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tv   Granite State Debates  ABC  November 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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scheduled program will not be seen. >> now a commitment 2016 special, in partnership with the new hampshire institute of politics. the granite state debates. >> is a rivalry that spans -- >> people know me. they know the dedication that it take a public service. >> but familiarity has not bread affection. >> he got in trouble with the election commission. >> it has been running for 10 years. people forget that. >> in 2016, this race has an independent ingredient. >> when it comes to this process i feel like the party was picking favorites.
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-- determining fob and a me know or if a newcomer can push through. >> tonight, the candidates. [applause] josh mcelveen: good evening. and welcome to our live wmur granite state debate series from the new hampshire institute of politics at saint anselm college. i'm political director josh mcelveen. tonight, we'll be addressing the most important topics in new hampshire and the nation, with the candidates for our state's first congressional district, independent candidate, businessman shawn o'connor, democratic challenger former u.s. congresswoman carol representative frank guinta. we will take a look at the format. questions will come from the moderator and our panelists, each candidate will have one minute to respond. rebuttals will be at the moderator's discretion. each candidate will also get time for a closing statement. before we start with the questions tonight, let's meet our panelists. dan tuohy is a reporter for the new hampshire union leader. john distaso is a wmur political reporter. and josh rogers is a reporter for new hampshire public radio.
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first question, which goes to the question that needs to be asked. it is a revolving door. this year, voters sent a message for change when they voted for donald trump and bernie sanders in the primary. and every daily paper in the district that is endorsing is backing mr. o'connor. this office has been held by one of you for 10 years now. we will start with you congma but you have been mayor, congressman, how is that not the definition of a career politician? rep. guinta: we have a tradition of public service. that is what i have dedicated my life to. after i started my business i got involved in public service by being a state legislator. and then i was interested in
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for the city. and that took me to run for mayor where i focused on cutting spending and borrowing, making manchester one of the safest cities again in northern new england. and it was rated one of the best cities to live in a while i was mayor. i have taken public service to washington. i am in my second term. my opponent has been running since 2005. i represent in independent-minded approach that will when it is necessary. as well as getting things done. i have six pieces of legislation signed into law during this term alone. that is the dedication that our state is looking for. josh mcelveen: thank you. the next question is for carol shea-porter. why should voters give you another chance? ms. shea-porter: let's put it in context.
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so they have an eight point jump on us. if we turned out every single democrat we would not be able to win. independents are important here. and talking about caring about people, i do care about people. i grew up in a three generation family and i understand what it is like for older people. i watched my mother care for that generation and i cared for my mother and father. i understand the challenges and the offers to all of us. i have spent my life working. i have a masters degree in public administration and an undergraduate degree in social services and i started a nonprofit agency and have top politics -- taught politics. and i always keep an eye on this district and this great country. i'm ready to get back to work
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shawn o'connor, you said you would be an independent voice. initially when you jumped into the race, you were a democratic candidate and then you changed to an independent. why do you believe you are rejected? mr. o'connor: i will offer an independent alternative. i think that the democratic party did not like the independent voice i was bringing and the it to use. so as a result, i decided to run as an independent because i believe this is a moderate district. for the last decade, the voters have had to choose between a hyper partisan or the other and they fired them constantly. one after another. and i think voters are ready for a change, ready for someone who is going to match the values of this district. somebody that understands fiscal
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in building my own successful company. but they also want someone that adheres to the live free or die atmosphere and values we all share, which is we are not going to get involved in other people's private lives. that is what i offer and what this district is looking for. josh mcelveen: thank you. we will go to the panel tonight , the first question from john distaso, john? >> adults con crisis the most important issue facing the state. you say that your support of the comprehensive edition and recovery act our accomplishments and battling the crisis. can you point to specific examples on how your work has improved the situation? rep. guinta: thank you, john. i am part of the task force that is battling the crisis.
