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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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kelly ayotte conceding to democrat maggie hassan. why former house speaker bill o'brien says he isn't surprised. >> i'm proud to stand here as the next united states senator from new hampshire. tom: not my president, the chants of thousands of protesters tonight. where the anti-trump protests are happening right now. shelley: and legal marijuana. what the new massachusetts law means for the granite state. mike: after showers for some today, drier air is taking over again. how long this stretc . >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. tom: senator kelly ayotte has conceded and governor maggie hassan is poised to take over in one of the most closely watched senate races in the nation. good evening. i'm tom griffith. shelley: and i'm shelley walcott. it was a back and forth race all night yesterday, it came down to just fractions of a percentage
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now with more on reaction from both sides. cherise: as you can imagine, members of the republican party are not happy to have lost that representation in washington, dc. and some are already looking ahead to 2020. >> i'm proud to stand here as the next united states senator from new hampshire. cherise: hours after governor maggie hassan declared her victory, senator kelly ayotte conceded defeat, giving up her chance to ask for a recount. ever, we need to work together to address our challenges. the voters have spoken and now it's time all of us to come together to get things done for the people of the greatest state in this nation and for the greatest country on earth. governor hassan told news9 the concession phone call with ayotte was warm and gracious and she's ready to take the reins in washington. the votes that stood between ayotte and another term in the senate amounted to only .10 of a
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just 1,023 votes according to the certified results released today. >> that should be a republican seat going forward into the next session. cherise: former house speaker bill o'brien is not shy about his opposition to ayotte. who he says turned her back on new hampshire republicans after she became a senator. he voted for conservative activist aaron day, and says he knows other leading gop-ers did the same. >> she unfortunatelyho commitment that she may to all of us when she first was elected to take new hampshire conservative values to washington. cherise: now governor hassan prepares to head to washington, dc but vows to work for all people no matter what party. >> i believe we are stronger when we listen to all voices and all perspectives. cherise: bill o'brien says there is no shortage of potential
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2nd congressional district candidate jim lawrence who was defeated, but says if ayotte does choose to run again he would not support her. live in the studio, cherise leclerc, wmur news9. tom: tonight thousands are protesting donald trump's when. lauren lister has more on l inauguration, the transition begins. the white house reporting dollar couple now have access to the same briefings as president obama. as politicians urged the country to unify behind president elect donald trump, thousands of
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seattle. just hours earlier ?hillary , clinton facing her tearful supporters fresh from a divisive , campaign and a stunning defeat, saying it's time to unite behind trump. ms. clinton we owe him an open : mind and the chance to lead. clinton getting emotional, too. >> shortly after, president obama, saying its time to come together prioritizing a smooth , handover to the next president. : rooting for his success. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> trump overnight capturing the presidency in an historic upset. winning key battlegrounds and even some traditional democratic strongholds. watching in trump tower as the election returns rolled in. staffers cheering as they closed in on victory. and just before 3am president-elect donald trump helping his son barron before leading his family into the
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throngs of elated supporters and the country. mr. trump: hours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement. i will be president for all americans. lauren and tomorrow morning, : trump is expected to be here in washington where president obama will welcome him at the white house for a meeting in the oval office. lauren lyster abc news capitol hill. tom: than 729,000 people voted for candidates on the election day ballot. the outcome seemed to come as a surprise to many trump and clinton supporters. clinton supporters we spoke to today said the outcome was a huge disappointment. trump supporters on the other hand call his victory a political revolution and are excited for what lies ahead. >> things are going to change to medically. i am a happy man today. x it certainly shows that people will turn the tide if you push them enough. >> we have to deal with what's
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him or not he is my president now. tom: the general consensus is people hope the negativity is behind us and that we need to move forward and heal. shelley: the race for governor was another one that was decided early this morning. executive councilor chris sununu was declared the winner. the republican beat democratic executive councilor colin van ostern by roughly sixteen thousand votes. the governor-elect says he looks forward to getting to work in january. sununu says he wants to focus on the workforce. >> a think they were quite shocked. i was quite shocked. we knew this would be a coin toss. it was going to be close because you had six good candidates in all the three major races. i think we were just surprised, but we've got to get to work. tom: sununu will be resigning as ceo from waterville valley in the next month or so.
