hit or miss with duvernay. >> steve: still a lot of time left to see him. >> brian: and tyrone swoopes out there giving a blow to foreman. >> steve: buechele doesn't look like he's real patient there with that play call.
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throws it out and completes to warrick. >> brian: without foreman out there, on this third down, let's take a look at how shane buechele manages the protection because foreman isn't there to help him. maybe swoopes being a former quarterback would be able to help. >> steve: warrick's first catch. >> brian: swoopes hasee selfless players, he'll do anything for his team. >> steve: he's there for his team right there. the ball carrier, swoopes is bounced backwards with authority. edwards sends a message along with xavier jones. >> brian: and this is an example of how valuable foreman is to
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no threat to running the football. without foreman in the game they kind of lose direction. >> steve: sterlin gilbert the offensive coordinator said of swoopes, one of my favorite players to coach. he said he's one of those kids you would let marry your daughter. one of the uim that punt, see where they down it. no, they're going to say touchback. >> brian: that was kris boyd trying to make an athletic play to keep that ball but it's where the ball is that matters, despite the fact that it's a great athletic player, unlike the nfl it's not where the person is but where the ball is >> referee: illegal formation on the kicking team, five in
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added at the dead ball spot. first down. >> steve: early stages of quarter number four. it's been, let's say, an eventful afternoon. we got a whole lot more football for you still to come. enjoy your phone! you too. (inner monologue) all right, be cool. you got the amazing new iphone 7 on the house by switching to at&t...
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>> steve: yeah, we got almost the whole fourth quarter still to come for you, cassidy. kd cannon reintroduced himself to this offense. boyd with the coverage. >> brian: pretty win by the huskies. >> steve: second and six after the short completion. here's terence williams. >> brian: he almost lost that gasps from the crowd. >> todd: he lost it and then just got it back. >> brian: really? geez. both teams have had turnovers. lot of footballs on the ground. >> steve: fortunate bounce. russell, the good play fake and hits zamora and he loses possession.
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marker. john bonney on the coverage. >> brian: haven't had a whole lot of passing in the game. seth russell has only attempted 24. shane buechele 18. >> steve: williams, the ball carrier. >> todd: williams has been in the whole second half. >> brian: yeah, i don't know if there's something w shock linwood on the sideline or they're just going to with the hot hand. >> todd: he has his helmet off, he is standing be i the coaches. >> steve: throwing across the middle, off the hands, couldn't hook up with chris platt, threw the fast ball in there. >> brian: that was a heater. he's anticipating. right around the linebacker 45 wheeler. little too high and hard.
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17. >> steve: baylor with 343 yards on the ground today. and again, still a ton more football to be played. and a five-point game. it's williams. tackled from behind. >> todd: texas h single-high safety look to get an extra body inside the box to defend the run. they realize that baylor is working them up front defensively and so they're trying to get that extra guy in. you wonder when they're going to take that shot vertically off the play action. >> steve: we got a good shot there of shock linwood watching from the sideline. hasty is in the game. >> brian: there has to be some
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banged up or what, normally this is linwood's spot. >> steve: another great fake by russell. leaps a defender and stays on his feet. down at the 5. seth russell! showing all the athleticism, a gain of 29. >> brian: lamar jackson who? i mean, this is unbelievable. this is a guy that broke his neck last year. almost was paralyzed and that's dylan >> steve: dylan haines is 6'8," he needed to be 6'#". here's hasty the ball carrier. >> todd: that's why he doesn't like to go down. >> brian: my goodness. what an athlete, we talked a lot about him throwing the football. but what an athlete, speed, 4.5 speed at that size, to be panel
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lamar jackson, with that kind of move, jackson is 185, this is a big kid. >> todd: when you add that element to the offense when you can run with the quarterback, that's an advantage. >> steve: time-out baylor. where is seth russell on the nfl radar? we'll find out. ? [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ? on the road again ? ? like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ? [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. when i used to fail over and over trying to invent things. everyone said i was crazy.
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>> todd: developmental quarterback, bring him in, he has all the tools, he'll need some work coming from this system. but he has size, toughness, intelligence, plus he can throw the ball down the field. he'll get drafted. >> steve: second and goal. russell. going to wrong way that time. edwin freeman, first time i mentioned freeman's name slams him back. russell, broad jump of ten feet, 4 inches. phenomenal mark. >> todd: that's a good wide receiv receiver. >> brian: i think i can jump half of that. big third down here. five-point lead for baylor, if texas can find a way to keep them out of the end zone and
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>> steve: barely get it off in time. handed off. hasty, not that time. brings up a fourth and goal. >> brian: that's a huge stop, keep it one-score game. gave up a ton of yards on that drive but this texas defense, and charlie strong find a way to keep them out of the end zone. >> steve: re he's 1 for 1 today. good from 27. this is from 4. 24. just a couple of chip shots last week against kansas state. everything looking good there. callahan boots it through. still a one-score game. but it's eighth ranked baylor by eight. , by willie nelson ] ? on the road again ?
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hey, do we have any more dr pepper? (?pepper? echoes) guess i'll just drink this. nooooooo! hey, thanks, man. you inve the playoff.