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to put people first. we have 90 members divided among the democrats and republicans on the task force. we have an army of 90 people who are ready to help the crisis of addiction. so the carol legislation is the first step. and it is one of the most important amendments in the legislation, my mma, to provide treatment services. we only have 12 locations in the state for long-term treatment and we need amounts. that amendment will save lives. and on the security side, i visited the southern border and i was able to get additional resources for the joint task force to make sure that they can stop the heroine coming across the southern border. >> and congress moment -- congr esswoman, what would you do to make a difference in this?
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have money to expand treatment. without money it is taught. the congressman voted against increasing opioid funding and then voted against the big bill last december that had funding for the crisis. and authorized the bill, but there is no funding behind it. that is what i would do. i was active in congress in 2010 when we realized the problem and we put in several bills. i was the vice chair of the recovery caucus. we have worked on this. i'm delighted and i give the congressman credit for bringing people together to work on this, but we need to find these problems. josh mcelveen: in the primary debate, you said it would be delivered in a month. it has been a couple of months. rep. guinta: the president signed it early this summer. it is $192 million a year for the next five years.
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it has. it represents funding through december 9, which is vcr, then it will continue as congress decides how to fund the government, whether it is short-term or long-term. but those dollars will be in the next five budgets. josh mcelveen: thank you. >> can you name something that has been overlooked in the response to the crisis? mr. o'connor: we were the every day i meet a family that has lost a loved one or a close friend to this addiction crisis. in 2013, we had a less than 200 deaths. this year we are expected to have 500. i propose that since new hampshire was the epidemic center, we should have a pilot program from the federal government. we only get $.72 on the dollar for every dollar we give to washington. i want to compress that by
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addiction 90 days of inpatient care and 6-12 months of patient follow-up. with my conversations with health care providers and mental health professionals into those in recovery, they say that is what it takes. so many that lose their lives to the epidemic had 30 days of inpatient treatment and it is not enough. we need a pilot program that starts here and covers the state. we need. when somebody is overdosing, they will be brought to a hospital and they will be treated. then they will be released. you need a drug coach, a coach interjecting and working with the individual to get them into drug recovery and a mandated 18 months of long-term treatment. that is the most successful way of helping somebody to deal with the issue of addiction.
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that go into the 18 month program actually have the ability to recover. ms. shea-porter: frank knows what i know. frank knows what i know on the issue. he is correct. this is the way to address it. you need the funding to make it happen. rep. guinta: that is the amendment i included. the treatment and recovery amendment that is critical. that is why new josh mcelveen: rebuttals are offered when you are directly attacked. so we will try to keep it there. please respond to what you heard. 30 seconds. mr. o'connor: i think the important thing is we have a conference of land that --, perhaps of -- comprehensive plan. we need to put the resources in place. we do not have the beds in new
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my plan would create those beds and fun to them so that we can get -- fund them so we can get the treatment that people need. there is no sign that this epidemic is slowing up. josh mcelveen: we go back to the panel. and josh rogers, your question for the candidates? >> other than the junk crisis, what is the biggest issue facing the district? mrco i've created hundreds of jobs in my company and i think the best way to create jobs is a multi-pronged approach. if you put money back into the hands of those in the middle class, that is what will increase consumer spending and drive growth. that is why i support tax cuts for those who are making less than $75,000 a year, or a family making less than $150,000 a year.
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will protect small businesses. my plan would increase the minimum wage when i get into congress, 2018, and we would increase the minimum wage until 2022, when it would be $15 bid and we would offset that with -- $15. and we would offset that with taxes, 96% of the businesses in new hampshire, so we can drive economic growth. josh mcelveen: outside of the drug crisis, what is the biggest problem? ms. shea-porter: i think sean created jobs in new york city. mr. o'connor: in new hampshire as well. ms. shea-porter: the problem was, he had a business that would help people get into loss go. we need jobs that people can have right now. i support a public and private partnership. we know we have trillions of
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we could bring if researcher into new hampshire and across the country and give people good jobs. we need to raise the minimum wage. it has not been raised for 10 years. i was the one to raise the minimum wage in 2007. we need better paying jobs and we also need to get our people up to the point where the that they need. i work to get a partnership with community colleges and manufacturers so that they would have training. they need to train. it could be in high school or college. they need jobs. josh mcelveen: congressman? rep. guinta: the issue is the economy. my opponents have washington ideas in terms of how they view what is going to work.
