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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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erin: now on daybreak. it is time to vote. these are live pictures from one of the polling places in manchester and we could see record turnout today. sean: the first votes have already been cast, we will break down the results from midnight voting in three new hampshire communities. >> election day in america and i am in washington with a look at the red -- to the finish line for both candidates. kevin: and mild temps grace us on this election day with sunshine -- when the readings will tumble in your forecast ahead. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us.
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sean: good morning. i'm sean mcdonald. we have talked about this day for years. polls open and about hour from now in many communities and the results of midnight voting is coming up. kevin: a chilly start to the day but temperatures will warm quickly. upper 50's to low 60's with a lightweight and sunshine. we have clear skies out there. 20's and 30's. close to the numbers yesterday. we will eventually climb 10 degrees warmer through the afternoon. i temperatures today in the 50's and 60's. we will detail when temperatures tumble, coming up. we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning deb. deb: good morning. all major roadways in the are
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problems on 93. 101 is also moving well. many polling places are reporting new traffic patterns to accommodate the volume of traffic that is expected. headed into massachusetts, all major roads look good. this report is brought to you by minute been health. i am deb davidson. er finally arrived and the first votes have already been counted. sean: a total of three communities in new hampshire cast ballots at midnight. >> in hart's location hillary clinton edged out donald trump leading a democratic sweep in town though nearly every race was fairly close. millsfield also voted at midnight and the polls were open for less than 15 minutes. republicans easily carried each major race there with trump
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announced were in dixville notch. wmur's siobhan lopez takes a look at those results. >> history is made in more ways than one here in dixville notch as the first ballots are cast in the 2016 general election. at the stroke of midnight, eight ballots are dropped into the box. >> four years comes around real fast. >> and their results come in even faster, the polls closed by 12:01 and in a matter of min , dixville notch voters choose hillary clinton over donald trump 4-2, one vote for gary johnson and a write-in for former massachusetts governor and 2012 republican nominee mitt romney. the town moderator says this is the first time he's known there to be a write in candidate so high on the ticket. >> i'm really excited it was a thrill to be a part of this historic event it really is amazing. >> nancy depalma helped make the night even more historic by becoming the first voter in dixville notch to participate in
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vermont, depalma is one of two registered democrats in town casting her vote for hillary clinton. >> she's strong, she's got the experience. >> not everyone is open to sharing who they vote for, but longtime dixville voter peter johnson calls himself a conservative thinker. >> i really believe we have to get rid of the influence of big money in washington. >> down the ballot it's neck and neck for the senate and the 2nd congressional district races. and in the race for the corner office, republican chris sununu notch for the vote edges out colin ostern by 4 votes. >> we're going to have back to back great nights and it all starts in dixville. >> it all ends once the polls closed tuesday evening. dixville notch voters want the rest of the state to follow their lead of 100% voter turn out. >> it's a little town we all got up in the middle of the night to vote. the rest of you guys can at least spend a little bit of time during your day and get out and vote.
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the state or country will vote really comes down to the flip of a coin. sean: we are off and running. while the voting is done in three communities in most places the polls don't open until 6:00 or 7:00 this morning. erin: wmur's ray brewer is live this morning from manchester's ward one and ray things are likely going to be very busy today. ray: election officials are expecting very hig turnout today. for instance bedford is predicting 85% turnout and that likely means long lines in a lot of towns. election officials are asking for your patience. overall the secretary of state is predicting nearly 740,000 ballots will be cast in new hampshire which could make it a record. if you are headed out to the polls make sure to bring photo id. some communities have added polling locations and others are creating more lines once you get inside in an effort to move the
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threats in new hampshire the state emergency operations center will be active all day just in case something happens. >> we're not anticipating any problems. been working very closely with our police department. they're on top of things. expecting very large turnout and they're prepared for that as well as out public works department. ray: if you have questions or complaints about voting today you can call the state attorney general's election hotline at 866-868-3703. it will be staffed from 7:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. no matter where you cast your ballot, it promises to be a busy election day. officials are asking for patients. sean: the race for the white house is obviously the biggest race today.