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challenger, democrat colin van ostern thanked his supporters on facebook. saying in part, i'm disappointed in the result, but i remain excited about the bright future we can build together for the people of new hampshire. this morning i called governor-elect chris sununu to congratulate him on his victory and to offer to help in any way i can. i am rooting for his success in his work for the people of our state. tom: andfi our website at you can see it all and complete election day coverage at shelley: to the latest from massachusetts and maine where they voted to legalize recreational marijuana yesterday. it's passed in the commonwealth but in maine the results are too close to call. this has some people in new hampshire wondering if a similar
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as executive director of new hampshire compassion dot org. kirk mcneil has been key in the push for legalizing medical marijuana. >> i do think it's very interesting, any time a government tries to ban a substance instead of regulating a behavior. because honestly, substances cannot misbehave, but people can. shelley: starting december 15 in massachusetts. it will be legal to grow and possess up to ten ounces of marijuana in the home. and one ounce in public. he says it would not be a bad idea for new hampshire to have a >> honestly, i'm not sure it would make a big difference one way or the other. shelley: but critics worry smoking pot is the gateway to harder drugs. and in massachusetts, the state treasurer is worried that tax revenue may not cover the cost of regulation. since the measure only allows a tax rate one tenth that of some other states. >> i've heard from the speaker
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everyone recognizes the limited amount of revenue streams that seem to be coming from the actual ballot. shelley: but mcneil says marijuana gets an unfair stigma that people must get past. >> there are a lot of people that use it in a safe and fine fashion. we will actually start to recognize that it's just a substance like anything else. shelley: supporters of the initiative say marijuana stores and grow operation eventually bring in 50 to $100 million worth of revenue to massachusetts. tom: tonight, there have been 302 drug deaths in new hampshire this year. and according to the medical examiner's office, 214 of those are fentanyl related. another 98 cases are pending toxicology results. a state representative was arrested at the cawley school polling station in hooksett yesterday.
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electronic bench warrant out for his arrest after failing to appear in court. arthur marple later turned himself in at the hooksett police department. police say he will be back in court in december. shelley: one of the two men hit by car while jogging through bedford is in critical condition. the second victim is said to be improving and has been moved out of intensive care. years old and they're looking into whether prost on the windshield played a factor. tonight, state police are investigating a deadly crash on i-93 in thornton. troopers responded to the crash this morning and found a car off the road near the woods. the driver 24-year-old ahmed al husseini was taken to speare memorial hospital where he later died. state police are investigating the cause, but do not believe alcohol or speed were factors. tom: sentences in the financial crimes of the owners of the
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coming up on news 9 tonight. shelley: the fines the husband and wife team now have to pay. tom: and, milestone tomorrow. tonight how people are feeling about the completion of the main street project in concord before the big ribbon cutting. mike: after a bright and seasonable thursday, what changes do we see on friday, plus a look at the weekend. shelley: now to our ulocal hot shot. fall colors falling onto the you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of u-local members, by logging onto
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shelley: the owners of new england compounding center blamed for the deadly meningitis outbreak were sentenced today for financial crimes. carla conigliaro will spend one pay $4500 in fines. her husband douglas was sentenced to two years probation and must pay a $55,000 fine. the owners admitted to hiding more than $123,000 after the company declared bankruptcy and following an outbreak in 2012. right now, maine's cdc is monitoring a situation at maine medical center. tom: a patient there is believed
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prion diseases are a family of progressive neurodegenerative disorders that affect both humans and animals. they are rare and almost always fatal. the cdc says it was notified by the hospital yesterday of the possible case. the cdc will monitor the case as additional testing is completed to figure out what kind of prion disease this patient may have. shelley: toll demolition on the mass pike is set to be finished by thanksgiving. soon, highway officials plan to raise the speed limit so you won't have to slow down to 15mi right now, almost all of the 155 toll booths have been demolished. the complete removal of toll booths and road re-construction will not be complete until next year. tom: a major construction project is now complete in the state capital. we've been showing you the progress of the main street project for more than a year and a half. now a milestone will be reached tomorrow when all the work is officially revealed.