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identifies herself as a liberal democrat and mr. o'connor is a progressive democrat and that is why he was running for a year and a half in the democratic primary. they want washington centered ideas. the reality is we need less reliance on the federal government, shrink the scope of the federal government and have tax reform and stop the regulatory impact to small businesses, re-patriot money overseas and have overall business tax reform down to 15%. we can actually start to grow the economy in new hampshire. josh mcelveen: thank you. you can each have 30 seconds to respond. mr. o'connor: i understand both are upset about my meteoric rise in the polls. the fact of the matter is i created jobs here and i have students in new hampshire.
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here in new hampshire. that is incorrect about starting jobs in new york city. and the assertion that i am left wing. i have been called a democrat, a republican by others, that means i am doing something right. ms. shea-porter: ok. i got this. [laughter] ms. shea-porter: let me say, i think the company is mixed up. the address is new york not register it and it went quickly because you are in the process of selling it. be that as it may, the real issue is that frank and i are laughing because he came to new hampshire, first he was republican, then incorporate democrat, then he decided he would be a bernie-crat because he realized an opportunity. he ran around and said he would do all of these wonderful
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independent. so we have a right to be confused about how to define him. josh mcelveen: back to the panel. the next question coming from josh rogers. josh mcelveen: actually, sorry. your time is up. [laughter] josh mcelveen: sorry about that. josh is next. this is going to go to the congresswoman. everybody will get a shot. >> more than $5 million in contributions from political action committees. you both voted with respective parties more than 95% of the time. how does this square with the claims that you are an independent voice and things will be different when you get back to washington? ms. shea-porter: i think that you know that most of the votes in washington dc are mundane and they are actually bipartisan votes.
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having to argue any of them because there is agreement. the 5% is what matters. as for the pac money that my opponent on the right has talked about, i am the one that did not set up a leadership pac. he was running around looking for money and nobody would give him any. i have said i will not take lobbyist money and that stands today. i do not take corporate or d.c. lobbyist money. the people iep it is not-for-profit. i'm not standing up for any particular business, i could be there for working men and women and unions and i am therefore a number of american nurses and others, but they are people that share my philosophy and they are not corporate pacs and they are not d.c. lobbyists. rep. guinta: the reality is, people know where i stand.
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in my second term of congress. i have gone legislation signed into law and i work in the financial services committee. i am chairman of the congressional task force. i think people know my dedication to the issues. i appreciate the support i get from individuals and other organizations, but my focus is on the people of the state, because it is people in new hampshire that are hurting. they are hurting because of the stimulus the community banks in new hampshire. the problem here is the issues. i focus on families and on moving the economy forward. the other two people on the stage identify themselves as liberals and progressives. josh mcelveen: thank you. >> you have said you will caucus, with whichever party is
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give you better assignments to serve constituents. doesn't that give the appearance of a lack of an ideological core? mr. o'connor: my center is the center. i would like to say to the congresswoman, she is taking $2.4 million in pac money. i have taken zero. she also knows my leadership pac she also knows my leadership pac received zero dollars and it was received zero dollars and it was independent. so the notion that she is pure on finance reform is ridiculous. you can go to my website and you can check the facts. she has taken 322 contributions from lobbyists. when a lobbyist makes a contribution, whether it is through a third-party or directly, they need to file a form and there are 322 of those
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for deceiving the voters about how to finances campaigns. [inaudible] >> this group is known and called itself a progressive pro-israeli lobby. i was told that you met with him and asked for their support. mr. o'connor: i never asked for their support. in may of 2015i released a position paper on the middle east. with iran would require unfettered and unannounced visits to their nuclear facilities. a potential donor considering giving money to me suggested i meet with them. i am open to anybody's policy ideas thought because i believe we can try to find common ground. on july 29, i met with dan calick, the vice president of
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squared with others. they supported a deal that was called a mistake. and i stand with the state of israel. they followed up with me, asking for information to try to support me. i did not reply because i did not want their support. >> you do not ask for their support, we got you on that. we will go back to the panel. ms. shea-porter: can i say something? josh mcelveen: we have to move forward. josh >> politicians talk about debt and deficit, but the numbers are getting bigger. and we are $20 trillion in debt and heading for disaster. there has not been compromised on the issue. and -- mr. o'connor, you say that you take the best ideas from democrats and republicans and have compromised, so what are the best ideas on the debt?