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voters in battleground states like new hampshire. abc's elizabeth hur takes a look at the frantic finish. >> it all comes down to this. for both trump and clinton, it is about voter turnout. they are leaving nothing to chance. dueling rallies kicking off decision day in america, trump, -- >> so it's now officially tuesday november 8. this is sure worth staying you -- staying up for. >> just after midnight, more famous friends joining hillary clinton at her final rally in north carolina. ? >> while, donald trump, made his closing arguments in michigan with running mate mike pence, arguing they doesn't need any big names to win, pointing to his standing-room-only crowds, two of the least liked candidates in history, now
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again. we will make america great again. hillary clinton: there is no reason, my friends, why america's best days are not ahead of us if we reach for them together. >> millions may be headed to the polls today but the one number that both on his 270. that is how many electoral votes you need to win the white house. sean: the u.s. senate race between republican kelly ayotte and democrat maggie hassan is one of the most watched. and most expensive in the country and both candidates were busy on the final day of campaigning. erin: hassan actually introduced president obama during his rally at unh yesterday afternoon and urged support for democrats up and down the ticket. ayotte toured the state in a campaign bus trying to connect with voters in more than two
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out and meet and earn their support heading into this election tomorrow. >> are you ready to knock on more doors? are you ready to keep working to ensure a brighter future for all americans? yes. >> the governor's race is wide open and a lot of voters say they spent the last few days comes to who to vote for. both democrat colin van ostern and republican chris sununu currently serve as executive councilors, and they both say they are confident about the results. sean: the race for new hampshire's first congressional district features two familiar faces and an independent challenger. shawn o'connor is running for elected office for the first time, while this is the 4th time that republican frank guinta and democrat carol shea porter have faced each other.
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state rep jim lawrence is trying to unseat the incumbent, democrat annie kuster, who is running for a third term in washington. >> i'm still hitting the campaign trail hard. i'm feeling really good. there's a lot of positive energy out here in new hampshire. >> now is the time to make your voice heard, to vote your values. erin: our election coverage is just getting started this morning. still to come we'll explain why so much attention as a battleground within a key battleground state. sean: plus absentee voting takes on a whole new meaning. when you are not only out of town you are not even on the planet. erin: and in the next half hour , nearly two dozen chihuahuas are recovering this morning but it could be weeks before they
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kathy: it goes by so fast. kate: one day you're a kid - and the next... kelly:'re raising your own little girl. kelly: growing up, i watched my mom work so hard. through challenges and struggles, she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - whether strengthening social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything? kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too. when you're raised by a single mom, you learn how important it is to live within your means. i'm colin van ostern, and i took that lesson to my work in business, and it's how i'll stand up for you as governor. by cutting inefficient spending and using innovation to save tax dollars, we'll make new investments without a sales or income tax. to create clean energy jobs, protect affordable health care, and lower college costs
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back into the 20's and 30's with fair skies overnight. high temperatures will go well into the 50's with lower 60's. and light wind for the election day. we will show you in the colder air will come in, coming up. sean: new hampshire is a key battleground state in the presidential race. and both campaigns have focused a lot of attention on the granite state in recent days but new hampshire could swing on one ty a democratic stronghold but donald trump has worked hard to try and swing voters and it appears to be working. earlier this year, he held one of the biggest political rallies in the history of the city, and analysys say signs point to a closer race in claremont than in past years, which could make a big difference in the statewide results. sean: and remember our newly redesigned website is still your source for all the latest results as the votes are counted tonight. you can find our live coverage
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or go to the politics section in the drop down menu. that is where you will also find important information for voters before you head to the polls. have you ever wondered how astronauts vote if they are in space? erin: astronauts know when they will be off the planet so they pick whick elections they want to take part in, and then get an application for an absentee ballot several months before they leave earth. and as current astronaut shane can even get a sticker that says "i voted from space." sean: a true absentee ballot. coming up, students affecting change. how a group of high schoolers in massachusetts convinced school leaders to change the dress
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ben hassan is my older brother. he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. all families have challenges, and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges. and working really hard with your community to get things done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm maggie hassan and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? sean: police in new hampton need your help identifying the man seen on video taking money from
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ristorante saturday evening and asked the bartender for some aluminum foil, so he could fix his car. but when the woman went to get it, you can see him pull money out of a jar on the counter and put it into his pocket. erin: aluminum foil to fix a car? ok. a group of high school students in massachusetts have convinced their school to change its dress code. malden high school had banned head wraps and head scarfs, but students argued that they are not disruptive like baseball hats or do rags can be. the wraps were already allowed for religious purposes but students say they are also a cultural expression. >> headscarves, we wear them at home, it inch or and regular outside is something that we are proud of. >> they made an argument with claims, evidence and reasoning.