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>> steve: baylor has scored 13 unanswered points to take their biggest lead of this afternoon into the early texas evening. there you see charlie's record when trailing after the third quarter. >> brian: first time for everything. >> steve: looking iffer a signature win, a comeback win. >> steve: any kind of win will do. in texas. they got all the alum, the boosters here this weekend for this one. here's warrick, out to the 15. trying to make the big return play, he's out to the 21 yard line. take a look at today's good hands play brought to you by allstate. i use the term good hands sort of loosely there. >> brian: change it to the good feet play. >> steve: check with allstate on
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>> brian: that looked like 41 inches right there. >> steve: right. and poor dylan haines, how many times is he going to have to see that? >> brian: that's going to be a poster, no question. >> steve: buechele off the play fake, he's throwing. too high, in the hands of >> brian: what does phil bennett here in the third quarter, the baylor defense? he loves to cook up pressure. true freshman quarterback, a new offensive system for texas. true freshman at center. phil bennett is going to feast on this. it hasn't worked on that way because foreman has really controlled this game on the ground. what is phil bennett going to dial up?
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foreman, lit stutter step and he'll go out of bounds. >> brian: you know, it's been interesting to match the wits between coach bennett and sterlin gilbert, first-time offensive coordinator for texas. but, coach gilbert has an ace in his back pocket in a form of 250-pound d'onta foreman. >> steve: third and five. buechele all by himself in the backfield. pressure up the middle. able to get it away and complete. finds lorenzo joe down the middle. lorenzo joe, welcome to the game. >> brian: talk about the chess match right here. shane buechele has to see this pressure coming and he has to identify it quickly and get rid of the football.
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get it to joe, break a tackle and a big gain for the longhorns. take a risk, phil bennett, you know he's going to do this to a young quarterback and you prepare, see it, identify it and then make the throw. >> steve: just a little shuffle to the left by buechele, that one step makes all the difference. >> brian: see chance waz coming up gingerly. >> steve: he brought him the end after the big gain. >> brian: we see quarterbacks mature in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line. >> steve: first down and ten. foreman banging forward to the 10 yard line. this game is begging for overtime. just thinking about it.
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one-score game. foreman will slam it up there in the middle again. edwards will meet him halfway. >> brian: my whole high school career i was used to an extra guy in the box. eight, nine times with a guy in box, i got used to it. if i'm one-on-one with that last guy it's my job to make him miss. he's so physical. that's underestimated. >> steve: third and four. buechele. passing. to andrew beck! got there, touchdown! we're a two-point conversion away from a tie game. >> brian: great play call by
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fullback. definitely gets inside that pylon. now, the all-important two-point conversion. i'm not so sure if i don't give it to foreman in some way, shape or form on the two-point attempt as well. >> steve: baylor the only team in the fbs to not allow fourth quarter points. >> referee: baylor calls their first time-out. >> steve: now they have. >> referee: 30-second 30-second time-out. >> steve: andrew beck had one catch and the touchdown coming into the game. he has two catches for 23 yards and the potential of the game-tying score. >> brian: they got beck singled up on a defensive end and greg roberts, a great design, you got to respect -- you got to respect this guy right here but this is the guy right here, greg roberts playing on the outside, that
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on beck and that's a. mismatch every time. that's an easy touchdown. >> steve: six plays, 79 yards, only took 1:51 off the clock and of course the key play was the 61-yard pass play to lorenzo joe. >> brian: yeah, shane buechele having to use his brain, right, use your brain to make that play, not a physical play but mental one but certainly nets opportunity here for them to tie this game. >> steve: texas is coming, probably next year, charlie strong said whoever's in this chair they'll win ten games. >> brian: no foreman on the field on this play >> referee: substitution infraction. penalty is half the distance to the goal. >> brian: that's a huge penalty,
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conversion, now you bring in your 18-wheeler package and you're able to run the football. >> steve: out of a baylor time-out. >> brian: penalties. jim grobe said at halftime penalties have killed the bears. certainly this one puts them at risk. >> steve: foreman's in there. so is tyrone swoopes as you suggested, gries. >> brian: but foreman is split out wide, this is foreman down here. >> steve: snap to intoops, trying to crash in there. waiting for the signal. the indication. nothing yet. over the texas players are signalling they got the two-point conversion. none of the guys that count in the zebra stripes. >> referee: ruling on the field
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score. >> brian: give credit to edwards, see him right here. both he and -- here comes blanchard back in, i think that's great call. i don't think he got across that plane. and that's 250 tyrone swoopes coming downhill. >> steve: with momentum, yeah. against an undersized baylor front. those linebackers, that's their job, the iso in that situation you got to stand your ground. >> steve: the margin is two. ? ? ?
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number 12 florida state. steve, brian todd, back to you. might want to hold the kickoff on that one. we'll have to slide that one back a few minutes. we got seven minutes left in the fourth quarter. eighth ranked bailor on the road today in austin, texas, up by two. jamycal hasty on the return. won't get to the stopped at the 20. our goodyear college football rankings. can't wait for tuesday night. playoff rankings. that will be interesting. >> brian: louisville got a scare on the road against virginia, that game was hanging in the balance until the end. washington/utah. nebraska/wisco nebraska/wisconsin. >> steve: northwestern hanging around. >> brian: michigan took care of


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