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mr. o'connor: there are two things we need to do. we need to look at the wasteful spending in all apartments -- the permits. as the congressman suggested, his ideas would be crazy, because it would administer the pell grants? we know we go through agency by agency print one area i have identified is in the use of high paid federal contractors. in the great recession, the only part of the country that was seeing an prices and income was the greater washington region because of the high paid federal contractors that are doing the work that federal government workers should be doing. so that is where i would focus. then we need to solve social security and medicare, because they are the impending crisis ahead in terms of the burgeoning deficit. i would do that to the minimum wage plan that will generate taxes, including medicare taxes.
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for in action, so is that the best people can expect from congress? rep. guinta: people should expect more. i share in the frustration. when the president took office, the debt was about half of what it is today. that spiraled under president obama. the reality is that my opponent supports president obama and supports president obama and supports those policie larger federal programs, he is a supporter of bernie sanders. who nobody thinks is going to get the debt under control. the reality is, we can reduce the short-term deficit and eliminate it within a couple of years. then focus on the long-term debt. you do that through tax or form and regulatory reform and reducing spending through the appropriations process.
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congress and as a mayor. >> when you were in office and democrats had the majority, progress was not made. why not?? ms. shea-porter: i think people remember what happened. the economy was teetering under george bush who was president at the time. and the republican congress voted, they did not even do a full vote actually, but they gave tax breaks in the middle of two wars. surplus had gone into debt. and wall street, because they were not pay attention to what was happening on wall street, wall street collapsed. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month of january 2009. this is what the president inherited. we have had 79 months now of job growth. we have seen the unemployment rate go below 5%.
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changes. but wages are flat and we need to do better. to shift it on to the democrats, people remember, president obama said, they are the ones that drove the car into the ditch and they should never have the keys again. it is not a good thing. it is not honorable to try to shift it onto the democrats. i was there and i know how tough it was. josh mcelveen: josh rogers? >> supported donald trump and appeared at events with him. his comments about groping women, you called them unacceptable but you did not resent it supported as the father of young -- supporter. as the father of young children somehow you explain -- children, how do you explain to them your support for donald trump?
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and how we feel that they should conduct themselves and the example we want to set for them. that is what good parents do. the reality is, this country has a binary choice between mr. trump and secretary clinton. just today, there were more serious allegations that up to five different international communities were able to hack her server. that is a serious problem she will need to address. but when it policy, i believe mr. trump will focus more so on growing the economy and shrinking government and putting people first, rather than what you see from secretary clinton. >> do you endorse hillary clinton -- you have called her trustworthy. the fbi is looking at her e-mails again. do you still believe she is honest and trustworthy?