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voted unanimously in favor of the students. the mayor called it a victory for civility and the democratic process. so they can wear the scarves. sean: a good civics lesson for the kids. kevin: can't ask for much more. sunshine, lightweight and temperatures 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. we are looking at almost nothing but sunshine out there into the afternoon. it is a chilly start. afternoon. temperatures work their way upward. a quick climb and then leveling up to between 57-63. a quiet start to the day. just a few areas of fog. a lot of sunshine before the sun sets. fair skies to start this
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be crossing the state tomorrow morning, from writing the best chance of shower activity over the next 5-6 days. 20's-30's out there this morning. if anything, a couple of degrees cooler except for mount washington. yesterday, 32 and 41 this morning. a 10 degree climb into the afternoon. usually that foreshadows what we'll see in the afternoon. here heading in our direction this afternoon. the wind will remain light into the evening. we will drop back into the 40's with an increase in clouds. i think a lot of this activity
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backwards. the first one arriving tomorrow and the second with the secondary front -- the air mass for the weekend. a pretty good breeze expected both days. but election day, bright sunshine. a light wind this afternoon. will drop into the 30's and near 40 degrees. tomorrow, we fall 10 degrees. a couple of passing showers through the morning hours before winding up in the afternoon. partial sunshine thursday. cooler temperatures with a few showers. maybe light snow showers on saturday. both days will have a good wind
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will be on sunday. can't ask for much more than this. sunshine and light wind. erin: let's check our top stories and election day has finally arrived. we start with ray brewer who is at the polls for us this morning in manchester. ray: that's right. inside ward one. workers are getting ready for what is expected to be a very busy election day. predicting nearly seven at your 40,000 ballots will be cast. which could make that a record. heading out to the polls, bring photo id. some communities have added polling locations. others like here are creating more lines inside. erin: the first votes here in new hampshire have already been cast and counted. dixville notch, millsfield, and hart's location all voted at midnight and the early leaders are donald trump, kelly ayotte,
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and chris sununu. sean: coming up on daybreak. it seems that cars are getting smaller. we'll check out this new, miniature car from toyota to
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erin: finding a parking spot in the city can be tough but toyota has a new car that could make it a little easier to squeeze in. sean: this 3 wheeled electric car is called the i-road. the two seater is only 3 feet wide and 7 feet long, and has built in software that controls how far it leans going around corners based on your speed. the i-road tops out at 37 miles
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so it is like a glorified golf cart. wow. erin: it would be so easy to parallel park in the. you could probably park in between two vehicles. a dealer in new orleans is now selling actual sunken treasure. sean: nearly 300 gold coins are up for sale. they are all from spanish ships that sank during a hurricane off the coast of florida more than 300 years ago. the coins are all handmade and the combined value is more than $1 million. so if you want to own actual gold coins, there you go. erin: coming up in the next half hour, it is time to vote, and we have all the major races covered -- including a breakdown of the first votes here in new
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imagine if hillary clinton wins the white house... then what? liberal carol shea-porter? she'll be a rubber stamp for clinton's agenda. progressive shawn o'connor? he'll be a rubber stamp, too. and you know their agenda: higher taxes. more government spending. and a weaker national defense. only frank guinta will put new hampshire first.