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state capital in april of 2015 now the results are in. we are talking about the concord main street roger, complete and ready for the ribbon-cutting tomorrow. all are welcome to the main street opening tomorrow. orange barrel moving day is here. the concord main street project will be capped off with a ribbon cutting for the multi million dollar makeover. the project cut 4 lanes of busy traffic here, down to two with a cobblestone median. flanked by wide sidewalks, bright lighting, benches, trees and bike lanes. construction clogged downtown concord at times for more than a year and a half. it was a struggle for some businesses. more did become compliant with the american with disabilities act, and many are looking forward to the new look. >> we haven't had a downtown that speaks to that new england
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jean the owner of the yoga : center hopes customers will no longer get stressed out finding parking, now that construction is complete. it's been a major >> transformation. we have these wide sidewalks. my students have asked me to do some yoga out there on the wide sidewalks out there at some when point it gets warmer. yeah, it's just a real beautiful downtown. jean and people who work, shop, : and dine in downtown concord say it's more inviting. >> i like the bike lanes gives you a little buffer. >> the new sidewalks look really nice and the benches and trees and look like space to let patrons sit outside and stuff like that. jean the ribbon cutting is : tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. right here at the concord city plaza. in the state capital, jean mackin, wmur news9. shelley: and hopefully the weather is nice for that
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where we are in the fall, you're going to get wind every once in a while, and maybe power outage issues friday, a small chance. take a look at the clouds giving way to some son at times. cloud cover and a week front coming through, couple of showers did come to parts of new hampshire but all of them are out of here, and look at this. out of here, and look at this. temperatures are running abo there's the record, 74, set back in 1945. sunset back to 4:27. all the showers moving out, so it is dry. skies are clear and the winds
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cold, sitting in the teens. overnight lows, mid-20's north, right around freezing in the lakes region and rochester. along the immediate coastline, upper 20's to low 30's elsewhere from the lakes region points out that southwest. clouds are moving out for now. more high clouds trying to fill in behind it from the north and west. new hampshire, mostly cloudy farther to the north. friday morning, a strong cold front begins to approach our area. that means by friday morning, a mix or snow shower hitting north and a possible sprinkle south. then signing gusty winds friday
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shower south, and the winds crank up for friday out of the northwest. tomorrow they are out of the southwest and west. temperatures topped off in the upper 40's north, 50 lakes region, and 55 elsewhere. turn out of the southwest, but then the kick around to the west and northwest and we could see some gusts over 30-35 miles per hour. power outages, a five or 10% chance we could see a few scattered once if the winds get up 35 or 40 in some parts of new hampshire. beyond tomorrow, the winds crank up, veterans day features gusty winds with temperatures
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north with a mixed snow shower in the mountains. sunshine and breezy but not as windy on saturday and cooler, highs upper 30's nor to upper 40's south and then a warm-up above average by early next week. a cool down as we go into midweek, but get ready for the winds on friday. >> i said earlier we don't have to worry about breaking up the the neighbors yard. tom: jamie is here with sports.
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jamie: keep in mind as you watch these celtics highlights. the washington wizards had just one win in 6 tries coming in. they are not a great team, but the c's poor defense made them look like championship contenders tonight. the celtics at the washington wizards. wizards. boston getting stuck in the later in the marcus thornton first half, with a 3. 34-8 in the first quarter. boston played much better in the 2nd quarter, outscoring washington 35-24. marcus smart drives and dunks to set the tone for a comeback. 20 pts off the bench. but at the half, wizards up 58-43. 3rd quarter. john wall is the wizards best player. his layup gave the wizards a 21
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19 points, 7 assists. avery bradley with a 3 in the 4th. wizards win 118-93. the celtics host the knicks on friday. college hockey. snhu at daniel webster college in nashua. nathan bergeron to timothy baylis, 1-0. the penmen took a 4-0 lead. 2nd period. the eagles get on the board. anthony langevin to ryan murray goal, 4-1. then mik todd goal, 4-2. snhu pulls away to the 8-4 win. hooksetts chris maquin with a hat trick. great start to the ncaa tournament for the keene state field hockey team. the beat geneseo 3-1 at home today. mia brickley of holderness and merrimacks sami smith scored goals. the owls will play top-ranked
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this should be a great game. the patriots host the seattle seahawks on sunday night football. a rematch of the patriots win in super bowl 49. the pats are favored by 7.5 points. >> it's hard to throw the ball on these guys. they all play very aggressively. the coach says if you love football, sunday night here at the stadium is going to be great. 60 minutes of hard, tough football and match their toughness. jamie: the fighting mike had ads playing clemson. if you love bowling and you have some spare time, lakeside lanes in manchester is the place for you this week. the international team championships are going on thru saturday. its a big deal that this is happening in new hampshire. there are 8 teams from canada,
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the best candlepin bowlers in the world are here, including several hall of famers. >> we don't get the opportunity to have this big of a tournament in new hampshire with the canadians and all the americans. it's a crazy amount of talent that is going on. it's a good time. jamie: in baseball terms, who is here. >> we have big papi that baseball question, former snhu star pitcher jason paul is bowling in the tournament. check out that awesome spare pick-up. he was drafted by the atlanta braves in 2004 and spent some time in the minor leagues. now, candelpin bowling is his sport. finally, we will throw it back to 20 years ago tonight. the mgm grand arena in paradise, nevada. evander holyfield and mike tyson. the real deal holyfield against iron mike tyson. when boxing was still great.
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famous upsets in boxing history. and he became the heavyweight champion of the world for the first time. i miss those heavyweight showdowns like that. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. shelley: a fox becomes stuck in a storm drain in massachusetts. te creative method rescue crews
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shelley: police in massachusetts rescued a fox that became stuck in a storm drain today. a grafton officer responded to the call for help and found a small fox stuck in the grate. tom: police and firefighters were able to free the fox using some dish soap, they say the fox is o.k. and ran into the woods. but first, the fox looked back at its rescuers, as if it was saying thanks. shelley: or it look back to say, what took you so long? [laughter] thanks for joining us for news9 tonight at 11:00. tom: jimmy kimmel live is next,
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? >> jimmy: get me the hat. all right, and the stakes. >> no, no, not the stakes. >> give me the stakes. >> okay. and the wig. the sensible pantsuit and the statement pearls. the e-mails.


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