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think that the scandals will limit her as president? ms. shea-porter: that was a good pick it- -- pivot. neither one of these men spoke up when donald trump was talking about women that way, or mocking those with disabilities. none of these men spoke about the attacks they have seen. it is a little late. people know that you did not say anything. courage is speaking up at the time. so i will go to the question. i spoke out against donald trump and what i said about hillary clinton still stands. i trust her. she made a mistake and she said she made a mistake. he is talking about, we have watched the fbi unprecedented action within 10 days of an election. and republicans and democrats are saying this is outrageous
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without information about this. it is very disturbing. and i have read -- >> do believe director comey has political motivations? ms. shea-porter: i cannot speak for him. but i can say most of the attorney general's of this country have said it is wrong. and conservative unfair. rep. guinta: i would like to respond. this is secretary clinton's own doing. this is her own doing. you refuse to stand up to her with serious allegations when five different international countries have been able to hack her server. that is a serious threat to national security. and you refuse to call it anything other than a mistake. that is wrong. ms. shea-porter: you do not
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has said things like -- rep. guinta: i have condemned that. ms. shea-porter: max boot who i saw many times on the armed services committee -- nine josh mcelveen: we will get back to the questions. >> india support -- who do you support? mr. o'connor: i will continue to study the infti both candidates. like a lot of voters, there are a lot of undecideds. i am one of them. i will work with you ever the president is great whoever the american people elect, i will work with. we have had too much gridlock. >> is it one or the other at this point? mr. o'connor: i have concerns about both of them. i want to get as much information as i can before i make a decision. honesty is important to me and
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not because i agreed with him on all issues. but honesty is important to me and civility is important to me. >> assuming you voted in 2014, who did you vote for? mr. o'connor: we know that in 2014 i was a registered democrat, so i voted for carol shea-porter. ms. shea-porter: that was a t is a democrat. rep. guinta: the reason he is on stage today is because he was not supported by the party. people need to understand that he is not a true independent. that is disingenuous. he just said he is a democrat and he endorsed and supported bernie sanders. there is a clear choice in this campaign. josh mcelveen: 30 seconds to respond.
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that is not the same. mr. o'connor: i worked for a republican member of congress for four years. i was a delicate in 1990 -- delicate in 1996. i have voted as recently as 2014. for members of both parties. so -- rep. guinta: which republican did you vote for? mr. o'connor: i know both of your private voting records for the last years. ms. shea-porter: you are a republican. mr. o'connor: i am a true moderate because both of them are trying to put me into separate parties. ms. shea-porter: bernie needed an army and he reigned very hard with bernie. then he realized you could not defeat me, so you switched parties. josh mcelveen: let's lighten it up. the lightning round.
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issues. but what tv show other than close up do you like to binge watch? rep. guinta: plenty. i am pretty much a seinfeld fan. ms. shea-porter: i like morning joe. i liked it the other day when the stimulus was mentioned. mr. o'connor: when i am trying to get away i like chicago med. my dad was a doctor, so important to me. josh mcelveen: mr. o'connor, if you are not electe what will you do for work? mr. o'connor: i will continue to do what i was doing, i will continue to be a nonprofit leader in new hampshire. i am on the board of the city. i am on leave for my candidacy. i am on the board of the red river theater. and on the board of st. matthew church. and i will continue my nonprofit
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elected congresswoman, what will you do? ms. shea-porter: i will be helping other people. that is my life mission and i learned it from my parents. it is a life of purpose. josh mcelveen: thank you. rep. guinta: we are running a strong campaign and we hope to earn votes. i will go back to washington to continue the work. josh mcelveen: just for all the voters, it no backup plan? rep. guinta: just focusing on this reelection. >> way you look at a gas tax? rep. guinta: i would not support it. we have a $50 billion annual obligation. i served on the transportation committee and i worked to increase the amount of money coming to new hampshire in my first term. we were able to do that.
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to get what you need, is the shortfall, from the lease and payments of gas and oil. >> would you support a gas tax? ms. shea-porter: i would be willing to compromise, because we know how desperate we need to work on infrastructure. this is one of the areas where we have to compromise, but we cannot push it off. we cannot say go to drilling, because we are looking at green options. options. it is on the table support the increase. i think the best way to fund the info researcher is to get a licensing -- infrastructure, is to get a licensing fee -- withou t raising taxes. >> would you fight for money for commuter rail? mr. o'connor: i think we need a fiscally responsible plan. the state could buy the locomotives and we pay for the service.