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he's on our side. i'm frank guinta and i approved this message. i'm colin van ostern, and this is my father-in-law, rich. and this is peter and patrick. i agreed to do a tv ad only if my grandkids were in it, too. i trust colin with their future. my clean energy plan is all about their future. as governor, i'll invest in solar and renewable energy. that'll hold down energy costs, create local jobs, and protect the environment. it's how we keep new hampshire moving forward.
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cake and ice cream. you get a lot of energy that way, too. kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. you get a lot of energy but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: good morning, it's tuesday, november 8. we have been waiting for this day a long time. happy election day. erin: this morng will be heading to the polls to cast their ballots in the 2016 election. here in new hampshire the voting got underway at midnight. people in dixville notch, millsfield and hart's location were the first to vote on election day. we'll have a look at those results coming up in a few minutes. sean: this morning most polling places open at 6:00 or 7:00. and they close between 7:00-8:00 tonight. voter turnout is expected to be very high, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to
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erin: the weather is not going to be an issue. kevin: not even a cloud in the sky. we start off chilly but we will have a light wind. we will push temperatures warmer than yesterday. a little bit less of a breeze. temperatures in the upper 50's low 60's. erin: a beautiful day to get out at about. we want to check the roads. sean: we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning deb. deb: 93 is moving well through the state. we are not seen any delays down through the state line. 293 is moving nicely from the upper to the lower split. many polling places will be having a different traffic pattern to allow for the increased volume of voters and they're asking for everyone's patience as they get it out of
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you by minuteman health. i am debt davidson. -- i'm deb davidson. for 95.7 wzid. erin: now back to our election day coverage. some granite staters had the honor of being the first in the nation to cast their ballots. sean: midnight voting was held in dixville notch, millsfield and hart's location. wmur's siobhan lopez was in dixville notch as the ballots were counted. >> a night of firsts here in dixville notch as new hampshire continues to be the focus of the start of electioy. eight ballots are cast seven in person, and one absentee voter. hillary clinton edged out donald trump 4-2, with one vote for gary johnson and a write-on for former massachusetts governor and 2012 republican nomimee mitt romney. the town moderator says this is the first time he's known there to be a write-in for high on the ticket. another first -- nancy depalma became the first dixville notch voter to participate in same-day registration. >> i really didn't think it was
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but i'm really excited -- it was a thrill to be a part of this historic event, it really is amazing. >> dixville notch keeping the tradition of 100% voter turnout , they hope that number grows as work continues on the balsams resort. reporting in dixville notch. sean: as we mentioned voters in millsfield and hart's location also cast their ballots at midnight. here's a look at those results in hart's location, hillary clinton got 17 votes. donald trump got 14 and gary johnson got 3. in the governor's race colin van ostern got 21 votes and chris sununu got 15. in the u.s. senate race, maggie hassan got 21 votes and kelly ayotte 17. and in the first congressional district race carol shea-porter got 21 votes, frank guinta, 10, and shawn o'conner, 8. now for the millsfield results. in the presidential race donald trump got 16 votes and hillary
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in the governor's race and 3 voted for colin van ostern. in the u.s. senate race, kelly ayotte got 16 votes and maggie hassan got 3. and in the second congressional district, jim lawrence got sixteen votes and annie kuster got 4. erin: as people prepare to head to the polls today, state officials say the voter turnout could set a state record. ray brewer joins us live now at ward one in manchester to tell you what you can expect as you go to cast your ballot. ray: the workers here in manchester are getting ready for what they are expecting to be a very busy day. in the primary there were only six spots to pick up your ballot but they have now doubled that. there are 12 spots. the secretary of state is forecasting that more than 738,000 ballots will be cast here in new hampshire today. during the 2012 presidential election. about 718,000 granite staters
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as long as the polls are open, ready to respond to any potential physical or virtual threats. when you arrive at the polls. you will need a photo id to vote. and you can still register if you haven't done so already. but keep in mind, polling places across the state are expected to be very busy today. >> you're going to have larger than normal crowds so that's going to add to the confusion, a little chaos maybe for the most part. thers new hampshire, but obviously this is an important time for our country so we have to be aware of any threat that might happen. ray: if you run into any trouble at the polls, special hotlines have been set up. call 1-866-voter-03. or 603-230-2503 for any concerns about potential fraud. you'll can also fill out a complaint form online.
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will be very busy. live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: just last week nearly 40% of likely voters were still trying to decide on their pick for governor. democrat colin van ostern and republican chris sununu spent the day before the election trying win people over. van ostern has been an executive councilor since 2012. he says his goal is to move the state forward. sununu is serving his third term sununu is serving his third term as executive counselor for change. >> it is about what kind of governor and government we want. do you want a paid political operator that specializes in partisan politics? or someone who will look you in the idea and bring ideas to the table each and every time. >> i am working really hard anyone feel to know that if they give me the honor, i will put people ahead of political interests.
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when national politics are a mess. sean: new hampshire's u.s. senate race has been one of the most expensive and closely watched races in the nation. the outcome of this race could help determine the balance of power in the u.s. senate. incumbent republican senator kelly ayotte and her democratic challenger maggie hassan were both out late last night campaigning for votes. erin: in new hampshire's first congressional district. three candidates are vying for a seat in the u.s. house. republican incumbent frank guinta hopes voters will recognize his experience. she's held before. and independent shawn o'connor is running for elected office for the first time. >> i've gotten 6 pieces of legislation signed into law by this president just in this term. that's the kind of independence that new hampshire's looking for. >> in new hampshire, we need you to make sure that you vote for all of the democrats on the ticket. we have a shared vision.
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lying about campaign finance for 10 years and i think it is time for a new direction. erin: in the second congressional district. incumbent democrat annie kuster is being challenged by republican jim lawrence. kuster has held the seat since 2013. lawrence served three terms as a state representative. before you head to the polls today you can find all the information you need to vote by heading to our website. there you will find information on how to register, and polling locations. you can also see where the candidates stand on the top issues, read their biographies and n that's all at sean: we are just getting started. coming up on daybreak, nearly two dozen dogs are recovering after being rescued from a home in croyden. find out when these animals could be available for adoption. erin: and a rowdy crowd forces the evacuation of a mall in massachusetts. we'll explain how an event, featuring a rapper and a boston celtics player, turned to chaos.
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next few days. we trend upward before the cooldown. deta i'm maggie hassan, and new hampshire has a very clear choice: do we keep going with a senator who repeatedly votes with the corporate special interests...
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lways been on creating opportunity for working families: making college and job training more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs. and always protecting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. these are my priorities, why i approve this message... and why i respectfully ask for your vote. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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day but it should be a warm finish. temperatures this afternoon or 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. which means mid-upper 50's. low 60's in the southern areas with a light wind but it starts to trend downward. we will talk about shower chances coming up. sean: today is election day and people will be casting their ballots in the presidential race. nikole killion's live in washington. millions of people have cast their vote. what is the latest tally? >> people have cast their votes in early voting with some states reporting record turnout. that includes the state of florida where the hispanic early vote turnout is nearly double what it was four years ago which could be a good sign for hillary clinton who is counting on that constituency. however donald trump is downplaying the impact of that.