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responsible way to support the community. ms. shea-porter: that is not going to work. read the report. we do need rail and we need it to keep the young workforce her.e e. they are looking for that. so many people are commuting. of course, we want to make the air as clean as possible and we want transportation. sure. josh mcelveen: federal money for a commuter rail? rep. guinta: i do not think it is economy. not shipping the jobs down to massachusetts. we have 100,000 people leave the day. i want people coming here and growing the economy here. that is what we should be focusing on. josh mcelveen: new hampshire activist -- is in federal prison and facing several charges for his role in the bundy standoff.
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peacemaker. do you believe his arrest is an example of federal overreach? rep. guinta: this is a serious issue. the bundy's were found not guilty. and mr. delano's is a marine and a constituent. he is active in his church and i've always known him as a peaceful individual. he went there in a peacekeeping mission. do i think there was federal overreac i hope that the charges are results and i pray for him and his family. josh mcelveen: congresswoman? ms. shea-porter: the congressman wrote a character reference for him and maybe he did not go to his website and follow him. i know that you spoke often with the tea party in rochester, so i know that you were affiliated
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marine. from your hometown. ms. shea-porter: my husband was in the army and i think we have the ability to talk about this. these are serious charges. i do not know, because i will not be -- ms. shea-porter: you are asking us to make a decision not in our hands and should not be in our hands. i have to a w him? i believe in the legal system and i believe we should let it do its job. rep. guinta: i want the legal system to have due process. i have met him and i know him, he fought for our nation and he is active in his church and he communicated to me that he was going to this area in a peacekeeping scenario. and now the buddies have been acquitted.
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was ready to do harm. josh mcelveen: are you following this? mr. o'connor: yes. it should be left to the judicial system. i trust the judicial system. i am an attorney and a believe justice will prevail, as long as he has proper counsel. josh mcelveen: fair enough. next question, i apologize. the next question will be focused -- it is actually coming from a april is wondering what the candidates will do to protect the power grid against cyber attack? mr. o'connor: i think we need to work with energy providers in new hampshire and in concert with the federal and state government, because we have seen with the attacks from russia that there is a serious cyber terrorism threat. and the best way to do that is
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that if the grid is attacked we can immediately operate and keep people and their power on and make sure that they are safe. we can do this and at the same time make sure that we are reducing energy costs through clean energy projects. josh mcelveen: congresswoman? ms. shea-porter: i had an amendment that would help people trained for cyber security, and this should not be a surprise because i was on the armed services committee. we need a backup system. we need more eyes on this. we need as much technology as quickly as possible. so if something does happen, we are able to detect it. this is a private industry and federal issue. rep. guinta: the power grid here
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enemies club a terrorist threats. it must be part of the complement of what we do to preserve and protect those assets. the reality is we need to continue to do it here in new hampshire. it is not just the grits, but -- grids, but also other power sources. that will be part of the obligation as we move forward. josh mcelveen: back to the panel. from the new hampshire union >> in the fight to protect forces in mosul, it is expected to last a long time. if the president came to congress tomorrow to ask for approval to send a ground force into iraq to wipe out isis, would you vote in favor?