5:43 am
expect a good share of the vote. sean: the balance of power hangs. what should we watch out for? >> we will be watching the granite state of course. the race with kelly ayotte and maggie hassan. really getting a lot of headlines in the last weeks and months of the campaign. and it is going to be a race for the senate. democrats are hoping to flip it if hillary clinton wins big. like pennsylvania and wisconsin and florida. even arizona where john mccain has been facing a tough reelection bid. but in relation to that, we will watch a number of the house races. there, it will a tougher climb. republicans will likely hold onto those seats. sean: in some cases isn't about
5:44 am
statement? >> there is a big campaign for both candidates as folks had to the polls. clinton supporters are promoting their pantsuits nation so they're encouraging folks to wear their pantsuits to the polls. in support of hillary clinton. donald trump supporters, there is an online movement called operation red where supporters are being encouraged to wear red to the polls. morning after being rescued from a home in croyden. the chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes are now at the animal rescue league of new hampshire in bedford. the dogs range in age from 3 weeks old to seniors. many of them are in rough shape and the rescue league says it could take weeks before they are available for adoption. >> quite a few of them would be considered special needs dogs, so it's going to take that special home that's willing to take a dog that is wobbly, that is blind, that maybe has an
5:45 am
erin: not only do some of the dogs need medical attention, the rescue league says all of them also need dental work. sean: new on daybreak. a lebanon man is accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend with a gun when she showed up at his home to get their dog. police say 28-year-old ryan hogge threatened the woman with a forty-caliber pistol. he is now charged with criminal threatening with a firearm. police say the investigation is ongoing and additional charges are possible. night after a large crowd gathered for an event, featuring a rapper and pro basketball player. rapper designer and boston celtics forward jaylen brown were scheduled to meet fans at a store inside the cambridge side galleria mall. police say more than 1000 people showed up. and when the event didn't start as scheduled, the situation took a chaotic turn. they say the crowd became hostile and started throwing things at them as officers tried
5:46 am
to disperse the crowd. >> i was there the whole time. it went wrong in 5 minutes time, just when they asked the crowd to move back a little. >> there's a better way to disperse the crowd than to use mace on these young kids. they had to be between the ages of 13 and 16. as a result everyone had to suffer from it. sean: police say six juveniles were arrested for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace erin: turning now to sports. the boston bruins hosted the buffalo sabres at t.d. garden last night. there was no scoring through the first period. in the second brad marchand finally scored a goal for boston on a power play and the bruins didn't stop there. david krejci scored another power play goal and the bruins went on to win it, 4-0. tuuka rask got the shutout with 32 saves. the bruins are right back on the ice tonight. they'll play at the montreal canadiens at 7:30.
5:47 am
college soccer teams are going to the ncaa tournament, all of them in the east regional. snhu, franklin pierce, and merrimack college. the regional will be played at adelphi university. franklin pierce is the fourth seed, and will play number five merrimack. snhu is the sixth seed and they will play le moyne. snhu is in the ncaa tournament for the ninth straight year, the longest streak in the country. their major postseason awards. mookie betts, after his tremendous second season, is an mvp finalist in the american league, along with mike trout of the angels, and houston's jose altuve rick porcello led the american league in wins this year. he is a finalist for the cy young award, as are cory kluber of the indians and the tiger's justin verlander. in the national league dartmouth graduate kyle hendricks is a cy young award finalist. the others are jon lester of the
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erin: a new craze is taking over the internet. it's called the mannequin challenge. sean: the challenge consists of people freezing where they stand for an extended period of time trying to pose as mannequins in dramatic postures. photos and videos of the challenge began appearing online last month. now, entire groups and even celebrities are taking part in the mannequin challenge. sean: that is one of the producers. is that him or it could be his mannequin double. erin: you could see that in j.crew. sean: you look very thoughtful. erin: we need a more dramatic pose. sean: the things you never think
5:49 am
own manikin challenge. a daybreak one. maybe not today on election day. there is a lot going on. kevin: we start off with gray skies. fog in the low-lying valleys. we're talking sunshine with temperatures drop a quickly. a light wind nothing but sunshine into the afternoon. clear skies to start the evening tonight. we will have passing showers focus towards tomorrow morning and then we will turn cooler from their into thursday. and the next front that comes through on friday brings in an edge of cold air. that means chillier temperatures to start the weekend. we start off this morning with high clouds in the north country. all and all, pleasant