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committee. the armed services committee. i thought a lot of what happened . we would not be welcome, our presence would not be helpful. do we need special forces there? yes. should we be helping them? airstrikes? yes, absolutely. that is important. but the main responsibility has to be for we can help, but we must not be the major driving force. >> mr. o'connor? mr. o'connor: i would oppose ground forces. i do think we should divide -- we should provide air support, not only for those iraqi forces, but also with the nato allies to protect civilians who are caught
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officers, but we do have an ethical duty to protect civilians if we can at a minimal risk of human life to americans rep. guinta:. rep. guinta:-- human life to americans. rep. guinta: this is about mosul. we are losing american troops right now. the president needs to have a new -- of force. i asked him to invoke article five of the agreement. he has refused. the region, the allies around the world working to eliminate the terrorist threat. this is where my opponent and i disagree. it sounds like you do not want to get rid of the terrorists threat in mosul. we need to eliminate it, because there is a threat not just in the region, but also here. we saw a bombing of people killed in orlando, florida. we need to take the fight to
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agreement, that is the best way to do it. the president is not doing that and we are losing troops because of it. ms. shea-porter: i have heard you say something times you do not think we should be putting troops in the area. then you hear me say that we want a small footprint, that means i am not going to allow us to fight isis, that is wrong. i am sure that you know that. rep. guinta: you to put -- the question was, are you going to put large-scale forces in iraq? yes or no? rep. guinta: the article five approach. josh mcelveen: we are going to move forward. back to the panel. >> mr. o'connor, do you believe federal gun laws need to be tightened? what do you want added to the books? mr. o'connor: i believe in the
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guns and protect themselves and families. and for sport. in fact, a woman that is a good friend of mine has a concealed and carry permit because in some parts of the state she does not feel safe and i think that is appropriate. however come i do support when 90% of americans support my background checks and making sure that we close loopholes and that they are effective. the laws on the books are not completely effective. ago, a homeless individual in manchester with a violent criminal history, even with the three-day long background check, was able to obtain guns. and then what we ended up having was to police officers shot. i do not think that is acceptable. i want an instantaneous background check for all americans. that does not in any way impede
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hands of those who were violent or committed violent crimes. >> right now, somebody with a criminal record bent on doing harm could go into a gun show and potentially purchase a gun without a background check, why is that ok? rep. guinta: i support the second amendment and the right to protect yourself or your property. if somebody show and wanted to purchase a weapon, he would have to go through a background check. second of all, i suspect -- >> not everybody goes through a background check. rep. guinta: if anyone who is at a gun show, they are required to do a background check. no terrorist should be able to access weapons of any sort. >> private sales, you do not
7:47 pm
background check? rep. guinta: i support the current law. any federally registered business will continue and complete the background check, the state check and the -- check. this attorney general and the previous are being told of the individual criminals trying to purchase a gun you legally. they are not prosecuting -- illegally. you do not need a new law. you need to enforce the current one. >> you favor the background checks. do you think that there are firearms that people should be exhibited -- prohibited from owning? ms. shea-porter: if people want a gun for safety or hunting, that is fine. but i believe that we need to
7:48 pm
harm. that is why the no-fly, no buy is so important. i know that my opponent says that people get on the list wrongly. we can fix it. he knows right now that only 60% of the people get a check. it is like going to the airport. and only 60% of the people go through the metal detector. we would not internet. frank has a new idea, he wants people who live in chicago -- you can live in chicago and purchase a gun in montana and if you promise you areoing to keep it in montana, you do not have to go through everything for chicago for a check. that is scary. the laws need to be enforced and we need to have background checks.