5:50 am
in after midnight tonight so temperatures will fall before the -- before that. then showers will make their way across tomorrow morning. if anything, we may be cooler this morning than what we had yesterday. a cooler start with the evening last night. we are looking at a day where we will have sunshine. temperatures will jump quickly through the morning and level ranging from the upper 50's and low 60's this afternoon. that will come with a light wind. this evening, temperatures slide back quickly and level off overnight. by the time we get toward sunrise we will have a couple of showers wandering into northwestern areas. not much water out of this. chances continue to fade to the
5:51 am
partly skies on thursday. an increase in clouds thursday night leads us to the secondary front out of canada and that will bring in cooler air to the weekend. so we will see temperatures it are side of 60 today it back into the mid-50's tomorrow and 40's and 50's going forward as we get into the weekend. but a beautiful day. school today, a nice to be outdoors. take advantage because we do not get a lot of these this time of year. overnight, clouds increase with showers by the morning. passing showers tomorrow morning and that is the only true rain chance. the chance at a passing shower on friday with the leading edge of cooler showers picking up on friday.
5:52 am
more sunshine will be around on saturday with a warming trend into next week. sean: police in australia made an unusual find while searching a woman's bag. they found a baby koala inside. officers say when they asked the woman if she had anything to declare, she handed over a canvas bag, with the koala. the woman said she found the koala the night before. the animal, believed to be about six months old, was taken to a wildlife hospital in good health. he has been named alfred. when i find baby koala's usually do stuff them in a bag. why not? erin: there is a lot that is weird with that story but he is adorable. still to come, an update to a story we told you about last week. find out how hershey is helping a man who had a kit-kat stolen
5:53 am
5:54 am
kathy: it goes by so fast. kate: one day you're a kid - and the next... kelly:'re raising your own little girl. she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - whether strengthening social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything? kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte,
5:55 am
sean: the sunapee fire department is helping a 108-year-old woman celebrate the cubs world series win.
5:56 am
she was born and raised in the windy city and has been a cubs fan since she can remember. since nilson couldn't go to chicago to see the victory parade, the sunapee department let her join them as they lead the parade for the high school girls soccer team. they won the division four state championship. erin: she is having a blast, you can tell. make your own parade. we have an update this morning to a story we told you about last week. stole a kit-kat bar from the cup holder and then left a note, saying "i'm sorry and hungry." >> well now, hershey, the maker of kit-kat, is helping that theft victim. the company sent him 6500 candy bars to make up for the one that was stolen. erin: handing them out to the campus. >> that is a nice gesture but
5:57 am
>> my fear is that someone will now break into the car on purpose. coming up in the next hour of newsnine daybreak. a school in massachusetts is now allowing students to wear head wraps. we'll tell you how a group of high schoolers got the school to change it dress code. >> it is election day. we will tell you what to bring with you when you head out to vote and what you can't wear at the polls. erin: some people are going to great lengths to cast their ballots in this election. find out how an astronaut
5:58 am
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imagine if hillary clinton wins the white house... then what? liberal carol shea-porter? she'll be a rubber stamp for clinton's agenda. progressive shawn o'connor? he'll be a rubber stamp, too. and you know their agenda: higher taxes. more government spending. and a weaker national defense. only frank guinta will put new hampshire first. that's the key difference in this race. frank guinta. he's on our side. i'm frank guinta
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erin: now on "daybreak" -- it is time to vote. here are live pictures from manchester, where the polls are opening right now and people are starting to line up. and we could see record turnout today. sean: the first votes have already been cast. we will break down the results from midnight voting in three new hampshire communities. elizabeth: it is election day in america. i am in washington with a look at the wild -- to the . kevin: and mild temperatures for election day, with sunshine. when the readings will tumble, in your forecast ahead. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire


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