7:49 pm
people in the country agree to that. josh mcelveen: we want to talk about third-party money. overturn it? rep. guinta: i think transparency -- josh mcelveen: do you think it should be overturned? rep. guinta: you cannot deny the right to free speech. transparency is the solution. ms. shea-porter: absolutely. he has not signed onto transparency bills. i am endorsed citizens united. and there is an amendment i have signed. mr. o'connor: i think we not only need to end citizens united, but we need to end pacs. which, aipac -- a pac from citizens united didn't give -- did give her money. i am the only candidate on the
7:50 pm
final question. it is pretty clear, americans want change and they want elected officials get into some compromise. we have seen negativity and division, so how can you convince people that after the election, the atmosphere will be different? rep. guinta: i have worked with -- mr. o'connor: i have worked with republicans. -- democrats and republicans. i see value in that. i am proud that i have done that. and i will use that and then negotiating skills i learned in business to be able to bring and heal the country and bring us together after this very difficult campaign. josh mcelveen: congressman? rep. guinta: the reality is, people know why and how i fight for the middle class and working
7:51 pm
member of congress. i am chairman of the bipartisan task force combating heroin abuse. that is real leadership. and getting legislation passed, over $192 million a year for the next five years. no other republican can say that they got six pieces of legislation signed into law. president obama and i do not agree on much, but he was able to work with it would have impacted every employee in this day and it would've cost millions of dollars and i was able to convince him this was wrong public policy and i got him to agree on that and defer it for two years. that is the leadership you will continue to get with my approach. josh mcelveen: the final word,
7:52 pm
when i always hear about the six bills. the reality is, i have worked in congress and i have worked in a bipartisan fashion. i understand how important this is and i have friends on both sides of the aisle. when i started the caucus, i asked a republican to work with me and we worked to make this happen. on the armed services committee, this is the most bipartisan committee. legislation, two thirds of it was bipartisan. when there are trips and places, when they had to bring a democrat along on, the reality is -- when republicans are taking a trip and they are looking for somebody, they like to go with me because they do feel like i do not fight with them. josh mcelveen: favorite spots in
7:53 pm
i love the beaches. ms. shea-porter: i can never take one. i live in rochester so i go to the mountains and have a nice breakfast, and in the evening i can go to rye. they are so privileged to live in a state where wherever you are it is the most beautiful part. rep. guinta: my backyard. a secondary spot would be the white mountains. josh mcelveen: closing statements. we will begin shea-porter. ms. shea-porter: thank you for this. i want to thank the voters for the confidence you have showed me and sending me to congress. i have been honored to serve three terms. i come from the middle class and i grew up in a large family, 20 people minimum at the table. most of them republicans, so i understand you need to get along with people. my mom and dad taught us that
7:54 pm
and care about other people. that is what i have spent my life doing. i said i was going to washington to stand up for the middle class and i always have. i believe we need to help families that are stressed with the bills and jobs, not making enough money. we need to make sure they have child care and support, education is important. we need ways to help them go to college, it is important to protect medicare and social seri honor the commitments we made to the men and women of this country. i will work very hard for the veterans. i would be honored to have your photo. josh mcelveen: thank you. mr. o'connor? mr. o'connor: if you believe washington has been working for you, you should vote for one of my opponents. if you want more of the hyper partisan circus that we witnessed tonight, vote for my
7:55 pm
every time we sent a dollar to washington we only get $.72 back, when other states get more the and dollar back, vote for one of them. we have paid them $1.7 million over the past years to represent us in washington. i am the only person on stage that will work for $14,000 a year and donate money to the charities that you choose. i am the that has worked with republicans and democrats. i worked for a republican congressman and a democratic lieutenant governor. and i have built a successful business from $5,000 to a multimillion dollar company. for 10 years i was balancing budgets. i am the only person on the stage that takes no money, not a penny, from d.c. special
7:56 pm
would humbly ask for your vote on november 8. i am shawn o'connor, the independent for congress. rep. guinta: thank you for hosting us. we have an important choice to make. on this stage is a self identified progressive that supported bernie sanders. mr. o'connor. he can call independent, but he is a party - - is a bernie-crat. and we have carol shea-porter who has been running for the seat since 2005. i have been focusing my attention on a true new hampshire voice. i have been able to pass six parts of legislation. i am combating the opioid
7:57 pm
on november 8, i ask for your support and to continue to be able to work with the hard-working families of new hampshire and around the nation. thank you. josh mcelveen: best of luck to all of you. and thank you to the audience. that will do it for the debate. be sure to tune in tomorrow night. we will have the second congressional district debate. website and mobile app to get the latest news in the last week before the election. have a great night. be safe. [applause] ? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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